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									                MINUTES OF A REGULAR MEETING OF THE
               AT 12:00 NOON ON THE 6th DAY OF APRIL, 2011

The Board of Park Commissioners of Decatur Park District, Macon County, Illinois, met in
a regular session on Wednesday, the 6th day of April, 2011 at the hour of 12:00 Noon at the
Decatur Park District Administration Office, 620 E. Riverside Avenue, Decatur, Illinois at
which time and place there were present the following officers and members of said Board:

                      Don Luy, President
                      Jack Kenny, Commissioner
                      Bob Brilley, II, Commissioner

                      Absent: Chris Riley, Vice President
                      Cindy Deadrick-Wolfer, Commissioner

A quorum of the members of the Board of Park Commissioners being present, President
Luy called the meeting to order and declared the Board to be in session for the transaction
of business.

NO. 15197 A motion was made by Commissioner Kenny and seconded by Commissioner
Brilley to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. All of the Commissioners voted
aye upon call of the roll.

NO. 15198 Charles Hunsinger from BGM Engineering attended the meeting to seek
approval of three temporary easements for use by the Sanitary District of Decatur. The
Sanitary District must replace several aerial sewers which were built in the 1950’s. The
concrete sewers will be replaced with steel and fiberglass structures which should last
approximately fifty years. No excavating will need to be done and there will be minimal
surface damage to the land. Staff recommends approval of the three temporary easements
as stated. Commissioner Kenny made and Commissioner Brilley seconded a motion to
approve the three temporary easements as written. All voted aye upon call of the roll.

NO. 15199 Airport Director Joe Attwood asked the Board for approval of a three year
renewal of the operating agreement with Avis Budget Car Rental, LLC. There has been a
good partnership between the Airport and Avis for over ten years. Avis has acquired
Budget and will be bringing their business to the Airport as well. A motion was made by
Commissioner Kenny and seconded by Commissioner Brilley to approve the Avis Budget
Car Rental, LLC agreement as written. Upon call of the roll all voted aye.

NO. 15200 Staff has been approached by a representative of The Dow Chemical Company
regarding a special event they will host during the week of the Farm Progress Show. They
will rent the large pavilion in Nelson Park for two evenings if permission is granted to
serve beer. The Park District will cater this event which 300 people are expected to attend.
Commissioner Kenny made a motion to approve The Dow Chemical Company to serve
beer at the large pavilion in Nelson Park for two evenings in August during the Farm
Progress Show; seconded by Commissioner Brilley. All of the Commissioners voted aye
upon call of the roll.

CAMP CONNECTIONS 2011 PRESENTATION: Recreation & Facilities Director
Becky Newton asked the Board for approval of an agreement with Decatur Public School
District #61 to host a joint summer camp for children in 1st – 6th grade. The School District
will provide the learning component for Camp Connections 2011. The Park District will be
the primary community partner and will provide excursion sites, transportation, staffing
and training as well as host a “final event”. Julienne Pajer attended the meeting
representing the School District; she noted that eight hundred and fifty applications have
been received showing that there is a need for this program. The target number is 800
students with class sizes around 45. Students will be tested at the end of the school year
and again at the beginning of the next year.

In addition to this agreement is an Intergovernmental Agreement with the various entities
which will contribute to the program including: Richland Community College, Macon
County Conservation District, Millikin University, the Children’s Museum of Illinois and
the Macon County 4H Foundation. The Intergovernmental Agreement clearly defines what
each entity will provide for the camp.

The agreements will be presented to the School Board at the April 12th meeting.

NO. 15202 A motion was made to approve the Intergovernmental Agreement involving all
entities by Commissioner Brilley and seconded by Commissioner Kenny. Upon call of the
roll all of the Commissioners voted aye.

NO. 15203 A motion was made by Commissioner Kenny to approve the agreement with
Decatur Public School District #61 in regards to Camp Connections 2011 as written. The
motion was seconded by Commissioner Brilley. All voted aye upon call of the roll.

BUDGET DISCUSSION: Chief Financial Officer Buhr stated that the budget binders
have been given to the Commissioners. CFO Buhr will be giving an overview of the
preliminary budget figures and what challenges were faced and what steps were taken by
staff in formulating the $14.3 million dollar FY11-12 operating budget.

With a little over a $100,000 dollar increase from last fiscal year’s operating budget this is
less than a 1% increase. This increase will not affect property tax rates which will remain
at the same rate as last year. If the property tax extension comes in as budgeted it will
amount to less than a $120,000 increase from last year’s tax revenue. This result is not a lot
of additional revenue to come in to offset rising costs of operations. In comparison, five
years ago, over $400,000 of additional tax revenue came in and just two years ago over
$200,000 of new tax receipts were collected.
Grant money continues to become more difficult to obtain. At this time staff is waiting to
hear about three different grant applications as to whether or not the District will receive
outside funding which would significantly help the District’s budget.

