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                                                             ESTABLISHED 1942

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July 2009                                                                                                   1.

Letter From tHe commodore
Oz West
                                This month, the main            comments. Thanks Jim Gabbert.
                                news is that our Jr. Sailing
                                Program gets underway on        Are you ready for summer? The Club is. Keep the fair
                                June 22nd. The first session    winds coming our way.
                                is filled up and the rest of
                                the season looks like we
                                will be meeting our goal of
                                100 sailing students. Carol
                                Martin and Jr. Sailing Di-
                                rector, Dan Leininger have
                                done what they promised to
                                do and that is organize and
                                staff a first class program
for the summer. Come to the Club for the Thursday night
barbeques and see the results as our new sailors put on a
competition for their parents.

Jerry Tarpin came through with a great price on our brand
new 17 foot utility boat which is now at our dock. The Jr.
Sailing dock has been rebuilt and is in place now ready for
the summer.

Susan Ensey has put a lot of work in getting the Ships Store
open on nights other than only Fridays. We have a large
inventory that we are trying to reduce so watch for some
good sales as the summer goes on.

Darryl LaDoux, our Treasurer, advises us for these
economic times that everyone is experiencing, our Club
is healthy because of continued new members being
recruited. We maintained a profitable bottom line for the
month of May. The Bar and Galley are tracking on budget
and food quality has not suffered. Our Window on the Bay
seems to have increased our bar revenue slightly. J Rigler
has the new bistro tables and bar stools scheduled to arrive
just after the 4th of July party. This will also make a big
difference to the looks and feeling of the bar.
                                                                                     Jim Connolly in Shamrock
One thing that I have noticed from the Commodore’s spot
is that complaints have fallen off dramatically over the last
several months. That is how I measure the success of this
Board. The fact we do get some compliments from time
                                                                Photo Credits: Gary Ferber, Frederic Freund, Patrick Hind-Smith,
to time means that you are paying attention and taking the      Peter Lyons and J. Rigler
time to give us your input. This is how we can continue to
make improvements. Positive comments help too. Even             Cover: Peter Lyons
our upgraded sound system is being noticed with positive
                2.                                                                     SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

                                                    SYc cALeNdAr

                                                       July 2009
        S              M                   T                 W                  TH                   F                  S

                                                      1.                 2. Non-Member       3. Ships Store     4. 4th Celebration
                                                                            Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm         11am-11:30pm
                                                                            12:15pm             Jazz & Blues       Old Timers
                                                                            BBQ 6-9pm           5:30-8pm           Dinner 6-8pm

5. Brunch       6.                  7.                8. Non-Member      9. Non-Member       10. Ships Store    11.Cruise to
   10am-3pm                                              Event: Lions       Event: Rotary        6pm-7:30pm        Benecia
                                                         Club Dinner        12:15pm              Jazz & Blues
                                                         6-9pm              BBQ 6-9pm            5:30-8pm

12. Brunch      13.                 14.               15.                16. Non-Member      17. Ships Store    18. SYC Twin
    10am-3pm                                                                 Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm         Island Race #2
                                                                             12:15pm             Jazz & Blues
                                                                             BBQ 6-9pm           5:30-8pm

19. Brunch      20. SYC Event:      21. SYC Board     22. Non-Member     23. Non-Member      24. Ships Store    25.
    10am-3pm        GG Tall Ships       Meeting           Event: Lions       Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm
                    Board Meeting       6-9pm             Club Dinner        12:15pm             Jazz & Blues
                    6-9pm                                 6-9pm              BBQ 6-9pm           5:30-8pm

26. Brunch      27.                 28. Race: SYC     29.                30. Non-Member      31. Ships Store    1. Old Timers
    10am-3pm                            Sunset                               Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm        Dinner 6-8pm
                                        Series #1                            12:15pm             Jazz & Blues
                                                                             BBQ 6-9pm           5:30-8pm

                                                     August 2009
        S             M                    T                 W                  TH                  F                   S
2. Brunch       3.                  4.                5.                 6. Non-Member        7. Ships Store    8.
   10am-3pm                                                                 Event: Rotary        6pm-7:30pm
                                                                            12:15pm              Jazz & Blues
                                                                            BBQ 6-9pm            5:30-8pm

9.   Brunch     10.                 11. Race: SYC     12. Non-Member     13. Non-Member      14. Ships Store    15.
     10am-3pm                           Sunset            Event: Lions       Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm
                                        Series #2         Club Dinner        12:15pm             Jazz & Blues
                                                          6-9pm              BBQ 6-9pm           5:30-8pm

16. Brunch      17. YC Event:     18. SYC Board       19.                20. Non-Member      21. Ships Store    22.
    10am-3pm        GG Tall Ships     Meeting                                Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm
                    Board Meeting     6-9pm                                  12:15pm             Jazz & Blues
                    6-9pm                                                    BBQ 6-8pm           5:30-8pm

23. Brunch      24.                 25. Race: SYC     26. Non-Member     27. Non-Member      28. Ships Store    29. Cruise to
    10am-3pm                            Sunset            Event: Lions       Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm         Petaluma
                                        Series #3         Club Dinner        12:15pm             Jazz & Blues
                                                          6-9pm              BBQ 6-9pm           5:30-8pm

30. Brunch      31.
July 2009                                                                                           3.

