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                              MBA (MB - 301) (S05) (.0) (LE) (Sem. - 3")
                                 APPLIED       .oPERATI.oNS             RESEARCH
 Time: 03 Hours                                                                    Maximum     Marks:    75

 Instruction to Candidates:
       1) Section - A is Compulsory.
       2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B.

                                                      Section:      A
                                                                                              (15 x 2 = 30)
           a)             Explain branch and bound method.
    /                     Define lead time and order cycle in inventory management.
                          List some limitations of .operation Research.
                          ".operation Research is the art of finding bad answers to problems where
                          otherwise worse answers are given" state this definition.
                          Difference between carrying and holding cost.
                           Explain zero-one integer Programming.
            g)             Explain concave and convex set.

            h)             Explain big M method of Lpp.

                i)         Explain slack and artificial variable.
                           Explain Rationality in decision making.
                k)         Define degeneracy in LPP.
                 1)         Steps in decision theory.
                 m)         Rollback technique in decision tree

                 n)         Define duality.
                     0)     Explain break - even point.

        D-709X [1299J
                                          Section - B
                                                                         (9   x    5   =   45)
Q2) List and explain OK Models.

Q3) Explain primal-dual relationship.

Q4) MaXimize Z = 4x, + 5x,- 3x,
     Subject to constraints
     x, +x, +x, = 10
      , ,
     x -x > = I
     2x,   + 3x, + x, < = 30
     Solve this by LPP Simplex method.

Q5) Explain General model oflinear programming problems.

Q6) Explain decision making under uncertainty.

Q7) Determine the optimal assignment schedule
                                                  Deficit cities
                                     I        II          111       IV        V

                          A         160      130         175       190     200
                          B     .135         120          \30      160        175

             Surplus      C         140      110          ISS      170        185

             cities       0          50       50           80       80        110
                          E          55       35           70       80        105

 Q8) What do you mean by decision tree? Explain its advantages and disadvantages.

 Q9) A company is spending Rs. 1000 on transportation of its units from three
     plants to four distribution centers. The supply and demand of lInits. with
     unity cost of transportations are given as:
                                            Distribution center
                               OJ           OIl        0111        DIV   Availahility
             P,                19            30           SO        12         7
             P,                70            30           40       60         10
           P,            40     \0                        60       20         18
      REQUIREMENTS        5      8                         7        15
      Solve it by VAM and NWCM.

 D-709X                                            2

   - QIO)What do you me,m by dynamic programming?          Explain its management

    Qll)Explain principal of dominance in game theory with example.

    Q12)What do you mean by ABC analysis? Explain it with example.

    Q13)A company uses annually 48000 units of raw material costing Rs. 1.20 per
        unit. Placing each order costs Rs. 45 and inventory carrying cost are 15% per
        year of average inventory values. Find EOQ. -

                                        .+•• +••
                                        • • +•• +•
                                            • •

     D-709X                                        3

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                                Paper ID rB0212]
                                (I'lellsl'fill lhi~ I'~rer In ill 0\11{ Stl~('1)

                     MBA (MB - 302) (S05) (0) (LE) (Scm. - 3'")
                     CORPORATE               LEGAL ENVIRONMENT

Time: 03 Hours                                                                     Maximum Marks: 75
Instruction to Candidates:
      1)    Section - A is Compulsory.
      2)    Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B.

                                             Section - A
QJ)                                                                                         (15 x 2   = 30)

      a)    What is Agreement void ab-initio"
      b) Differentiate between 'Misrepresentation'                         and 'Fraud'.

      c)    What is 'Quantum Meruit'?
      d) Differentiate between 'Double Insurance' and 'Reinsurance'.

      e) Explain the term 'Agency by Estoppel'.
       I)   What is meant by 'Holder in due course'?
       g) Explain the tenn 'Caveat Emptor'.
       h) What is meant by 'Ascertained Goods'"
       i)   What is a 'Right ofLien'o
      j)    Differentiale between Condition and Warranty.
       k)   What is 'Bill ofLading"O
       I)   Differentiate     between        Memorandum                of Association     and Articles      or

       m) What do you mean by 'Sweat Equity Shares",

       n) Explain 'Ad Valorem' dutie,.
       0)    \Vh •.I is -I figh Contracting
                  l                                Party'.

D-66fjX     {/2YY{                                                                                       f~7:0.

                                                                     Section - B                  --
                                                                                     (9 x 5 = 45)
            Q2)     What are the rules regarding consideration"

            Q3) Can silence be fraudulent?

            Q4) What are ihe different modes of discharge of conti'act?

            Q5) Describe brieRy the various modes by which an agency may be terminated.

           Q6)     What are the privileges ofa Holder in Due Course.

           Q7)     Explain the essentials of a Contract ofS~le.

           Q8)     When maya seller give a better title to the buyer than he himself has in the
                   goods sold"
           Q9)     Define an unpaid seller" What are the different rights of an unpaid seller.

           QIO) Explain the term 'Charter Party'. Also discuss its important clauses.

           QII/Write     an explanatory note on 'Strict liability' of common carriers.

           Q12) Describe the chanicteristics of a company.

           Q13) Write a note on CENVAT.


          D-666X                                                       2

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