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									 The Bay Area Chorus
      44th Season • Keith Dixon, Musical Director

        Spotlight on Singing
Featuring Composer and Song Leader Nick Page
         This concert is presented in memory of
                Andrew Alfonso Palmer
                     (1928 - 2008)

            Sunday, February 8, 4:00 p.m.
                Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
         18220 Upper Bay Road, Nassau Bay, TX 77058

           The Bay Area Chorus is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance
Bay Area Chorus Dinner Cruise
           Aboard Star Fleet “Star Gazer”
               Double-Decker Yacht
                       Music by Sergei Galperin
            First Violinist, Houston Symphony Orchestra
                    Scott Holshouser, Accompanist
         Principal Keyboard, Houston Symphony Orchestra

               SundAy, MArcH 29, 2009
           Pre-Boarding 1:30 P.M.     Cruise 2:00-5:00 P.M.

                          cruise Tickets
                  Upper Deck Salon - $65 per ticket
                  Main Deck Salon - $85 per ticket

              corporate Sponsor/Individual contributors
              Musician’s Tables on Main Deck - $500-$1000
   Receive 2 tickets at musicians’ table (Limited number available),
          recognition at dinner and business card ad in remaining
                         BAC Spring concert series.

            To purchase tickets or make a contribution contact:
Gayle Phillipe Upper Deck 832-248-5571 or
 Jami Lupold Main Deck Salon 281-682-5412 or

                  LIMITed nuMber OF SeATS!

   Special Thanks to Corporate Sponsors & Individual Contributors
                            Sergei Galperin
                           Scott Holshouser
                             Jeanette Chase
                    GiGi Gasparini-CoCo’s Salon
                  Elaine Frickey-Farmer’s Insurance
                    Star Fleet Yacht Entertainment
               Melinda Gardner-State Farm Insurance
             13th Annual
    Bay Area Chorus Cruise Raffle
                                  Grand Prize
                   7 day cruise for 2 aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Conquest
     September 6, 2009 sailing from Galveston to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman and Cozumel

                                           2nd Prize
     Deluxe room for two – weekend night and breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel, Houston.

                                           3rd Prizes
                                     Gift certificates and services.

                                 Ticket Price - $25.00 each.
   Tickets may be purchased from Bay Area Chorus members or at the ticket table prior to
BAC concerts. We will accept cash or checks. Please make checks payable to the Bay Area Chorus.

             OnLy 300 TIcKeTS wILL be SOLd!!!
                                          Prize drawing
              The prize drawing will be held immediately following our Sunday, May 3 concert.
                                     Winner need not be present to win.

                     Alternate Sailing dates/Additional charges
       Confirmed cruise date September 6, 2009. Alternate dates possible at additional cost.
    Inclusions: Cruise & port charges, inside cabin. Not included: Date changes, cabin upgrade,
gratuities, fuel surcharges, trip insurance, alcohol/soft drinks and spa services. No refunds. Changes
       not allowed once booked. Valid US passport required. Min. 1 guest 25 years or older.

                                  Winner’s Tax Implications
 The winner must complete an IrS w-9 tax form. All income taxes associated with this cruise
                         will be the responsibility of the winner.

For additional information, E mail or call the BAC hot line, 713.684-6030

        World Travel International - Almeda
                                      Booking Agent
                                    The Bay Area Chorus
                                Keith Dixon, Musical Director
                                Spotlight on Singing
                                     Nick Page, Guest Artist
                            Carol Barwick, Piano • Mendy Alford, Piano

                This Concert is presented in memory of Andrew Alfonso Palmer (1928-2008)

Welcome                                                  Mary Voigt, Director of Celebration Ministries
                                                                          Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

SInG ALOnG #1: nick Page

   Paz y Libertad                                                                     Jose Luis Orozco

   This Little Light of Mine                                                       Traditional Spiritual

Mamayog akun                                       Philippine (Mindanao) Folksong, arr. Fabian Obispo

                                        BAY AREA CHAMBER SINGERS

I Am in need of Music                                                                David L. Brunner
Elizabeth Bishop (1911 - 1979)

duerme negrito                                                     Atahualpa Yupanqui, arr. Emilio Sole

                                           Cris Gradel, Soloist

                                         BAY AREA CHORUS

SInG ALOnG #2: nick Page

 cockles and Mussells                                                                    Irish Folksong

                                       Alive, alive-o, Alive, alive-o
                               Crying “Cockles and mussels, alive, alive-o”
 Thula Klizeo                                                                         Joseph Shabalala

                                            Too-lah Kli-zee-oh
                                          Nah-lah pah sey-ky-ya
                               (Be still my heart, even here I am at home)

when in doubt, Tell the Truth                                                                Nick Page
No. 3 from Three Mark Twain Settings

Haec dies                                                                                      Kirby Shaw

                                Deborah Tidwell, Conductor

SInG ALOnG #3: nick Page

 Alhamdulileh (Arabic for Alleluia)                                                     Allaudin Matthieu

 bashana                                                                    Ehud Manor, Nurit Hirsch
                        Wait and see, wait and see; What a world there will be,
                             When we share, when we care, you and me.

niska banja                                                          Serbian Gypsy Dance, arr. Nick Page

                                  BAY AREA CHORUS WOMEN

My Mom was a woman                                                            Sydney Carter, arr. Nick Page
                                          Bill Surface, Soloist

                                     BAY AREA CHORUS MEN

we’re Goin’ Around (from Treemonisha)                                           Scott Joplin, arr. Nick Page
                                  Aaron B. Patterson, Soloist

                                         BAY AREA CHORUS

SInG ALOnG #4: nick Page

 Sajena                                                                                      Hindu Prayer
                                    Sah-jey-nah Moor-ray Gah-rah

 Ale brider (We are brothers, sisters)                                                   Yiddish Folksong

 Thula S’Thandwa                                                               Zulu Lullaby, arr. Nick Page

 Shine, Shine, Shine                                                             Traditional, arr. Nick Page

                 Because you shine for me (echo) And I shine for you, (echo)
                 And we all shine together, (echo) Oh, yes, it’s true! (echo)

                 So let’s all sing together, (echo) This song we know, (echo)
                 This little light, (echo) Ready, set, go! (echo)

                 1) This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. (3x)
                    Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
                 2) Everywhere I go, I’m gonna let it shine.
                 3) All around the world, I’m gonna let it shine.

