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					Pinellas Employees Newsletter                                                       SEPTEMBER 2005 • Vol.33 No.9

PROFILES                                        DAVID HEALEY

                                         Our role is to provide a
                                         representative forum, overall
                                         policy direction, plan consistency,
                                         interagency coordination and
                                                                                 unique because they not only serve
                                                                                 the unincorporated area, but certain
                                                                                 county functions, such as solid waste
                                                                                 disposal are countywide in nature.

                                         technical assistance for the            The Council’s role is to embrace and
                                         countywide planning process.            coordinate these individual local       Office Paper
                                                                                 government perspectives.                 Recycling
                                         The Pen: All members of the PPC are
                                         local government representatives        The Pen: What are the key

                                         except for the School Board. What       responsibilities of the PPC?
                                         unique perspective do they add?                                                  Ask Peggy
                                                                                 D.H. Our main thrust focuses on a
                                         D.H. The School Board is a              countywide approach to land use
                                         significant property owner and           and intergovernmental
                                         interacts with local government in      coordination—trying to meld
           David Healey

                                         a number of ways. A lot of what we      together and coordinate plans of
Executive Director, Planning Council
                                         do with land use affects them—for       the 25 separate jurisdictions so they    United Way
                                         example, changing the plan may          add up to some cohesive whole,
The Pen: As the most densely             add students to the school system,      providing direction as to where we
populated county in Florida, and a       or impact school facilities by          are going as a county. We also
county with 25 separate government       changing neighboring uses or traffic     provide technical planning
agencies, cooperation, consistency
and coordination of projects can
often be a challenge. How does the
Pinellas Planning Council fit into this
picture and what is your role?
                                         patterns. The School Board brings a
                                         unique countywide perspective and
                                         is an important contributor to the
                                         countywide planning process.
                                                                                 assistance to many of the cities that
                                                                                 do not have their own professional
                                                                                 planning staff.                            5

                                                                                 The Pen: Some days it seems like
D.H. The Pinellas Planning Council
(PPC) is a countywide planning
agency that is advisory to the Board
of County Commissioners in their
                                         The Pen: How does the PPC differ
                                         from the County’s Planning
                                         D.H. The Council has countywide
                                                                                 every street has some kind of a
                                                                                 construction project going on.
                                                                                 They’re either building up, tearing
                                                                                 down, or repairing or replacing
                                                                                 water or sewer pipes. What are some
                                                                                                                         Go to Work or
                                                                                                                          Stay Home

special role as the Countywide

                                         jurisdiction and represents member
                                                                                 of the recent projects the PPC has
Planning Authority. It’s a creature of   local governments, including the                                                 Time Well
                                                                                 been involved with?
a special act of the Legislature that    unincorporated County. Many have                                                   Spent
was embodied in our county charter       their own planning departments          D.H. Our primary focus over the
by an amendment in 1988. The PPC         and functions, and for the most         past 2-3 years has been
is made up of 13 elected officials        part the distinction is that local      redevelopment. We have
who provide representation for each

                                         government planning departments         partnered with the Economic
of the 25 local governments within       are concerned with their jurisdiction   Development Department to look
Pinellas County and the School                                                                                           Development
                                         meeting the requirements of the         at the implications of build-out
District. Three of those 13 serve        State Growth Management Act and         for the county and retooling for           Forum
multiple jurisdictions, as the smaller   local planning needs. The County’s      redevelopment to ensure the long-
communities share representation.        Planning Department is somewhat
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                     P I N E L L A S                          P E N

          Office Paper
          Recycling Program
          Expanded and Energized                                                                                          EDITOR’S
          by Marie Jacobs, Solid Waste Technician, Utilities                                                              DESK
          Did you know that the average employee throws away 1/2 pound
          of paper every day?

             Over 20% of Pinellas County’s waste stream consists of paper that
                                                                                        There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see someone crossing
          could be recycled. Pinellas County employees throw away literally
                                                                                      against the light or jaywalking in the middle of a block, riding
          tons of paper every year. But the good news is that the Pinellas
                                                                                      their bike or motorcycle without a helmet, foregoing a seatbelt,
          County Office Paper Recycling Program has been expanded to
          include all offices and all types of office paper. Some of our offices         jogging in the road alongside traffic, or engaging in some other
          have been recycling for almost 20 years but now all offices can              unsafe practice. No one ever plans to have an accident, which by
          participate. Also, we can recycle more paper since the program              definition is unexpected and usually undesirable.
          now includes items such as magazines and copier paper ream                    School is back in session, and it’s a time that we must be
          wrappers.                                                                   more diligent than ever on the roads. Be prepared for increased
             Last year, County offices recycled 345 tons of paper. Our goal is         traffic due to the hundreds of school busses transporting tens of
          to double the amount of paper we recycle this year and to have              thousands of children on the roads, and watch for reduced speed
          100% of the County offices participating! We can’t achieve these             limits at school crossing zones and bus stops.
          goals without your help. If your office is not currently participating         Whether biking, walking, riding in a bus or car, or taking some
The Pen

