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Send form to: homegate Ltd., Advertisements, P.O. Box, CH-8645 Jona, Switzerland

   Advertising your property is this easy!

                                                                                     The advertising form:
                                                                                     You can describe your property in detail
                                                                                     on this form and send it in with a maxi-
                                                                                     mum of nine pictures (photos or floor
                                                                                     plans), an information file or form or a
                                                                                     film of the property.

                                                                                     If you have any questions, please con-
                                                                                     tact the team:
                                                                       (1)           E-mail:
                                                                                     Telephone: 0848 300 300
                                                                                     Fax: 0848 300 301


   Please print when filling out the form.

   Contact address
   (Information will be publicised upon contact from interested parties.)

   (1) Last name, first name                                                            Frau          Herr      Firma

         Private tel.*                                              Business tel.*

         Mobile phone*                                              Fax (see price list)

   (2) E-mail
         (Either e-mail or fax is necessary. E-mail address will not be publicised at;
          Fax will be charged separately, see pricelist)

   (3) Inspection date/Availability
         (Specify if desired, e.g., from 17.00)

   * Please specify at least one telephone number.

   Invoice address
   (This information will not be publicised. It is only used for invoicing and possible checks.)

   Last name, first name                                                                Ms      Mr           Company

   Address                                                          Post Code, City

   Private tel.*                                                    Business tel.*

   Mobile phone*                                                    Fax

   * Please specify at least one telephone number for possible questions from homegate AG
   (accessible between 8.00 to 17.00).

   valid from: 01.01.08
Property information

(4) Street, No.:                                                                          Property type:
                                                                                          (tick off as required)
      Post code, City:                          Canton:
                                                                                           >   Flat
(5) No. of rooms:                           (6) Available from:                                   Flat
                                                                                                  Top floor flat
      No. of apartments:                                                                          Maisonette
                                                                                                  Attic stylistic flat
(7) Year built:                             (8) Floors:   (-1, GF, 1, 2, 3, etc.)                 Terrace flat
      (if available)                            only for apartments                               Loft
(9) Property type: Please tick off in column at right >                                           Single room
                                                                                                  Furnished flat
                                                                                                  Bachelor flat

                                                                                           >   House
                                                                                                 One-family house
                                                                                                 Two-family house
                               (4)                                                               Terrace house
                             (5)                                                                 Farm house
                                                                                                 Apartment house
                          (7)                                                                    Residential/business building
                                                                                           >   Trade/Industry
                                                                                                 Office rooms
                                                                                                 Trade rooms
   Property for rent                          Property for sale                                  Industrial land
                                                                                                 Agrarian land
Living space                                                                         m2          Storage rooms
                                                                                                 Storage area
Living space net                                                                     m2          Practice rooms
                                                                                                 Industrial object
Living space gross                                                                   m2          Hotel
Volume                                                                               m3          Agricultural business
Room height                                                                          m           Nursery
Max. floor loading (Industry)                                                        kg          Dairy
                                                                                                 Hairdresser’s shop
Avg. net rent                                                                       CHF          Misc.
Avg. subsidiary costs                                                               CHF
                                                                                           >   Parking space
Avg. gross rent                                                                     CHF          Outside parking space
                                                                                                 Underground space
Per                    month         year     week            day           m 2/year             Single garage
                                                                                                 Double garage
                                                                                                 Underground slot
Sales price                                                                         CHF

      Purchase price per m2 (only for industrial objects and plot)

valid from: 01.01.08
Supplementary property data

Indicate the title of your advertisement here:
Examples for titles are given in the column at the right.

(10)Advertisement title:
Do not repeat the flat size and location. The address is added on automatically. Max. 70 characters.

                                                                                 Examples for advertisement titles

                                                                                  > Rooms and flats
                                                                                 Stylish, modern city flat/newly reno-
                                                                                 vated, wheelchair-accessible flat/fur-
                                                                                 nished room in a centralised resi-
                                                                                 dential area/cared for, well-suited for
                                                                                 children/in new trendy quarter/ pre-
                                                                                 ferred site

                                                                                  > Houses
                                                                                 Apartment house in quiet area, easily
                                                                                 accessible transportation/single-
                                                                                 family house quarter/house on lake/
                                              (12)                               quiet, central location/bright, sunny,
                                                                                 well-taken-care-of single-family
                       (11)                                                      house/luxurious construction/beauti-
                                                                                 ful garden
                                                      (14) See next page          > Trade and industry
                                                                                 Office rooms in the best location/
                                                                                 representative office in top location/
                                                                                 sales rooms on two floors/office buil-
                               (13)                                              ding at preferred business site/ store-
                                                                                 house near motorway access/
(11)Standard data: (please tick off as required)                                 modern office and industrial areas
      View                                 Lift
      Balcony/Outside area                 Parking space outside                  > Building land

