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					             YEARBOOK 2010

5th anniversary of the networking platform
for knowledge-intensive business services
                    Austrian consultants deliver outstanding quality
                                        Knowledge-intensive business                   In close cooperation with ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA
                                        service providers from Austria                 (, AIC is part of „go-international“,
                                        Year over year Austria ranks amongst the       an internationalisation initiative coordinated jointly by the
                                        most successful countries in practically       Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth and
                                        all international rankings on the most         the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. The main task of
                                        diverse range of topics. The enterprises       the AIC platform is to make international customers aware
                                        which ensure that this little country in the   that their goals can be reached more easily by cooperating
                                        heart of Europe is a world leader not only     with competent partners than by going it alone.
                                        in terms of its quality of life, environment
                    and tourism, but also in terms of its technology and knowl-        Online Services
                    edge, are internationally respected and in demand abroad.          The web portal provides a multitude of infor-
                                                                                       mation and access to various database services for export-
                    Impressive international experience                                oriented service companies as well as for their customers
                    Thanks to the high level of international demand for Austrian      abroad. In addition to a searchable database containing pro-
                    quality, technology and innovation, many of the best firms         files and references of Austrian planners and consultants with
                    have an impressive amount of international experience. In          export success, the website also incorporates TEAM-BUILDER,
                    order to be better able to bring these advantages to bear, to      an international communication and cooperation platform.
                    make efficient use of them, and to achieve synergies, 250
                    Austrian planning and consulting firms in different sectors        Fifth anniversary of the AIC platform
                    have come together in a platform known as Austrian Inter-          To mark the fifth anniversary of the AIC platform, we
                    national Consultants (AIC). Each of these firms has a number       are delighted to present this AIC Yearbook, which brings
                    of international successes to its name. In addition to their       together in one place the overwhelming expertise and
                    specialist skills, they are all characterised by an extremely      professional competence of the members of our network. You
                    high capacity to innovate and to cooperate.                        can find further information about the consultants listed here
                                                                                       and their successful international projects on our website
                    AIC platform serves as an initiator,                     , where you can also get in touch with the AIC
                    catalyser and guarantor of quality                                 team. We would be more than happy to help you to find the
                    The AIC platform allows these architects, engineers, IT and        ideal Austrian experts for your project.
                    management consultants as well as Certified Public Account-
                    ants, tax consultants, law attorneys and finance specialists to
                    respond quickly and directly to the needs of our international
                    clientele by interacting, forming consortia, as well as making
                    and realising joint plans. The AIC platform serves as an initia-
                    tor, catalyser and guarantor of quality. For interested parties    Walter Mayr
                    from all over the world on the lookout for outstanding Aus-        President
                    trian quality, the AIC is a competent partner with a thorough
                    knowledge of the know-how that is available in the country         Austrian International Consultants
                    and with direct contacts to the most appropriate providers.        your network for knowledge-intensive business services
AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                  1
    präzise - zuverlässig – kompetent
    accurate – reliable – competent

    Technische und rechtliche Vermessungen mit Spezialisierung auf:          Technical and legal surveying with specialisation in:                    Vermessung Angst Ziviltechniker GmbH
    Teilungspläne, Servitutspläne, Bestandspläne von Gebäuden,               Land division plans, easement plans, floor plans of buildings,                       A-1020 Wien, Mayergasse 11
    Pipelinevermessungen, Informationssysteme, Photogrammetrie,              pipeline surveying, information systems, photogrammetry,                 Tel. + 43 1 21172-0 • Fax + 43 1 21172-22
    3D-Visualisierungen, Orthophotos, Digitale Geländemodelle, Monitoring.   3D visualisations, orthophotos, digital terrain models and monitoring. •

    Wien – Brünn – Prag – Brasov – Pressburg – Banska Bystrica – München – Zagreb – Sofia – Prishtina – Banja Luka
    Vienna – Brno – Prague – Brasov – Bratislava – Banska Bystrica – Munich – Zagreb – Sofia – Pristine – Banja Luka
2                                                                                                                                                                             AIC YEARBOOK 2010
Innovative, forward-thinking partners
In recent years, Austria has earned a name for itself as        In order to support these developments and to help Austrian     In the AIC Yearbook 2010, exceptional firms are presented
an exporter of services. The fact that innovative and           firms to take advantage of the opportunities that arise as a    – firms that make up the avant-garde in the export
knowledge-intensive business services in particular are         result, industry representatives in the fields of consulting/   of many knowledge-intensive business services from
in the forefront of this process is particularly satisfying.    IT and engineering from the Austrian Federal Economic           Austria. Interested parties have access via the supporting
The experience that Austrian firms bring to the table in        Chamber (WKO) and the Federal Chamber of Architects             institutions to the entire spectrum of skills and experience
the fields of tourism, complex engineering solutions and        and Engineering Consultants (BAIK) came together five           that such decidedly forward-thinking firms have to offer
futuristic architecture projects is renowned worldwide, but     years ago to form Austrian International Consultants. This      in these most innovative of sectors. We, the signing
on many fronts, Austria also counts as the international        network, which is part of the ‘go-international’ offensive      representatives of the supporting institutions, invite you
leader in innovative management and ICT solutions               championed by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family           to learn more about the available know-how and to make
(e-government).                                                 and Youth (BMWFJ) and the WKO, has the singular objective       the most of the opportunities that it represents. Getting
                                                                of promoting the export of knowledge-intensive business         in touch with Austrian International Consultants is a
These successes have been achieved and continue to be           services from Austria.                                          worthwhile first step.
achieved not only in the traditional services that this small
country has mastered for decades thanks to its geographic       In concrete terms, this network supports any activity
location and natural make-up. Increasing globalisation and      that contributes by means of intensive cooperation
the rapid developments in particular in the information         and interaction to giving large, medium and small but
and communications technology sector have favoured the          specialised providers of knowledge-intensive business
trade in numerous other knowledge-intensive business            services an edge over their large international competitors,
services that Austrian firms offer at the highest level. As     to intensifying international interconnectedness between
a result of the notable increase in the opportunities for       appropriate partners from all over the globe, and to
intensive international cooperation, it is not surprising       promoting the high-grade know-how that is available in
that Austrian service providers are today active in almost      Austria to as many international clients as possible.
all forward-thinking sectors of the economy and are in
demand as partners all over the world.

              Alfred Harl
              Chairman, Professional Association of                                                                                           Christian Pelzl
              Management Consultancy and Information                          Josef Robl
                                                                                                                                              Chairman, Austrian Association of Consulting
              Technology (UBIT)                                               Chairman, Federal Section of Chartered
                                                                                                                                              Engineers (Ingenieurbüros)
                                                                              Engineering Consultants, BAIK                                                                     

AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                            3
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                 Österreichs Wirtschaft bleibt im Geschäft.
                 Gerade in der aktuellen Wirtschaftslage ist es wichtig, dass heimische   Gleichzeitig sorgen sie für einen leistungsfähigen und international
                 Unternehmen weiter exportieren und im In- und Ausland investieren.       konkurrenzfähigen Kapitalmarkt. Zum Beispiel mit neuen Haupt-
                 Dazu brauchen sie Risikoabsicherung, genügend Finanzmittel und ver-      versammlungs-Dienstleistungen für Emittenten. Und sie erleichtern
                 lässliche Entscheidungsgrundlagen.                                       die Orientierung am Markt – etwa mit hochwertigen Finanzdaten
                 Die Services der OeKB Gruppe schützen vor Risiken durch Zahlungs-        und dem Geschäftsklima-Index Mittelosteuropa.
                 ausfälle im In- und Ausland und stärken die Liquidität.                  Mehr unter

                                                                             Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Gruppe

4                                                                                                                                                                AIC YEARBOOK 2010
                    Providing Solutions in a Competitive International Environment
                                        Austrian architects, engineers, planners,   intermediary between economic representatives from
                                        IT developers and management                different countries, as a gateway to Austria and from
                                        consultants are in great demand around      Austria to the wider world, these offices serve all those
                                        the world as a result of the quality        with an interest in forward-looking solutions.
                                        and reliability of the services they
                                        perform. The importance of exports of       With this in mind, I would like to invite you to use this publication
                                        knowledge-intensive and innovative          as the starting point for productive business relations with
                                        services has grown continuously in          Austrian providers of knowledge-intensive services. I wish you
                                        recent years. These services have           and AIC every success in your ventures.
                    become vital to the Austrian economy and their contribution
                    to the balance of trade reflects Austria’s increasingly
                    dynamic transition to a knowledge-based service society.
                                                                                    Yours sincerely,
                    The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) and its
                    international division, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA (Austria’s
                    official trade promotion agency), have generously
                    supported this development for many years and played            Walter Koren
                    an instrumental role in founding Austrian International         Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, WKO
                    Consultants in 2005. Formed under the “Go-International”
                    export promotion initiative funded by the Austrian Federal
                    Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth and administered
                    by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, AIC is responsible for ensuring
                    continued positive growth in this sector. The growing
                    number of high-calibre Austrian International Consultants,      Contact our local representation at
                    the well-attended events organised by the platform both
                    in Austria and abroad, as well as the growing number and
                    intensity of national and international network activities
                    carried out by the AIC are evidence that this collaboration
                    has delivered results in the form of a multitude of synergies
                    and success stories.

                    In recent years, many of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA’s 100+
                    offices around the globe have organised events and
                    activities together with AIC and with business and political
                    representatives from the respective host countries. These
                    foreign trade offices will continue to protect and nurture
                    the excellent reputation enjoyed by knowledge-intensive
                    services from Austria. As both a point of contact and an
AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                      5
         turning your vision into values with our services

                   Consulting                            Management

         configuration +         evaluation +                operation +
         planning               consulting                  conclusion

         Project                Technische                  Project
         development            Due Diligence               Management

                                Refurbishment               Riskmanagement

                                Green Building:

                                EU Structural funds

                                CEE/SEE Tax


         Wien/Austria           Innsbruck/Austria           Romania
         Brunnengasse 17/10     Lente 5                     Str. Axente Sever. nr. 44
         A 1160 Wien            A 6423 Mötz                 RO 400428 Cluj Napoca   
                                Tel. 0043 664 1288 241

6                                                                  AIC YEARBOOK 2010

                                   IMAP, the proven experts in middle market transactions, helps you connect anywhere
                              from Tokyo to Toronto, New Delhi to New York, Berlin to Bogota, and everywhere in between.
                             IMAP ( represents the global middle market; the bedrock of all our world‘s economies.

                    IMAP | Level Five M&A Advisors GmbH
                    International Mergers & Acquisitions Services
                          Donau Business Center, Top 531
                             A-1020 Vienna, Austria, EU
                     WE HELP YOU MASTER
                     REGULATORY AND PUBLIC

                                                                                ALBANIA AUSTRIA BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA BULGARIA CROATIA CZECH REPUBLIC
                     PROCUREMENT HURDLES AS
                     HIGH AS THE GROSSGLOCKNER
                     MOUNTAIN PASS

                                                                                HUNGARY ROMANIA SERBIA SLOVAK REPUBLIC SLOVENIA UKRAINE
      Procurement Law              Kurt Retter
                                   Tel.: +43 1 515 10 5240
      Licensing & Permitting
      Sector Specific Regulation
                                   Manfred Essletzbichler
      Compliance                   Tel.: +43 1 515 10 5350
      Environmental Law  

      PPP / Concession   

8                                                                                                                                                      AIC YEARBOOK 2010
    WT_PG_R+P_133,5x170mm.indd 1                                           23.02.10 09:24
                    It would of course be quite impossible to provide a complete         each firm has already carried out projects. Many smaller
                    list of Austrian exporters of knowledge-intensive business           institutions and all private and public clients have been
                    services in a single publication such as this AIC Yearbook.          omitted and are only listed in full on our portal or on the
                    Rather than attempt this feat, this anniversary edition is in-       websites of the individual firms.
                    tended to whet the reader’s appetite both to find out more
                    about the diverse range of know-how that Austrian provid-            Contact details for the individual firms (telephone numbers,
                    ers of knowledge-intensive business services have to offer,          e-mail addresses, etc.) have equally been omitted to save space
                    and to get in touch with these firms, either directly using the      and to avoid the risk of providing out-of-date information;
                    details provided in this volume or via the AIC office. The full      these can be found on the website of the firm in question,
                    range of skills and experience on offer is presented in more         which is noted as part of each profile.
                    detail on our website ( and on the websites of
                    the individual firms.                                                The greatest challenge in the production of this Yearbook was
                                                                                         the need to select just one reference project for each firm.
                    This AIC Yearbook 2010 lists almost 250 Austrian consulting          We would like to thank the most active firms in our network
                    firms whose particular hallmark is their engagement in the           in particular for their willingness to accept this limitation.
                    export of their services and which all already have real-life        The range of projects realised by Austrian International
                    successes to their names. Interested parties have access via         Consultants all over the world is presented in more detail on
                    our supporting institutions to essentially the entire spectrum       our website.
                    of knowledge-intensive business services available in Austria.
                    With this in mind, this publication should also be seen as an        Interested parties from all over the world thus have the chance
                    invitation to turn to Austrian International Consultants as a        to seek, to identify, and to contact those Austrian firms with
                    first point of contact and as a facilitator of collaboration with    the potential to join them as reliable partners during the
                    specialists from Austria.                                            preparation, development and realisation of projects and
                    Due to the limited space available in this Yearbook, we have
                    not been able to detail our firms’ experiences in individual         International clients, cooperation partners and partner organ-
                    countries. Instead, we have limited ourselves to naming the          isations with an interest in Austrian know-how and high-qual-
                    relevant regions. These classifications are in line with those       ity Austrian services in the fields of architecture, engineering,
                    used by large financial organisations and are the same as            information and communications technology, business, legal,
                    those listed in the search function of our AIC consultant            tax and financial consulting, tourism and the environment
                    database ( The words “Individual Consultant” or        are more than welcome to contact the AIC platform office at
                    “Consulting Company” after each firm’s web address provide           any time for assistance in the search for ideal partners.
                    a first indication of the size of each firm; this distinction also
                    replicates the terminology of large financial institutions such
                    as the World Bank.                                         

                    For the same reasons, the entry “Work for” only lists a small        Austrian International Consultants
                    selection of those important financial institutions for which        your network for knowledge-intensive business services
AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                       9
How to use the AIC Yearbook 2010
The AIC Yearbook 2010 is designed to help prospective           has worked for.
clients and potential partners from all over the world to       These are:
gain an overview of Austrian firms with a successful track
record in the export of knowledge-intensive business            AfDB        African Development Bank
services and a desire to engage further in this field.          ADB         Asian Development Bank
                                                                EBRD        European Bank for Reconstruction and
The index, which is sorted by branch, makes it possible to                  Development
search for specialists in a specific domain in the alphabetic
                                                                EIB         European Investment Bank
list that makes up the body of this publication. Those
firms that submitted a description of their activities and a    EuropeAid   European Commission External Cooperation
reference project are presented over half a page, which will
almost always include a picture. Those Austrian International   IDB         Inter American Development Bank
Consultants that chose not to take this opportunity to          KFAED       Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development
present themselves and their work are listed in the second      OPEC        OPEC Fund for International Development
section of this book. You can view information about the
                                                                USAid       US Agency for International Development
focus of their work, their experience and their references at                                                   WB          World Bank Group

The most important abbreviations used in this Yearbook
occur in the entries under the heading “Work for”, which
list some of the largest international institutions each firm

10                                                                                                                      AIC YEARBOOK 2010
                    Engineering Consultants
                    A. Plank-Bachselten ZT GmbH                                                      18
                    3G Gruppe Geotechnik Graz ZT GmbH                                                18
                    Alfred Kalchgruber                                                               19
                    ALLPLAN                                                                          20
                    All-Projekt Technisches Büro GmbH                                                20
                    Architekten Frank + Partner ZT GmbH                                              21
                    Austrian Consulting Engineers Group ZT GmbH                                      22
                    Austroconsult technische und betriebswirtschaftliche Planung und Beratung GmbH   23
                    AXIS Ingenieurleistungen ZT GmbH                                                 23
                    Bernard-Ingenieure ZT GmbH                                                       24
                    Bessentials Group GmbH                                                           25
                    Bluewaters Environmental Consultants                                             26
                    CEA GmbH Chemie.Energie.Anlagen.                                                 29
                    CEconsult GmbH                                                                   29
                    CES Clean Energy Solutions                                                       30
                    CNS-Netinfo                                                                      31
                    convex ZT GmbH                                                                   32
                    denkstatt - sustainable thinking                                                 34
                    DK Vermessungsservice ZT-GmbH                                                    35
                    e² group umweltengineering GmbH                                                  37
                    ecerta                                                                           39
                    Enprocon Environmental Project                                                   40
                    Erich Krimmel                                                                    41
                    FCE Feichtner Consulting Engineers GmbH                                          42
                    GEOCONSULT ZT GmbH                                                               44
                    GeoVille Informationssystem und Datenverarbeitung GmbH                           45
                    Gerhard Hauser                                                                   45
                    Hans Christian Wagner                                                            47
                    IBV-FALLAST                                                                      50
                    iC consulenten ZT GmbH                                                           51
                    IGA Ingenieurbüro Gostner & Aigner                                               53
                    ILF Beratende Ingenieure ZT GmbH                                                 53
                    Ing. Friedrich Bauer GmbH                                                        55
                    Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH                                                           55
                    IUT Ingenieurgemeinschaft Innovative Umwelttechnik GmbH                          57

AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                    11
IUP ZT GmbH                                                57
Kaiser & Mach ZT GmbH                                      59
KWI Consultants & Engineers AG                             61
LOGNOSTIK                                                  63
Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH                                     63
MADECO ::::: Management and Development in Constructions   64
mecca consulting - Dr. Hannes Schaffer                     66
MEIXNER VERMESSUNG                                         67
MEDICON Medical Consulting e.U.                            67
Michaeler & Partner                                        68
Monument GmbH                                              69
Oliver Sonnbichler Architekten-ZT GmbH                     70
pasmos ZT GmbH                                             71
Peter Gastberger                                           72
peterlorenzateliers ZT GmbH                                72
PILLWAX Industrial Solutions Consulting                    73
pos architekten schneider ZT-KG                            74
Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH                           74
Pöyry                                                      75
qpunkt                                                     76
Schimetta Consult ZT GmbH                                  76
Security Plus Management GmbH                              77
Söhne & Partner Architekten ZT GmbH                        79
STENUM GmbH                                                80
tbb.hru - Technisches Büro für Bergwesen Hruschka          81
Techcon Planungs- und HandelsgesmbH                        82
Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH                                      84
TPA Horwath European & Technology Consultants GmbH         84
Vermessung Angst ZT GmbH                                   87
Walter Consulting                                          88
Werner Moser Consulting Group                              89
wsop                                                       90
WTE Wassertechnik GmbH                                     91
yes architecture                                           91
ZT-Büro Weissbacher                                        92
Zierl Consult ZT GmbH                                      92

