Matthew 25 – August Updates

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					Matthew 25 – August Updates

August 8, 2007

Fair Trade Coffee     (Gloria Smith)

   We purchased 20 lbs. of coffee for $129.00, from Cafe Campesino. This is a new
    experience for Good Shepherd; because we have never purchased coffee in the past.
    Coffee was always donated.
   It seems that they are having to use more of the Fair Trade coffee per pot, than they did with
    the regular Sam's Club coffee. They are playing around with the amounts at this time.
   Gloria has received some brochures from Cafe Campesino. We now have to review them
    and make a flyer for the bulletin explaining Fair Trade, etc. We also plan to make a poster
    for the community center. Since this is an added expense for the parish, we will ask for a
    donation toward our Fair Trade endeavor.
   Our final step will be to ask people to buy bags of coffee. We should be able to make $1 -
    $2 per bag off the coffee. This, again, will offset the parishes cost for coffee.

Maryland Oaks Project – Slanton Family (Pat Beckett)

   The baby shower for the Slantons will be held Sunday, Aug. 12, 2-4 PM at Good Shepherd.

    Items purchased to date are:

                       Baby crib and linens, matching lamp, mobile and trash can

                       Diaper bag

                       Onesies and bibs

                       Disposable camera and baby book

                       Disposable diapers

   All the partners in this endeavor (Cheryl from Good News Outreach, Wendy from Catholic
    Charities, the Stanton’s and Pat Beckett) met last week (8/1) at Maryland Oaks to review
    everyone’s roles and see how things are going. We are all pleased with how the partnership
    is going and are committed to providing continuing support and communication with each

Recycling Project (Ginger Riscigno)

   No progress made this past month