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									                                 The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum               Season’s Greetings!
                                     Halifax International Airport
                                            P.O. B ox 44006
                                        1658 Bedford Highway
The Atlantic Canada Aviation
                                             Bedford, N.S.
                                               B4A 3X5

     Museum Newsletter

                                Shipley’s Sabre: A Show Highlight

                                                                              Above: Ed Ship ley turns onto Center Stage,
                                                                              on Saturday, at the Nova Scotia International
                                                                                                     Photo by: Ken Brown

                                                                              Left: The Avenger Dedication Ceremony was
                                                                              a great success. From right to left: M ichael
                                                                              Garvey, Barry Rodenhiser, Don Henry, Deb-
                                                                              bie Ferris-Bates, NS Touris m M in ister Len
                                                                              Goucher, Bob Purdue and Frank MacLoon.
                                                                                                  Photo by: Rob MacIlreith

                                         The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                           Fall 2006
                                                             Page 1
      Avenger Dedication
     The TBM Avenger was dedicated in
mid August. By all accounts the event
was a great success with over 50 people
in attendance. During the ceremony, we
heard Don Henry discussing some of the
bstacles that the team had to overcome
                                             Board Chair, Michael Garve y, welcomes      Tourism Ministe r Len Gouche r speaks to the
during the recovery of the airframe fro m    the guests to the Avenger De dication       assemble d membership and guests.
Juniper along with recovery of other         Ceremony.
parts from various crash sites in New
     Tourism M inister Len Goucher was
was in attendance with his grandson and
poke at the ceremony. Minister Goucher
took time out his busy schedule to have
a full tour of the facility and was very
impressed with our organization. Minis-
ter Goucher spoke very kindly about the
work and service our volunteers provide
to the community.
     During the ceremony, several peo-
ple recited stories of the restoration and   Cutting the ri bbon to dedicate Tanker 24. After nine years of restoration, the
recovery; among them was Dave Da-            TB M Avenger has offici ally taken a pl ace of honour in our Museum.
vies, General Manager of Forest protec-
tion Limited. Dave’s comments were           required a public venue to complete:
quite funny when he told of how Frank        First, Frank MacLoon was honored by
and Don had approached FPL for their         the Museum for his dedication and ser-
help with the restoration and how FPL        vice as Past Chairman of the Board of
emp loyees reacted to the entire situa-      Directors. Frank was the driving fo rce
tion. At first, they did not think the guys   in the Museum acquiring the main dis-
would really get it out of the swamp,        play hanger and the building was named
and then they were not sure that it would    the “Frank MacLoon Gallery” in his
ever be finished. In fact, FPL has been a     honour. A fitting tribute to Frank’s out-
keen and supporting force in the resto-      standing dedication, determination and
ration process that allowed the Museum       leadership to lead ACAM to the location
members to achieve such a high qual-         it has become today.
ity finish making Tanker 20 the show               Second, a large cake was cut and
piece of our Museum. Dave presented          served to celebrate the Museum’s 20th
the Museum with a signed collectors          anniversary at its current location. Cut-
painting that celebrated 50 years of the     ting the cake were Reg and Joyce Clarke.
Avenger’s service with FPL.                  As Reg is one of the earliest members of
                                                                                         Dave Davies, General Manage r of Forest Pro-
     As the dedication of the aircraft       the Museum and the past curator of the      te ction Limite d presents Mike Garve y with
portion of the program came to an end,       organization.                               a commerative signe d collectors painting
there were two orders of business that                                                   cel- e brating 50 years of TBM service with

                                       The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                         Fall 2006
                                                           Page 2
Frank MacLoon receives congratulations from   Re g and Joyce Clarke cut the cake to celebrate   JJ Lavangie, re cently retired from FPL guides
Mike Garve y on the dedication of the         our 20th Anniversary at our current location.     Tourism Minister Len Goucher and his grand
hanger in his honour.                         Dr. John Christie looks on.                       son through a cockpit tour of T anker 20.

                                                                                                Top: Frank MacLoon speaks to the crowd.
                                                                                                Middle: Board Membe rs, Joe MacDonald and
                                                                                                Re g Clarke .
                                                                                                Bottom: Our 20th Annive rsary cake.
                                                                                                Left: Don Henry spe akes about the re cove ry of
                                                                                                the Avenger from the Alde r swamp in Juniper.

                                              The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                                Fall 2006
                                                                  Page 3
                          Annual General Meeting                   we are still in the black. I must comment
                                                                   that Gary does an excellent job at mak-
                          The Annual General Meeting was ing sure that the Museum remains in the
                       held on October 7th in our new Board black and he controls our spending very
                       Roo m. The meeting was well attended well. A copy of the treasurer’s report can
                       for Thanksgiving Day weekend. Re- be requested.
                       ports were given by the Chairman of the       The V olunteer of the Year Award was
                       Board, President, Treasurer and the V   ol- presented to Glenn McCarron. Glenn
                       unteer of the Year award was presented. has been a member of the Museum for 2
                          Chairman, Mike Garvey, reported that years now and has made a great impact
                       the Board of Directors has been in dis- with his woodworking skills in devel-
                       cussions with the Province about the sta- oping and improving various exhib its.
                       tus of the Information Center Bu ild ing. Glenn has been a dedicated and hard-
                       The province has agreed that there are working member who has undertaken
                       issues with the building and they have any job asked of him. Congratulations
                       begun to address the problems at this Glenn, your award is well deserved.
                       point in t ime. We are pleased to note that   Following this, the 2006 Board of Di-
                       they have been as helpful as possible. rectors was dissolved and the members
                       The repairs being carried out at this time were discharged of their responsibili-
                       are a good start and we hope that many, ties. The 2007 Board o f Directors was
                       if not all, of the other issues on our list elected with 2 changes. Danny Price
                       of repairs are carried out. These would has stepped down as the Secretary of
                       include the roof repairs, water system, the Executive after several very valu-
                       building siding and washroom repairs.       able years of service; thank you Danny.
                          President Rob MacIlreith reported Newly elected to the Board of Direc-
                       that the Museum had a successful year, tors is Bernie Miller former CEO o f the
                       despite a poor tourism season. Our tour- Halifax International Airport Authority.
                       ism numbers were roughly the same this Welcome aboard M r. M iller.
                       season. Gift shop sales were down about
                       $800.00 for the year and donation box         The 2007 Executive was appointed:
                       contributions were up about $800.00           Rob MacIlreith – President
                       this year, mean ing that we have broken       Barry Rodenhiser – Vice President
                       even for the season on what we normal-        Gary McMahon – Treasurer
                       ly take in fro m the visit ing public.        The role of secretary is currently va-
                          In terms of our volunteer base, which cant and will be filled by Rob MacIlreith
                       is shrinking very quickly. We need to in- as required.
                       crease our base of regular volunteers in      After a short break, Mr. Miller made
                       some way in order to keep up with the a presentation on the Halifax Interna-
                       growing demands of our organization. tional Airport and some of the exciting
                       Unfortunately, despite regular requests changes that the Airport Authority has
                       we are slowly sliding backwards. Our instituted. Mr. Miller’s presentation was
                       regular volunteer base on any given Sat- enjoyed by all as both historically infor-
                       urday has shrunk to less than 10 mem- mat ive and very entertaining. Thank you
                       bers. Even if you can only find a day or for your presentation Mr. Miller.
                       2 for the Museum a year, that time and Top: Mike Garvey Mi ddle:
                       your effort is very valuable to our orga- Rob MacIlreith Bottom:
                       nizat ion. Our volunteers are our greatest Gary McMahon Opposite
                                                                   Left: Bernie Miller
                          Facility reports have been well docu- Right: Barry Rodenhiser accepts the
                       mented in the newsletter and will not be volunteer of the year award for Glenn
                       repeated here.                              McCarron
                       Treasurer Gary McMahon reports that