Letter From YoUr edItor
Patrick Hind-Smith

                                 What a beautiful time of
                                 year we are in. Each time
                                 that I have been out during
                                 May and June, I have had
                                 steady winds and while not
                                 always clear blue skies, it
                                 has always been ‘shorts
                                 weather’. I had the good
                                 fortune to take our Com-
                                 modore out for a sail as
                                 well as my advertising
                                 sales person and they each
                                 had a comment. The first
one to correctly identify them to the following statement
wins a free glass of our best wine on my account.
                                                                                        Oz sails!
1.”This is the first time I have sailed on the Bay without
being in a race for some time.”

2.”This is the first time I have been on a non powered boat
                                                               SYc Auxiliary Salutes memorial day
in the Bay for a while.”                                       Marilyn Tousey

A good time was had by all and as usual I must share how       May 25th, Memorial Day was a pleasant Spring day for
fortunate we are. I enjoy the Window each and every time       enjoying the sun and congenial friends. This day of
as well as the camaraderie from the ‘usual suspects’. I say    remembrance was an opportunity to reflect on the occasion
this because when I first joined SYC, the only person I        of remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to
really knew on a first name basis was Felix. (Go figger).      keep this country safe. A jukebox with familiar songs
We must all ask ourselves why we belong to our club. For       from the 40’s plus, was arranged by BaBa Ross and
me it is easy: I boat, I enjoy being around other boaters, I   provided the bebop to keep toes a tapping. In the news
love the view, I love ‘belonging” OK-my column is run-         was a transition of Ship’s Store purchases now devoted to
ning out. My point is: For New members, get involved.          support the Junior Sailing Foundation. The remaining
When I did, it all made sense. For present members, get         raffle and auction items were well received by several
involved. It STILL makes sense. I am not Officer of the        members. Roxanne and Charles James donated an
Day or Ships Store that often but believe me….DO IT...         airplane flight over the Bay Area with lunch included.
and you will be rewarded. You will meet other members          Peter Thorne, and Elaine wore broad smiles as they drew
and feel like you are a MEMBER. You still have time to         the winning number. A $100 gift certificate for dinner
sign up for CRUISE. Get on it….I am, and can’t wait.           at Angelino’s was won by Darryl LeDoux. Sitting at
                                                               Baba and John Ross-Conroy’s was a tablemate who won
As I write, I am about to move into a new residence, fly to    Baba’s outstanding Timmy Woods patriot handbag. Two
the Canadian Gulf Islands for my high school reunion,          houseboat getaways offered by Susan McCubbin and
make final plans for my daughter to head to 1st year at        Glenn Boland were won by C.J. Spady and another guest,
UCSC, as well as adjust to my new career as of 3 months.       Sharon. Looking over these festivities was the mother of
OK.. buy ME a drink at the bar. I plan to CRUISE, SAIL         John Reese, who was also a mother of a WWII veteran.
and RACE this month.                                           Many thanks go to Jim Gabbert who arranged the sound
                                                               system to play carefully chosen and memorable songs to
Lets do it!                                                    acknowledge the meaning of this day.
                  4.                                                SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

Letter From tHe cHeF
Leslie Bunai
I began here two years ago, excited and eager to begin my
new journey. I expected things were going to be different
for me than from my previous restaurant years. During
my first week, Jeffrey remarked to me “there are 3 things
we try not to run out of: Salmon, fries, and hamburgers”.
The three staples of the club, the amount of these items
being sold was amazing.

My first challenge was to change your fry oil, it went
from canola oil(a hydrogenized, artery clogging, stays in
your system for years oil) to rice bran oil( a less guilty
natural substance). Next was going from farmed salmon
to wild salmon. People don’t realize that you should not
consume too much farmed salmon as it is full of harsh
                                                                      Shorttski & Frank
dyes, hormones, and has too much mercury. The last
was burgers, which was easy. Just make sure to get fresh
product never frozen.

Soon the produce began to concern me. Since my back
ground was sustainability. I knew I could make this the
first Yacht Club to be a part of the local organics company
called Marin Organic. We still are waiting for our sign
from Marin Organic to display and I have yet to get out
and visit some of my old friends at the organic farms
but what I do is uphold the ethics of being a part of the
associations which is serving only seasonal and organic
foods. I am well aware that there are many skeptic about
organic foods but at least when you eat at the club I know
you will walk away feeling happy and are not being
pumped with dyes, hormones, or pesticides, or foods that
have been chemically altered. This club has now grown
                                                              Scott and Ginger Foote-Opening Day
on me and I consider this club as a family, I would like to
create only quality food for you and your family.
July 2009                                                                                                 5.

