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                                                                                                  providing light for
                                                                                               those in sexual darkness
 A QuArterly Newsletter of DAy seveN MiNis tries                                                                               winter 2008-09

 facing and overcoming Huge obstacles
 There it stands. It’s just 10 yards ahead of me,                                                   has snowballed into emotional and spiritual
 challenging me.                                                                                    training, committing me to making healthy
                                                                                                    life and relationship choices.
 “Try to hurdle me,” it seems to call.
                                                                                                    Every day, each one of us meets resistance in
 As I wait for the whistle, I hear my teammates                                                     life and happens upon obstacles, whether it’s
 in the distance reminding me to focus, relax,                                                      marital issues, addictions, career struggles,
 and “let the Lord carry you over the wall.”                                                        finances, etc. Because of my emotional
 Calm rushes over me as I sprint toward the                                                         training and my training in the gym, I’m ready
 10-foot wall, the most difficult element of the                                                    to meet that resistance. God has readied me.
 160-yard obstacle course. Grabbing the rope,                                                       When that whistle blows, and usually it does
 I pull myself up and over. The rest is all “grit                                                   every morning, I am ready to face that wall,
 and guts,” I tell myself, and I’ve got both now.                                                   pull myself up and over, and use the “grit,
                                                                                                    guts, and grace” now that are all present
 Something would happen to me when I faced
                                                                                                    within me. I will continue to call on my team
 physical obstacles head-on. Initially, fear
                                                                                                    for support, and be ready to give back now as
 and doubt blocked my gifts and abilities,
                                                    secular therapy had shown little results, and   a healthier woman, making healthy choices.
 so I trained and trained hard. Weekly, and
                                                    after welcoming Christ into my life, I knew I
 sometimes more than weekly, my friends and I                                                       Becky Casey,
                                                    couldn’t go wrong with therapy according to
 would meet for weight training, wall climbing,                                                     current Day seven Ministries client
                                                    His teachings. So, I added another teammate
 and sprinting. God gave me physical training
                                                    to my roster—my counselor. I began rigorous
 as a medium for change, crafting my spiritual
                                                    weekly “training” sessions in the Day Seven
 and emotional strength. Obstacle course
                                                    Ministries office, where I would work hard,
 training and fitness competitions became my
                                                    building strength of character, as I learned    Do you Need someone to Provide
 hobby, and the amazing women with whom
                                                    how my choices were blocking the light          strength training and support for
 I have connected became my sisters and
                                                    of Christ. My counselor and I have been         overcoming Difficult obstacles
 support. God was preparing me for my biggest
                                                    “training” for a year now, and together with    you’re facing? let us help!
 obstacle yet, facing my own “wall”—years of
                                                    my whole team, Jesus at the lead, I am better   Day Seven Ministries is an interdenomination-
 unhealthy relationships I had chosen. Did I
                                                    equipped to run my “obstacle course of life.”   al ministry which offers counseling and other
 have the strength to face and conquer such a
 seemingly huge obstacle?                                                                           support services to those overcoming sexual
                                                    Never before has God been so present in my
                                                                                                    conflicts such as sexual compulsivity, sexual
                                                    life, and never has my life been so full and
 It became obvious to me that I needed to                                                           addiction, sexual abuse, and sexual identity
                                                    vibrant. He has helped me assemble my team
 begin “strength-training” my emotions, and                                                         issues, such as unwanted same-sex attrac-
                                                    of support and has given me tools through
 I was referred to Day Seven Ministries. I was                                                      tion. For more information about services at
                                                    my counseling sessions at Day Seven. My
 desperate for help, as I knew God was calling                                                      Day Seven Ministries, please call our office at
                                                    journey began and continues with physical
 me to change my life so that my treasures and                                                      (717) 735-0690.
                                                    training and healthy lifestyle choices, and
 gifts could be shared with the world. Years of
Joining others on their

Recently, I heard a pastor say that we will never fully know what it meant for Jesus
to willingly leave His place in Heaven, take the nature of a servant, and be found in
human likeness, until the day we who confess Jesus as Lord are united with Him in
Heaven. Through His life on earth, Jesus entered into the journey of others, and as a
result, He knows what it is to be weak and to be tempted.