                   The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                     Fall 2006
                                       Page 4
                                                                                 Provinci al Facility Repairs:
                                                                                    In the Information Center Building,
                                                                                 the Province has begun repairing walls
                                                                                 and removing windows after members
                                                                                 of the Board of Directors have been
                                                                                 meet ing and pressing the province to
                                                                                 fulfill its requirements in our lease. All
                                                                                 the windows in the men ’s washroom
                                                                                 have been removed and the wall has
                                                                                 been completely rebuilt as it was as rot-
                                                                                 ten as the Board Room side was that we
                                                                                 replaced last winter.
                                                                                    In addition, the Province has removed
                                                                                 the window in the wo men ’s washroom
                                                                                 and all of the windows in the gift shop
                                                                                 due to rot as well. Emergency Lighting
                                                                                 has been added in the washrooms now
                                                                                 and the ventilation fan will have to be
                                                                                 run regularly due to the loss of win-
                                                                                 dows. However, we believe that the se-
                                                                                 curity imp rovements and a reduction in
                                                                                 maintenance, by far out weigh the loss
                                                                                 of the windows. In the gift shop, we will
                                                                                 change the lighting over to compact flo-
                                                                                 rescent and then we will be able to add
                                                                                 more lighting to overcome any loss of
                                                                                 light in this area. Also, we will be able to
                                                                                 add more slat wall to the area to increase
                                                                                 the retail d isplay space.
                                                                                    The leaking roof issue is going to be
                                                                                 put on hold by the Province; it is our
                                                                                 hope that they will be rev isiting this
                                                                                 issue in the spring. The Province has
All government repair photos by Michael White.                                   been measuring and looking at a peaked

                                      The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                        Fall 2006
                                                          Page 5
roof on the building, which is what our        the Province on why these repairs must      the air that the dust collector missed. In
members are hoping for as a new flat            be undertaken. Also, I’d like to single     the wood side of the shop, we have also
roof will only result in the same types        out Barry Rodenhiser, who has been the      added some more electrical power and
of problems that we are currently expe-        Museum’s Liaison with the Provincial        changed a storage arrangement to give
riencing in the long run.                      repair team. Barry is looking after our     us more floor space. Additional lighting
   Lastly, the external siding of the          interests with the repair team and get-     was added in the woodshop to make up
building has been stripped off in the          ting answers to questions on different      for the light lost by the plastic roof.
repair efforts. In these areas, the prov-      points of the repair. Lastly, thanks to        In late November, we purchased a
ince, is boarding the building back in         Michael White for keeping an eye on         14 inch band saw for the workshop and
with Hardy Plank, a cementatous type           things while we were open in the fall       mounted the band saw and table saw on
board that has been color matched to the       and taking the photos accompanying          caster stands to allow mob ility of the
Museum’s existing color. This product          this article.                               equipment for construction.
is suppose to take paint well and will                                                        In the future we hope to add power to
hopefully provide a long term solution         Work hop Improvements:                      the metal side of the shop for a welding
to the siding issue. We were hoping that          We also continue to make improve-        unit for our voluteers to use as well.
the Province would rep lace the siding         ments in the facility. At this time our     Below: New band saw and dust collec-
with a similar metal type siding as the        focus has been in the woodworking           tion uni t in the workshop.
hanger is sheathed in but this siding will     side of the workshop. A new door has
look very n ice as well. There are a num-      been built dividing the shop in 2. The
ber of other issues that we have submit-       walls on the wood side were raised to
ted to the Province on the building but at     10 feet in height and a plastic roof was
this point in time, these are all the issues   put on this side of the shop. Our goal
that we know are going to be addressed         here is to control the amount of dust
for certain.                                   that is released into the hanger display
   My congratulations to the members of        area as we gear up for another produc-
the Board of Directors, who have been          tion run of cabinets. Therefore, we have
working on this most difficult issue on         added a dust collection system to the
the Museum’s behalf over the last year.        woodshop area and we have geared up a
they made a successful presentation to         blower unit to filter the finer dust out of

                                         The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                           Fall 2006
                                                             Page 6
                                        Mezzani ne Lighting                          to HRM to fin ish this process off. Well
                                           In September, new co mpact florescent      done Ron
                                        lighting was added to the Mezzanine
                                        level (Above and Right). This addition-      BAe 146 Simulator:
                                        al lighting makes a huge improvement            Work is set to begin on the simulator
                                        in the Silver Dart build ing during dark     again as we have been delayed by other
                                        days and evening events; the area was        projects and were wait ing to hear some
                                        lacking in light and this item has been      informat ion on the Sim. At this time a
                                        on our list to address for quite a while.    final decision has been made to convert
                                        The circuits for these lights were pulled    it to a kid’s cockpit. The electronics will
                                        by our Saturday team when we were            not be hooked up (bel ow). In fact, the
                                        renovating the mezzan ine area 2 winters     sim has provided a windfall of spare
                                        ago. Lighting has only been added now        wire and parts for other projects in the
                                        due to budget constraints.                   future. Danny Price is heading up this
                                                                                     project. If you’d like to volunteer to help
                                        Winter Cl ose Up:                            with this important addition to the Mu-
                                           In early November, our team began         seum, Danny would welco me your help.
                                        the winterization process. The water         In the future an exhib it on the BAe 146
                                        was shut off, several caulking jobs were     and its use by both Air Nova / Jazz and
                                        covered, the ropes on the flag poles          Air Atlantic will be added to the cabinets
                                        were changed and the computers were          that will be designed and built around
                                        removed from the facility. My thanks to      the simulator.
                                        all the members that carried out these
                                        important jobs.

