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Outrigger Canoe Club


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									                         REGISTRATION FORM
Name (Member): ______________________________________________                                                                      ASHRAE (American Society of Heating
Guest (Non-Member): __________________________________________                                                                Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.)
Address: _____________________________________________________
Phone #: ____________________________ Fax: _____________________
Email: _______________________________________________________

 INSTALLATION NIGHT (90 Attendees – RSVP by COB on June 2)
                                              Number         Cost      Total
Member                                                       $60
Non-member                                                   $65
No RSVP (walk-in Mbr or Non-Mbr)                             $75
Children (10 – 17 years old)                                 $30
Children (9 years & below)                                   FREE
 Cost includes: Food (heavy pupus / dinner with wines) at The Outrigger Canoe
                                                                                  “Just Like Vegas” …. A Game of Craps
           Club at Waikiki; Games (Just Like Vegas) & Prizes;

  TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS (__________ Sponsor):
 Platinum Sponsor:$500+                   Gold Sponsor:$250-$499
 Silver Sponsor:$100-$249                 Bronze Sponsor:$20-$99
                          TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED                                                                                         5:00 PM ~ 5:30 PM: Registration
 Pay at Chapter website http://hawaii.ashraechapters.org Otherwise,
 make check payable to ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter and send check to
                                                                                                                                   5:30 PM ~ 6:30 PM: Installation of Officers
 P.O. Box 3916 Honolulu, HI 96812-3916.                                                                                           (To Be Officiated by RVC MP Marites Calad)

                    Installation of 2011-12 Officers Night                                                                      6:30 PM ~ 7:00 PM: Attitude Adjustment/Set-up
  OFFICERS                                                                                                                    7:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM: Buffet Dinner/”Just Like Vegas”
  President                                  Paul Scott
  President-elect                            Kevin Saito, P.E.
  Vice President                             Barry Jim On, P.E.
  Secretary                                  Blake Araki, P.E.
  Treasurer                                  Donna Kishi                                                                                         Hosted By
  BOARD OF GOVERNORS                                                            “Just Like Vegas” …... A Game of Black Jack
  Immediate Past President
                                             Michael J. Chang
                                             Alayna Shima
                                                                                                                                ASHRAE HAWAII CHAPTER
  Member                                     Mofazzal Mir, P.E.                                                                       EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
  Member                                     Scott La Beau
  Member                                     William Lee, P.E.,                                                                          www.hawaii.ashraechapters.org
  STANDING COMMITTEE                         CHAIRPERSON
  Attendance & Reception                     Ross Okuda, P.E.
  Chapter Technology Transfer:               Kevin Saito, P.E.
  Chapter Programs:                          Scott LaBeau
  Governmental Affairs:                      Michael Chang
  Refrigeration:                             Dean Oakley
  Energy Awards:
                                             Dicson Aggabao
                                             Mofazzal Mir, P.E.                                                                 Outrigger Canoe Club
  Historical:                                Albert Hahn, P.E.
  Membership Promotions:
  Newsletter Editor:
                                             Joseph K. Ting, P.E.
                                             Barry Jim On, P.E.
                                                                                                                                          2909 Kalakaua Avenue
  Research Promotions:                       Dean Borges, P.E.                                                                             Honolulu, HI 96826
  Student Activities:                        William Lee, P.E.
  Technical Seminar:                         Alayna Shima                                                                                 Phone: (808) 923-1585
  Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA):           Isaac Opedal
  Webmaster:                                 Joseph K. Ting, P.E.
                                                                                   The Outrigger Canoe Club at Waikiki

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