Additional costs the District incurs are the unfunded mandates set including: the last
several years’ minimum wage increases (over $200,000 of additional expense to the Park
District) and the longer unemployment benefit eligibility period resulting in increased
payments (79% increase in budgeted benefits to be paid out in FY11-12). Additionally, due
to new accounting and auditing pronouncements staff and the auditors must spend more
time and more costs working on and working through the annual audit process.

Commissioners discussed how the unfunded regulations, such as the extension of the
eligibility period for collecting unemployment benefit payments impacts the District’s
operations with significant additional costs added to the budget without assistance from the
state and federal government in paying for the added costs.

Other challenges faced in putting this budget together included (a) a significant drop in the
amount of interest income expected to be earned in FY11-12, and (b) poor economic
conditions that impacts the amount of disposable income individuals and families have
available to spend as well the resulting higher amount of unemployment benefits paid out
by the District due to former employees not being able to secure employment elsewhere.

Due to the rising cost of petroleum staff has used an average of $4/gallon to estimate the
upcoming years’ expense resulting in a 45% increase over the projected year-end figure for
the current fiscal year. The District will also be paying more for petroleum-based products
used throughout the District. Shipping and delivery charges will also continue to rise as
fuel prices increase.

Although health insurance premium contributions and deductibles paid by employees have
increased, the health insurance budget reflects a 12% increase over last year.

Maintenance costs to facilities, grounds and roadways as well as equipment including
tractors, trucks other vehicles are continuously rising. Area competition in and around
Decatur impacts the District’s projected revenue. Adverse weather conditions as we have
seen the last couple of years affect the Zoo, Golf, Parks and other facility and department
budgets significantly. Staff has budged revenues more conservatively this year as adverse
weather conditions have tended to be the norm versus the exception year after year in
recent years.

Many steps were taken to control costs for the FY11-12 budget. Operating costs in most
funds were either reduced or show only a slight increase. The number of full-time staff
employed by the District has decreased from 114 in 2001 to 99 in 2011. This decrease
results in less wages and a reduction of benefits paid out by the District each year.
Seasonal staff is being brought back later in the spring and will be let go earlier next fall.
The District has locked in rates for all electricity accounts and for the largest natural gas
accounts which will result in savings on the District’s annual outlay for utility expenses.
Changing credit card processing companies will result in a 15% savings this fiscal year
compared to last year. The District will also realize savings in the upcoming year on phone
and radio use due to new contracts entered into this past year.

Operational budgets continue to be supported by outside funding from individuals, groups
and organizations from the community in the form of sponsorships, donations and
distributions from trusts and estates. Staff continues to look at new programs and services
to offer that might be able to generate some additional revenue for the District. In addition,
staff again is looking this year at program and facility fee schedules to determine if
adjustments need to be considered. With the Early Retirement Incentive (ERI) programs
that have been offered twice in the last nine years the savings to the District’s operating
budget is over $175,000 per year.

Between now and the next Board meeting staff through discussions with Commissioners
will be seeking input on the FY11-12 budget. At the Board meeting on the April 20th staff
will answer any remaining questions from Commissioners. Also at the meeting on the 20th,
staff will be requesting tentative approval of the 2012 Budget and Appropriation
Ordinance. If approval is granted, the Budget and Appropriation Ordinance will be put on
display for public viewing within a couple of days. At the Board meeting on June 1st a
public hearing will be held regarding the proposed 2012 budget of the Park District. The
2012 Budget and Appropriation Ordinance will then be presented for adoption by

NO. 15204 Staff requested approval of Ordinance No. 2011-10 for payment in the 2010
Debt Certificate Issue relating to engineering services provided in the Steven’s Creek Bike
Trail (Phase I) project. The payout request (work contract) total is $5,515.70 as follows:

Engineering Services          Bainbridge, Gee, Milanski & Assoc.             $ 5,515.70
       (Stevens Creek Bike Trail Construction – Phase I)
                                                            TOTAL            $ 5,515.70

A motion to approve Ordinance No. 2011-10 was made by Commissioner Kenny and
seconded by Commissioner Brilley. Upon call of the roll all voted aye.

NO. 15205 Commissioner Kenny moved that the bills be approved and the checks issued
in payment of the same; seconded by Commissioner Brilley. All of the Commissioners
voted aye upon call of the roll.

FOUNDATION – Plans for the Zoo-rific Evening event are moving forward with Cindy
Deadrick-Wolfer heading the committee. Kara Demirjian-Huss, Parks Foundation Member
will be underwriting the design work.

