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									EUPORA, MS

AREA FACTS                                                                                         EUPORA, MiSSiSSiPPi
                                                           Beautiful White’s Creek Lake            Once called “Early Grove,” Eupora, located in
                                                                                                   Webster County in north central Mississippi, has a
                                                           boating | swimming | fishing            population of approximately 2,400. Established in
                                                                                                   1889, Eupora is the hometown of several well-known
                               Columbus & Greenville Railway Eupora Depot
                                                                                                   individuals, including Senator Charlie Ross and
                        North Mississippi Medical Center Wellness Center                           Congressman Thomas Abernathy.

 home to world’s largest manufacturer of furniture wood products                                   The Illinois Central Railroad ran through the southern
                                                                                                   portion of Webster County in the late 1800s. The Old
                                                      historic Natchez Trace Parkway
                                                                                                   Eupora Depot, built in 1889, was restored and
                                                                                                   rehabilitated in 1999, receiving an Award of Merit for
                               excellent schools and local extended learning
                                                                                                   the accomplishment. Eupora is also the site where
                             only 30 minutes to Mississippi State University                       the Chocchuma Indian tribe was eliminated in battle
                                                                                                   by the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian tribes in
                                             within 2 hours of Jackson & Meridian

                                                                              low cost of living
                                                                                                   Eupora, rich in heritage and history, boasts a moderate

                                                                                family-oriented    pace and a comfortable, carefree quality of life.
                                                                                                   You’ll love the enjoyable and peaceful lifestyle this
                                                                                                   community has to offer.

                                                                                                   SMALL TOWN LiViNG
                                                                                                   AT iTS BEST
 Emergency Consultants, Inc. is a corporation providing management and administrative support
 to limited liability partnership clients. It is not a direct provider of medical care services.
                                                                             NORTH MISSISSIPPI
                                                                             MEDICAL CENTERS
                                                                             North Mississippi Health Services, a diversified
EUPORA                                                            PONTOTOC
                                                                             regional health care organization serving 22 counties
                                                                             in north Mississippi and northwest Alabama, offers
                                                                             area residents convenient, high quality, and cost-
                                                                             effective health care through its community hospital
IUKA                                                              HAMILTON   system sites.
                                                                             NMMC – Hamilton offers full inpatient and outpatient
                                                                             acute care services and recently opened a $7.5 million
                                                                             expansion project. The 5-bed emergency department
                                                                             sees 5000 patients annually. Full lab and radiology
 PART OF NORTH MISSISSIPPI HEALTH SERVICES SYSTEM                            services; physicians work 12- or 24-hour shifts.
                                                                             NMMC – Eupora services include extensive acute
                                                                             care services and outpatient rehabilitation and
 32-bed acute care facility
                                                                             diagnostic services, Wellness Center, and Community
 5-bed ED | 5,000 patient visits                                             Outreach programs. The 7-bed ED sees 8700 patients
                                                                             annually. Full lab and in-house radiology services;
 NORTH MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER - EUPORA, MISSISSIPPI                      physician lounge; cafeteria provides complimentary
 38-bed acute care facility                                                  physician meals. Physicians work 12- or 24-hour
 7-bed ED | 8,600 patient visits                                             shifts.
                                                                             NMMC – Iuka provides general acute and intensive
 NORTH MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER - IUKA, MISSISSIPPI                        care to the residents of surrounding Tichomingo
 40-bed acute care facility                                                  County in northeast Mississippi. Active services
                                                                             include internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics,
 7-bed ED | 10,000 patient visits
                                                                             radiology, pathology, and anesthesiology. The 7-bed,
 NORTH MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER - PONTOTOC, MISSISSIPPI                    state-of-the art ED sees 10,000 patients annually. Full
                                                                             lab and radiology services; physicians work 12- or
 29-bed hospital
                                                                             24-hour shifts.
 6-bed ED | 13,300 patient visits
                                                                             NMMC – Pontotoc is a 29-bed facility, 19 of which
                                                                             are dedicated to acute care and swing bed patients. The
 coverage:          single physician coverage
                                                                             remaining 10 beds are used for sub-acute patients. The
                                                                             hospital offers full x-ray, CT, and ultrasound services,
 positions:         Emergency medicine physician
                                                                             as well as physical, occupational, and speech therapies.
                                                                             The 6-bed ED sees 13,300 patients annually. Physicians
 qualifications:    board-ready or board-certified in Emergency
                                                                             work 12- or 24-hour shifts.
                    Medicine or a Primary Care specialty with previous
                                                                             All facilities offer paramedic-level EMS services with
                    experience. Third-year residents may moonlight.          appropriate air transfer capabilities.



 All physicians enjoy independent contractor status
 and an excellent compensation package. Malpractice                             FOR MORE INFO CONTACT: Heather Smith | Recruiting Consultant
 insurance with unlimited tail coverage is provided.                                             
                                                                                                           Emergency Consultants, Inc.
                                                                                                           4075 Copper Ridge Dr. | Traverse City, MI 49684
                                                                                                           888.632.0544 x 3946

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