Ashley Brinkman by wpr1947


									                       Ashley Brinkman
Height: 5’5                                                                  Malaky International
Weight: 105                                                                  205 S. Beverly Drive Suite 211
Hair: Brown                                                                  Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212
Eyes: Brown                                                                  (310) 777-7560

Murphy’s Law                            Tammy           Lajuan Johnson
Will of Jill                            Amelia          Yusuf Khan
Kissing Strangers                       Featured        David Katz
Jerome                                  Ashley          Brad Hanna
Jerome 2                                Ashley          Brad Hanna
Disarray in the Desert                  Supporting      Daniel Martinez

Batman of Suburbia                      Supporting       Pilot
That Guy                                Supporting       Pilot
T.I.T.S (Terrorists in Training Show)   Supporting       Pilot
Pets and Their People                   Co Star          Pilot

Romeo & Juliet                          Juliet           Big Shticks Productions
The Twilight Zone                       Tommy            Big Shticks Productions
Clothes Time                            Katie            Gilbert Theatre
Hansel and Gretel                       Gretel           Gilbert Theatre
Haunted House                           Child #2         Gilbert Theatre
The Wizard of OZ                        Witch            Gilbert Theatre

Scene Study                             Dynamic Imagery- Adam Wilhite (current)
                                        Warner Loughlin Studios- Joseph Pearlman
                                        Peter Stelzer
                                        Marla Finn
Classical                               Kristina Vale
                                        Gilbert Theatre
Commercial                              Peter Stelzer
Improv                                  Joseph Pearlman
                                        Marla Finn
Dance                                   Hip Hop 4 years, Jazz 4 years

Special Skills
Horse back riding, dance, snow boarding, skiing, softball, manual driving, boxing, longboard (street)
Dialects- Standard British, Standard Southern, Standard American

Contact info: (323) 636-3914

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