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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising


									Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
"No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and our advertising network. Pay
only if people click your ads," is how Google AdWords page opens.

Pay Per Click advertising is a (paid) form of search engine marketing in which advertisers can display
their ads on popular search engines. All leading search engines today have their own pay per click
services to help you promote your business faster as relying solely on organic rankings (using SEO)
may consume time that sometimes your business may not be able to afford. Some top pay per click
services include Google's AdWords, Yahoo's Search Marketing, and Microsoft's adCenter.

All these pay per click advertising services run on the same plain concept. As an advertiser, you
create an ad using your business keywords. When a user searches using any of your keywords, your
ad appears next to the search results in sponsored links. You pay only when the user clicks on your

How PPC Works
Here's a brief guide to creating your own pay per click campaign using Google AdWords:

Keyword Identification
PPC is a very competitive marketplace and keyword selection is a critical part of the job. You can take
help of Google’s free keyword tool to identify the best of your industry keywords and use them in
your ads to run a successful PPC campaign.

Landing Page Creation
By landing page we mean the particular business page on which the user lands when he clicks on your
ad. Make sure that you link the ad to the specific page that the ad is about. As a common PPC error,
companies link their ad to the homepage which kills the purpose of advertising as the user doesn't
find the information for which he clicked on the ad.

Account Creation
Creating an account on Google AdWords is as simple as creating an email account. Once you've
created one, you're good to go.

Campaign Creation
As a first time advertiser, you'll use AdWords' Starter Edition which will walk you through your first
PPC campaign. Afterwards, you can switch to the Standard Edition anytime you want.

Your Ads Appear
As soon as your PPC campaign is launched, your ads will start appearing in search results every time a
search query matching your keywords is made.

Lead Generation
As your ads will appear only on the relevant search queries, the users may click on your ad leading to
an ultimate lead generation and conversion. Every time a user clicks on your ad, you pay Google a
certain amount.

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The veteran Search Engine Marketing experts at Incentive know exactly how to run a successful PPC
campaign for your business because a wrong PPC campaign can easily burn your advertising budget.
We’re an experienced pay per click company providing professional PPC services to businesses of all
sorts and sizes. We can run your PPC campaigns on the search engines of your choice without letting a
single cent of your adspend go to waste.

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