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					    Sitka outflieS competition

   two BrancheS, one miSSion


          the right to carry?

                   Alaska Bear                                                                                                                      Alaska Bear

                                                            Alaska Bear
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                                                                    endorsement thereof.”
                                                                                                   injured his hand aboard the 580-foot
                                                          Editorial content is edited, prepared
                                                         and provided by the staff of the 17th     South Korean-flagged bulk carrier, BK
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                                                                                                   B)     The Coast Guard responded to the grounding of the 34-
                                                                                                          foot fishing vessel Pegge in Gastineau Channel across from
                                                                                                   Sheep Creek near Juneau Sept. 14, 2010. Coast Guard Sector Juneau
                                                           Is there an event you want covered      command center watchstanders received the initial notification of the
                                                          for the Alaska Bear? Do you have an
                                                                                                   grounding via VHF radio from a second vessel transiting the area about 8:30

                                                          opinion to be heard? Does your unit
                                                         have anything newsworthy to report?       p.m. Sector Juneau command center personnel ordered the launch of a Station
                                                          If so, we want to hear from you, call    Juneau Response Boat-Small crew in response.

                                                                 Coast Guard external affairs

                                                                         709 W. 9th St.                  A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter rescue crew from Cordova
                                                                      Juneau, AK 99801                   responded to the Seattle-based 100-foot fishing vessel Cape Cross
                                                                       ----------------------      which went aground at 5 a.m. in Main Bay in Prince William Sound July 26,
                                                                On The Cover                       2010.

            37                                                                                     D)
                                                          POINT HOPE, Alaska – Petty Officer
                                                              1st Class Craig O’Brien, carries            Coast Guard Sector Anchorage personnel responded to and
                                                           150 pounds of equipment to help                coordinated response efforts for a flexible self propelled barge that
                                                          assembel a 15-foot Coast Guard Aid       grounded and partially submerged in 9 feet of water while transiting the
                                                         to Navigation Tower four miles south
                                                             of Point Hope Saturday, July 31,      Beaufort Sea 40 miles west of Prudhoe Bay at 11:55 a.m. Sept. 14, 2010.
                                                           2010. Coast Guardsmen from Aids
                                                           to Navigation Team Kodiak carried
                                                            equipment over a quarter mile to
                                                            where the tower was built. Coast
                                                            Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd
                                                                    Class Walter Shinn.

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                                                        Alaska Bear

    Memorial Overflight
    SITKA, Alaska - A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk aircrew
    from Air Station Kodiak, standing by for aircrews in
    Sitka following the crash of CG6017 near La Push,
    Wash., in July, conducted a memorial overflight
    Saturday, July 10, 2010, in Sitka. The Coast Guard
    ensigns will be circulated to all Coast Guard air
    stations to be flown before they are presented to the
    families of the fallen aviators. U.S. Coast Guard photo
    by Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Solomon

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                                                    Alaska Bear

    Watchful Eye
    KODIAK, Alaska - Petty Officer 3rd Class Mike Klopp, a boatswains
    mate and coxswain, at Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team
    Kodiak looks to the stern of the 41-foot Utility Boat to check on
    his crew Sep. 9, 2010. Klopp and crew aboard the UTB were out
    in Chiniak Bay participating in a training exercise with Air Station
    Kodiak. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan

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    Alaska Bear

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                                                           Alaska Bear

Two Branches, One Mission:
                                                                    Story by Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis, PADET Kodiak

                                                                                                                                  Save Alaskans
  Joint Operations
  KODIAK, Alaska - The crews of a Kodiak-based Coast Guard MH-60
  Jayhawk helicopter and an Anchorage-based Air National Guard
  HH-60 Pavehawk helicopter conduct joint water rescue training
  over Women’s Bay in Kodiak June 30, 2010. The crews conduct
  multiple search and rescue missions in Alaska annually.
  U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis.

  In Alaska rescue operations are prosecuted                         on scene working to extract the injured from the             Air National Guard counterparts to treat              stabilizing broken bones,” said Petty Officer
by two federal services, the Alaska Air National                     wreckage when the Coast Guard arrived from Air               injured patients and medevac them in the coast        3rd Class Gregory Sykes of Lovell, Wyo., a
guard and the coast guard. the coast guard’s                         Station kodiak.                                              Guard and Air National Guard helicopters to           loadmaster aboard the Hercules. “We flew low,
jurisdiction falls to the water, islands and coastal                    “It was an intense scene,” said Petty Officer             Dillingham. In one case a man with internal           below 10,000 feet, and couldn’t pressurize the
regions. The Air Guard handles the inland search                     2nd Class Michael Gerent of Gainesville, Fla.,               injuries was hoisted into the helicopter in a Coast   cabin due to the survivor’s injuries.”
and rescue cases. The services work together on                      an aviation survival technician on the case                  guard rescue basket to prevent further injury as         One significant difference between the services
some cases due to unique circumstances and are                       stationed at air Station kodiak. “we had to                  opposed to the rescue sling routinely used by the     is the training and equipment used by the Coast
seeing more cross over on rescue operations.                         triage the patients and be aware the whole time              Air National Guard.                                   Guard’s aviation survival technicians and the Air
  Aug. 9 a small plane went down in rural                            of the potential for the wreckage to slide down                 Once in Dillingham, crewmen aboard an              National Guard’s pararescuemen.
Alaska near the Nushagak River 26 miles                              the hillside and how we’d get ourselves and the              HC-130 Hercules aircraft from Kodiak further             coast guard aSts spend four months in
northwest of Dillingham killing five of the nine                     injured out of the way if we had to.”                        medevaced the three survivors with two air            training at an air station prior to going to school.
passengers and crew including the former Alaska                         Gerent was lowered to the ground on the                   National Guard pararescuemen to Anchorage.            They then train for 18 weeks learning rescue
Senator Ted Stevens. Alaska Air National Guard                       40-degree slope of the mountainside below                       “we had a coast guard corpsman with us             techniques, small engine repair, parachute
and coast guard assets responded. the air                            the wreckage and was forced to hike up with                  in addition to the pararescuemen and our              packing, first aid and aviation survival gear
National Guard pararescuemen were already                            a full gear bag to assist. He worked alongside               crew working to treat the survivors including         maintenance among other things. The rescue

  9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     10
                                          Alaska Bear

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Birds of a feather
                                                                                                                                                                   KODIAK, Alaska - Lt. Ian Hurst, an HH-65 Dolphin pilot at Coast Guard Air
                                                                                                                                                               Station Kodiak, demonstrates the Coast Guard’s SAR warrior aircrew survival
                                                                                                                                                                vest to the aircrew of an Air National Guard 210th Rescue Squadron HH-60
                                                                                                                                                                    Pavehawk June 26, 2010. The crews were conducting joint water rescue
                                                                                                                                                                     training. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis.