          in the office paper recycling program—now you can. All offices are            other form of transportation to and from school, child pedestrians
          eligible for recycling bins and pick-up service.                            are faced with having to make numerous decisions to stay safe
             Why should we recycle paper? In an office environment, most of            every day. For safety’s sake, teach your children to:
          the trash is paper. Instead of wasting it, let’s separate it so it can be
          recycled into new, useful products. Also,                                       •    Choose the most direct route with the least number of
          recycling paper conserves resources                                                  street crossings.
          and reduces pollution, extends the                                              •    Obey all traffic signals and/or the crossing guard.
          life of the Waste-to-Energy Plant                                               •    Never cross the street against a light, even if there is no
          and landfill, and saves the County                                                    traffic coming.
          money. For all these reasons,
                                                                                          •    Walk their bike across all intersections.
          recycling is the right thing to do!
                                                                                          •    Buddy up—walk or ride with a friend.
             What can you do? If your office
                                                                                          •    Make themselves more visible, especially on these
          is currently participating, keep up
          the good work by throwing paper in                                                   dark early mornings by wearing light colored clothing
          your recycle bin instead of the trash                                                including reflective material on running shoes and back
          can. Notice the items listed on the bin                                              packs.
          stickers and posters that have been                                             •    Wear bike helmets each time they ride their bike.
          distributed. Now you can recycle all                                                 Thankfully, Lance Armstrong has made wearing bike
                                                                                               helmets really cool.
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                                                                                        Most accidents involving a school bus occur as students enter
                                                                                      and exit the bus. So, tell your children that they should always use
                                           The Pen                                    the handrail, never bend over to pick up a dropped object as they
             EDITOR ......................................... Ronnie J. Goodstein     might not be seen by the driver and to stand back from the bus
             EDITORIAL ASSISTANT ........................... Maria I. Reilly          until the driver signals it’s okay to approach.
                                                                                        When traveling to school (or anywhere else) by car, let’s not
             PRODUCTION ASSISTANT ..................... Karen Mercier                 forget to buckle up. Studies tell us that most traffic crashes occur
             PROOFREADER ................................... Carol Strickland         close to home. Everyone needs to be properly buckled up. Safety
                 A monthly publication by the Pinellas County Personnel               belts are the best form of protection passengers have in the event
                                                                                      of a crash, and they can lower your risk of injury by almost half.
                   Department, Employee Communications Division.
                                                                                        Of course, all the helmets, seat belts and reflective clothing
                             COUNTY ANNEX BUILDING                                    in the world are no substitutes for staying alert and using good
              400 SOUTH FT. HARRISON AVENUE • CLEARWATER, FL 33756                    common sense. Caution children against horseplay near roadsides
                                                                                      and parking lots. Don’t use headphones while bicycling or driving.
                   PHONE: (727) 464-4836 • FAX: (727) 464-5548                        And reduce other distractions like cell phone conversations when
                          Employee InfoLine 464-5100                                  behind the wheel.
                 Email:                      We all seem to have busy, hectic schedules these days. But no
                                                                                      matter our rush, let’s all take time to be safe—for ourselves and
                                                      for all of our children.
                         On line @

w w w . p i n e l l a s c o u n t y . o r g                                                                                                     P-3

 ASKPEGGY                                         An employee approaching retirement
                                                should look carefully at their leave
                                                balances, whether they are fully utilizing
                                                                                              that when you are on the transfer listing
                                                                                              hiring departments may feel you may be
                                                                                              “a problem” and that is why your on the
                                                deferred compensation and the retiree         transfer list. This is unfair especially when
                                                health savings plan to supplement their       you are a great employee, but are looking
                                                future retirement benefits, and use all        for a change or circumstances come up
                                                of the resources available to make their      and you need to work closer to home. Can
                                                retirement years as comfortable as            you please shed some light on this subject
                                                possible. The best strategy will depend       and get departments to give us “already
                                                upon your individual situation.               County employees” a chance!!
                                                Special Note: The September issue of the
                                                BeneBreeze will be focused on retirement      A:    Departments are provided with the
                                                related topics, including the FRS, the        transfer list when filling vacancies.
                                                retirement health savings plan and            Managers and supervisors are encouraged
                                                retirement planning resources. Also watch     to seriously consider employees on the
                Peggy Rowe                      for the training catalog and enroll in the    list and indications are that most of them
        Assistant Director, Personnel           course offered that addresses how to plan     do. Hiring officials will, however, evaluate
                                                for retirement.                               the entire list and select a candidate who
Q:   Please explain how the leave                                                             they feel best meets the requirements
                                                                                              of the position and the organization.
exchange program and accumulated
annual leave are factored into one’s            Q: We have several performance                While we often hope that turns out to
Average Final Compensation when retiring?       reviews that are due on September 18.         be a current employee, this is not always
                                                In order not to get “bogged down” in          so. Transfers can take time. Your best

