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  “I consider myself extremely fortunate to
                     have studied in CWP.
                     The academic freedom
                                                  http://www.cwp.mines.edu            CWP
                     and diversity CWP
                     offers is not comparable
                     to anywhere else.
                                                CONTACT US                            Explore
                     Students have the                                                            th
                     freedom to choose to
      work with any of the six world-
                                                   Center for Wave Phenomena          Opportunities
                                                   Department of Geophysics
      renown faculty, and constant
                                                   Colorado School of Mines
      exposure to the entire group helps
                                                   Golden, Colorado 80401 USA

                                                                                       Graduate Studies in Geophysics
      students appreciate a wide spectrum
      of challenges in geophysics. “
                        – Xiaoxia (Ellen) Xu
                                                   Office: (303) 273-3060
          ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.         Fax:: (303) 273-3478
                                                   Email: cwpcsm@dix.mines.edu
  “One of the most important things in
                     CWP is the combination
                     of freedom and support.       Dr. Roel Snieder, CWP Director
                     You can choose to             Email: rsnieder@mines.edu
                     follow the professors’
                     ideas or your own, and        Dr. T. K. Young, Head
                     you’ll be equally             Department of Geophysics
      encouraged. CWP students also                Email: tkyoung@mines.edu
      receive intensive training in the fine
      art of technical writing and oral            Graduate admissions
      presentation. CWP believes that              URL:
      conveying the ideas is a core                http://www.mines.edu/admiss/grad
      component of the work. CWP spon-
      sors and colleagues appreciate the
                         – Ivan Vasconcelos
                  Ion Geophysical Corporation                                           Colorado School of Mines
Meet the Faculty
                                       Center for Wave Phenomena

                      Norm Bleistein                  Dave Hale                 Ken Larner                 Paul Sava               Roel Snieder             Ilya Tsvankin
                    Modeling and inversion      Seismology, computer        Seismic methodology       Seismic imaging and       Wave propagation,        Seismic wave propaga-
                    for acoustic, elastic and   graphics, image             and data processing.      velocity estimation,      inverse problems, wave   tion, seismic anisotropy,
                    EM waves; asymptotic        processing, subsurface                                computational methods     chaos, and hazards.      multicomponent
                    analysis.                   modeling and fluid flow.                              for wave propagation,                              seismology, fracture
                                                                                                      optimization.                                      characterization.

THE CWP PROGRAM                                                            CWP INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS                            WHAT CWP OFFERS YOU
         The Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP) at                             The Center is home of the Consortium on             The CWP faculty thrive on solving prob-
         the Colorado School of Mines supports a                            Seismic Inverse Methods supported by                lems of practical interest to the exploration
         graduate level interdisciplinary research and                      government agencies and 23 major oil and            industry, and they are strongly committed
         education program in seismic exploration,                          service companies. Our students have                to quality geophysical education.
         monitoring and wave propagation.                                   opportunities to closely interact with
                                                                            representatives from these companies on
                                                                                                                                • CWP students work on cutting-edge re-
                                                  CWP seeks
                                                                                                                                  search projects with our team of interna-
                                                candidates with             campus, at company sites, and at international        tionally recognized faculty and research
                                                strong back-                meetings. CWP students are frequently invited         consortium.
                                                grounds in earth            to fill internship positions in these companies.    • We offer year-round student funding.
                                                sciences, applied                                                               • We provide state-of-the-art computers.
                                                mathematics,                                                                    • We foster a close-knit environment that
                                                computer science,                                                                 encourages freedom of exchange among
                                                                                                                                  students and faculty.
                                                or physics to
                                                                                                                                • We aid in securing summer internships.
         pursue MS/PhD degrees in geophysics.
                                                                                                                                • CWP graduates are heavily recruited for
                   The main focus of the CWP program is on                                                                        employment by industry, government,
         seismic modeling, imaging, and inversion                                                                                 and academia.
         methods, as well as on improving the accuracy                                                                          • CSM is located in the town of Golden,
         and efficiency of seismic processing                                                                                     nestled in the foothills of the Rocky
                                                                                                                                  Mountains near Denver. Area recreation
         algorithms, especially for application to regions                                                                        and cultural opportunities abound.
         of structural complexity.

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