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Owls in the family (PowerPoint download)


									    One sunny day in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, two boys named Bruce
 and Billy go out to find an owl egg to raise. Bruce climbs up a tree and
 puts the eggs in his mouth. Bruce loses his footing and falls. All the eggs
crack in his mouth and when he gets down, he starts spiting out eggshells.
  They finally find an owls nest. But they are to tired to climb up so they
                decide to bring back Mr. Miller the next day.
  The next day, Billy and Bruce took Mr. Miller back to the owls nest. Billy
and Bruce helped Mr. Miller set up a tent on a tree branch right next to the
 owls nest so he could take pictures. Then Billy and Bruce went on a walk
  and left Mr. Miller alone. When they came back Mr. Miller was on the
                 ground. The owl had taken Mr. Millers hat.
    When Billy and Bruce found two out of three of the baby owls dead that
morning they were surprised. They searched for the third baby owl. They finally
found him under a bush. They fed him and took him to Billy's house. Bruce and
   Murray (there other friend) didn’t have anywhere to keep the owl so they
   decided they would keep the owl at Billy’s house. He finally decided on a
                        name. Wol. But Wol was lonely.
      A few days later, Billy saw two people throwing rocks at something in a
  barrel. He walked a little closer and saw that it was another baby owl. Billy
traded his scout knife for the owl. He took the owl home and cleaned it up and
  fed it. He named it Weeps and put it in the cage with Wol. Now Wol wasn’t
    Wol and Weeps are friends now. Wol takes care of Weeps. One day, Wol climbs
up a tree and can’t get down. He starts falling. Then he spreads his wings and starts
to fly. Everyone tries to get Weeps to fly to. But he is to scared to so he never learns.
        Bruce and Billy enter a pet parade. They enter all there pets including
  gophers, white mice, pigeons, bunnies, garter snakes, there dogs Mutt and Rex,
  and rats. They dress up the owls. On the day of the pet parade Bruce brings a
surprise pet. He doesn’t tell any one what it is. Not even Billy. They wait for there
  turn. Finally its there time to present there pets. They show the judges all there
 pets then Bruce opens the box. The surprise pet is a rattlesnake. Everyone at the
pet parade runs away from them. Even the judges. No one wins the pet parade.
   One day, Wol brings home a dead skunk that he caught. When he lands on
 the windowsill everyone rushes from the room. They hurt Wol’s feelings. Wol
makes up lots of games that trick Mutt. Some of the games are dinner-stealing,
        tail-squeezing and bone-stealing. Wol tricks Mutt every time.
  Bruce and Billy decide to camp out in a cave for the night. After some fun in
 the river they decide to go back to the cave. Then, two big kids come and
threaten to tie them to a tree if they don’t tell them where there cave is. Wol
      saves the day by scaring the big kids off by hooting really loudly.
    School has started again and Wol follows Billy to school every time. Billy
   has been late for French four times already. One day he is on his way to
school when he hears car brakes screeching. A second later Wol landed on his
  shoulder. Billy doesn’t want to be late again so he keeps riding his bike to
  school. When he gets to school, he remembers the twine in his pocket. He
takes the twine out of his pocket, and tied Wols feet to his handle bars. Then
he rushes into the classroom. Not a while later, Billy hears something tapping
    on the window. He looks up and there is Wol tapping on the window.
 Unfortunately the window was open. Wol jumped in and skidded across the
                   French teachers desk, and lands in her lap.
    Billy, Bruce, Billy’s Dad, Wol, Weeps, and Mutt all go on a canoe trip.
Suddenly the crows spot Wol and Weeps and come to attack them. There
canoe finally tips over and everyone falls in the water. The next day, Billy’s
Dad gets out his shotgun to try and shoot the crows. The crows saw the gun
and backed off fast. Finally Wol wanders into the open and the crows start
   diving toward him. Then, one at a time, the crows fell to the ground.
    Billy has to move away because his Dad found a new job. Billy will have to
  leave the prairies and his home. Worst of all, he has to leave the gophers, the
mice, the pigeons, the bunnies, the garter snakes, the rats, and Wol and Weeps.
   He doesn’t know what to do with everything. He decides he will leave all his
animals in the prairie if he can’t find anyone to keep them. Then he remembers
 Bruce. Bruce moved away a few years ago. His Dad was going to build a fox
 farm. He decides he will go and see if Bruce will take the animals. A few days
 later, his Dad is driving him to Bruce’s. He spends the next few days at the fox
  farm. Finally it is time to leave. He says goodbye to Wol and Weeps. Then he
 I liked this book a lot. My favorite parts were
     when they had the pet parade and the
 rattlesnake ruined it and when they were on
the canoe trip and the boat tipped over. I also
 thought Chapter 11 was really sad. I think this
     book is really good and I give it 5 stars.

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