                         BAY AREA YOUTH SINGERS & BAY AREA CHORUS
                                        PROGRAM NOTES

Mamayog akun
                                                        There is a magic made by melody: a spell of
   By the end of the 12th century, traders and           rest, and quiet breath and cool
settlers had introduced the Islamic faith to the        Heart, that sinks through fading colors deep,
Philippine Islands. Today more than one million          to the subaqueous stillness of the sea,
Filipinos are Muslims. The Islamic lifestyle that       And floats forever in a moon-green pool, held
has been preserved through the centuries is quite        in the arms of rhythm and of sleep.
different from the majority of the Philippine
population. This Filipino regional folk song is     duerme negrito
typical of the Muslim folk tradition. The chants
and dances are characterized by vivid colors,          Duerme Negrito “Sleep, little black one”, is a
rhythmic sounds and movements which reflect the     lullaby composed by Yupanqui, one of the most
influence of Arabian and Indo-Malaysian cultures.   popular Latin American composers of the 1960’s
                                                    and early 1970’s. The little black child is given
I Am in need of Music                               impossible promises, while the sad plight of the
                                                    sick, hard-working mother is depicted in word
   Composer David L. Brunner calls Elizabeth        and song. The lyrics point out the dehumanizing
Bishop’s Sonnet, “one of those poems that seems     conditions slaves endured for centuries in many
to sing itself off the page.” He says certain       parts of the New World.
phrases “are intimate and comforting in their
own rhythm. . . I wrote music that is reflective,       Sleep, sleep little black one, your mama’s in
lush and lyrical, with the text always foremost.”         the fields, little one. Sleep, sleep little one.
Brunner, Professor of Music and Director of             She’s going to bring quail for you, she’s going
Choral Activities at the University of Central            to bring fresh fruit for you,
Florida, has won renown as a conductor, teacher         She’s going to bring pork for you, she’s going
and award-winning composer. Elizabeth Bishop              to bring many things for you.
was the Poet Laureate of the United States from
1949-1950, and a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1956.         She’s working hard, working, yes, working
                                                          and they don’t pay her, working, yes,
   I am in need of music that would flow over           Working and she’s coughing, working, yes, for
     my fretful, feeling fingertips,                      her sweet little black one,
   Over my bitter-tainted, trembling lips, with         For her little one, yes.
     melody, deep, clear, and liquid-slow.
   Oh, for the healing swaying, old and low, of
     some song sung to rest the tired dead,
   A song to fall like water on my head, and over
     quivering limbs, dream flushed to glow!
                                       Andrew Alfonso Palmer
   For someone who was not a musician by profes-    state, regional and national conventions as well as
sion, Andy Palmer certainly had an impact on a      a regular at AMC Music, especially at lunch. His
lot of people who were. From 1974, when AMC         zany sense of humor and insatiable curiosity made
Music was founded, through August of 2008           a conversation with Andy memorable.
Andy was a friend and confidant of composers,
conductors, publishers, performers, educators,         Visitors to a convention booth could always
editors and music retailers from far and wide.      count on Andy for a pithy comment, joke or
Through his wife Martha’s involvement in AMC        friendly prank, and they looked forward to it.
Music and Alliance Music Publications, Andy met     The man whose most notable performance was a
scores of individuals who were involved in creat-   childhood appearance as the Frog Prince played
ing, performing, marketing and teaching music.      an enduring role in the lives of the music profes-
He was a fixture in AMC and Alliance booths at      sionals who came to know and love him.
                                        PROGRAM NOTES
niska banja                                          positions, completed his opera Treemonisha in
                                                     1910. A review in the American Musician and Art
   A Serbian folksong and dance popular              Journal called Treemonisha an “entirely new phase
throughout the Balkans, the driving 2 + 2 + 2 + 3    of musical art and . . . a thoroughly American
rhythm of Niska Banja is extremely infectious and    opera style.” Sadly, the world premiere did not
stunningly effective. The language is a regional     take place until 1972, when Robert Shaw directed
Romani dialect. The Romani people are the            a performance by Morehouse College and the
wandering gypsies who have spread their vibrant      Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The opera’s theme
culture throughout Europe and the Americas.          is that education is the salvation of the Negro
The roots of the Romani culture are in India and     race, represented by the heroine and symbolic
Pakistan and much of their singing and danc-         educator Treemonisha.
ing have roots in Quawwali singing and Hindu
dance. Niska Banja refers to both a municipality     Thula S’Thandwa
and a spa located in Serbia near the town of Nis.
Remains of historical baths have been traced to         Nick Page chose three variations for his
the year 448. The modern-day Niska Banja is          arrangement of this lovely traditional Zulu
well-known for its hot radio-active water and is a   lullaby. The first two are stated in the piano, first
favorite tourist destination.                        in a simple Mozart-like accompaniment, then
                                                     with a two against three pattern based on the
we’re Goin’ Around                                   mbira (thumb piano) music of Zimbabwe. The
from the opera Treemonisha                           final section quotes the “rock-a-bye-Baby” theme,
                                                     which the audience is welcome to join in singing.
  The African American composer Scott Joplin
(1868-1917), best known for his ragtime com-                                                —Sally Schott

       Connie Carmichael
      For 36 years of service with the
              Bay Area Chorus
as singer, officer, fundraiser and advocate.
  The Bay Area
Priscilla Ennis
for her support
 of the annual
   Bay Area
Priscilla Ennis
 High School
  The scholarship will
  be awarded through
competitive audition to
  a graduating senior
 planning to major in
      vocal music.

The winner will perform
at the April 26 concert.

                           12933 Gulf Freeway
                           Houston, TX 77034
                           (281) 484-6888
                           Fax (281) 484-9430
The Bay Area
  would like to
   thank our
  for showing
  their support
   by placing
    an ad in
  our concert

 patronize these
and thank them
 for supporting
     the arts.

