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Commander Donald R Hadley Jr


									                                                             September – October 2009

     VFW POST 6859
                                                                     Volume 4, Issue 5

                                  Veterans of Foreign Wars of the Unites States
                                  Deering Memorial Post 6859,
               +                  687 Forest Ave, Portland, Maine
                                  04103 (207)773-8745

Commander Donald R Hadley Jr.
Hello again Comrades and members of the Auxiliaries, I hope
this newsletter finds you all in good health. It seems as though
we’ve not had much of a summer this year and what is left is
rapidly escaping us. We do have a few things going on at the
post so please read the bulletin boards and come on down for a
little entertainment.                                                                                  Chaplin’s Report
                                                                                                       William R. Doughty
We still have Karaoke every Friday from 7-11 pm and Sunday
from 6-10 pm. There is also the Sunday afternoon In-House                 It has been my honor to represent Post 6859 at three funerals
Pool Tournaments with most having food available.                         over the past several weeks. July 31 I attended the family
                                                                          farewell for Comrade William (Bill) Best at the Jones, Rich
The Post Lobster/Steak outing will be on August 22nd with a               & Hutchins Funeral Home. Bill has been a member of Post
ticket sale cutoff date of August 18th. Tickets are on sale at the        6859 for a short period of time. He and his brother Arthur
bar for $15.00 per person. Come on down and enjoy some good               Best transferred membership from Post 832 South Portland
food and camaraderie. There will be assorted salads, corn on              last year. I have known the Best family for 20 years due to
the cob and dinner rolls.                                                 my ministry in Methodist Churches in Maine. On August 5th.
                                                                          I attended the funeral of Comrade Leonard Regean at St. Pa-
The Men’s Auxiliary and Life Member breakfasts will be start-
                                                                          trick’s RC church. The church was filled to capacity with
ing up again in September so come in and enjoy a fantastic meal
                                                                          family and friends. I was allowed to salute the ashes and fam-
for only $5.00, and remember, you don’t have to cook or do any
                                                                          ily of Comrade Regean as they processed out of the Church. I
                                                                          had never met our Comrade. On August 6th. I attended the
There will also be a POW/MIA recognition day on Sept 18th,                funeral of Comrade Nicholas Koutsivistis at St. Peters RC
look for time to be posted in canteen area. Sept 19th will be a           Church. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Com-
Texas Hold’em tournament at the post with the Men’s Auxiliary             rade Koutsivisits at St. Josephs Manor prior to his lapse into
serving a variety of food for sale.                                       Alzheimer’s disease and subsequent death. He was a true man
                                                                          of many talents and a gentleman. Once again I was allowed to
The first District 10 meeting of the year will be held in Harrison        salute his ashes both at the altar and as the family departed
on Sept 20th at 1:00 pm.                                                  the church.

Also, as a reminder, there is now a comment/suggestion box in             I want to remind all our members that Post 6859 wants to
the front hall just to the right of the bathrooms under the Wom-          honor YOUR LOVED ONE when the time comes to do so.
en’s Auxiliary note board. Any and all comments/suggestion                We have an outstanding team of officers who will come and
will be read by me and I’ll get back to the submitter if a name is        conduct the VFW official Ritual but You must request this
given.                                                                    service from us. Otherwise you’re Chaplain or another
                                                                          Officer will come to salute your family and the departed
Try to come to the meetings and events that so many people                Comrade when notified.
work hard to bring to you. Lastly, if every member signs up just                                                  TAPS
                                                                          NEW MEMBERS
one new member during the year we will exceed our quota and                                                 Alexander George
then some. Thank you for all of your help and support and have               John Hardy
a good summer.
                                                                                                              Richard Erico
                                                                           Rhonda Wimer
                                                                                                             William H. Best
Yours in Comradeship,                                                     Richard Shackley
                                                                                                           Leonard J. Regean
Don Hadley
                                                                             Joseph Hall                   Nicholas Koutsivitis
   VFW POST 6859