12                                                              AIC YEARBOOK 2010
                    IT Consultants
                    biz-improver ludikovsky                                         25
                    Bessentials Group GmbH                                          25
                    CEconsult GmbH                                                  29
                    Christian Pirker Unternehmensentwicklung & Managementberatung   31
                    CNS-Netinfo                                                     31
                    Danube University Krems / Center for E-Government               33
                    E-Voting.CC GmbH                                                41
                    Human Dynamics                                                  49
                    IBV-FALLAST                                                     50
                    ICT-META Consulting EEIG                                        52
                    ITService-Blaschka                                              56
                    Jürgen Müller Management Partners                               59
                    Langer )) the consulting group.                                 62
                    LOGNOSTIK                                                       63
                    MEIXNER VERMESSUNG                                              67
                    MEDICON Medical Consulting e.U.                                 67
                    pasmos ZT GmbH                                                  71
                    Peter Gastberger                                                72
                    PILLWAX Industrial Solutions Consulting                         73
                    Prozess Delta                                                   75
                    Security Plus Management GmbH                                   77
                    SHARK GmbH Business Consulting & IT Solutions                   78
                    Software Project                                                78
                    Steszgal Informationstechnologie GmbH                           80
                    SYSaid Austria GmbH                                             81
                    Umweltbundesamt GmbH                                            85
                    Vienna IT Enterprises                                           87
                    Walter Consulting                                               88
                    wsop                                                            90
                    ZTH Consulting Engineering                                      93

AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                   13
Management Consultants
Alfred Kalchgruber                                                             19
acconex                                                                        19
Architekten Frank + Partner ZT GmbH                                            21
asp. consulting GmbH                                                           21
ATC Consultants                                                                22
Austrian Consulting Engineers Group ZT GmbH                                    22
BCI Consulting                                                                 24
Bessentials Group GmbH                                                         25
biz-improver ludikovsky                                                        25
Bluewaters Environmental Consultants                                           26
Bock Management Consulting                                                     26
Braunecker Consulting                                                          27
Bruck Consult                                                                  27
CAPMEX - The Financial Sector, Capital Markets and Corporate Finance Experts   28
brunner-coaching                                                               28
CEconsult GmbH                                                                 29
CEEN Consulting                                                                30
Christian Pirker Unternehmensentwicklung & Managementberatung                  31
CPM Consulting                                                                 32
Crossglobo Business Development & Marketing                                    33
denkstatt - sustainable thinking                                               34
DI A Nesrin Göker Beratung und Projekterfüllung                                34
dobringer & partner                                                            35
Dr. Heinz Stipsits Consulting                                                  36
Doering Executive Training & Coaching                                          36
e² group umweltengineering GmbH                                                37
EbnerBiz Consulting GmbH                                                       38
ecc ECOCARE Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH - Manfred Stallinger                      38
ECE-Erlach Consulting & Engineering                                            39
ecerta                                                                         39
EcoConsult GmbH                                                                40
Enprocon Environmental Project                                                 40
Erich Krimmel                                                                  41
[F]inancial [I]nstitutions [S]trategic & [O]rganizational Consulting           42
FCE Feichtner Consulting Engineers GmbH                                        42

14                                                                                  AIC YEARBOOK 2010
                    fmg-managementconsulting GmbH                                        43
                    FREYSASSEN.COM                                                       43
                    Geiger Management Consulting e.U.                                    44
                    Guenther Wegscheider                                                 46
                    guo - Business Development Consult                                   46
                    Hans Christian Wagner                                                47
                    HARL consulting                                                      47
                    Harramach & Partner International Holding GmbH                       48
                    Hotel&Tourismus Management Consulting                                48
                    Human Dynamics                                                       49
                    hydrophil - consulting & knowledge development                       49
                    i.s.e Information Services Express                                   50
                    ICG Integrated Consulting Group                                      51
                    IDEE Consulting                                                      52
                    IMAP | Level Five M&A Advisors                                       54
                    InfoManagement Unternehmensberatung                                  54
                    ITService-Blaschka                                                   56
                    Innovation-Coaching                                                  56
                    j.i.m. jauernik international marketing                              58
                    JM Consulting e.U.                                                   58
                    Jürgen Müller Management Partners                                    59
                    Kloepfel Consulting GmbH                                             60
                    Kohl & Partner Tourism Consultancy International                     60
                    Kommunalkredit Public Consulting                                     61
                    KWI Consultants & Engineers AG                                       61
                    Langer )) the consulting group.                                      62
                    Lemon Consulting                                                     62
                    LOGNOSTIK                                                            63
                    MADECO ::::: Management and Development in Constructions             64
                    Mag. Bernhard Wanicek - BJW Business Consulting                      64
                    Mag. Ivan Siptak, MBA, MSc., Institute for Cross Border Activities   65
                    Manfred Watzal – PROJECT DEVELOPMENT - INVESTMENT CONSULTING         65
                    mdb-consulting                                                       66
                    MEDICON Medical Consulting e.U.                                      67
                    Metis                                                                68
                    Michaeler & Partner                                                  68
                    miraconsult e.U.                                                     69
AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                        15
Monument GmbH                                             69
ÖSB Consulting GmbH                                       70
pasmos ZT GmbH                                            71
Österreichische Energieagentur – Austrian Energy Agency   71
Peter Gastberger                                          72
PILLWAX Industrial Solutions Consulting                   73
PNO                                                       73
Prozess Delta                                             75
Security Plus Management GmbH                             77
Servithink                                                77
SHARK GmbH Business Consulting & IT Solutions             78
Software Project                                          78
Spirit Design                                             79
STENUM GmbH                                               80
SYSaid Austria GmbH                                       81
tbb.hru - Technisches Büro für Bergwesen Hruschka         81
Technoma GmbH                                             82
The Missing Link International Consulting Corporation     83
Thomas Breth                                              83
TPA Horwath European & Technology Consultants GmbH        84
USP Unternehmensberatung Dr. Schubiger & Partner          85
VA TECH Finance GmbH                                      86
VEC Venture Europe Consulting                             86
Walter & Partner KG                                       88
Walter Consulting                                         88
Wolfgang Diebler Unternehmensberatung                     90
wsop                                                      90
WTE Wassertechnik GmbH                                    91
ZT-Büro Weissbacher                                       92
ZTH Consulting Engineering                                93

16                                                             AIC YEARBOOK 2010
                    e|n|w|c Rechtsanwälte                                                          37
                    ecerta                                                                         39
                    WOLF THEISS                                                                    89

                    CPA and Tax Consultants
                    Bessentials Group GmbH                                                         25
                    [F]inancial [I]nstitutions [S]trategic & [O]rganizational Consulting           42
                    IMAP | Level Five M&A Advisors                                                 54

                    Finance Specialists
                    CAPMEX - The Financial Sector, Capital Markets and Corporate Finance Experts   28
                    ecc ECOCARE Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH - Manfred Stallinger                      38
                    IMAP | Level Five M&A Advisors                                                 54
                    ITService-Blaschka                                                             56
                    Prozess Delta                                                                  75
                    Security Plus Management GmbH                                                  77
                    VA TECH Finance GmbH                                                           86

AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                  17

       3G Gruppe Geotechnik Graz ZT GmbH                                                                                                          Engineering Consultant

                                                 Triester Strasse 478a     Egnatia Odos, Panagia Tunnel
                                              A-8055 Graz - Seiersberg     Greece
                                                  Consulting Company       Redesign of tunnel sections (tender and construction design) for a
                                                                           double tube, double track motorway tunnel (length of approximately
      3G Gruppe Geotechnik Graz is a multi-disciplinary engineering        2.7 km), using NATM, with a cross section of approximately 140 m²,
      and geotechnical/geological company providing professional           and employing an innovative support concept in the form of ductile
      support for all kinds of surface and underground works. Our          deformable shotcrete lining through lining stress controllers.
      experts have years of national and international experience in
      planning, design, construction and project management. So far,       Duration: 10/2004 - 06/2005
      3G has provided design services for underground construction         Sector: Public
      projects in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe as well
      as South and North America. Our quality standards for design
      and consulting during construction contribute to the perfect
      outcomes of our projects.
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,
      North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean,
      Sub-Saharian Africa
447   Work for: WB, EBRD

       A. Plank-Bachselten ZT GmbH                                                                                                                Engineering Consultant

                                                  Mariazellerstrasse 1a    Montan Terminal Kapfenberg
                                                   A-8605 Kapfenberg
                                                  Consulting Company
                                                                           For MTK GmbH we designed an access road and bridge with a span
      The engineering design office of Plank-Bachselten, with 30
                                                                           of 90,00 m. At the terminal site, a container loading/unloading
      employees, is primarily concerned with water supply, and
                                                                           area, a combination of transport and storage, and combined
      wastewater disposal, design and construction of hydroelectric
                                                                           transport facilities were constructed. We undertook general design
      power plants, waste disposal sites, traffic planning, and flood
                                                                           for the project and the following structural measures: connection
      control. Environmental issues, such as the removal of existing
                                                                           with the main tracks, storage area for containers, parking area for
      sources of pollution whilst conserving and enhancing natural
                                                                           36 lorries, parking area for semi-trailers, manipulation area, lanes
      conditions are considered in our designs throughout the whole
                                                                           for lorries, car parking for 80 cars, two waiting lanes for incoming
      project. Thanks inter alia to our strong technical expertise, and
                                                                           lorries and one lane for outgoing lorries. We also constructed an
      quality assurance measures, we have become one of Styria‘s
                                                                           office, workshops, a warehouse, bulk freight boxes, a fuel station,
      leading civil engineering firms.
                                                                           and washing bays. Our services included the general design as
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa                        feasibility study, detailed design, all tender documents and
                                                                           supervision for the MTK project.
                                                                           Duration: 2006 - 2008
                                                                           Sector: Private

      18                                                                                                                                             AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       acconex                                                                                                                                                     Management Consultant

                                            Josef Lowatschek-Gasse 44       MEDIN - consulting on international marketing
                                                        A-2340 Mödling      and sales
                                            Czech Republic
                                                  Individual Consultant
                                                                            Strategic and operative management consulting to optimise
   acconex offers strategic and operative management consulting
                                                                            the international marketing and worldwide sales activities for
   specialised on international marketing and sales. Furthermore, as
                                                                            the medical instruments manufactured by MEDIN, including an
   a registered agency and trading company, acconex can actively
                                                                            organisational and team reorientation process focussing on
   support clients in their operative sales in certain territories or
                                                                            markets and customers.
   market segments. acconex was founded in 2000 by Günter
   Achleitner, who has years of international experience as a former        Duration: 11/2003 - 08/2004
   area sales manager and marketing and sales director of Austrian          Sector: Private
   companies, exporting biotechnical products, food ingredients,
   environmental services and metal products to Europe, Asia, Latin
   America and Africa.
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America, S-Asia,
   E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa


       Alfred Kalchgruber                                                                                                                    Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                          Gaisberg 21
                                                   A-6134 Vomp/Tirol
                                                 Individual Consultant

   I am a one-man enterprise. My strength derives from decades of
   experience in CEE markets, which gives me a deep understanding
   of the particularities and mentalities of the region, of the difficult
   administrative conditions, and of the particular wishes of the
   region’s markets. Since 2000, I have prepared the way for two
   international concerns (one Austrian and one German) to enter
   the Russian market and I have successfully accompanied them
   to this day! Starting with the search for a suitable site for a Rep.
   Office through to the selection of the ideal location for production,
   including the search for staff and recruitment. Answers for all
   your questions!
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa

   Work for: EBRD, EIB, WB

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                    19

       ALLPLAN                                                                                                                                      Engineering Consultant

                                                       Schwindgasse 10       CDM-Projekt
                                                          A-1040 Vienna      Macedonia
                                                    Consulting Company       The aim of this project is to carry out all necessary steps in order
                                                                             to qualify the Combined Cycle Power Project (CCPP) in Skopje,
      The company ALLPLAN was founded in 1967 in Vienna. This                Macedonia for the CDM mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol. This
      former technical bureau for heating, ventilation, and air              comprises the development of specific documents and the
      conditioning has become an international consulting company            analysis of suitable methodologies for baseline development as
      for technical services, energy efficiency, energy management and       well as the identification of the most attractive carbon buyers. In
      climate change projects. Most of our international projects in the     the second phase, all necessary steps for the elaboration of a PDD
      field of energy and environmental management are realised in           have to be carried out (e.g. methodology analysis/development,
      Central and Eastern Europe. Many of these projects are sponsored       development of baseline, monitoring plan, cooperation with local
      by International Finance Institutes such as World Bank, ICC, EBRD      authorities).
      and E&U funding programs.
                                                                             Duration: 2006 - 2010
      Regions: Europe                                                        Sector: Private
      Work for: WB, IDB, EBRD


       All-Projekt Technisches Büro GmbH                                                                                                            Engineering Consultant

                                                 Porzellangasse 22/III/1     Carpet Museum
                                                         A-1090 Vienna       Azerbaijan
                                                   Consulting Company        The collection of carpets and folk art has been integrated in
                                                                             the central museum since 1992. It was decided due to lack of
      Since its founding in 1986, All-Projekt has been a specialist for      space to build a new museum for this valuable collection. The
      building services engineering. All-Projekt acts Europe-wide. The       new museum will be equipped with the latest technologies. The
      services offered are: - Complete high-tension engineering - Low        architecture team of Hoffmann-Janz-Matzka won the international
      tension engineering - Communications engineering - Lighting            competition. Because of our experience planning museums, we
      engineering - Platform engineering - Engineered safety features -      were chosen to carry out the building services. Our company was
      Electronic data processing - Communication technology - HVAC - Fire    responsible for the whole HVAC, power engineering and low-
      alarm system - Alternative energies. All-Projekt also provides know-   voltage current, including safety features, equipment and access
      how in exceptional cases. All-Projekt has executed planning and site   control. It is planned to use stainless steel plate heat exchangers
      management for about 500 projects with different utilisations.         and sand filters to separate sea water and cold water.
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa                          Duration: 2008 - 2011
                                                                             Sector: Public

      20                                                                                                                                               AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Architekten Frank + Partner ZT GmbH                                                                                                        Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                       Stiftgasse 21/28      Tech Gate + Tech Gate Tower Vienna Donau City
                                                         A-1070 Vienna       Austria
                                                  Individual Consultant      Significant urban development - a location for technologies of
                                                                             the 21st century, located at the Donau City Site in Vienna in
      Architecture as a dialog of form, function and sustainability. The     cooperation with architects Holzbauer+Partner ZT GmbH.
      team Architects Frank+Partner aims to create optimal economic,
      technical, functional and aesthetic solutions at a high professional   Duration: 2003 - 2006
      level in order to provide innovative contributions to the resolution   Sector: Public
      of assignments in architecture and urban planning.
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, South America,


       asp. consulting GmbH                                                                                                                                             Management Consultant

                                                            Graben 10        Adidas
                                                        A-1010 Vienna        Germany
                                                  Consulting Company         Passion For Performance - asp. consulting, the specialist for
                                                                             strategy deployment and implementation of performance
      The asp. group is an international consulting and investment           measurement and management systems is currently supporting
      company whose core competencies are the sustainable,                   adidas in the worldwide implementation of a balanced scorecard
      successful, and efficient implementation of complex projects.          as their central performance management tool. With more than
      The regional headquarters in Vienna and Boston (USA) assist firms      26,000 employees worldwide and a total turnover of EUR 10.1
      worldwide in the successful implementation of M&A transactions,        billion in 2006, the adidas group truly is a giant in the sport
      reorganizations, financial restructuring, post-merger integrations,    industry. The p4p initiative merges the outstanding sporting
      and focused performance improvement initiatives. In selected           spirit of adidas with the benefits of state of the art performance
      cases asp. group also acts as investor pursuing an “active             measurement and management systems.
      shareholder” approach.
                                                                             Duration: 2006 - 2007
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America           Sector: Private

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                      21

       ATC Consultants                                                                                                                                                     Management Consultant

                                                       Seilerstaette 7/4     Mount Erciyes/Kayseri
                                                         A-1010 Vienna       Turkey
                                                  Consulting Company         ATC conducted a feasibility study examining natural resources,
                                                                             social situation and impact of a large-scale tourism development,
      ATC Consultants GmbH, founded in 1985, successfully provides           cultural heritage in the region, labour market and private sector
      services in two domains: a) tourism and regional social and            development in the field of tourism, legal situation in relation
      economic development with special emphasis on master planning          to land ownership. A master plan was developed in 3 phases
      and resort development and b) consulting in the field of culture       based on the previous assessment and included land surveys,
      and world heritage. Our range of services further includes             the creation of a digital elevation model, various computer aided
      profound assessments and feasibility studies, development of           analyses of the terrain, a module-based development plan for the
      management plans and strategies, the design of business plans          ski lifts and ski slopes, architectural planning of the mountain
      and organisational development of public organisations and             resort, detailed infrastructure plan accounting for water supply,
      training.                                                              sanitation and energy requirements, recommendations on
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia,   summer/winter activities and a private-public-partnership model
      E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa         for the local economic strategy.
                                                                             Duration: 11/2005 - 04/2007
                                                                             Sector: Public

       Austrian Consulting Engineers Group ZT GmbH                                                                                                   Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                               Währinger Straße 115/23       Public Solar Bath Houses
                                                         A-1180 Vienna       Iran
                                                   Consulting Company        In the course of a public tender, the Iranian Fuel Conservation
                                                                             Organisation (IFCO) – a subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil
      As a general planning group, the Austrian Consulting Engineers         company - officially invited the ACE Group to set up a test facility
      Group covers the fields of Sustainable Architecture, Low-              of solar hot-water collectors to cover the energy supply for a
      Carbon Engineering, Research & Development and Energy Policy           public bath house. The overall scope of the tender, for which the
      Development. With a focus on energy efficiency and ecological          ACE Group successfully submitted a bid together with Austria’s
      market transformation, the ACE Group develops innovative               leading producer of solar technology GREENoneTEC, includes
      strategies for energy optimization by applying renewable and           the installation of solar collectors for 1,000 public baths in cities
      sustainable energy forms in the construction, engineering and          and towns across Iran, as well as approximately 200,000 private
      rehabilitation of buildings. The ACE Group also provides energy        facilities. The aim is the conversion of the public baths’ energy
      policy consulting services and in-depth research on energy             supply – which is currently based mainly on oil - to solar energy,
      efficiency and solar technologies worldwide.                           thereby reducing the energy demand and costs by 90% and CO2
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa            emissions by 160,000 t/year.
                                                                             Duration: 01/2004 - ongoing
                                                                             Sector: Public

      22                                                                                                                                                                       AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Austroconsult technische und betriebswirtschaftliche Planung und Beratung GmbH                                                                Engineering Consultant

