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									MY LIFE

  I have the power to make my
   life anything I want it to be.
          This is my plan.
          Jasmine Brown
Dream House and Car

Cost =8,750,00       Cost =41,998
Sq ft. = 11,274      Payments = 869.45
Payments = 44,713.38 Main Features
Main Features =Pool,  =Leather Seats,
  Game room, Fire
                      CD player, Side
By the Time I am 27

• Graduated from Fashion
  Institute of technology and a
  Fashion Designer
• Married, with 2 kids
My Spouse
• Black hair, Brown skinned,
  Brown eyes, Taller than me, 6
• Intelligence, Smart, Job at

• Religious

• A lot of friends, Bad boy, Sweet
         Monthly Budget

Charity              50       Grocery             280

Saving                     Transportation
                              Car Payment #1    414.17   Personal
    Family          100
                              Car Payment #2    414.17     Child Care            1200
    Education       100
                              Gasoline            100      Activities for Kids     80
                              Repairs / Tires      60      Gifts                  100
    Mortgage      898.87
                              Insurance           100      Fun $$                 300
    Repairs          50
                              License & Taxes      20    Recreation
                           Clothing                        Entertainment           62
    Electricity        5      Childrens            50      Eatting out            150
    Water           100       Adults              200      Vacation               400
    Lawn Care        60       Dry Cleaners         20    Debt
    Cable            50    Medical                         Student Loan            60
    Cell Phone      170       Insurance           600      Credit Card            100
    Home Phone       30       Doctor               40      Furniture &
                              Vet                  20           Décor             150
    Internet         50
                              Prescriptions        80
                              Life Insurance       40                            7824

• Fashion Designer
• Salary = 67,370
• Education requirements = 4
  years of College
• Company to work for = Own
Fashion Institute Of
Technology and California
State Of Los Angeles
• Admission Requirements = Fashion
  Institute you must be graduated/ California
  must have 2.5 GPA
• Major = Fashion/ and business
• Cost = Fashion Institute cost 13,356/
  California is 26,846

1st I will go to the fashion institute for a year to get my fashion degree
then I will go to California to get my business degree so I can start on
own clothing line, get my own clothing store, and start my own
magazine that has a lot to do with fashion but its not all going to be
fashion so this can really help me with my company.
Step One
From 18 to 22
•   On Campus
•   Bus
•   A part time job at the mall
•   In College
•   Haven't started yet
Step Two
From 22 to 24 age
• 1 bed room that’s cost 500 a
• 2003 Volkswagon that cost
  291.89 a month
• Working at as a Fashion Intern
• 4 years of college
• Just married
• Loans about 5,000
Step Three
From 25 age to 26 age
•   3 bed room
•   2007 Pontiac Solstice 2D
•   Fashion Designer at Baby Phat
•   graduated
•   Married and 1st child
•   5,614
Step Four
From age 27
• 6 Bed room house
• 2008 BMW 328 I 2d
• Own Company [my own clothing
  line, magazine, and own store
• Graduated 4 years 1 year of
• Married, 1st child is 2 and 2nd is
  5 months
• 11228
Jasmine’s Creed

• I have the power to be a better
  person today than I was
  yesterday. I will start by
  making today the best day it
  can be by doing my work, so I
  can go to high school and be
  the great designer I can be.
Jasmine’s Creed

• I have the power to succeed at
  any and everything in life, if my
  mind can perceive me to do it
  and my heart can believe that I
  do it , then I can achieve my
  goals in life.
Jasmine’s Creed

• I have the power because I am
  special in these ways; gift it,
  unique, and out going. There is
  work such as Fashion that will
  never be done if I don't do it.
  Everyone would miss me if I
  were gone. There is a place in
  the world that I alone can fill
  because I can help people in
  ways they need to be helped.
• I have the power to be a good
  listener and a good communicator,
  so that I can work with many people.
  I will be a respectable, respectful,
  responsible person, so that I can get
  respect from people that I always
  wanted and wanted other people to
• I will make TODAY the best day of
  my life, so that I will never have to
  have any worry about not living my
Jasmine’s Creed

  Fashion Hero!

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