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Pro AV's essential industry guide, with crucial tips for positioning
your company to leverage:
• Trends in house of worship AV design
• AV spending patterns in the house of worship market
• Economic factors affecting the house of worship sector

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                                        Pro AV’s essential industry guide, with crucial tips for
                                        positioning your company to leverage:
                                        • Trends in house of worship AV design
                                        • AV spending patterns in the house of worship market
                                        • Economic factors affecting the house of worship sector

                                                     ouses of worship in North America have     their message. While the goals of any house of
                                                     become such prolific users of AV gear      worship are essentially the same, the extent to which
                                                     that you’d be hard pressed to find any     they implement AV may vary dramatically.
                                        demo showroom that’s better equipped to display            It’s important to recognize the current market
                                        the entire gamut of everything pro AV. And many         dynamics of this sector. While the adoption of AV
                                        houses of worship go far beyond pro AV. Some            technologies appears to be dramatically rising, the
                                        boast recording and broadcast systems that often        market itself is not. Although new construction of
                                        put local radio and television studios to shame.        houses of worship is increasing, it’s only doing so
                                           It makes sense. The primary function of any          at a slow or moderate rate. And the use of AV
                                        house of worship is effective communication             technology may not be appropriate in every house
                                        (spiritual or otherwise), which is the fundamental      of worship. These trends suggest that this AV
House of Worship                        benefit that pro AV systems deliver. In a sense, that   “boom” market will eventually see a slowdown.
Market Overview............4-6          makes the house of worship market the most                 To determine if this area is right for you, this
                                        “pure” pro AV vertical market we sell to.               “Guide to Doing Business in House of Worship AV”
5-Minute Interview............7            While this market holds promise for many AV          will provide you with a broad range of tips,
Trends in House of                      integrators, it may not be right for everyone.          information, and insider perspectives that will help
Worship AV .................8-10        There’s no question it requires a different set of      you assess your potential in this market. If you’re
                                        selling skills and strengths. In many cases, you        considering entering this market, we suggest you
House of Worship                        must be prepared to sell to a committee of non-         measure your company’s strengths and weaknesses
Install............................11   technical buyers who know little or nothing about       against the insight presented in this Guide. If you’re
                                        the technologies you’ll propose. Beyond that, there     already active in the house of worship segment, this
Purchasing                              are regional differences. For example, the smaller      Guide will provide up-to-date intelligence to help
Practices in House of                   traditional churches that predominate in the            forecast your continued efforts.
Worship AV ................12-14        Northeastern U.S. tend to rely less on AV systems          Regardless of your company’s experience with
                                        than the larger evangelical churches in the Southeast   house of worship AV, it’s clear that any AV
                                        and Western states. Certain denominations tend to       integrator looking to grow their business today and
                                        use AV gear more than others. And we’ve all heard       in the foreseeable future should consider this
                                        about the “mega-churches” where worship services        lucrative market.
                                        can emulate a full-scale theatrical production. The
                                        effective use of AV systems in these venues can be
                                        extremely powerful in their goal of communicating                                  Mark Mayfield, Editor

                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2006 3A

                    HOUSE OF

                                   The number of growing churches with more than 100 members.
                                   Source: American Church Lists/InfoUSA