swimmer-training program has one of the highest         Sykes was struck by the shear amount of gear     volunteer community service projects as well,         snowmachiners or skiers that find themselves in
student attrition rates of any special operations    the pararescuemen travel with. They brought two     such as painting schools and rebuilding fire          trouble.”
school in the military. Following graduation and     pallets totaling about 300 pounds of equipment      engines.                                                 The Coast Guard and Air National Guard both
upon reaching their first station they complete      back from Dillingham aboard the Hercules. Tools       In June, Air National Guard crews from Kulis        fly a version of Sikorsky’s HH-60 though they are
additional aircraft and region specific training     include the jaws-of-life and more advanced          Air National Guard Base in Anchorage came to          configured differently.
that can take up to a year. Many complete            medical gear than the Coast Guard ASTs use.         Kodiak to conduct joint water rescue training for        According to Westerlund, the Air National
additional emergency medical technician courses         Despite differences in training and experience   three days. The Air National Guard conducts           Guard Pavehawk is a multi-mission multi-role
and become nationally registered EMTs.               the servicemen worked together to stabilize and     the majority of their cases on land. They are most    helicopter primarily designed to execute combat
   Pararescuemen spend two years in their initial    comfort the survivors of the plane crash saving     often launched by the Alaska State Troopers           rescue missions anywhere in the world.
training. From start to finish the dropout rate      four of their lives.                                for inland search and rescue. As of the end of           “Everything from taking our pararescuemen
is 60 to 90 percent from each class. They attend        The Ted Stevens’ case is just one example of     September they are credited with 41 missions and      and their dive gear out to an underwater
additional training from many services including     joint work between the two services.                27 lives saved in 2010.                               situation to the top of the highest mountains in
parachutist training in Arizona, Army Airborne          On an annual basis the services team up to         “Typically the summer season brings us to           Alaska and everything in between,” he said.
School in Georgia, Air Force Combat Dive School      bring care to the North Slope during Operation      Denali and the climbers in trouble,” said Maj.           that in between is the desert and mountains
in Florida, EMT and paramedic school in New          Arctic Crossroads. Air National Guard crews         Karl Westerlund, a fulltime HH-60 Pavehawk            of the Middle East and Central Asia. Westerlund
Mexico and a host of others that range from a few    transport doctors, dentists, optometrists and       pilot with the 210th Rescue Squadron. “The fall       and several of the pilots he flies with have
days to up to six months. They have more varied      veterinarians to remote Alaska villages while the   tends to be hunters and hunting parties that          completed combat tours overseas and expect to
experience and are deployed to a larger variety of   Coast Guard conducts boating safety outreach        have issues with light aircraft or stranded on        be deployed again.
areas worldwide.                                     and vessel exams. The crews routinely conduct       scene type events, and in the winter typically it’s      in kodiak the crew worked with the coast

  11                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   12
                                            Alaska Bear

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cougar Rescue
                                                                                                                                                                      KODIAK, Alaska --The Singapore-flagged vessel Cougar Ace remains
                                                                                                                                                                disabled and listing at 60 degrees 230 miles south of the Aleutian Islands
                                                                                                                                                               July 26, 2006. Coast Guard and Air National Guard crews worked together
                                                                                                                                                                   to rescue the 23 crew aboard the Cougar Ace. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Guard specifically on waterborne rescue.               based HH-65 Dolphin embarked on the Coast            north of Anchorage. Weather conditions forced     and had to hoist using the helicopter wreckage
   “there are minor differences in our techniques      Guard Cutter Morgenthau was in range to assist.      the crew to insert the pararescuemen four miles   as a point of reference to prevent us from whiting
and procedures but our standards are similar,”         The ship was outside the range of the Coast          from the aircraft. Using mountaineering skis      out ourselves,” said Lt. Cmdr. Craig Neubecker
said Westerlund. “They’re not identical but            Guard’s land based MH-60s. Air National Guard        and towing sleds full of gear that weighed 100    of Burden, Kan., an MH-60 pilot at Air Station
they’re parallel which lets us see that our training   assets came over 1,000 miles from Anchorage.         to 150 pounds each, two of the four members of    kodiak. “the crash was on a mountainside and
path for doing water missions is parallel to the          In July 2009, an Air National Guard HH-60         the pararescue crew reached the men the next      it was very steep, so we lowered the rescue
coast guard and we consider the coast guard            Pavehawk crew with a Coast Guard Hercules            day and the rescue helicopter crew was able       swimmer to the cliff ledge to perform the rescue.”
the experts in water missions.”                        escort rescued a Norwegian kayaker in distress       to recover the team and the survivors despite        The rescue swimmer on the case, Petty Officer
   The biggest difference in the aircraft              10 miles southeast of Little Diomede Island in       challenging whiteout weather conditions.          3rd Class Erich Klingner of Forked River, N.J.,
configuration is the Coast Guard’s use of external     the Bering Strait as his bid to circumnavigate the      This was not unlike a case the Coast Guard     hiked several miles to and from the downed
fuel tanks while the Air National Guard has an in      world under human power came to an end in            conducted in May saving two men and seven         plane with the animals. They and the two men
air refueling capability. This refueling capability    the unforgiving weather of the northern Bering       sled dogs after high winds and whiteout           were safely delivered to Seward.
makes the National Guard the go-to responders          Sea. The Coast Guard rescued a Frenchman five        conditions forced their small helicopter down        Two services, multiple aircraft, minor
for extreme long-range offshore rescue.                days earlier 40 miles north of St. Lawrence Island   near the Godwin Glacier north of Seward. The      differences, one mission – serve the people of
   In July 2006, Coast Guard and Air National          attempting the same feat.                            crew was challenged to get all the dogs in the    Alaska and rescue them from harm. By working
Guard helicopter crews worked to rescue 23                During the 2010 Operation Arctic Crossroads       aircraft and maintain a hover in such poor        together the Coast Guard at Air Station Kodiak
personnel from the deck of the 653-foot car            the Air National Guard was called away from          visibility.                                       and the Alaska National Guard have saved 103
carrier Cougar Ace as it listed to 60 degrees in the   their work in the northern villages to rescue the       “We were in a convergence of winds coming      lives and assisted 87 others thus far in 2010. They
North Pacific Ocean. The Coast Guard’s Kodiak-         crew of a downed plane on the Knik Glacier           from two different directions off the mountains   continue to serve so that others may live.