       See the
listing in the back
  of this program
Auto • Home • Life • Business • Workers Compensation • Health

                    Dan Frickey
                 Frickey Insurance Agency

 17300 El Camino Real #102 • Houston, TX 77058
     Bus: 281-461-8707 • Fax: 281-461-8706
Guardian Angel
   Home Health Care
       Services at Home  Skilled Nursing
                           Wound Care
                  Certified Home Health Aides
                    Rehabilitation Services
                            IV Therapy
                  Adjunct & Support Services
                   Clinical Case Management
                  Durable Medical Equipment

  Servicing the Following Counties:
     Anderson • Brazoria • Cherokee• Freestone • Galveston
    Harris • Houston • Leon • Montgomery • Trinity • Walker

              12627 Highway 6, Santa Fe, TX 77510
            (409) 927-4703 • Fax: (409) 927-4738

                Guardian Angel
Watching Over You, Keeping You Healthy at Home®
            ABOuT ThE ChORuS                                       BAC LEADERShiP
   One of Houston’s oldest non-profit choral         The Director
groups, the Bay Area Chorus has brought heart-          Musical Director of the Bay Area Chorus since
felt performances to Houston and the Texas Gulf      1995, Keith dixon has conducted the BAC in per-
Coast since 1965. Long before the population of      formances of major works by Mozart, Beethoven,
the Houston metroplex expanded to the shores of      Haydn, Durufle, Faure, Vivaldi, Schubert and
Clear Lake, this thriving choral group had already   Bach. Tours with the BAC have included Ireland,
built a following among local residents and in       Scotland, England and the Yucatan Peninsula.
surrounding communities.
                                                        An active clinician for workshops and choir
   More than 75 singers comprise our all-            clinics, Mr. Dixon is presently the Choral Direc-
volunteer chorus, each bringing unique interests,    tor at Kingwood High School. Choirs under his
ethnic backgrounds and cultural experiences          direction have appeared in honor choir concerts at
to the group. In addition to performing choral       four state conventions of the Texas Music Educa-
masterworks, the chorus also programs traditional    tor’s Association as well as at four American Clas-
holiday music, historic and contemporary classi-     sic Madrigal Festivals. He has prepared Kingwood
cal choral music, spirituals and folk songs from     High School choruses for such notable conductors
around the world. Recent concerts have featured      as Moses Hogan, Robert Sund, Maria Guinand and
Dr. John Lienhard, founder of KUHF’s The             Craig Jessop. His own choral singing participation
Engines of Our Ingenuity, legendary composer/ar-     has been with the Houston Symphony Chorus,
ranger Alice Parker, Composer/Song Leader            the Concert Chorale of Houston and the acclaimed
Nick Page and Houston gospel recording artist        Robert Shaw Festival Singers, with whom he re-
Barbara Johnson Tucker. 2007-2008 guest choirs       corded the Telarc releases Amazing Grace, Evocation
included the Clear Lake Chinese Chorus and the       of the Spirit and Appear and Inspire.
United Nations International Choir.
                                  BAY AREA ChORuS MEMBERS
Sopranos:                                             *Rachel Hamlin
*Carlee Abschneider                                      Choral Director, Channelview ISD
  Student, Clear Creek HS                             Jessica Hampson
Dena Anderson                                            Freelance Web Designer
  Commercial Insurance Assistant                      Phyllis B. Harris
Michele Anderson                                         Church Musician
  Student, Clear Springs HS                           Megan Haught
Andrea Borck                                             Risk Analyst, NASA
  German Teacher, Clear Lake HS                       Roberta Justice
*Ginger Coffin                                           Office Assistant, Boeing
  Environmental Engineer, Houston Refining, LP        *Julie Kutac
Liz Corley                                               Grad Student, UTMB
  Administrative Manager, Univar USA Inc.             Chris Lodge
Jo Evans                                                 Administrative Manager, NASA
  Administrator, Phoenix Services                     *Charlotte Nicholson
Susan Fox                                                Grad Student, UTMB
  Music Educator/Kindermusik Teacher, ret.            Tricia Nolan
Elaine Frickey                                           Special Needs Curriculum Coordinator
  Chief Financial Officer, Frickey Insurance Agency   *Janis Parish
*Mary Gard                                               Piano Teacher, ret.
  Choral Director, CCISD                              Emily Reader
*Cris B. Gradel                                          Student
  Choral Director, La Porte ISD                       Irene Ross
                                                         RN Case Manager, Methodist Hospital
                                                      Sandra Shumate
                                                         San Jacinto College Professor
                                                      *Holly Sobolik
          St. Pius V                                     Claims Adjuster, Progressive Insurance
                                                      Kathie Stocker
        Catholic Church                                  Educator, ret.
                                                      Deborah Tidwell
 824 South Main, Pasadena, TX 77506                      Artistic Director, Bay Area Youth Singers
  713.473.9484 • Fax 713.473.2731                     Tabitha Worthington
                                                         Voice Teacher

