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 Well here we are at the end of      few guys (& girls) out having a   most of the state classes being
 another season and with far         weekend ride. All of these guys   only a few points between first,
 too many of our fellow riders       are great riders and it is just   second & third. If you want to
 all busted up sitting at home       a reminder for all of us that     know just how close then you
 or sitting in the ward. From all    this sport is not the best for    need to be at the Trophy & End
 of the T&E members a full &         our health or working hours. I    Of Season Nights. Check out
 speedy recovery to everyone         wish everyone who is getting      the flyers for all the details.
 who is sitting either with a        over an injury a speedy & full    The Trophy Night is on the 17
 foot up or a leg or some other      recovery and hope to see them     October at the Sportsman‛s
 injury hoping like hell that        next year. For everyone who is    Association Mt Lawley & the
 they will be OK for next season     racing next year - please take    End Of Year Function is on the
 and can get some practice in        care over the off season and I    2 November at the Thompkins
 before the racing starts.           hope next year is not a repeat    Park Function Centre. The
                                     of this year for injuries.        cost for the evening is $40
 For those of you who have                                             per person.
 missed out on the body count        Onto something better - a very
 this year, they are Rob Pollard,    big thanks to everyone who        Speaking of the Trophy night
 who had a very bad crash during     helped me with putting on the     can everyone who has perpetual
 the Australian Safari (any one      Des Noble this year. Without      trophies please either gives
 not thinking of getting a neck      you the event would not have      me a call or anyone on the
 brace you should talk to Rob).      even got off the ground let       comp committee so that we
 John Bouwknegt, who pushed          alone been the great event        can get them ready for the
 his shoulder out the back and       that all the riders enjoyed. A    new winners for this year...
 gave the Triage guys a few          big thanks for all the riders     Thanks.
 chances to put it back. Jashua      as well for you patience and
 Groenenberg, a busted foot,         understanding through out
                                                                                        Andrew Aickin
 Greg Yates who really did a job     the event for all of the issues
 on his leg for the last event of    that eventuated. I don‛t think
 the year, John Blakley, another     that I could have had any more
 busted foot, Andy Richardson,       things to deal with for my first
 just another hard ass, who can      event. For more of the details
 finish an Australia Safari with a    and an insight into putting on
 busted Humorous and shoulder        such an event check out the
 and last but not least Alan         Des Noble report a few pages
 (Flake) Ladner, who busted his      in.
 shoulder signing for the Des
 Noble. Quite a body count           Well it looks like the season
 for what is otherwise just a        has come down to the wire for
Trail and Enduro Motorcycle
Club Office Bearers, 2007-2008
Patron                            Col Robinson
President                         Peter Campain
Vice President                    Shane Shepherd
Secretary                         Tara Morris
Treasurer                         Christine Jeggo
Property Officers                  Alan Ladner, Mark White        9364 9752
Social Secretary                  Vacant
Sports Secretary                  Vacant
Environmental Officer              Vacant
Publicity - Dirty News Editor     Andrew Aickin                0419 933 059
Publicity - Internet & Web Site   Aja Hilwig                   0418 554 618
Publicity - General               Andrew Aickin                0419 933 059
Membership Officer                 Tara Morris
Official Scorer                    Pete Campain
MAWA Delegate                     Peter Campain

   2008 Calendar
The 2008 Calendar is currently in draft form and the following is a work-
ing draft only. If you have any questions with dates or events please get
in touch with the competition committee.

March 19           SocialNight - KickSatart
March 29           Tumblegum Jr                               Willie Thomson
March 30           Tumblegum Snr                              Willie Thomson
April 17-20        A4DE
April 26           Walpole Enduro
May 10-11          Kalgoorlie State Rnd 1-2
May 17             Junior Enduro Westdale                     Winton Lawton
May 21             Social Night - A4DE report + Enduro Prep
May 25             Adventure Rally                            Rob McDonald
June 1-2           Harvey Enduro
June 14            Junior Cross Country Brookton              Winton Lawton
June 15            Cross Country Brookton
July 5             Quindanning Junior Enduro & Night Enduro
July 6             Quindanning Enduro
July 16            Social Night - AGM
July 19            Junior Natural Terrain                     Winton Lawton
Jyly 20            Senior Natural Terrain
August 3           Manjumup Enduro
August 16          Junior Skill & Trail Ride                  Winton Lawton
August 17          Senior Pony Express - Collie
August 31          Bannister Enduro
Terrain                                                                                    Half the girl‛s class goes down in a
                                                                                           first corner bingle.

