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									#1 High Performance Custom
   Installed Loudspeakers
       Presentation Objective
   How to make money selling Triad Speakers
       in home entertainment systems.

                     We will cover:
• What makes Triad and Triad speakers special?
• Understanding Triad Speaker models.
• How to spec Triad Speakers for different rooms & applications.
• What you need to know about Subwoofers.
• How to properly design & spec Home Theaters.
• How to calibrate a Home Theater.
• How to demo effectively.
• How to sell expensive entertainment systems to wealthy
Triad Speakers, Inc – made in the U.S.A.
              Since 1982

                                        Larry Pexton,

    Committed to High Performance Design,
     Engineering and Manufacturing.

    Offering world class loudspeakers that can
     be custom installed to beautifully integrate
     into any decor.
 Triad’s Industry Position: #1

 Voted Custom Installation Manufacturer Of The Year
Every Year since 2005 by U.S. Dealers in Inside Track.
 Triad Manufactures our products to order in the US
ensuring high quality and current designs every time
What Makes Triad Speakers Great
   Products for every CI application.
   World class drivers.
   Virtually identical performance for each
    application and each location.
   Engineered & braced sealed enclosures:
        - Low Group Delay for faster attack,
          quicker transients, & tighter bass.
       - Consistent performance.
       - Less leakage to adjoining areas.
Triad Model Names
   3 Things to Remember:
     #1 Speaker Type
      (Where does it go?)

     #2 Speaker Driver Size

     #3 Application
      (What does it do?)
     Example: OnWall Micro LCR
More details later with our product chart.
Triad Speaker Types
Voiced To Sound Virtually Identical





        Sconce and Corner
Triad Speaker Driver Size
      (Small To Large)
Triad Model Names
 3 Things to Remember:

     #3 Application
     Satellite (SAT)
     DSP Subwoofer
Triad InWall Speakers
Triad InCeiling Speakers
         Triad InCeiling Speakers
    The original high performance angled
                baffle design.

   Sound quality similar to our InRooms &
   They float a strong sonic image in space.
   Almost invisible: Interior Design friendly.
   Position them with our Distance
Triad OnWall Speakers
      New OnWall Micro Series
   Only 5.9cm Deep!
   1.0 & 3.0 Sats & LCRs for new flat panel TVs.
         Triad InRoom Speakers

                     InRoom Silver Omni SE

InRoom Gold Omni SE-IS
                                             InRoom Platinum LCR
                                                 (with pedestal)
Triad Sconce and Corner Speakers
   Sconce                         InCorner

    4 different grill options
Dedicated Cinema Rooms
    Acoustic Screens and Baffle Walls
   For the ultimate performance in world-class Home Theaters.

   The latest acoustically transparent screen materials give the
    best compromise for both audio and video.

   Stretched fabric walls free the décor of visible speakers and
    acoustic treatments.
    Acoustic Screens and Baffle Walls
Invisible when placed behind      Curved Baffle Walls create their
acoustically transparent screens   own controlled acoustic
and fabric walls.                  environment – with higher output.
Media Rooms and Surround Sound
Multi Room Audio
     Add Subs To House Music

   For the best house music, spec great
    speakers; then add subs.
   Our DSP v2 Sub Amps have built-in
    crossovers to integrate subwoofers into
    2-channel house music areas.
   If no line level outputs, use speaker- to-
    line level converters.
           Unique Solutions

   Custom Paint to match sample
   Custom veneer finishes
   Custom Box sized to your specification
   Multiple Versions of Each Product
   Design support.
                 Triad Subwoofers
   How to get great deep bass:
    - Determine maximum levels and bass extension desired.
    -   Room VOLUME.
    -   Best for a single listener or compromise for all listeners?
    -   Location of listener(s).
    -   Number of subs (More is ALWAYS better!)
    -   Location of subs.
    -   Output of subs.
   Multiple subs – Always Better!
    - With Triad SubAmps’ unique setup features, multiple subs
    perform better as a team than they do separately.
    - If you want happy customers thrilled with their bass,
Triad DSP & InCeiling Subwoofers
Triad InRoom, InWall

        Well deserved reputation
                 • Musical
                  • Tight
               • Well-defined
             • Explosive attack
Powered InRoom              Separate Sub
   DSP Subs                  Enclosures
                           with RackAmps

  DSP Subs               DSP v2 RackAmps
• Highly efficient & cool running DSP BASH technology
     • 300, 500, and 1000 watt built-in plate amps.
      •350 and 600 watt 1 rack space RackAmps
Mini DSP      Bronze DSP   Silver DSP   Gold DSP      Platinum DSP

      Complete High Performance Line
                             •Five (5) models
                        • Two (2) versions of each.
           • Available as Self-powered InRoom DSP Subs and
            InRoom Sub Enclosures with separate RackAmps
                    • Long-throw, low-distortion drivers
   IW Bronze/6   IW Bronze/4   IW Silver/15   IW SlimSub/4   IC Bronze/10 & Mini/8

  High Sonic Impact - Low Visual Impact
           • Model nameplates on front baffle
• 8 ohm IW SlimSub & IC Mini/8 allow 2 subs on 1 amp
         • IC Mini/8 available as 4 ohm option
           • Impedance labels on front baffle.
              InWall Subwoofers