                                               Mariahilfer Strasse 113/18    Aerial Surveillance, Search and Rescue, FEED and EPIC
                                                            A-1060 Vienna    United Arab Emirates
                                                     Consulting Company      The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police intends to modernise
                                                                             its aerial surveillance capabilities and improve its operating range
      With more than 30 years of experience, Austroconsult are the           and quality of service. This is to be realised by upgrading the
      consultants to contact for planning and engineering services in        existing helicopter fleet with state of the art visual surveillance
      the fields of information and communication technology (ICT),          and tracking equipment. The helicopters are to be fitted with
      command and control centres and operation rooms, security              daylight, infrared and night vision technology. Ground equipment
      systems, military electronics, aviation, meteorological observation,   includes IP-based video distribution, HD-archiving, replay facilities
      traffic/transport, signalling and train control and broadcasting.      and software providing consolidated aerial awareness for the
      Austroconsult’s services range from strategic and technological        commanders and mobile handheld devices. Austroconsult has
      consultancy to project development, preliminary and detailed           been entrusted with survey work, the elaboration of requirements,
      planning, project management as well as project implementation         detailed technical design, compilation of FEED and EPIC tender, the
      and supervision.                                                       evaluation of offers, contract negotiations, installation supervision
      Regions: Middle East, Europe, N-Africa, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific        and training.
                                                                             Duration: 2008 - 2010
      Work for: AfDB, ADB, EBRD, KFAED, WB
                                                                             Sector: Public

       AXIS Ingenieurleistungen ZT GmbH                                                                                                              Engineering Consultant

                                                           Rainergasse 4     Nicosia Traffic Management and Public Trans-
                                                          A-1040 Vienna      port Enhancement Study
                                                     Consulting Company
                                                                             AXIS provided an overall study for the reorganisation and
      AXIS Engineering is an international consultancy specialised
                                                                             strengthening of the Nicosia bus network and all other means
      in traffic and transportation, Structural design, water and
                                                                             of transportation within the Greater Nicosia Area. Special
      environmental engineering. With more than 50 engineers, AXIS
                                                                             attention was given to the interrelation of car traffic with public
      offers planning, consulting, examination, evaluation, project
                                                                             transport, bus lanes and bus priority measures. A macroscopic
      management, fiduciary, representation and certification services.
                                                                             traffic model was developed to model the traffic within Nicosia.
      AXIS not only concentrates on technical issues but also provides
                                                                             Based on the results of the study, detailed measures were worked
      assistance in capacity and institution building. AXIS always tries
                                                                             out and scheduled for implementation. Special emphasis was
      to be a leader in technologies and to provide its customers with
                                                                             given to the improvement of the public transport system and
      excellent quality and the best solutions possible.
                                                                             environmentally friendly means of transportation. In a follow-up
      Regions: Europe, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific                               study, the feasibility of alternative public transport systems was
                                                                             assessed, focusing on APM systems and environmentally friendly
                                                                             PT systems.
                                                                             Duration: 2001 - 2002
                                                                             Sector: Public

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                  23

       BCI Consulting                                                                                                                            Management Consultant

                                                         Marktgasse 11      Networking for Consultants
                                                    A-7372 Drassmarkt       Hungary, Slovakia, Austria
                                                  Individual Consultant     Cooperation and networking of management consultants in
                                                                            Burgenland (east Austria) with consultants in Western Hungary
      BCI - Baumgartner Consulting International is a micro enterprise in   and Bratislava.
      Austria near to the border to Hungary. CEO is Peter Baumgartner,
      MBA, CMC. Together with consulting companies in Hungary,              Duration: 07/2007 - 12/2009
      Romania and the former Yugoslavia, BCI supports Austrian SMEs in      Sector: Private
      these markets. The BCI - competence of innovation management
      for micro-enterprises opens new chances and perspectives on
      European markets.
      Regions: Europe


       Bernard-Ingenieure ZT GmbH                                                                                                                Engineering Consultant

                                                       Elisabethstr. 71     New construction of 640 km high speed railway line
                                                           A-8010 Graz      Algeria
                                                   Consulting Company       This 640 kilometre railway line is located on a 1,000 metre high
                                                                            plateau in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, approximately
      BERNARD Engineers offers all planning, consultancy and                140 kilometres from the coast of Algeria. The project tasks
      engineering services in the markets of industry, energy,              for the consortium of Bernard and Obermeyer ranged from
      infrastructure, and transportation. BERNARD Engineers is able to      preliminary design studies and bid invitations to all geotechnical
      provide comprehensive design and planning, project development        and topographical components. The deliverables included track
      and execution through technical and economic consultancy              design, signaling, and railway-station design, operating program
      services. BERNARD Engineers is part of the BERNARD Group, a           development, bridge design for rail and road, and the realignment
      multinational consultancy of over 400 employees consisting of         of existing roads. Bernard was responsible for designing 28 heavy
      independent, international and specialised firms.                     bridges with spans greater than 100 metres, 210 road bridges,
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa           90 kilometres of roadway, and 260 kilometres of railway design
                                                                            – all within 22 months.
                                                                            Duration: 2006 - 2008
                                                                            Sector: Public

      24                                                                                                                                             AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Bessentials Group GmbH                                                                                                                               Management Consultant

                                                Lange Gasse 60/9         Set-Up of Crisis Management System
                                                   A-1080 Vienna         Romania
                                              Consulting Company         The project included the preparation and expansion of the
                                                                         crisis management team throughout all subsidiaries of a critical
   Bessentials Group stands for the group of experts who support you     infrastructure company. Crisis management committees were
   in safeguarding your business essential personnel, processes and      established and were trained through workshops and crisis
   assets. We provide proactive and integrated solutions in security,    scenario simulations. In addition, a number of checklists were
   crisis and business continuity management. In addition, we            provided for the committees as clear guidelines to follow in real
   provide training, recruiting of security professionals, information   life crisis situations.
   and analysis and worldwide assistance services to support your
   worldwide operations. Our senior experts work closely with our        Duration: 2008 - 2009
   clients to implement holistic systems tailored to their specific      Sector: Private
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,
   S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, Sub-Saharian Africa


       biz-improver ludikovsky                                                                                                                 Management Consultant IT Consultant

                                                     Arbeitergasse 3     6-gear transmission production
                                                 A-2544 Leobersdorf      Austria
                                               Individual Consultant     When Fiat-GM Powertrain decided to implement the new production
                                                                         line for a 6-gear transmission in Austria, they sought a consultant
   We provide our clients with consulting services around                who could manage the overall IT side of the project on site. As
   administrative processes. The services include the fields of          part of an international management team, all IT related activities
   business process development and management, project and              had to be planned, initiated, coordinated, tracked, and reported.
   program management, outsourcing including IT management               Activities ranged from requirements engineering to tendering,
   and tender development and evaluation. Our services draw on           from software development to implementation. Coordination with
   our long practical and personal experience in large industrial and    building, plant and product engineers was necessary. Installation
   public organisations in an international environment.                 of servers and networks, integration of 700+ productions
   Regions: Europe                                                       machines and further 400+ devices was managed. Training for
                                                                         200+ people ranging from department heads to line workers
                                                                         was organised. The system was delivered on schedule and to the
                                                                         satisfaction of the client.
                                                                         Duration: 10/2002 - 12/2005
                                                                         Sector: Private

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                             25

       BLUEWATERS Environmental Consultants                                                                                                            Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                   Fuhrmannsgasse 17       GEOHEALTH – Multiple utilisation of geothermal
                                                       A-1080 Vienna       resources and balneology for environment protection
                                                  Consulting Company       and health tourism
                                                                           Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania
      BLUEWATERS was founded in 1997 and is based in Vienna. Today,
      there are subsidiaries in Graz, Novi Sad, Prague and Zagreb. The     The project is being developed with the consortium leader Geoteam
      company’s main focus is on technical assistance and consulting,      within the COIN – Cooperation and Innovation Programme financed
      as well as project development and capacity building measures in     by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ) and the
      SEEC. The team combines the technical, legal and social expertise    Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT).
      of its members to develop sustainable and cost-efficient solutions   The objective is to develop a planning instrument for optimising the
      in the field of environmental technology, energy efficiency and      utilisation of geothermal sources for energy supply, thermal spring
      renewable energy sources. Since its founding, BLUEWATERS has         facilities and health resorts in accordance with local market conditions
      successfully completed over 200 projects in 20 countries, while      and financing requirements since the investment costs as well as the
      continuously broadening its spectrum of services.                    related operating costs for cascade utilisation of geothermal resources
                                                                           have to be transparently calculated to provide a solid decision basis
      Regions: Europe, North America, Sub-Saharian Africa                  for both financing institutions and operators. The pilot projects will be
                                                                           implemented in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania.
      Work for: WB, EBRD
                                                                           Duration: 2009 - 2011
657                                                                        Sector: Public

       Bock Management Consulting                                                                                                                                            Management Consultant

                                                     Josef Bühlgasse 13    Channel Management
                                                         A-1230 Vienna     South Africa
                                                  Individual Consultant    A large international company in the services sector was not
                                                                           achieving the desired results from their existing distribution
      With more than 40 years of professional and managerial               channels. Dr. Bock was charged with a study on the organisation
      experience, Dr. Bock specialises in assisting larger (mainly         and its processes. This was supported by detailed interviews
      international) companies in establishing subsidiaries and/or         within the company, with channel partners and a number of
      partner organisations, distribution channel management and           customers. Special attention was given to the profitability of
      representation offices. Among the projects he has completed          the main products and the different channels. After submitting
      successfully are subsidiaries for companies from the government,     the results and recommendations, organisational, personal and
      banking, IT and consulting sectors in Austria, the Czech Republic,   process changes were made.
      Russia, Slovenia and South Africa. He also provided consulting
      services to international professional organisations in the IT,      Duration: 2007
      telecoms and service sectors.                                        Sector: Private

      Regions: Europe, Sub-Saharian Africa

      Work for: USAid

      26                                                                                                                                                                         AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Braunecker Consulting                                                                                                                Management Consultant

                                                Gentzg. 92-94/II/35      Technology Transfer Wind energy
                                                      A-1180 Vienna      Brazil
                                               Individual Consultant     Market analysis, market strategy and market entry support for an
                                                                         Austrian company in the field of renewable energies. The project
   Braunecker Consulting supports Austrian companies on                  focused on identifying potential licence partners in Brazil.
   internationalisation strategies with a special focus on technology
   transfer in the area of environmental technologies and renewable      Duration: 10/2005 - 06/2006
   energies. We connect Austrian owners of „state of the art             Sector: Private
   technologies“ with potential partners and customers abroad.
   Regions: Europe, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean,
   Sub-Saharian Africa


       Bruck Consult                                                                                                                        Management Consultant

                                            Bösendorferstrasse 1/28      Establishing a Plc in Russia
                                                      A-1010 Vienna      Russian Federation
                                               Individual Consultant     As part of a complete „Go To Market“ support programme, a
                                                                         limited company was founded in Russia. Further support and
   Paul Bruck has more than 20 years experience in Russia. For           consultancy was provided by the Moscow office with regard to
   a number of years, he has been offering this knowledge as a           accounting, payroll and tax reports.
   business consultant. He has successfully concluded several
   projects and individually structured them according to his            Duration: 05/2007 - 08/2007
   clients’ needs. Bruck Consult offers strategy consultancy services    Sector: Private
   starting from market analysis up to company foundation and
   complete market entry services. Most services are offered in
   Moscow. A partnership with the Specht law office allows us to
   offer outsourcing services for accounting, tax consultancy and
   payroll. Paul Bruck is the consultant for ABA-Invest in Austria, a
   government-run consulting firm.
   Regions: Europe

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                            27

       brunner-coaching                                                                                                                                             Management Consultant

                                                 Am Fischertor 7/1/2       Executive Search
                                                       A-2500 Baden        Austria
                                                Individual Consultant      Our global reach and insight, commitment to quality and time-
                                                                           proven processes provide our clients with the competitive
     Turn high potential into high performance! We offer management        advantage required to recruit world-class talent. Assisted by
     development and human resource related solutions for our clients.     these initiatives, our clients create competitive advantage and
     Together with IESF Austria we are committed to providing our          deliver sustainable value.
     clients with high quality, proactive and cost effective consulting
     services. We are now considered a premier provider of human           Duration: 2009 - ongoing
     resource related solutions for our clients. These range from          Sector: Private
     executive search for top and senior management recruitment to
     the execution of projects for the selection of key positions and of
     other value-added services.
     Regions: Europe


       CAPMEX - The Financial Sector, Capital Markets and Corporate Finance Experts                                                                Management Consultant Finance Specialist

                                                    Kaiserstrasse 8/13     EU-China Financial Services Cooperation Project
                                                        A-1070 Vienna      China
                                                  Consulting Company       Technical assistance to support to the reform of the financial
                                                                           sector in China, focusing on the banking, insurance and securities
     CAPMEX is an independent consultancy based in Austria                 sectors. The activities concentrated on policy advice (regulators
     specialising in financial sector development, products and            and supervisors), capacity and institution building. Project aims
     solutions. We also have corporate finance and SME practices,          were: 1) Policy advice for financial sector development, regulation
     and provide training services. Previously acting as the consulting    & supervision 2) Strategy development and regional initiatives for
     division of the Vienna Stock Exchange, CAPMEX originated from a       financial services 3) Capacity building for the public administration
     management buyout at the end of 2002 and is fully management          & supervisory bodies in China 4) Advice to regulators/supervisors
     owned. We have acquired a wealth of experience from projects          for banking/insurance & securities sector 5) Establishment
     across four continents, implemented on behalf of governments,         of a fully operational project management office 6) Fully
     central banks, donor agencies, financial institutions, exchanges,     operational qualifications systems for the financial service sector
     supervisory authorities and companies.                                7) Strategy development for the financial sector to increase
     Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,          China’s competitiveness.
     North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean,     Duration: 12/2002 - 12/2006
     Sub-Saharian Africa                                                   Sector: Public
     Work for: WB, USAid, IDB, EBRD, ADB, EuropeAid

     28                                                                                                                                                                  AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       CEA GmbH Chemie.Energie.Anlagen.                                                                                                                                            Engineering Consultant

                                          Ritter von Schwarz Strasse 9    Waste air purification - SNCR plant
                                                        A-5400 Hallein    Austria
                                                  Consulting Company      Design of a selective non-catalytic reduction-plant to reduce
                                                                          nitrogen oxides of the exhaust of an Austrian cement plant.
      Facility planning: We plan facilities for the treatment of water/   Tasks: development, calculation and project monitoring.
      waste water, air and refuse and can happily advise you on the
      choice of technologies. Waste: The CEA GmbH can develop             Duration: 2006 - 2008
      treatment solutions for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.     Sector: Private
      To this end, we can carry out the necessary characterisation.
      Drinking water and waste water: Our specialities in the treatment
      of drinking water and industrial waste water are the construction
      of treatment facilities and engineering. Groundwater: We develop
      sanitation solutions with guarantee and monitor sanitation
      objectives. Energy: Providing energy consulting services.
      Regions: Europe


       CEconsult GmbH                                                                                                                         Management Consultant Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                                      Flötzersteig 177    CITT Centrope ICT technology transfer
                                                        A-1140 Vienna     Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria
                                                  Consulting Company      Centrope ICT Technology Transfer ( C I T T ) works in the ICT
                                                                          sector and aims to improve the technology transfer between
      CEconsult operates in the field of ICT and is specialised in        the business and research communities within the Centrope
      international business development, cross-cultural management       region. The project is co-financed within the Seventh Framework
      and communication and also offers, as an additional focal point,    Programme. In the project’s background are several key elements
      ICT strategy and solutions and development and implementation       which weaken a knowledge based economy: - A lack of relevant
      of SW applications. CEconsult operates in four main segments of     information and awareness on the side of policy makers limits
      business: - Project management and coordination, with a focus       their commitment and engagement to implement new instruments
      on EU-projects - Dissemination, coaching in emerging markets        - A centralised system which often does not reflect regional
      - Business development - SW solutions development.                  specification - Barriers in the interaction between business and
      Regions: Europe                                                     research community. Centrope partners from CZ, HU, SLK and
                                                                          AT are searching within the scope of the project for solutions to
      Work for: OPEC                                                      reduce the blockades in the technology transfer.
                                                                          Duration: 01/2008 - 03/2010
                                                                          Sector: Public

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                                29

       CEEN Consulting                                                                                                                          Management Consultant

                                                 Moelkergasse 4/3        Improvement of Occupational Health and Safety Con-
                                                     A-1180 Vienna       ditions at Workplaces - Europeaid/127926/D/SER/TR
                                               Consulting Company
                                                                         The purpose of the contract is upgrading the occupational health
   CEEN Economic Project and Policy Consulting GmbH (CEEN) is
                                                                         and safety (OHS) conditions at workplaces with specific focus on
   a dynamic public sector consulting company based in Vienna,
                                                                         mining, construction and metal industries. This will be realised
   Austria. It focuses exclusively on providing Technical Assistance
                                                                         by establishing of an OHS management system model in these
   to EU accession countries (now via IPA, formerly via Phare).
                                                                         sectors in the five pilot regions of Ankara, Kocaeli, Zonguldak,
   Services consist in the transfer of knowledge, skills, and training
                                                                         Kütahya and Denizli, by introducing the OHS management system
   to public administrations to address Economic Development and
                                                                         to SMEs in the pilot cities and sectors, by increasing capacity
   EU harmonisation issues, whether institutional, legislative, or
                                                                         among OHS professionals to ensure health surveillance and
   structural. Primary target sectors are: SME / regional development,
                                                                         diagnosis, and by increasing awareness and knowledge among
   health and social care, environment and rural development.
                                                                         social partners, related organisations and OHS professionals on
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,          occupational accidents and diseases.
   Sub-Saharian Africa
                                                                         Duration: 01/2010 - 01/2012
   Work for: EuropeAid                                                   Sector: Public


       CES Clean Energy Solutions                                                                                                               Engineering Consultant

                                           Schönbrunner Straße 297       Small Hydropower Plants Rapuni, Benca and
                                                     A-1120 Vienna       Tepelena
                                               Consulting Company
                                                                         Project design for the small hydropower plants Rapuni 1 and 2, Benca
   CES Clean Energy Solutions GmbH: a member of iC group
                                                                         and Tepelena: Cost-benefit analysis, preparation of the feasibility
   a competence centre for the implementation of renewable
                                                                         study, assistance in the application for concession, project design
   energy sources. Fields of business: 1. Small hydropower plants
                                                                         for the application for construction license, detailed design and
   2. Biomass 3. Geothermal energy and photovoltaics 4. Energy
                                                                         tender documentation for electromechanical equipment, penstock,
   efficiency Services: project development, design, tendering, site
                                                                         steel works and construction works, support for arrangement of
   supervision, start of operation, CDM procedure
                                                                         project financing. The two-stage cascade in Rapuni River, which is
   footprint: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Bhutan,
                                                                         just under construction, comprises of Tyrolean intakes, desander
   Canada, Croatia, Costa Rica, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia,
                                                                         basins, 6 km penstock and total 4 medium pressure Francis
   Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Nepal, Romania,
                                                                         turbines with 8 MW. The two-stage medium pressure hydropower
   Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine.
                                                                         cascade in Tepelena and Benca capable of producing 5.5 MW also
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa                         comprises two medium height dams which serve as floodwater
                                                                         protection and as a weekly reservoir.
   Work for: EBRD, USAid, WB
                                                                         Duration: 2007 - 2010
                                                                         Sector: Private

   30                                                                                                                                               AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Christian Pirker Unternehmensentwicklung & Managementberatung                                                                                 Management Consultant IT Consultant