                                          The HRM grant that was awarded to
                                        the Museum thanks to Ron Cunning-
                                        ham’s hard work has resulted in the mu-
                                        seum receiving a good stock of supplies
                                        for building cabinets. As we go to press,
                                        our volunteers are organizing the shop
                                        and getting ready to get into the building
                                        phase again. The main expensive items
                                        purchased included 55 sheets of ¾ inch
                                        MDF (Almost 4 feet of MDF when it ’s
This column photos show improve-        stacked) and 10 sheets of plexi glass,
ments to our workshop area.             along with various screws, nails, glue,
Above: Our stock pile of MDF for this   paint and lighting. All of the items have
wi nters cabinet project. Thanks to     been delivered to the Museum and we
HRM and Ron Cunningham.                 just have the paperwork left to submit

                                        The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                          Fall 2006
                                                            Page 7
Piper Tommahawk
  Bill Leeming reports that the Toma-
hawk has been moved out of his garage
for the winter. As can be seen in the pho-
tos, Bill and Don Henry have fabricated
a cart for the back end to move the fuse-
lage outside where it will be tarped for
the winter. The guys will be working on
components throughout the winter.

Harvard Cutaway:
  Gene Hamilton has been working on
the Harvard Cutaway engine (Right)
with help fro m some of the other mem-
bers. Gene is also fabricating parts that
he needs for the engine to be safely
mounted on the stand. The engine will
be mounted and put on display near the
Harvard or in the Pratt and Whitney
exhibit. A decision on location will be
made in the future.

  Don Hirt le has been riveting up vari-
ous patches on the fuselage of the Canso.
Don has nearly completed all the patch
work on the section of fuselage that he
has been working on. In the future, once
the patch work is co mpleted, Don will
be in a position to prime the area and
paint it white and whatever markings
need to be added.

Airport Painti ng:
  This great painting (Right) of the
Halifax International Terminal Build-
ing was donated to the Museum by Mrs.
J Cole. Her late husband Mr. J. J. Cole
was one of the first Airport managers.
The painting was presented to him by
staff upon his retirement in 1969. The
painting currently resides in the Muse-
um’s boardroom but will be moved to
                                                       Semifinalist for the Darwin Awards
public display in our future exhibit on      Three Brazilian men were flying in a light aircraft at low
the Halifax International A irport in the    altitude when another plane approached. It appears that
Silver Dart Gallery.
  Mrs. Cole wanted to make sure this         they decided to moon the occupants of the other plane, but
valuable piece of h istory was preserved     lost control of their own aircraft and crashed. They were
for future generations. We thank her for
her generosity. Also, thanks to HIAA for
                                             all found dead in the wreckage with their pants around
putting Mrs. Cole in touch with the Mu-      their ankles.

                                       The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                         Fall 2006
                                                           Page 8
                                                              Bell 206 Model:
                                                                Johannes Popper-Podhragy, living in
                                                              Austria had found our Bell 206 on the
                                                              website and liked it so much he built an
                                                              RC model of a 206 and painted it in our
                                                              colors. I sent Johannes some close up
                                                              digital photos of our markings and Jo-
                                                              hannes sent me this photo of his work in
                                                              progress. At this time, he has not com-
                                                              pleted all the markings on the aircraft.
                                                              I hope that he will send us some com-
                                                              pleted pictures in the future.

                                                                   New Museum RC Models
                                                                Several new RC models have been
                                                              hung in the hanger. The P-51 Mustang,
                                                              Bearcat and P-38 Lightning were built
                                                              by Bill Bab ineau of Truro and have been
                                                              recently hung around the Bob Aiken’s
                                                              model collection cabinets.
                                                                Also new to the Museum but not hung
                                                              yet are Bryce Coyle’s Seafire and Hawk-
                                                              er Tempest. These 2 aircraft require
                                                              stands to be manufactured for them as
                                                              they have a wing span that is longer than
                                                              any stands we have in stock.
                                                                Thanks to Gene Hamilton for co ming
                                                              up with the stands to hang the Babineau
                                                              models. Gene is working on stands for
                                                              the Seafire and Tempest as steel presents
                                                              itself fo r the job.

                   The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                     Fall 2006
                                       Page 9
                               Air Show Flies High after a Successful Show
                                              Story and Photos By Rob MacIlreith

