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PBG - IDBI Bank Ltd



                                                                                                                            Details of tenders awarded during January 2009 - PBG

            1                             2                      3                 4                     5             6            7               8                       9                    10                            11                                 12                            13               14
Tender                     Item/Nature of work             Mode of      Date of Publication of   Type of Bidding Last date of Nos. of    Nos. and names of         Nos. and names    Whether contract            Contract No. & Date               Name of Contractor                   Value of Contract Scheduled
No.                                                        Tender       NIT                      (Single/Two Bid receipt of   tenders    parties qualified after   of parties not    awarded to lowest                                                                                                    date of
                                                           Enquiry                               System)         tender       recd.      technical evaluation      qualified after   tenderer/Evaluated L1                                                                                                completion of
                                                                                                                                                                   technical                                                                                                                              supplies
IDBI Bank                  Total Implementation Solution   Pre-          8-Nov-08                Two Bid Systems    24-Nov-08      2     2- Diebold Systems        Nil               YES                         IDBI/PO/DIEBOLD/08-09/533.        Diebold Systems Pvt.Ltd. / Euronet   11,10,00,000           6-May-09
LtdATM/2008/0002           for Off-Site ATMs / CDs         Qualification                                                                 Pvt.Ltd. / Euronet                                                      6th Jan 09                        Services India Pvt.Ltd.              3,70,00,000
                                                           & Sealed Bids                                                                 Services India Pvt.Ltd.                                                 IDBI/PO/EURONET/08-09/532         Total                                14,80,00,000
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 6th Jan 09
IDBI/NE/ Registered Office Supply of Registered Office     Open Tender Bank's Website dtd        Two Bid System    02nd January    4     1)Senate Office System; Nil                 Yes .L1. M/s N A            IDBI/NE/Metal Plate/09 dated      M/s N A Engineering and Equipments 10,08,000.00       Completed
Address & Branch Timings Address & Branch Timings                      December 19 - 2008                             2009               2) Muktagiri and sons;                      Engineering and             January 12, 2009
Display Metal Plates/2008 Display Metal Plates to IDBI                                                                                   3) D L Corporation;                         Equipments
                           Branches                                                                                                      4) N A Engineering &
IDBI/NE/Plain Paper        Supply and Installation of Plain Open Tender Bank's Website dtd       Two Bid System    02nd January    3     1) Lynx Synergy         Nil                 Yes.L1 M/s Canon India Pvt Ltd IDBI/NE/Fax Machine/09 dated   M/s Canon India Pvt Ltd              17,95,100.00     Under process
Digital Fax Machines /     Paper Digital Fax Machines to                December 19 - 2008                            2009               Systems; 2) Cosmos                                                      January 12, 2009
2008                       IDBI Branches                                                                                                 Business Machines;
                                                                                                                                         3) Canon India Pvt Ltd

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