                                                                                                                                                The Pen
                              Kevin Murren
           Environmental Project Manager        September, each year we have been asked       approach is to continue to do the best job
                    Public Works – Highway      to submit these reviews in July (3 months     possible, develop your skills, earn excellent
                                                early). This creates some confusion when      evaluations and you will make yourself
A:     Kevin, this is a great question and      calculating attendance. I base the review
                                                period on the date the last review was
                                                                                              an increasingly appealing candidate.
                                                                                              Many departments look very favorably
several employees have asked similar ones
recently. In determining the actual pension     signed by the employee to the present         at employees on the transfer list. Those
for County retirees, the Florida Retirement     time. This generally covers a period of       who don’t may be missing out on great
System utilizes a formula that contains         12 months. I have been told that this is      candidates.
both years of service, and an earnings          wrong and that I should base attendance
                                                on the performance review’s effective date
amount referred to as Average Final
Compensation (AFC). An employee’s five           to effective date even though this would      Q:     A lot of us at the Tax Collector’s office
highest years of earnings are averaged to       not take into account a full year. For        thought that if we worked Monday - Friday,
produce the AFC.                                example if the effective date is September    and were told of a mandatory class we had
   Annual leave is considered compensation      18 and I need to submit the review in July,   to be at on a Saturday morning, that we
for FRS purposes, but extended illness          the attendance would be from September        were guaranteed a set amount of hours
leave is not. Therefore annual leave            18-July. Please advise.                       (like three hours), not just an hour and a
contributed during the County’s annual                            Anonymous, Public Works     half. Managers, Asst. Managers, Supervisors
                                                                                              and Specialist are going during the week,
leave exchange in most instances increases
your AFC. Leave contributed in a year that      A:   Your method of looking back 12           so that they do not have to pay them
is not a part of your five highest years, will   months from the date you are conducting       overtime. Can you put us straight on this?
not affect your AFC. The FRS also has a         the review is correct. It sounds like you                                         Thank you,
limitation of 500 hours of annual leave         are evaluating attendance correctly.                                 Tax Collector Employees
                                                Ideally the September review would be
that can be used towards your AFC.
Therefore an employee with a very large         done in September and the attendance          A:    As for the question you asked
bank of hours who plans on entering DROP        would be rated based on information 12        regarding Saturday morning classes, if
prior to retirement may wish to consider        months back from that date. That is not       you have worked Monday thru Friday
carefully how they choose                       always possible. The attendance on the        for a total of 40 hours and then are
to use those hours in their last few years of   review or at any time when attendance is      scheduled for a training class on Saturday,
employment. For example, if 80 hours            being discussed should always go back 12      those hours worked over 40 for the week
per year are contributed for 4 years            months. Thanks for asking.                    are paid at time and a half. As for the
(320 hours) to the annual exchange, and in                                                    minimum to be paid, that rule applies to
                                                                                              employees who are on-call or who are
the fifth year the employee enters DROP,
they will only have a balance of 180 hours      Q: Do all departments look at the             working Citizen Information Center during
that can be used in that final year to boost     Transfer list when looking to hire? I have    emergencies. If the time is scheduled
their AFC. Another thing to consider is that    been on the transfer listing for a couple     then the compensation due, is for time
any leave amounts exchanged and invested        years now, yet the department that I          worked regardless of how much time or
in deferred compensation, will grow tax         want to work in, hires people on the          how little time it was. In other words— no
deferred. This also helps increase your         register very frequently. I heard it is up    minimum.
retirement income.                              to the department, and I’ve also heard
                   P I N E L L A S                 P E N

