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Fundamentals by wuyunyi


									Annual Faculty/Staff Downtown
       Campus Update
        November 30, 2010
View of Downtown from Downtown Campus
       Enrollment Highlights
             Fall 2010
• Enrollment is 6,668 students, a 3.86%
  increase over Fall 2009
• Enrollments are 20% of total UTSA
• UG enrollment (5,248) is 20% of UTSA’s
  overall UG enrollment
• Graduate enrollment (1,420) is 33% of
  UTSA’s overall graduate enrollment
       Enrollment Highlights
             Fall 2010
• Credit hours generated are 43,505, a 9.4%
  increase over Fall 2009
• COPP and COA fastest growing colleges at
  the DT Campus
• 143 Early College students are enrolled
         Enrollment Highlights:
           Majors by College
•   Architecture---1,116 (total--1,182)
•   Business---733
•   Education---1,730
•   Engineering---103
•   Liberal & Fine Arts---944
•   Public Policy---1,132 (total--1,341)
•   Sciences---549
      Highlights from 2009-2010
•   Enriching Educational Experiences
•   Serving Society
•   Promoting Access & Affordability
•   Community Engagement
•   Expanding Resources & Infrastructure
       Enriching Educational
        Experiences (COA)
• BS in Interior Design and Master of
  Architecture accredited
• (with COPP) MS in Urban and Regional
  Planning implemented
• New Bachelor of Science in Construction
  Science and Management achieved
  ―Candidate Program Status‖
       Enriching Educational
        Experiences (COPP)
• SW students worked with recovering
  heroine addicts in Project Carino—and with
  HIV clients in collaboration with UT Health
  Science Center
• Demography produced its first Ph.D.
       Enriching Educational
        Experiences (COPP)
• Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration
• Nonprofit Administration and Leadership
  enrolled over 60 participants
• 2nd Annual Student Research Paper
  Competition conducted
• ―Law and Criminology without Borders‖
  hosted by CRJ & Mexico Center
      Enriching Educational
      Experiences (COEHD)
• New Master’s in School Psychology started
  with 50 new students
• SPSY program added 8 new courses
• Psychological Assessment and Consultation
  Center has a library, conference room,
  assessment materials and video equipment
  for supervision
       Enriching Educational
       Experiences (COLFA)
• Graduate students organized the ―Wild
  Tongues: Concepts of the Untamed in
  Scholarship, Teaching, Writing, and
  Beyond‖ conference
• Sponsored ―El Mundo Zurdo: An
  International Conference on the Life and
  Work of Gloria Anzaldua‖
       Enriching Educational
       Experiences (COLFA)
• Sponsored ―Decolonial Subject Formations
  at the Limits of Impunity: A Metareading of
  Making a Killing‖
       Enriching Educational
         Experiences (CS)
• Mexico Center hosted/sponsored a number
  of important conferences and presentations
  on international migration, assimilation and
• Mexico Center co-sponsored presentations
  on doing business in the U.S. (with IED),
  the architecture of Tatiana Bilbao (with
       Enriching Educational
         Experiences (CS)
• IED provided internships and service
  learning opportunities to more than 100
• IED and COB partnered with San Antonio
  SBDC to match senior-level accounting
  students with SBDC clients
     Enriching Educational
  Experiences (Student Affairs)
• Sports Court being built and aerobics and
  ballet dance floor being installed in
  Aerobics Room
• Student Activities initiated the Graduate
  Students & Faculty Social Hour
     Enriching Educational
  Experiences (Student Affairs)
• Student Activities held Constitution Day,
  Tournament Tuesdays, Brown Bag
  Matinees (13), Coffee House Performances
  (4), Cultural Programming (6); 4th Annual
  Family Fest
       Enriching Educational
• TRC initiated Investigating Career Options
• TRC provided additional academic support
  to COPP’s academic reinstatement students
• 34 freshman selected for the ACE Scholar-
  ship Program
      Serving Society (COPP)
• IDSER conducted needs assessment for the
  City of San Antonio’s Early Childhood
  Head Start Program
• IDSER produced projections for the
  overweight and obese population for Texas
  (with the Texas Comptroller’s Office)
      Serving Society (COPP)
• SW (with the CAPRI Center) is conducting
  a project to help foster youth transfer into
  higher education
• AH students conducted ―7 in Seven‖ service
  project during Spring Break
       Serving Society (COA)
• 300 STAR students participated in the
  City’s Historic Preservation Office on the
  clean-up of the Dignowity neighborhood
        Promoting Access &
• SW received three years of funding for
  scholarships for bilingual students
• SW enrollments grew to 190 students
• COA and the Construction Industry
  Advisory Council established 14 annual
  scholarships established for Construction
  Science and Management majors
        Promoting Access &
• P-20 continued Early College Program and
  various school projects
• Student Affairs offered campus tours; Visit
Community Engagement (COA)
• COA: The College and the City of San
  Antonio hosted a two-day Charrette
  focusing on the Frio Street Corridor
Community Engagement (COPP)
• Presented The Great Cities Dialogue:
  ―Great Cities in Dark Times‖
• Sponsored a forum entitled ―Public Policy
  and San Antonio’s Urban Landscape:
  Sustaining our Natural Heritage‖
• Sponsored Senator Van De Putte’s forum
  on ―Human Trafficking‖
Community Engagement (COPP)
• PAD hosted ―Conversation Starters‖
• CRJ hosted 3rd Annual Community
Community Engagement (COEHD)