                                                   Abt-Moser-Gasse 2         New Location in Germany
                                            A-9073 Klagenfurt-Viktring       Austria, Germany, Switzerland
                                                 Consulting Company          We conducted the analyses and exploration of potential new sites
                                                                             in Germany for an international corporation with headquarters
      Christian Pirker Unternehmensentwicklung & Managementberatung          in Switzerland. The corporation is a know-how supplier to the
      was founded in 1998. Our consultants are internationally active        automotive industry. Besides thorough analyses of economic
      in the fields corporate development (strategy, organization,           basics by our consulting firm, travel to different locations has been
      management) as well as management trainings and elearning.             essential. We talked to authorities, potential clients and potential
      We‘ve worked for international clients in 15 countries, e.g.           partners on site. That exploration was the essential basis for the
      Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Canada, United States, Mexico,          decision of the executive board. We supported the creation of
      Brazil, China and trained people from different countries e.g.         three sites in Germany from their inception to the recruiting of
      Portugal, Viet Nam, India, Egypt, Cameroon and Bolivia. We             key personnel. Later we worked with the German through our
      partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that          service in corporate development, management development and
      create sustainable customer value.                                     team-building.
      Regions: Europe, North       America,   S-Asia,   E-Asia,   Pacific,   Duration: 2008 - 2010
      South America, Caribbean                                               Sector: Private


       CNS-Netinfo                                                                                                                                   Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                                        Domgasse 8/2         Water Supply Company Valcea
                                                        A-1010 Vienna        Romania
                                                  Consulting Company         The Public Water Company of the City of Valcea/Romania (120,000
                                                                             inhabitants) is using our NetINFO system for the documentation
      CNS-NetINFO is a digital network management system for                 and the management of their public water supply network.
      the survey and collection of network related geographical and          Our system is customised to the needs of the City’s water
      technical data. It is widely used for managing cadastre maps,          administration company and the user interfaces that provide
      natural ground maps, orthophotos, zoning ordinance, zoning             multilingual input/output and screen information (in this case
      maps, supply nets and disposal nets (water, gas, electricity,          English and Romanian). All relevant data from different sources
      distance heating, waste water, etc.), traffic nets, communication      (AutoCAD files, ESRI files, different GIS info) were migrated to the
      nets (telecom, cable TV, fibre-optics). Major customers are public     new CNS-NetINFO network management system and interfaces
      utility providers, city administrations, municipalities, water         to peripheral systems, such as customer administration, etc.
      and waste water communities and civil engineering/geometer             were established. Together with our local Partner Net-Brinel, we
      companies with activities in those fields.                             managed to establish the system for the City within a time period
      Regions: Europe                                                        of only 3 months from Nov. 2008 until Feb. 2009.
                                                                             Duration: 2008 - 2009
                                                                             Sector: Public

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                 31

       convex ZT GmbH                                                                                                                               Engineering Consultant

                                                        Am Katzelbach 7      Combined cycle power station, Eemshaven
                                                            A-8054 Graz      Netherlands
                                                    Consulting Company       On behalf of Mitsubishi Corporation, convex ZT GmbH is carrying
                                                                             out a complete package of civil and architectural design works.
      We are a design and business consulting firm. Outstanding              The entire plant is founded on prestressed reinforced concrete
      solutions, innovation and value characterise our work. As              driven piles. In order to achieve a sufficient noise protection, the
      professional consultants we have a vast pool of technical expertise    machine hall and the boiler are clad with heavy concrete panels.
      across the world, enabling us to achieve the best possible results     Although the Netherlands is not a seismic area, a seismic design
      for our clients. Our team prepares civil and structural design in      with a horizontal ground acceleration of ah = 2,4 m/s² is required
      interdisciplinary co-operation with architects and building services   by the owner to reach a higher safety level of the load bearing
      engineers for newly built projects as well as for retrofitting and     structure.
      revitalisations in all sizes and complexities.
                                                                             Duration: 01/2008 - 01/2011
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa                          Sector: Private


       CPM Consulting                                                                                                                               Management Consultant

                                                       Winkelfeldsteig 54    Marketing & Sales Strategy USA/Canada
                                                        A-6020 Innsbruck     United States
                                                   Individual Consultant     Develop and implement a marketing and sales strategy in USA
                                                                             (east + west coast), and Canada to launch products through shows,
      Since 1992, CPM Consulting has been a reliable partner for             personal presentations, negotiate with distributors, dealers, and
      companies looking to expand into new markets, to develop               set up OEM Contracts with manufacturers. Implement a CRM
      and adapt products and services for export markets. A useful           System to serve customers from Europe 24/7 without losing
      and practical process will lead to a better insight for new target     contact or reducing service levels. Most important: US Customers
      markets and more sales, will reduce the risk and costs of doing        can order directly from the Austrian manufacturer thanks to a
      business abroad. Not only desk-based market research but also          simple and self-explanatory internet solution.
      field research through travelling to new countries, exhibiting at
      fairs, contacting possible new customers, negotiating contracts,       Duration: 2004 - ongoing
      even setting up new distribution companies will be organised by        Sector: Private
      CPM Consulting.
      Regions: Europe, North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific

      Work for: ADB, EBRD

      32                                                                                                                                                AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Crossglobo Business Development & Marketing                                                                                                Management Consultant

                                                 Liechtensteinstrasse 23     FASTTRIB is going international
                                                     A-2824 Seebenstein      Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay
                                                    Consulting Company       FASTTRIB mobile grandstand systems are the perfect solutions
                                                                             for all kind of events (sport, culture, gatherings). The FASTTRIB
      CROSSGLOBO and its worldwide service network provides all              system works like a drawer. Individual tribune modules are stored
      kinds of services for successfully going international. The            in special containers pulled out, assembled, used, dismantled
      CROSSGLOBO performance portfolio ranges from shaping export            and put back into the container within a few minutes. Due to
      strategies based on the strengths of its clients and feasible market   forthcoming projects in Brazil (Soccer Championship 2014,
      concepts to business development in international markets and          Olympic Summer Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro) and the demand
      the realisation of all kind of international cooperation agreements    for 690,000 additional grandstand seats in stadiums plus the need
      and business partnerships. In addition to that, CROSSGLOBO             for temporary grandstands in public viewing areas in all countries
      provides export consulting services on all issues related to going     in the southern part of South America, the target markets for the
      international (design of presentation quality, risk-management,        introduction of FASTTRIB are Brazil Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.
      risk-free commercial transactions, etc.).                              The task of CROSSGLOBO is the establishment of a joint venture
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,           with a licence partner for production.
      S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean                      Duration: 01/2009 - 12/2010
                                                                             Sector: Private

       Danube University Krems / Center for E-Government                                                                                                   IT Consultant

                                             Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Strasse 30      Pan European eParticipation Network
                                                         A-3500 Krems        Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, United Kindom
                                                  Consulting Company         PEP-NET is a European network of all stakeholders active in the
                                                                             field of eParticipation. PEP-NET includes public bodies, solution
      The Center for E-Government at the Danube University Krems is          providers and citizen organizations as well as researchers and
      renowned for its state-of-the-art education and research. User-        scientists. The network is open to all organizations willing and
      orientated implementation of technology is at the centre of all        actively trying to advance the idea and use of eParticipation in
      that we do. The Zentrum supports an open flow of communication         Europe (
      both from outside into the centre and from the centre to the
      outside, and has a national and international network for              Duration: 03/2008 - 09/2010
      administration and business. Particular attention is paid in the       Sector: Public
      Zentrum’s teaching and research to the fields of e-government,
      e-democracy and IT management. The Danube University Krems
      is Europe’s leading provider of university programmes designed
      for professionals.
      Regions: Europe

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                               33

       denkstatt - sustainable thinking                                                                                                                Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                               Hietzinger Hauptstraße 28       Solar Power Fish meal industry
                                                          A-1130 Vienna        Morocco
                                                     Consulting Company        The project in the region of Laayoune aims to reduce CO2
                                                                               emissions through energy efficiency measures in eight fish meat
      denkstatt is one of the largest Austrian consulting businesses           plants on the coast of Morocco. A site visit in June 2007 showed
      providing services in the areas of sustainable development and           energy optimisation potentials at the factories of between 30 and
      environmental management. Our solutions, developed in close              50%, if supply and demand side measures were implemented. The
      cooperation with our clients, ensure that decisions taken today          really innovative aspect of this project however is the installation
      will meet tomorrow’s challenges. We offer the introduction of            of a central solar plant which will supply the fish meat plants with
      management systems, cost optimisation of operational waste               steam (from a Fresnel collector) and hot water (flat-plate collector)
      management, assistance in the areas of climate protection and            plus a new back-up fuel oil system. This project will also generate
      energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy, sustainable              a decent number of CO2 certificates to finance this CDM project.
      development, calculations in the field of product sustainability,        Further steps such as on-site electricity production through wind
      as well as coaching and training related to interpersonal social         power are in the planning stage.
                                                                               Duration: 2006 - 2009
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific   Sector: Private

1286Work for: WB, EBRD, ADB, AfDB, EuropeAid

       DI A Nesrin Göker Beratung und Projekterfüllung                                                                                                                       Management Consultant

                                             Johannesgasse 9-13 St. 2 #7       Organic Fuels
                                                          A-1010 Vienna        United States
                                                   Individual Consultant       Investment analysis, business plan, market and price analysis,
                                                                               project management quality certification and outsourced
      A Nesrin Goker Consulting and Project Implementation specialises         documentation audits.
      in financial management and analysis, strategy planning and
      implementation, professional development, and international              Duration: 03/2005 - 06/2007
      business development and offers expertise in the energy/                 Sector: Private
      chemicals and life science sectors in the USA, Austria, Germany
      and Turkey.
      Regions: Europe, North America

      34                                                                                                                                                                         AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       DK Vermessungsservice ZT-GmbH                                                                                                           Engineering Consultant

                                                Stahlstrasse 23/BG 20      Alignment of Continous Casting Machines
                                                          A-4031 Linz      China, Ukraine, Italy, United States, Austria, Canada
                                                 Consulting Company        Continuous Casting Machines (CCM) produce so called steel slabs
                                                                           out of liquid steel. To guarantee the requested steel-quality the
      DK Vermessungsservice ZT-GmbH is specialised in high precision       geometry of these machines needs to be aligned according to
      industrial surveying. Since its foundation in 1992, the company      the narrow tolerances. Our specialists in industrial surveying
      has worked for steel manufacturing companies all over the world.     work together with Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH &
      Precise alignment of plants and machineries (e.g. continuous         Co on CCM projects all over the world. Surveying support during
      casting machines, rolling mills, cranes and crane rails) as well     erection of new CCMs as well as revamps and realignments are
      as manufacturing inspection, laser scanning and 3D models,           our daily business. Years of experience and high-tech survey
      geodesy engineering, cadastral surveying and GIS are the main        equipment lead to efficient and precise survey results. DK survey
      tasks of the company.                                                - specialised in steel.
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America,        Duration: 1992 - 2009
      S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean                    Sector: Public


       dobringer & partner                                                                                                                     Management Consultant

                                                    Koschatstrasse 64      Turn Key Project for the concrete Industry in
                                                     A-9020 Kagenfurt      South America
                                                 Individual Consultant
                                                                           A TURN KEY process line to produce cobblestone and concrete
      Dobringer & Partner provides a wide range of consulting services
                                                                           decorative elements including a concrete block machine to
      for a variety of sectors from manufacturing to service industries.
      We have served many international companies in: market research,
      consulting, interim management, venture establishment and start      *a wide range of products
      up marketing and sales.
                                                                           *with low energy consumption
      The universal shared values are: Integrity, outstanding value to
                                                                           *to achieve high quality concrete products
      markets and clients, commitment to each other, strength from
      cultural diversity.                                                  Complete systems to the concrete industry
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America,        block machines / surface treatment / pipe making / mixing
      S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean                    systems / handling systems / mould construction.
                                                                           Duration: 2009
                                                                           Sector: Private

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                            35

       Doering Executive Training & Coaching                                                                                                    Management Consultant

                                                  Rienösslgasse 10/12     Business Development
                                                        A-1040 Vienna     India
                                                 Individual Consultant    We help Austrian companies who want to break into the Indian
                                                                          market to plan and develop their business idea, offer intercultural
   We help you plan and develop your Austrian business idea               training and coaching for executives and staff involved, and help
   abroad, with a special focus on India. Together with a network         to find the right contacts in India. The right information and
   of experts both in Austria and India we offer vital information,       communication are the first steps to success, whether you are
   help with finding business partners, and training and coaching         planning to export or be part of a joint venture or a PPC. Our
   for executives and key staff. Training covers an overview of           know-how, network and coaching will help you at all stages. Focus
   present and future economic development and growth areas in            industries: energy, green energy, biotechnology, infrastructure
   India, important regulations governing business between Austria        and engineering. We work closely with experts in India and also
   and India, the key differences between business cultures and           organise information trips. We invite Indian companies interested
   strategies for dealing with culturally-motivated challenges.           in partners and business opportunities with Austrian companies
   Regions: S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific                                       to get in touch.
                                                                          Duration: 02/2010 - ongoing
                                                                          Sector: Private


       Dr. Heinz Stipsits Consulting                                                                                                            Management Consultant

                                                          Feldgasse 70    Feasibility Study
                                               A-3412 Klosterneuburg      Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia,
                                            Russian Federation, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania
                                                 Individual Consultant
                                                                          Consultancy services for an international health care provider with
   hs-consult was founded by Dr. Heinz Stipsits in 2005. The              headquarters in the West Balkan. Affiliates in major CEE markets
   company is specialised in management consulting, with a focus          had been established but the performance and market penetration
   on the development of strategy, marketing, sales and project           differed significantly from country to country. Although there was
   management in health care industries. hs-consult provides tailored     solid growth in the domestic market, an international marketing
   solutions for health care organisations, pharmaceutical and            strategy had to be developed to expand the business. hs-consult
   biotech companies, chemical industries and plant engineering.          conducted a feasibility study in order to evaluate whether a stand
   Areas of special expertise: Austria and CEE.                           alone solution or a JV with a potential partner was the optimal
   Regions: Europe, North America                                         way to run the business in the future. Key areas of the study
                                                                          were: Market research, pricing and reimbursement analysis,
                                                                          comparison of the various health care systems, risk-benefit and
                                                                          financial analysis. During presentation to the board, a stand alone
                                                                          solution was recommended.
                                                                          Duration: 03/2005 - 09/2006
                                                                          Sector: Private

   36                                                                                                                                               AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       e|n|w|c Rechtsanwälte                                                                                                                                                          Attorney

                                                 Schwarzenbergplatz 7      Legal Advice / CZ, HU, PL, SK, UA
                                                        A-1030 Vienna      Hungary
                                                  Consulting Company       CZ: Advice for 2 real estate companies during a merger, advice
                                                                           regarding redundancies, employment contracts/collective labour
   e|n|w|c is one of Austria’s leading law firms, and has offices in       law for a manufacturer of machine tools, advice for a sports
   Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Warsaw and Kiev. Our        shop chain regarding IP matters; HU: Finance contract with the
   main areas of practice are commercial law and private clients.          European Investment Bank, advice for the establishment of a
   Today, e|n|w|c has more than 70 lawyers at work, and advises            wind park; PL: advice for the Designer Consortium National
   major Austrian and international companies in the commercial,           Soccer Stadium of Warsaw, lead role in the reorganisation process
   industrial, service, banking and insurance sectors. The legal staff     within the Polish subsidiary of leading electrical engineering and
   at e|n|w|c are highly trained commercial lawyers with international     electronics companies; SK: advising an Austrian bank on securing
   experience, whose expertise covers every aspect of business law.        credit by pledging a shopping mall in Bratislava, cross border
   Regions: Europe, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific                                merger of 2 joint stock companies; UA: reorganisation of joint
                                                                           stock corporation into a limited liability company for a German
                                                                           producer of building material.
                                                                           Duration: 01/2009 - ongoing
                                                                           Sector: Private

       e² group umweltengineering GmbH                                                                                                            Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                       Am Katzelbach 7     Star Gallery Plovdiv
                                                            A-8054 Graz    Bulgaria
                                                    Consulting Company     The “Star Gallery“ is a shopping centre located in a traditional
                                                                           pedestrian area in the city centre of Plovdiv. Plovdiv has about
   The equadrat group represents a dynamic group of consulting &           380,000 inhabitants and is the second biggest city in Bulgaria.
   engineering companies with strong growth potential and acts as          In the years 2004-2008 the building - which has been always
   full service supplier in the fields of building services engineering,   a department store since its construction - was completely
   environmental engineering as well as energy management.                 revitalised. Now it is an urban highlight of the downtown. The
   The services range from project development via a widespread            „Star Gallery“ covers an overall area of 3,500 m² and is structured
   spectrum on engineering services to project analysis in the 3 core      into 2 basement levels and 6 upper levels. The individual floors
   competencies. The company has more than 60 employees at 8               are used for different fashion shops, beauty & health centres as
   different locations in Austria as well as in a subsidiary company       well as gastronomy. The building has been equipped with the
   in Plovdiv (BG). Professional consulting and planning is always in      latest in building technologies such as heating and cooling via
   the centre of our attention.                                            ventilation system and fan coils, alarm monitoring, etc. and is air-
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, S-Asia, E-Asia                           conditioned on all levels.
                                                                           Duration: 2004 - 2008
                                                                           Sector: Private

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                         37

       EbnerBiz Consulting GmbH                                                                                                                                 Management Consultant

                                               Marokkanergasse 25/14       Corporate finance & financial planning
                                                       A-1030 Vienna       Switzerland
                                                  Consulting Company       EbnerBiz has helped the Swiss company Global Environmental
                                                                           S.A. to improve its corporate finance strategy and its financial
      EbnerBiz supports technology firms in converting their               planning.
      technological strengths into economic success, thus the corporate
      motto is „turning technology into money“ EbnerBiz offers tailor-     Duration: 02/2009 - 03/2009
      made business services in the following areas: * Corporate finance   Sector: Private
      * Mergers and acquisitions * International expansion See: www.
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa


       ecc ECOCARE Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH - Manfred Stallinger                                                                               Management Consultant Finance Specialist

                                                          Berggasse 2      MONEY FOR BREAD: with ecc to the EU-subsidy-
                                                     A-4150 Rohrbach       funds for food industry investments
                                       Czech Republic
                                                  Consulting Company
                                                                           The Austrian company backaldrin is one of the most dynamic
      „ecc ECOCARE“ is a privately owned company with its head office in
                                                                           producers of bakery additives in Europe. backaldrin produces
      Austria and branches in the Czech Republic and Romania. Manfred
                                                                           more than 400 products designed for bread, rolls and cakes.
      Stallinger is the CEO and founder of the corporation, an awarded
                                                                           backaldrin is the market leader in Austria and is represented
      cross-border consultant (CEE pioneer with well established offices
                                                                           in 80 countries around the world. In 2004, the company
      in Linz, Salzburg, Rohrbach, C.Budejovice and Cluj). Main focus:
                                                                           planned an investment in CZ similar to its „House of Bread“ in
      holistic economic customer care, accountancy & reporting, tax
                                                                           its Austrian headquarter (a meeting place for the baking world).
      consulting, specialised in EU subsidies for company investments,
                                                                           The experience of ecc and Manfred Stallinger made it possible to
      start-ups, client service, trusteeship, cultural awareness, market
                                                                           obtain 46% of all the investment costs as a non-repayable subsidy
      and competition analysis, controlling, mergers & acquisitions,
                                                                           from the EU structural fund. In 2007, this ecc/backaldrin project
      financial engineering.
                                                                           was awarded as one of the best applications for support from
      Regions: Europe                                                      Austrian companies in the period 2003-07 by EU Commissioner
                                                                           Verheugen (in the presence of backaldrin CEO Mr. Augendopler).
                                                                           Duration: 2004 - 2007
                                                                           Sector: Private