         Pastor Oscar Casttro

                                                                                “Music is the
                                                                             voice that tells us
                                                                              that the human
                                                                               race is greater
                                                                               than it knows.”
                                                                               —Marion C. Garretty
                                                                                            (1917 -)
Yael Barr                                            Alyson Roberts
  Physician in Residency Training, UTMB                Licensed Master Social Worker
Beth Blanchard                                       Michelle Salabarria
  Operational Analyst, Doctors Hospital, Houston       Secondary School Counselor
Gayle Brown                                          Maria D. Schoen
  Systems Programmer, NASA                             Quality Manager, GEO Specialty Chemicals
Jeanette Chase                                       Nancy Semerak
  Voice Teacher, Retired Choral Director               Master School Bus Driver, Pearland ISD
Debby Collins                                        Kristin Spicer
  Administrative Manager                               Teacher’s Assistant
*Cynthia DePrang                                     Loree Strege
  Music Teacher, Pearland ISD                          Customer Service, ret.
Kerrie Dishon                                        Kory Wynegar
  Cost Engineer, Jacobs Engineering                    Environmental Compliance Consultant, Vertex
Gina Evans                                           Anne Yell
                                                       Registered Nurse, Mainland Center Hospital
  Editor, Bastion Technologies, Inc.
                                                     Jean Zophy
Jayne Garza                                            Systems Engineer, United Space Alliance
  Teacher/Office Manager
Melissa Hamlin                                       Tenors:
  Student                                            *Isaias Degollado
Johnnie A. Henderson                                    Assistant Choral Director, Galena Park HS
  Computer Programmer, United Space Alliance, ret.   *Timothy Foster
Ann Huysman                                             Medical Student, UTMB
  Music Teacher, Church Musician                     *Brian McCarty
Teresa Jensen                                           IT Analyst, ExxonMobil
  RN Case Manager
Sue Kim
Seraphine Kolar
  Church Organist, ret.
Mary W. Lins
  Data Manger, NASA
Marsha Mains
  Portfolio Admin, Investment
Vikki Marsh
  Environmental Engineer
Danielle Marcelle
  Student, San Jacinto College
Kari Miller
  Technical Writer/Editor
Michelle Perez
  Choral Director,
  McAdams JH, Dickinson
Gayle Phillippe
  Technical Trainer
Angela Reader
  Web Design Project Manager
Deborah Rhodes
  Music Educator, ret.
David Nickeson                                        Larry Petersen
  Physician, Mainland Pulmonary Associates              Biology Professor, San Jacinto College
*Daniel R. Ponce                                      *Rob Phillips
  Choral Director/Fine Arts Dept. Chair,                Choral Director, Clear Springs HS, CCISD
  Galena Park HS                                      *Johnny Sangree
David Schoen                                            Aerospace Engineer, United Space Alliance
  Chemical Engineer, Dow Chemical Company             Berry Scott
Lee Stocker                                             Chemical Engineer, ret.
  Registered Piano Technician,                        Steven Semerak
  Minister of Music, ret.                               Chemical Engineer
Bill Surface                                          Brad Thompson
  Regional Sales Manager, Express Industries            Professor, UT Medical Branch

bass:                                                 *Bay Area Chamber Singers
*Paul Boeder
  Engineer, Boeing
*Bill Boyce                                           Sally Schott
  Engineer, Boeing                                       A Pasadena ISD Choral Director from 1965
Mark Harmon                                           - 2004, Sally Schott currently supervises UH and
  Student, San Jacinto College                        SHSU student teachers and is an educational consul-
Michael Carter Matthews                               tant for Spring ISD, the Houston Chamber Choir,
  Web Application Developer, Houston Chronicle        Conroe ISD and American Classic Music Festivals.
Bob McGill                                            Her awards include PISD High School Teacher of
  Engineer, United Space Alliance                     the Year (1979), Texas Excellence Award for Out-
*Aaron B. Patterson                                   standing High School Teachers (1989), the Univer-
  Elementary Music Specialist, Pasadena ISD           sity of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Alumni Hall
                                                      of Fame (1996), the South Houston High School
                                                      Honored Former Faculty Member (2007), the Texas
                                                      Choral Directors Association Choral Excellence
                                                      Award (2008) and the BAC Distinctive Service to
                                                      the Arts Award (2008). Ms. Schott is a past presi-
                                                      dent of the Texas Music Educators Association and
                                                      the Southwestern Division of the American Choral
                                                      Directors Association. A founding partner of Alliance
                                                      Music Publications, other publishing projects include
	  A children’s choir promoting healthy develop-      two state-adopted secondary textbooks and a mono-
 ment of the singing voice, development of music      graph for the American Choral Directors Association.
reading skills, and exposure to choral music of the   Recent collaborations include sight reading books
 highest quality. Children rehearse and perform       for secondary choirs, John Yarrington’s book “Have
       under the direction of professional            We Had This Conversation” and a DVD featuring
                  music educators.                    Sandra Snow, Conductor/Teacher: Real-World Strat-
                                                      egies for Success”. Educational DVDs featuring Paul
    The Bay Area Youth Singers invite children in     Salamunovich and Weston Noble were produced by
      grades 2-9 to audition and interview for        Quaid/Schott Media Productions in 2005-2006.
            the Spring Concert Season.                The Bay Area Chorus appears throughout the Noble
                                                      DVD, which was filmed at Gloria Dei Lutheran
       Classes meet Tuesdays, 6:30-7:45 p.m. at       Church. Ms. Schott has been a consultant for the
             University Baptist Church.               Bay Area Chorus since 2004 and presently serves as
                                                      Coordinator of Planning and Development.
                  Visit the website at
    or E mail:
                   for information.
            MiSSiON STATEMENT                                     ADViSORY BOARD
                                                            Barbara Eads • Priscilla Ennis
   The mission of the Bay Area Chorus is to en-
rich the Houston and Galveston Bay area through
                                                          Linda Fletcher • Deborah Kidwell
the powerfully expressive eloquence of choral                 Gary Navy • Mary O’Neill
music.                                                      Ralph Parr • Patricia Swartley
                                                            Marilyn Wilkins • Mary Voigt
                    GOALS                                 Susan Venier • Connie Carmichael
                                                              Jami Lupold • Dean Muths
• To provide educational outreach for audiences,          Bette Johnson • Elizabeth Dennard
  chorus members and the local student commu-                       Carol Barwick
  nity through the presentation of varied styles of
  choral music, including both contemporary and
• To provide the opportunity for singers in the
  community to participate in the preparation and
  performance of high quality choral music
• To demonstrate the continuity between student
  and adult performance opportunities by inviting
  area youth to participate in concerts
• To provide scholarships for the study of choral
• To co-sponsor a summer music camp for
  children in the community

     “When I hear
   I fear no danger.
  I am invulnerable.
      I see no foe.
    I am related to
   the earliest times,
                                  H. Tim Hudson, CFP, CLU CRPS      Silver Star Financial, Inc.
                                  President                     12337 Jones Road, Suite 424
  and to the latest.”                                                   Houston, Texas 77070
                                                                        Phone: (281) 477-3847
                                                                          Fax: (281) 477-3849
  —Henry David Thoreau                                         Web:
    (1817 - 1862)                   Investment Advisor Representative offering securities and advisory
                                    services through AIG Financial Advisors, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC
                                        ADViSORY BOARD
carol barwick
   Sixteen years of singing with the Bay Area Cho-     volunteer executive director of this music educa-
rus made Carol Barwick a staunch supporter of          tion organization. She maintains an independent
this outstanding community chorus. After retir-        piano studio and is a frequent accompanist in
ing from 30 years as a public school choral music      the Clear Lake area. Her second career as owner/
teacher, she began working to make the dream of        president of B & B Steel Products (a small manu-
establishing a Bay Area children’s chorus a reality.   facturing company) began in 2005. Carol hopes
With the support of the Bay Area Chorus, the Bay       that her experiences as a musician and business-
Area Youth Singers began rehearsals and perfor-        woman will help her serve effectively on the
mances in the spring of 2008. Carol serves as the      advisory board of the Bay Area Chorus.