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                                                Alaska Bear

 Story and photos by Petty Officer 3rd Class Walter Shinn, D17

Lighting the gateway to the Arctic
  The sun could be seen from the Arctic                     equipment four miles south to the build
community of Point Hope as it eclipsed the                  site. Since the frozen tundra was too bumpy
horizon in the early morning, but winds picked              and uneven for the truck they had no other
up and temperatures gradually decreased during              option but to carry the hand tools and assembly
the summer day. Salt could be tasted on the tip             pieces for the tower a quarter of a mile. This
of one’s tongue as the wind blew eastwardly                 required going to and from the utility truck
from the Bering Strait. There was an occasional             several times even with each person maximizing
wind gust of up to 30 mph as the crew of four               the number of pieces they were able to safely
walked across the barren frozen tundra carrying             carry.
up to 150 pounds of equipment to one mile south              in order for the 15-foot tower to withstand
of Beacon Hill four miles south of the village.             the Arctic weather conditions a three foot hole
  Vessels are routinely traveling through the               was dug using a shovel and pickaxe into the
Bering Strait without many visible maritime aids            cement-like permafrost. The four came to near
to navigation. To help vessels safely navigate              exhaustion as the permafrost only continued to
through the strait four Coast Guardsmen from                become harder the further they dug down. They
Aids to Navigation Team Kodiak traveled to                  played rock music in the background to help gain
Point Hope to build the Northern-most Coast                 adrenaline and keep up their spirits while they
Guard Aid to Navigation tower in the United                 chipped away at the permafrost.
States July 28, 2010.                                        Once the holes were dug to the depth and width
  Not only was the location for this tower unique           needed to support the tower construction began.
but also for three of the four Coast Guardsmen               One person stayed on the ground to hand
who constructed the tower. the tower was                    equipment to help the three others who
constructed by Chief Petty Officer James                    assembled the tower. Bolts were tightened and       Beacon of Hope
Brumley, Petty Officer 3rd Class Christopher                looked over when the construction of the tower      POINT HOPE, Alaska – The 16-foot Coast Guard Aid to
Mackey, Petty Officer 2nd Class Casey Loken                 was complete. The four Coast Guardsmen              Navigation Tower which was built four miles south of Point
                                                                                                                Hope was completed on Sunday, August, 1, 2010. Four
and Petty Officer 1st Class Craig O’Brien, who              worked in tandem as the tower began to take         Coast Guardsmen from Aids to Navigation Team Kodiak
are stationed at ant kodiak. for loken, o’Brien             shape while it was pieced together with bolts,      completed building the tower in six hours Saturday and
                                                                                                                placed the aids to help vessels navigate through the
and Mackey this was their first navigation tower            screws and the structure pieces. Within six hours   Bering Strait Sunday. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer
construction deployment.                                    they completed the navigation tower.                3rd Class Walter Shinn.
  Another unique facet of the light is the help it           However, there were still a few more items to be
will provide for Alaskan natives on the North               added on the tower.
Slope often use maritime ATON lights to                      On the final day four dayboards and an                    charges three batteries during the day in order       days. They built the tower while digging
distinguish which direction to go when traveling            LED light were installed onto the tower. The               for the light to be seen by vessels at night. This    through permafrost, battled vicious mosquitoes
and hunting.                                                dayboards warn vessels navigating through the              is the first LED light used in the region but it is   in sunny weather and 30 mph wind gusts only to
  “People on a vessel or snowmobile may see the             Bering Strait of nearby land during the day. The           specifically built to withstand the harsh winter      help future vessels navigating through the Arctic
flashing light at night on land or offshore and             crew found out they can also be used as kites              conditions.                                           gateway.
know which direction home is,” said Brumley.                while they carried the platforms a quarter of               The LED light is visible offshore from a distance     the constructed tower is one of four in the
“You don’t want to be guessing the wrong                    a mile in winds gusting up to 20 mph. Three                of up to 10 miles away and the day boards may         Arctic Circle but is the Northern-most Coast
direction in the Arctic during severe weather               people held each dayboard safely in place while            be visible up to three miles on a clear day.          Guard aid to navigation tower in the region.
storms or at night.”                                        the fourth person bolted it into the tower.                 Brumley, O’Brien, Loken and Mackey traveled          with the tower constructed near point hope it
  Over the period of five days the four Coast                The LED light was installed after the dayboards.          more than 1,600 miles roundtrip to build a            will serve as an essential link of communication
Guardsmen drove a utility truck to haul all of the          The light is powered by a solar panel which                navigational aid along the Bering Strait in five      between vessels and jagged Arctic shoreline.

 15                                                                                                                                                                                                                       16
     Alaska Bear

                   Story and photos by Petty Officer3rd Class Walter Shinn, D17

                   Extending operations
                    into the last frontier
                      For centuries frozen ice has surrounded the                           over the previous three years the increased
                   world’s northernmost ocean during the winter                           access and activity in the Arctic region
                   extending into the Bering Strait enabling people                       has prompted the coast guard to test the
                   living in the isolated communities throughout                          service’s rescue aircraft and watercraft in the
                   the Arctic Circle to travel across the ice. Today,                     communities of Barrow, nome and this year
                   shrinking ice is allowing vessels to navigate to                       Kotzebue.
                   the Arctic Ocean transporting people through                             Recently more than 70 Coast Guard, Army
                   a remote region one-fifth the size of Lower 48                         National Guard, Air National Guard and U.S.
                   states with limited rescue assistance days away.                       Public Health Services personnel deployed

                            POINTING THE WAY
                            KOTZEBUE, Alaska – Petty Officer 2nd Class Shawn Crabtree, a
                            boatswain’s mate and resident of Ketchikan, Alaska, and Chief
                            Warrant Officer Mark Helmers, a resid ent of Juneau, Alaska,
                            and Hiram Walker, director for search and rescue Northwest
                            Arctic Borough, point toward a barge that is navigating through
                            Kotzebue Sound Sunday, August 8, 2010. Walker led Crabtree
                            and Helmers to a potential location for a new marker to be placed
                            to help people navigate through the area during winter seasons.

17                                                                                                                                          18
                                                           Alaska Bear

       Safe Landing
       KOTZEBUE, Alaska – A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk rescue helicopter
       lands on a tarmac as an Army National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk and an
       Air Force National Guard HH-60 Pavehawk helicopter prepare to land
       at Forward Operating Location Kotzebue with personnel deployed in
       support of Operation Arctic Crossroads 2010 Sunday, August 8, 2010.
       Helicopter crews transported personnel to remote northwestern Alaskan
       villages including Pt. Hope, Koyuk, Wales, Selawik, Shishmaref, Kivalina.

