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					                                The Chronicle
         Volume Number 126                   July 2010                                 Circulation 89

                           DISTRICT 09 MEETING June 6, 2010 Menominee, MI

Meeting opened by DCM, Terry W. at 2:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer. Traditions were read by Sue C. and
introductions made. Terry W. made the motion to accept the Minutes of the last meeting as presented in the
Chronicle. Gloria O. made a motion to accept the minutes after a correction. Jeff O. seconded the motion and
the motion carried. Nineteen members signed the attendance sheet, representing Shawano, Wausaukee,
Lakewood, Carter, Peshtigo, Crivitz, Marinette and Menominee, MI. Treasurers Report: John N. provided
balance sheet showing an available balance forward of $1,721.96 including designations for earmarked funds.
See attached. Mary C. made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented, Sue C. seconded the motion
and the motion carried.
                                          COMMITTEE REPORTS

PUBLIC INFORMATION: Todd E. reported continual updating of supplies and continuing to provide
information to Yvonne P., Richard H. and other locations.
CORRECTIONS: Yvonne P. Yvonne reported she is seeking a workbook presenting Step 1 through 5. Also
reported attending two N.A. meetings as those meetings need continued support. She will be attending the 15th
Annual Wisconsin and UP of Michigan Corrections Conference in Fond du Lac on June 12th.
NEWSLETTER: Mary B. expressed concerns that all are receiving the newsletter. All GSR and Committee
chairpersons are to receive a copy and others may purchase copies for $8 per year.
ARCHIVES: Mary B. brought some additional items for archives. Germaine K. shared a CD from the Area
Interview in which she had taken part. Mary B. also donated items from her attendance at the 2005 International
Convention in Toronto. She also will bring items from the 2010 International Convention in San Antonio which
she will attend in July.
GRAPEVINE: Sue C. brought the Grapevine equipment, brochures, etc. to the meeting for the next Grapevine
representative. No replacement for the position of Grapevine Committee Chair has been found.
TREATMENT: Terry W reported that Mary W is still not doing well medically. She has put together some
service manuals. There may be a need to find a replacement for Treatment Chair.
WEB SITE: ( Jeff O. said the web site is up to date and running. Jeff O. is continuing to
locate a place to put Terry S’s lending library list on line. Some telephone numbers have been added to the web
site and the list was sent around again this meeting to allow committee chairs to note rather they approve of
adding their number and /or email address to the web-site. Jeff O. made a motion to have all committee reports
accepted as presented. Mary B. seconded the motion. The motion carried.
Hosting of Conference: Karl S. with Mary B’s help will present District 09’s proposal for hosting the
Conference in Fall 2012 at the Fall Conference 2010.
Fun Fest: Mary C. requested that a date be presented. August 15th was selected and Jerry K. will contact Crivitz
about reserving that date for the Fun Fest. The list for volunteers to help with the Fun Fest was sent around
again this month. Not one new name was added. Mary C. would like to have volunteers who could commit one
half hour of the time during the picnic to watch the playground which is located close to the pavilion. Mary C.
would like to let those parents who bring their children have a time to relax and enjoy the “Fellowship.”
Conference Report: Terry W. had attended. A lot of time is spent on attempting to work on business and little
time spent doing business. Terry W. complemented the delegate and his report. Also, the conference dealt with
the Grapevine’s problems with finances. Advised that by the end of 2010, there will be no grapevine.
Questions were sent back to be shared with the groups about the value of the Grapevine. Copies were provided
to the GSRs to take back to their groups.
New Business:
Educational Topic:
Mary C made the motion to close, Jeff O. seconded the motion. Motion carried. The meeting closed at 3:20 p.m.