                                                                             ThE GuiLD
                                                                                 Guild members
                                                                             contribute their time
                                                                             and talent in a variety
                                                                                of ways, including
                                                                                daytime projects
                                                                                as well as service
                                                                                  before, during
                                                                               and after Bay Area
                                                                                Chorus concerts.
                                                                               The primary focus
                                                                              of the BAC Guild is
                                                                             to provide amenities
                                                                                 for our concert
                                                                                audiences and to
                                                                                offer support to
                                                                              fundraising, scholar-
                                                                             ship and community
                                                                               outreach projects.

                                                                                    For more
                                                                               information about
                                                                                    the Guild,
                                                                                  please E mail
                                                                                   org or call
elizabeth dennard ed.d
   Elizabeth Dennard is the owner and principal       Sam Houston State University. She earned the
guidance counselor of Bright Futures Consulting,      Master of Science in Education Administration
founded in 1999. Bright Futures provides person-      degree from the University of Houston/Clear
alized counseling services to high school students    Lake. Linda is an advocate for the arts in educa-
including personal interest testing and analysis,     tion and in all aspects of life.
pre-college academic planning, determination of
“right fit” schools and college funding strategies.   bette Johnson
Dennard’s vision is to encourage young people            Bette Johnson has lived in Nassau Bay since
to pursue informed choices so that they can live      1976. She volunteered with Nassau Bay EMS
their lives with vision and to understand who         for 25 years. She is presently a Master Reading
they are, where they want to go, and how to get       teacher at McWhirter Professional Lab School
there.                                                in Webster, where she has taught for 21 years.
                                                      Bette is an active member of St. Paul the Apostle
barbara F. eads                                       Church and is Mayor Pro Tem for the City of
   Barbara F. Eads retired from the Pasadena          Nassau Bay. She has served on City Council for
Independent School District as the Director of        the past 7 years.
Fine Arts. Her teaching experiences include
elementary music; middle school band, choir           deborah Kidwell
and orchestra; high school band, choir, orchestra,       Deborah Kidwell has been involved in public
drum corps and English. At the university level,      music education for 33 years. She began her
she has taught string methods, elementary music       teaching career in Baytown. After teaching
methods and theory and supervised student             orchestra there for 8 years, she continued teaching
teachers. She was the Music Director of the           in Clear Creek ISD until 2003, when she became
Pasadena Philharmonic Orchestra for 10 years          the Director of Visual and Performing Arts for
and a church choir director for 17 years. Barbara     Clear Creek ISD. She retired from public educa-
served as president of the Texas Music Educators      tion in 2007. Deborah was named the Outstand-
Association, Texas Music Educators Conference,        ing Art Educator for Supervision/Administration
and Texas Orchestra Directors Association and         of the Year in 2007 by the Texas Art Education
has been on the National Executive Board of the       Association. She is an active church musician
American String Teachers Association as Publica-      at Webster Presbyterian Church. She is the past
tions Chair.                                          president of the Texas Orchestra Directors As-
                                                      sociation. Deborah holds Bachelor of Music and
Priscilla ennis                                       Master of Education degrees from the University
   Priscilla Ennis came to the Bay Area when her      of Houston.
husband Bob came to work on the Space Shuttle
program. Ms. Ennis received her BA degree from        Jami Lupold
Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. Her                Jami Lupold has taught kindergarten through
career in real estate has spanned 33 years. For the   post-graduate instrumental and vocal music
past 9 years, she’s been the top-producing agent      education in Texas and New Mexico for 21 years.
with Re/Max Space Center. A church choir              She has presented at educators conferences and
member for 30 years, Ms. Ennis has been               workshops at the local, regional and state levels.
involved with Clear Lake Pan Hellenic and the         Through traditional and innovative techniques,
Clear Lake Symphony League. She loves music           Jami has inspired and guided students through
and is very happy supporting the BAC.                 musical experiences, helping them become life-
                                                      long music makers. She is also the owner/pho-
Linda Fletcher                                        tographer of JL Photography and enjoys hunting,
   Linda Fletcher is the Director of Fine Arts for    fishing, gourmet cooking, camping, hiking and
the Pasadena Independent School District. She         running with her Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
has devoted 32 years to music education, teaching
elementary music and intermediate and high
school choral music. Linda received her Bachelor
of Music Education with vocal emphasis from
dean Muths                                            Pat Swartley
   Dean Muths is the Director of Visual and               Pat Swartley is a long-time supporter of the
Performing Arts for the Clear Creek Independent       Clear Lake Symphony and the Bay Area Chorus.
School District. He has lived in Clear Lake           She has assisted the CLS with PR and fund
since 1964 and graduated from Clear Lake              raising for over 25 years and now brings that
High School in 1975. He has degrees from              experience to BAC as a member of the Board and
Sam Houston State University and the University       Advisory Board. A former band director, Pat has
of Houston. Mr. Muths has served as a band            played and taught clarinet for most of her adult
director, assistant principal and principal. He has   life and is presently teaching clarinet for CCISD.
been married to his wife, Liz, for 26 years and
they have two children, Sarah and Ben.                Marilyn wilkins
                                                         Marilyn Wilkins, owner of Kwik Kopy
Gary Vincent navy                                     Printing Center in Pasadena since 1992, is
   Gary Vincent Navy is a graduate of College         on the Board of Directors of the Pasadena
of the Mainland and earned a Machelor of Music        Chamber of Commerce, President of the
from ETSU. He debuted with Houston Grand              North Pasadena Business Association and a
Opera in Jonathan Wade and is a member of the         member of the Rotary Clubs of Pasadena and
Houston Ebony Opera Guild, New Galveston              Deer Park and the Houston East End Chamber
Heritage Chorale and Barbara Tucker’s A Chosen        of Commerce. Her career in music ministry has
Few. He is a guest cantor/soloist in churches/        included positions at Pasadena’s First Presbyte-
synagogues throughout the area. Also involved in      rian Church and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church,
community theater productions, Mr. Navy, a for-       St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Houston and Grace
mer music educator, has performed with the Bay        Presbyterian Church, Victoria. She has taught
Area Chorus, the Houston Masterworks Chorus,          choral music at the high school and college level
Galveston Symphony, and Opera in the Heights.         and has appeared as a guest soloist with the
Gary is the Coordinator of Liturgy and Music          Victoria Philharmonic and for churches and
at Shrine of the True Cross Catholic Church in        civic organizations in Victoria, Wichita Falls,
Dickinson.                                            Fort Worth and the greater Houston area.