VIce rePort
J. Rigler

                                 Must admit, Tim Shortt          Speaking of cameos and cameras, I was pleasantly sur-
                                 knows how to throw a            prised the other night to see Commodore Oz as an extra in
                                 party. It was billed as a       Jim Carrey’s movie “Yes Man”. He’s the guy at the airport
                                 Cigar Night at the club but     looking for flight details. Get Oz to tell you the story of
                                 it really was more of a great   how he got the gig and how much money he made - it’s
                                 dinner party complete with      a good tale and worthy of at least one cocktail to get him
                                 Sinatra and smoke on the        started.
                                 deck. I’m not much of a
                                 cigar guy except to help        Our webmaster, Gail Ward, has had her logo design ac-
                                 keep the mosquitoes away        cepted by the Hampton Yacht Club in Hampton, Virginia,
                                 or to determine which           for the 2009 U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Champi-
                                 direction the wind is blow-     onship in July. Last year it was held here at SYC. Glad to
                                 ing, but I plan to be at        see we still have a connection with this great sailing event.
Shorttski’s next event. The food was great and the Sina-         Port Captain and Admiral of the Fleet, Jerry Tarpin, has
tra impersonator wonderful. Next time I hope he invites          pulled off quite a coup in waiting for just the right moment
Sammy Davis to join Frank as promised. I encourage more          to strike a deal on the new Triumph chase boat for the
female members to participate since it really is a great time
whether you enjoy a good cigar or not. I was also quite
surprised at the level of singing talent from our members
-- Johnny Reese won the prize but Carol Martin held her
own -- she usually does.

We all made it through Opening Day without too many
problems, even after partaking in the Fifth Annual Famous
Fizzathon that Sir Sunke so enthusiastically produces early
in the morning while the club is being decorated and Ern
has yet to open the bar. Nothing quite like being “Sunk-
afied” on Opening Day, as I’m sure Harvey Pawl will
agree. This was Sunke’s best batch to date. After his first
glass, Harvey said while looking through the new window,
“we’re living in the palm of God”. He’s right - best view in
the world.

Jeff Zarwell, our own National Race Officer and all around
Gear man, has coined a new word so appropriate for our
Race Program - “Protesterone”, the sailing version of
testosterone. And who better to understand that term in
detail than The Great Zarwell. If you haven’t volunteered
on the Race Committee yet and seen Zarwell in action
on Mercury or flying around setting inflatable marks in a
chase boat, than you need to contact Race Director John
Mount and Staff Commodore Tim Prouty - those guys run
a great program and have a lot of fun. And you get a free
BBQ and a cocktail back at the club -- you might even get
a little cameo in the Race video shot by Wams.                                      Sir Sunke & Famous Fizzes
                  6.                                                              SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

Sail Training and Race Programs. Jerry is happy to give        emerald green-hulled Shamrock that local photographer-
members a test ride if asked nicely - I forget his choice of   Peter Lyons likes to shoot so much.
cocktails. With the deal he made, the club should buy two
of those babies, wouldn’t you agree Treasurer Darryl?          Connolly gets great competiton from fellow SYC member
Admiral Tarpin is also the guy to talk to about signing up     Jeff Dunnavant in True North. Dunnavant won his division
for OD, that’s Officer of the Day, which is another way to     last year in the Farallones Race and the Half Moon Bay
get to know more of the characters in the club and have a      Race. Steve Hocking and Marika Edler on Ohana were
good time helping skippers tie up at the dock. Worth a free    second overall last year in the Spring season OYRA. They
meal and a drink or two for a fun day.                         also raced with the 12 meter boats in Newport last month.
                                                               These guys and many others are really carrying on the
The wonderful photograph of Opening Day 1973 hanging           great sailing tradition started by John Ford and the boys
on the North wall of the dining room was taken by              back in the forties when they first organized the club.
famous local photographer, Robert Cameron, known for
his “Above” series. Robert and family (SYC members             Here’s a bit of interesting stuff from Steve & Marika’s
Tony and Lydia Cameron) were at the club for brunch the        sailing trip on the East Coast: “John Cox Stevens was the
other day to celebrate his 92nd birthday. Great to have        driving force behind building the Maria and the America.
such talent around the place.                                  The Maria actually beat the America but it was thought
                                                               the America was a better boat to go “on her bottom” to
                                                               England to capture the cup. He also started the fabled New
                                                               York Yacht Club and was its commodore. Steve Hocking’s
                                                               mother is Anne Stevens, a direct descendant of Colonel
                                                               John Stevens. John C Cox was inducted into the America

                                                               Cup Hall of Fame and Steve’s aunt, Joan, represented the
                                                               family.” Apparently, John Cox was known as “a mighty
                                                               good fellow and hospitable host”. Hocking is caring on
                                                               the tradition. Maybe now that one of our SYC members
                                                               is related to NYYC’s first commodore we can finally have
                                                               reciprocal privileges.