to Kotzebue for a 10 day initiative providing                              about the culture of the region while bringing      PFD’s, 495 coloring books and gave boating           through the bumpy frozen tundra to the school
physical exams, dental, optometry, boating                                 much needed medical care to remote villages and     safety classes to each village.                      house and medical clinic. The medical teams
safety awareness and other community services                              encouraging them to use better boating safety          Helicopter crews from the Coast Guard, Air        used the village medical clinics as staging
to eight boroughs throughout Northern Alaska.                              practices.”                                         National Guard and Army National Guard               areas while the boating safety teams set up in a
This multi-agency operation was an opportunity                               During the operation the three helicopter         transported personnel in support of Operation        classroom at the local school.
for the Coast Guard to measure operational                                 crews flew the medical and boating safety teams     Arctic Crossroads 2010 to 12 villages in                Children followed the veterinarians with
effectiveness and the overall capabilities of Coast                        more than 6,500 miles to the remote villages in     Northwest Alaska. Medical and boating safety         curiosity as they tried to cover the entire
guard assets.                                                              Northwest Alaska. Medical doctors examined          teams were transported to noatak, point hope,        community within the allotted time at each
   “Identifying operational capabilities for Coast                         277 patients, an optometrist examined 98            Shishmaref, Kivalina, Koyuk, Wales, Shaktoolik,      village. If the children weren’t following
guard response boats in the arctic waterways is                            patients, two veterinarians treated 326 animals     Nome, Selawik, Teller, Gamble and Savoonga.          the veterinarians they would be attending
vital to understand the service’s current limits in                        and a team of dentist examined 74 patients.            Residents at each village waited at the airport   presentations on boating safety from the Coast
the remote region,” said Cmdr. Michelle Webber,                              Two Coast Guard Auxiliary members                 with all-terrain vehicles to welcome the teams       Guard Auxiliary.
operational commander of Operation Arctic                                  distributed 1,095 whistles and signal mirrors, 48   aboard the helicopters when they landed. The            The other section of the medical team was busy
Crossroads. “At the same time, we are learning                             youth sized Personal Flotation Devices, 20 adult    medical teams were transported via the ATV’s         treating numerous patients who received much
 19                                                                                                                                                                                                                             20
                                               Alaska Bear
needed dental, foot and eye care during the stay     freeze during the winter season allowing people
at each village. During each village                 to travel between villages using custom
visit teams stayed for a period of four to six       built navigational markers. The markers serve
hours. Once it was time to leave it was common       as a vital navigational aid in the Arctic region.
to see the residents lined up along the runway          Personnel deployed for Arctic Crossroads also
waving farewell as children blew their whistles.     participated in a community service project at
   While Coast Guard, Army National Guard and        the Boys and Girls Club in the city of Kotzebue.
Air National Guard helicopters were transporting     Coast Guardsmen and USPHS personnel worked
medical and boating safety teams to remote           together to help widen the gate to an ice rink
villages, Coast Guard personnel were operating       in order for a snow remover to drive through.
rescue boats testing maneuverability                 Additionally, they helped clean up around the
in unmarked shallow waterways around                 city and painted the inside of the facility.
Kotzebue.                                               The results from testing the Coast Guard’s
   Coast Guardsmen tested four types of small        capabilities in the region will be evaluated by
boats including a Special Purpose Craft-Shallow      coast guard commandant adm. robert papp
Water boat, a 25-foot Response Boat-Small, an        Jr. who will present the recommendations to
18-foot Sea Wolf Kite boat, and a 24-foot Munson     Congress in Washington D.C. with hopes that
boat. They also tested a 28-foot Metal Shark jet     someday the Coast Guard can be permanently
boat.                                                present in the arctic.
   The waterways the response boats navigated           Until then Coast Guard members throughout
across ranged in depth from one to six feet in       Alaska plan to continue its yearly operation
Kotzebue Sound. The muddy bottom shifted             building on previous efforts to establish the
often making the unmarked area challenging to        service as the premier search and rescue agency
navigate across. The waterways around Kotzebue       in the arctic.

Dog Doctors
KOYUK, Alaska – United States Public Health
Service Veterinarian Doctor Mary Anne
Duncan, a resident of Mebane, N.C., examines
one of two dogs owned by Koyuk residents
Wayne and Fannie Nassuk Wednesday, August
4, 2010. Duncan and USPHS Veterinarian
Doctor Wanda Wilson walked through the
community of 350 to examine 48 dogs and
three cats.

Emergency Training
(Page 22)
KOYUK, Alaska – Mike Morris demonstrates
the use of an emergency harness to
local residents during a boating safety
demonstration as part of Operation Arctic
Crossroads 2010 Wednesday, August 4, 2010.
More than 100 of the 350 residents attended
the boating safety demonstration that was
given throughout the afternoon displaying
boating safety equipment and educating the

 21                                                                                                      22
                                            Alaska Bear
                  earch and rescue, aids to               “We visit a unit a week at a time,” explained

                                                                                                                  Story and photos by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan Lally, PADET Kodiak
                  navigation and marine safety are Brown. “The first day or so we worry about the
                  just a few of the coast guard’s      assessment. When we leave the unit we try to
                  daily missions, but among these, make sure their law enforcement instructors are
                  law enforcement is one of its        top notch.”
                  more prominent missions.                Students such as Petty Officer 2nd Class Joshua
                     There is a couple of ways
                  Coast Guardsmen receive law
                                                       Sheppard, a boatswain’s mate on the cutter
                                                       SPAR, benefit from the training that instructors
                                                                                                                  Comprehensive Law Enforcement
enforcement training; through “C” school, a            like Brown provide.                                        Assessment of Readiness
highly supplemental training school or on-the-job         Sheppard mentioned he had previous
training. Members at shore units and                   experience with law enforcement as a member
cutters can attend both the Boarding Team              of a boarding team from his time at a small boat
Member “C” School or receive specialized               station.
training from Coast Guard law enforcement                 “i’m pretty new to the unit and i don’t
training teams.                                        currently hold the qualification here for a
   Recently the Coast Guard Cutter SPAR,               boarding officer or boarding team member,”
homeported in Kodiak, Alaska, was visited              explained Sheppard. “I have in the past though,
by Training Team West members stationed in             so this actually is a great refresher to get me jump
Alameda, Calif., for their law                                           started on my re-qualification.”
enforcement training as well as a                                           Sheppard praised the trateam
                                          “My favorite part is West instructors saying what an
comprehensive law enforcement
assessment of readiness.                 the classroom time excellent job they were doing to
   Petty Officer 1st Class Lee            because it seems               making it simple by breaking it
Brown, a gunner’s mate with                                              down to understand.
TraTeam West, was among the             my knowledge base                   Brown lit up when he spoke of
group of instructors that visited      grows every time I sit how instructing pays off when
the Spar’s crew. Brown provided
instruction in use of force and
                                        down in one of these he sees “that eyes. bulb go off” in
                                                                         the students
boarding procedures.                            classes.”                   Sheppard reflected on his time
   “our primary mission is to                                            from the training mentioning the
conduct an assessment of the                _ Petty Officer 2nd Class highlights and benefits that he
unit’s law enforcement program                     Joshua Sheppard received, from kicks, stuns and
so we can provide the command                                            all the physical training, to the
we are visiting with a snapshot of where               classroom instruction which Sheppard said was
their law enforcement program lies and any             his favorite part of the training.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Punching Bag
recommendations to make it better,” said Brown.           “It may sound odd but usually people like
   When instructors like Brown visit units to          the physical stuff we do,” Sheppard said. “My                                                                                              KODIAK, Alaska - Petty Officer 2nd Class
                                                                                                                                                                                             Joshua Sheppard, a boatswains mate on the
conduct training they do it in a classroom setting favorite part is the classroom time because it                                                                                                Coast Guard Cutter SPAR holds a training
and through hands-on training.                         seems my knowledge base grows every time I sit                                                                                             bag for Seaman John Nash during a law
   The classes that are given consist of               down in one of these classes.”                                                                                                              enforcement training exercise Aug. 25,
                                                                                                                                                                                              2010. Nash and Sheppard along with other
boarding procedures and review of the 4th                 Gaining confidence in your shipmates and                                                                                           shipmates of theirs from the cutter received
and 5th amendments to the constitution to              their skills with law enforcement, hearing                                                                                            training from instructors with Training Team
                                                                                                                                                                                                                West from Alameda, Calif.
help boarding team members know people’s               them ask their questions and receiving more
rights and how to go about performing the              knowledge are all benefits that Sheppard said he
responsibilities of their jobs.                        was getting from the training.                            “It keeps us on the same page,” said Sheppard.           the instruction provided to the Spar crew
   The hands-on portion of the training deals             Sheppard extended his gratitude toward                 All in all, confidence boosters and gained skills      has better prepared them to conduct proper
with defensive tactics. Kicks, stuns, handcuffing, Brown and the other instructors for taking the             to growth of knowledge and recommendations                boardings in Alaskan waters and has set them
pressure points and joint manipulation are             time to come to kodiak. he commented on the            for bettering the law enforcement program of a            on the road to becoming “top notch” law
among some of the defensive tactics that are           distance of Kodiak from California saying, “it         unit, the training received by Alaska-based Coast         enforcement personnel for this prominent
taught.                                                was a little out of the way.”                          Guard units is unique and helpful.                        mission for the coast guard.
 23                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    24
                                           Alaska Bear
   In a convenience store in Pennsylvania a           responsibilities and a person 21 or older may be
criminal was accosting a young female clerk           charged with misconduct involving weapons in           Story and photos by Petty Officer 1st Class David Mosley, PADET Anchorage