   The 2006 Nova Scotia International         urday and concluded with the 500 foot        end of the day. They noted that Ameri-
Air Show was a great success with over        explosion at the end of its performance.     can crowds would have been pushy and
17,000 visitors on Saturday, setting a        The CF-18 continues to be an exciting        upset and the people made visiting this
record for one day attendance for the         performer on the air show circuit.           show worth while and, as a result, they
Halifax International Airport venue.             Sunday brought out a large crowd of       would be back next year. Co mments like
This is the third air show since moving       14,000 people regardless of the clouds       that make us all proud to be Canadian!
to the Halifax International and it was       and cold damp weather to see the United      Hope to see you at NSIAS 2007.
another fantastic show. The Halifax In-       States Air Force’s B-2 Stealth Bo mber.
ternational location is by far superior       The B-2 dropped out of the clouds on
to the CFB Shearwater show site, with         approach to the air show and did its imi-
the static park and viewing venue much        tation of a graceful manta ray. Crowds
closer together. A small hill provides a      commented on how quiet and spacey the
natural amphitheater setting and the fly-      big black jet appeared. We were lucky
ing action is much closer than it was         to see the B-2, as the ceiling at the time
Shearwater. With the runway so close to       was very close to the aircraft’s mini-
the static park, it’s awesome to see the      mu ms fo r an air show.
take-off and landing cycle that was al-          A big thank you has to be given to the
ways so far away at Shearwater.               following groups who worked hard to          The T-1A Jayhawk in it’s new tactical
   This year, one of the stars of the show    make the event enjoyable to everyone.        gray color scheme.
for most people was Neil Darnell’s            Kudos go to the organizers and volun-
Flash Fire Jet Truck. The jet truck may       teers who continue to create a first class
not have been airborne but it sure could      product and the folks at the International
fly. The jet truck brought the crowd to        Airport who allo w the show to continue
its feet every time it made a pass down       at their excellent venue. The Air Traffic
the runway. The jet truck even beat Bill      Control staff at NavCan worked very
Carter’s Pitts Special in a race, despite     hard to keep the air show and the air-
the fact that Neil gave Bill a b ig head      lines on time and they succeeded! I was
start                                         listening to air traffic control through-
   Vintage aircraft buffs enjoyed Ed          out the weekend and I can tell you the
Shipley fly ing a Canadair manufactured        controllers were earn ing their pay both
F-86 Sabre that was once owned by As-         days. Also, a nod must go to the security    Neil Darnell’s flash fire truck making
tronaut Frank Borman. Sh ipley snuck          staff who had to suffer through the com-     its first run at NS IAS 2006.
on stage with a low take-off and exciting     plaints of people who were not permit-
turn onto the air show center and later       ted to bring open drinks on the site after
formed up with the F-15E Strike Eagle         Transport Canada instituted the rule on
for the Heritage Flight. Ed’s flying dis-      the Friday before the show. Many of the
play was excellent and very low, while        public were unaware of this rule and
the F-15 won applause for the vapor it        arrived with fresh Tim’s coffee each
generated on Sunday during its high           morn ing or recycled water bottles in
speed pass.                                   preparation for the long day. If you were
   The Canadian CF-18 and the “Wall of        one of the people I saw co mplaining,        The new Search and Rescue color
Fire” was an interesting twist. This year     welco me to the post 9-11 era. Finally,      scheme on the Griffon Helicop-
marks 22 years of service for the CF-18       a tip of the hat is needed for the visi-     ter. This example flew in from CFB
and this year’s demo pilot, put on the        tors who waited in line on Saturday to       Bagotville.
best performance I have seen a CF-18 do       leave and were very understanding. The       Right: The CF-18 Wall of Fire. Ba-
in the last 10 years. Right fro m the start   crew of an American C-130 co mmented         sically, gas in milk contai ners with a
with a dirty roll on take off, I was capti-   that the crowd was so great and under-       bl asting cap. Neat Effect!
vated. It climbed to 28,000 feet on Sat-      standing while wait ing for buses at the

                                        The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                          Fall 2006
                                                           Page 10
                                                              Top Left: F-86 and F-15 E Heritage
                                                              Flight. Top: The Skyhawks jumped
                                                              from this CASA Product. Mi ddle:
                                                              The impressive C-17.
                                                              Left: Ed Shi pley takes center stage.
                                                              Above: The Snowbirds flew in the
                                                              mi ddle of the show on Saturday and
                                                              thrilled the crowds as usual.

                   The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                     Fall 2006
                                      Page 11
                                                                   Left: FPL’s AT-802 comes in to put
                                                                   out the last reminents of the wall of
                                                                   fire at the end of the CF-18’s displ ay.
                                                                   Piloting the 802 is ACAM member
                                                                   Dave Wilson.
                                                                   Above: The USAF B -2 dropped out
                                                                   of the clouds on Sunday and gave a
                                                                   single pass fly by. The crowd was very

                                                                   Left: Fisheries Patrol Ki ng Air gets
                                                                   airborne on Saturday.
                                                                   Above: The Maine ANG KC-135 E
                                                                   performs a touch and go on arri val
                                                                   Fri day.

                                                                   The F-15 E Strike Eagle repl aced the
                                                                   A-10 Thunderbolt II at NS IAS due
                                                                   to the friendl y fire inci dent in Afgani-
                                                                   stan shortl y before the show. Sunday’s
                                                                   poor weather conditi ons made the F-
                                                                   15E’s displ ay look very i mpressive as
                                                                   can be seen from the burner trail on
                                                                   take off and the vapour created dur-
                                                                   ing some high G turns.

                   The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                     Fall 2006
                                      Page 12
Above: The Nati onal Research Council’s Convair 580 arri ves at YHZ during NS IAS 06.
Below: As al ways, the Snowbirds make it l ook all to easy and very thrilling!

                                                                                  Left: F-16C from New Mexico.
                                                                                  Above: CF-TCC in it’s i mmaculate