                                                                                                             NUMBER OF
                                 LARGEST 25 U.S.                                                             CHURCHES BY
                                 DENOMINATIONS/COMMUNIONS                                                    DENOMINATION
                                                                                                             Baptist                              90,065
                                 Denomination                                            Number of Members   Misc./Classified                     58,933
                                 1. The Catholic Church                                  67,820,833          Pentecostal                          40,813
                                 2. The Southern Baptist Convention                      16,267,494          Methodist                            33,422
                                 3. The United Methodist Church                          8,186,254           Evangelical Misc.                    26,330
                                 4. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints      5,999,177           Catholic                             23,385
                                 5. The Church of God in Christ                          5,499,875           Presbyterian/Reformed                21,249
                                 6. National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.               5,000,000           Christian/Church of Christ           21,070
                                 7. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America               4,930,429           Lutheran                             18,832
                                 8. National Baptist Convention of America               3,500,000           Holiness                             12,729
                                 9. Presbyterian Church (USA)                            3,189,573           Latter-day Saints                    8,008
                                 10. Assemblies of God                                   2,779,095           Episcopal                            7,266
                                 11. African Methodist Episcopal Church                  2,500,000           Adventist                            4,837
                                 12. National Missionary Baptist Convention of America   2,500,000           Jewish                               3,045
                                 13. Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.       2,500,000           Independent Fundamentalist           2,889
                                 14. The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS)         2,463,747           Metaphysical                         2,535
                                 15. Episcopal Church                                    2,463,747           Orthodox                             2,220
                                 16. Churches of Christ                                  1,500,000           Mennonite                            1,821
                                 17. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America               1,500,000           Brethren                             1,458
                                 18. Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.           1,500,000           Total                                380,907*
                                                                                                             *Updated church figures as of September 11, 2006.
                                 19. The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church         1,432,795
                                 20.American Baptist Churches in the USA                 1,432,840           Source: American Church Lists/InfoUSA
                                 21. United Church of Christ                             1,265,786
                                 22. Baptist Bible Fellowship International              1,200,000
                                 23. Christian Churches and Churches of Christ           1,071,615
                                 24. The Orthodox Church in America                      1,064,000
                                                                                                             NUMBER OF
                                 25. Jehovah's Witnesses                                 1,029,902           CHURCHES BY
                                 Source: The National Council of Churches, 2006 Yearbook of American and
                                 Canadian Churches
                                                                                                             Membership Size                    Number of
                                                                                                             1 to 99                            59,263

                                         The percentage of Americans who attend church in a typical
                                         weekend, not including a special event such as a wedding or
                                                                                                             100 to 199
                                                                                                             200 to 499
                                                                                                             500 to 999
                                                                                                             1,000 to 2,999
                                                                                                             3,000 to 4,999
                                         a funeral.                                                          Total                              209,135*
                                         Source: The Barna Group                                             *Updated church figures as of September 11, 2006.

                                                                                                             Source: American Church Lists/InfoUSA

       4A             NOVEMBER 2006
                    AV           NUMBER OF U.S.

                                 CHURCHES BY STATE
                                 Alabama                                             11,341
                                 Alaska                                              1,229
                    HOUSE OF
                                 Arizona                                             4,007
                                 Arkansas                                            7,044
                                 California                                          25,789
                                 Colorado                                            4,423
                                 Connecticut                                         3,329
                                 District of Columbia                                953
                                 Delaware                                            1,078
                                 Florida                                             18,007
                                 Georgia                                             15,057
                                 Hawaii                                              1,292
                                 Idaho                                               1,923
                                 Illinois                                            14,861
                                 Indiana                                             10,290
                                 Iowa                                                5,732
                                 Kansas                                              5,285
                                 Kentucky                                            7,095
                                 Louisiana                                           8,459
                                 Maine                                               1,711
                                 Maryland                                            6,130
                                 Massachusetts                                       4,618
                                 Michigan                                            12,462
                                 Minnesota                                           6,702
                                 Mississippi                                         8,050
                                 Missouri                                            10,451
                                 Montana                                             1,667
                                 Nebraska                                            2,951
                                 Nevada                                              1,391
                                 New Hampshire                                       1,064
                                 New Jersey                                          7,677
                                 New Mexico                                          2,144
                                 New York                                            16,222
                                 North Carolina                                      18,039
                                 North Dakota                                        1,538
                                 Oklahoma                                            7,088
                                 Oregon                                              4,059
                                 Pennsylvania                                        17,371
                                 Rhode Island                                        896
                                 South Carolina                                      9,758
                                 South Dakota                                        1,717
                                 Tennessee                                           11,615
                                 Texas                                               30,819
                                 Utah                                                2,493
                                 Vermont                                             706
                                 Virginia                                            11,214
                                 Washington                                          6,127
                                 West Virginia                                       3,193
                                 Wisconsin                                           6,734
                                 Wyoming                                             931
                                 Total                                               380,907*
                                 *Updated church figures as of September 11, 2006.