                                                                                                             The right to carry?
threatening her with bodily harm if she didn’t        the 5th degree under Alaska statute 11.61.220 if
give him the money! Behind this man was an            they:
elderly woman who drew her revolver and held
the man until police arrived to take him into            • fail to immediately inform a peace officer
custody.                                              that they are carrying a concealed handgun
   While this example is anything but ordinary, it       • fail to allow the officer to secure the
is one example of how responsible citizens across     weapon or fails to secure the weapon at the
the United States have decided to exercise their      direction of the peace officer
state given right to own and carry a concealed           • carry the weapon concealed within
firearm.                                              another person’s residence, unless they have
   Alaska is one of 41 states that issue permits      first obtained the express permission of an adult
allowing their residents to carry a concealed         residing there, whether or not the person has a
firearm and one of three unrestricted states that     concealed handgun permit.
do not require a permit to carry a concealed
firearm upon ones person while within the state.        A routine stop for a traffic violation as any law
   Alaska does not require a permit for a             enforcement officer will tell you is anything but
law-abiding adult to carry a handgun, either          routine and is one of the few instances where a
openly or concealed, within the state’s borders.      law abiding adult carrying a concealed firearm
however, the state continues to issue permits to      will run into the first and possibly the second
any of its residents who meet the state’s issuance    bullet listed above.
criteria for reciprocity reasons; meaning that          The Coast Guard allows you to own a firearm
Alaska residents can carry with a permit while        as long as all civilian procedures are followed.
in other states                                                                       Always keep in
that recognize the                                                                    mind that Federal
Alaska concealed                                                                      law prohibits
carry license.                                                                        the possession
   Alaska statute                                                                     of firearms of
11.61.220 allows                                                                      other dangerous
anyone 21 or                                                                          weapons in all
older, who may                                                                        Federal Buildings,
legally carry a                                                                       with or without
firearm to also                                                                       intent to commit
carry it concealed                                                                    a crime, by all
without having                                                                        persons not
to obtain a special                                                                   specifically
permit. however,                                                                      authorized by Title
the possession                                                                        18, united States
of a firearm at                                                                       Code, Section 930
courthouses,                                                                          (c). conviction
schoolyards, bars                                                                     carries penalties of
and domestic violence shelters is prohibited.         up to five years imprisonment and $5,000 fine.
   While the right to own a firearm is a hotly          Title 18 is the minimum that you as a
debated topic in Washington D.C. and across the       responsible gun owner need to be aware of.
United States, the fact is that Alaska has given      There are unique firearm requirements for each
its residents the right to carry if they so choose.   military base, and what may be acceptable on a
However, the right to carry comes with distinct       Coast Guard base may not be all that is required

 25                                                                                                                                                                                      26
                                            Alaska Bear
while on an Air Force or Army base. As a                  Consider how you dress and your lifestyle.       continued on through his wife’s leg.                                    When holding a gun, rest your finger on the
responsible gun owner it is your responsibility        How will you carry the pistol? Can you                Accidents happen and rarely do people plan on                      trigger guard or along the side of the gun. Until
to check with base security at the gate before         adjust your wardrobe to accommodate your            shooting a friend, family member or their selves.                    you are actually ready to fire, do not touch the
entering to become familiar with the unit’s            pistol? Particular body shapes may present          Could these tragic accidents have been                               trigger.
particular regulations.                                special problems. Your physical strength and        avoided? these two scenarios are different,
   “Regardless of the state laws, I am a               conditioning may also be a factor, as powerful      however, each of these actual occurrences can be                        3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until
government employee which supersedes all               pistols tend to function better for people with     learned from.                                                        ready to use.
else,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher        strong arms and hands.                                The National Rifle Association gives the                              Whenever you pick up a gun, immediately
LeFaiver, maritime enforcement officer and                As important as any other single factor is the   following three fundamental steps that must                          engage the safety device if possible, and, if the
armory supervisor at coast guard Sector                size and geometry of your hand. Hand size varies    always be followed when handling a firearm.                          gun has a magazine, remove it before opening
Anchorage. “It is the members responsibility to        greatly, it is very important to handle a gun                                                                            the action and looking into the chamber(s)
know the rules governing weapons at each unit          paying attention to the comfort of the grip and        1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe                          which should be clear of ammunition. If you do
that they visit or are assigned to.”                   the position of the controls on the pistol.         direction.                                                           not know how to open the action or inspect the
   “I have made the choice to carry a concealed           Does the gun feel good in your hand? Is the         This is the primary rule of gun safety. A safe                    chamber(s), leave the gun alone and get help
weapon,” said lefaiver. “i carry for a few             trigger smooth or is it rough and heavy? Is the     direction means that the gun is pointed so that                      from someone who does.
reasons including protection for me and my             frame fairly narrow so that it will conceal well?   even if it were to go off it would not cause injury
family while in town or in the wilds of Alaska.”       Does the gun have the right balance of power,       or damage. The key to this rule is to control                           Making the decision to carry a concealed
   Military members who decide to carry need to        weight and size?                                    where the muzzle or front end of the barrel is                       weapon is a huge decision and responsibility.
put as much research into what gun to purchase,           Before you buy and before you decide to          pointed at all times. Common sense dictates                          make sure that you are prepared for that
as they do into knowing what laws apply. Don’t         carry, members need to remember that firearm        the safest direction, depending on different                         responsibility. To summarize, hold it, feel it, fire
be in a rush to buy the first gun you see. Give it a   safety must always be followed. Every firearm       circumstances.                                                       it if you can, and recognize that you’re going to
lot of thought.                                        should be treated as if it were loaded! Recently                                                                         spend a lot of time with the pistol. Remember
   Ideally, shoot as many pistols as you can before    an Anchorage fireman was shot and killed when         2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger                         also, that it may be called upon someday to
you make a decision. Most gun ranges have              a gun that was thought to have been unloaded        until ready to shoot.                                                defend your life.
pistols you can rent to see how they feel. If you      was accidently discharged by a friend. In July a
have friends who own pistols, go shooting with         Coast Guardsman accidently shot himself in the

