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									Hip-Hop Stars Release Song to Raise Funds, Awareness for Durham Mom

As a Durham, North Carolina cancer survivor and mother of two crusades to overturn a custody
order that has outraged the world, a close friend from her childhood days in New Jersey has
organized the recording and release of a hip-hop record to help fund the legal battle.

New York, NY, July 06, 2011 --(PR.com)-- As a Durham, North Carolina woman crusades to overturn a
custody order that has outraged the world, a close friend from her childhood days in New Jersey is pulling
out all the stops to help fund the legal battle.

Peter Kaufmann, a New Jersey-native entertainer and promoter and a lifelong friend of Alaina Giordano,
enlisted a group of very talented friends to record a Hip-Hop single being released this week that will
raise funds for the Durham mom and Stage 4 breast cancer survivor whose medical condition was cited in
the April 25th court order that took away her custody of her children - Sofia, 11, and Bud, 6.

“I Believe” was performed and written by Hip-Hop artists Arioose and Venn Grimm, with additional
vocals by Jay Mor. The three-and-a-half-minute track, with an “old-school” groove and a refrain that
intones, “We've gotta keep fighting,” tells the heartbreaking tale of Giordano's court battle and its fallout.
Kaufmann organized the talent, in conjunction with RoughKut Entertainment and LG Global

“Alaina's originally from New Jersey. And although people may joke around about the Garden State, we
are deeply loyal to each other,” said Kaufmann, who, since the court decision, has put together a
supportive Facebook fan page with more than 21,000 followers and other grassroots efforts designed to
bring attention to Giordano's plight. “This is especially true when one of us has been wronged and there
are innocent children involved."

Both Arioose and Grimm are from New Jersey and have coined a street name “Alaina Gio: New Jersey's
Daughter,” for Giordano. “Our loyalty in New Jersey runs deep for Alaina,” Kaufmann explained.

The song was produced by Chasedacat Productions and engineered by Labtek Productions. Those
interested in purchasing the track should visit iTunes and search for the song “I Believe.” Other
information about the Giordano story can be found at the official Facebook fan page, located at
www.Facebook.com/FriendsOfAlaina, and the official fan website, www.FriendsOfAlaina.com.

Lyrics of “I Believe”

Verse 1

Hold on, please don't say that they trippin
Battling stage 4, trust you ain't makin a difference
Now Nancy Gordon better listen up, better turn my music up
Its obvious things aren't adding up

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It appears to be clear that we seeing the struggle
But she lives through her kids, that's the joy to her bundle
You said a healthy dad is better than a sick mom
Discriminating ain't justice, how you serving the public
Now trust it's easy to see
Synder was the abuser, but money clearly the key
Bud and Sofia feelings for their mother-running deep
And you actually got the heart to steal a series of their memories
See that's the problem, how you live with that
And when the children want their mother, how you bring her back
We got Alaina's back
And justice will be served
Anything less is placed on the curb
This dedicated to every mom in the world
We want our kids back

Verse 2

I fail to comprehend how some call themselves a man 'n when times get truly rough will you run or take a
It's in God's hands what gives you the right to judge a mother's love removal of these children your hands
are dipped in blood
'Course decisions are man's subjective determination just grant Alaina Geo some hope instead of Nathan
Your honor please we all need an ounce of empathy please think it though family court verdicts overrules
our family values
Domestic issues 'vade the spotlight this 'bout the kids not who, when, why or what adults did
Reality is mom's in a fight verse stage 4 cancer 'n dad wants a brand new life but his spite won't let him
man up my answer
Time is too precious for taking sides find compromise no diagnosis determines custody still I believe in
people's humanity
Judgments based off personal feelings stirs no trust in lady justice


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