• Psychological Assessment and Consultation
  Center provided community services
• Counseling faculty provided
  workshops/presentations on multi-student
  suicide, student substance abuse, and
• Counseling conducted weekly substance
  abuse counseling groups in Harlandale
Community Engagement (COEHD)

• Counseling faculty provided counseling
  services to adjudicated youth and their
  families at Judge Bull’s Juvenile Court
• Hosted the Texas Licensed Professional
  Counselor Board Meeting
     Community Engagement
• Presented The Crucible
• Implemented ―Downtown Campus Strings
       Community Engagement

• TRC hosted their annual High School
  Counselors Breakfast
• Student Activities provided a once a month
  personality assessment for 25 juvenile girls
  and family members at the Municipal Court
  Community Engagement (CS)
• IED served more than 37,000 clients, a
  16% increase than served in 2009
• P-20 established Mentoring Matters
• TRIO (with the SPURS) hosted the TRIO
  Day TEXAS at the AT&T Center
• Extended Education conducted Advanced
  Placement Seminar Institute
      Expanding Resources &
• DT Campus: GIS Research Lab established
  by Vice Provost, IDSER, COPP, & COA
• DT Campus: Significant hiring of faculty,
  administrators, and staff
• Student Affairs: DTC Technology Store
  opened; Transcript Service enhanced;
  Career Services relocated and expanded
• COPP: Dr. Lloyd Potter named the Texas
  State Demographer in March 2010
      Expanding Resources &
        Infrastructure (CS)
• IED established 2 new programs – the Rural
  Business Program and the Sustainable
  Business Program
• The International Trade Center created an
  SBDC model in Columbia and El Salvador.
• A website,, is under
      Expanding Resources &
        Infrastructure (CS)
• Extended Education: Acquired technology
  to create a web portal for continuing
  education activities throughout UTSA
• P-20 (with Academy for Teacher
  Excellence) awarded a 3-year grant from
  DE for $750,000
       Recognized Excellence
• COPP: AH received the Outstanding
  Certifications Benchmark Award
• COPP: AH is in the top five of American
  Humanics national certifying institutions
       Recognized Excellence
• COPP: Criminal Justice was awarded over
  ½ million dollars in federal grants and
• IED: The Minority Business Enterprise
  Center was ranked #1 nationwide for its
  access to markets and capital, job creation,
  new clients and sales increases
    Downtown Campus Traditions
•   Family Fest
•   Coffee House
•   Dia de los Muertos
•   NIUTSA Jazzed Up
•   La Despedida
•   Holiday Luncheon
•   Holiday Saxophones
        Major Developments
• Review of undergraduate degree
• Food Court upgrades & expanded hours
• Monterey Building Cafe
• Lighting and landscaping on Bill Miller
• DXS Card Readers in Durango Building
        Major Developments
• Farewell to Friends and Colleagues
  – Powell Trotti
  – Mark McGregor
  – Pat Morehead
        Major Developments
• Welcome to all new faculty and staff

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