                                 Source: American Church Lists/InfoUSA

       6A             NOVEMBER 2006
5-Minute Interview

                         Pro AV: What are the goals of AV systems currently being             interchangeable bits and bytes. We can synthesize text,
                         installed in houses of worship (HOWs)?                               graphics, sound, and data in an unlimited variety. Old
                         Miller: The demand is shifting toward more real-time                 boundaries are blurring into new creations. This kind of
                         spontaneity and interaction. For example, I recently gave a          multimedia/multi-sensory world is already leading to
                         presentation at the Irving Bible Church (IBC) in Irving, TX. We      convergences in business, science, and education. It won’t be
                         adjusted the paradigm toward a new kind of interaction. IBC has      long before we’ll see our artificial separations of church, charity,
                         wireless, so we took advantage of that by telling the audience       community, and commerce begin to blur and converge. We’re
                         we would first take questions from their live emails and text        seeing new forms of commerce in eBay and, new
                         messages, and then answer spoken questions from                      forms of knowledge in Wikipedia, new forms of science in
REX                      microphones. This experiment generated more questions,               nanotechnology, and the list goes on. The future for the church
MILLER,                  expanded the number of participants, and created a buzz of           is incredible if it can rethink its paradigms. Starbucks is a good
                         conversation when the event ended.                                   example of a business that has tapped into a spiritual need —
author of “The                                                                                connection. Starbucks is a secular haven, where you can relax
Millennium Matrix,” is   Pro AV: Are most HOWs using AV technology to the fullest             and visit with your neighbors. Imagine how powerful that can be
                         possible extent?                                                     if a church broadened its influence from a Sunday-only paradigm
a futurist and expert                                                                         to something that seeped into every corner of our lives. In the
                         Miller: No, they’re not. It’s more like the tail wags the dog.
on the impact of         There’s a drive to use the latest technology to keep the look of     ancient culture, communities were much like a convergence
communications media     the worship service fresh. Houses of worship don’t understand        church. Today, we have an artificial separation between our jobs
                         the impact of the medium on the message. If the intent is to         and our worship. We’ve lost that sense of convergence.
on worship and           connect with the Lord, then introducing new worship songs
spirituality.            every week actually is more of a distraction. The worshipper is      Pro AV: How do you expect the HOW market to change in
                         too busy trying to catch the tune or sing unfamiliar lyrics on the   the near future?
                         screen than trying to make a deeper connection. It’s an easy         Miller: Over the last 30 to 40 years the worship market has
                         and frequent trap. When we lose this balance, the message of         become a genre or subculture of music. It will become harder
                         the song, its context, and its purpose in the service are lost.      and harder to become a superstar in the mass media world of
                         Technology, however, can aid this integration and better             “hit” music because the capability of creating very good music
                         introduce new songs by podcasting them, along with the lyrics        is available to the masses. Websites like MySpace allow for
                         and possibly even adding context of why the song is relevant for     indie bands to develop a small but rabid following. In the
                         the week’s theme. When the service comes around, members             worship market, that translates to more unique expressions that
                         arrive with an emotional connection and are prepared for             have a smaller but more loyal audience. The current mega-
                         worship. They can focus on transcending the distractions to a        church structure is unsustainable driven by Sunday’s main event
                         place where they can really worship.                                 and larger-than-life personalities. It has been a highly
                                                                                              successful tool for the broadcast generation. We came to these
                         Pro AV: What’s driving AV technology adoption in today’s             facilities because it took this kind of resource to produce a
                         HOWs — the ministry, the congregation, or both?                      broadcast kind of experience. Three things are changing: the
                         Miller: At some point, the technology advantage takes on a life      broadcast generation is getting older, the experience (content)
                         of its own. That’s the challenge for mega-churches. On the other     can be more easily distributed outward, and the next generation
                         hand, most churches don’t have the high-end bells and                is looking for a different kind of experience. In 1994, Netscape
                         whistles. However, technology is really helping the smaller          — the first commercially viable web browser — connected the
                         churches look more professional. It’s also allowing them to          world together. The first generation of that revolution will come
                         create their own content for worship. The net effect can be a        of age in the next 10 years, and won’t be happy with
                         worship experience that’s both excellent and more relational.        experiences that feel like worship karaoke. These “prosumers,”
                         Technology offers a more level playing field and a greater           a producer and consumer rolled into one, will want to take the
                         impact for the dollars spent for the smaller churches.               audio or video and make it their own. They’ll want to do a mash-
                                                                                              up of the week’s worship songs, for instance. They’ll want to
                         Pro AV: In your book, “The Millennium Matrix,” you talk              become not just good technicians but masters of the medium. In
                         about “the convergence church.” What does this mean,                 addition to learning the technology, we’ll need to learn the
                         and how does it impact the technologies modern churches              hidden message and power behind the technology to make it
                         must adopt?                                                          not just an efficient tool of attraction, but an effective means of
                         Miller: The digital platform makes all reality a collection of       worship and connection.