                                                               The Auxiliary really put on a fabulous Memorial Day
                                                               party. What a great way to honor those men and women
                                                               who gave their lives so that we can sit freely on the
                                                               deck and enjoy the view. Rear Commodore Gabbert and
       Robert Cameron, Tony and Lydia Cameron & Family         Webmaster Ward created a little magic with the help of
                                                               the internet at 3pm to play Taps followed by Ray Charles
                                                               singing America the Beautiful - very moving.
Not only is House Director Jim Connolly good at win-
dows in the Room With a View Project, but the guy is           The new bar furniture is on it’s way - should arrive right
also a pretty damn good sailor. He recently won the SSS        after the 4th of July. Many thanks to all those members
Single-handed Farallones Race, under the Golden Gate and       who have sponsored a bar stool, chair or table. We’ll have
around the islands and back -- did it on a bad knee, too. He   a party to celebrate soon.
and wife, Marti, have won the Double-handed Half Moon
Bay race the last two years, while in 2007, Jim and Staff      See you on the water,
Commodore Prouty took first place in both the OYRA             J
Drakes Bay and Farallones Races. He skippers that pretty
July 2009                                                                                                7.

Elaine Robinette
When you buy a hat, jacket or T shirt from our Ship’s
Store this summer you will be supportin g our Youth
Sailing Program. We are excited that the profits will go
to Youth Sailing and we have lots of volunteers who are
keeping the Store open for you to shop on weekends and
special events.

You can also ORDER ONLINE from our website
It’s easy to order merchandise online with our logo! Just
go to our www.SausalitoYachtClub.org website, click
on “Ships Store” which will take you to the Ship’s Store
page, then click on the “EmbroideryFactory” logo. Once
you select the item(s) for purchase you will be asked
for your name, address and SYC Membership number.
The items will be shipped directly to you from the
EmbroideryFactory, and SYC will include the charge in        Staff Commodore Foote with one of his favorite publications dockside
your statement. In addition to ordering items with the SYC
logo, you can customize the items you order online with
the name of your boat. It’s a great way to buy gifts for
your crew, family and friends.

                                                                  FREE consultation for SYC members!

                Whether you own single-family homes,
                condominiums, or townhomes, you can turn
                to PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC
                for exceptional management services you
                can trust.

        Melissa Prandi, MPM (SYC Member)
        1321 Third Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

      YachtClubAds_7x4_Series.indd 3                                                                          7/22/08 1:27:50 PM
                  8.                                                                SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

Are YoU eNtertAINed, Yet?
Merv Regan
                               SYc/cofc mixer                 WSYc Golden Gate Fields day-at-the-races

                               For those of you who were      Mark your calendar for November 7th. The package
                               there, hosting the Chamber     includes: free parking, admission, a daily racing program,
                               of Commerce Mixer was          exclusive seating in the Turf Club, the Turf Club Buffet,
                               a great success. The house     race named for the SYC, and six of our group will have
                               was packed. We enjoyed         a photo op in the Winners Circle. All this for only $37
                               music by Eugene & Dono-        plus tip. The cruisers will be at the Berkeley Marina and
                               van. It was great exposure     arrangements will be made to shuttle you to and from the
                               for the club, John signed up   marina. Those departing from the club, if we have a large
                               several new members and        enough group perhaps we can charter transportation so you
                               the club made money on the     can have all the fun your little heart desires!
                               bar and galley.

Jazz & Blues-by-the-Bay

Reserve a table on a Friday evening for your friends with
wine and hors d’oeuvres prepared by Leslie. Check the
club calendar and email a reservation for your preferred
date(s) $100.

4th of July

Prepare to party. This year the 4th falls on a Saturday. We
considered starting on Friday night and ending at 8:00PM
on Sunday. However cooler minds prevailed and we will
stick to our regular Saturday hours.

The barbeque will be fired up all day long. Did you know                         CofC Board with Chef Leslie
Chef Leslie is using organic and sustainable foods, much
of it locally grown and raised?

The first band up is Mechesmo, followed by the Doc Kraft
Band and the Fire Dancers.

Remember this is an event that packs the club, especially
around 8:30 – 9:00PM, in expectation of the fireworks. So
make your reservations, you, your significant other and up
to four guests. $15.

We need volunteers to check member and guests in at the
front door and on-the-dock, police the house and man the
dock. So sign up today for a 2 – 3 hour shift.

                                                                  Wonder Boy, Cela, James, John, Marv and Patti at Jazz Nite
July 2009                                                                                             9.

memBer IN tHe SPotLIGHt
Dan Leininger
                                                              benefited greatly from this organization’s amazing network
                                                              of information on the Islander 36.

                                                              ORION’s transformation for disabled sailing is going well.
                                                              All lines for handling sails have been routed to the cock-
                                                              pit and two tracks have been mounted along the boom, so
                                                              that a car, which attaches to a block and tackle can move
                                                              disabled sailors from the cockpit, to the salon for over-night
                                                              stays. She can also bring sailors aboard from the dock us-
                                                              ing a 4:1 block and tackle, hanger and Hoyer sling system,
                                                              similar to those used in hospitals to transfer patients.