Next District Meeting: July 11th - Faith Presbyterian Church, 806 Fritzie Ave, Crivitz, WI, 2:00 p.m.
Seymour Intergroup: Saturday June 26th - 6 p.m. Pot Luck Dinner, speakers at 7:15 (Meat and buns will be
provided, bring a dish to pass) Emmanuel Lutheran Church 349 N. Main Street
Recovery on the Lake: July 16, 17 and 18 - AA, NA, Al~Anon Camp out (Location – N1530 Mallard Bay Rd
Keshena 54135)
Chilton Intergroup: Saturday July 31, Good Shepherd Parish Church Hall, 54 E Main St, Chilton - Potluck 6
p.m. Speaker 7 p.m.
Fun Fest: August 15th Sunday in Crivitz - Noon to five p.m.
Fall Conference: September 10th, 11th and 12th, Terrace Bay Resort, 7146 P Road, Gladstone, MI
         District 09 Treasurer’s Report                                 1110 38th Ave #223
Balance as of 5-31-10:               $1,584.96                         Menominee, MI 49858
Total Income:                           136.00                         Phone: 906-864-0269
Total Expenses:                          22.00                      E-mail:
Total Earmarks:                         917.09
Liquid Assets:                          781.87              To receive a hard copy of newsletter, send $8.00
                                                                    along with your mailing address.
         Donations may be sent to:                                    Make check out to District 09
           District 09 Treasurer:                                        Treasurer, John Netzel
                John Netzel                                The Newsletter may be sent free through e-mail.
         W10649 Williston Spring Rd.                             Fliers are $10.00 a page per month.
             Crivitz, WI 54114                                                               th
                                                           Deadline for submissions is the 18 of the month.
                Area 74 Treasury
                                                           It’s the friends we meet along life’s way who make
                   Jeff Onson
                   PO Box 245
                                                                              the trip more fun.
               Wausau WI 54403                                                    ~~^~~^~~
 (If possible, please include a Group number                                Websites to visit:
                   and name.)                                      District 01
                       And                                         District 02
          The General Service Office                               District 09
                P.O. Box 459                                          Area 74
             New York NY 10163                                    AA Grapevine
                     And                                                GSO/NY 
           Green Bay Central Office
                PO Box 1791
            Green Bay WI 54305

                                                                        Willingness is the Key
  Friends make the good things better and the bad                     Acceptance is the Answer
     things not so bad… simply by being there.
                                                                  So what is there to do?
            Easy Does It ~ But Do It!
                                                                      GSR/District Meetings
          To Contact “The Chronicle”:                                   Meetings start at 2pm
                  Mary Bray                                                     ~~~~~
                July 11th                               Concepts Workshop
       Faith Presbyterian Church                   Green Bay Community Church
                                                         600 Cardinal Lane
       806 Fritzie Ave, Crivitz, WI
                  ~~~~~                        Fri: 5:00 – 9:pm, Sat: 9:am – 9:pm.
               August 1st                             September 10th - 12th
      Peace Church, 208 E Maurer                     Area 74 Fall Conference,
             Shawano, WI                         Terrace Bay Resort, 7146 P Road
                                                          Gladstone, MI
     Intergroup/Panel Schedule                               ~~~~~
                June 26th                                   October 16th
      Seymour Intergroup – 6:pm                  Fall Assembly – Three Lakes, WI
        Pot Luck Dinner Meeting                              ~~~~~
      Emmanuel Lutheran Church                        October 15, 16, & 17
    349 N Main Street, Seymour WI                 Serenity Retreat - Fortune Lake
    7:15 AA and Al-Anon Speakers                  Info: Sally W - (715)582-4952
 Note: Air conditioned for your comfort.
                 July 31,
          Chilton Intergroup,                          Upcoming Speakers
   Good Shepherd Parish Church Hall,             Of The “Common Solution Group”
        54 E Main St, Chilton –                 Are on the 4th Wed of each month
    Potluck 6 p.m., Speaker 7 p.m.                 At 7:00pm at the Alano Club
                                                2218 13th Street in Menominee MI
       More Upcoming Events:
            June 25th – 27th                            (The speaker meeting is
  Northeast Wisconsin Second Annual                  An OPEN non-smoking meeting)
          Tri-State Roundup
                                              Ted L from Green Bay WI on June 23rd
 Radisson Hotel and Conference Center
  2040 Airport Drive, Green Bay, WI          Diane D from Marshfield WI on July 28th
                                                             August 25th?
                                              Lisa S from Appleton WI on September 22nd
              July 1st – 4th
                                                  Eric from Fon du lac WI on Oct 27th
   AA 2010 International Convention               Please announce at your meetings.
  “75 Years of Alcoholics Anonymous”
            San Antonio, TX
                July 10th
                                                            Hello Friends!
       Green Bay Central Office’s
       Picnic/Speaker/Fundraiser                 I hope all is well with each of you.
         2:pm at VFW Bellevue                Remember, “The Chronicle” is your Newsletter.
   3323 Kewaunee Road, Green Bay           If you have something to submit to the newsletter,
     A $2.00 donation is suggested               send it to me at
Brats, Hotdogs, and Hamburgers will be                  Yours in love and service,
    provided by the Central Office.            Mary Bray – Dist 09 Newsletter Editor
          Bring a dish to pass.
                                                         As Bill Sees It ~ Pg 5
          July 16, 17 and 18                  “But with the alcoholic, whose hope is the
Recovery On the Lake - AA, NA, Al~Anon
                                                maintenance and growth of a spiritual
Camp-out N1530 Mallard Bay Rd Keshena
                                               experience, this business of harboring
               August 15th                 resentment is infinitely grave. For then we shut
                 Fun Fest
                                             ourselves off from the sunlight of the spirit.”
     John Shaeffer Pavilion, Crivitz WI
              Noon to 5pm
          August 20th and 21st
   Hi Friends, In order to cut down on hardcopy
mailing expenses, please let me know if you are not
 a GSR or District committee chairperson. Please
 consider receiving this newsletter free by e-mail if                    Big question
you are no longer a chairperson, or GSR. Or send
  $8.00 per year for a hardcopy to John Netzel           You are driving in a car at a constant speed.
                                                         On your left side is a 'drop off’, (The ground
          W10649 Williston Spring Rd.
                Crivitz, WI 54114.                        is 2 feet below the level you are traveling
                                                          on), and on your right side is a fire engine
                Thanks, the editor.
                                                             traveling at the same speed as you.