                                                                                                           What to do if you are pulled over...
them. Most will be happy to let you shoot their        hand while unloading a handgun to clean it. The
guns and share with you their experiences.             bullet not only passed through his hand but it

                                                                                                               Michigan, just like Alaska, requires      people start digging in their vehicle like     the officer during each and every stop.
                                                                                                           that a resident who is interacting with       they were digging for gold,” says Peters.          Sixth, when do you tell him? The time
                                                                                                           a law enforcement officer to inform the           Second, make eye contact with the          to inform the officer is upon his greeting.
                                                                                                           officer they are carrying a concealed         officer. Nothing says “I’m crazy” or “I have   Do not say, “I have a gun.” Never utter
                                                                                                           weapon either upon their person or in         something to hide” like the 1000-yard          this phrase. Never utter any variation
                                                                                                           the vehicle.                                  stare down the roadway. This behavior          of this phrase. No good can come from
                                                                                                               J. Peters (first name not given), a law   has led to several searches, arrests,          that phrase when said to an officer. All
                                                                                                           enforcement officer for more than 10          and some altercations upon further             we hear is “have a gun” and the rest is
                                                                                                           years in Michigan, recently wrote a small     investigation.                                 implied. The highway can be a noisy
                                                                                                           article for the United States Concealed           Third, make eye contact and smile.         place and we may not hear everything
                                                                                                           Carry Association’s weekly newsletter         It will let the officer know that he can       you said.
                                                                                                           which stated the following advice when        communicate with you.                              Seventh, how do you tell him? Greet
                                                                                                           interacting with law enforcement during           Fourth, If you have the gun lying on       him and tell him you have a concealed
                                                                                                           a traffic stop.                               the seat next to you or in plain sight,        weapon and the weapon is on your
                                                                                                               First, don’t dig around looking for       plan on having that muzzle related talk        person or in the car. The officer will likely
                                                                                                           your paperwork; the officer does not          mentioned earlier. A visible weapon            ask where the weapon is. Tell him. There
                                                                                                           want to put you at gunpoint. A traffic        is an accessible weapon to a suspect.          is no reason not to as long as you are
                                                                                                           stop is stressful for both parties. Avoid     Concealed Carry means CONCEALED.               abiding by local and state laws. Do not
                                                                                                           an altercation by staying put and             Keep you weapon concealed unless               reach for the weapon unless asked to do
                                                                                                           keeping your hands comfortably visible.       directed otherwise by the officer.             so.
                                                                                                               A driver should make both hands               Fifth, Take it easy, no sudden                 Eighth, The officer will most likely tell
                                                                                                           visible, “a good place for the driver’s       movements to see if he is paying               you very specifically to stay put or give
                                                                                                           hands are on the wheel,” said Peters.         attention. No furtive movements to joke        further instructions based on training,
                                                                                                               “This may seem somewhat remedial,         around. This may not be a potential lethal     experience, and departmental guidelines
                                                                                                           but you would not believe how many            force encounter to you. It potentially is to   or operating procedures.

 27                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            28
     Alaska Bear

                   Story by Petty Officer 3rd Class Charly Hengen, PADET Kodiak

                                                ng r
                                              di e
                                           uil ng
                                          B ro
                                           a d
                                            b on

                                           Marriage can be tough. I’ve been married for 11 years now and my
                                           husband and I have had our fair share of the good and bad times. But
                                           through it all, we have managed to pull through those bad times and stay
                                           together while in the pursuit of creating good memories.

29                                                                                                                30
                                           Alaska Bear
   my husband and i had the opportunity to                the speaker states what he wants the other
work on our marriage skills, which in turn             person to know. The other person listens
will create those good memories, at a two-day          carefully and then reflects back what he or she
marriage enrichment workshop held in Kodiak.           heard so the speaker knows the listener has the
   Two naval chaplains from the Chaplains              correct interpretation of what was said.
Religious Enrichment Development Operation                This technique, when used properly, will
based out of Bremerton, Wash., hosted a marriage       enable a couple to have a relationship that is
enrichment workshop Sept. 14 and 15 in which           balanced with honest and open communication.
six Kodiak-based Coast Guard couples attended.            Another technique the marriage enrichment
These two days were filled with practical lessons      seminar touched on was how to resolve conflict.
and a guide to develop communication skills.           There are different stages of conflict and those
   “We provided communication skills for               are disagreement, argument, rejection and
couples and created ways for couples to focus          separation. Unresolved conflict does not go away
on their marriage and on each other,” said             and the PREP material suggests different ways to
Chaplain Keith Brooks, CREDO representative.           handle conflict between couples.
“Communication skills are the tools we give but           The different styles of handling conflict in
the main focus is just building a bond between         a relationship are by winning, withdrawal,
the two couples.”                                      yielding, compromise and agree to disagree.
   Some of the skills the enrichment workshop          Some of these may be better than others. Brooks
focused on were recognizing danger signs in            recommends that compromise is the best option.
your marriage, communicating effectively with          By discussing openly the different points of
each other and resolving conflict.                     views of each person in the relationship and
   “We use material called Prevention and              brainstorming decisions, a couple can come
Relationship Enhancement Program out of                to an acceptable middle ground and avoid an
the university of Denver,” said Brooks. “it’s          escalation in conflict.
based on the factor that there are signs within           Not only did the two-day workshop discuss
a marriage and if the couple can pinpoint those        danger signs, communication skills and resolving
danger signs, they can realize what the problem        conflict, but it also touched upon how to keep
is and be able to correct it. From there, the couple   romance alive, have your partner as a friend and
can move on and use the tools we provide to help       to find fun in the relationship.
out their marriage.”                                      “I enjoyed the entire workshop as coming
   According to the material, some danger              here was like preventative maintenance,” said
signs in a marriage are when negative patterns         a workshop attendee. “Just as you’d keep up
develop. These negative patterns could include         your vehicle, you need to work to keep up your
one spouse withdrawing from another, one               marriage. I think married couples and those who
person subtly or directly putting down the other       are just dating should attend a workshop like
or even possibly when one partner consistently         this. I’ll take the lessons learned and apply them
believes that the motives of the other are more        in my marriage.”
negative than is really the case.                         By using these practical tools and listening
   In order to combat these danger signs and to        to your spouse or partner in the relationship, a     D17 Chaplain:
hopefully not have them develop, here are some         couple should be able to have an open and loving     Lt. Cmdr. Eugene Wozniak
tools the marriage workshop focused on for             relationship.
couples to utilize.                                       The CREDO marriage enrichment workshop            907-463-2038
   One such communication tool is the speaker-         comes to Alaska once a year and the naval            Kodiak Chaplains:
listener technique. This technique forces              chaplains try to alternate the workshop between
the speaker and listener to follow a specific          Kodiak and Anchorage.                                Lt. Carl Stamper &
pattern of communication. Using this form of              To find out more information regarding            Lt. Don Monahan 907-487-5745
communication is almost as if you’re ordering          enrichment programs and how to better your
dinner at the drive-up window at a fast food           relationship, stop by and visit your unit
restaurant.                                            chaplain.
 31                                                                                                                                        28
                                                            Alaska Bear
Sister Smiles
JUNEAU, Alaska - Lt. Sarah Morin, Coast Guard Big Sister,
smiles for a photo while whale watching with her little
sister. Morin has been a community match with her
little since December 2008.