                                                                         DAVID HEALEY
             PINELLAS ROOTS                                              CONTINUED from PAGE 1

          PINELLAS ROOTS                                                 term viability of our economy. We need to interface the separate
                                                                         objectives and disciplines of economic development and planning
                                                                         to promote quality development and redevelopment.
           A monthly contest about Pinellas History
           Q:  What location and activity is shown in this               The Pen: The new wireless facilities study the PPC recently
           vintage postcard?                                             completed had some interesting outcomes. Could you explain
                                                                         what that study was all about and how it can benefit our
           To enter this month’s Pinellas history contest send your      community?
           answer to, or      D.H. The PPC has no direct role in the citing of wireless facilities.
           via inter-office mail to The Pen, attention: Editor. All       Each local government has their own regulations. Acting as
           correct entries will be entered into a special drawing.       a resource to local government we inventoried each of the
           Entries must be received by September 2nd. The winner         communities as to how they dealt with wireless issues and
           will receive a special prize and be recognized in the next    determined it would be useful to assess and prepare a model
           issue of The Pen.                                             telecommunications ordinance. In that way, as topical issues
                                                                         come to the fore, rather than each local government fending for
                                                                         themselves, they can customize the model ordinance to meet their
                                                                         individual needs.
                                                                           There were essentially three components to the study:
                                                                            1. preparation of a model ordinance;
                                                                            2. identification of additional revenue opportunities relative to
                                                                                the use of public lands; and
The Pen

                                                                            3. an improved tracking system.

                                                                         The Pen: What are your goals for the next year or so?
                                                                         D.H. There are a number of things we would like to take on over
                                                                         the next couple of years. A significant part of our efforts over
                                                                         the next few years will be to rework the Countywide Plan and
                                                                         Rules to focus on redevelopment and assist local governments in
                                                                         retooling their plans and regulations to recognize redevelopment
              To learn more visit Heritage Village Archives & Library.   opportunities and challenges.
              Call 582-2128 for more information.                          One of the things that is emerging from the redevelopment
                                                                         study is the need to more closely study our inventory of industrial
                                                                         property. In recent years we are seeing it being changed to other
          Answer to last month’s contest:                                uses; it is important to preserve industrial properties for new job
                                                                         opportunities and business growth.
                                                                           Another special project is to assist local governments with the
                                                                         evaluation and appraisal of their comprehensive plans as required
                                                                         by the State Growth Management Act.
                                                                           And, of course, annexation is one of the things that continue
                                                                         to be a major issue in the county—one that the Council has
                                                                         been deeply involved in trying to find a balanced approach that
                                                                         considers everyone’s interest.

          Q: Can you guess where this was taken?
          Hint: This structure is currently undergoing restoration       OFFICE PAPER RECYCLING
          at Heritage Village.                                           CONTINUED from PAGE 2
                                                                         office paper including white, colored and glossy paper, computer
          A: This picture was taken at the bandstand in City             printouts, envelopes, file folders, labels, Post-its®, magazines,
          Park (now Williams Park) in St. Petersburg. The                catalogs, ream wrappers and photos. If your office is not currently
          women of the Park Improvement Association                      participating, call Marie Jacobs at 464-7500 and volunteer to
                                                                         be a departmental recycling coordinator (volunteers must have
          spearheaded construction of the bandstand in
                                                                         their supervisor’s approval). Recycling coordinators should be
          1895 to provide town residents with a place for                enthusiastic leaders with a “can-do” attitude. Their duties will be
          performances and community gatherings.                         minimal: attend quarterly update meetings, encourage staff to
                                                                         participate in recycling programs, and answer questions about
          And the winner is...                                           office recycling or refer others to the Solid Waste Department as
          Nancy Whitlock                                                 needed.
                                                                           Please check out our new Intranet link http://intranet/recycle to
          Communications Manaagement Coordinator                         find out more ways you can make a difference by recycling at work!
          Communications Department
w w w . p i n e l l a s c o u n t y . o r g                                                                                                P-5

MY SUMMER                                                                                       UNITED WAY
                                                                                                Paul F. Alexander, III Director,
                                                                                                Information Technology
VACATION                                                                                          Well, it’s that time of year again … a
                                                                                                time to reflect and give thanks for the
By Stephen M. Spratt, County Administrator                                                      many blessings we have received over
                                                                                                the past year, and an opportunity for
                                                                                                us to help serve those who may not be
   You may wonder sometimes whether
family vacations are worth all the expense                                                      quite as fortunate. I am honored to
and hassle. Did you ever take a long road                                                       have been selected as your Chairman
trip with your family when you were a kid?                                                      for our United Way Campaign this year,
Maybe some of you can relate to the old                                                         and I invite all of our employees in
Chevy Chase movie, “National Lampoon’s                                                          Pinellas County to join me in making
Vacation?” You know, your dad gets lost at                                                      this year’s funding drive a huge
least once, arguments erupt over whether                                                        success.
a visit to the World’s Largest Ball of String                                                     This year’s campaign theme is:
would be worthwhile, and a crisis involving                                                     ‘Building a Strong, Caring Community’.
the car is inevitable.                                                                          And as you can imagine, things are
   Determined never to deliver that kind                                                        already well underway. We started the
of vacation to my family (or be compared                                                        activities with our Annual Day of Caring
to Chevy Chase) I headed out in July to the                                                     on August 11, and met down at the
Smokey Mountains for an adventure with                                                          Sanderlin Center in St. Petersburg to
my wife and sons. The trip had its share of                                                     perform some much needed painting.
ups and downs – literally. But more about