Mary O’neill                                          Susan Venier
   Mary O’Neill, a retired high school nurse, is         Susan Venier of Interiors by Decorating Den
presently a parish nurse at St. Paul’s Catholic       has always enjoyed the arts and being creative. As
Church in Nassau Bay where she is also working        an accomplished flutist, she won a music scholar-
with the Samaritans. Mary has been a resident of      ship to the University of Oklahoma. However,
the Clear Lake area and a supporter of the Bay        her passion for combining color, design, and
Area Chorus for over 42 years. Mary’s husband,        texture won out. Forgoing the music scholarship,
John, is an aerospace consultant. The O’Neills        Susan pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Interior
have 4 children and 13 grandchildren, of whom         Design. She is celebrating her 15th year as an
all are avid appreciators of choral music.            independent business owner, helping her clients
                                                      beautify their homes and businesses. Susan comes
ralph Parr                                            to her clients with all the latest in decorating
  Ralph Parr is a lifelong resident of the Bay        products.
Area and a product of the Clear Creek schools.
A strong advocate for the arts, he was a founder
and the first president of the Clear Creek
Country Theatre. He retired from CCISD in
1994 after 34 years of service as a teacher and
administrator and has been a member of the
CCISD Board of Trustees for 14 years. Ralph
currently works in real estate with his wife
Claudia, a leading broker in the area.
“To keep young,
 every day read
 a poem, hear a
 choice piece of
 music, view a
 fine painting,
and, if possible,
do a good action.
 Man’s highest
 merit always
 is, as much as
possible, to rule
external circum-
stances, and as
little as possible
to let himself be
ruled by them.”
   —­­Johann Wolfgang
 von Goethe (1749 - 1832)
                                                                          “We know an
                                                                            age more
                                                                         vividly through
                                                                         its music than
                                                                         its historians.”

                                                                        Rosanne Ambrose-Brown

   The Bay Area Chorus salutes Elizabeth Dennard for her support
      of the annual Bay Area Chorus Elizabeth Dennard
                High School Vocal Scholarship.
The scholarship will be awarded through competitive audition to a graduating senior planning to
          major in music education. The winner will perform at the April 26 concert.

     Positive Impressions
         Your Custom T-Shirt Provider
                            Supports the
Bay Area Chorus
                     Janis and Tom Parish
  2008-2009 BOARD Of DiRECTORS                                                                     CONTRiBuTiON LEVELS
President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bill Surface   Business Partners                  $2500 or more
Past President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phyllis B. Harris                 Underwriters                       $2000 or more
Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paul Boeder               Sponsors                           $1500 or more
Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ginger Coffin               Co-sponsors                        $1000 or more
Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christine Lodge                     Benefactors                        $ 500 or more
Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David Nickeson                      Patrons                            $ 300 or more
Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rob Phillips                    Associates                         $ 150 or more
Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Daniel Ponce                      Friends                            $ 50 or more
Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mary W. Lins
Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Berry Scott
Advisory Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . Elizabeth Dennard
                                                                                            OThER WAYS TO SuPPORT ThE BAC
Advisory Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Deborah Kidwell                                  Visit your Randall’s Courtesy Booth to obtain
Advisory Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patricia Swartley                             a Good Neighbor Program application. Complete
                                                                                           the form with the BAC charity # 2318, and turn it
                    Section Leaders                                                        back in. Then, every time you shop at Randall’s, a
    Janis Parish, Soprano • Cynthia DePrang, Alto                                          portion of your purchase will benefit the chorus.
     Brian McCarty, Tenor • Steve Semerak, Bass
Librarian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Maria Schoen                          Set up a Neighbor to Neighbor Account at
Historian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jeanette Chase                        Kroger by downloading and printing our Kroger
Coordinator, Planning & Development                                                        donation letter found on our “Support BAC ” page
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sally Schott                     at The Kroger cashier will
                                                                                           scan your KrogerPlus Card and the BAC barcode
                                                                                           included on the letter. After that, each time you
     SuPPORT ThE BAY AREA ChORuS                                                           present your KrogerPlus card at checkout, Kroger
    Your support assists the Bay Area Chorus in                                            will donate a portion of their earnings to BAC.
its mission to contribute to
cultural enrichment and
educational outreach.
  Contributions from
individuals, businesses and
foundations provide:
• Uplifting presentations for
  the community at large
• Scholarships for the study
  of choral music
• Performance opportunities
  for children’s, middle school,
  high school, college,
  university and church choirs
• Music specialists to staff
  the community summer
  music camp
• Artistic growth & develop-
  ment for volunteer singers
• Engagements for
  professional musicians
• Professional growth for
  area music educators
   The Bay Area Youth Singers is a non-profit,
independent choral organization established for the
purpose of promoting music education through
choral singing. Incorporated in 2008, the group
has grown from 22 to 44 singers in just one year.
Regular 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. rehearsals on Tuesday
include vocal technique, lessons in music reading,
and the development of the poise and musicianship
necessary for high quality performances. In addi-
tion to presenting a Christmas and Spring Concert,
the choir sings at various community events. The
choir is open to children in grades 2-8; they may
sing in the apprentice or concert choirs, depending
on music background and skills.

   The Bay Area Youth Singers along with their
parent organization, the Bay Area Chorus, co-
sponsors a summer music camp at University
Baptist Church. The third annual music camp is
scheduled for July 13-17, 2009.