                                       The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                         Fall 2006
                                                          Page 13
                                                                                                   Air Service Update
                                                                                           Air Canada has announced that it will
    In the News                                HIAA President & CEO Honoured
                                               Eleanor Hu mphries, HIAA President       increase its overall capacity to Atlantic
                                            & CEO, will be honoured for her out-        Canada by over 16 per cent, or mo re
                                            standing contributions to the field of       than 10,000 additional seats per week,
The A. Gordon Archi bal d Alumnus of        Management and the Professions with         compared to last winter. The additional
the Year: Dr. John Christie (DDS’71)        a Women of Excellence award, fro m          flights will offer customers more choice
                                            the Canadian Progress Club. Eleanor is      and convenience in time for planning
Congratulations to Dr. John Christie for    among 18 wo men who will receive this       vacations during the year-end holiday
being recognized by his peers. Below is     prestigious award at a gala dinner on       travel time. In particular, Halifax will
a press release of the event                Thursday, November 23rd at the Westin       see 73 mo re non-stop flights per week
                                            Nova Scotian Hotel. No w in it ’s 17th      during peak travel times, includ ing: one
   Dr. Christie has been delivering in-     year, the event has enabled the Cana-       additional flight a day to Toronto, and
spired dental education to scores of        dian Progress Club to raise more than       three more flights a day to Montreal and
students since the 1970’s and has pro-      $450,000 for Phoenix Youth Programs,        Ottawa
vided leadership to Dalhousie through       a long-term shelter for ho meless and at-      WestJet has announced it will intro-
the Faculty of Dentistry Alumni Rela-       risk youth.                                 duce a weekly flight from Halifax to
tions Committee, the Admissions Com-                                                    Tampa Bay effective March 13 through
mittee, the Part-Time Faculty Advisory         Air Cargo Service to New York            May 1, 2007.
Co mmittee, the Advisory committee on                      Takes Flight                    Icelandair has announced that they
the appointment of a Chair for the De-         Halifax International Airport has a      will resume seasonal air service to Hali-
partment of Pediatric and Co mmunity        new dedicated air cargo service. ABX        fax fro m May to September 2007. The
Dentistry, and the Dean’s Search Com-       Air Inc., based in Wilmington, Ohio,        airline, wh ich suspended its Halifax
mittee.                                     will operate a weekly 15,000 tonne ca-      flights in October 2001, will operate
   In 1983, Dr. Christie was instrumen-     pacity DC9 Freighter to New York, and       three weekly flights using a B757 air-
tal in establishing an alumni recognition   then on to Miami via Wilmington. The        craft.
process to honor outstanding alumni of      outbound flight will primarily serve to
the Faculty. He is a generous donor to      export seafood, mainly lobster, to the        HIAA New B oard Member Named
the University and encourages others        United States, and import fresh flow-          Jamie Baillie is President & CEO of
to match his level of giv ing. Outside of   ers fro m South America on the inbound      Cred it Union Atlantic. Prior to joining
Dal, John has a thriving practice in Bed-   flight. As demand grows, ABX will in-        the Credit Union, he held various lead-
ford, NS, and contributes to the com-       crease the frequency of its flights. Sup-    ership roles in Nova Scotia business and
munity through the Atlantic Canada          port of the inbound service to Halifax is   government, spending three years as
Aviation Museum, the Cerebral Palsy         critical to the overall continued success   Chief of Staff for Premier John Hamm,
Association, the Canadian Diabetic As-      of the operation. For more in formation     and was previously a Partner with Rob-
sociation and Big Brothers Big Sisters      contact 1.866.877.0077 toll-free.           ertson Surrette. Mr. Baillie replaces J.
Nova Scotia.                                                                            Robert Winters as the nominee fro m the
       A. Gordon Archi bal d Award                     Passenger Traffic Up              Govern ment of Canada. Mr. Winters re-
   This award recognizes an extraordi-         Total passengers at Halifax Interna-     mains on the Board as a nominee of the
nary alumnus who has set a high stan-       tional Airport for August 2006 reached      Board itself.
dard for volunteeris m and/or philanthro-   379,218 surpassing the previous peak
py to Dalhousie University.                 level for August 2004 of 378,090, and       COPA 2007 CONVENTION NEWS
   Specifically, this award recognizes       up 7.1 per cent over August 2005. As             “IT’S ALL ABOUT FLYING”
and pays tribute to those individuals       well, traffic for September was up 4.9         MONCTON J ULY 5, 6, 7, 8, 2007
who have made significant contribu-          per cent over 2005, despite the loss of        The convention will be held at the
tions to the advancement of Dalhousie       CanJet’s scheduled service early in the     Moncton Flight Co llege with all ac-
through their dedication, generosity and    month. Passenger traffic for the third       tivities such as seminars, meals, social
commit ment to the values of the Univer-    quarter was up 6.9 per cent over the        events, programs taking place in its
sity.                                       same period in 2005. Year to date, pas-     classrooms and hangar space. There is
                                            senger numbers are up 5.5 per cent over     a restaurant on the premises that provide
                                            the first nine months of 2005.               meals aside fro m those provided by the
                                                                                        Convention registration.

                                       The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                         Fall 2006
                                                          Page 14
   The COPA Convention will also high-        served for all the seminars which are           This new requirement applies to all air
light the 78th anniversary of the Monc-       scheduled for an 0830 start. At 1800         travelers fro m Canada, Mexico, Central
ton Flight College which in June of           there is a pig roast together with local     and South America, the Caribbean, and
this year signed the largest single flight     entertainment. Detailed informat ion         Bermuda, as well as American citizens
training contract in Canadian history         will be provided as time goes by. Also       returning home.
with the People’s Republic of Ch ina.         on Friday there is a spousal program            Halifax International Airport Author-
This contract valued at over 66 million       which will also be available on Satur-       ity, in partnership with the Canadian
dollars spread over the next seven years      day depending on needs due to avail-         Airports Council, is advising that Cana-
has the potential to see 800-900 Chi-         able spaces. Saturday is COPA day with       dians planning a trip by air to the United
nese pilots trained in at MFC. Already        meet ings scheduled throughout the day       States in January 2007 or beyond, who
the college’s Fleet has grown to over 20      which includes a COPA Plenary session,       do not currently hold a valid Canadian
aircraft and is expected to top out at 26     a COPA board of Directors meeting, a         passport, should begin the passport ap-
aircraft later this year.                     COPA Captains meet ing with a COPA           plication process as soon as possible to
   Accommodation with favourable              Awards luncheon at noon.                     avoid any travel disappointment or com-
rates has been negotiated with 5 local           The afternoon will be a surprise for      plications.
hotel/motels all of which are only 5-         all. More informat ion will be prov ided        Passport requirements for Canadians
10 minutes from MFC. The convention           as plans are firmed up for later in the af-   traveling by land or sea will be imple-
will have a continuous shuttle service        ternoon. Saturday evening beginning at       mented on or before June 1, 2009.
between MFC and all hotel/motels.             1830 is the traditional Maritime Lobster        For more information about obtaining
   The seminar program is almost final-        Kitchen Party. Th is event will be one       a passport call 1.800.567.6868 or visit
ized and will be released early in the        that convention goers will be talking        the Passport Canada website at www.
New Year. It offers an impressive ar-         about for years to come. Sunday is the      http://www.passport.
ray of well known speakers presenting         day for departures.                 Passport applications are avail-
on various topics. The recreational and          For those of you reading this and are     able at any Canada Post outlet, Service
spousal program will consist of many          members of your local COPA Flight, the       Canada Centre, or at the Passport Cana-
items and tours highlighting the cul-         committee is extending an offer to each      da office in downtown Halifax. Informa-
tural, tourist and leisure attractions of     Flight to become involved in an act iv-      tion is also available fro m the Canada
Greater Moncton and Southeastern New          ity at the convention, whether it is or-     Border Services Agency at www.cbsa-
Brunswick.                                    ganizing a spot landing contest, offering
   An added feature of the convention         to take on the responsibility of parking
this year will include hosting the Inter-     on the ramp or to host something like a                  TRANSATLANTIC
national Air Rally. The rally has indi-       meet and greet. The committee is open               RE-ENACTMENT FLIGHT
cated the COPA Convention will be the         any offers. If you feel your Flight can-        On July 5, 1937 the first commercial
congregation point for all aircraft partic-   not offer to organize one event alone,       test flights across the North Atlantic were
ipating in the rally. Th is means that up     think about partnering with another lo-      conducted. The Pan American Clipper
to 50-60 additional aircraft will be head-    cal Flight to sponsor an event.              III landed at Botwood, Newfoundland,
ing to the Convention from all parts of          For additional informat ion contact       Canada fro m New York, via Shediac,
Canada and the United States in order to      the committee chair Jim Lockyer at           New Brunswick. The next day the Clip-
depart on the rally at the conclusion of      Lockyerj@u                        per III, a Siko rsky 42 aircraft, piloted by
the convention. The rally will consist of                                                  Captain Haro ld Gray left Botwood for
a two week odyssey that will see partici-        A Passport will be Required for           Foynes, Ireland. The same day a Short
pants flying to destinations in Eastern        Entry into the United States by Air in       Emp ire Class flying boat, the Caledo-
Canada, St. Pierre and Miquelon and the                     January 2007                   nia, under the command of Captain
Northern United States. The Rally will            Halifax, N.S. – New travel rules be-     Arthur Sydney Wilcockson left Foynes
add an extra ‘touch’ to our convention        ing put in place by U.S. security authori-   for Botwood and landed July 6, 1937.
and the organizing committee is delight-      ties will impact all passengers flying to     These flights marked the beginning of
ed the Convention has been chosen as          the United States from Canada begin-         commercial transatlantic flights.
the departure point for the start of the of   ning in mid-January. The United States          In July of 2007, a re-enact ment of the
the Rally.                                    is expected to give the necessary 60-        flight fro m Botwood to Foynes will take
   The schedule for the convention sees       days notice shortly that will require all    place using a vintage PBY Catalina (or
attendees arriving on Wednesday, July         air travelers entering the United States     Canso as we call them in Canada) fly-
4th or Thursday, July 5th. Friday is re-      to present a valid passport.                 ing boat. This will be h istory repeated.