                                                              BAADS is currently racing the ORION in South Beach
                                                              Yacht Club’s Friday Night series, and she has participated
                                                              in the Jazz Cup, and Vallejo races as well. Her first over-
Fredrick Freund’s donation to the Bay Area                    night trip was to Richardson Bay, where she picked up a
Association of disabled Sailors                               mooring at SYC, and enjoyed reciprocal privileges at our
Fredrick Freund was considering buying another sailboat,
and selling his Islander 36, ORION. He happened to men-       BAADS has been in operation in the Bay Area for over 20
tion this to his good friend, Lawrence Kornfield who is a     years. It all began in 1988 when several disabled sailors
member of the South Beach Yacht Club. Lawrence, as it         started getting together regularly at Lake Merritt, in Oak-
turns out, was also one of the early members of the Bay       land. It wasn’t long before the club grew, became a non-
Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS). Lawrence        profit and started looking for a home of it’s own.
asked Fredrick if he would consider donating his Islander
to BAADS. After hearing more about BAADS, Fredrick            South Beach Yacht Club was just getting their start at about
said sure, and Lawrence got the word to the BAADS             the same time, and invited BAADS to join them. The part-
Board of Directors.                                           nership has worked out very well over the years for both
                                                              organizations. BAADS members serve as OODs for the
The timing for BAADS could not have been better.              yacht club, and club members volunteer with BAADS.
BAADS was growing rapidly, and really wanted to obtain
a larger boat for coastal trips “outside” the gate. ORION     During the recent renovation of South Beach Harbor,
sounded like a good fit, and after a topside inspection by    BAADS got in on the planning for a new dinghy dock that
the BAADS Bosuns, she was hauled for professional sur-        was to be built. This was the beginning of the BAADS
vey. She came through with flying colors, and the donation    dinghy program. The dinghy program uses Access Din-
to BAADS was made. Up to now, the BAADS keelboat              ghies, which are purpose-built for disabled sailing. These
fleet consisted of a Catalina 30, Ranger 23 and a Freedom     boats range in size from 8 to 12 feet, and hold 1 or 2 people
20. Now BAADS had a boat that would be converted for          (10-footer in picture). Dinghy sailing takes place every Sat-
disabled sailing that was capable of going places BAADS       urday. On Sundays, BAADS keelboats, including ORION,
had not yet ventured.                                         can be seen out sailing on the bay.

Of course, owning an Islander 36, in the Bay Area, means      BAADS currently has about 130 members, 40 or so that
you can’t miss out on all of the great fun things that the    are actively sailing in both Dinghy and Keelboat programs.
Islander 36 fleet does. They have welcomed BAADS and          About one third of the membership is “ABs”- or Able Bod-
ORION, with open arms. BAADS has participated in sev-         ied, who help where needed in both programs. Membership
eral of their meetings, gone to a couple of events, and has   is a bargain at $36/year, for those who can afford it.
                  10.                                                            SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

memBer IN tHe SPotLIGHt,                                      tHe St.croIX BUrGee
continued                                                     Presented to SYC
BAADS members can learn how to sail, and become               The St. Croix burgee was presented to SYC by a very
“skippers” or just participate for fun. BAADS has always      good friend and Staff Commodore Charlie Fischer of the
used what it calls “co-ability” when determining crew         St. Croix Yacht Club. Charlie and his wife Mieke lived on
for a particular outing. A blind person can be “skipper”      the SF Penninsula for years. He was a a very active racer
as long as there is another knowledgeable sighted person      on the Bay. After graduation from the Naval Academy he
onboard to assist (who might, for example, be a paraple-      ended up doing a solo sail from Europe to the US on a 35’
gic). The current Commodore of BAADS- Ed Gallagher,           Rafiki. About 15 years ago they ended up building their
(who is blind) has appeared recently on the Today Show,       dream home in St. Croix.
and Oprah for his development of a head-mounted com-
munications band. This device enables a blind person to
participate in daily activities and sports. The device uses
an internet video and sound connection to a remote laptop
computer. Ed has sailed on ORION, ridden a bike, driven
a jeep, skied and gone shopping, while being remotely
“controlled” by another person. SYC’s Sailing Director,
Dan Leininger has been a member of the BAADS Board
of Directors for the past 5 years, and is currently their
Keelboat and Training Director.

                                                                                     Oz and Scott

                                                                                  BADDS Dinghy Dock

                                                              For more information on this wonderful organization, to
                                                              join, volunteer or donate, visit: www.baads.org. If you
                                                              would like to come out sailing, just call the “SAIL-MAIL”
                                                              line at: (415) 281.0212, and leave a message!
July 2009                                                                                              11.