                                                                          Coast Guard makes
                                                                          Big changes in Little
                                                                          livesStory by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jon-Paul Rios, D17
                                                                               Photos courtesy of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Alaska

 33                                                                                                                                     34
                                          Alaska Bear
   Juneau is comprised of approximately 30,000          • Amachi Program – Bigs spend time with a          workweek for coast guardsmen who want
people amongst whom 9,000 are children and           Little who has an incarcerated parent.                to be a Big. This only makes it easier for
teens under the age of 19. Roughly 10,000               • Johnson Youth Center Program – Bigs              guardsmen to find time that can be used to
households in Juneau are single, divorced,           spend time with males being treated at the unit.      change a child’s life.
separated or widowed.                                   in Juneau, coast guardsmen make up 12                 The difference between a civilian and a
   With demographics like these it leaves many       percent of BBBS matches. in order to become a         uniformed service member is in the name and
children without the support that is garnished by    match they go through a strenuous interviewing        uniform. The children recognize the uniform
a mother, father, role model and overall positive    process ensuring they are capable of being a          and are automatically drawn to it.
adult figure.                                        positive influence on their “Littles”.                   “I have kids that run up to me excited just
   Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska (BBBS) has        “The interviewing process was long, however, I     because they see me in my uniform,” said
been working with the United States Coast Guard      feel that it is beneficial to my match because they   Lebrecht. “They love the uniform.”
in accordance with the coast guard’s partnership     ensured that i am the perfect person to provide          It’s extremely important that Coast
in Education program for years in trying to          support for my Little,” said Petty Officer 1st        Guardsmen continue their valued support of
combat this by providing volunteer service to        Class David Lebrecht, Coast Guard big brother         the program because as with every year comes
children in Juneau.                                  match at Auke Bay Elementary School.                  transfer season, which means that a Little may
   The Partnership in Education Program was             By simply providing a minimum of one               be losing their Big.
established in 1991 with the purpose to promote      hour a week the life of a child can change               “it’s important that we in the coast guard
excellence in education for the nation’s youth       dramatically.                                         continue to volunteer to ensure that these kids
through direct Coast Guard participation in             Studies have proven that a child with a “Big”      will always have someone to look up to,” said
education related programs.                          is 46 percent less likely to begin using illegal      Lebrecht. “One hour a week is not hard at all
   BBBS has many different programs that help        drugs, 52 percent less likely to skip school and      and I have so much fun with my little I would
mentor children and guide them down a positive       33 percent less likely to hit someone. Over           recommend it to anyone.”
path from as early as elementary until they          half improve their school performance and                coast guard members embrace their core
graduate high school.                                nearly two-thirds show higher levels of self-         values and strive to better their communities
   BBBS has the following programs:                  confidence.                                           and those around them. in Juneau you don’t
   • Community Program – Bigs spend time                “Being a Big is simple,” said Katy Jordan,         have to go far.
with their Littles two to four times a month for     recruiter for Big Brothers Big Sisters. “All you         Big Brothers Big Sisters is currently looking
a couple of hours each visit doing activities both   need to do is be a friend, mentor and overall         for 20 men to step up to the plate and be a Big
enjoy.                                               person that the child can talk to.”                   to 20 boys who are unmatched. consider the
   • School Program – Bigs meet with their              Currently in Juneau there are 23 children still    honor and respect you will feel and receive by
Littles for an hour a week during the school year    waiting to be matched, 20 of which are boys.          simply devoting an hour a week to a child that
at the Littles elementary or middle school.             The Coast Guard allows one hour during the         is in need of a friend.

  New Brother
  JUNEAU, Alaska - Petty
  Officer 1st Class David
  Lebrecht, newly matched
  Big Brother, poses for
  a picture with his Little
  Brother Dyllan. Lebrecht
  is a Big at Auke Bay
  Elementary School.

                                                                                                                                                              Support Line
                                                                                                                                                              JUNEAU, Alaska - Lt. Sarah
                                                                                                                                                              Morin, Coast Guard Big
                                                                                                                                                              Sister, and Little Sister
                                                                                                                                                              Taya, have fun on the
                                                                                                                                                              SAGA Ropes Course. Morin
                                                                                                                                                              has been a community
                                                                                                                                                              match with her little since
                                                                                                                                                              December 2008.

 35                                                                                                                                                                                         36
                                                          Alaska Bear

         Capturing History
     Coast Guard Photography
                                 Story by Petty Officer 1st Class David Mosley, PADET Anchorage

                                                                                                     “Photographers deal in things which are        is used to memorialize our lives and yet we
                                                                                                  continually vanishing and when they have          do not think of it at the time that we press
                                                                                                  vanished there is no contrivance on earth         that shutter button. We do not realize the
                                                                                                  which can make them come back again,”             importance of the images until the subject of
                                                                                                  said Henri Cartier-Bresson, the late French       the image passes on and then we are left with
Photo Moment                                                                                      photographer considered to be the father of       nothing but the memories.
PELICAN, Alaska - The Coast Guard Cutter Liberty is moored while                                  modern photojournalism.                              Photography helps us relive and keep us in
the crew hands out gifts in Pelican, Alaska, during the Annual                                       it has been said that a moment, a mission,     touch with the past.
Blanket, Coat and Toy Drive Dec. 19, 2009. The crew of the
Coast Guard Cutter Liberty gets underway for a week every year
                                                                                                  a rescue did not happen in the minds of the          Capturing images of Coast Guard activities
delivering donated items from the Juneau community to remote                                      public if there is not a photo to prove that it   is essential so our customers can see what the
communities in Southeast Alaska. Coast Guard photo by Petty                                       happened.                                         Coast Guard does. Imagery captured by Coast
Officer 3rd Class Jon-Paul Rios
                                                                                                     Photography is a very important tool that      Guard personnel is used to generate interest in