                                              The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                                Fall 2006
                                                                 Page 15
This event is significant because it was       Airport is worth over $1 b illion to the     the town of Kentville. As well, the re-
the beginning of commercial aviation          Nova Scotia economy, according to an         port attributes a total of 11,625 FTE jobs
between Europe to North A merica.             economic impact study released today.        to the airport, which equals 2.6 per cent
   It would be ideal if passengers could      The study calculates the total provincial    of Nova Scotia’s total employ ment, with
travel on the plane for this historic event   economic benefit of Halifax Internation-      IMP Group, Air Canada, and Air Can-
but because the aircraft is fitted as a wa-    al A irport and its aviation co mmunity at   ada Jazz emp loying 2,584 FTE staff or
ter bomber and not a passenger plane, it      $1.15 b illion for the year 2005.            almost 50 per cent of the airport’s direct
does not meet the specific regulations.           The study, conducted by SGE Acres         emp loyment. IMP Group is the largest
However, there are still vacancies with       Limited, also reports that since opera-      emp loyer with 1,400 FTE emp loyees.
regards to crew members. For a person         tional transfer of the airport from the      There are over 20 majo r co mmercial and
to participate in this event, it would be     federal government in February 2000,         industrial tenants leasing airport land.
a remarkable experience for him or her.       HIAA and airport tenants have contrib-
They themselves will beco me part of          uted over $155 million in renovation and           MK Airline Crash Law Suit
history.                                      new construction impacts, generating            HIAA has been named in a law suit
   To fund this event (fuel, maintenance,     some 2,920 full-time equivalent (FTE)        launched by MK Airlines in relation to
navigation systems, etc) we rely on           jobs. As well, the airport continues to      the crash that occurred in October 2004.
forming partnerships with companies           play a majo r role in tourism as a gateway   Worldwide Flight Services, NAV CAN-
and individuals. It is costly to fly a six-    to Nova Scotia, with tourists accessing      ADA and the Attorney General o f Cana-
ty-two year old aircraft across the North     the province via the airport generating      da (as represented by Transport Canada)
Atlantic at 10,000 feet. It is also some-     $464 million in tourism-related spend-       have also been named in the suit. The
thing that not has been done for several      ing. The report concludes that Halifax       suit claims, among other things, that
years. Remember this is the one and           International Airport represents a major     HIAA is liab le for accepting the instal-
only time this will be done as a 70th an-     economic, fiscal and employ ment gen-         lation of the NAV CANADA berm at the
niversary for the first commercial t rans-     erator for the Halifax Regional Munici-      end of runway 24. It also claims that if
atlantic flights in a plane that dates back    pality and Nova Scotia.                      the berm had not been there, and if the
to that same era; a true journey for any         “Successful airports around the world     support for the antennae mounted on
enthusiast, young and old alike.              play exactly this role in their co mmuni-    the berm had been frangib le, the crash
   If you or anyone you know would like       ties”, says Eleanor Hu mphries, Presi-       would not have happened.
to participate and embark on this time-       dent & CEO for HIAA. “As a world                The Transportation Safety Board re-
less journey and become a part of avia-       class airport, Halifax is much more than     port on the crash released this past June
tion history please feel free to contact      simp ly a place where aircraft land and      found that the speed and thrust settings
me which ever way you desire fro m the        take off. We are a significant part of the    selected by the crewmembers in prepa-
contact informat ion below. I am looking      economic fabric of our municipality          ration for take-off were incorrect for
forward to future discussions.                and our province, as well as a facilitator   the weight of the aircraft, and that the
   Onward and Upward!                         for other businesses in their pursuit of     crew d id not receive sufficient training
   Cheers,                                    growth and prosperity for the people of      on the computer program used to cal-
   Damian Wells                               Atlantic Canada.”                            culate take-off velocity and power. The
   Transatlantic Re-enactment Flight             The study shows that Halifax Inter-       TSB investigators also found that crew
Co mmittee                                    national Airport has achieved consistent     fatigue and a dark take-off environment
   70 C.L. Dobbin Dr.                         growth over the past 15 years, resulting     may have co mpounded the likelihood of
   P.O. Bo x 355                              in a 45 per cent increase in total gross     human error. The TSB expressed a gen-
   Gander, NL A 1V 1W7                        output to the provincial economy and         eral concern about man-made objects
   Canada                                     a 55 per cent increase in emp loyment        such as the berms, but made no specific
   Phone: 1.709.256.7484                      since 1989.                                  recommendations.
   Fax: 1.709.256.7953                           For 2005, the report calculates a wage       At this point, our legal advisors are                         and salary impact of $385 million, a re-     reviewing the Statement of Claim. Once
   www.t             tail sales tax impact of $20 million, and    served with the claim, HIAA will re-
                                              a personal income tax impact of $53          spond in due course through the normal
   Halifax International Airport              million.                                     legal channels.
Worth Over $1 Billion to Provi ncial             The direct employ ment created by the
             Economy                          airport was 5,360 fu ll-time equivalent      HIAA Corporate Communications &
 Halifax, N.S. – Halifax International        (FTE) jobs – close to the population of      Public Affairs

                                        The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                          Fall 2006
                                                           Page 16
                                                                                               News Shorts
                                                                                          C-17 Gl obemaster III’s for Canada
                                                                                            The Canadian government has an-
                                                                                          nounced that it will purchase four C-17
                                                                                          Globemaster III’s to provide the forces
                                                                                          with a heavy lift capability. These air
                                                                                          craft will be diverted fro m the USAF
                                                                                          production line to fill the CAF needsn
                                                                                                r rather than later, the first could
                                                                                                                     the first
                                                                                          be delivered in 2008.
                                                                                          Left: The glass cockpit of the C-17
                                                                                          Gl obemaster III at NS IAS 06.