      Fireplace                            Garage /Covered                       Preferred land on south-west corner/
      Area well suited for children        parking space                         fully enclosed building land/building
      Cable TV                             ISDN Anschluss                        land for single-family house/office
                                                                                 and industrial building land/sunny lot
      Accessible for wheelchairs
                                                                                 on river/lot for four-floor apartment
      Pets allowed                                                               house/building land bordering on
                                                                                 agricultural zone
    Please enclose associated pictures (max. 9)                                   > Parking spaces
    (inside and outside pictures, plans, etc.)                                   Parking spaces near railway
                                                                                 station/dry single garage/double
(13)Approximate distance in metres:                                              garage in village centre/garage places
                                                                                 with automatic wash facilities/boxes
     Kindergarten                  approx.                        metres         in modern underground car
                                                                                 park/lockable individual boxes/car
     Primary school                approx.                        metres         park in business centre

                                                                                  > Site description
     Second level school           approx.                        metres
                                                                                 Borders on agricultural zone/quiet
                                                                                 location/sloping site/southern
     Shopping possibilities        approx.                        metres         site/well-suited for children/minutes
                                                                                 away from the city/located in the old
     Public transportation         approx.                        metres         town/non-construction location/beau-
                                                                                 tiful site with extensive view/near
     Motorway                      approx.                        metres         school and recreation area

valid from: 01.01.08
Your detailled property description

(14)See previous page.
    Please use the space provided (The text can also be sent as a       Example of a property
    Word document on a floppy disk.)                                    description

                                                                        Site: sunny, quiet, lake view, low-tax
                                                                        community, newly renovated, near
                                                                        motorway access. Rooms: separate
                                                                        bath/WC, kitchen-living room combi-
                                                                        nation, separate cellar and attic, 2
                                                                        balconies, terrace, winter garden, gal-
                                                                        lery, generously built. Description
                                                                        of individual floors: Basement floor:
                                                                        cellar, natural cellar, emergency
                                                                        shelter, washroom, boiler room, addi-
                                                                        tional storage room, party room,
                                                                        hobby room. Ground floor: Entry with
                                                                        built-in closets, cloakroom, kitchen,
                                                                        bath/WC, winter garden. Upper floor:
                                                                        3 bedrooms (m2 of each room),
                                                                        bath/WC, balcony, terrace, gallery.
                                                                        Appointments: various built-in clo-
                                                                        sets, dishwasher, ceramic oven, grani-
                                                                        te flooring, oven at eye level,
                                                                        own washing machine/dryer, bath-
                                                                        room with tub/shower/WC,
                                                                        bathtub with shower wall, double
                                                                        sinks, double washbasin, Swedish
                                                                        oven, lift directly to flat, sauna, swim-
                                                                        ming pool, floor heating, oil or
                                                                        distant heating, solar energy. Floor
                                                                        covering: all rooms with parquet,
                                                                        wall-to-wall carpeting, earthenware
                                                                        floor, laminate. Walls: wallpaper,
                                                                        panelling, plaster. Surroundings:
                                                                        garden seating area/(patio), garden
                                                                        fireplace, swimming pool, lawn, gar-
                                                                        den, hedges and trees, garages.
                                                                        Joint use: kitchen, bathroom, wash
                                                                        machine, garden, community rooms.
                                                                        Business/industry: well-kept
                                                                        office, full show windows, air-conditio-
                                                                        ned, lift, own kitchen, WCs available,
                                                                        parking spaces available.

Cancellation (stop advertisement)
Following a successful advertisement, we kindly request that you immediately inform us per e-mail at, Tel. 0848 300 300 or fax 0848 300 301 so we can delete the advertise-
ment. Please note that the duration time of the ad cannot be fixed in advance.

This agreement is also governed by the homegate AG Conditions for Advertisers and General Conditions
of Business.