    The 90 to 160 4st class at the gate                                                        Mud flies in the first turn of a 125 race

The last junior event of the year was held on a day that was hot enough      The 80 to160 four stroke class is always something to watch because it
to remind us why we race dirt bikes in the summer. Willie Thompson           has some relatively older bikes that get severely flogged to great effect.
worked his magic in what essentially a flat paddock and came up with a       Matthew Goodridge on his battered old XR100 drags every inch of power
course that had the old blokes suggested we should have had a senior event   out of the bike and leaves a trail of late model 150’s behind him proving
too. After walking the course with my kids I was severely torn by the        that it’s ability not horsepower that wins races.
thought of how much roost I could get off my 525 and the knowledge           In the 65cc class Mitchell Blakers turned up to give the usual front
of what would inevitably happen to the track.                                runners of Jesse Lawton, Jake Folini-Kearns and Jared Connor a
Practice saw a number of the corners turn to bottomless bog holes and I      lesson in going hard. The 65cc class must prove that a heavy parental
have to admit I was getting a serious sinking feeling about how the day      involvement in running junior events is good for rider development because
would turn out. Willie was more than up to the challenge and after a few     not far behind Jesse and Jake is the rapidly improving Charlotte Hill.
modifications to the track, racing started.                                  In the Girls class Shelley Connor proved that style is everything and was
The first 85cc race caused some major mayhem as the bikes negotiated         easily one of the most precise riders going around the course. It might
the holes left by the 125/250 class. One of the more bizarre things I        have been the extra rides in the 125 class and a few close encounters
saw was one rider who dropped his front wheel into a hole and stopped        with bog holes did not help but Shelley finally ended Michelle Mullins
dead with the bike flipping forward onto its handlebars leaving the rear     domination of the girl’s class. These girls play hard which was proven in
wheel pointing at the sky with the throttle jammed part way on. The          the third race when half the field piled up in the first corner and there
rider had the presence of mind to hit the kill switch before tackling the    was some definite attitude showing once they got going again.
bike and he was soon on his way.                                             The Division 1 bikes caused a great deal of humor when the field speared
After that race Willie evolved a process of adjusting the track following    into the first corner and half went the wrong way. These little guys
each 125/250 race and things started to settle down. The greasy nature       might look cute but try and stop them once the red mist has dropped.
of the course kept the speeds down through out the day and while there       All in all it was another great day for the juniors and Winton’s crew that
were a lot of bikes went down there was minimal damage to riders or          put on these rides. The results are on the junior web page and hopefully
bikes. The riders had a big education on mud riding and the dangers of       some of Kylie’s better quality photos will join them.
following the established line in a boggy course and while frustration was
certainly evident with some riders who went down one time too many, the
drying course erased quite a few memories and everyone seemed happy
by the end of the day.
In the 125 class Liam Robertson had a few close encounters with the bog
holes which gave Trent Pollard the chance he had been looking for all
season although Liam finished the day in front. Liam has expressed an
interest in riding senior enduros next year and there is no doubt that he
and the group of very fast riders just behind him are capable of shaking
up a few of the established senior riders.
In the 85cc class ring in Tom Lilly showed a clean pair of heels to the
usually dominant Blair Thompson and Josh Halford. This class has a                           The 85cc bikes thread their way through
heap of guys that go hard and was great to watch all day.                                    the bog holes from the 125 race
From The

   Pete Campain
The last ride of the season has been    If you consider that the 142 fam-
run and by the time this is pub-        ily memberships represent at least
lished the juniors will have had        two riders each, the club represents
their end of season BBQ with the        somewhere in the order of 800 motor
Annual dinner on the 2nd Novem-         cycle riders. Over 250 juniors par-
ber being the last event of the club    ticipated in T&E events during 2007
calendar. Congratulations to all of     so any senior member who views the
the riders who placed in the club       juniors as that thing Winton does
and state championships and to ev-      on the side should think again.
eryone else for their good spirited
competition.                            One of the major dramas that
                                        emerged during the 2007 season
On behalf of the riders I would         was access to first aid for our
like to thank everyone who marked       events. The passing of Fred Walter
courses, took entries, registered       (First Aid Fred) and issues within
riders, examined bikes, sat out at      the St John’s organisation have
check points and tests, cleaned up      made it very difficult to secure
after events or any of the hundred      the resources required to provide
other jobs that it takes to run an      the appropriate level of first aid at
event. I would particularly like to     events. The 2007 season was carried
thank those riders who park their       off by the narrowest of margins
bikes then take a half hour to assist   thanks largely to the efforts of club
the clean up process as it makes a      members and parents with first
significant difference to the work      aid qualifications. Andrew Aickin
faced by the organizers’ after every-   warrants a mention for his efforts
one else has had their fun. The dif-    to tee up a team of para
ference between a trail ride and a
competitive event is the volunteers
and the nature of our racing is it
requires a large amount of work for
an event to happen.

