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MAC Leadership Team Corporate Tour 2006 - JSU Metro Atlanta Chapter


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									                                  Newsletter for Metro Atlanta Chapter, Inc.
                            Jackson State University National Alumni Association, Inc.
                P. O. Box 57122 ▪ Atlanta, GA 30343 ▪ Phone: 404-266-7933 ▪ Fax: 404-244-6260
Website: www.jsumac.com                                                            E-Mail: jsunaamac@hotmail.com
                                              Oct Nov Dec 2006
 MAC Leadership Team                      Corporate Tour 2006: A Complete Success!
                                                              Written by: Jamie D. Amos
   Yolanda Owens, ‘97                                                                     October 4-7th, 2006,
                                                                                          marked the 2nd Corporate
   1st Vice President                                                                     Tour for the Metro-Atlanta
    Jamie Amos, ‘00                                                                       Chapter, and with grace
                                                                                          and style, we pulled off
   2nd Vice President                                                                     another successful event.
    Ranetta Goss, ‘94                                                                     Forty students were
                                                                                          received from all majors
       Treasurer                                                                          and classifications, along
 Yolanda Stringfellow, ‘91                                                                with three chaperones. We
                                                                                          visited numerous
       Secretary                                                                          corporations in a two-day
   Mariama Curry, ‘79                                                                     jam packed schedule, but
                                                                                          also sneaked in a few
     Parliamentarian           moments for everyone to have a little bit of fun.
    Richard Taylor, ‘85
                               We started the first day at AIG headed by Dexter Griffin, then moved to Clayton
  Immediate Past Pres.         County School District headed by Sharon Brown, then next to the Federal Reserve
    Terry Woodard, ‘88         Bank hosted by Nell Campbell-Drake, all of whom are proud Alumni. That evening
                               ended with a welcome reception where executives from Coca Cola came in and
    Committee Chairs           speak to the students. They gave great advice on working in the corporate world and
                               some personal experiences that touched many at hand.
     Alumni Affairs
   Sylvester Taylor , ‘84      The second day started at American Cancer Society where we were amazed at the
    Claudia Green, 57          many opportunities available to different majors at a non-profit organization. We then
                               cruised over to the CDC where alumnus Ken Archer headed up the tour. We then
   Campus Activities           had an information session where the students learned about managing money from
   Richard Taylor, ‘85         Mr. Otis Livingston of EFX Oracle, while some students were granted an interview
                               with different companies. We ended the day at the Atlanta Fun Zone, where we
 Community Service &           played games, bowled, and dance our little hearts out. It was great to let down our
     Membership                hair from two full days of serious interactions. This was a wonderful opportunity for
   Ranetta Goss, ‘94           students and we even received the following letter from one of the participants:

      Fundraising                      “My name is Anita Bonner. I was one of students on the Corporate
    Terry Woodard, 88                  Tour Trip. I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to meet
                                       the different corporations. It was a beautiful experience and the
    Public Relations                   knowledge I received was beneficial. You all did a great job with the
    Tiffany Amos, ‘02                  tour, and next year will be even better! Thank you again and I hope
                                       to hear from you soon”
  Student Recruitment
    Ester Denson, ‘69
                               I want to personally thank the committee for being such hard workers: Yolanda
                               Owens, Ranetta Goss, Yolanda Stringfellow, Robinette Rasberry, Kenneth Archer,
                               Reginald Johnson, and Richard Taylor. And I also want to thank the Alumni who
                               worked hard to get us the opportunity to visit their companies and organizations:
                               Dexter Griffin, Sharon Brown, Nell Campbell-Drake, and Ken Archer. I would also
                               like to thank Alan Stewart and Robinette Rasberry for bringing in Suntrust Bank
                               representative interview our bright young students.

404-266-7933                            JSUNAA Metro Atlanta Chapter Inc.                             www. jsumac.com
       Metro Atlanta Chapter Claims
      Two JSU Hall of Fame Inductees
Jackson State University inducted nine former standout
athletes into the JSU Sports Hall of Fame during its annual
banquet at 11:30 a.m., Saturday, November 4, 2006 at the
Mississippi e-Center.                                                               By Richard Taylor