President Joy Andreasen
MEMBERSHIP-dues of 15.00 are due now for continues mem-
bers. There is a life membership drive until Dec. where you can
receive a 25.00 rebate from the life member club and 25.00 from     .
the Ladies Aux. Life memberships are according to age. With
50.00 in rebates now is a good time to become a life member.                                Barbara Sawyer—Membership
For more information contact Barb Sawyer or me.                                             Chairman/VFW National Home
MUM SALE- The ladies Aux. will be taking orders for fall
mums. They will be available in white, yellow, bronze, lavender
and burgundy, are in 8" pots and are only 6.00 each. We are be-     LADIES: Our membership dues are coming in very slow. Our
ing supplied by Skillins Greenhouse who retails them for 6.99.      dues are only $15 a year and as you know we do so much with
Orders can be placed at the post until Sept.20th with pick up       the monies in helping our Veterans and their families; so
available on Sept. 25th. Please tell your friends about this fun-   PLEASE pay your dues soon. Maybe you are thinking of tak-
draiser.                                                            ing advantage of the Life Member Campaign. That is great if
YARD AND BAKE SALE- for cancer will be Oct. 10th and                you are as you wouldn’t have any more notices or me bugging
11th. Tables will be available to rent for 10.00 You will be re-    you for your dues.
sponsible for clearing your table of what doesn’t sell. We are in   LIFE MEMBERSHIPS – Here is the information on the Life
need of baked goods. For more information you can contact           Member Campaign and the prices. You will receive a $25.00
Jackie at the post. We will be offering hands on "How-To"           rebate from the Life Member Club and a $25.00 rebate from the
classes in floral design Sept. 13th Oct.18th and Nov.8th, at the    Ladies Auxiliary. You will receive a total of $50 of the price of a
post at 11:00. We will be making a basic roundy-moundy, an          Life membership.
upright, a pumpkin and a wreath. The cost will be 15.00 per class                          Life Members Fee
and sign up is required to ensure having the necessary materials                            Age 16-20 $220
for everyone to complete their projects. You get to keep your                                21-25 $210
finished product.                                                                            26-.30 $200
AUCTION OF MEN!!! Sunday Sept. 13th at 1:00. Ladies come                                     31-35 $190
bid on members of the Post and Men’s Aux. to do handy-man                                    36-40 $185
odd jobs around your home for Oct.'s Make a Difference Day                                    41-45 $175
program. Dates and times of chores can be arranged after the                                  46-50 $170
bidding, for two hour time periods. Proceeds to benefit the La-                               51-55 $160
dies Aux. general fund. We have names and addresses to mail                                   56-60 $150
care packages to 2 service men in Iraq. If you know of someone                                61-65 $140
serving in harm’s way let us know their names and addresses.                                  66-70 $130
BLOOD DRIVE- We are once again hosting the Pancakes and                                       71-75 $115
Patriotism blood drive at the Red Cross Center on Forest Ave.,                                76-80 $95
on 9/11, from 7a.m. to 2p.m. At our Aug. meeting the ladies                                    81-85 $75
voted to help the Post host the Dept. of Me. Convention for                                    86-90 $60
Sandy Peterson's year as State Commander.                                                    91 & over $50
Thanks to your donations to Coins for Cancer, I have turned in
179.05 to the cancer program.                                       Campbell labels, (UPC Code) for the National Home for
The furniture raffle is ongoing, and please remember save your      Children— Are you still saving the Campbell “Labels”? Have not
can pull tabs for Ronald McDonald house.                            been receiving many and I am really surprise as you did such a
                                                                    great job last year. Remember you don’t need to send me a big
Hope to see you soon,                                               bunch, just 2 or three will be a big help. I would like to get a bunch
                                                                    sent in very soon. Thank you

      Ladies Aux
      Men’s Aux 7PM

            Sun            Mon         Tue             Wed            Thu           Fri            Sat

                                 1                2              3             4             5
                                 HC Meet                                       Karaoke
                                 7:00pm                                        7:00pm

       6              7          8                9              10            11            12
                                 Post                                          Karaoke       Fall Frolic
       Men’s Aux                                                               7:00pm        Togus
       Breakfast                 Ladies Aux
       8-10:30 am                Meeting                                       Blood Drive
       Pool Tourney              7:30PM
       2:00PM                    Men’s Aux 7PM

       Pool Tourney
                      14         15               16             17            18            19
                                                                                             Texas Holdem
       2:00PM                                                                  Karaoke       12 noon
       Karaoke                                                                 7:00pm
       6:00PM                                                                  POW/MIA

       20             21         22               23             24            25            26
       LM Breakfast                                                            Karaoke
       9:00am                                                                  7:00pm
       District 10

