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					Mimbres-Paquime Connection
Membership Meeting
January 19, 2005
Days Inn Conference Center, Lordsburg, New Mexico

Those in attendance: George Pintar; Bill Hayes; Carol Hayes; Allen Rosenberg; Armando
Martinez; Cissy McAndrew; Linda McArthur; Keith LeMay; Jim Gustafson; Frank Chiprich;
Sandy Broadbent; Pansy McDonald.

The meeting was called to order by President George Pintar at 2 p.m.

Following review of the December minutes, it was moved and seconded that the December
minutes be approved. Motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was given verbally by Treasurer Frank Chiprich. The current account
balance as of January 12, 2005 is $15, 374.74. This is not counting the restricted funds, allocated
for the publication of the Trail of Enchantment Magazine. President George Pintar advised there
were enough funds remaining for approximately three months of operating expenses. It was
moved and seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be approved. Motion carried.

The MPC Officers for 2005 were announced: George Pintar will continue as President; Ken
Sweetser as Vice-President; Richard Olson as Secretary; and Frank Chiprich will continue as

A progress report on the MPC Trail of Enchantment Magazine was given by Executive Director
Sandy Broadbent. There are still several remaining advertising slots to fill for the first issue.
Suggested advertising contacts named were: Phillip Skinner Furniture Factory Outlet in
Columbus; Dona Maria’s Tortillas in Palomas; Mercedes at the Paquime Museum in Casas
Grandes that is operated by INAH; the Columbus Historical Society; and Mexico Adventures.
Linda McArthur will provide contact information for the owner of the Hacienda Hotel in Nuevo
Casas Grandes. The MPC website is being updated monthly for events, meeting minutes and
announcements. The remainder of the site will be completed upon publication of the first issue of
Trail of Enchantment Magazine and receipt of Chihuahua information from Chihuahua members.
No word yet on any potential additional funding from the National Park Service, SW Strategy and
the NM Dept. of Agriculture. Contact will hopefully be made with Ramon Olivas at the next SW
Strategy meeting in February. No responses have been received regarding the Honorary Board of
Directors. No reply has been received from Richard Mohr at Phelps Dodge regarding the guard
shack donations. Linda McArthur suggested that Sandy contact Rudy Martinez to check on the

A potential funding progress report was given by Bill Hayes of SW Professional Management
Group. A full, standard proposal is in progress. Permission was given for the MPC logo to be
placed on letterhead for proposal submissions. George advised that he has sent information on
MPC to the head of USAID. The information described the similarities between MPC economic
development goals, with those of the Partners of America Project. George has requested
$300,000 from USAID for training, the MPC Magazine, and communications. USAID funding is

George discussed the MPC 2004 Annual Report. The final version will be sent to Ken to be
placed on the MPC website. The January MPC Executive Board Meeting was held on January 10,
2005. All officers, the Executive Director, and Bill and Carol Hayes were in attendance. MPC
Loop Tour Development was discussed. At the present time, self-guided tours are being
promoted through the rack cards. Expansion of the Board of Directors to include members of the
NPS, the US Forest Service, and the US Senators was discussed. Cissy stated that MPC has
always had “Ex-Oficio” Board Members to include representatives from all of the agencies
mentioned. Discussion was held regarding MPC support for the Columbus Farmers’ Market.
Allen advised the project is going strong, with lots of support from local residents. Approval is
being sought from the Village Council for a Community Garden. Cissy and Linda advised that in
Silver City the Farmers Market is coordinated through the Main Street Project and is held from
May through October. Once the Columbus Market is started, it will be promoted as an MPC
destination activity for both Columbus and Silver City. The February meeting was scheduled to
be held in Columbus at 2 p.m. on February 16, 2005. Boomer will secure the Rec Hall at Pancho
Villa State Park.

George provided a report on the MPC route signage project. The signs are being produced by the
NM Department of Transportation and should be completed by the end of February. Frank
reported on the May 2005 Heritage Month activites. The deadline for calendar submissions is
February 15th. Local submissions to be included are the Downtown Deming Walking Tour; a
Columbus Historical Tour; and a Silver City submission that Cissy and Richard Olson are working
on. It is possible that the Deming Chamber of Commerce will have a submission as well.

Discussion ensued regarding the expansion of Old West Country. Keith distributed OWC
promotional CD Roms for all in attendance. Keith advised that OWC had been focusing on
developing better communication between the different levels of tourism in the region in order to
eliminate overlap. It was motioned and seconded that George Pintar be the MPC representative to
OWC as he already attends. Motion carried. Pansy McDonald advised that the Shakespeare Ghost
Town would hopefully be approved as a NM State Park during the upcoming Legislative Session.

It was motioned and seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned by President George Pintar at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted for approval,

Sandy L. Broadbent

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