                                                                                                                                           The Pen
                                                 This is a doozie. Since there was no snow,     This was a real opportunity for us to
that later.                                      we were on sleds with wheels. At a pretty      demonstrate our commitment to the
   First: driving. A dozen hours motoring        good clip, we flew down a mountain on a         community by directly reaching out to
through the southeastern states was              fiberglass and concrete track. My sons had      those in need.
just fine, but the many drives on the             Lora and I racing to near death speeds until     On August 23, I was joined by our
Cumberland Mountain Golf course were             the park officials nearly ejected us from the   agency coordinators for a kick-off
another story. I decided to teach my three       ride! Another wound to my ego came along
teenagers a little something about golf.                                                        breakfast in Tampa where we had an
                                                 the Nantahala River in an inflatable kayak
Of course, it helps to be good enough at                                                        opportunity to meet our friends from
                                                 called a “Duckie.” While the teens stayed
golf to actually pass something on during                                                       Hillsborough and other neighboring
                                                 afloat, I flipped my kayak on the falls. My
a lesson. I lost at least a dozen balls on       hat drowned. By a miracle, I did not.          counties participating in this year’s
errant drives and found some vindication            Now for real ups and downs. Risking         funding drive. A workshop is being
to discover six others in the bushes. My         heart attack, I ignored the warning signs at   planned for August 29, and a final
sons lost many more, which made me feel          the Paramount Carowinds theme park. I          kick-off breakfast will be held at our
only slightly better. They seemed to enjoy       rode every roller coaster with the boys. The   Clearwater Campus on September 8 to
racing golf carts around the course more         “Top Gun” was my favorite – it’s like doing    officially begin the campaign.
than golf and it reminded me of another          aerobatics in an F-16. While Lora stood by       As many of you already know, the
Chevy Chase movie, “Caddyshack”.                 with her finger on the send button to 911, I    United Way supports about 26
   The first destination was my mother-           also took on the “Borg Assimilator” touting                    CONTINUED on PAGE 8
in-law’s mountain home in Monterey,              “the most inversions heading straight
TN where I partook in another relaxing,          toward the ground” than any ride in the
rewarding and rejuvenating vacation sport        Southeast. Fortunately, I didn’t eat any
– home improvement. Yes, I traded in my          funnel cake before this one!
nine iron for a trowel as I laid tile and then      We ended our trip in Cocoa Beach where
picked up a hammer to replace planks in          I taught my sons how to surf (which I hadn’t
her deck. Look out Ty Pennington. I may          done since college!) while they taught
actually have something to fall back on if       me skim boarding. My wife delighted in
this County Administrator thing doesn’t          watching an old guy trying to act youthful!
work out.                                           So, to answer the first question I posed,
   Meanwhile, Lora, my wife, headed to the       – was it worth it? Every minute and every
local flea markets where she purchased            cent. I strongly encourage all of you to
mostly useless items that “we can’t live         take advantage of your earned leave to
without.” Being the budget-minded person         spend some quality time with those most
I am, I am supposed to be comforted in           important to you.
knowing that she got “such a great deal.”           My vacation wasn’t cheap.
   As part of my endeavor to forget that         Future required visits to the chiropractor:
I have now lived for half a century, I am        $1,429. 50.                                    United Way Chairman, Paul Alexander
constantly trying to keep up with my sons.       Bonding with my wife and sons and              applies a fresh coat of enamel to the
Risking my back, my stomach and my pride,        creating family memories we’ll always          trim in one of the rooms slated for a
I found a number of opportunities during         share: PRICELESS.                              facelift at the James B. Sanderlin
our summer vacation. One came in the                                                            Neighborhood Family Center.
form of Ober Gatlinburg Alpine Sledding.
                     P I N E L L A S                           P E N