JSU President Ronald Mason Jr. and JSU Athletics Director      Dashing through the snow on a cold Friday night on a one
Robert Braddy introduced the inductees during the pre-         horse open sleigh…The Jackson State University National
game activities for the Jackson State vs. Alabama A&M          Alumni Association Metro Atlanta Chapter, Inc. had its
football game.                                                 annual Christmas Party at Yorkshire Subdivision in
                                                               Decatur, GA on December 08, 2006. Alumni and friends
This year’s inductees include Eva Freeman Anderson, the        came from parts unknown in Metro Atlanta to our
late Harold L. Bishop, Vivian Brown, Leon Campbell,            Christmas celebration. We had educators, scientists,
Robert E. Frith, Daryl Jones, Vernon Perry, Yolanda K.         engineers, corporate executives, accountants, financial
Stringfellow and Lori T. Swanier. Vivian & Yolanda are         planners, real estate tycoons, small business owners,
both life members of the JSUNAA and members of the             actors, singers and many more that rocked to the Electric
Metro Atlanta Chapter.                                         Slide and broke it down to Silent Night. Several guests
                                                               won door prizes like the Suntrust Gift Certificate and the
               Vivian Brown – A former track/field star who    Baby Tiger. Also, we had great food and an excellent JSU
               earned a Bachelor of Science in                 Tiger cake.
               meteorology from Jackson State, Brown is
               now an on-camera meteorologist for The          Some of the VIPs who attended the Christmas Party
               Weather Channel. She also holds the             included President Yolanda Owens in her Delta Red
               distinguished Television Seal of Approval for   greeting the guests. JSUNAA Southeast Regional Vice-
Broadcast Meteorology from the American Meteorological         President Keith Adams showcased his state of the art
Society and the National Weather Association.                  Digital Camera.       2nd Vice-President Ranatta Goss
                                                               strutting her stuff on the dance floor. Alumni Member
               Yolanda K. Stringfellow – A SWAC                Shannon Manning delivering presents in her Santa Claus
               Academic Athlete of the Year, Stringfellow      Suit. Alumni Member Curtis Augustine getting ready for
               won a conference tennis doubles title and       the starring role in Men in Black. Then for the final send
               two SWAC doubles runner-up finishes.            off Alumni Member Lillie Carter singing her rendition of
               Stringfellow was a versatile, scholar athlete   “What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas?”
               who participated in a variety of activities
while at Jackson State, including the JSU orchestra,
Accounting Society, Student Advisory Council, Alpha            Alumni member Brenda Davis said, “The 2006 Christmas
Lambda Delta Honor Society, Delta Mu Delta Honor Society       Party was a huge success with the great food, decorations
and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She currently resides in      and music”. Stay tuned for exciting upcoming events
Ellenwood, Ga. and works as an accountant for ING              sponsored by the Jackson State University National
Financial Services. Yolanda currently serves as Treasurer      Alumni Association Metro Atlanta Chapter, Inc.
for the Metro Atlanta Chapter.

     MAC hosts dinner for Men’s B’Ball
       Team during visit to Atlanta

                                                                     MAC officers at 2006 Holiday Party (left to right)
                                                                     Yolanda Stringfellow, Ranetta Goss, Jamie Amos,
                                                                      Mariama Curry, Yolanda Owens, Richard Taylor

404-266-7933                              JSUNAA Metro Atlanta Chapter Inc.                               www. jsumac.com
               2006 High School Day                                         Southern Heritage Classic
         By: Yolanda Owens & Robinette Rasberry                                         By: Ranetta Goss

                                               The planning        September 16, 2006 the tigers traveled to Memphis to
                                               for the 2006        take on TSU. The excitement of the new football season
                                               High      School    was in the air. The Comegy era had begun at Jackson
                                                            and    State and we had won our season opener. The party bus
                                                    Community      left Atlanta around midnight headed to Memphis. Oops
                                               College      Day    can't tell you more because what happens on the bus,
                                               started out just    stays on the bus!! But I must say a great time was had by
                                               as every other      all. The game was a heart breaking loss in double
                                               year      before:   overtime by one point. After the devastation of the loss
                                               research bus        had started to ease, we realized that our Tigers had
                                                    companies,     played a great game and we can hold our heads up high.
send letters to high school counselors, and find chaperones        Next year will be our year, you should join us!!
for the trip. Just as every year before, the registrations were
coming in rather slowly and we didn’t even know if we’d be
able to fill a whole bus. All of a sudden, students were
coming from everywhere and our once slow registration
process exploded! Before we knew it, we had two 55
passenger buses full with a record of 88 students from the
Metro Atlanta Area. We also had 8 alumni chaperones and
about 10 parents & counselors to make the trip.