                                                                                                  NOVEMBER 2006 7A
                    HOUSE OF

                                                            TRENDS IN
                                                    HOUSE OF
                               AV is playing an ever-increasing role in today’s houses of worship,
                               and AV professionals can grab their share of this market by guiding
                               the path to the right solution.
                               by Tom Zind

                                         ong considered one of the culture’s most             becoming in houses of worship, and how much business
                                         tradition-bound bedrocks, organized religion is      probably remains to be tapped. On the basis of a recent
                                         now emerging as one of the most daring and           survey, the company estimated in early 2005 that of the
                               forward-looking in at least one respect: its growing           roughly 335,000 churches in North America, about 51,000
                               embrace of AV technology.                                      were “AV-focused.”
                                  Searching for ways to be more inclusive, relevant, and         Indeed, word is still spreading fast among the faithful
                               progressive in spreading “the word,” houses of worship         that AV is one of the most powerful ways to energize and
                               are looking to AV technology for assistance. From the          enhance the worship experience.
                               sprawling non-denominational, progressive mega-                   “The use of AV in worship is definitely growing,” says
                               churches in the Bible Belt to small, intimate, traditional     Doug Hood, general manager of CSD Inc., a Grabill, IN,
                               churches in the Northeast, AV technology is taking root as     systems integrator that specializes in the house of worship
                               congregations seek to meld worship, seamless                   market. “When leaders and volunteers visit other churches
                               information dissemination, and, yes, even entertainment.       they get the chance to see how others utilize technology to
                                  Well-suited to the varied aims of any house of worship,     deliver the message. We work with churches throughout
                               AV is becoming a standard consideration of virtually any       the country, and the budget planning for a quality AV
                               project on an architect’s drawing board. While the scope       system seems fairly consistent.”
                               varies greatly, some type of AV capability is becoming par        While customer needs in the market can vary greatly
                               for the course in many new construction or remodel projects.   depending on factors like budget, worship style, and
                                  Recent figures from TFCinfo, an Austin, TX-based            comfort levels with technology, most pose a few common
                               market research firm, bear out how commonplace AV is           challenges for AV integrators and designers. Following are a