I would also like to congratulate
the riders on their continued
appreciation of the efforts of our
volunteers. Bob O’Brien, the MW   A
appointed steward at Harvey has a
long association with speedway and
was stunned by riders thanking
those at the check as they finished
the event.

The club membership finished the
season in the order of 660 members.
medics and Bec Stephens for using         Membership Officer, Tara Morris
her professional contacts to secure       has relinquished the positions due
the first aid at the Des Nobles event.    to over-commitment with work re-
If anyone knows a paramedic can           lated activities. The Membership po-
you start persuading them now that        sition is busy when the season starts
they want to spend their winters sit-     and tails off towards the end of the
ting out in the bush.                     season, at its peak it needs someone
                                          who can afford four or five hours a
In the last Dirty News I mentioned        week to process the applications and
the shortage of riding areas as being     mail out the cards. The Secretary
a major issue for the club. Since that    position is not overly time consum-
time I have had discussions with a        ing but does require attendance at
number of members who are onto            the committee and social meetings.
some new possibilities and we will        As I announced at the presentation
follow them up over the off season        night I am currently covering the
but the problem is far from resolved.     vacant positions but if that does not
If anyone knows a farmer with a bit       change 2008 will be cancelled due
of unusable hilly, rocky or salt af-      to lack of interest. If anyone is in-
fected farm land that might be open       terested in taking on these jobs they
to bikes them please contact me. The      can contact me on 0417310027.
same goes for any property in the
south west where the grass grows so I hope everyone has a great summer,
fast that the track will be quickly wish all our members the best for
over grown.                            the festive season and will see you
                                       all next year.
A draft 2008 calendar is circulating
around     the     club’s    executive
committee at the moment. There was
a lot of complaint from members
who are active in both the senior and
junior aspects of the club that the
2007 season had little coordination
                                                                  Enduro Test - Des
between the junior and senior events                              Noble 2007 Harvey
particularly when compared to
2006. I have tried to fix this in the
                                                                    Photo - Steven
2008 draft but the major problem                                       Winter
remains the access to suitable
venues. The 2008 four day enduro
will be held in April so the first WA
state/club round will be held well
after and avoid the problems we had
this year.