With students from all across the area, we scheduled pick
up locations in Decatur and Douglasville to add
convenience to the trip. Special thanks to Ms. Linda Rush
and her staff for making sure that Metro Atlanta received the                   Hands on Atlanta Day
royal treatment. When we arrived on campus, we were
greeted warmly by members of the Georgia Club, current             The first weekend in October is always a day to make
JSU students from the state of Georgia. They escorted our          good things happen. This year was no different for the
group to locker rooms for an opportunity to freshen up after       hard working members of the Metro Atlanta Chapter. Our
the 6 hour bus ride and then showed us to our reserved             project this year was Learn to Grow, which is a community
seats right up front in the AAC. The day’s activities provided     center in southwest Atlanta. This center is an after school
participants an opportunity to view the campus, browse the         and mentoring program for children. Most of the kids are
various     departmental     displays,   and     meet     with     from single parent homes. We rolled up our sleeves for a
administrators, department heads, faculty and students.            day of painting, inside and out. Of course the ladies
One student brought his transcripts and was able to apply          worked inside and the strong guys took on the outside
for admission on the spot! As a climatic event, we attended        painting. The center looked great. Mr. Vandergriff, the
the football game where the Tigers hosted the Devils of            center's director, was so excited and appreciative of our
Mississippi Valley State University at the Mississippi             attendance and hard work. This really made everything
Veterans Memorial Stadium.                                         worthwhile. We hope to work at this same location next
       MAC attends Recruitment Fairs

                              The Metro Atlanta Chapter
                              has been busy on the
                              recruitment trail for JSU.
                              This fall we participated in
                              several recruitment fairs
                              around the city.          In
                              September, we participated
                              with two fairs with the
                              Georgia Probe, at Southern
Polytechnic State University and StoneCrest Mall. During
the Probe Recruitment Fairs, we spoke to 100 students.
Next we were off to Southwest Dekalb High School in
October and again we talked to over 100 students. You can
see MAC is hard work for JSU!

404-266-7933                                JSUNAA Metro Atlanta Chapter Inc.                               www. jsumac.com
                                       News from the National Level

President Dr. Hilliard Lackey will convene the Mid-Winter Alumni Council Meeting the weekend of Feb. 23, 2007 in
Jackson. All alumni are invited to participate. To register or get more information about the meeting, contact Director of
Alumni Affairs and Constituency Relations, Gwen Caples at gwen.caples@jsums.edu or 601-979-6944

JSU National Alumni Association (JSUNAA) Chairperson, Claudia M. Greene, recently announced that nominations are
open for National and Regional Board Members. Individuals holding these positions will serve from July 1, 2007-June 30,
2010. Current national dues-paying members, financially active as of November 15, 2006, are eligible for nominations.
Individuals must pay national alumni dues by February 15, 2007 to vote in the election.

National dues-paying members should receive nomination forms the first week of January 2007. Individuals who have
not received 2006-2007 membership materials or nominating forms may contact Mr. Lonnie Simpson in the Office
of Alumni and Constituency Relations at 601- 979-2942 or Lonnie.simpson@jsums.edu.

                                                                2007 ELECTION SCHEDULE
                                    January 1, 2007     Nomination forms mailed to national dues-paying
                                   January 22, 2007     Nomination forms should be postmarked and
                                                        returned to JSUNAA Election Committee
                                   January 29, 2007     Nominees contacted for confirmation and acceptance
                                                        of nomination
                                  February 15, 2007     Deadline for submitting dues to be eligible to vote in
                                                        the election
                                  February 24, 2007     Announce nominees at Mid-Winter Alumni Council
                                                        Meeting; Nominees’ names posted on alumni website.
                                      March 5, 2007     Ballots mailed (with pre-addressed return envelope) to
                                                        all dues-paying members
                                      April 17, 2007    Ballots must be postmarked for return on this day.
                                       May 3, 2007      Winners notified
                                      May 12, 2007      New national and regional officers announced at
                                                        Alumni Day Meeting in Jackson

                             Jackson State University National Alumni Association
                                                         How to give more. Painlessly.

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                         shop on the Internet through the National Companies’ “Big N Marketplace” and JSUNAA is paid
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 members, faculty, employees, family members, friends, and supporters to purchase products from nationally
 recognized merchants. You can shop till you drop for clothing apparel, shoes, wedding gifts, athletic goods, flowers,
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 Thank you for your support.

 Jackson State University National Alumni Association
 Mrs. Audrey Fullilove-McCarty, Fundraising Chair
 Dr. Hilliard Lackey, President

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                                Metro Atlanta Chapter, Inc.
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We are also accepting tax-deductible donations for our 2005-06 scholarship fund. Please make your
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                               Please indicate amount enclosed below:
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