          Go to work                            or
          STAY IN BED?                                                            TIME WELL SPENT
                                                                                                                  4-H Afterschool involves giving one hour
            How do you decide to stay at home or                                                                a week to lead a group of kids ages 8 to
                                                                HEART WALK RESCHEDULED                          12 through fun learning experiences in an
          go to work when you don’t feel good?                     Due to an unforeseen conflict, the 2005
          Following are some tips to guide you in                                                               existing after-school program.
                                                                Tampa Bay Heart Walk will now be held             Training, materials and support are
          that choice.                                          on November 12th, 2005 at 8:00 a.m. at          provided by Pinellas County Extension.
                                                                the St. Pete Times Forum. This date change
          Go to work if…                                        was not the request of the American Heart
                                                                                                                Days, times and locations are tailored to
            • You don’t have a fever.                                                                           each volunteer’s needs. A background
                                                                Association, but is in relation to permitting   check is required and mandatory training
            • You have a dry cough with very                    issues out of their control.
              little mucus.                                                                                     will be held in August and September.
                                                                   Plan to join Commissioners Robert B.           For information, call Karen Saley, Pinellas
            • You are recovering and no longer                  Stewart and Ronnie E. Duncan and the
              contagious.                                                                                       County Extension education instructor by
                                                                rest of the Pinellas County Team as they        September 14th, at 582-2411.
            • You do your best to avoid human                   walk together to meet this year’s goal of
              contact as long as you are feeling                raising $17,000 to help fight heart disease.
              “under-the-weather.”                              To volunteer as a Team Captain or for
            • You cover your mouth when you                     more information, please contact Tim
              cough or sneeze.                                  Closterman, Volunteer Services Manager,
                                                                at 464-3945.
The Pen

                                                                LOOKING FOR A FUN VOLUNTEER
                                                                OPPORTUNITY? 4-H NEEDS YOU!
                                                                  If you are looking for a volunteer
                                                                opportunity that allows you to work with
                                                                youngsters, but you are you strapped for
                                                                time, 4-H has the perfect opening—4-H

          Stay home if …
            • You have a fever.
            • You have a persistent cough
              accompanied by mucus buildup
              and runny nose.
            • You have a severe sore throat.
            • You are throwing up.

          If you must go to work…
            • Tell colleagues you are sick.
            • Avoid human contact.
            • Cover your mouth when you sneeze                                  Darryl Gainey                               Ricky T. Newman
              or cough.                                           The Pen is saddened to announce               The Pen is sorry to report the loss of Ricky
                                                                  the passing of Darryl Gainey on July          T. Newman, Telecommunications Service
          If your staff is sick…                                  28, 2005. Darryl began working for            Technician, of Information Systems on
            • Send contagious employees home.                     the County in 1995 as a Temporary             July 11, 2005. Ricky started working as
            • Focus on the morale of workers                      employee in General Services and was          a Mechanic at Fleet Management in
              forced to pick up the slack.                        later promoted to an Administrative           November 1987 and was promoted to
            • Trust employees to know when                        Support Specialist at the Airport. The        Telephone Services Technician at Facility
              they’re too sick to work.                           Pen extends heartfelt condolences to          Management in 1995. Ricky enjoyed
            • Remember the big picture: healthy                   her family, especially to our colleague       working on cars and fishing in the gulf.
              workers are productive workers.                     and Darryl’s father Bob Hicks, Deputy         Those who knew and worked with him
                                                                  for the Property Appraiser’s Office,           will miss him.
          Reprinted with permission from the Suncoast Safety
                                                                  Personnel Administrative Operations.          The Pen extends heartfelt sympathy
          Council, Inc.
                                                                  Her friends and co-workers will miss          to his family and co-workers at the
                                                                  Darryl’s infectious laughter and quiet,       Telecommunications Division for their
                                                                  gentle demeanor.                              loss.

w w w . p i n e l l a s c o u n t y . o r g                                                                                                                   P-7

SERVICE ANNIVERSARIES                                                                          15 YEARS
                                                                                               Raymond W. Kosach ................ General Services
                                                                                               Leroy Joiner ........General Services Department
                                                                                               Margaret F. Dohrman .......................Emergency
                                                                                               Robert W. Thompson ........Utilities Department
                                                                                               Anamaria E. Plumridge ....Utilities Department
                                                                                               Warren E. Bown ................Utilities Department
                                                                                               David T. Pachucki..............Utilities Department
                                                                                               Nancy J. Stock ............ Clerk of the Circuit Court
                                                                                               Catherine L. Moore ... Clerk of the Circuit Court
                                                                                               Steven L. Farber ............... Tax Collector’s Office

