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Coach Herkie Walls MS Bible_ Football Coach


                                                                     Herkie Walls

                                                                MS Bible, Football Coach

                                               “Coach Herkie,” McCurey Hercules Walls, was born and raised in
                                               Dallas, Texas. He is the youngest of three boys. As a little boy,
                                               Herkie sang in his church choir and ran track through the YMCA
                                               program. Eventually, in middle school, Herkie added football into
                                               his list of passions. He was always the smallest one on the team,
                                               but the fastest and toughest. Herkie was on the 1980 U.S. Olym-
                                               pic track team, scheduled to run the 4 x 100 relay, but President
                                               Carter boycotted those Olympic games held in Russia.

                                                Herkie received a double scholarship to the University of Texas
                                                for both track and football. After graduation, he was drafted by
                                                the Houston Oilers in the 7th round. He was the first receiver
                                                picked by the team! He played with Houston for four years and
                                                then was traded to Tampa Bay as a receiver. After retiring from
the NFL, Herkie moved to Orlando. In the spring of 1991, he joined an AFL team, the Orlando Predators. After
spending six years on the football field he still holds five receiving and return records. After leaving the playing
field, he spent another seven years with the Predators as their Community Relations Director and formed
“Herkie’s Heroes – Fitness is Fun” program for the Orange County Public Schools.

In 2003, we were blessed to have Coach Herkie join the staff of TMA as a Bible
teacher, PE teacher and football coach. He has become a much loved mentor for
TMA students and really enjoys ministering to the students in the classroom.

Herkie’s passion for the Word of God also led him to Eastside Baptist Church five
years ago where he became ordained as a minister and took on the role of Associate
Pastor. Just recently, he has been given the leadership role as Head Pastor of East-
side Baptist Church.

Coach Herkie’s infectious smile is a joy to see around campus and he is most defi-
nitely well-loved by his students.

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