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									Summary of Benefits                                  Long-Term Disability: Coverage is available to
                                                     the employee at a cost to the employee. After 150
   This summary is provided for informational
                                                     calendar days of disability, the plan will pay 60
purposes only and is not intended to create a
                                                     percent of your monthly earnings. The University
contract of employment. The University of
                                                     makes a 50 percent contribution toward the
Evansville reserves the right to revise, modify,
cancel, or add benefits from time to time as it
becomes necessary and in the best interest of        Flexible Spending Account: This plan allows
the University. Feel free to contact the Office of   employees to redirect a portion of their salary,
Human Resources with questions about our             tax-free, for qualified medical expenses and
benefit plans.                                       dependent care expenses.
                                                     Post-retirement Health Care: For eligible
Retirement Plan: A 403(b) retirement plan to         employees, the University makes contributions
which employees may contribute part of their         into an account that can be used to reimburse
own salary is available. The University matches      qualified medical expenses in retirement. A
eligible employee contributions at a rate of 2 to    Medicare supplement program is also available to
1, up to 5 percent of the employee’s salary.         qualified retirees.
Health Insurance: The University offers two          Tuition Benefits: Tuition remission is available to
plans: a traditional plan and a health reimburse-    eligible employees and dependent family members
ment arrangement (HRA) with a high deductible.       who attend the University of Evansville. Eligible
Coverage is available for the employee and for       employees and dependent family members may
dependent family members. The University
makes a 50 percent contribution toward the
                                                     also apply for a tuition exchange scholarship at
                                                     participating colleges and universities.
premium.                                             Vacation: Vacation with pay is granted to eligible    APPLICATION
Life Insurance: Coverage is available to the
employee and dependent family members at a
                                                     staff members and administrators. Faculty mem-
                                                     bers are not eligible for vacation. Employees with    AND BENEFITS
cost to the employee. The University makes a         one to five years of service earn up to 12 working
50 percent contribution toward the premium.          days of vacation per year.                              Read thoroughly before
Coverage is salary-based.                            Holidays: The University observes a number of         completing your application.
Dental Insurance: Coverage is available to the       holidays and provides paid time off for eligible
employee and dependent family members at a           employees.
cost to the employee. Benefits for this plan         Sick Days: Eligible employees may accrue, over
include 100 percent coverage of diagnostic and       time, up to 110 working days of paid sick time off.
preventative services. Most other services are
                                                     Other Benefits: Several other benefits are avail-
covered at 50 percent.
                                                     able to eligible employees, including admission
                                                     to athletics events and theatre performances as
                                                     well as use of the fitness center and the library.
Thank you for your expression of interest in           Available Positions                                    Response to Inquiries
employment with the University of Evansville.             Available positions are listed on the Web site         You are welcome to include supplementary
The information provided below is intended to          www.evansville.edu/aboutue/employment.asp              materials such as a résumé, letters of recommen-
                                                       and posted on the bulletin board outside UE’s          dation, transcripts, etc., if you so desire. However,
acquaint you with the University and to assist
                                                       Office of Human Resources.                             the submission of such supplementary informa-
you in appropriately completing and submitting                                                                tion does not override the need to thoroughly
                                                          If you have already applied and a position is
your application for employment.                       available that you would like to be considered for,    complete all portions of the application itself.
                                                       please contact the Office of Human Resources at        “See résumé” is not an appropriate response to
                                                       hr@evansville.edu or 812-488-2943.                     inquiries on the application.
About the University of Evansville                                                                               Your application will be forwarded by the
   Established in 1854, the University of                                                                     Office of Human Resources to the appropriate
Evansville has a rich history that spans more than     Completing Your Application                            manager(s) and department(s). If your qualifi-
150 years.                                                                                                    cations appear to be an appropriate match with
                                                          Your application for employment may be com-         the requirements of a currently available job
    The core purpose of the University of Evansville   pleted at the Office of Human Resources (Room          opportunity, we will invite you to an interview.
is to provide life-transforming educational expe-      118, Olmsted Administration Hall) or mailed to:
riences that prepare students to engage the world      Office of Human Resources, University of                 Again, thank you for your interest in
as informed, ethical, and productive citizens.         Evansville, 1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville,           employment with the University of Evansville.
                                                       Indiana 47722.
                                                          Read all portions of the application carefully
Your Application                                       before responding. Integrity and honesty in the        Availability of
   The application for employment is a crucial         completion and submission of the application           Annual Security Report
step in our getting acquainted, and it should be       and supplementary materials are essential.                The security report includes statistics for the
completed conscientiously to ensure that your          Misrepresentation or falsification of any portion of   previous three years concerning reported crimes
qualifications are fairly considered for current       the application is cause for refusal to employ or      that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus
and future employment opportunities. Your              for dismissal if employed. There are no exceptions.    buildings or property owned or controlled by the
application will remain in our active files for a         A new application may be submitted at any           University, and on public property within or
period of one year. After one year, reapplication      time.                                                  immediately adjacent to and accessible from the
will be necessary.                                                                                            campus. The report also includes institutional
                                                                                                              policies concerning campus security (such as
                                                                                                              policies concerning sexual assault) and other
                                                                                                              matters. You may obtain a copy of this report
                                                                                                              by contacting the Office of Safety and Security
www.evansville.edu/aboutue/employment.asp                                                                     or by accessing the following Web site:

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