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									           Student Union Board Application
     Due Friday, March 25th, 2011 to sub@nd.edu
Name:_____________________________________               Class:____________________

Local Address:___________________________________________________________

Local Phone:_________________________________            Email:____________________


     The following positions are available for the 2011-2012 Student Union Board.
 Applications are rolling, and individual interviews will be held between March 23rd and
 March 30th. The last day to turn in applications is March 25th. You will be prompted to
 select an interview time upon application submission. Final decisions will be made by
                                         April 1st.

         This application includes all SUB Programming and Support positions.
Please choose up to four in which you are interested and indicate priority by number (i.e.
                     1 for your first choice, 2 for your second, etc.)

Programmer Positions
The programmer is the underlying creative mind behind each of the events that
SUB brings to campus. He or she is ultimately responsible for the success of the
program and leads a committee of students to develop, organize, and produce each
program’s events. Programmers are responsible for conducting weekly meetings
with their committee, attending weekly one-on-one meetings with the Director of
Programming, as well as keeping 4 regular office hours between 8 AM-5 PM M-F.

___ AcoustiCafe (Live music performed by students every Thursday night)

___ AnTostal (Full week of campus-wide programming to end the Spring semester)

___ Campus Entertainment (Smaller scale concerts, often featuring up-and-coming
talent, usually held at Legends, e.g. White Panda, Matt Wertz, Joshua Radin, Ben Lee)
___Collegiate Jazz Festival (The oldest collegiate jazz festival in the country, in its 54th
year, hosts jazz bands and artists from across the nation each February. Works closely
with the ND Jazz Band.)

___ Concerts (Larger concerts, e.g. Citizen Cope, Jack’s Mannequin, The Roots)

___ Cultural Arts (Ensuring the diversity of programming in SUB and collaborating with
other student groups on events e.g. OkDomerfest, SUBPatrick’s Day Giveaway, French
Movie Nights)

___ Notre Dame Literary Festival (One of the most celebrated festivals in the country of
authors, workshops, and discussions. Noted authors include 2010-2011’s W. Paul
Young, Audrey Niffenegger, George Saunders)

___Ideas and Issues (Speakers and lecturers e.g. founder of TOMS shoes Blake
Mycoskie, Executive Producer of Batman movies Michael Uslan, cofounder of Ben &
Jerry’s Jerry Greenfield)

___ Services (Stress Relievers, Fall Mall, Bus Trips to Sporting Events, Giveaways)

___ Special Events (Comedians, Hypnotists, Movies on the Quad, and other entertainers
e.g. College Humor, slam poet Anis Mojgani, Second City Comedy Group, comedian BJ

___SUB Movies (Featured in DeBartolo 101 every weekend)

Internal Positions
Working with the Director of Finance, this group works with each of the programming
committees to keep every event on budget. With the largest budget of any branch of
student government, controllers gain valuable financial and accounting experience and
have a great time doing it.

Keeping everyone motivated and excited, this group works constantly to keep meetings
fun and interesting, keep SUB members involved and engaged, recruit new people who
want to get involved, and manage design of the office. Operators are absolutely essential
to keeping SUB happy, and they can usually be found all over the place helping out with
SUB events.

Publicity and Design Positions
___ Graphic Designer
Responsible for the creation of SUB posters, flyers, handouts, and other promotional
materials. Each designer is responsible for the publicity of specific committees.
Experience with Adobe Photoshop is recommended. Please be prepared to provide
samples of your work.

___Social Media specialist
Blogs, advertises, and manages Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other accounts for
SUB. Works with programmers and the Street Team to implement unique and alternative
advertising and publicity to maximize event participation. Strong social media knowledge

___IT Technician/Webmaster
Engineers SUB app and manages website at sub.nd.edu. Works with programmers and
the Street Team to implement unique and alternative advertising and publicity to
maximize event participation. Web design and/or mobile app experience recommended.

___ SUB Photographer/Videographer
Responsible for photographing events and/or producing commercials to be shown before
SUB movies, posted in the office, and/or on the SUB website.

Please attach your answers to the following questions. Feel free to
 include a resume with your application, though it is not required.
Please note that all SUB members are required to attend weekly meetings
        of the entire board as well as with individual committees.

1. What qualities do you possess that you believe will serve you well in
working on the Student Union Board? How will these qualities enhance
your success in the position(s) for which you are applying?

2. Discuss one event you have been to here at Notre Dame (does not have to
be a SUB event). What is it that made this event a success or a failure?
What would you have done differently had you been in charge?

3. Describe an event that you would like to bring to campus. How would
this event enhance life at Notre Dame, and how would you spread the word?
Is there a way you could involve other student organizations in programming
the event? Please be as creative or ambitious as you like, the event need not
fit the position to which you are applying.

4. What organizations have you been a part of at Notre Dame, and what
commitments outside of SUB do you expect to hold next academic year?
How do you plan to manage your time if offered the SUB position?

5. Tell us a song and/or a movie that describes you. Why?

   Thank you for applying! If you have any questions about the
     position or process, feel free to email us at sub@nd.edu.

    DUE FRIDAY, MARCH 25th by 5pm to sub@nd.edu

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