The final thing that we need to ad-
dress in the off season is a number of
vacant club management positions.
The club Treasurer, Liz Lee is mov-
ing to Sydney however we have man-
aged to secure a replacement in Nick
Jeggo’s partner Christine. Thanks to
Liz for her efforts over the last eigh-
teen months. The club Secretary/
Imagine this - you are       obvious factor in Chile’s   Italian Championships
around 20yrs old, riding     remarkable contrasts is     as well as international
around on your dirt bike,    the massive, virtually      races. Mauro’s passion
doing pretty good in         impassable wall of the      for motor sports and his
your respective classes,     Andes. So just imagine      desire to see Western
thinking how great it        what the event organiser    Australia    involvement
is to be riding at the       have in stall for these     in international enduro
pointy end with some of      young rookies, who have     racing spurred him to set
the guys you have been       no idea of what steep       up the Wellard Yamaha
chasing for a few years      mountains (yes these        Enduro Team. Along
now, when one day, out       can be called mountains     with Peter Strickland
of the blue you get this     unlike the pimples we       (The Team Manager) &
phone call -                 have here in W   A) look    Guglielmo       Andreini
“Hey, you seem pretty        like, let alone know how    (Technical Director) they
quick and can ride a bike    to navigate over. After     will be sharing their
well, how would you like     6 days of riding around     vast    experience    and
to join a fully sponsored    the Andes, these boys       knowledge to get these
team to ride at the ISDE                         A
                             will comeback to W as       boys through the SIX
in Chile!”                   MEN!                        DAYS to the final moto.
                                                         Guglielmo Andreini is
Well that is exactly what    So who is the man           considered an icon of
happened for two of our      behind the whole idea?      Enduro racing.
youngest (and fastest)       Mauro Balzarini is the      His career lasted almost
riders, Sean Blakely and     Principal and Managing      20 years of active racing
Ben Lawton. These two        Director of the Wellard     in the 1970s and 1980s.
lucky lads are off to the    Group. A big aficionado
South American country       of motorcycle racing He has won the most
of Chile for the ISDE,       and     a   professional challenging races and
along with Matt Gangell      enduro rider in his several European
(who also is at the pointy   twenties, he still rides
end of the State MX).        his Yamaha Enduro bike
                             and as recently as last
Chile is a country of        year he has completed
startling contrasts and      his 5th ISDE in New
extreme beauty, with         Zealand in 2006. His
attractions ranging from     first ISDE was in 1981 so
the towering volcanic        he has been involved in
peaks of the Andes to the    racing for over 25 years.
ancient forests. The most    His victories include
Championships (at that time there        more minor championships.
was no World Championship so the
European Champion was in real           I was lucky enough to meet the entire
terms the World Champion). After        team and chat with the guys down
retiring from active racing he has      at 5 Star Yamaha in Fremantle at the
worked with the top MotoGP teams as     Official Launch. It was great to see just
a technician – including the Yamaha,    how professional the entire team is.
Ducati and Honda official teams. He     From the jerseys and the bike graphics,
has now offered his vast experience to  to the way Mauro and everyone on
the Wellard Yamaha team. It is a big    the team carried themselves. Team
privilege and a big advantage for the   Wellard Yamaha will be meeting up
Wellard Yamaha riders to have such      with the Australian team in Sydney
an experienced man at their side in     and joining them for the rest of the
the coming ISDE in Chile. Guglielmo’s   trip. They will be next to each other
CV reads like a true champions;         in the pits as well as sharing the same
                                        accommodation. With such close
MOTOCROSS                               mentoring and such an experienced
Italian Champion 1979 – 500 cc          support group they are in the best
                                        position to achieve their best results.
ENDURO                                  But the best encouragement will
1 time Italian Jnr Champion – 1971      come from all the supporters here at
                                        home. You can log onto the Wellard
6 times Italian Champion 500 cc – 1978, Team website and check out how
1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986            they are doing with daily updates
                                        and rider info as well as adding your
4 Times European Champion – 1979, own comment for the guys. The web
1980, 1982, 1984.                       address is,

15 Gold Medals at International Six
Day Enduros
                                      From everyone at the T&E I wish Sean,
7 Class wins at the International Six Ben & Matt all the best for the trip
Day Enduros – 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, and hope that they all get to finish
1981, 1982, 1986.                     and bring home a medal each.

3 Times Trophy Winner at the Look out for their stories in the first
International Six Days Enduro with edition of the DirtyNews in 2008.
the Italian National Team& many
Looking for something to do over the
summer months, but hitting a bucket of
balls at Whaleback just doesn’t cut it?
Sick of riding at Nangara Pine with all the
‘Straight Liners’ & dust?
Well check out some of what John Staines
is offering in the new year for trail rides
down in the south west.
The rides:
Boyanup to Pemberton and return. Using
the same route as the Nannup ride for the
first half of Day 1 then after a mega lunch at
the Nannup Hotel, we ride for Pemberton.
You will be guided through a myriad of old
logging tracks and rail forms, then at Pem-
berton you can bench race the night away
with the other riders. Or check out what
else Pemberton has to offer. Day 2 sees
us heading back to Boyanup via Nannup
using different trails.
Blackwood Valley tour takes in some of
the most picturesque riding in the country.
Magic trails and awesome views. Start-
ing at Boyanup we head down to Nannup
for lunch, then it’s an afternoon of amaz-
ing riding over the lush green hills around
Bailingup. An overnight stay at the warm
and comfortable Greenbushes hotel then
it’s more incredible variety of terrain back
to the delightful town of Bailingup where we
stop for lunch before a last afternoon of fun
back to Boyanup. This ride can be tailored
to suit all levels of rider experience. It’s a
weekend you’ll never forget!
We suggest you contact WestCoast Trail-
bike Safaris to register interest in your pre-
ferred date, especially if you intend to hire
a bike, as there is already strong demand
for next year.