   8A NOVEMBER 2006
few currents running through the house of worship market.       the venue, are drawing more interest.
                                                                   “It’s a very helpful product for theaters and performing
#1 Calls for better sound grow louder.              Whether
        through the traditional spoken word, music, or
                                                                arts centers and, increasingly, churches,” says Jerrold
                                                                Stevens, a senior consultant with Pelton Marsh Kinsella
drama, churches want to get the word out. While more are        (PMK), a Dallas-based AV systems consultant and
using video to amplify the message, it all boils down to        designer. “The costs are coming down to where it’s more
whether congregations of up to several thousand people          cost effective than mechanical variable acoustics systems
can clearly hear. As sanctuaries grow larger and more           that use curtains, panels, or reverb chambers.”
architecturally complex, and more seek to take the sound
experience to the outer limits, houses of worship need to
be sure that the acoustic infrastructure and sound systems      #2 Virtual events take hold.              Even mega-
                                                                        churches — those seating 1,000 or more — can’t
are up to the task.                                             always accommodate all who want to attend a service or
   “Acoustics is a huge issue in churches today,” says Pat      other sanctuary function. Many are responding by building
Thompson, vice president of operations for TV Magic, a          venues outfitted with full AV capabilities to give
San Diego integrator. “But the nature of a lot of these         congregants a “virtual” worship experience.
facilities is high ceilings, lots of glass, hard edges, dead       These satellite venues, some miles away from the main
spots, echoes, and feedback problems. New facilities offer      house of worship, allow worshippers to experience an
the one chance that churches get to make the acoustics          entire service via display units and loudspeakers, either in
right, but so many don’t. They hire an architect and they’ll    real-time or recorded. With image magnification camera
be well into building it before they bring an integrator in.    technology and high-definition video displays, the person
One thing we suggest in working with churches is to bring       leading the service, as well as other visual shots, can be
in a good acoustics professional early on to look at            sized to appear just as he or she would in person.
problem areas.”                                                    “We’re getting involved with more high-definition
   Before any audio systems design is drawn up,                 satellite venues,” Pelland says. “There are more of these
integrators need to look at how well a facility is designed     on- or off-campus facilities where sermons and services
to handle sound. Mere nuisances in other venues, such as        can either be simulcast or reproduced from a recording,
ambient sound from traffic and HVAC units, can be deadly        and images can be projected and framed so that the
in cavernous houses of worship.                                 audience perceives a realistic image.”
   “Properly shaping the room, the use of the right                The advent of much more capable projection technology
absorptive materials, and sound diffusion are all part of       has hastened the move by a growing number of churches
the solution,” says Gene Pelland, sales manager with Clair      to “video-only” sanctuaries. Peter Taylor, senior sales
Brothers Audio Systems Inc., a Lititz, PA-based integrator.     manager, Eastern region, presentations, for Barco Visual
   Getting the space acoustically correct is only part of the   Solutions, Duluth, GA, says that three-chip DLP projectors
battle for great sound. Equally important, of course, is        and high ANSI lumens projectors like the ones Barco
selecting and properly configuring the components,              markets are ideal for such venues, where image quality is
especially loudspeakers. Pelland says successful                essential but often difficult to achieve given the image
integrators should be up to speed on which speaker              size needed and the ambient light challenges typical of
manufacturers are honing in on the house of worship             the church environment.
market with products designed to maximize the clarity of           “I’ve personally seen situations where people in the
the spoken word.                                                audience of a satellite church thought the pastor was in
   And as churches grow physically larger and stage more        person on the stage, but was actually on the screen,” he
elaborate live productions, loudspeaker layouts that            says. “Many of these larger churches are moving to high-
handle those challenges are vital. Line arrays, especially      brightness projectors and ones that give a great contrast
larger curved types that are prized for their looks as much     ratio without losing detail. It’s a video-oriented generation
as their sound, are among the most coveted in the church        and more churches are saying they have to compete with
market now, says CSD’s Hood. “They have some technical          the likes of Disney.”
advantages when used in the right applications, but there          Marty O’Connor, a Holland, MI-based AV consultant to
are some rooms that are better served by a distributed or       the house of worship market, says high-definition video
left/center/right cluster concept,” he says.                    venues are paying close attention to how video is
                                                                                                                                Tom Zind is a freelance writer and
   One of the major complicating factors of church sound is     displayed for maximum effect. The aim is to recreate the        researcher based in Prairie Village,
the twin demand for voice intelligibility and great-            feeling of the live service as reliably as possible, using      KS. He has written for a variety of
sounding music. Consequently, variable room acoustics           creatively produced, edited, and scaled video.                  business-to-business publications
systems (VRAS) that use microphones and speakers to                “One way it’s done is to have a center screen that shows     and can be reached at
create just the right reverberation for the application and     an ‘establishing’ shot and two flanking it with the same