Enclosures:            Number of photos: Number of floor plans:         Number of diskettes: Other:

Place, date                              Signature

Please mail this form to: homegate Ltd., Advertisements, P.O. Box, CH-8654 Jona, Switzerland

valid from: 01.01.08
Price list for private customers – single ads using the advertisement
form registration

Basic rate                                                         Price incl. VAT
(the advertisement has no fixed term and so must                   CHF 125.00      per ad
always be stopped via e-mail, telephone or fax)

Advertising rates

 > A property with text and max. 9 pictures                        CHF    2.50       per day*
   Formats: gif /jpg/jpeg
 > Picture scanning and processing or placing online               CHF 15.00         per picture/non-recurring
   electronically configured pictures


Property documentation/forms
 > Publication of property documentation (e. g. building           CHF    0.80       per day**
   description) or forms (e. g. rental contracts)
   Formats: doc/pdf (max. 10 MB)
 > Scanning and processing or placing online                       CHF 15.00         per document or form/
   electronically configured documentation                                           non-recurring

Property films
 > Publication of a film of the property                           CHF    0.80       per day**
   Formats: .mpeg/.mpg/.avi/.mov/.rpm/.wmv/.mp4/
   .flv (max. 15 MB)
 > Processing and placing online a property film                   CHF 30.00         per room view, one-time cost

Additional services
 > Forward message to interested party by fax                      CHF 25.00         per day**
   (forwarding to interested party by e-mail is included
   in the basic rate)
* The minimum flat rate is fifteen publication days at Fr. 2.50 (holds also for short-term ads).
** Maximum one document or one form, one ImmoViewer as well as one property film per advertisement.

Calculation example
Publicising a property with 3 pictures
at                                                 CHF      125.00    Advertisement basic rate
                                                                   CHF       45.00    Picture processing
A) Advertisement period: 40 days                                   CHF      100.00    Advertising rate   1)

          40 days at CHF 2.50                          Total A:    CHF     270.00     (incl. VAT)

B) Advertisement period: 10 days                                   CHF      125.00    Advertisement basic rate
          15 days at CHF 2.50 (minimum flat rate)                  CHF       45.00    Picture processing
                                                                   CHF       37.50    Advertising rate   2)

                                                       Total B:    CHF     207.50     (incl. VAT)
Important note
Publicising: Advertisements go online one working day after receipt by post. There is no fixed run time. Neverthe-
less, a minimum flat rate of 15 days (for shorter publications) will be invoiced. Deletion: Following a successful
advertisement, we kindly request that you immediately cause deletion of your ad by notifying us by e-mail a
t, by telephone at 0848 300 300 or by fax at 0848 300 301. The advertisement will
then be deleted on the next working day. Pictures, documents / forms, room views, ImmoViewer and property
films: Delivery by post or electronically. Because we wish to provide you with the highest possible quality standard, the
processing (of photos, floor plans, documents / forms and films) is generally done by Production costs
are not included in the advertisement price. Invoicing: The basic rate as well as the one-time costs (scanning pictures,
placing films online, etc.) are issued following insertion of the ad. Charges resulting from the run period of the ad
will be invoiced every two months or, at the latest, upon deletion of the ad. Please observe the advertising
conditions and general business conditions. Information: You can reach us at:,
Telefone: +41 (0) 848 300 300, Fax: +41 (0) 848 300 301

valid from: 01.07.09
Advertising conditions at homegate Ltd.