Memorial donations are being received for Denene Wilmeth. Staff is working with her
daughter to decide on a suitable recognition at Scovill Zoo in memory of Denene.
AIRPORT – Shane Storz (Air Choice One) spoke with congressional leaders in
Washington, D.C. regarding the airline’s desire to achieve code shares with the American
Air or United Airlines. Air Choice One would like to continue providing air service in
Decatur and requests a 4-year extension of their contract. Adding flight destinations would
require the airline to secure bigger airplanes, which would increase revenue for Air Choice

President Luy commented that he has seen many ads for Air Choice One. The Airport has
not had an air service with an aggressive marketing plan before, and Air Choice One’s
participation in the marketing efforts is appreciated.

Experimental Aircraft Association President Ron Hightower visited Decatur and spoke at a
dinner provided by the local EAA Chapter. He gave an update on how the EAA has
affected aviation nationally.

Passenger service continues to climb with the most recent monthly totals being 181 to St.
Louis and 251 to Chicago O’Hare.

OPERATIONS – Director of Operations Jim Kiefer stated that spring baseball has begun.
Lutheran School Association is playing at Fans Field and Graceland/Northwest and
Decatur Christian boys are at Hess Park. Eisenhower High School Junior Varsity boys are
playing at John’s Hill Park.

Staff has been picking up trash and raking leaves for the summer season. Electrical staff
has removed lights from unused ball diamonds at Monroe Park and will be removing the
old lights from Garfield and Mueller Parks next.

Staff has been working at the Soccer Complex in preparation for the MidState Classic Cup
which will be held on April 15, 16, and 17. Staff has applied fertilizer and pre-emergence
to the fields.

DIRECTOR OF GOLF – Director of Golf Rick Anderson was at the Park District’s Expo
booth this morning and noted that many people were interested in the Air Choice One

A nice recognition was received from the First Tee for the Decatur Park District’s
participation in the First Tee Military Affiliate Program at its courses and indoor golf
center. The Decatur Chapter of the First Tee was thanked for extending their staff,
resources, and spirit of service in provision of golf and life skills education programs for
children of men and women in the Armed Forces, National Guard, and Reserves. Several
local children have participated in the program.

First Tee also recognizes participants who have attained A/B Honor Roll status. Sixteen of
the District’s junior golfers and their parents will attend a pizza party on April 29th at
Scovill Golf Course. A press release and Facebook post will recognize the students for
their academic excellence for the fall grading period.

A generous donation has been received from the Par Tamer’s Golf Club in the amount of
$500 for the Fred Copeland Educational Scholarship Award. Golf and District staff
appreciates their continued support of the First Tee program.

The Boys & Girls Club will hold a golf program this spring, with Park District golf staff
providing instruction and equipment.

DIRECTOR OF RECREATION & FACILITIES - Director Newton stated that
Fairview Aquatics Center staff receiving a gold rating from Ellis and Associates again this
year. Only pools scoring in the top 30% of the audit criteria receive this award.

We welcome Steve Fox as the DISC’s new athletic director in charge of youth baseball and
softball. Steve is from Tuscola and holds a Master’s degree from Eastern Illinois

Scovill Zoo and Paul’s Puttin’ Place & Dunn’s Dugout opened for the season last

Kite Day sponsored by the Illinois Association of Park Districts will be held on April 9th in
Sinawik Park. Kids can fly kites to music, view a kite display and watch a master kite flyer
perform tricks and maneuvers.

The MidState Classic Cup will be held April 15-17. The goal was to have 75 teams and
currently there are 76 registered.

Last Saturday the Golden K Kiwanis group spread dirt and grass seed and cleaned up parks
around the District and along Country Club Rd. At Sinawik they spread fibar on the play
area which helps reduce injuries if a child falls.

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER – Per Chief Financial Officer Buhr, staff received the
checklist of items needed by the auditors. They will be collecting the preliminary
documentation soon after May 1.

Commissioner Brilley – The reward signs for the Mueller Park playground arson look
nice. We hope to include a picture of the damaged play area in the Herald & Review and
on StormCenter 17.

President Luy – would like data to be collected regarding the possible closing of the
roadway through Nelson Park. A traffic data count as well as speed data would be helpful
to explain to the public the safety concerns that sound this open roadway. Per Executive
Director Clevenger, the average speed on this curvy road is 40 miles per hour.
Commissioner Kenny – stated that there are safety issues on Country Club Road at
Scovill Zoo. Work to that roadway will be done this summer. At Red Tail Run where the
speed limit is 25 miles per hour traffic speed is a concern as well.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CLEVENGER - Project Engineer, Greg Weykamp will be in
Decatur next week to assist with the layout of the walking trail, dog park and disc golf
areas at Nelson Park. The disc golf course will range from beginner to advance levels of
play. This will help grow the game for people just learning to play yet offer a challenge for
the advanced player.

Commissioner Kenny made and Commissioner Brilley seconded a motion that the
meeting adjourn. All of the Commissioners voted aye and the meeting adjourned at
approximately 1:30 p.m.

                                             President, Board of Park Commissioners

Secretary, Board of Park Commissioners

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