                                                                                                     NOVEMBER 2006 9A

                               high-definition image magnification shot,” he says.               and rely on referrals know they have a commitment to
                                  While many churches with video venues still record to          clients well after a job is completed.
                               disk and playback at the video site, some are streaming              “A lot of integrators aren’t interested in intensive
                    HOUSE OF

                               video in real time. Web-based products like video-over-           service after the sale, and most probably aren’t willing to
                               IP solutions from Streambox Inc., O’Connor says, which            offer the round-the-clock customer support that we
                               encode and decode standard video into high-definition             offer,” says Sam Schneider, director of technical services
                               video and deliver stereo audio over a T-1 line, are drawing       with Fowler Productions Inc., a Norman, OK, integrator.
                               the interest of more churches with satellite facilities.          Because of the critical importance of support, Schneider
                                                                                                 says design-build is often the best approach for
                               #3 Tech desire-comfort gap persists.
                                       by the idea of making a church service as
                                                                                    Intrigued    integrators working in the house of worship market. The
                                                                                                 ability to offer effective support depends on the
                               compelling as a show or a concert, many houses of                 integrator’s intimate understanding of how the system
                               worship can be easily wowed by all of the technology              was put together and how the church uses it, he says.
                               available. But except for the biggest and most deep-
                               pocketed, most rely on non-professionals to operate AV
                               systems that can quickly become complex.                          #4 AV needs assessment is critical.               Churches
                                                                                                         are rapidly adopting AV, but at very different paces
                                  For integrators, that adds up to taking time to assess         — and for different reasons. Early in the process,
                               client needs and capabilities, being familiar with the            integrators and designers need to get a firm fix on how
                               products that make managing AV easier, and offering               clients are intending to use the technology and whether
                               support after the sale.                                           their budgets match their goals.
                                  While still complex, digital video and audio systems are          “Two basic factors shape their expectations, whether
                               drawing more attention from churches. Digital mixing,             they’re design or budget-driven,” Hood says. In the
                               routing, and control systems are in demand because they           former, the system has very specific performance goals
                               can make the job of managing increasingly complex                 the church wants to meet, and they work to design one
                               systems easier in the hands of part-timers.                       that will deliver. Under the budget-driven scenario,
                                  “When you have volunteer-based operations like                 there’s a specific budget in mind and the system must
                               churches, two amazing buttons on a console are store and          come in at or under that.”
                               recall,” O’Connor says. “Churches love the ability to rehearse       Often, integrators must take the lead in helping
                               something one night, store the settings, and pull them up         churches determine the scope of the system that will
                               on Sunday. Digital can still be scary, though, so we try to get   meet their needs. Leaving it solely to church decision-
                               digital processors and consoles into facilities a month or two    makers to make such calls can yield disappointments and
                               early so the client can get comfortable with the system.”         wasted time. “We find we have to guide many of them and
                                  As churches have scurried to put AV tools to work, many        assist them in understanding what technology they need,”
                               have had to work with products that aren’t ideally suited         Pelland says. “And we need a reality check very early in
                               to their needs. But that’s steadily changing as gear              the process so we understand the type of money that will
                               manufacturers smell opportunity and create more                   be involved. You can spend a lot of time and energy
                               products that are value-priced but still highly capable.          designing a system that the building committee
                               Integrators and designers need a deep understanding of            ultimately shoots down.”
                               the product marketplace.                                             Once the needs and capabilities are clearly understood,
                                  “Churches have led the way in employing some of this           Pelland says, it’s important for responsible integrators to
                               technology in ways the manufacturer might not have                prod churches to build for the future. With technology
                               intended,” Thompson says. “When high-definition video             rapidly changing and churches likely to want to jump into
                               came out, manufacturers weren’t thinking about the                new applications as they come to the fore, Pelland says
                               church market. Now there are products that better meet            getting the infrastructure right — up front — is essential.
                               their needs, such as high-definition camcorders from                 “Give them the meat and potatoes of a system that will
                               companies like Sony that allow churches to produce                get them launched — good projection, sound, and
                               something in high-def and display on a high-def display           theatrical lighting — and then down the road add the
                               without having to buy an expensive studio camera.”                three-chip CCD cameras, the digital mixing consoles, and
                                  Even with products that better meet the unique needs           the updated microphone and personal monitor packages.
                               and capabilities of churches, most still need a fair amount       With a good infrastructure in place, they won’t need to
                               of hand-holding. Integrators that specialize in the market        tear the building apart to accomplish that.”