       27             28         29               30
       Pool Tourney

     September 7: Labor Day                                                     Karaoke every Friday
                                                                                night 7 to 11 Sunday
                                                                                night 6 to 10
                                                                                In-House Pool
                                                                                Tournament every
                                                                                Sunday afternoon
                                             COMPANY NAME
                                     Phone (000) 000-0000 Fax (000) 000-0000    2:00 PM sharp!
                                          Street Address City, ST 00000

            Sun            Mon         Tue             Wed            Thu           Fri          Sat

                                                                 1             2            3
                                                                               Karaoke      Hunter Safety
                                                                               7:00pm       Program
                                                                                            Oct 3&4

       Men’s Aux
                      5          6                7              8             9            10
                                 HC Meet                                       Karaoke      COA
       Breakfast                 7:00pm                                        7:00pm       Old Town
       8-10:30 am
       Pool Tourney                                                                         Auxiliary Yard
                                                                                            Oct 10 & 11

       11             12         13               14             15            16           17
       Pool Tourney              Post
                                                                               Karaoke      Harvest Dinner
       2:00PM                    Ladies Aux                                    7:00pm       5-7p.m.
       Karaoke                   Meeting                                                    Casino
       6:00PM                    7:30PM
                                 Men’s Aux 7PM

       18             19         20               21             22            23           24
       LM Breakfast                                                            Karaoke
       9:00am                                                                  7:00pm
       Pool Tourney

       25             26         27               28             29            30           31
       Pool Tourney                                                            Karaoke      Halloween
       2:00PM                                                                  7:00pm       Party

     October 12: Columbus                                                        Karaoke every Friday
     Day                                                                         night 7 to 11 Sunday
                                                                                 night 6 to 10
                                                                                 In-House Pool
                                                                                 Tournament every
                                                                                 Sunday afternoon
                                             COMPANY NAME
                                     Phone (000) 000-0000 Fax (000) 000-0000     2:00 PM sharp!
                                          Street Address City, ST 00000
 VFW POST 6859

President Jonathan Andreasen

 At the Aug. meeting we voted to donate $200.00 to the Post for
 the new trophy cases. The check was presented to Commander
 Hadley after the meeting.

 At the Lobster bake we will be raffling off a cooler with picnic
 type items in it, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, cups, plates, char-
 coal etc. tickets will be available until 5 p.m,. the time of the
 The 50s/60s night that was planned for Nov. 21st has been re-                  The membership continues to grow. We are now total 50
 scheduled to Nov 14th. I know it’s still a ways away but I hope                members. I know we’ve had some issues with lost appli-
 you come in and have some fun.                                                 cations, to this end. The Men’s Auxiliary has instituted a
                                                                                new policy. All applications should be mailed.
 The meeting room down stairs still needs to be finished. If you
 have any available time and would like to help please feel free.                                Please mail ALL applications to:
 The first coat of tape is on but still needs to be sanded down and
 another coat applied, and then the painting of the walls and the
                                                                                                         Jonathan Andreasen
                                                                                                           26 Sullivan Dr.
 On Sept. 13th the ladies will be holding an auction. They will be                                     Cumberland, ME 04021
 auctioning off members of the Post and those of us willing from
 the Men’s Aux. If you are willing to participate in helping the                             Do not leave applications at the bar.
 Ladies Aux. please let me know A.S.A.P.

 The Men’s Aux. donated a Nikon digital camera to the Post in

 The Aug meeting was one of the biggest attended. 11 members
 came down and a lot was discussed. It was really a good meet-
 ing. Hopefully more will start attending and voice their opinions
 and ideas.

                                 TEXAS HOLD’EM POKER TOURNAMENT
                                                     September 19th
                                                   Members & Guest
                                                         12 Noon
                                            Tickets Available At Lounge
                                         $$ Lunch Menu Provided by Men’s Auxiliary $$

                                                All State, Local and Post Laws and Regulations Apply
    VFW POST 6859

       HALL RENTALS                      For additional information
  Our banquet hall is available to all    on advertising rates please
     members for an extremely               contact Don Hadley
          reasonable cost.                       at 773-8745
                                         This is a bimonthly Publication
             $150.00                      please direct all comments or
            Weddings                             suggestions to
            Birthdays                          Thomas R.Lussier
            Reunions                            126 Bancroft St.
         Holiday Parties                     Portland, Maine 04102
           All occasions          
   Contact our Lounge Manager
                                                Your Ad here

Veterans of Foreign Wars
Deering Memorial Post 6859
687 Forest Ave.
Portland, Maine 04103


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