                                                                                               10 Years
                 30 YEARS                                   20 YEAR SERVICE                    Arthur F. Wilson.................Utilities Department
            Frederick R. Stager, Jr.          LEFT TO RIGHT: Steven R. Barriger, Property      Dale W. Armstrong ................. Extension Service
               Park Supervisor                & Stores Clerk 3, Utilities; Bruce B. Cherkas,   Chance E. Walton ..............Utilities Department
  Culture, Education & Leisure Department     Crew Chief 1, Public Works-Highway; Brian C.     Charles R. Sumner ..................Communications
                                              Wallace, Crew Chief 2, Public Works-Highway;     Laurence M. Ritchie .......................Public Works
                                              Ronald Kirkland, Land Survey Tech 1, Public                                                  Department
                                              Works; Michael R. Roiland, BCC Web Site          Charlotte G. Amos ..... Clerk of the Circuit Court
                                              Coordinator, Information Systems
                                                                                               5 Years
                                                                                               Kevin G. Rosekrans ........ Public Works-Highway
                                                                                               David Deck ..................... Public Works-Highway
                                                         (Unavailabe for photo)                                                                Department

                                                                                                                                                              The Pen
                                                                                               John C. McGlone .............. Culture, Education &
                                                                25 Years
                                                                                                                                       Leisure Department
                                                          Joseph A. Eckweiler
                                                                                               Sonya P. Miller ..................Culture, Education &
                                                     Trades/Field Services Supervisor
                                                                                                                                       Leisure Department
                                                      General Services Department
              25 YEAR SERVICE                                                                  Stephen Baird ..........Public Works Department
LEFT TO RIGHT: Patricia A. Young, Appraiser                                                    Theresa E. Robinette . EMS/Fire Administration
                                                             James A. Dates
5, Property Appraiser’s Office; Michael A.                                                      David S. Howdeshell ....... Building Department
                                                Bureau Director Justice/Consumer Services
Butts, Park Supervisor, Culture, Education                                                     Richard H. Mason ............................ Emergency
                                                       Justice/Consumer Services
& Leisure Department; Diane M. Smith,                                                                                                     Communications
Property & Control Specialist, Purchasing                                                      Rickard C. Webster ............................Emergency
                                                           Marylynn Dunham
Department                                                                                                                                Communications
                                                             Senior Court Clerk
                                                                                               Linda K. Reed ....................Utilities Department
                                                         Clerk of the Circuit Court
                                                                                               Bette Ann Williams ...........Utilities Department
                                                                                               Geoffrey R. Hamlin .... County Attorney’s Office
                                                                20 Years
   REPCO NEWS                                              Hugh Moore Fagen
                                                     Trades/Field Services Supervisor
                                                                                               Anne DiNatale Olsen Clerk of the Circuit Court
                                                                                               Charles A. Miller ........ Clerk of the Circuit Court
                                                                                               Caroline E. Franklin ......... Tax Collector’s Office
                                                Culture, Education & Leisure Department
  REPCO (Retired Employees                                                                     Catherine Capuano .......... Tax Collector’s Office
  of Pinellas County) meets at                                                                 Cindy E. Beeler ................. Tax Collector’s Office
                                                            Alfred J. Guariglia
                                                                                               Rita J. Gillin ....................... Tax Collector’s Office
  noon on the second Monday of                                  Spray Tech
  each month at Stacy’s Buffet                  Culture, Education & Leisure Department
  Restaurant, 1451 Missouri
  Avenue North. The next
  scheduled meeting is September
  12th. Come early and enjoy a
  great lunch at the restaurant               RETIREMENTS
  with us. This month’s program
  will feature Bob Simon who will                                                                                              Over 14 ½ Years
  talk about the “Good Life Games                                                                                                Ann S. Simmons
  of Clearwater” program. You                                                                                                    Justice Program
  don’t have to be a Pinellas                                                                                                      Coordinator
                                                                                                                               Justice & Consumer
  County retiree to join us—
  current employees are also
  If you have news to share for                 Over 30 Years           Over 26 ½ Years        Over 26 Years
  the REPCO newsletter, contact                  Patricia T. Wolf           Florence            Samantha L.
  Lee Marsh at:                               Director, Tax Collector    Carey-Madonia            Anderson
                                                  Tax Collector         Human Resources         Craftworker 1                                                 Technician          General Services
  or mail to 1325 Byron Drive,                                             Personnel
                                              Patty will be spending
  Clearwater, FL 33756, phone                    time raising her
  441-1016.                                   beagles, enjoying her
                                               family and her time
                                                   in retirement.
               P I N E L L A S                    P E N

              CLIMBING                                                       PROMOTIONS
              THELADDER                                                    CULTURE, EDUCATION & LEISURE
                                                                           Mark B. Warchola.....................................Park Maint Wkr