 10A NOVEMBER 2006
                                 AV ACCOMMODATES
                                 GROWING CONGREGATION
                                 Capital Christian Center uses AV technology to transform an old
                                 movie theater into a high-energy worship space.
CHALLENGE: Create a                                                                                     To get the larger-than-life images CCC wanted on the existing
      total worship                                                                                  screen, Pearce used a combination of two Sanyo XF45 10,000-
   experience using                                                                                  lumens projectors and an Analog Way Di-Ventix dual-output
new and existing AV                                                                                  switcher to edge blend images from the projectors. He also
     equipment in a                                                                                  fabricated a custom hanging frame to keep the projectors the
   converted movie                                                                                   proper distance apart for edge blending. The structure hangs in
            theater.                                                                                 the middle of the room and adds to the overall décor of the
                                                                                                     space. The church worked with an interior designer who
SOLUTION: Enhance                                                                                    reupholstered the old theater seats and used acoustic panels in
 the existing audio                                                                                  geometric shapes as part of the room design.
system with digital                                                                                     CCI also installed one Sony HVR-Z1U camcorder and one Sony
audio components,                                                                                    BRC-H700 high-definition PTZ video camera. Video projection is
 and install a video                                                                                 for live shots, IMAG, and MediaShout lyrics. An Extron IP-Link
system with state-                                                                                   system makes the video system’s control more automated and
   of-the-art edge                                                                                   easier to handle.
      blending and                                                                                      The mix position is located at the back of the room, with space
                                                                                                     for the audio engineer and a camera platform. Lighting and video
        equipment.               CAPITAL CHRISTIAN CENTER (CCC) in Lacey, WA,
                                                                                                     master control are upstairs in the old projection room. The audio
                                 was facing a problem common in many houses of worship across
                                                                                                     and video live feed is streamed to four other rooms and to the
                                 the country. The congregation had outgrown its worship facility,
                                                                                                     42-inch Westinghouse LVM-42W2 LCD TV in the lobby.
                                 resulting in the need for three worship services on Sundays just
                                                                                                        The lobby’s LCD TV is also an integral part of the church’s
                                 to keep up with demand. The 300-person sanctuary was seeing
                                                                                                     budding digital signage system. Using the Denon DN-V755
                                 almost 1,200 worshippers per week, and its antiquated AV
                                                                                                     signage server that CCI installed, the church can now deliver its
                                 technology only compounded the problem.
                                                                                                     own content. “Look at how much printing a church does for
                                    “We had MediaShout and a computer, but the lyrics were on
                                                                                                     bulletins, plus spending the first 10 to 15 minutes of the service
                                 three small monitors for people,” says Sherry Cline, worship
                                                                                                     for announcements since no one reads the bulletins,” Pearce
                                 pastor for CCC who directs and leads the worship service team.
                                                                                                     says. “It’s a lot of hard work that gets tossed.“
                                 “For audio, we had a 24-channel analog board.”
                                                                                                        Cline says she loves the total worship experience that the AV
                                    The church searched for a new space, and eventually settled
                                                                                                     system allows the church to create. “The auditorium has a ‘wow’
                                 on the site of a former eight-screen movie theater in town.
                                                                                                     factor before the AV is even turned on,” she says. “We start in the
                                 Using some of the existing infrastructure, the church saw its
                                                                                                     foyer where people are invited to sit down before we say a word.”
                                 possibilities for worship expand exponentially. “When we met
                                 with CCC, we learned that the church wanted to be dwarfed by
                                                                                                       FOR MORE INFORMATION
                                 the big video screen,” says Brian Pearce, electronic systems
                                 designer for CCI Solutions, an Olympia, WA-based AV design-           Analog Way
                                 build firm. “We were sensitive to their budget needs and ended        Aviom
                                 up reusing or reconditioning many parts from the old theater,         Denon
                                 like the 46-foot-wide by about 22-foot-tall theatrical screen, in     Electro-Voice
                                 what is now the main worship space.”                                  Extron
  by Linda Seid                     Pearce worked with John Garrison, architectural designer at        JBL
       Frembes                   CCI, and Greg Hearns, senior consultant at CCI, to bring the          MediaShout
                                 elements together for the final AV design. CCI reconditioned and
      Linda Seid Frembes is a    reintegrated the former theater’s QSC USA 1300 amplifiers,
  freelance writer and public    Electro-Voice mid- and high-frequency horns, and Electro-Voice
  relations consultant for the   surround speakers. The team then added a Symetrix SymNet DSP          Sony
professional AV industry. She    system, JBL AL6125 low-frequency boxes, a new Yamaha M7CL             Symetrix
            can be reached at    48-channel digital console, and an Aviom personal monitor             Westinghouse      system for the stage.                                                 Yamaha

