Character Sketch 9 copy.cwk by ert634


									                   English Grade 9
Character Sketch Outline
When writing a character sketch you should have 5 paragraphs.

Paragraph 1 -   consists of a basic introduction to the character
                (tell where the character lives, what the character
                looks like, what the character likes to do and why
                you picked this particular character.

     Sample -   Ponyboy Curtis was a young greaser who lived in the Oklahoma in the 1960's.
                He lived on the east side of his town and he lived with his two brothers Darry
                and Soda Pop. He was 14 years old and he was smart. He did fine in school
                and was even moved ahead a grade. He also ran on the track team.

Paragraph 2/3/4 – consists of the character traits that you are going
              to use to describe the character. These three
              paragraphs will be carbon copies of each other
              except you are going to describe a different
              character trait in each paragraph. Each paragraph
              should follow this template:

     1)   State –     tell the character trait
     2)   Explain – tell what the character trait means (give a
                      definition of the trait)
     3)   Example – give an example from the story to show this
                      character trait
     4)   Illustrate –explain how this example from #3 illustrates the
                      character trait.

     Sample -   The first character trait for Ponyboy is that he was stubborn. Stubborn means
                to be firm, determined and not easily controlled. A good example in the story
                that shows how he is stubborn is when he insisted on walking home from the
                movies by himself and without a switch or any other type of protection. This
                shows that he is stubborn because he didn't listen to the advice of his friends
                about walking around by himself. As a result he gets jumped and beaten up.

                A second character trait for Ponyboy is loyalty. To be loyal means to be faithful.
                An example in the story that depicts Ponyboy's loyalty is when he refuses to let
                Johnny run away by himself after the death of Bob Sheldon. This shows his
                loyalty because he stuck my Johnny and put himself into danger by leaving
                with him. He could have told Johnny that he didn't murder Bob and leave him
                on his own.
               Third Character Trait

Paragraph 5 – consists of a closing, tell what you learned about the
              character, tell whether the character changed during the
              story and whether you thought the character was a
              protagonist or an antagonist.

    Sample -   In conclusion I would like to say that Ponyboy was an interesting character. He
               learned a lot of lessons in the book and changed a lot. He learned to
                respect his brothers and to move forward in his life. I think he will be
               successful. Ponyboy would be considered a protagonist.

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