Outdoor Education

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					Outdoor Education

  David Cavicchiolo
         Outdoor Ed at KSC
 Outdoor Education was introduced at KSC
  in 2005

 Yr.10 Semester long Elective
 VCE Units 1&2 (OES)
  Yr. 10 Outdoor Education Elective
      Information for Parents and
         Prospective Students
 Outdoor Education aims to develop students’
  practical skills, and encourage meaningful
  interaction with the outdoor environment through
  theory sessions and practical experiences in
  various pursuits and natural environments.

 This unit aims to provide students with physical,
  sensory and intellectual competencies and skills
  required for safe, meaningful and recreational
  exploration and protection of the outdoors.
                Course Structure
 Areas of Study
       Bushwalking
          – Minimal impact
          – Planning
          – Skills
       Canoeing
          – Journey experience
       Orienteering
          – Navigation
       Rockclimbing
          – Knots
          – Safe practices
   – Each unit of study contains Theory and Practical components

 Work Requirements / Assessment Tasks
       Practical/theory work
          – demonstrated skill development and application in the outdoors (safe
             planning / participation, etc)
       Participation in lessons and excursions
          – Trip journal / logbook
       Tests (theoretical and practical)
       Major Assignment
            Course Structure
 Decide what approach to take…

     “Learn about looking after the natural environment
      while participating in recreational activities”

     What are your personal views / ideas?
     What message do you want to send to your
  Considerations when planning
 Geographical factors
      What activities / locations for practical trips can be
       easily accessed in the local area?
 What are you comfortable teaching?
      Relevant qualifications / skills
 What topics are relevant to the local area?
      Current issues / areas of research & investigation
        – Ie. Wind farms, high plain grazing, etc…
        Considerations cont…
 Staffing
      How many staff do you need?
      What qualifications do they need?
      Where will the staff come from?
 Timing
      Plan early and lock the dates in to the yearly school
 Number of students
      Does the class have to be capped at a certain
        – Consider safety / logistical requirements & limitations
  Practical Excursions/Activities
 Follow school protocol
 Excursion kit
  – Medical forms
      Sometimes general school medical forms, etc are not
       comprehensive enough for Outdoor Ed.
  – Permission forms
  – Risk management forms
      Deet
      Guidelines
      Proformas
            Some Resources…