                                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2006 11A

                               CONGREGATION SIZE COUNTS
                               The larger a house of worship is, the more likely it is to use an LCD
                               projection unit.
                    HOUSE OF

                               The percentage of small churches that use an LCD projection unit.

                                                                      The percentage of mid-sized churches that use an LCD
                                                                      projection unit.

                               The percentage of large churches that use an LCD projection unit.

                                                                    The percentage of Protestant churches that use a large-
                                                                    screen projection system in their communications.
                                                                    Source: The Barna Group

  12A NOVEMBER 2006

                                         3%                                                         building, expanding, or
                          giving more to domestic                                                   updating their church’s
                           outreach or evangelism                                                   buildings and facilities

              spending more on social programs
             such as homelessness or education
                                        7%                                                         16%
                              supporting foreign                                                   increasing community
                                   missions and                                                    evangelism activities

                                                    10%                          12%
                                                    adding staff                 paying off debt
             Source: Ellison Research

                                                              The number of churches with a known AV ministry.

                                                        The number of churches planning new construction or
                                                                       renovation within the last 12 months.
                                                                                Source: American Church Lists/InfoUSA

The percentage of Americans who say they attend church or synagogue once a week or almost every week,
according to a recent Gallup poll. Among the frequent attendees, most are from the South, while the New
England states have the lowest percentage of house of worship attendance.
Source: Gallup Research

                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2006 13A

                               $4.6 BILLION
                    HOUSE OF

                               Dollars that are spent on audio equipment for the church market in the U.S.

                                                The percentage of churches that currently purchase audio equipment from AV dealers.

                                               Percentage of the churches surveyed that purchase audio equipment a few times per year.
                                               Source: TFCinfo’s “For Dealers-House of Worship Audio/Sound Systems Study 2005”

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                               •   National Religious Broadcasters (
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                                                                                           •   AV Worship Systems (
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 14A NOVEMBER 2006