In our ministry to individuals and families walking in the darkness of sexual and
relational conflicts, we enter into their journeys to be a voice of hope and a place
of restoration. Many of you, as individuals and churches, have partnered with Day
Seven through this last year to enable us to enter into the journeys of others. While
you are not able to sit in a counseling session or group meeting, your financial gifts
have made it possible for people who are struggling financially to take this journey
                                                                                         Dan Keefer, Community relations Director, was
of restoration.                                                                          Master of Ceremonies at this year’s banquet.
As a ministry, it is also our desire to partner with churches and other community
agencies to educate and equip them to enter into the journey of those who need to
hear a voice of hope. We have a variety of different seminars and workshops (listed
on our website at dayseven.net/seminarsandworkshops.html) to help your church or
community agency be a place of restoration. If you are interested in learning more
about our seminars and workshops, you can contact me by phone at (717) 735-0690,
ext. 20, or by email at dkeefer@dayseven.net.

As we celebrate Christ’s birth, the ultimate act of one entering into the journey
of others, it is our prayer that you will experience the joy of knowing that Christ
became one of us so that we might become one with Him.

Dan Keefer, M.A., Community relations Director

Day seven welcomes
Development Director
Donna Wetzel has joined Day Seven Ministries as Development
Director. She is a Licensed Practical Nurse and worked as a Family
Practice Administrator for 15 years. She was an entrepreneur for
10 years. Donna was involved in the startup of a local nonprofit
Christian counseling center where she functioned as the Director
of Administration and Development for the center for five years.
Donna and her husband, Jim, have two married children and
four grandchildren. They attend Lancaster County Bible Church.
Welcome, Donna!
fall fundraising Banquet a success

          he Day Seven Ministries Fall Fundraising
          Banquet, “Walk in the Light,” brought
          in nearly $54,000 in gifts and pledges
          through advance donations and the
more than 200 people who attended. This year’s
banquet, which was held at Calvary Church,
Lancaster, provided a more intimate setting to
our annual event. Local recording artist Mindy
Boyd provided musical insight; Kurt Miller, Board
Vice Chair, shared ministry highlights and vision;
former Board member Kevin Greiner, a youth
leader at White Oak Church of the Brethren,
Manheim, talked about church partnerships with
Day Seven; and former Day Seven group member
Dwight Miller gave a powerful testimony of God’s
                                                      our current Board of Directors is (back row,
ability to heal and restore marriages and families.   from left) Kurt Miller, Jeff lefever, Jay Mylin,
Thanks so much to everyone for your part in           Marcus Kline, Nick frey, (front) Deb Pelger, sue
making this event a success!                          Bollinger, reba Buckwalter, and Andrea shaw.

                                                           The staff and board of
                                                            Day Seven Ministries
                                                          would like to wish you a
                                                          Merry Christmas and a
                                                             blessed New year!

staff and counselors at the banquet were (back
row, from left) Darren Crowden, Dan Keefer,
Craig Hickey, Mark Burkholder, Gary lord, Bill
snyder, (front) Donna wetzel, Alesia Dunlap,
Janel falvey, April Bowers, Danene Guistwhite,
and wendy stivers.
                      Dear Friends,
                      We want to say thank you to those of you who have helped to
                      support Day Seven Ministries in the past year. Without people like
                      you, we would simply not be able to stand behind our policy to
                      never turn anyone away because they can’t afford to pay for the
                      counseling they need.
                      While you may support other deserving ministries, we are asking
                      you to consider helping us in any way that you can so that we can
                      take the healing power of Jesus to as many people as possible. For
                      some of you, that will mean giving financially. Some may have a
                      friend or family member that needs our services, and others may
                      invite us to speak at your church to help educate those who may not
                      fully understand all the devastating effects sexual addiction can
                      have on a person’s life.
                      Please help us, in whatever way you can, to fulfill our mission of
                      bringing light to individuals and families walking in the darkness
                      of sexual and relational conflicts by providing Christ-centered
                      counseling, education, and support.
                      Thanks for your support,

                      Marcus r. Kline, treasurer

                                                                      within Central
                                                               and every community
                                                            conflict throughout each
                                                               sexual and relational
                                                             restoration for those in
                                                                 hope and a place of
                                                                To become a voice of

                                                                         our vision

                                                                   (866) 301-3297
                                                               lancaster, PA 17601
                                                             802 olde Hickory road

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