                                                         In front of you is a galloping horse, which is
 “[We need] to accept our present circumstances as
                                                          the same size as your car and you cannot
they are, ourselves as we are, and the people about
                                                         overtake it. Behind you is a galloping zebra.
us as they are. This is an exercise in acceptance that
                                                         Both the horse and zebra are also traveling
 we can profitably practice every day of our lives.”              at the same speed as you.
             -- Daily Reflections – Jan 12
                     ~~^~~^~~                             What must you do to safely get out of this
      To forgive is to set a prisoner free –                    highly dangerous situation?
      And discover the prisoner was you.                 GET OFF the merry-go-round! You’re drunk!
                                                                    ~~Submitted by Karl S.

    Sober Birthdays to Celebrate!!!                         If you planted hope today in any hopeless
 1-Jul-94 – Steve C, Menominee – 16yrs                                         heart,
 2-Jul-04 – Vicki K, Marinette – 6yrs                     If someone's burden was lighter because you
 4-Jul-98 – Barb H, Lakewood – 22yrs                                       did your part,
 15-Jul-04 – Brenda, Marinette – 6yrs                    If you caused a laugh that chased a tear away,
 20-Jul-07 – Tom, Crivitz – 3yrs                             If tonight your name is mentioned when
 22-Jul-90 – Arliss W, Coleman – 20yrs                                someone kneels to pray,
 25-Jul-96 – Jerilyn, Shawano – 14yrs                              Then your day was well spent.
 31-Jul-89 – Steve C, Oconto – 21yrs
            One Day at a Time!!!                                                            st
                           .                                Excerpts from the Big Book – 1 Edition