   Information is available at www.bayareayouth or by calling 832-425-2329.
deborah L. Tidwell
   deborah L. Tidwell is artistic director of
BAYS and directs the concert choir. She holds
bachelors and masters degrees from Baylor Uni-
versity and has 30 years of experience in public
education as a choral director. She also conducts
the S.E. chapter of the Singing Women of Texas
and serves as a clinician and adjudicator for UIL
contests and choral festivals. Her mission is to in-     	 The third annual Summer Music Camp
still a love for quality, healthy singing in children.    co-sponsored by the Bay Area Chorus,
                                                                Bay Area Youth Singers and
Mike Tuneberg                                             University Baptist Church will be held
   Mike Tuneberg, director of the BAYS Apprentice        July 13-17, 2009 • 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Choir, holds a bachelors degree in music educa-                at University Baptist Church.
tion from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania and
did graduate work in opera performance at Loyola          Extended Day Program, 12:30 to 5 pm.
University in New Orleans. He has been a music             Choral singing, playing hand chimes,
educator for 20 years, teaching elementary through        percussion instruments, music reading
adult choirs. Mike is presently choral director at       and musical games for children entering
Thompson Intermediate School in Pasadena I.S.D.                    grades 2 through 8.
                                                                         Check out
Mendy Alford
   Mendy Alford, Accompanist for BAYS, received
                                                            Registration begins March, 2009.
her bachelors degree in organ performance the
University of Houston. She is
organist at Clear Lake Presby-
terian Church and also teaches
K-5th grade music at Bay Area
Charter Elementary School.

carol barwick
   carol barwick, Pianist and
Executive Director of BAYS,
received music degrees from
The University of Texas at
Austin and Florida State
University. After 30 years of
public school music teaching,
she retired and devoted her
energies to starting a children’s
choir. She also maintains an
independent piano studio
with 28 students, serves as
pianist for Taylor Lake Chris-
tian Church, and is the CEO
and owner of B & B Steel
Products, Inc.
 Deborah Tidwell, Director

Berlin, Kim
Cantu, Morgan
Cruz, Jumirey
Delhomme, Leslie
Ferrell, Rainy
Fiske, Lauren
Fore, Laura
Gaylor, Rachel
Hamilton, Keltie
Isabell, Elizabeth
LeVasseur, Amber
Lee, Savannah
Lyles, Shelby
Salas, Lauren
Stewart, Jalynn
Weber, Caroline

Mike Tuneberg, Director

Bishop, Kaleigh
Clay, Aysia
Dong, Alina
Fursh, Michael
Greenlee, Russell
Andrew Guidry
Hamilton, Ross
Johnston, Rieka
Johnston, Katie
Lampley, Meagan
Lu, Rachel
Martinez, Monica
Ortega, Brenda
Roberts, Katie
Senderling, Dylan
Tanet, Andrew
Templin, Trinity
Zerpa, Paola
Zehentner, Claire
Zehentner, Sophia
Sally Schott
Jeanette Chase
The Boeing Company
Priscilla Ennis
   RE/MAX Space Center
David Nickeson &
   MaryEllen Oliver
Houston Arts Alliance
Bill & Pat Surface
Elizabeth Dennard
   Bright Futures Consulting
Anderson Oil
Stephen & Marilyn Glenn
Patricia Swartley
Paul Boeder
David & Maria Schoen
Jim & Ella Rae Stovall
Veronica Bishop
Carolyn Rigsby
Charles & Mary Pack
James F. Wilson
Dr. & Mrs. John Hart
Dale & Joan Tregre
Lawrence & Irene Ross
Rita and Jim Schumacher
Connie and Dan DeSiato
Karla J. Randle Schapansky
Mainland Medical Center
Other donors
Elaine Frickey
Nellie Scott
Time Clock Sales & Service
In-kind donations
Bailey’s American Grille
Jeanette Chase
Jami Lupold, JL Photography
Pennino and Partners
   Communication Consultants
Hilton Houston NASA
   Clear Lake
Veronica Bishop
                             Nick Page
             Composer and Song Leader
                        Nick Page’s work with singers, especially young voices, is becoming
                    legendary. He composes music that captures hearts and imagination like no
                    other and his work as guest conductor throughout North America and
                    Europe has brought reactions of awe. He will be a featured clinician at the
                    Texas Music Educator’s Association convention in San Antonio February
                    12-14, 2009. While in San Antonio he will also visit elementary schools,
                    present a workshop for teachers and conduct a power sing with the members
                    of the San Antonio Children’s Chorus, Marguerite McCormack, Director.

                          Beginning in the early eighties when Nick was a conductor of the Chicago
Children’s Choir (now celebrating fifty years), Nick has challenged young singers to reach beyond
all expectations to create pure magnificence, a word of which he is quite fond. The word is heard
repeatedly in Nick Page’s credo, SING AND SHINE ON published by World Music Press as well
as in his book on integrating music into the classroom, MUSIC AS A WAY OF KNOWING.

  Since leaving the Chicago Children’s Choir Nick has been honored to work with youth choirs in
Scotland, Costa Rica, and throughout North America. To name a few: Campbell River Children’s
Chorus in British Columbia, the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, the Nebraska Children’s Choir, the
Syracuse Children’s Choir, the Madison Youth Choirs, the Young People’s Chorus of New York,
the Boston Children’s Chorus, plus many honors choral festivals.

  He has over fifty published choral works in many styles and voicings. His website
( lists all his publications and contains articles and resource information
on multicultural music.

   Nick holds an undergraduate degree in Music Education from Ithaca College and a Masters in
Education from Lesley University. Nick has had the joy to have worked with or studied with Alice
Parker, Jack Langstaff, Ysaye Maria Barnwell, Joseph Shabalala, Bobby McFerrin, Lorna Cooke
deVaron, Don Campbell, and Richard Greene of “The Bobs.” He now travels the world leading
sings, workshops and concerts for all ages. Nick founded Boston’s Mystic Chorale in 1990 based
on his belief that singing is an act of compassion – when we sing, we make the world a more beau-
tiful place.