                                                                                           Canada Invests $500 Million In JSF
                                                                                             Canada a                      December
                                                                                                                d in early December
                                                                                          to continue and formalize its partici-
                                                                                                  in the development of the Joint
                                                                                          pation in the development of the Joint
                                                                                          Strike Fighter recently christened th

                                ID Quiz                                                                        Canada is the second
                                                                                          F-35 Lighting II. Canada is the second
                                                                                          foreign country to sign on to the produc-
                                                                                          tion and support phase after the Nether-
                                                                                          lands. Canada spent $150 million on the
Right: There were no correct responses
                                                                                          development phase of the aircraft. DND
to the last ID Quiz. The correct answer
                                                                                          indicates that it will require 80 F-35’s to
was an Antonov AN-124. Thanks to Ken
                                                                                          replace the CF-18 fighter fleet beginning
Bro wn for providing the photo.
                                                                                          n 2017.
The quiz for this issue is shown below.
                                                                                            Canada Opts to Purchase C-130J
Remember to be credited with a correct
                                                                                            Canada will be ordering seventeen
answer you must supply both the name
                                                                                          C-130J Hercu les aircraft to rep lace the
of the aircraft and the manufacturer.
                                                                                          older C-130E’s and H’s in service with
                                                                                          he airforce now at a cost of 4.9 billion             which includes a 20 year support con-
                                                                                          ract. The first of these aircraft are ex
                                                                                          pected to be delivered by the Summer
                                                                                          pected to be delivered by the Summer
                                                                                          of 2010

                                                                                               416 Lynx and 441 Silver Fox
                                                                                                   Squadrons Dis band
                                                                                            416 and 441 Squadrons have been
                                                                                          disbanded at CFB Co ldlake and re
                                                                                          placed by 409 Squadron. The 2 squad-
                                                                                          ons were combined similar to 425 and
                                                                                          rons were comb ined similar to 425 and
                                                                                          433 Squadrons at CFB Bagotville in a
                                                                                          move to save money. This effectively
                                                                                          leaves Canada with 2 operational fighter
                                                                                          squadrons and 410 Cougars as the train-

                                               The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                                 Fall 2006
                                                                  Page 17
                                                                                        he left the aircraft; it was said to be

                 Letter to the Editor                                                   crushed.
                                                                                         It is also part of the legend that when
                                                                                        F/O Grondin appeared the next day in
                                                                                        the Armament Systems section, Sgt. Bill
 The follo wing letter was received via   nism on the bottom of the gun with the        King asked him for the radar report.
e-mail regarding our CF-100 Mk V.         result that the seats were not locked into    When it was not forthcoming, Bill
(18747).                                  the aircraft. I don’t remember if this air-   commented that it was very difficult to
                                          craft had the gas ejector mod.                run an efficient radar maintenance or-
 Dear Rob                                  It is unknown how F/O Grondin sepa-          ganization when the aircrew couldn’t
 This through the fog of 43 years or rated fro m his seat and deployed his              be bothered getting the paperwork done
                                          parachute as the drogue chute returned        correctly.
 The responsibility for the maintenance with the aircraft wrapped around the             It was also said that the Techs who in-
of the ejection guns had just passed from port stabilizer. This I saw with mine         stalled the seat got 14 days extra duty
the Safety Equip ment Technicians to the own eyes                                       for the error but also the traditional case
Armament Technicians, This was the It is part of the legend that among other            of beer because the parachute worked.
first aircraft at Bagotville that had the things missing fro m F/ O Grondin when
guns inspected by SE. They put small he arrived on the ground were his boots             Best regards,
lead seals on the locking wire securing and trousers. He apparently retained, in
the covers of the lower charges. These his hand, the pencil with wh ich he had           Richard Stephen
seals interfered with the locking mecha- been complet ing the radar report when

                 Caption This Photo
                                           Winning Caption For Last Issue at
                                             It slices, it dices, it juliannes!
Capti on the photo below and submi t
your capti on to          Contri buted by: Kyle Dowd