1.                                            authorised to make copies of the soft-      cepts no liability for the unauthorised
Applicability                                 ware, insofar as its use is in accordance   acquisition of knowledge by third par-
These advertising conditions define           with usage as defined by the contract       ties of personal customer data (e. g. by
the contractual relationship between          and/or is necessary as a result of legal    unauthorised access by hackers on the
the customer and homegate Ltd. with           storage obligations. All other uses by      database). Further Ltd., homegate is
respect to advertisements. When ad-           the customer are forbidden. In partic-      not liable for the consequences of non-
vertising with homegate, the advertis-        ular, the customer does not have the        publication of illegal or supposedly il-
ing conditions are considered as ac-          responsibility of transferring the data     legal advertisements of customers and
cepted.                                       acquisition software either as original     for the misuse of its Internet platform
                                              or in the form of partial or complete       by third parties.
2.                                            copies to third parties, nor of otherwise
homegate Ltd. services/                       making accessible or changing, modi-        10.
advertisement types                           fying or reverse engineering the data       Rights
homegate Ltd. offers a platform on the        acquisition software.                       All rights to programs, features, proce-
Internet within the scope of “real es-                                                    dures, designs, software, technologies,
tate for tenant and landlord” as well         7.                                          brand names, companies, inventions
as for “those interested in purchasing        Data protection                             and all material which relates in some
and selling”.                                 The customer or agent allows home-          way to the “” platform
                                              gate to integrate the advertisement         lie with homegate Ltd. or their suppli-
3.                                            with associated elements (such as text,     ers. The rights of customer-delivered
Duration/cancellation                         pictures, logos, etc.) into online serv-    text (e. g. brands, copyrights, rights to
This advertising contract is concluded        ices as well as into the services of its    names, etc.) belong to the customer
between the customer and homegate             contractual partners, to use it for their   alone.
Ltd. for an indefinite period. Individual     own purposes or to otherwise publicise
advertisements are publicised until           and process for this purpose. homeg-        11.
cancelled by the customer. Profession-        ate Ltd. obligates itself to comply with    Calculating the advertisement/
al property sellers having electronic         legal data protection regulations but       payment conditions
interfaces are to comply with a writ-         cannot comprehensively guarantee the        The price list forms the basis for cal-
ten notice one month in advance for a         confidentiality, integrity, authenticity    culations and payment conditions of
month’s-end contract cancellation.            and availability of personal data. The      advertisements. The price list of the
                                              customer particularly takes cognisance      individual advertisements is acces-
4.                                            of the fact that personal data are also     sible in the currently valid version at
Advertisement procedure                       accessible in states that have no data      www.
The customer or customer’s authorised         protection regulations comparable to
agent supplies the online advertise-          those of Switzerland.                       12.
ment electronically or by means of an                                                     Tariff changes
advertisement form. Pictures, logos or        8.                                          Tariff changes are reserved. They af-
artwork are transmitted online as GIF         Customer liability                          fect all advertisements simultaneously
or JPG picture files.                         The customer is entirely responsible        and are also applied to active orders.
An “ok to print” is assumed when the          for the content of the advertisement.       The advertiser, however, has the right
customer sends the advertisement re-          homegate Ltd. accepts no responsi-          within two weeks from the introduction
quest.                                        bility for the content of such adver-       of a new price, to withdraw from the
                                              tisements. The customer guarantees          contract. In this case, the tariff is cal-
5.                                            homegate that the delivered adver-          culated on a pro rata basis using the
Publicising advertisements                    tisement respects the law and, in par-      old tariff.
homegate Ltd. reserves the right to           ticular, does not violate the rights of
request changes in the advertisement          third parties (e.g. copyrights) or fulfil   13.
content at any time or to refuse or stop      criminal offences. The customer is also     Additional provisions
advertisements without specifying rea-        obligated to make truthful statements       Additional provisions include the Gener-
sons. Advertising that will be publicised     and is responsible for the current state    al Terms of Business of homegate Ltd.,
will be that presenting offers which          of the data. This includes deleting the     the disclaimer on “” as
refer to other sources as opposed to          advertisement or having it deleted at       well as the privacy policy of homegate
advertisements making no specific of-         the latest three days after allocation or   Ltd. These documents are accessible in
fer of objects, which will specifically not   sale of the respective object.              their latest formulation at www.home-
be publicised. Also not to be publicised      The customer exempts homegate Ltd., This version of the advertise-
will be those advertisements which, in        its agencies and ancillary personnel, as    ment conditions is a translation. The
the judgement of homegate Ltd., are il-       far as legally possible, from any claims    current German version, which can be
legal or which violate the rights of third    of third-party claims. If homegate Ltd.     accessed at, is the
parties.                                      is lawfully prosecuted, the customer is     exclusively definitive version. Insofar
                                              obligated to join the process following     as these conditions do not contain any
6.                                            any ensuing disagreement announce-          deviating regulations, the rules of the
Data acquisition program                      ment. The customer is, in any case,         works contract (Art. 363 ff. OR) are in
Upon request, homegate Ltd. makes             obligated to accept all accruing judicial   effect for the contractual relationship.
available to customers against com-           and non-judicial costs in connection
pensation a data acquisition program          with the demands of third parties.          14.
for logging data. homegate assigns                                                        Applicable rights and
the customer a personal non-exclusive         9.                                          court of jurisdiction
right, limited for the period of the con-     Limited liability of homegate               This agreement is subject to Swiss law.
tract and non-transferrable, to use           homegate Ltd. cannot guarantee at any       Place of jurisdiction for all disputes in
the data acquisition software as di-          time the regular or uninterrupted use       connection with the use of services on
rected within the scope of the current        or accessibility of the “” is the registered offices of
contract. In addition, the customer is        Internet platform. homegate Ltd. ac-        homegate Ltd.

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