37                                                                                                                                                                                               38
                                           Alaska Bear
and support for coast guard operations.
   Operations permitting, units should visually
document all significant activities. Image
gathering should be integrated into normal
operating procedures. Capturing a few still
photos should not affect on-going operations.
   The Coast Guard public affairs manual
(comDtinSt m5728.2D) states that commands
must have adequate video and still cameras to
document their operations. While the manual
does give recommendations for what type of
camera to get, there are many types and styles
to choose from. Basically there are two types of
cameras; the “point and shoot” and the single
lens reflex.
   point and shoot cameras mean just that, point
the camera at something and trip the shutter. The
camera does all the work for you. These cameras
started out as a fixed lens that focused about four
feet in front of the camera with a fixed aperture
and shutter speed. It was basically a box with a
shutter. Then the lab that developed the film did
what it could to fix the exposure. Today’s point
and shoot cameras are much more sophisticated.
While there are still some point and shoot film
cameras, such as the disposable or one time use
cameras, most point and shoot today are digital.
   The biggest drawback to point and shoot
cameras is that many do not have a through the
lens viewfinder. This means that what you see
through your viewfinder may not be what you
capture on film or digital media.
   Single lens reflex and digital single lens reflex    Framing the Photo
refer to how the light enters the camera. These         VALDEZ, Alaska - The rule of thirds is used to help compose a photo
are the cameras you see many professionals              of Coast Guard Vice Adm. Sally Brice-O’Hara, Coast Guard vice
                                                        commandant and Alice Hill, senior counselor to the secretary of
and serious amateurs lugging around. These              Homeland Security, tour the port of Valdez aboard a Coast Guard Station
cameras have a larger body than most point              Valdez response boat small Sept. 3, 2010. Brice-O’Hara and Hill visited
                                                        Valdez as part of a Department of Homeland Security familiarization
and shoot cameras and interchangeable lenses.           visit to Alaska. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class David
While SLRs started out as fully manual, where           Mosley
the photographer had to control all features
including focus, most of these cameras are
capable of acting in a fully automatic mode just       a photo, a photographer should always read the                              the late Edward Weston, who has been called one     can get there with some practice and some
like a point and shoot. Many now allow the             manual,” said Chief Petty Officer Tom Sperduto,                             of the most innovative and influential American     patience.
photographer the freedom to also take control          public affairs specialist and photographer of                               photographers.                                         1. Understand composition: Before you even
of all functions or any combination of functions.      more than 10 years. “While this may sound                                     So what is composition and what does it mean      take the photo, understand that photography
These cameras allow for greater control over the       simple, the manual is full of information on how                            when it comes to photography?                       is a work of art. A photographer must consider
photography process and allow the photographer         to use your camera to its potential.”                                         anyone can press a button and snap a picture,     the background, objects in the foreground and
to take images not always possible with a point           “Now, to consult the rules of composition                                but it takes thought when composing a stunning      anything else before hitting the shutter button.
and shoot.                                             before making a picture is a little like consulting                         photo. While some people say it takes a real        Your picture has the ability to tell a story and
   “No matter what camera you use, before taking       the law of gravity before going for a walk,” stated                         “eye” to capture a beautiful image, really anyone   to capture a moment in time. Don’t forget the
 39                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 40
                                                              Alaska Bear
                                                                            power that one photo can have.                         simple snapshot into a dramatic newsworthy eye
                                                                               2. Follow the lines: In Renaissance art, one of     catching moment.
                                                                            the biggest innovations was perspective. Subtle          Practice and training are essential in all aspects
                                                                            lines in the painting draw the viewer into the         of what the Coast Guard does. Training to gather
                                                                            subject naturally. The same rule can hold true         photography should be looked at as a joy in
                                                                            for photographs today. Pay attention to the lines      which a unit can take the time to document what
                                                                            around you, they create a natural focal point          they do on a daily basis to stay ready to serve the
                                                                            and it is often easier to compose photos when          community.
                                                                            using these lines. This works well especially for        once a photo has been captured, share it.
                                                                            landscape photography.                                 Media, especially television, thrive on good
                                                                               3. Framing: This concerns outdoor photos            images that help tell the story. A strong action
                                                                            primarily but it can be done indoors as well.          photo could move your news story to the top of
                                                                            When you are outdoors, look for a bridge, or a         the program or onto page one.
                                                                            tree branch or even use the horizon as a way of          All photography taken by Coast Guard men
                                                                            naturally framing your image. It creates a focal       and women aboard cutters, boats, aircraft
                                                                            point for the viewer, but it also fills up extra       and stations is subject to command policy.
                                                                            space that can be                                                                    All photographs
                                                                            distracting or boring.                                                                including those
                                                                               4. Avoid centering:                                                                taken with personal
                                                                            the most common                                                                       cameras and taken
                                                                            way people take                                                                       aboard coast guard
                                                                            photos is by pointing                                                                 units are subject
                                                                            their camera straight                                                                 to screening and
                                                                            at their subject. a                                                                   approval of the
                                                                            photographer should                                                                   commanding officer
                                                                            try off-centering their                                                               prior to release for
                                                                            subjects as much as                                                                   commercial or public
                                                                            possible, still framing                                                               use.
                                                                            it in a nice manner,                                                                     as a team coast
                                                                            but not just shooting                                                                guard member –
                                                                            something for the sake of taking a picture.            whether active duty, reserve, Auxiliary or civilian
                                                                               5. Rule of Thirds: One way of avoiding              employee – you may have access to news events
                                                                            centering is adhering to the “rule of thirds.” This    that the media and other members of the public
 Leading Lines                                                              is a traditional photography rule that an image is     cannot see. All such photography is considered
 KODIAK, Alaska - Leading lines draw the eye into the                       divided equally into thirds for the photographer       official and may not be sold, or used for
 subject of the photo as an HC-130 Hercules stands                          to imagine when looking at a subject through the       marketing, under any circumstances for private
 ready on the flight line at Air Station Kodiak for a
 logistics mission to St. Paul Island Aug. 24, 2010. During
                                                                            viewfinder. In practicing this rule, the subject       gain.
 the mission the crew of the Hercules will serve as a                       is usually off-centered. While it might sound            While each command is authorized to release
 communications platform and keep a sharp eye out in                        boring since its “traditional,” there is a reason it   imagery of their operations to the public, there
 the vicinity of King Slamon where the Coast Guard is
 assisting in the search for four missing people including                  has stood the test of time: it works. It gives the     are public affairs offices and detachments that
 three Alaska State Park rangers. U.S. Coast Guard photo                    photo a little more thought and makes the subject      are available to assist in the release of your unit’s
 by Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis.
                                                                            less awkward.                                          imagery. These offices are available to support
                                                                               “Turn off the flash and let the camera do all       your unit’s mission goals by providing technical
 Your Choice                                                                of the work,” said Sperduto. “Just focus on the        expertise or by physically covering operations at
 KODIAK, Alaska - While the Coast Guard public affairs                      action, focus on the photo, fill your frame and        your unit.
 manual does give recommendations for what type                             control the background.”                                 Photography gives the Coast Guard the means
 of camera to get, there are many types and styles to
 choose from. Basically there are two types of cameras;                        While an ongoing case may not give you the          with which to share its missions with the rest of
 the “point and shoot” and the single lens reflex. U.S.                     luxury of taking the time to stop and focus on         the world. So pick up a camera and photograph
 Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class David
 Mosley.                                                                    every aspect of photography, knowing some              everything you see… for you are recording Coast
                                                                            of the basic rules of composition can elevate a        guard history.
41                                                                                                                                                                                 42
                                      Health Shot
       WALES, Alaska - Petty Officer 2nd Class Tylor Laflan, a
    health services technician and resident of Ogallala, Neb.,
 prepares a rabies shot in preparation to assist veterinarians
           from the United States Public Health Service who
  examined 21 dogs and one cat Friday, August 6, 2010. Two
  veterinarians walked from house to house in the village of
145 people to help examine and vaccinate pets. Coast Guard
         photo taken by Petty Officer 3rd Class Walter Shinn.

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