Jeff Polick
The June Cruise was Saturday the 6th to Oakland’s Jack
London Square Marina with Dinner at Yoshi’s and a Jazz
Concert following dinner featuring legendary, Grammy
winner, Nancy Wilson. Cruise Captain Larry Moraes did a
fantastic job getting the group slips together in the Kincaid
basin at JLS. Olympic Boat Sales went Chapter 11 so there
is plenty of space for weekend guests and at $1.50 a foot
it was well worth it to walk a short distance to a variety of
restaurants and the concert. After a cocktail hour hosted by
the LeDoux’s aboard French Twist the gang headed to for
dinner and sat down at Yoshi’s, where we were presented
with a SYC printed menu and the sushi and wine got the
evening off to a great start. The Kannan’s returned for a       James Gabbert - the Awards Just Keep coming!
cruise on Magnificat after a 5 year hiatus on the East Cost
– Welcome back! The Steel’s had Steel Away on the move          James Gabbert was recently honored with a broadcasting
all the way from Pier 39 in San Francisco. The Jazz con-        pioneer award at the Ward L. Quaal Pioneers Awards
cert was superb, great seats, acoustics, music and service.     program at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.
The Lawton’s sailed their BMW over without a scratch.
And, With Lucy not in attendance it was up to High En-          Gabbert, former owner of TV-20 and various FM radio
ergy to get moving at first light on Sunday morning to go       stations in the Bay Area, was honored at the annual event,
get Polo and start the procession home.                         presented by the Broadcasters Foundation of America. The
                                                                awards are named for the longtime Chicago broadcaster.
The July Cruise is to Benecia and is on a waitlist for new
registrations. Sign up early. August is off to Petaluma         Accompanying Jim to Las Vegas were long-time friends
– still room on this one. September is Blue Water time to       and business associates: Mike Lincoln, Tim Nousen,
Half Moon Bay and then back to the Estuary to Encinal.          Mickey Luckoff, GM KGO, Nanci Croy, Michelle Mattea,
Have a great summer Crusin!                                     Merv Regan, Dennis & Camara Scremin, Peter & Elaine

                                                                Jim is a true pioneer and has a long list of “firsts” to
                                                                attest to that fact. With his background in FM radio and
                                                                engineering experience, he was the first station in the
                                                                world to put out a single-station quadraphonic broadcast.
                                                                Jim has been honored by The Gavin Report, Billboard
                                                                Magazine and by President Kennedy at the National
                                                                Press Club in 1962. In 1994, the California Broadcasters
                                                                Association named Jim their Broadcaster of the Year.

                                                                The sales of his broadcasting companies ushered in a
                                                                new era for Jim, one he has approached with the same
                                                                energy and flair that have made him a success in his five
                                                                decade as a broadcaster. He is on KGO Radio and is very
                                                                active inSausalito and the San Francisco Bay Area. Jim
                                                                and friends travels regularly enjoying his 50-meter Italian
                  Jerry Dunnavant-True North                    yacht, piloting his own Boeing 727, Citation jet and DC3.
                                                                Jim’s home base is still Sausalito.
            12.                                                   SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

     Advertising in the Squeegee                        JUNIor SAILING ProGrAm
                                                                Our Junior Sailing Program
          Advertising in the Squeegee             is going to be a highlight of our year and huge thanks
is a great way to get your business exposed to        go out to Dan Leininger who is spearheading it
                                                        as well as those who support the program.
       our membership and is affordable.
                                                       Recently , Marv Hovatter and Patti Urbanec
   Please contact Anne Hendry (331-7147)                     contributed $1000 to the program
   if you would like to be featured in future            and this is going a LONG way in helping
    issues. We can also help layout your ad          getting kids out on the water and learning to sail
         for you for a nominal charge.                         this summer. THANK YOU!
                                                              These donations raise funds for
                                                     hardware,educational materials and scholarships
             Per Issue:                                            for these young sailors.
             Full page: $175                         We have 80 kids signed up and more coming in.
             Half Page: $100                               Carol Martin’s goal is 100 (a record)
             Quarter Page: $75                                  and Dan is aiming for 120.
                                                          More to come as the season progresses.
             Business card: $50

                                                 HOG A N
                                                 Ranked Among the Top % of Realtors Worldwide
                                                 by the President of Coldwell Banker


     Discreet and Highly Effective Real Estate Services
July 2009                                                                                           13.

                                                       SYc club Phone Lines and extensions
                                                                 reservations: 332-7400 x115
                                                      extensions                          Lines
                                                      Galley and Events, press 1          1 (415) 332-7400 Main
                                                      Administration, press 2             1 (415) 332-2336 Jr. Sail
                                                      Club Activities, press 3            1 (415) 332-7420 2nd
                                                      Operations, press 4                 1 (415) 332-9058 Fax
                                                      Bar, press 5

                                                      Bar Hours                           Galley Hours
                                                      Wednesday.......5 pm to 9 pm

                                                      Thursday..........5 pm to 10 pm     Cafe Menu.........6 pm - 9 pm

                                                      Friday.............12 pm to 12 am   Lunch...............12 pm - 3 pm

                                                                                          Dinner................6 pm - 10 pm

                                                      Saturday.........12 pm to 11 pm     Lunch...............12 pm - 3 pm

                                                                                          Dinner................6 pm - 9 pm

                                                      Sunday...........10 am to 9 pm      Brunch.............10 am - 3 pm

                                                                                          Dinner................5 pm - 8 pm

 Two Directory changes:

 Elaine Kolowich, Office Manager, 415-332-7400 x117
 Dan Leininger, Sailing Director, 415-332-7400 x114
                  14.                                                                 SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

room WItH A Good VIeW ANd SeAt
Now that we have the barstools and tables sponsored and
ordered, we are ready for Phase Two of the Room With A
View Project. This consists of upgrading the red chairs that
are at the bar area tables along the windows and that two-top
table next to the post where Bob Winskill always likes to
have brunch or lunch. These chairs will match the new blue
barstools and will have casters making it easy to move them
around the room (see attached photo of chairs at SFYC).

