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  5                        TURNS ON CNC MILL

Objective: Learning how to program straight turns on cnc lathe

Design Grid:

You will write this program with absolute coordinates. This means you specify points in
the program from the Program Reference Zero (PRZ), which is X0 Z0.

Basic Commands

FEED (G94), SPEED (M04), MOVE (G01), RAPID (G00)

These commands work in the same way for cnc lathe as for cnc mill. The only difference
is that the maximum spindle speed in case of Level 4 cnc lathe model 5500 is 3600.


This command specifies the maximum depth of cut to make for each of the rough cuts of
a canned cycle. When the lathe executes a turning cycle, the total amount of material to
be removed is divided into tool passes. The tool makes passes to remove the amount
specified by the ROUGH.CUT command. The format is: ROUGH.CUT 0.025. This sets
the maximum amount of material to be removed on each tool pass at 0.025in.


FINISH.CUT command works with the ROUGH.CUT command. First, the tool makes
passes to remove the amount specified by ROUGH.CUT command until there is lesser
material remaining to be removed then the ROUGH.CUT passes are cutting. The tool
will then make shallow cutting passes at the FINISH.CUT depth until the final cut depth
is reached. The format is same as ROUGH command
TURN (G81)

This command implements a canned turning cycle of stock on the lathe. This command
turns down the stock from the current position to the given X,Z position. The format is:
TURN      end point coordinates


Open New Part Program

   1. Open the Level4 CNC software for lathe.
   2. On the menu, click File and New. The Program Setup window appears.
   3. Type “gauge” in the Program Name field.
   4. Type your name in the Author field.
   5. Type “Activity 1” in the Drawing ID field.
   6. The available stock size is 0.75”x1.5”. Fill these dimensions into the Stock Size
   7. Leave the Editor field set o Line Mode, the Unit field set to inches, the
      Coordinates field set to Absolute and Material set to Wax.
   8. Click OK. A blank editor appears with the name gauge

Write the Part Program

Write the following Part Program in your editor

SPEED 1500
RAPID X0.375 Z1.55           “This moves the tool slightly past the end of the stock”
TURN X0.3125 Z0.875          *
RAPID X0.32 Z1.55
TURN X0.25 Z1
RAPID X0.275 Z1.55
TURN X0.1875 Z1.125
RAPID X0.2 Z1.55
TURN X0.125 Z1.25
RAPID X0.15 Z1.55
TURN X0.0625 Z1.375
RAPID X0.075 Z1.55

* The turn starts at the end of the stock and end at 0.875 along the z axis. In case of
diameter, the tool starts at 0.375 and travels to 0.3125. This is a total of 0.0625. The tool
will make two rough cut passes which remove 0.025 each, a total of 0.05. This leaves
0.0125 to remove. The first finish cut pass will remove 0.01 and the second will remove
the remaining 0.0025. All the next turn cycles will be 0.0625” deeper and 0.125” shorter
than the previous one.

Save the program

Program should be saved before compiling. Go to File Menu, click save

Compile the part program

To compile the part program, go to Lathe Menu and then click compile or press Alt F9

Emulate the part program

Go to Lathe Menu and then click the Emulator. This will allow you to view the current
part program on the Tool Path Emulator and, once you have tested the program, allow
you to transfer the program to the remote Lab-Volt lathe.

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