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OX BOX On-Line Store - Electro-Motive Diesel


									                                                                          9301 West 55th Street
                                                                      LaGrange, IL 60525 USA

                                                                          October 1, 2010


EMD is a global supplier of locomotive parts that ship from our Hodgkins, Distribution
Facility. Many factors are taken into consideration when they direct the distribution
facility to pick, pack and ship parts to customers; the ship to location, domestic or export,
packaging durability, export HT Certification of wood, corrosion protection, to name a

For Hodgkins to be efficient the parts must be packaged ready for warehouse storage then
after an order is received immediately it to the customer. Today we are not efficient,
Hodgkins repackages the parts supplier’s ship because it does not meet the customer and
shipping requirements; those factors mentioned above. Taking this into consideration
EMD is now asking the suppliers to package material. On the supplier purchase order are
the packaging descriptions, that same information given to Hodgkins Distribution when
they package parts. That being said, EMD made arrangements for suppliers to purchase
such packaging materials from OX BOX, their on line store.

OX BOX has the EMD packaging part number list with descriptions; it is the same part
number and description as listed on the supplier purchase order. When the EMD
packaging part number is given to the OX BOX on line store representative you will be
given the corresponding on line store catalog number.

General Information about the store:
Suppliers, to set up your online account with the Ox Box, Online Store follow these
Welcome to the Ox Box On-Line Store

For your first order you must make contact with the OX BOX on line store representative to set
up the account and receive “Electro-Motive Special Pricing”, contact Kelly Norman at (630)
620 - 1269 or

To receive Net 30 billing terms, please fax or email your Credit References & Resale Certificate to
Kelly Norman at (630) 889 - 1269 or Orders will be subject to pre-payment
until credit has been established. Illinois based companies will need to provide their company
Resale Certificate to eliminate the charge of sales tax.

For account set up, follow these steps:

* go to

* click "MY ACCOUNT" at the top of the page

* Enter company billing information

* Enter company shipping information
                                                                                      Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc.
                                                                                            9301 West 55th Street
                                                                                      LaGrange, IL 60525 USA

          To assist with your order and to receive the lowest possible freight cost, please answer the
          following questions correctly:
          1. Is the shipping address a commercial or residential location?
          2. Does the location have a loading dock?

* Click “Create Account”

When complete, choose to “log out” or shop and fill your cart.

For order processing, follow these steps:

* go to

* click "MY ACCOUNT" at the top of the page

* enter your login email

* enter your password

* Click “Log In”

* Shop by Category – choose desired products and fill your shopping cart

* Click “Check Out”

* Verify order

* Click “Continue to Check Out”

* Select desired freight rate / carrier

* Click “Continue to Check Out”

* Select payment type

* Enter purchase order number or reference number

* Click “Place Order”

Customers will receive an email confirmation when the order has been processed and shipped.
Customers will receive an invoice via email once the order has shipped.

Ox Box On-Line Freight Information
Product is shipped nation wide via UPS and designated freight carriers.
Local delivery area includes an approximate 100 mile radius from our Addison, IL facility.
Local deliveries are based on a flat rate of $38.50, (includes handling fees).
Orders of $550.00 or more are delivered free, (local deliveries only).
All orders are subject to a $5.00 fuel surcharge.

* All orders are for shipment only, no pick ups are allowed.
* Shipments outside of the local delivery area are estimated and will be billed at the actual rate when the order has
* All non-local freight orders less than 5 pallet spaces will be subject to the estimated freight rate in the shopping cart
* All non-local freight orders more than 5 pallets spaces will be subject to additional freight rates. Customers will be
contacted with the additional freight rate for approval.
          Freight pricing is subject to change.
                                                             Thomas J. Piton

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