                                                                                      Potomac on moon rise

We hope you will consider sponsoring a chair or two. Or
maybe several of you will co-sponsor one chair. Every
chair will have a brass plaque with the sponsor’s name(s)
engraved. There are only a few chairs still available.
                                                                Jerry Tarpin, Tom Claek, Nanci Croy, Melissa Mooney, Bill Patterson

With the spectacular new window, we have to make sure
you’re comfortable and styling while your watching the
moon rise above FDR’s Potomac as she cruises by the club.

Thanks for helping to improve the look and feel of the
“clubhouse with the interesting characters” -- a bunch of
kindred spirits.

Phase two:
chairs on casters (18) - $450 each = $8,100

Payment options:
     * One time payment of $450
     * Five monthly payments of $95 = $475
     *Ten monthly payments of $50 = $500
     * Brass plaque with donor’s name                                        Officer of the Day Gets His Own Whistle
July 2009                                                                                               15.

reGAttA dAYS
Annie Sutter
Stories of the history of the Sausalito Yacht Club con-         stow the sails, and swim ashore. The first couple to touch
tinue…with thanks to long time member Peter Mohler for          the flagpole wins.”
his first hand memories, for the souvenir program for the
1947 “Regatta Days,” and for saving the earliest of the         In addition to “Regatta Days” there were many parties
Squeegees.                                                      during the first years. From the handwritten minutes of
                                                                1944 Board meetings we find plans for a New Year’s
and other Fun and Games in the ‘40s                             Eve dance. After much discussion, it was determined
                                                                that it would be semi-formal, admission was set at $1 per
The Sausalito Yacht Club, started in 1942 by seven young        couple or 75c stag, and they would hire a 3-piece band
men all under the age of 20, was founded on a mutual love       at $17 each. “Boys would wear ties and girls would wear
for sailing. Their earliest social events were water oriented   stockings,” (women’s stockings were scarce during the
– sailboat regattas, rowing races, and trips up the river on    War, and this designated the dance as a special occasion),
their small vessels. The area where the members launched        and “bouncing will be freely invoked.” In April 1945 we
their boats and held their meetings was surrounded by a         have an interesting item - “picnic at McNear’s beach - 30
partly constructed harbor, abandoned sailing ships, old         members enjoy hayride without the hay.” They often sailed
ferry docks, and a sandspit built of layers of shells and       their boats to Angel Island for a picnic and cocktail party
dredging spoils from the nearby harbor. This spit, known        (not much has changed), and they joined the SBRA in
as Shell Beach, was the site of picnics, swimming and           1944 since yacht racing was the members’ prime interest.
sunning, and of beach parties that would become known as        In 1949 ten members chartered the 60’ yawl Traveller and
“Regatta Days.”                                                 raced to Honolulu in the Transpac. Some lively parties
                                                                preceded that departure, including a luau with a whole
The first one was held in 1944. The fledgling yacht club,       roasted pig. Peter Mohler crewed in that race, and the
which then consisted of 16 members and 12 boats, issued         departure from Sausalito in July of 1949 was filmed by
an invitation to the San Francisco and Corinthian yacht         one of the fathers. It was used recently as footage for a
clubs for a regatta for Mercuries, Clippers and Stars.          Disney film about the Transpac. Movie stars in the SYC!
Someone persuaded the Chamber of Commerce to donate
money for the trophies. One of the fathers provided the
committee boat. As reported by “Tops’l Annie,” the local
yachting gossip columnist in the Sausalito News, “the
SYC’s first full fledged regatta was a definite success with
some 25 boats competing.”

By 1947 the Chamber of Commerce had become a co-
sponsor and published a souvenir program of events. It was
to be a busy day…“obstacle races for small boats, a free
for all rowing race, an art show, a SBRA regatta, visiting
around the fleet, a cocktail hour on shore, and a dance.”
All craft at anchor were decorated, and at 8:30PM all boats
were illuminated, and there was a bonfire on the beach. On
Sunday there was a Coast Guard Auxiliary Band concert.
In one especially strenuous event, skippers of Mercuries
                                                                              True North and Shamrock, GG Bridge
and Clippers were required to “swim out to their boats
anchored in the cove, hoist the sails, sail out around the
black channel buoy, return to the cove and find the gal
waiting in a skiff whose number corresponded with his.
Around the buoy again under jib alone, drop the anchor,
                  16.                                                              SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