      38                                                                                                                                                             AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       ECE-Erlach Consulting & Engineering                                                                                                                                      Management Consultant

                                                      Langegasse 19       Intermodal Transhipment Terminal Zilina
                                                        A-8010 Graz       Slovakia
                                               Individual Consultant      The main idea is the operation as a one-stop-shop terminal
                                                                          to check in trucks with the ITU - intermodal transport units
   ECE-Erlach Consulting & Engineering is a consulting company            (containers, swap-bodies, semi-trailers) very quickly, to achieve
   focusing on 2 business units: 1) Management and business               the maximum possible number of transhipments in the terminal.
   consultancy for small and medium sized companies includes              We developed a potential analysis and designed a transhipment
   practical and fast implementations of projects for innovation,         area including logistics services with advantages for the client to
   material and energy efficiency, export (go international),             establish a fast and flexible supply-chain at the railroad interface
   marketing and organisation. 2) Engineering of cargo and logistics      for intermodal traffic with environmental advantages for the
   centres for intermodal goods transport. ECE possesses extensive        population. Our proposal included 3 alternatives, finally we
   expertise in all aspects of transport planning processes. It offers    focused on 2 transhipment areas with 2 gantry cranes for each
   a comprehensive package of services in this area which couple a        area due to the fast industrial development of the greater Zilina
   strong analytical approach with practicality.                          location as a node on the Adriatic-Baltic and on the East-West
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia,   land bridge. The cost-benefit analysis was positively evaluated
   E-Asia, Pacific                                                        by the EU.
                                                                          Duration: 2007 - 2008
1464                                                                      Sector: Public

       ecerta                                                                                                                                    Management Consultant Engineering Consultant Attorney

                                             Donaufelderstrasse 247       Healthcare Management
                                                      A-1220 Vienna       Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Romania,
                                            Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine
                                                Consulting Company
                                                                          Management consultancy for hospital and care organisation;
   ecerta offers consultancy, support and expertise regarding:            development and implementation of management systems;
   -Management systems                                                    quality and legal compliance in medical processes; analysis,
                                                                          optimisation and planning of medication and medical processes;
   -Strategy, management, law, risk and security
                                                                          medical devices: consultancy for producers and traders.
   -Healthcare management and leadership
                                                                          Duration: 2006 - ongoing
   -Environmental projects                                                Sector: Public
   -Occupational safety
   -Facility management
   -Academy, moderation and training
   Regions: Europe

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                                 39

       EcoConsult GmbH                                                                                                                                                     Management Consultant

                                                       Guglgasse 14/612        Logistics Services
                                                           A-1110 Vienna       Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro
                                                    Individual Consultant      Business Development FMCG - Logistics in Croatia and Serbia
                                                                               Task: Evaluation of business opportunities with organised
      Founded in 1995 by Mr. F. Jakupec, EcoConsult can now draw upon          retail chains, development of contacts with the top retailers
      15 years of top management consultancy experience in different           and national suppliers, analysis of the existing supply chain for
      business sectors. With more than 30 years of top management              domestic, import and export flows, negotiations with suppliers
      experience in day to day business and having spent long periods          as well with top retailers, elaboration of alternative supply chain
      on site in different CEE, SEE and Baltic countries, Mr. F. Jakupec       flows for domestic, import and export flows, signing contracts
      is familiar with the commercial and inter-cultural conditions in         with top retailers as well as with suppliers.
      these regions. Mr. F. Jakupec itself is not only a consultant; he is a
      ”hands on” top manager / consultant and re-construction expert.          Duration: 2008 - 2009
      Don’t hesitate to ask for references.                                    Sector: Private

      Regions: Europe

      Work for: EBRD


       Enprocon Environmental Project                                                                                                                Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                           Lainzerstr. 44      Waste and waste water management Masterplan
                                                          A-1130 Vienna        Suhareka
                                               Republic of Kosovo
                                                     Consulting Company
                                                                               The Austrian Development Agency has tasked ENPROCON with
      ENPROCON Austria was established as a consultancy service,
                                                                               the establishment of a comprehensive waste water and integrated
      research and development capacity, project facilitator and
                                                                               municipal waste management concept for Suha Reka as a pilot for
      implementing company for integrated and sustainable waste
                                                                               the whole of Kosovo. Waste water treatment and the separation
      management and alternative energy production. - waste separation
                                                                               of municipal waste on a household level in particular have the
      - advanced recycling - waste packing - thermal treatment - digestion
                                                                               capacity to make an important and significant improvement for
      processes - treatment of special waste fractions such as hospital
                                                                               the environmental and economic situation in Kosovo.
      waste, industrial waste, construction waste, animal production
      waste, used tires, etc. - wind power - small scale hydro power           Duration: 10/2009 - 10/2010
      - bio fuel ENPROCON guarantees economically and ecologically             Sector: Public
      effective processes.
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia,
      E-Asia, Pacific, Sub-Saharian Africa

      Work for: EBRD, EIB, USAid, WB

      40                                                                                                                                                                       AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Erich Krimmel                                                                                                                           Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                         Donaustrasse 2    EU Third Country Assistance Programmes
                                               A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf     Uzbekistan
                                                  Individual Consultant    Various projects, participation in programming and evaluation
                                                                           missions. Contribution of expert services and knowledge-input
     Freelance consulting engineer who spent more than 30 years            in the implementation of EU third country assistance policies and
     with AUSTROPLAN Engineering Co.Ltd. of Vienna (A), last position      programmes in particular in former Soviet Union reform countries
     held: Head of Consulting Division (until 2003). Educational           - industrial reform policies - implementation of EU standards and
     background: Vienna University of Technology, Dipl.Ing. (equivalent    project cycle management procedures. Countries concerned:
     M.Sc.) - Mechanical engineering & industrial economics Fields         Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.
     of specialisation: Iron & steel production, metal processing
     technologies and related fields. Conceptual engineering and           Duration: case to case
     project cycle management of industrial investment projects.           Sector: Public
     Investment profitability analyses in line with MDB standards
     Application of FIDIC contract models.
     Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,
     S-Asia, E-Asia, South America, Sub-Saharian Africa


       E-Voting.CC GmbH                                                                                                                                                        IT Consultant

                                                   Pyrkergasse 33/1/2      E-Voting at the Austrian Federation of Students‘
                                                        A-1190 Vienna      election 2009
                                                  Consulting Company
                                                                           The project covers the planning, development, implementation
     E-Voting.CC offers holistic and professional consulting covering
                                                                           and the operating of the election system. Main tasks of the
     the whole electoral process, from planning and preparations to the
                                                                           project were consulting on the implementation of e-voting in
     implementation, independent evaluation and election observation
                                                                           Austria, the introduction of the citizen card and the development
     worldwide. E-Voting.CC enables organisers of e-elections and
                                                                           of an election administration system for the administration and
     e-democracy to ensure conditions before, during and after an
                                                                           integration of the paper and electronic election results.
     election. Based on the analysis of existing processes, legal and
     technical requirements as well as the existing electoral process      Duration: 07/2007 - 07/2009
     we identify potential for the use of ICT in electoral processes and   Sector: Public
     potential improvements of elections.
     Regions: Europe, North America, South America, Caribbean

     AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                    41

       [F]inancial [I]nstitutions [S]trategic & [O]rganizational Consulting                                                               Management Consultant CPA and Tax Consultant

                                                Billrothstrasse 2A   Citibank N.A. European Budget Review
                                                    A-1190 Vienna    Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium,
                                         Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands,
                                             Consulting Company      Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria
   FISO was established to support financial institutions during     Comparative budget review of 16 western European countries,
   their restructuring and change to be able to apply internal       including an analysis of the entire infrastructure costs and the
   and external structures to new and/or modified market and         corresponding potential for restructuring and optimisation. The
   regulatory challenges. Hence, today we are specialised in         additional challenge in this project was the market situation in
   supporting and advising F.I. focused on strategy, management,     2000/2001, i.e. after the Y2K overload and in the middle of the
   product development and infrastructure. Lately, based on our      new economy crisis. The benefit for the client was a restructuring
   background knowledge of the financial market, their players and   concept which revealed a huge potential to cut costs by utilising
   rules combined with company’s requests, we have enlarged our      synergies between several countries, organisations and customer
   business field to include M&A, corporate and project finance as   groups.
   well as financial shortfalls aid.
                                                                     Duration: 03/2000 - 04/2001
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America,     Sector: Private
   S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific


       FCE Feichtner Consulting Engineers GmbH                                                                                            Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                  Im Holzgrund 8     Karbokam
                                                      A-4040 Linz    Russian Federation
                                             Consulting Company      General engineering and project management for a turn-key plant
                                                                     for production of cellulose derivates for the Russian Federation.
   FCE-GmbH offers competent, multi-disciplinary enterprise          Plant engineering, technical specification, bid evaluation,
   consultancy for investment planning including recapitalisation    pipeline engineering, detail engineering for electrical equipment,
   and change management. Particular emphasis is placed on the       measuring and control equipment, project management,
   combination of technical analysis, saving energy with business    supervision of civil work and erection.
   management and marketing, and the options with regard to
   possible business strategies and product strategies. We can       Duration: 1993 - 2000
   accompany investment plans from their conception, through         Sector: Private
   feasibility studies and project planning, to project management
   during the realisation phase.
   Regions: Europe

   42                                                                                                                                                                AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       fmg-managementconsulting GmbH                                                                                                                          Management Consultant

                                                            In der Au 9       IntegrationCZ
                                                     A-4810 Gmunden           Czech Republic
                                                  Consulting Company          Integration and structuring of bilateral collaboration of a company
                                                                              in CZ and Austria.
      fmg managementconsulting is a small but fine company with
      special skills in the areas of strategy, controlling, rating advisory   Duration: 2002 - 2006
      and coaching. With experience in these fields, we can guarantee         Sector: Private
      you a highly professional consultancy. Our projects to date
      have been carried out in a few countries, mainly located around
      Regions: Europe


       FREYSASSEN.COM                                                                                                                                         Management Consultant

                                                    Bartensteingasse 8/4      INTERNATIONAL BANK: Implementation of New
                                                           A-1010 Vienna      Guidelines – Top down
                                                    Individual Consultant
                                                                              Working for the Board of Directors, Ms. Beatrix Vogl-Freysassen was in charge
                                                                              of the evaluation, development and implementation of new guidelines.
      training, coaching, moderation, supervision, monitoring, twinning.
      HR MANAGEMENT PROJECTS such as optimising recruiting                    Goal 1: implementation and evaluation of organisational development
      processes, developing and implementing employee selection               processes.
      procedures, education and training concepts as well as strategic
                                                                              Goal 2: to put into practice cultural and process guidelines of top
      planning. CAREER CONSULTING/M&A: Implementation of IT-based
      potential analysis, process monitoring, testing, management
      audits, evaluation, coaching. PARTNERSHIP CROSSING BORDERS:             Goal 3: developing best practices models for the diff. target groups.
      International network, German, English, Français, Italiano.             Goal 4: improving internal communication and support systems.
      MOTTO: „Standing still is moving backwards“
                                                                              Goal 5: implementation of crossover-quality-workshops.
      Regions: Europe
                                                                              Goal 6: embedding results of workshops in a quality circle.
                                                                              Duration: 2008 - 2010
                                                                              Sector: Private

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                           43

       Geiger Management Consulting e.U.                                                                                                              Management Consultant

                                                          Auwiese 9/4         Metro 4 Budapest
                                                   A-7442 Lockenhaus          Hungary
                                                 Individual Consultant        The metro section from Etele Ter to Keleti (appr. 7.5km) includes
                                                                              a Danube crossing and 10 stations. 2 parallel running single
     Geiger Management Consulting e.U. is a completely independent            track tunnels have an excavation diameter of 6.1m and are to
     company providing management consulting services mainly to               be excavated with 2 parallel running Earth Pressure Shield TBMs.
     the construction and engineering business and related sectors on         Cross passages, crossover and ventilation tunnels are to be
     an international basis. The company‘s business focus is mainly           excavated in NATM. Services provided: Advice and support for
     on tunnelling, railways (incl. high speed railways), underground         the main contractor with regard to claim management, contract
     metros, and power generation projects. Geiger Management                 management, cost estimation and project controlling.
     Consulting provides consulting services in the fields of business
     development, project development, project preparation, project           Duration: 2007 - 2010
     management, project and site analysis and project controlling.           Sector: Public

     Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific


       GEOCONSULT ZT GmbH                                                                                                                             Engineering Consultant

                                                             Hoelzlstr. 5     Metro Santiago, Lines 2, 4, and 5
                                                 A-A5071 Wals/Salzburg        Chile
                                                    Consulting Company        Selected Examples of Geoconsult’s Services: Extension of Line
                                                                              2 from station Dorsal at Avenida Recoleta to Avenida Americo
     Established in 1973, Geoconsult is a consulting engineering              Vespucio. Structures: Mined stations (NATM) including access
     group serving private enterprises and governments around the             and platform tunnels; cross section area: 115 – 150 m2; various
     world in the fields of infrastructure, water and environment. The        emergency exits and ventilation shafts, double track running
     company provides services in the disciplines of civil, structural        tunnel: 2.7 km, cross section area: 50 – 66 m2. Services: Preliminary
     and geotechnical engineering, soil and rock mechanics, geology,          and Detail Design, with preparation of Tender Documents;
     hydrology, hydrogeology, geodesy, geo information and                    Construction Supervision for mined sections. Extension of Line
     environmental engineering. Special fields of experience include          4: Structures: Approx. 9 km twin track running tunnel, 7 mined
     underground structures, soil treatment, foundation engineering,          stations with a platform tunnel, 2 stations with twin platform
     electro/mechanical design, geotechnical instrumentation and              tunnels; cross section of stations: 160-180 m2, length of stations:
     computer sciences.                                                       140 m. Services: Preliminary and Detail Design, with preparation
     Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,             of Tender Documents; Construction Supervision.
     North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean         Duration: 1996 - 2007
                                                                              Sector: Public

     44                                                                                                                                                   AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       GeoVille Informationssystem und Datenverarbeitung GmbH                                                                                             Engineering Consultant

                                                        Sparkassenplatz 2      Natural Hazard and Climate Change Risks
                                                        A-6020 Innsbruck       Assessment
                                                     Consulting Company
                                                                               In this study, GeoVille developed a new methodology for quick
      GeoVille Group is a private sector enterprise located in Austria
                                                                               assessment of natural hazard risks at a metropolitan region
      and Luxembourg. GeoVille’s mission is to “start its services
                                                                               scale, using new tools of spatial analysis based on satellite data
      where Google Earth ends”. We are dedicated to provide cutting
                                                                               and geographic information systems (GIS) data. In particular, a
      edge spatial data in the following fields: - Land cover and land
                                                                               study of natural risk and climate change related hazards in the
      use mapping - Urban and regional planning - Spatial planning
                                                                               urban extension areas of the Dakar Metropolitan Area in Senegal
      - Forestry - Infrastructure - Cartography and mapping Working
                                                                               was conducted. The study applied the principles of the Climate
      with GIS and EO data is GeoVille’s daily business. In this field, we
                                                                               Change City Primer developed by the East Asia Region of the
      offer an impressively wide range of services and we certainly are
                                                                               World Bank to obtain a comprehensive view of the institutional
      the perfect partner for anyone involved in remote sensing and
                                                                               framework for climate change-related hazard risk management
      GIS projects.
                                                                               existing in a city.
      Regions: Europe, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean,
                                                                               Duration: 09/2008 - 03/2009
      Sub-Saharian Africa
                                                                               Sector: Public
      Work for: ADB, EuropeAid, WB

       Gerhard Hauser                                                                                                                                     Engineering Consultant

                                                       Arzlerstrasse 138b      Kaiser Franz Josef Square Lviv
                                                         A-6020 Innsbruck      Ukraine
                                                     Individual Consultant     The project is about the revitalisation of a square in the centre of
                                                                               the Ukrainian city of Lemberg (Lviv). The site is located right in front
      It is a small but successful architecture office located in Innsbruck,   of the Jesuit church and next to the Leopolis hotel. The idea was
      Austria. Its range of work consists of two main fields of projects:      to create an urban space for the inhabitants as well as for visitors
      revitalisation and restoration of older edifices (squares) and the       of the hotel. Because it will be named after the Austrian emperor
      construction of passive houses for any kind of new buildings.            Kaiser Franz Josef, a memorial will be installed at the square.
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa              Additionally, the now unused space will host a restaurant and cafe
                                                                               area in future to revive the square. The project will be realised
                                                                               by a group of international investors and Austrian companies with
                                                                               the aim of establishing themselves there. The total amount to be
                                                                               invested is currently estimated at about EUR 500,000.
                                                                               Duration: 2010 - 2011
                                                                               Sector: Private

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                       45

       Guenther Wegscheider                                                                                                                   Management Consultant

                                       Neuseiersberger Strasse 115/1     Concept for a textil network
                                                          A-8054 Graz    Hungary, Germany, Italy, France
                                                 Individual Consultant   The know-how and the future technological resources of the
                                                                         textile industry in Styria will be bundled. Through preparatory
   Business Consulting with the following key aspects of activity:       discussions with companies, clusters, research and development
   > Organisational development and strategic management                 institutes in different countries and a market analysis, the
   (marketing) with regard to sustainable development                    foundation for an international network was laid.
   > Risk, quality and process management
                                                                         Duration: 08/2009 - 09/2009
   > Internationalisation and promotion management
                                                                         Sector: Private
   (project management)

   Target groups:
   > Automotive, electronic and environmental industry
   > IT and communication companies
   Founded 2009 as one-man business.
   Regions: Europe, North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific

       guo - Business Development Consult                                                                                                     Management Consultant

                                                  Weidlichgasse 12/6     C Polymers® GmbH 2111 Tresdorf, Lower Austria
                                                       A-1130 Vienna     China, Malaysia, Japan, United Arab Emirates
                                                Individual Consultant    Development for C Polymers’ proprietary CL-CCVD process
                                                                         was initiated at Electrovac Group under Stefan Petters’ former
   25 years of business development management experience in             leadership. Beginning from a basic Technology import from a
   customer co-development technology projects and worldwide roll-       Research team at CSIRO Australia, it eventually matured to its
   out. With our international network of industrial manufacturing       industrial prove of concept under C Polymers’ independence after
   partners we strive to enable customers to obtain unique selling       spin-off from Electrovac in 2009. This highly efficient continuous
   propositions in their market niches. Since the turn of the            process is able to split hydrocarbons into Hydrogen and solid
   millennium, guo – Business Development founder, Stefan Petters,       Carbon in Nano morphology not forming CO2 emissions (unlike
   has focused on technological contributions to climate change          state of art Hydrogen generation by steam reforming and/
   mitigation. He is now an Austrian certified export consultant         or industrial production of Carbon Black). While C Polymers
   for China (incl. Hong Kong), Japan and Malaysia. Regions: UAE,        concentrates on Carbon Nano compound filler Applications,
   ASEAN, China, Japan.                                                  guo explores the opportunities of the CL-CCVD process to
   Regions: S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific                                      cut CO2 emissions and/or become an alternative to Carbon
                                                                         Duration: 2000 - 2030
                                                                         Sector: Private