                                                          “I wanted to quit but each time I drank it was
                                                         worse than before. The misery that my mother
        “Our next function is to grow in                    went through was unbelievable, for I had
understanding and effectiveness. This is not an           become her sole support. I was willing to try
  overnight matter. It should continue for our           anything if I could only get a release from this
  lifetime. Continue to watch for selfishness,           curse. I knew it was breaking up my home and
 dishonesty, resentment, and fear. When these              I was losing everyone that was dear to me.
crop up, we ask God at once to remove them.”                   For a few months I was successful in
            Alcoholics Anonymous – pg 84                 discontinuing drinking. Then all of a sudden I
                                                         fell again. I lost my position and thought I was
                                                           When I was told of a doctor who had been
    Please help carry the Message into your                 successful in overcoming alcohol and was
        Local Jail or Corrections Facility                  asked to go and see him in a nearby city, I
               Contact Yvonne P.                           consented but with a feeling that it was just
                   906-864-9328                                             another cure.
       From him and a number of other men,                 An alcoholic grew so disturbed with everything
  however, I found it was possible to become a           she read about the connection between drinking
                                                        and health problems that she forced herself to give
   man again. He suggested my entrance into a
                                                                               up reading.
   hospital to clear my mind and build me up.             Late one night a cop spotted a car being driven
 Meals had become a thing of the past for me. I        very erratically and over the speed limit. He pulled it
 had lost all appetite for food but forced myself       over and asked the driver if he had been drinking.
              to eat a little to survive.                 “Oh, sure,” the man replied. “It’s Friday night, so
This doctor told me that unless I was sincere in        after work I go out with the guys, and first we stop
                                                        be this pub and put away four or five frosties. Then
  wanting to quit drinking, I would be wasting             we go to Frank’s Lounge for Happy Hour, and I
   his time and mine and also money in doing           have six or seven margaritas, then I drive my buddy
 this. My answer was I would try anything that           home and he asks me in for a nightcap, so I go in
                  would release me.                     for a shot or two with him. And of course, I always
I went into the hospital and started to build my       have my own fifth here iin the glove compartment to
                                                        get me home.” “Sir,” the officer sighed, “I’m afraid
   body up again through proper nourishment                 I’ll need you to step out of the car and take a
 and my mind through a different method than                  breathalyzer test.” “Why?” said the drunk,
                I had ever known of.                               indignant, “Don’t you believe me?”
   A religious awakening was conveyed to me                 A female boozer at a bar kept taking the same
     through some unseen force. I at one time            photo from her purse, looking at it, then putting it
                                                          away. Finally the bartender asked, “Excuse me,
    would have laughed at such a possibility
                                                       lady, but you’ve been doing that all night –who’s the
  because I had tried it and failed because I had         picture of?” “My husband,” She explained. “Oh,
   not applied it properly. I, at last, was shown       sorry, did he… pass away?” “No.” she answered.
the way by those men to whom I am now most                 “Then why do you keep looking at his picture?”
                       grateful.                          “When he starts looking good, it’s time for me to
                                                                          quit and go home.”
      I am now 50 years old, unmarried, have                                       .
   become sane and sensible again, have made                       AA Grapevine Short Takes:
my mother happy and brought back those who              “My sponsor says if I give the program an hour a day,
      were dear to me, have made many new                       it will give me twenty-three back.” 1998
     friends, mix where I never mixed before,             “We know that if we slip, it matters little whether
    received back my old position. I have the                  others know, because we will know.” 1988
   respect of my fellow men and have learned             My worst shortcoming seems to be long-going. 2007
how to actually live and really enjoy life. It has      “Only in seeking to improve my conscious contact with
    been nearly a year and a half since I have         God can I develop the willingness to break free.” 1998
                                                          “It‟s a program of limitless possibilities, not one of
  found this new life and I know as long as I do
                                                                     restriction and restraint.” 1998
   the few things that God requires me to do, I
                                                        “I „m responsible for my own happiness – It‟s an inside
           will never take another drink.                                        job.” 1988
                 (The Rolling Stone)                    “To those who are far from perfection, but who make
                                                           an effort, there come miraculous rewards.” 1977
  Note: Stories that have been discontinued
                                                         “I think I woke up on the wrong side of my head this
from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions of Alcoholics
                                                                              morning.” 2007
    Anonymous can be found in the book
                                                            “I walk better when I do not walk alone.” 1976
“Experience, Strength & Hope” available from
      GSO in New York –                    “I wasn‟t afraid of dying; I was afraid of living another
                                                               twenty or thirty years in that despair and
                                                                            hopelessness.” 1998
         Humor from Grapevines Past:
   There was exactly $17.04 left of her paycheck
  when she got home late that night. Her husband
  read her the riot act, and when he’d finished, the
     drunken wife said, “Well, at least I bought
something for the house.” The husband brightened.
 “What was it?” he asked. “A round of drinks,” she