Ed Addeo
There aren’t many of us who could qualify as both “hero”       “The main cause of child death in most of those regions
and “saint” at the same time, but Rene Steinhauer is           is diarrhea and dehydration,” he says. “The number of
definitely one of them.                                        people dying from deprivation alone around the world is
                                                               staggering. Providing water, electricity and clean medical
Rene, 41, who sports an RN, CFRN and EMT-P after his           facilities takes up most of our efforts.”
name, is also the club’s most eligible bachelor. (For the
abbreviation-impaired, the creds stand for Registered          If all this sounds like Rene is a medical Superman,
Nurse, Certified Flight Registered Nurse, and Emergency        appearing miraculously all over the world providing
Medical Technician-Paramedic.)                                 emergency aid to those in dire need – well, that’s what he
                                                               is. But it costs money, of course, and Rene is constantly
Rene stepped up and volunteered as the attending medic         on the lookout for grants and donations from any and all
for the recent Women’s Doublehanded Championship               contributors. SYC members, take note.
(2 ambulance trips to the hospital, one suture case, one
hypothermia, beaucoup bumps and bruises). In a previous        Rene can be reached at www.aidrelief.org, or email at
life he was a decorated U.S. Air Force flight medic with       renesteinhauer@aidrelief.org.
four combat tours in an undisclosed location and another
four as a civilian paramedic contractor on the front lines
in Iraq. He has also flown into Afghanistan to recover
wounded soldiers -- after being activated from the Air
Force Reserve after 9/11.

So much for the “hero” part. His sainthood status derives
from an organization he formed a year ago called Serving
Others Aid Relief (SOAR). This org coordinates volunteer
experts all over the world to descend on villages and
regions who desperately need emergency help or otherwise
face life-threatening crises. The motivation for forming
SOAR, which often works in tandem with a group called
Remote Area Medics (RAM), was Rene having gone to
Sri Lanka after the tragic tsunami, to Guyana several times
building hospitals, generating electricity and transporting
clean water, and even spending months in Rwanda
providing urgent help to threatened remote villages. Rene
also formed the world’s only skydiving medical team, often
jumping to areas nearly impossible to reach by ground

Rene will gladly play a slide show to anyone willing to
spend the time, describing his team’s efforts in providing
critical aid. Rene himself has bathed in a piranha-infested
river, delivered a baby by candlelight, and has produced the
only source of water within 500 miles in one remote area
of Guyana. He has also worked in a Rwanda hospital with
no running water and ran a medical ops out of Livingston
Parish, for Katrina victims, providing medical teams that                             Rene Steinhauer
served throughout eastern Louisiana.

2009 SYc Board of directors                   Phone      email address

Commodore                Oz West              346-6252   commodore@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Vice Commodore           James Rigler         332-6367   vicecommodore@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Rear Commodore           Jim Gabbert          331-6020   rearcommodore@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Past Commodore           Mary Richardsom      505-6164   pastcommodore@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Secretary                Susan Ensey          457-4417   secretary@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Treasurer                Darryl LeDoux        332-5208   treasurer@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Port Captain             Jerry Tarpin         332-3938   portcaptain@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Membership Director      John Lerner          887-9208   membership@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Bar & Galley Director    Buddy DeBruyn        332-0803   bargalley@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Entertainmen Director    Merv Regan           289-0460   entertainment@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Race Director            John Mount           509-8381   race@sausalitoyachtclub.org
House Director           Jim Connolly         883-1964   house@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Cruise Director          Jeff Polick          380-9915   cruise@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Long Range Planning      Andy Eggler          332-1267   lrpc@sausalitoyachtclub.com
Director                 Mike Magruder        331-3190   mbm@4ibp.com
President of Auxiliary   Marilyn Tousey       453-6753   sycapresident@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Youth Programs           Carol Martin         279-2790   youthprograms@sausalitoyachtclub.org

2009 Auxiliary                                Phone      email address

President                Marilyn Tousey       453-6753   sycapresident@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Past President           Marge Bottari        305-3425   sycapastpresident@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Vice President           Geri Cooper          482-0595   sycavicepresident@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Treasurer                Anne LeDoux          332-5208   sycatreasurer@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Membership               Elaine Thorn         389-0955   sycamembership@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Director at Large        MK Beckner           435-2366   emmeque@comcast.net
Director at Large        Gail Ward            381-5475   admin@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Director at Large        Barbara Adams        472-6537   bba007@gmail.com

club Services                                 Phone      email address

General Manager          Jeffrey Kroeber      332-7400   gm@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Club Steward             Felix Pelayo         332-7400   none
Web Administrator        Gail Ward            381-5475   admin@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Ship’s Store             Elaine Robinette     898-5911   shipstore@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Luncheon Cruise          Colette Pratt        331-0801   colettepratt@sbcglobal.net


Editor                   Patrick Hind-Smith   328-2819   squeegee@sausalitoyachtclub.org
Advertising              Anne Hendry          331-7147   ahendry@pacbell.net
                       Reverse Mortgages

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