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You cause a card case to melt through a spectators signed card! After
the case has melted halfway through, you open the case and they can
see their card inside! Finally, the case is removed and you hand the
card out for examination.
All you need is an ordinary deck of cards to construct this effect.
Begin by cutting out the template included with this manuscript and align

                            1                                           2

it to the back of one of the cards as in photo 1. Carefully cut along the
black lines to create an L shaped flap as in photo 2. Once you’re done
that, clip off the very corner of the flap to make it slightly rounded. Clip
off as small of a piece as possible.
Next the case must be gimmicked as illustrated in the following photo-

  Insertion                          1    
Photos 3, 4, 5 and 6 show the modified case.

                            3                                           4

                            5                                       6

The bottom has been removed as well as the lower half of the back an
the lower half of one side. Your cuts must be straight and clean. Be
careful not to remove too much material, the sides of the box that remain
must look normal.


Although the spectator is allowed a free choice of a card during the
routine, the gimmicked card is the one that you will actually be sticking
the case through.

At this point you can probably figure out how the case fits into the card,
but read on and take note of the fine points in the handling. The proper
handling is what makes this effect look really magical.

  Insertion                          2    

The gimmicked card goes on the top of the deck and the deck goes in
the box. When you put the deck in the box, make sure that the top of

                               7                                   8

the deck is facing the cut out side of the box as in photo 7. This way
the design on the back of the card matches up with the design on the
back of the case, allowing you to flash both sides of the box if you wish
(photo 8). If you are going to have the spectator sign their selection
during the routine you will also want to have a magic marker handy.


The Selection: Begin with the deck in the case and the case held in
dealer grip. The thumb should run along the edge of The deck to hide
the cut away portion (Figure 9).

                           9                                        10

Open the box, remove the cards and lay the box on the table. In photo
10, a red card is used for clarity. The black line represents the cut in
the card. Note the position of the cut.

  Insertion                         3   
Riffle down the edge of the deck, asking the spectator to say stop
(photo11). When they stop you, perform a slip cut (photo 12). Place
the cut away top portion underneath the other portion and perform a
double lift. Now you have their selection face up on the top of the deck

                              11                                    12

followed by the face up gimmicked card. You may have the card
signed at this point, with the deck remaining in your hand during the
signing. Again perform a double lift, turning both cards face down and
push off the single, gimmicked card. (photo 13)

                             13                                     14

Take the gimmicked card away from the pack, being careful not to
show the face, and place the deck on the table.

The Insertion: Hold the gimmicked card between the thumb and first
finger of your left hand as shown in photo 14. The thumb and first
finger grip the card at the corner of the cut. Pick up the card case with
the right hand, holding it between the thumb and second finger with the

  Insertion                          4   
forefinger on top. Be careful of your angles, the angle you should show
your audience is the angle in the pictures.
Bring the cut out corner of the case towards the card at an upward
angle, contacting the card just below the horizontal cut. This will push
the cut open slightly allowing the corner of the box to slide through

                            15                                      16

easily (photo 15). The entire cut will not open as long as you hold it
firmly at the corner. The illusion created is that of a thick card case
melting through the card slowly and corner first. This would not be
possible with a simple trap door.

The next step is to get the short side of the box through the vertical cut.
The corner of the box should already be penetrating the card. You only
want about one half inch of the box to enter the cut at this point. Slide
the box all the way to the end of the horizontal cut and pivot the box so
that the short side moves towards the vertical cut (photo 16). Pull your

                              17                                    18

left thumb back to allowing the entire bottom of the box including the
short side to pass through the cut (photo 17) . Now carefully slide the
box through until it gets to the middle. The box slides through best if
you angle it upwards and to the left. Use the left fingers to push the
card along as the box slides through (photo 18).

  Insertion                          5    
Once the box is halfway through the card you can open the box and let
the spectator see the card inside (Figure 19). Close the box again and

                              19                                  20

then remove the box in exactly the
same way you inserted it, except in
reverse. The fingers of both hands
work together to slide the card evenly
down the box (photo 20). Remove
the short side first, immediately cover-
ing the corner of the cut with your
thumb again to prevent the cut from
opening too much (photo 21). Then
slowly remove the rest of the box,
ending with the corner.

Cleaning Up: Set the case aside momentarily. Drop the gimmicked
card on the top of the deck and immediately pick up the entire deck.
Perform a double lift, bringing the signed selection face up to the top.
Tilt the top of the deck towards yourself, concealing it from their view
and immediately deal off the face up selection and hand it to the specta-
tor for examination. While they are examining the card, place the rest of
the deck into the card case, put the case in your pocket and run like

  Insertion                          6   

  For a cleaner ending, don’t had the card out at the end. Just lay it on
  the deck and do the double lift to show the face as usual. Then do a
  double again, turning it face down and put the deck into the case as you
  did in the beginning of the trick. This leaves you reset for your next

  If you want a really clean handling, get a hold of a double backed card
  to match your deck. Make your gimmick card out of the double
  backer. With the double backer on top, fan the deck for a selection.
  Lay the selection face up on top of the deck, have it signed, do the
  double and cleanly push off the single gimmicked card.
  Then at the end when you double lift to show the selection, you can do
  an instantaneous single push off and hand out the card. This eliminates
  the tilt towards the body to shield the top of the pack and generally
  makes the handling a lot easier.

  Have Fun!

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