   46                                                                                                                                             AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Hans Christian Wagner                                                                                                                      Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                            Khekgasse 15     Business analysis and energy optimization of a
                                                           A-1230 Vienna     brewery
                                                    Individual Consultant
                                                                             During 2009, the business and technical processes of a brewery
      Value Improvement Consulting (VIC) has been providing successful
                                                                             in Georgia were analysed. It was shown how the utilisation factor
      consulting services for the optimisation and reengineering of
                                                                             could be increased and feasibility studies for investment projects
      business processes as well as for engineering, process engineering
                                                                             were elaborated to reduce the energy demand of the site and to
      and project management along the life cycle of plants and production
                                                                             save resources. These measures were accompanied by awareness
      facilities since 2005. VIC supports its customers by analysing the
                                                                             and management training for staff. Several other companies
      processes and problems, developing the optimum solution and
                                                                             in industrial sectors (oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical
      its implementation. Customers benefit from well-defined smooth
                                                                             processing, food processing, machinery and steel) have also been
      processes and increased output together with cost minimisation
                                                                             successfully advised.
      achieved by saving resources and energy and by avoidance of loss
      (waste).                                                               Duration: 2009
                                                                             Sector: Private
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa

      Work for: EBRD

       HARL consulting                                                                                                                                                  Management Consultant

                                                       Löblichgasse 13       Market Entry
                                                 A-3411 Klosterneuburg       Russian Federation
                                                   Consulting Company        Framsohn Frottier is an Austrian based family run company
                                                                             producing a range of luxury cloth products such as towels,
      As the result of an extensive international consulting practice        bathrobes or sauna accessories. Framsohn’s unique selling point
      HARLCONSULTING has developed and fine-tuned its expertise              is the high quality of water of Austria‘s Waldviertel region which
      in the arena of service industry consulting. The team of experts       allows Framsohn to produce almost without chemical emollients
      moulds comprehensive solutions, designed to accommodate                thus ensuring both luxuriously softness and environmental
      companies of all sizes. Key industry groups serviced are               friendliness. Framsohn’s drive for innovation and quality made it
      transportation, service industries, trade, construction and            one of Austria’s market leaders in luxury cloth. Assisted by Harl
      government agencies. Services are offered throughout Austria as        Consulting, Framsohn entered the Russian market. Since 2009,
      well as globally. Quality and the nurturing of true partnerships       a few carefully picked foreign distributors have been assisting
      with our clients represent the basis of all of HARLCONSULTING          Framsohn to position itself as a leading trade mark for high
      philosophy and actions.                                                quality cloth. Framsohn’s Products are today well represented in
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America           Moscow’s top luxury shopping malls.
                                                                             Duration: 2008 - 2010
                                                                             Sector: Private

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                      47

       Harramach & Partner International Holding GmbH                                                                                               Management Consultant

                                                            Stubenring 24      Schaller Training CIS
                                                            A-1010 Vienna      Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine
                                                     Individual Consultant     Since 2004, H&P – HARRAMACH & PARTNERS trainers have
                                                                               supported managers and account managers working for Schaller
      HARRAMACH & PARTNERS International is the oldest and largest             with training programs in managerial skills and sales techniques
      Austrian trainer network in CEE/SEE/CIS+TR. We started in 1989 in        and other specialist skills. To date, these training programs were
      HU. With our local partner institutes in 15 countries in this region,    conducted for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and will be enlarged to
      we are able to provide our customers with consulting and training,       the region of Central Asia. Schaller is a group of international
      covering in particular managerial soft skills such as leadership,        companies working throughout Russia, the Baltic States, Belarus,
      teamwork, communication, and conflict management, as well as             Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and most of the countries
      sales and combined techniques such as presentation, working              of the Caucasus and Central Asia. They are the leading company
      techniques, and negotiation, and cross-cultural management (by           in the sector in these regions.
      training, lecturing, and coaching). We ensure the highest quality
      with regular train the trainer seminars.                                 Duration: 2004 - 2007
                                                                               Sector: Private
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific


       Hotel&Tourismus Management Consulting                                                                                                        Management Consultant

                                                     Emil Raabstrasse 31       Turn around hotel management Palisad Hotel Zlatibor
                                                           A-2500 Baden        Serbia
                                                   Individual Consultant       Strategic as well organisational turn around management coaching
                                                                               for an entire hotel & restaurant enterprise (750 beds, 240 staff,
      Welcome - You are on the right way! The result of professional           EUR 3.5m turn over). Through this + 1 year coaching programme
      hotel & tourism consulting is the contractual achievement of well        it was possible to re-organise the enterprise and change the pre-
      coordinated cooperation between you - the client - and Andreas           communism paradigm with tangible and measurable benefits
      Vögl - your consultant. Consulting is not a „ready made“ product.        (bottom up instead of top down, profit improvement, investment
      I will treat each case totally individually, suiting your personal and   strategy, etc.). A major focus was the improvement of managers’
      needs. My dedication to my credo („it all happens at the sharp end       and employees’ soft and hard skills. Turn around mgmt.
      of the business - the moment of truth“) assures your success.            programme (TAM) gives well-suited, privatised enterprises the
      For more information please visit:                                       opportunity to achieve pre-defined business objectives through,                       the ongoing assistance of Andreas Vögl -CMC, hotelier of the year
                                                                               - as a senior know-how advisor. He has gained TAM experience in
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,
                                                                               Serbia, Croatia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, etc.
      North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, Sub-Saharian Africa
                                                                               Duration: 11/2007 - 09/2009
      Work for: EBRD                                                           Sector: Private

      48                                                                                                                                                AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Human Dynamics                                                                                                                                Management Consultant

                                                Lothringerstrasse 16        Public Sector Consulting
                                                      A-1030 Vienna         Worldwide: Developing & Transition Economies
                                                Consulting Company
                                                                            We provide solutions for Ministries of Finance, line ministries,
     Human Dynamics has been offering specialised public sector             government agencies and regulatory authorities. We support
     consultancy services since 1993 and has worked in over 30              Public Finance Management reforms, strengthen regional &
     countries. We have specialised in innovative technical assistance      economic development, foster an environment for business
     projects in emerging markets and have a sound track record             & innovation and align local infrastructure with international
     implementing projects for the European Commission and the              standards for trade and customs. Our expertise extends to public
     International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).          administration reform, justice & home affairs, EU accession
     With a current project volume of over +EUR 60m/2010, we have           preparation, re-structuring of sub-sectors within a country’s
     been ranked as a Top 10 EuropeAid Contractor.                          energy strategy, developing sustainable and integrated transport
                                                                            systems and implementing Vocational Educational Training
     Regions: Central Asia, Europe, South America, S-Asia, E-Asia,
                                                                            schemes. Individual project volumes range between €1million
     Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa
                                                                            – €5million.
     Work for: EuropeAid, WB                                                Duration: 1993 – ongoing
                                                                            Sector: Public

       hydrophil - consulting & knowledge development                                                                                                Management Consultant

                                                    Franz-Josefs-Kai 27     Evaluation of the Finnish Development
                                                        A-1010 Vienna       Cooperation in the Water Sector
                                           Nepal, Viet Nam, Ethiopia
                                                   Consulting Company
                                                                            The water sector has always occupied a central position in the work
     HYDROPHIL GmbH is an independent and international consulting
                                                                            of the Finnish Development Cooperation (FDC), although modes of
     and research company focusing on the water sector. With its
                                                                            cooperation, emphasis and the role of the sector have evolved over
     office in Vienna/Austria and with associated specialists from more
                                                                            the years. HYDROPHIL provides analysis on lessons learned about
     than 70 countries worldwide, HYDROPHIL supports its clients to
                                                                            the sustainable use of water resources in the last two decades as well
     develop and implement successful sector policies, programs
                                                                            as future projections and recommendations for innovative sector
     and projects in developing and transition countries. HYDROPHIL
                                                                            policy development. Issues include the political importance of water
     offers economic, financial, legal, institutional, technological, and
                                                                            and opportunities in the water sector for FDC in view of changes in
     environmental expertise in all areas of the water sector and its
                                                                            policy and global best practice, as well as advice on the targeting
     interfaces to other sectors.
                                                                            and modalities of possible future sector support. Sustainability and
     Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia,   adaptation to climate change are central elements in this evaluation.
     E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa         HYDROPHIL‘s expert team has visited Nepal, Viet Nam and Ethiopia
                                                                            as evaluation case study countries.
     Work for: EuropeAid, WB, EBRD, AfDB
                                                                            Duration: 10/2009 - 04/2010
                                                                            Sector: Public

     AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                   49

       i.s.e Information Services Express                                                                                                                      Management Consultant

                                                 Esterhazygasse 2/14       Luxury journeys
                                                       A-1060 Vienna       Germany, Switzerland
                                                Individual Consultant      Enquiry of potential defining factors for a luxury travel project.
                                                                           Search, research and evaluation of the essential data, calculation
     i.s.e - information services express, one of the first providers of   of the expected potential size, representing the individual
     information broking in Austria, was founded in 1999 and is active     calculation steps as well as the results as a report and as a
     in carrying out market analyses, compiling industry-specific          presentation. The study was carried out for a Swiss company and
     reports and investment studies. All studies and reports are           the presentation integrated in the communications plan of a well
     tailored exclusively to customers´ needs and contain enterprise-      known German agency, which judged our services as follows:
     relevant information such as analyses of market potential,            ‚We learned to appreciate the cooperation with Information
     industry-specific developments and trends, and benchmarking           Services Express in a very complex project. Within a short period,
     of competitors. Geographically, we have focused on European           i.s.e delivered precisely the factual basis that we needed for
     countries, especially countries in CEE and are planning to broaden    our project development and the following presentation of our
     our services to include Asian markets as well.                        communications concept‘.
     Regions: Europe, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific                              Duration: 2003
                                                                           Sector: Private


       IBV-FALLAST                                                                                                                                Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                                      Wastiangasse 14      STRATEGIC ANALYSIS OF SUPPLEMENTARY
                                                          A-8010 Graz      HIGHWAY-JUNCTIONS
                                                  Consulting Company
                                                                           The road network of ASFINAG, consisting of highways and
     20 years‘ experience! IBV-Fallast is an independent specialist for
                                                                           motorways, includes numerous connection link roads to
     transport and environmental planning with more than 20 years’
                                                                           the secondary road network. Following different regional
     experience in the field. Our company has proved itself a reliable
                                                                           developments, the requirements on the road network are changing
     partner for decision-makers both in the public and private sector,
                                                                           and new connections, or the extension of existing exits, are
     at home and abroad. We have excellent access to ‘state of the art’
                                                                           gaining more importance. To evaluate the proposed construction
     research and development. The company founder and CEO Dr.
                                                                           projects, the existing road network was evaluated systematically
     Kurt Fallast has lectured and conducted research at the Technical
                                                                           according to the different subject areas “transportation planning”,
     University of Graz for the last 25 years. The strong connection to
                                                                           “urban & regional planning” and “construction”. In the subject
     a university department provides significant advantages for our
                                                                           area of “transportation planning”, done by IBV, the task of a road
     working practices.
                                                                           network is to provide road connections, both regional and supra-
     Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa                         regional, of adequate quality for motorists. To this end, the “Level
                                                                           of Service, LOS”, defined in HBS 2001, was used.
     Work for: EIB
                                                                           Duration: 2005 - 2006
                                                                           Sector: Public

     50                                                                                                                                                             AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       iC consulenten ZT GmbH                                                                                                                      Engineering Consultant

                                            Schönbrunner Strasse 297       Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort Project – Sheikh
                                                       A-1120 Vienna       Zayed Desert Learning Centre
                                          United Arab Emirates
                                                  Consulting Company
                                                                           Within the master plan for the Al Ain Zoo, the visitor centre (Sheikh
   iC consulenten is an engineering partnership with a strong
                                                                           Zayed Desert Learning Centre – SZDLC) was the first building to
   international orientation. Interdisciplinary performance chains
                                                                           be developed. iC consulenten is supported by the general planner
   which form the basis of optimised holistic solutions for complex
                                                                           Chalabi architects & partners in the development of an innovative
   problems are the assets iC can offer to its clients. Partners and
                                                                           building design. iC consulenten was also contracted with the
   leading experts from various fields of engineering synergise their
                                                                           overall building services engineering design, the design of an
   know-how and their experience from projects in more than 50
                                                                           integrated and alternative energy supply concept as well as with
   countries. They have built up a strong network of presence and
                                                                           building system automation and IT infrastructure design. The
   expertise especially in the booming economic regions of Central
                                                                           aim of the client was to achieve the highest building certification
   Eastern Europe and South Eastern Europe.
                                                                           levels available for LEED™ (Platinum) and the local reference
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia, E-Asia,   System Estidama (5 Pearls), thus a focus was also put on building
   Pacific                                                                 physics design.

   Work for: WB, KFAED, EIB, EBRD                                          Duration: 09/2008 - 10/2009
                                                                           Sector: Public

       ICG Integrated Consulting Group                                                                                                             Management Consultant

                                                       Entenplatz 1a       A.S.A. group organizational development
                                                         A-8020 Graz       Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania,
                                            Serbia and Montenegro
                                                 Consulting Company
                                                                           A.S.A. is the largest waste-management company in central Europe
   ICG Integrated Consulting Group has more than 25 years of               with subsidiaries in eight countries. ICG Integrated Consulting
   experience in management consulting. ICG was founded in 1982            Group was hired by A.S.A. to support its process of organisational
   in Austria. ICG locations include Graz, Vienna, Budapest, Sofia,        development. This two-year long project ended in 2009, bringing
   Bonn and Berlin. We help companies and public organisations             about sustainable positive change in the organisation.
   to manage change demands, clarify the current situation, create
   an attractive future and organise a customised change process.          Duration: 2006 - 2009
   ICG employs about 70 consultants with extensive experience in           Sector: Private
   the fields of strategy development, organisational development,
   implementation and improvement of controlling systems, human
   resources and leadership development.
   Regions: Europe

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                   51

       ICT-META Consulting EEIG                                                                                                                              IT Consultant

                                          Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 24        UNMS-98/34/EC
                                                       A-1110 Vienna         Slovakia
                                                  Consulting Company         Delivery of an IT system for implementing directive 98/34/EC
                                                                             (notification). Delivery of know-how to enable Slovak authorities
     Independently from any vendor, we offer innovative and high             (UNMS and Ministry of Justice) to implement and operate
     quality consultancy services for the application of information and     appropriate notification processes. The project received strong
     communication technologies (ICT). Our focus is on engineering,          support from the Austrian authorities.
     designing and optimising of * ICT infrastructures (focus:
     broadband networks) * XML based multimedia archives (focus:             Duration: 03/2003 - 10/2003
     legal information systems) * ICT security * Supply of expertise to      Sector: Public
     ICT projects Our services are specifically aimed at large enterprises
     with their own ICT infrastructure (publicly owned organisations,
     carriers, industrial enterprises).
     Regions: Europe


       IDEE Consulting                                                                                                                              Management Consultant

                                                         Waldstrasse 11      Stroh Rum
                                                   A-7091 Breitenbrunn       Russian Federation
                                                  Individual Consultant      After conducting a market analysis and a thorough search for
                                                                             potential importers of spirits to Russia, we visited several leading
     IDEE Consulting supports companies wishing to enter the Russian         importers. A contract was signed after 6 months of preparation
     market by providing a wide range of consulting services to              and the first shipment was delivered in 2009.
     develop distribution channels in Russia. IDEE Consulting is a well-
     established company with a team of professional, experienced            Duration: 10/2008 - 10/2009
     personnel competent in languages as well. We can find appropriate       Sector: Public
     and reliable partners for your sales, service and production teams.
     We will accompany you in the process of setting up your own
     enterprise and will recommend local law firms for professional
     legal advice. We will help your company orient itself in the target
     market and arrange contacts with potential clients.
     Regions: Central Asia, Europe

     52                                                                                                                                                 AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       IGA Ingenieurbüro Gostner & Aigner                                                                                                          Engineering Consultant

                                                    Lagerhausstraße 47     River bottom ramp km 4,6
                                               A-5071 Wals-Siezenheim      Austria
                                                   Consulting Company      The river Saalach marks the border between Austria and Germany
                                                                           in the project area. The river was straightened 100 years ago
      We are consulting engineers in the field of water and geotechnical   and its bottom has been getting lower since then. A river bottom
      engineering and like to work out solutions with a very good          ramp in a special form to satisfy environmental requirements
      acceptance both for humans and the environment. Specialised          should stop this process. The project involved: determining the
      in numerical calculations combined with a great experience in        water level along a stretch km 2.5-8.0 under consideration of the
      river engineering and observing natural procedures, we enjoy         operating of a power plant (KW Rott km 2.5), defining the situation
      developing studies and designs for flood protection or all kinds     and working out the final design of the ramp in modular and
      of river works that consider ecological requirements too. We also    continuous form including slopes, geotechnical investigations,
      offer geotechnical consulting in the design of safe dams and river   cost control, tender preparation and site supervision.
                                                                           Duration: 2005 - 2006
      Regions: Europe                                                      Sector: Public


       ILF Beratende Ingenieure ZT GmbH                                                                                                            Engineering Consultant

                                                    Feldkreuzstraße 3      Ras Alzaur - Riyadh Water Transmission System
                                            A-6063 Rum bei Innsbruck       Saudi Arabia
                                                 Consulting Company        The Riyadh water supply system is one of the biggest of its kind
                                                                           in the world. In order to meet the constantly increasing demand
      ILF Consulting Engineers (ILF) is a group of independent and         for water (mainly due to the rapid population growth) in the long
      international engineering and consulting firms. ILF provides         term, the existing system (Lines A + B as well as C) will be extended
      comprehensive services helping its customers successfully            by the new pipeline system “Ras Alzaur – Riyadh”. The water will
      execute major industrial and infrastructure projects. In the         be treated in the new desalination plant near Ras Alzaur and then
      company’s main offices in Innsbruck and Munich as well as in         transported across a large sandy desert to Riyadh. In order to
      over 30 branch offices and subsidiaries all over the world, 1600     do so, a new pipeline will be constructed following the northern
      employees develop optimised and successful project solutions.        route. Technical data: overall length: 466 km, throughput: 208.5
      The group offers innovative services in the fields of oil and gas,   MIGD = 947,000 m³/d, number of pumping stations: 3, number
      energy, water and environment as well as civil engineering.          of terminals: 4.
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,         Duration: 2003 - ongoing
      North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean,    Sector: Public
      Sub-Saharian Africa