    InWall SlimSub/4 Sub Enclosure
         • V sized – 13-1/2” wide X 19” high
                  • 8 ohm 10" driver
• Single or dual enclosures with RackAmp 350 DSP
                  InWall Subwoofers

      InWall Bronze /4&/6 Sub Enclosures
          • 10" long throw driver with cast basket
     • V-sized enclosure only 13-1/2" wide X 19” high
                  • RackAmp 350 DSP only
•4 ohm with 8 ohm driver optional for twin subs on one amp.
             InWall Subwoofers

    InWall Silver/15 Sub Enclosure

  • Powerful 12" long-throw, low-distortion driver
•13-1/2" wide V sized X 19” high enclosure & ncb
            • RackAmp 600 DSP only
            InCeiling Subwoofers

        New Subwoofer Category
     • Preserves valuable floor and wall space
• Multiple subs as recommended in CEB-22 bulletin
      • Highest performing subwoofer location
   • Currently offering two (2) InCeiling models
             InCeiling DSP Subs

     InCeiling Mini/8 Sub Enclosure
       • New 8" 8 ohm driver with 4 ohm option
        • 7-1/2" deep S sized with new retro kit
• Single or dual enclosures with RackAmp 350 DSP
     • S sized retro kit recommended for safety.
           InCeiling DSP Subs

InCeiling Bronze/10 Sub Enclosure
    • Compact 9" deep G sized enclosure
         •G retro kit recommended.
• 4 ohm 10" driver with 8 ohm option for duals
          • RackAmp 350 DSP only
                 Specialty Subwoofer

        CinemaPlus Silver Subwoofer.
Mount behind stretched fabric on walls or beneath Baffle Walls
        Complete with isolating mounting brackets..
            Only 9” Deep. Use them in multiples!
             12" long-throw, low-distortion driver.
    Identical performance to InWall Silver/15 Subwoofer.
                   RackAmp 600 DSP only
        RackAmp 350 & 600 DSP v2
                 Features & Benefits
• 350 & 600 Watt Amps – 1 rack space high.
• High efficiency for cool running & energy savings.
• Balanced & Unbalanced Input & Output for high end systems.
• 3 Set-up Methods:
   Plug n Play; Menu; Advanced Computer via IP
• Boundary EQ
• 2 Channel crossover & Delay on Line Outs.
• 4 Power/Control options: Auto, Trigger, IR, & Manual.
• 6 User Presets – Including 2 Customs.
• 6 band Parametric EQ.
• Unique Multi-Sub Setup – Delay & Input Gain. For tighter bass
with better impact and dynamics.
       RackAmp 350 & 600 DSP v2
                 Features & Benefits

    Advanced set-up via IP computer interface
• Use standard cable with networks; crossover cable for direct
computer connection.
• Remote setup: when amp & sub are in different rooms.
• 2 Installer adjustable Custom Presets: 1 band PEQ & volume.
• Room EQ: 6 Band Parametric EQ.
• Remote access for troubleshooting and adjustments.
      RackAmp 350 & 600 DSP v2
                     2 Menus

                 Simple User Menu
           Sophisticated Installer Menu

Dynamic: Instant Menu Changes.
         What you see is what you hear.
Auto Save: Changes to User Menu save instantly.
Changes to Installer Menu save when you Back Out.
  Subwoofer Amp Control

Multiple control options
   • 12 volt trigger
   • Infrared remote control
   • Auto-sense
      - adjustable trigger voltage
      - adjustable off-delay time
       Subwoofer Max Outputs*
   SlimSub:                105    dB
   Mini:                   108    dB
   Bronze:                 109    dB
   Silver:                 113    dB
   Gold:                   119    dB
   Platinum:               122    dB
Each additional subwoofer adds 3dB; if adjacent, it’s 6dB.

* at 1 meter, ground plane
Product Poster explained
How to Design & Spec Jobs.
How To Calibrate A Home Theater
   Your best friend: a simple dB meter.
   Always use subs.
   Always set speakers to SMALL.
   Always use appropriate crossover
   Always use Room Correction.
   Always check the settings after auto
                  How To Demo
   Design your demo system to the room. Make it easy to
    operate. Make it look great.
   Calibrate your demo system.
   Know your audience. What do they love to watch and listen to.
    Who is the decision maker – and breaker?
   Be prepared with different kinds of demo material you KNOW
    works great. Be wary of bad language and violence.
   Before the demo explain what they will see & hear.
   Demo the experience, not the equipment.
   After, explain what they saw & heard. Get their agreement.
   Explain how & why your demo system relates to the system
    you are selling them.
   Let your enthusiasm show; It should feel to your customers like
    you are letting them in on your secret. Sell the experience, not
    the equipment.
How To Sell Expensive Systems To
      Wealthy Customers.
   Size them up quickly – what motivates them? Performance,
    engineering, looks, bling, better than their friends, more expensive,
   How did they learn about you?
   Learn their design goals. Take a personal interest in learning what
    will make them happy.
   Sell to their wallet, not yours.
   Explain how the more expensive option gets them closer to their
    design goals.
   Show them your portfolio. If you don’t have one, start one. Include
    job photos, customer letters & references, press clippings. They all
    should show that YOU are the one.
   Sell them YOU, not the system. You will design THE system for
   Smile!
Thank You!
#1 High Performance Custom
   Installed Loudspeakers

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