                                                                            “Music expresses
                                                                               that which
                                                                             cannot be said
                                                                           and on which it is
                                                                              to be silent.”
                                                                                —Victor Hugo
                                                                                (1802 - 1885)
  Proud to play a small role in the
support for the arts in the Bay Area.

  Proud to play a small role in the
support for the arts in the Bay Area.

  3000 NASA Parkway, Houston, TX 77058

  3000 NASA Parkway, Houston, TX 77058

                                        MEMORABLE PERfORMANCES
Johann S. Bach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Magnificat       George F. Handel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Messiah
Ludwig von Beethoven . . . . . . Mass in C Minor                Rob Landes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Images
Leonard Bernstein . . . . . . . . . Chichester Psalms                                         (with the Rob Landes Trio)
Johannes Brahms . . . . . . . . . A German Requiem              Carl Orff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carmina Burana
Benjamin Britten . . . . . . . A Ceremony of Carols             Giovanni Pergolesi . . . . . . . . . . .Mass in F Major
Maurice Duruflé . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Requiem       Randall Thompson . . . . A Testament of Freedom
Gabriel Fauré . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Requiem   Ralph Vaughan Williams . . . .Dona Nobis Pacem
George Gershwin . . . . . . . . . . . . Porgy and Bess          Antonio Vivaldi
                                          (concert version)     . . . . . . . . . . . . Gloria, Stabat Mater & Te Deum

     JOINJoin BAC!
                                  Go to

                                    BAC! BAC!
                                    to schedule an audition.

                                                 Talent is everywhere.
                                               It only needs nurturing.


                                 Clear Lake Banking Center
                                                     Member FDIC

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888 Bistro                 Mark Lamere, Jr.
                                                     Support BAC
Access Self Storage           State Farm Insurance
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   Houston                 My Flooring America
Amegy Bank of Texas        Outback Steakhouse
League City                Percy C. Butcher, III,
Angeles Lai Zayas, MD         D.D.S.
B J’s Restaurants, Inc.    Phoenix Industrial              Remarkable Card
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   Directors               Positive Impressions              (code 2318)
Bay Area Youth Singers     Priscilla Ennis
Bosone’s                      Re/Max Clear Lake
Brian Worrell              Prosperity Bank
   Prudential              Red Lobster
Bright Futures             Reliability Direct
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Co Co’s Hair Salon            tory Equipment
Connie Carmichael          St. Pius V Catholic
Crystal Dry Cleaners          Church
Deer Park Animal           Sterling Bank                      The Bay Area Chorus
                                                                   44th Season • Keith Dixon, Musical Director

   Hospital                Tasos & Sons Jewelers
Douglas A. Terry,          Village on the Park
   D.O.S.                  Wallpapers Inn
Frickey Insurance
Gardner - State Farm
   Insurance                                                          Spotlight on Singing
Garner Vision Center                                         Featuring Composer and Song Leader Nick Page
                                                                       This concert is presented in memory of
Greek Deli Café                                                        Andrew Alfonso Palmer (1928 - 2008)

   & Imports                                                                Sunday, February 8, 4:00 p.m.
                                                                               Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
                                                                        18220 Upper Bay Road, Nassau Bay, TX 77058

Guardian Angel Health                                                The Bay Area Chorus, Keith Dixon, Musical Director
                                                                   Guests Bay Area Youth Singers, Deborah Tidwell, Director

Hilton                                                                     The Bay Area Chorus is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance

Interiors by Decorating
   Den Susan Venier
Kim Jewelers
                                                          The Bay Area Chorus
Kwik-Kopy Printing                                    44rd Season • Spotlight on Singing

Las Haciendas
                                                             Program Design/Layout
Los Ramirez
                                                               by Sandy Newcomb
Lymphedema Centers
Mainland Allergy
   Clinic                                                    ’TUDES Graphic Design
Mainland Pulmonary                                   832.851.5604 •
“Music may achieve the highest of all missions:
                                                     Bay Area
she may be a bond between nations, races, and
states, who are strangers to one another in many
ways; she may unite what is disunited, and bring
           peace to what is hostile.”
             — Dr. Max Bendiner                    Estred Schwantes

                                                     Paul Ofield
                                                     1965 - 1967

                                                   Robert Herring

                                                   Robert Bennett

                                                      Dr. Wayne
                                                     1968 - 1969

                                                      Ray Witt
                                                     1969 - 1970

                                                    Milton Pullen
                                                    1970 - 1975

                                                    Dr. Ray Moore
                                                     1975 - 1988

                                                      Rob Seible
                                                     1988 - 1995

                                                     Keith Dixon
                                                     1995 - 2009
             BAY AREA ChORuS
                                 44th Season

                       Keith Dixon, Musical Director
  • • 713.684.6030

                         Illumination: intellectual or
                            spiritual enlightenment.

     Explore the rich heritage of Scandinavian and Baltic choral music in
the Bay Area Chorus presentation of “Northern Lights”. The BAC season finale
        also will feature high school, church and university ensembles
                         performing a varied repertoire.

  April 26 Tickets: $7 in advance; at the door $10 Adults -$8 Students/Sr. 65+
                     May 3: no admission fee; donations only

                    Sunday, April 26, 4:00 p.m.
                  Friendswood United Methodist Church
               110 Friendswood Dr., Friendswood, TX 77546
                Guests: Friendswood uMc Spirit Singers
                         Candy Bernsen, Director
                   Alvin High School chamber choir
                          Brenda Music, Director
                     bay Area chorus Priscilla ennis
                 High School Vocal Scholarship winner
                   bay Area chorus elizabeth dennard
                 High School Vocal Scholarship winner

                      Sunday, May 3, 6:00 p.m.
                      First Methodist Church Houston
                   1320 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002
                   Guests: First uMc Sanctuary choir
                             Mike Ware, Director
                   Prairie View A & M concert chorale
                            A. Jan Taylor, Director
  Three Locations:
  South I 45 @ Dixie Farm Rd., Houston
       4400 Underwood, Deer Park
   15800 Space Center Blvd, Houston

What you can Expect:
   • No deposits, no long term contracts
      • Professional on-site managers
       • 24 hour surveillance cameras
            • 7 days a week access
        • All units climate controlled
        • All units 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 30’
      • Use our truck free to move in!

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