      Work for: WB, EIB, EBRD, EuropeAid

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                53

       IMAP | Level Five M&A Advisors                                                                                                     Management Consultant CPA and Tax Consultant Finance Specialist

                                             Donau BC, Handelskai 388       Renewable Energy, Algae Biomass - Middle East
                                                        A-1020 Vienna       United Arab Emirates
                                                  Consulting Company        We advise on the engineering and financing of power generation
                                                                            plants of renewable energy based on biomass. The objective of
      IMAP Level Five, located in Vienna, is a leading expert advisor for   the program is to develop process technology that makes use
      mergers and acquisitions as well as project finance for medium-       of non-edible plants as the basis for energy/biomass production
      sized companies. We provide strategic merger, acquisition,            using recovered CO2 and ensuring a higher and faster growth
      divestiture and capital raising services. IMAP enables its main       rate of these plants. For the Middle East region we are designing
      target audience of medium-sized companies to receive global full      a plant to grow micro-algae for the bio-fuel industry, which is
      services and our clients rely upon IMAP for essential local market    supporting the world’s efforts to reduce CO2. The Micro-Algae
      knowledge and industry expertise. Formed in 1973 in the USA,          Program is having a very positive impact on the environment.
      IMAP operates in 40 countries, primarily in Asia, Eurasia, Europe     The main effects are (a) a strong reduction of CO2 emission to
      and the Americas. Our international track record makes us the         the atmosphere (CO2 consuming process), (b) the production of
      preferred M&A experts amongst medium-sized companies.                 oxygen (O2) enriching the atmosphere and (c) an innovative and
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,          efficient way of energy transformation.
      North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean      Duration: 06/2009 - ongoing
                                                                            Sector: Public
1405Work for: EBRD

       InfoManagement Unternehmensberatung                                                                                                                                         Management Consultant

                                                    Opernring 1/E/630       Health Factory / Dubai
                                                       A-1010 Vienna        United Arab Emirates
                                                  Consulting Company        Set up and implementation of IT for food production and a
                                                                            management information system for a medium-sized catering
      Management consulting with a special focus on management              company.
      information systems and reporting in tourism and trade sector.
      Project experience in Eastern Europe and the Middle East since        Duration: 2007 – ongoing
      1988.                                                                 Sector: Private

      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa

      54                                                                                                                                                                               AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Ing. Friedrich Bauer GmbH                                                                                                                         Engineering Consultant

                                                          Oberegging 24       Planning of Europe‘s most modern biogas plant
                                                    A-3373 Kemmelbach         in Zwentendorf
                                                     Consulting Company
                                                                              The biogenous content in waste from the food industry, domestic
      To stay at the forefront of today’s market, a company must always
                                                                              organic waste bins etc., constitutes a valuable resource. The biogas
      have target-oriented and innovative solutions to hand. We at Ing.
                                                                              plant in Zwentendorf converts this resource into “green electricity”
      Friedrich Bauer GmbH, an engineering consultancy, give priority
                                                                              and heat with maximum energy yield. The remaining residues are a
      to people and their environment. We are a technically oriented
                                                                              high-quality natural fertiliser. This is made possible by the innovative
      and completely reliable service company, a strong partner for
                                                                              “tube fermenter” technology, which is a patented development of
      project management and environmental technology - biogas
                                                                              the Ing. Friedrich Bauer GmbH. The tube fermenters offer major
      plants. We offer a wide range of services - from consulting to
                                                                              advantages compared to other fermentation processes. The cost-
      project development, from calculating profitability to planning.
                                                                              effectiveness of energy generation from biogenous material is
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America, S-Asia,   greatly increased and is thus attractive for numerous new users
      E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa          such as local authorities, the food industry, etc.
                                                                              Duration: 2007 - 2008
                                                                              Sector: Private


       Ingenos.Gobiet.ZT GmbH                                                                                                                            Engineering Consultant

                                                    Mariahilfer Straße 17     Danube park, Masterplan - Sulaymania
                                                           A-1060 Vienna      Iraq
                                                    Consulting Company        Sulaymania is a town in North Eastern Iraq – 355km north of
                                                                              Bagdad. The town is also the capital of the Province of Sulaymania
      Our team is made up of 100 specialists from the following areas:        and part of the autonomous region of Kurdistan. In the town
      industrial engineering, architecture, construction and economics.       of Sulaymania, a shopping and entertainment centre is to be
      Our newly founded company involves about 100 specialists in             realised. For this purpose, the office of Gobiet & Partners will draw
      every field of architecture and engineering. Our membership in          up a masterplan, with a scale of 1:2000. The client is Harem Co.,
      Niras enables us to provide our customers with an even wider            represented by its managing director, Mr. Karim M. Sadiq. Taking
      scope of knowledge from over 1000 specialists based in various          into consideration the local and regional conditions, topography,
      fields of economics and engineering.                                    climatic characteristics and diverse economical conditions, the
                                                                              following project areas make up the masterplan: supermarket,
                                                                              restaurants/cafes, discos, office buildings, a sport centre, gardens
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America
                                                                              and parks, play areas, a kindergarten, safety installations (fire
                                                                              brigade, police).
                                                                              Duration: 2007 - 2011
                                                                              Sector: Private

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                      55

       Innovation-Coaching                                                                                                                                                Management Consultant

                                   Gottlieb-Remschmidt-Gasse 16/7       ThinkCamp
                                                       A-8045 Graz      Germany
                                               Consulting Company       ThinkCamp is an international network for „Eco-Social
                                                                        Entrepreneurship“ for young entrepreneurs, high fliers and
   Innovation-Coaching contributes to the success of its customers      basically everybody who wants to deepen his or her knowledge of
   by helping them to strengthen their innovation power and             innovation and sustainability.
   deepen their problem solving capabilities. We accompany
   complex innovation projects, design idea finding processes, offer    Duration: 2008 - ongoing
   innovation management seminars and do personal innovation            Sector: Private
   coaching for individuals and departments. Our customers are
   mainly technology driven companies both with b2b and b2c
   product and service portfolios.
   Regions: Europe


       ITService-Blaschka                                                                                                                  Management Consultant IT Consultant Finance Specialist

                                          Fr.Engels Platz 15-16/1/10    Management Beratung / Fraud Audit
                                                       A-1200 Vienna    Haiti
                                                Individual Consultant   On site, at a Caribbean mobile operator, contracted by the
                                                                        Northern American owner, an audit of the entire IT department
   I am specialised in the billing domain for the TelCo Business        was performed and off-site the detailed management report
   (aka BSS -- Business Support Systems). I support the complete        provided. The goals were to determine the maturity level (CMMI)
   supply chain from the POS (point of sale) to the invoicing and G/L   and to detect the potential for improvements in the business
   interface. DWH and fraud prevention systems are also in the scope    processes. As a hidden goal, a fraud examination was performed
   of my consulting services. As a certified IT security (ISO 27000)    – especially concerning the prepaid voucher management. Based
   manager and accredited e-billing consultant I can help to improve    on the data gained on site, improvements in running the business
   your earnings for example by cutting down your costs for sending     were proposed to the owner and the local management. As usual
   invoices. You can find a complete list of projects (at the moment    in the telco business, everything was done in English.
   only in Germany) here:
                                                                        Duration: 2008
   Regions: Europe, South America, Caribbean                            Sector: Private

   56                                                                                                                                                                          AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       IUP ZT GmbH                                                                                                                                   Engineering Consultant

                                                     Wehlistraße 29/1/4      Drinking Water Purification incl. Uranium
                                                         A-1200 Vienna       Elimination and SewageTreatment
                                                    Consulting Company
                                                                             The Municipality of Retz has made great efforts to improve its
      IUP is an experienced consulting company focusing on civil
                                                                             water infrastructure. IUP was responsible for the project design,
      engineering, water and waste management. Our team consists
                                                                             tendering procedures, subsidy acquisition, construction and
      of 25 highly qualified engineers and specialists. The team’s
                                                                             financial supervision. The water supply system and the sewage
      expertise and flexibility ensure the implementation of the most
                                                                             system were rehabilitated according to the state of the art
      challenging projects within a short time. IUP builds on 50 years
                                                                             water purification system with de-acidification, de-ironing, de-
      experience in project planning. Our strengths include consulting,
                                                                             manganisation, activated carbon filter and disinfection. The first
      expert reports, feasibility studies, project design and supervision.
                                                                             uranium filtration plant in Austria has been recently added to
      Another asset is our extensive experience in inter-disciplinary work
                                                                             the treatment plant. It provides clean drinking water at a rate of
      with experts, universities, research institutes and laboratories.
                                                                             340,000 cubic metres per year for 2,700 inhabitants. The newly
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa                          constructed waste water treatment plant has a capacity of 7,200
                                                                             p.e. resp. 13,500 p.e. during grape harvest. The plant uses an
                                                                             activated sludge process.
                                                                             Duration: 2002 - 2009
740                                                                          Sector: Public

       IUT Ingenieurgemeinschaft Innovative Umwelttechnik GmbH                                                                                       Engineering Consultant

                                                   Hamburgersiedlung 1       Solid recovered fuel and combustion plant
                                                     A-2824 Seebenstein      Leipa/Schwedt
                                                    Consulting Company
                                                                             Residuals from the power plant Schwedt on the river Oder as well
      IUT is your competent consultant and engineer for environment
                                                                             as other alternative fuels with a quantity of 220,000 t/a will be
      and protection techniques especially in the field of waste
                                                                             burnt in a new fluidised-bed combustion plant for the purpose of
      management. We have the solution for problems of collection,
                                                                             supplying a paper mill with energy. IUT has made a substantial
      treatment, recycling and landfilling of waste. For 20 years our
                                                                             contribution to the field of alternative fuel processing, including
      employees have been working in the field of waste management
                                                                             transfer of materials to the boiler. IUT designed the treatment plant
      concepts, engineering and establishing of waste treatment plants
                                                                             for production of a combustible waste fraction and extraction of
      and landfills. Profound education, permanent advanced learning
                                                                             foreign parts including automatic crane systems for the input and
      and relevant experiences in multitudes of projects are the basis
                                                                             output storage and material transport to the thermal use in the
      for our work. Thanks to our good international market knowledge,
                                                                             fluidised bed boiler. Currently IUT is supporting the acceptance
      the IUT standard is state of the art.
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa
                                                                             Duration: 01/2008 - 01/2010
                                                                             Sector: Private

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                  57

       j.i.m. jauernik international marketing                                                                                                     Management Consultant

                                                        Rotenturmstr 13      Market Structure Safety Products Trading
                                                          A-1010 Vienna      Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania
                                                   Individual Consultant     Business development for local dealer structure of Italian
                                                                             manufacturer of security products (keys, key copying equipment
      International experience in trade and consulting, technical and        and accessories) in CEE.
      economic background. Languages: German, English, Italian,
      French, Spanish, Czech. Strategic consulting for market entry,         Duration: 1995 - 1997
      finding and establishing local partners and structures. Consultancy    Sector: Private
      services in M&A, Corporate Finance, and Trade Finance.
      Regions: Europe


       JM Consulting e.U.                                                                                                                          Management Consultant

                                                       Saloderstrasse 10     Evaluation and performance improvement by
                                                       A-2640 Gloggnitz      NUVOS 360° TUI Hotels & Resorts, Robinson Clubs
                                            Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain
                                                   Individual Consultant
                                                                             Working for the board of directors at TUI Hotels&Resorts, an
      The company JM Consulting e.U. is specialised in professional
                                                                             assessment of Robinson Clubs within Europe and abroad. The
      consultancy in the hospitality business and food service industry.
                                                                             board of directors wanted to know from an independent consultant
      Its achievements as a „bridge builder“ are well known in the market.
                                                                             if the redesign and reorganisation of the operation matched guests’
      Josef Meringer CMC is an expert in the food service business and
                                                                             expectations and management needs. Focus: analysis of strengths
      knows the criteria of success. As an independent consultant with
                                                                             and weaknesses at the front of the house and in the back-up areas,
      high ethics and strong personal networks within the foodservice
                                                                             kitchen management, production and operating planning, use of
      industry, he is focused on comprehensive management support
                                                                             kitchen equipment at the different kitchen areas, service and bar
      as a senior adviser and on coaching employees to their best
                                                                             tools, material flow and working processes, treatment of guests in
      performance and reaching the results as planned. He is concentrated
                                                                             all ages, realisation of optimisation processes, guest satisfaction
      on the point of view from outside to inside and knows where to
                                                                             by attitude 100%, creation of value and sustainability. The entire
      set actions for further progress and improvement in the entire
                                                                             process was executed and performed using creative and innovative
      process. His targets and task are sharply defined on WIN³: Guests
                                                                             method “NUVOS 360° Critical Eyes” for continuous improvement.
      satisfaction – customer benefits – employee’s motivation.
                                                                             Duration: 01/2008 - 2010/2011
      Regions: Europe, North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific
                                                                             Sector: Public

      58                                                                                                                                               AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Jürgen Müller Management Partners                                                                                                        Management Consultant IT Consultant

                                           Ernst-Karl-Winter-Weg 4      Post Merger Integration
                                                    A-1190 Vienna       Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia
                                              Consulting Company        Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG - a major player in the waste
                                                                        management business acquired former competitor Rumpold
   We work with leading corporations, growth companies and              (1400 employees) in 2008. Due to the fact that both companies
   innovative start-ups. Using our comprehensive performance            worked in the same field and owned infrastructure in all countries,
   management know-how, we develop and implement “In Time!              a massive post-merger integration project had to take place to
   On Budget” - solutions taking account of your specific business      secure synergies. Besides the harmonisation of legal entities in
   needs. Corporate performance management helps your company           newly founded holding organisations, the integration of local
   to achieve its short and long-term objectives. For us, value-        operations was a major task. Together with the client, we focused
   based corporate management is not just a buzzword but can be         on the integration of processes, responsibilities, marketing
   successfully implemented together with our clients. By working in    activities and management information systems. Having a project
   active partnership with your management team we can sustainably      running in several countries at the same time calls for a highly
   improve your company’s profitability.                                professional project management and cross-cultural competence.
   Regions: Europe                                                      We delivered all results in time and on budget!
                                                                        Duration: 2008 - ongoing
                                                                        Sector: Private

       Kaiser & Mach ZT GmbH                                                                                                                                  Engineering Consultant

                                                    Gewerbepark 2       Fire fighting water supply system Hai Van Pass
                                       A-8111 Judendorf-Straßengel      Tunnel
                                   Viet Nam
                                               Consulting Company
                                                                        Fire fighting water supply system of the Hai Van Pass Tunnel in
   At Kaiser & Mach ZT GmbH, consultant engineers, we are able to
                                                                        Canang, Viet Nam, (6 km) - detailed design of all components of
   offer you competent services in all key areas of water management.
                                                                        the water supply (from source), water transmission, treatment,
   In providing these services, particular priority is given to the
                                                                        pumping, fire suppression and water disposal systems. According
   considerate use of the resource water and to sustainability. Our
                                                                        to provision 9.282 of the Code of Practice, twin-bore tunnels of
   field of activity ranges from thorough consultation and providing
                                                                        more than 1,000 m in length must be provided with water pipe
   expert opinions to collecting basic information and data, and
                                                                        lines for fire fighting that are laid along the side lanes and closed
   detailed planning. This ensures that projects are realised which
                                                                        to a ring. Although only one tube is presently being constructed
   satisfy equally the requirements of our clients and the need for
                                                                        and planned for, the supply system is designed for 2 tubes.
   sustainable water management.
                                                                        The flow pressure at the point of abstraction is 6 bar at a water
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia, E-Asia,       abstraction rate for fire fighting of 1,200 l/min = 20 l/s. This
   Pacific, Sub-Saharian Africa                                         has to be guaranteed for one hour. The high-level reservoir has a
                                                                        storage volume of 75 m3.
                                                                        Duration: 01/1999 - 03/2000
                                                                        Sector: Public

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                              59

       Kloepfel Consulting GmbH                                                                                                                   Management Consultant

                                                   Garelligasse 3/7        Reducing costs without cutting quality and
                                                    A - 1090 Vienna        risking market leader position
                                               Consulting Company
                                                                           AEBI SCHMIDT group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of
   Kloepfel Consulting is a high performing consulting company
                                                                           special machines and vehicles for street cleaning and ice and
   with a focus on procurement. For producing, trading and
                                                                           snow road service. AEBI SCHMIDT group consists of 26 enterprises
   service companies, they achieve respectable cost reductions and
                                                                           worldwide, produces in 5 locations and works with 70 automated
   considerable liquidity improvements. With a hands-on approach,
                                                                           retailers on all continents. The project included different areas
   short-term measurable results and the 100% success based
                                                                           of cost optimisation. The consultants could realise the first
   fee model Kloepfel Consulting convinces clients in different
                                                                           benefits in just a few weeks by saving general costs. Kloepfel
   industries. Proven expertise in various fields of business, technical
                                                                           Consulting also entered into dialogue with existing suppliers to
   competence and international project teams are the foundation
                                                                           improve storage and delivery time. For various components such
   for their successful cooperative work. Besides the headquarter
                                                                           as axles, engines or tubes, Kloepfel Consulting tried to find better
   in Düsseldorf, Germany, Kloepfel Consulting is proud to run five
                                                                           performing suppliers without losing quality. Project duration 2
   local offices in Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia and Serbia
                                                                           years. Total savings: 2,5 Mio EUR
   with about 90 employees.
                                                                           Duration: 2009 - ongoing
   Regions: Europe
                                                                           Sector: Private

       Kohl & Partner Tourism Consultancy International                                                                                           Management Consultant

                                                      Wallnerstrasse 3     Tourism Development for Bad Kissingen including
                                                       A-1010 Vienna       Marketing Plan
                                                  Consulting Company
                                                                           Bad Kissingen is one of the most famous traditional spa destinations
   Kohl & Partner is an independent and privately-owned firm of
                                                                           in Germany. Together with all important stakeholders, Kohl &
   highly skilled and experienced professionals who provide quality
                                                                           Partner developed a new strategic vision for the health tourism
   solutions to client needs. For three decades, Kohl & Partner’s
                                                                           destination and helped to implement the tourism strategy by
   success and reputation have been determined by the quality of its
                                                                           the definition and processing of key projects. Furthermore,
   work – nationally and internationally. Kohl & Partner is a specialist
                                                                           a marketing plan was developed and a quality program was
   for hotel and tourism consulting offering consulting services on
   the company and the destination level.
                                                                           Duration: 2008 - ongoing
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe
                                                                           Sector: Public

   60                                                                                                                                                 AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Kommunalkredit Public Consulting                                                                                                                                 Management Consultant