                                       The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                         Fall 2006
                                                          Page 18
   Subject: Hawker 800XP                    to check the flight’s progress on a GPS         Though the passengers didn’t know
                                            read-out.                                   it at the time, the starboard engine had
    Vs. Glider at FL160                        Then, they heard what sounded like failed. Moreover, part of the glider had
                                            an exp losion coming fro m the cockpit. ripped its way through the plane’s nose
   The Pine Nut range is about 40 south The cabin depressurized and the plane and into the instrument dash, causing it
of RNO, 10 east of the Minden airport.
                                            veered to the right before going into a to burst into the pilot’s face and lap.
   Hawker 800XP vs Glider : Incline
                                            steep dive.                                    Despite a gash to her chin, pilot An-
residents survive collision at 16,000 feet
                                               “The pilot had just put on the seat belt nette Saunders remained in control
8/31/06                                     sign, and a few minutes afterwards there throughout the remainder of the flight,
   The mood couldn’t have been more was this exp losion .a really loud bang or even after a two-foot piece of the nose
relaxed aboard an executive jet carrying
                                            crash from the cockpit,” recalled DiZio, structure had bent its way in front of the
three Incline residents as it began its de-                                             cockpit window.
                                            a retired h igh-tech start-up manager.
scent towards Reno-Tahoe International                                                     After passing the Carson City Air-
                                               Traveling fro m the Carlsbad Airport
Airport Monday afternoon.                   in San Diego, the Hawker 800XP jet port, the pilot swung the plane around to
   Mike Chip man was dozing wh ile h is struck a glider in a mid-air co llision at bring it in for an emergency landing. As
wife, Evy, read a book. Steve DiZio was 16,000 feet over the Pine Nut Moun- they leveled-out, the co-pilot turned and
also reading and occasionally looked-up tains southeast of Carson City.                 yelled over the noise that they had lost
                                               The accident, which took place at control of their landing gear and would
                                            about 3:10 p.m., destroyed the jet’s nose skid to a halt on the aircraft’s belly.
                                            cone and the glider whose pilot, Japa-         Though passengers assumed the
                                            nese citizen and 30-year glider veteran, emergency position, they said the land-
                                            Akihiro Hirao, parachuted safely back ing could not possibly have been better.
                                            to earth.                                      “The landing was as smooth as you
                                               The pilot quickly brought the jet back could imagine, not even a bump,” DiZio
                                            under control as the three startled pas- said. “We stayed on the runway right up
                                            sengers secured their o xygen masks.        to the end, so she (the pilot) must have
                                               After deducing that the damage to the had that just perfectly lined-up even
                                            starboard wing, part of which had caved- with the crosswinds.”
                                            in and was leaking fuel vapor, was too         Upon landing, pilot Saunders was tak-
                                            extensive to have been caused by a bird, en to the Washoe Medical Center with
                                            and that they would all be dead if they minor injuries.
                                            had struck another conventional air-           Glider pilot Hirao was found un-
                                            plane, passenger Mike Ch ip man, a part harmed by Washoe Tribal Police later
                                            owner of the Arizona Diamond Backs, that evening.
                                            surmised the truth.                            According to Lyons County Sheriff ’s
                                               “I knew there were gliders all over Depart ment Captain Jeff Page, the tribal
                                            the place ... the only thing I could figure police spotted a Japanese man, asked
                                            when we realized it wasn’t a bird was him if he was a glider pilot, and told
                                            that it was a glider,” he said.             him that a lot of friends were looking
                                               DiZio and the Chip mans said they did for him. They drove him back to the
                                            not panic after the crash.                  Minden-Tahoe Airport, where he had
                                               “Things go through your mind, but taken off earlier that afternoon, where
                                            it was sort of like a dream,” DiZio he was greeted by friends, examined
                                            said.”There was nothing we could do. and quickly released with only scrapes
                                            We just sort of went calm.”                 and bruises.
                                               “I did some deep breathing and said a       “To be quite honest, I don’t think any-
                                            few prayers,” Evy Chip man said.            body was expecting the outcome that we
                                               “Though I was aware of the damage to had,” Page said. “In my 20 years in law
                                            the wing, there wasn’t much I could do,” enforcement, I’ve never seen a mid-col-
                                            said Mike Chip man. “The pilots clearly lision where anybody survived. Here,
                                            had it under control, but it certainly had everyone made it.”
                                            my attention.”

                                            The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                              Fall 2006
                                                               Page 19
                President’s Message                                                              Wanted
                     From the desk of Rob MacIlreith
                                                                                          We are looking for a supply of
   As we move into the winter restora-          My congratulations to the members
tion period, our Saturday crew is gearing     of the Board of Directors who met with
                                                                                          plate steel to manufacture floor
up to work at developing new exhib its        the Province and convinced them of the      stands for various aircraft.
and continue with our restoration work.       importance of repairing the building; the   Don Hirtle was able to acquire
Our team is slowly trying to move fro m       repairs have been needed and will help      some round stock for this proj-
facility work and back to restoration and     improve our presentation to the public in   ect already.
exhibit develop ment work, although, we       the long run. Also, my congratulations
seem to always have some facility items       to Glenn McCarron on being presented
that take up our time. I hope that we will    with the Distinguished Member Award;        Computer Monitors:
be able to fully transition to restoration    your work at the Museum has been a          We are in search of two 19 inch
type work soon and that our facility im-      great help! Lastly, my thanks to Danny      color LCD computer monitors
provements will tail-off in the near fu-      Price for h is service on the Executive     for 2 exhibits.
ture.                                         over the last number of years; Danny is
   Also, during this winter session, some     stepping down but will continue as an
members of the Museum are work-               active member of our Saturday crowd.        Computers:
ing hard to plan improvements to the            As we always require help at the Mu-      Recently retired P3 machines
Museum for 2009’s celebration of the          seum, I hope to see many of you over        or newer are an asset to the
100th Anniversary of the Silver Dart ’s       the winter at the Museum. Season’s          Museum, if you are looking to
first flight. These improvements will be        Greetings!
related to the Silver Dart build ing and
                                                                                          dispose of a P3 or P4 machine,
the exh ibits in it. A planning team has                                                  keep us in mind.
been struck and we are working on de-
veloping the floor plan and goals before
                                                       Wanted                             Scanner:
turning the plan over to our fund raising                                                 The Museum would like to
                                               Newsletter Items:
team. We require new volunteers to help
raise the funding to make our p lans a re-
                                               I am completely out of news-               have a high quality USB flat
ality. More details will be released to the    letter items. If you can help              bed scanner. If you know of
membership as they become availab le.          out with stories and pictures,             a surplus unit that we may be
Your help is needed. Please contact me!        please send the information to             able to acquire please let me
We are really beginning this process at a                                                 know. We are looking for the
                                               me via e-mail or snail mail on
late date. We need to begin construction
by September in order to meet our target       the cover.                                 scanner to copy personal pho-
dates and goals. Time will be tight and                                                   tos people do not wish to leave
members are needed to help get the job         Compact Flourescents:                      with us.
done!                                          We are looking for a source
   In the near future, we will be imple-                                                  Volunteers:
                                               of compact florescent lighting
menting some new policies with re-
                                               to change over some exsisting              Volunteers are our biggest as-
gards to artifacts and donations to help
streamline our operations. At this time,       exhibit areas. As we replace               set and one of which we are in
several exec members and board mem-            burned out lighting we will be             short supply. We need volun-
bers are meeting to finalize these poli-        using this new technology. It is           teers all the time. If you know
cies before we begin the imp lementation                                                  of someone with an interest in
                                               a bit more expensive to replace
process. It is important for us to make
these improvements in our operations to        but cheaper to run. If you can             aircraft or likes to tinker with
help lessen the work for our shrin king        help out by donating some PAR              items please put them in con-
volunteer base.                                38 CF lights it would help.                tact with us.

                                        The Atlantic Canada Aviation Musuem Newletter
                                                          Fall 2006
                                                           Page 20

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