        TrailBike Safaris
     By phone: 0429825775
     or By email:

      The Article Right was
      Printed in the May ‘99
      Issue of ADB - Check out
      the name dropping!!!!!
The 2007 Des Noble
The 2007 Des Noble
                                                Bruce Eddy Posing for another camera.
5am   and I am slowly it with a lot of metal in his Photo - Steven Winter
dragging myself out of             femur.
my comfy warm bed for              I also want to say a big             you have
about the 8 time so far            thanks to Rob Mc Donald,             a team of
and thinking to myself -           Alan      Ladner,    Baydon          people
do I really want to drive 2        Barker, Michael Stocker,             doing the
hours to go for an other ride      Col Robinson, Bill Foreman           major tasks. Like organising
and hang arrows??? Yep             and Brian Wiren who made             the timing, setting up and
sure do! Well, only after          the trek down to Harvey to           GPS’ing the course.       The
a few minutes to wake up           put the course together and          hardest thing is getting
properly.                          help put it all together.            enough people to man the
When I decided to take on the      A big thanks also goes to            Special tests and run the
role of event organiser for        everyone else who helped             event but with the new
the Des Noble, I don’t really      out on the day. Colin &              timing system that John
think that I considered what       Teena Jennings, Melissa              B is working on this will
I was taking on. Looking           Sheppard,     Tara   Morris,         become easier to manage.
back I think if I did I would      Angelo Antoni, Danielle              So next year if John can get
not have stepped up for it.        Barker, Dave Morton, John &          the system up and running
Maybe just putting on a            Carol Lawton and everyone            over the off season putting
one day event would have           behind the scenes who                on events next year will
been the more reasonable           helped with the timing,              become much easier.
approach to learning how           sweeping and cleaning up             There is one last person
put an event together.             of the event.                        that I would like to thank
Regardless I still found           We had the perfect weather           and that is my wife, Anita.
the whole experience very          for the weekend, with                For putting up with me
rewarding, it was worth the        just enough rain the week            being away on the weekends
efforts just to hear and see       leading up to it to make the         and leaving her at home by
everyone having a blast on         track conditions perfect             herself as well as everything
the trails.                        and over the two days the            else she did to help put on
The setting up of the course       track held up with little or         the event.
and     getting    everything      no dust. However the next            So enjoy the summer and
sorted     beforehand     was      weekend when we went                 if you aren’t riding next
the easy part. The running         down to clean up and pull            year and you want to do
of the event, setting up           down the arrows it was               something to keep in touch
on the day and having to           dusty and dry. Summer was            with riding then helping
remember and try to think          well and truly in by then.           put on or even being the
of what was needed took a          So what about next year,             event organiser is a very
lot more effort and I was a        I hear you ask? Well it              rewarding         experience
little ill prepared for it, or     mustn’t have been such a             and a great way to keep in
maybe just inexperienced.          bad experience because I             touch with the club and
Over the weekend there were        have put my hand up again.           what’s happening. I know
some things that happened          Someone said to me it does           next year when I am riding
that were pretty big and           get easier.                          at the other events I will
affected the running of the        For anyone who has been              really enjoy then knowing
event during which most            thinking about putting on            the efforts that people go
organisers would never have        an event (and we desperately         too to put them on. Really
to deal with at most events.       need people to do so) it is          the hardest thing about
I want to say a big thanks         not as daunting as it seems.         being the event organiser
to everyone, riders and            There are a lot of people in         is standing around and
helpers, for your patience         the club who are there to            watching     everyone     else
and understanding when             help and give advice as well         riding their bikes!
we had to hold the event to        as the support you get just          Till next year, take care and
help out Greg Yates. By the        from the club members                see you at the end of year
way he is doing great and          themselves. It does make a           function.
up and walking around - be         big difference when                  Andrew Aickin
      WANTED KTM 200exc                                              KX85 2001
      2003 and onwards prefered but
     will consider older model                                         very good condition,
     Please email photos if possible                                       low mileage,
        kieranlatham@gmail.com                                        comes with factory
                                                                      spares kit  $2,000
                  call on 0413 359 824

     Will also consider GasGas 200                                             Contact
                                                                          com or cell phone

Want some pics of your last ride this year?          Alpine Stars Tech Sixes     HUSKY BOY 50
 Steven Winter was snapping away down at              Black                       2004 model
 the Des Noble and has some awsome shots              good condition
 like the ones below for sale. Get a disc full (10    size 11
 pictures) for $50.00 or 5 pictures or less for        $220                     Stop the KTM invasion!
 $25.00 + postage.                                    Phone:
 You can contact Steven on 0409 295 995 or           Neal 0448 896 885               $1,700 o.n.o.
 email him at boostinlj@hotmail.com                  after 4pm weekdays
                                                                                     0411 652 008
Trail & Enduro Motorcycle Club WA
PO Box 367, Subiaco WA 6008
Print Post Approved
PP 636295/001

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