          Career Development                                               CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT
                                                                           Bobby V. Peters ................................................Rec Spec 3

                 Forum                                                     Rebecca Sayre-Shane ...................................... Court Clerk
                                                                           Theodoros Tsakonas ..................................... Fis Rec Spec
       By Gene Pressoir, Human Resources Manager, Personnel
                                                                           COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
  Are you interested in enhancing your career opportunities?               Anthony M. Jones ............................. Asst Dir Comm Dev
Want to network with some of the “movers and shakers” of
Pinellas County government? Then sign up for the Career                    PROPERTY APPRAISER
Development Forum! This ongoing workshop provides general                  Pamela M. Johnson ..................... Sr Pers Real Prop Spec
information and tips on how to enhance your career possibilities
through networking, information sessions, and mentoring. Forum             PURCHASING
sessions provide you with numerous opportunities to interact               Amelia E. McFarlane ..................Sr Procurement Analyst
with county supervisors and managers willing to share their
experience and expertise and perhaps serve as mentors. You will            TAX COLLECTOR
also have an opportunity to discuss topics like:                           Ruben Bosch-Cardona ........................................ Tax Spec
                                                                           Lori A. Dombrowski .......................... Asst Agency Admin
   • Characteristics of Effective Leaders
                                                                           Joseph G. Lardi .................................. Asst Agency Admin
   • Hiring and Promotion Process/Job Interviewing Techniques
   • How to Develop Skills for Getting Along and Moving Ahead
   • How to Eliminate Behaviors that Hinder Progress and
                                                                           Demetrius L. Brown .........................................Util       Spec   1
                                                                           Terry R. Frame..................................................Util   Spec   1
   • Organizational Communications and Politics (incl.
                                                                           Allen D. Heckman ...........................................Util       Spec   1
                                                                           George E. Proper ..............................................Util    Spec   2
   • Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Success
Sessions begin September 14 and end the next July. You must
commit to attending seven 3-hour sessions for the first 3 months,         UNITED WAY
then bi-monthly. What do previous Forum participants think               CONTINUED from PAGE 5
about this opportunity? When asked, on a scale of 1-10, how
                                                                         different agencies in the county and 72 throughout the Tampa
much the Forum had been worth their time, the class of 2005
                                                                         Bay Area. As a result of our generous donations, such
rated it an average of 9.0. In 2004, the average rating was 9.6!
                                                                         organizations as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army have been
Here is what two of last year’s participants had to say:
                                                                         able to provide numerous health and human services to those
                                                                         in great need. As such, the lives of many men, women and
  The CDF has allowed me to meet some very interesting people.
                                                                         children have been enriched as we help to ‘Build a Strong, Caring
  I found out what they do and how different departments
  operate. The mentors are very down to earth and always
                                                                           I would like to extend a warm welcome to Len Ciecieznski who
  available to help. This is a great networking device. This
                                                                         has graciously agreed to fulfill the role of our United Way Loaned
  forum keeps me positive and gives me something to look
                                                                         Executive. Len will be attending a series of training programs
  forward to. And the topics are always helpful. I really enjoyed
                                                                         and workshops in August, and will be helping us throughout the
  each session.
                                                                         entire campaign. I would also like to extend a special note of
           Kenya Collins, Office Specialist, Utilities-Telephone Center
                                                                         thanks to Ronnie Goodstein and Maria I. Reilly who have done an
                                                                         outstanding job behind the scenes in preparation for our 2005
  As an eight-year employee of Pinellas County I began
  to get into a rut in my current job. I was beginning to
                                                                           Finally, I would like to thank all of the employees of Pinellas
  become negative at work and blaming others for my lack
                                                                         County in advance for your help and support for what I know
  of advancement. After attending the Career Development
                                                                         will be a very successful and rewarding experience as we ‘Build a
  Forum, I was able to see it is all up to me to put myself in
                                                                         Stronger, Caring Community’.
  the position for advancement. I recommend the Forum for
  anyone whether you are looking for advancement or not. It
  gives you a whole new perspective on you and management.
  Remember, “you create it all.”
                                                                           COMING IN OCTOBER…
                       Karl Booker, Social Worker 1, Human Services        Profiles – Paul Alexander, III, Director of Information
                                                                           Technology, It’s Flu Season, Tips for purchasing a new PC
Join the Forum for a truly rewarding experience. Sign up by filling         and more…
out a Training Registration Form available on the Intranet at              Send your ideas, questions and comments to: or contact  , through
your training coordinator. For more information, call Personnel’s          inter-office mail to The Pen, attention Editor; or call the
Employee & Organizational Support Division at 464-3796.                    Employee InfoLine at 464-5100.