                                                          Türkenstr. 9     Ust-Kamenogorsk Environmental Remediation
                                                       A-1092 Vienna       Project - Training on Institutional Strengthening
                                                 Consulting Company
                                                                           The project “Advisory Services for Training on Institutional
      Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) is an Austrian consulting
                                                                           Strengthening” was part of the Ust-Kamenogorsk Environmental
      firm that has been active since 1993 and is a specialist in
                                                                           Remediation Project (UKER) and comprised consultancy services
      development consulting, environmental infrastructure and policy
                                                                           in training and institutional strengthening. KPC was tasked with
      advice. KPC offers consultancy services for public sector clients
                                                                           organising training workshops and site visits of similar projects
      and international institutions. Over the years KPC has accumulated
                                                                           for a delegation selected by the client, looking at contaminated
      a wealth of experience in the fields of water, energy efficiency,
                                                                           ground water treatment systems, the analysis of treatment
      renewable energy, contaminated sites, carbon finance and
                                                                           technologies and facility operating rules, modern methods of
      regional development. Our international clients include the EC,
                                                                           installation of landfills, tailing dumps, waste piles connected with
      EBRD, OECD, UNDP, UNIDO and the World Bank. Geographically
                                                                           disposal of hazardous production wastes, modern methods of
      we focus on SEE, CEE and the CIS countries.
                                                                           organising environmental and underground water monitoring.
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe
                                                                           Duration: 02/2009 - 10/2009
      Work for: EBRD, EuropeAid, WB                                        Sector: Public


       KWI Consultants & Engineers AG                                                                                                             Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                   Fuhrmannsgasse 3-7      Pulp & Paper Factory Syktyvkar
                                                     A-3100 St. Poelten    Pre Feasibility Study Bark Boiler
                                                Russian Federation
                                                  IConsulting Company
                                                                           Mondi Syktyvkar planned to erect a new pulping plant to produce
      Our focus is on the current issues in national and international
                                                                           additional amounts of bark that can either be used as an
      climate and environmental protection, energy and carbon
                                                                           additional energy source or would be disposed. The main target
      management and legal compliance. KWI develops climate and
                                                                           of the project was to identify the most appropriate alternative for
      environmental strategies for companies and municipalities based
                                                                           replacing and extending the bark and sludge burning capacities of
      on national and international framework agreements and political
                                                                           the Syktyvkar pulp and paper mill. KWI provided a feasibility study
      targets. When it comes to energy investment projects, KWI
                                                                           and conducted a detailed review of three principal scenarios:
      conducts due diligence audits on both existing and new energy
                                                                           1. Refitting of the existing bark boiler with a steam pressure of
      plants. Technical, legal and economic influences are analysed and
                                                                           90 t/h on the 40 bar steam bar including the existing turbines
      evaluated in order to provide a thorough project assessment.
                                                                           2. Installation of a new 90 t/h boiler on the 40 bar steam bar and
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa          consideration of the existing turbines 3. Erection of a new 240 t/h
                                                                           boiler on the 92 bar steam bar and installation of a new turbine.
      Work for: EBRD, EIB, IDB, WB
                                                                           Duration: 12/2007 - 06/2008
                                                                           Sector: Private

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                      61

       Langer )) the consulting group.                                                                                                           Management Consultant IT Consultant

                                                       Brigittagasse 2     Migration Core Banking System
                                                       A-1200 Vienna       Ukraine
                                                  Consulting Company       The Ukrainian subsidiary of a large Austrian bank was migrating
                                                                           their previous core banking system to a new one meant to
      We see ourselves as a service organisation for your company;         become a banking group standard. The organisational framework
      improving and securing your success by providing services in         was a program consisting of several projects and sub-projects.
      the field of management consulting and information technology        The setting is both multicultural (Ukrainian, Austrian, British and
      consulting. Our approach is holistic, as it ought to be in our       Slovak staff both as group members and suppliers) and multi-
      turbulent and unpredictable times. We consider all relevant          technical (mainframe, middle-ware, client-server, distributed).
      business and economic factors, and we link intellect as well         Our company‘s task was to set up a test and change management
      as emotions to an integrated whole. Our biggest success is           project including organisation, roles and responsibilities,
      accomplished as soon as you tell us, „Thanks for your help; from     reporting, interfaces to other projects, and team building. This
      now on, we can do it on our own!“                                    task was successfully completed within 5 months and the lead
      Regions: Europe, North America                                       was handed over to local management.
                                                                           Duration: 09/2008 - 02/2009
                                                                           Sector: Private


       Lemon Consulting                                                                                                                                       Management Consultant

                                                 Starkenburggasse 6/2      Immoconsult Leasing
                                                         A-1160 Vienna     Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia,
                                              Ukraine, Croatia
                                                  Individual Consultant
                                                                           Immoconsult Leasing (ICL) is a real estate leasing company
      We provide consulting services to private and public organisations   owned by the Volksbank Group headquartered in Vienna with
      with a focus on the long-term perspective. As sustainable            subsidiaries in eight countries throughout Europe´s CEE and
      development and change affects business strategy, structures,        SEE region. In 2006 Lemon Consulting was called in to help the
      processes and people alike we help organisations to act on each      company to redefine its business for the future and to implement
      dimension simultaneously. We can do this because we focus on         to the organisational change processes accordingly. First, key
      the specifics of our clients’ business while we at the same time     decision makers were invited to define the company’s mission
      build on our extensive knowledge in organisation development,        and vision and the core competencies needed to make that vision
      organisation design, innovative human resource management,           become reality. Subsequently, strategic human resources were
      leadership learning and the social psychology of change. Our         implemented to generate learning and a mindset directing all to
      practice and research have received international awards.            the desired future. A new approach to strategic planning in sales
      Regions: Europe                                                      was set up and the core processes of the leasing business were
                                                                           redesigned. This approach led to a sustainable legacy.
                                                                           Duration: 01/2006 - ongoing
                                                                           Sector: Private

      62                                                                                                                                                           AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       LOGNOSTIK                                                                                                                                     Management Consultant Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                                  Peter Tunner-Straße 14       PMO for SAP/R3 Rollout
                                                           A-8700 Leoben       Austria, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom
                                                    Individual Consultant      Implementation PMO (Project Management Office) for AVL‘s
                                                                               wordwide SAP/R3 Rollout *Professional development and
     LOGNOSTIK is an Austrian consultancy specialised on PM (project           handling of the PMO *Coordination and documentation of regular
     management), BPM (business process management), TPM (total                team meetings *Support and advise in project and programme
     productive maintenance), risk management based on ISO 31000               management *Implementing and controlling of standards in the
     and SCM (supply chain management) based on SCOR (supply chain             rollout projects *Time scheduling *Support in project marketing
     operational reference model). CEO Klaus D. Tolliner, MBA, CMC, cPM,       and quality management *Develop optimisation potential
     is a qualified engineer for material science. Our services are based on   *Conceptual design, preparing, moderating and operating
     our long-term practical experience in middle and large industries in      workshops.
     an international environment.
                                                                               Duration: 01/2008 - 02/2009
     Regions: Europe                                                           Sector: Private


       Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH                                                                                                                                                             Engineering Consultant

                                                   Sparbersbachgasse 46        Corex®-Anlagen
                                                            A-8010 Graz        Korea (Republic), India, South Africa
                                                    Consulting Company         VOEST-ALPINE Industrieanlagenbau GmbH (VAI, Linz, Austria) has
                                                                               developed a metallurgical process for the production of liquid
     Highest quality for our customers’ benefit. With more than 40             pig iron (“hot metal”) on the basis of iron oxide and lignite (non-
     employees, Lorenz Consult offers an overall planning service for          metallurgical coal), named “COREX”. To date, three such COREX
     complex construction projects. Based on individual needs, we form         plants have been built and commissioned, the first (1989) in South
     flexible project teams uniting project management, architecture,          Africa, the second in the Republic of Korea and latest in India. In
     structural design and construction, building services (HVAC/R)            a long-term partnership, Lorenz Consult has been commissioned
     and construction supervision. Our technical infrastructure                by VAI for all three COREX to perform the pre-basic, basic and
     (IT, telecommunication) is state of the art and guarantees data           detailed engineering for the steel construction.
     exchange without any problems.
                                                                               Duration: 1994 - ongoing
     Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific    Sector: Private

     AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                                        63

       MADECO ::::: Management and Development in Constructions                                                                                  Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                   Brunnengasse 17/10      Music Campus Köszegszerdahely
                                                         A-1160 Vienna     Hungary
                                                  Individual Consultant    MADECO offers consulting in the development of new project
                                                                           ideas and supports their realisation. It is essential for investors
      MADECO provides competence in real-estate management with a          and project developers to test project ideas in terms of their
      holistic approach by operating with a network of independent and     feasibility and to also identify the technical, operational and
      widely experienced specialists. We analyse problems, determine       economic metrics of the project early and with sufficient accuracy
      the need for professional competence and put the right team          for the purpose of making investment decisions. Environmental
      together to develop the best solution interactively. Due to our      and social aspects must also be clarified and the possibility of
      large range of project management related services, the investor     obtaining building permissions correctly estimated. From planning
      can rely on a trustworthy partner with local market knowledge in     to implementation, MADECO is driven by the goals of investors
      CEE in every construction phase.                                     and by the needs of client. Music Campus Köszegszerdahely is
      Regions: Europe                                                      amongst the latest investment projects MADECO put on paper.
                                                                           Status: development; Investment: ~ 22,0 Mio EUR; Service: Project
                                                                           Duration: 2008 - ongoing
                                                                           Sector: Private

       Mag. Bernhard Wanicek - BJW Business Consulting                                                                                                                 Management Consultant

                                                          Tongasse 3/21    IRIS - IMTC Reservation and information system
                                                          A-1030 Vienna    United States
                                                   Individual Consultant   Organisation Development - Internal Data Management.
                                                                           Reengineering of internal data flows, data structure, data
      Founded in 2004, Bernhard J. Wanicek‘s BJW Business Consulting       warehousing and work process. The project frame covers the
      provides services to SMEs in need of logistical and organisational   main business fields with interfaces to the accounting/controlling
      advice and has cooperated on international projects, such as         area. The main objective was to improve the security of data,
      the development of data management systems for educational           accessibility, the efficiency of daily business data handling, and
      US delegations to CEE, the creation of information tools for an      to increase the company‘s working productivity. IRIS will provide
      American travel service provider and the structure analysis          the following tools: tourist product-related areas, booking-related
      followed by an operating/reporting/controlling system for an         areas, customer-related areas, internal process-related areas.
      international festival organisation. The key focus is organisation   Worksteps - structure: preparation/ pre-analysis/ display of status
      development & data management for projects with international        quo/ general requirements/ develop basic structure/ detailed
      and intercultural orientation.                                       analysis of parameters and data structure/ design of database,
      Regions: Europe, North America, South America, Caribbean             functions, tools.
                                                                           Duration: 11/2005 - 04/2006
                                                                           Sector: Private

      64                                                                                                                                                                   AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Mag. Ivan Siptak, MBA, MSc., Institute for Cross Border Activities                                                                             Management Consultant

                                  Anton Baumgartnerstrasse 44/E5/49a          DUO**STARS and REGIONFEMME
                                                         A-1230 Vienna        Austria, Slovakia
                                                  Individual Consultant       The goal of this project is to help to increase the attractiveness
                                                                              and competitiveness of Lower Austria, Vienna and the Slovak
      The Institute for Cross Border Activities has worked for 20 years       Republic for businesses. This project particularly targets women
      primarily in the area of cross-border activities between Austria,       – The Female entrepreneurs’/businesswomen’s Institute for Cross
      Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. We are also active in other           Border Activities (Vienna – Bratislava) is a project partner. We
      countries such as Poland and currently operate ever more often in       develop and execute training courses in cross-border management
      Russia. Our work focuses on: management consulting, training,           activities at all levels up to and including DUO**STARS Expert
      coaching, mediation, human resources, export counselling,               diplomas, run workshops, provide mother tongue consultancy
      funding and project management for cross-border activities. We          and coaching for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs from
      specialise in both outgoing and incoming services from/to Austria.      the Vienna – Bratislava region and produce the relevant paperwork
      Our clients include both companies and public institutions.             and brochures.
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe                                           Duration: 2009 - 2013
                                                                              Sector: Public


       Manfred Watzal – PROJECT DEVELOPMENT - INVESTMENT CONSULTING                                                                                   Management Consultant

                                                           Radlbrunn 183      Financial Project Analysis - Cement Production
                                                        A-3710 Radlbrunn      Facility
                                                    Individual Consultant
                                                                              A modern greenfield cement plant was to be established to
      This international consultant operating out of Austria is specialized
                                                                              cover the growing demand for building materials in the booming
      in the economic evaluation of infrastructural and industrial
                                                                              construction industry. Financial analysis verifying the profitability
      projects. In this role financial project assessments are carried
                                                                              and financial sustainability of the project considering detailed
      out also in cooperation with technology experts. His extensive
                                                                              tabulations of material inputs, energy and overhead costs; Market
      experience derives from numerous projects in Asia, Africa and
                                                                              data as well as industry cost comparisons were used as further
      Europe. Services include: Dynamic investment analyses, also
                                                                              yardsticks of the analysis. Financial projections were scrutinized
      under project financing conditions - Socioeconomic Cost-Benefit-
                                                                              under sensitivity tests for completion risks in terms of cost or time
      Analysis - Risk evaluations (Sensitivity and Scenario Analyses) -
                                                                              overrun and operational risk with input costs and sales prices.
      Market assessments - Bankable project documentation (Feasibility
                                                                              Results served for the preparation of the investment decision and
      Studies, Business Plans).
                                                                              financing negotiations.
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia, E-Asia,
                                                                              Duration: 07/2007 - 11/2007
      Pacific, Sub-Saharian Africa
                                                                              Sector: Private
      Work for: WB, EIB, EBRD, AfDB, EuropeAid

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                   65

       mdb-consulting                                                                                                                               Management Consultant

                                                A.Strutzenbergerweg 14        GO AFRICA CIRCLE
                                                         A-1230 Vienna        Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique,
                                        Uganda, Tanzania
                                                    Consulting Company
                                                                              The GO AFRICA CIRCLE wanted to put Africa on the map for
      Mdb-consulting is specialised in the working procedures of the          Austrian companies. It opened new business possibilities for
      Multilateral Development Banks (MDB), such as the World Bank,           companies in selected African countries. Investment possibilities
      EBRD and others. We analyse the country strategies of the MDBs to       have been initiated and new export chances have been identified
      identify business opportunities in selected countries and selected      for the companies based on the projects which have been targeted
      sectors for our clients. The preparation of specific projects is then   for financing by the Multilateral Development Banks (MDB). 20
      regularly tracked, well before tender procedures are initiated.         Austrian companies with interests in Africa participated in this
      Clients are also advised on the specifics of dealing with MDBs          circle and started to network with each other. The original funding
      and on the financing and guarantee possibilities for investment         for the GO AFRICA CIRCLE was provided by go international
      projects in developing countries and in countries in transition.        through the Federal Economic Chamber. Based on the success of
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,            the GO AFRICA CIRCLE, the Foreign Trade Section of the Federal
      S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, Sub-Saharian Africa                            Economic Chamber started to focus on Africa too and began its
                                                                              GO AFRICA program.
                                                                              Duration: 2005 - 2007
173                                                                           Sector: Public

       mecca consulting - Dr. Hannes Schaffer                                                                                                       Engineering Consultant

                                                          Hochwiese 27        Suhareka Environment for the Future
                                                         A-1130 Vienna        Kosovo
                                                  Individual Consultant       The project aimed at supporting Suva Reka in establishing a new
                                                                              urban development programme and was structured as follows:
      mecca is active in the fields of cross-border cooperation, regional
      planning and development, renewable energy as well as spatial           Step 1: Development of a feasibility study and a detailed
      management and natural resources. Our interdisciplinary team            project plan
      provides project management, ensures proper communication               Step 2: Preparation of a survey, drafting an urban development
      structures, moderates and organises your event. Furthermore, we         concept and participation of stakeholders and inhabitants in the
      support you in applying for appropriate funds, finding partners         planning process
      and setting up your network. The elaboration of scientific studies
      and analysis as well as knowledge transfer are essential parts of       Step 3: Preparation and realisation of a training programme for
      our tasks.                                                              local experts in urban planning

      Regions: Europe                                                         Step 4: Schedule monitoring, particularly for the strategic level
                                                                              Duration: 2006 - 2009
                                                                              Sector: Public

      66                                                                                                                                                AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       MEDICON Medical Consulting e.U.                                                                                                         Management Consultant Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                              Handelskai 94 - 96 Millennium Tower 23       Consultancy services for healthcare facilities
                                                        A-1200 Vienna      Slovakia
                                                 Individual Consultant     MEDICON Medical Consulting offered consultancy services
                                                                           for healthcare facilities at a national level and also private
      MEDICON Medical Consulting is an independent consultancy in          establishments in order to create innovative and more efficient
      the medical laboratory diagnostics sector whose specific core        structural hierarchies and functional processes. Expert advice in
      competence lies in - the use of innovative laboratory analysis       respect of organising, equipping and networking facilities that
      with IT logistics - quality assurance with defined procedures and    carry out medical laboratory diagnostics with due consideration
      functional coordination - strategic planning and structuring of      for the best possible cost/quality ratios. We are experienced
      efficient process flows - networking and cooperation of healthcare   in the moderation, coordination and participation in actively
      facilities. With more than 35 years of professional experience and   shaping innovative structures and IT data communication in the
      certified - CMC - management quality in the medical laboratory       healthcare sector at both regional and national levels.
      sector, our consulting and project services produce the best
      possible outcomes.                                                   Duration: 2004
                                                                           Sector: Public
      Regions: Europe, North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific


       MEIXNER VERMESSUNG                                                                                                                                             Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                                      Linke Wienzeile 4    Land Cadaster for the Russian Federation
                                                         A-1060 Vienna     Russian Federation
                                                   Consulting Company      Developing a properly functioning property market in Russia as
                                                                           well as securing domestic and foreign investment for Russia are
      MEIXNER is one of the leading companies in the field of digital      two important priorities for the EU within the scope of its wide-
      aerial photogrammetry, laser scanning and land surveying.            ranging assistance programme for Russia. MEIXNER has been
      Since its foundation some 70 years ago, MEIXNER has expanded         working for the Russian government for more than 7 years to
      its activities to many countries worldwide. Its recent activities    introduce a modern cadastral and land register in Moscow and
      comprise aerial surveying in Poland, Austria, Germany, France,       in other cities in line with all legal requirements. MEIXNER was
      Romania and Slovakia. The company has established a world-wide       tasked with continuing these activities until the end of 2007.
      network of subsidiary companies and partnerships so that we are
      able to perform high-tech services with our airplanes and digital    Duration: 1998 - 2008
      cameras wherever needed. Currently we employ about 100 experts       Sector: Public
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,
      North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean,
      Sub-Saharian Africa

      Work for: WB

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                                  67

       Metis                                                                                                                                                              Management Consultant

                                                   Donau-City-Straße 6      Capacity Building Facility
                                                        A-1220 Vienna       Croatia
                                                  Consulting Company        Technical assistance for the institutions involved in the
                                                                            management of EU funds in order to increase their administrative
   metis is a European consulting and service company with its seat in      capacity for the planning, implementation and monitoring of EU
   Vienna. Since 1999, metis has been supporting public bodies and          assistance.
   enterprises in Austria and in Europe in the fulfilment of their public
   policy remit. metis offers high value-added, knowledge-based             Duration: 01/2008 - 01/2009
   services covering the full policy cycle: - Policy design - Policy and    Sector: Public
   programme implementation - Monitoring and analysis of policies -
   Policy, programme and project evaluation. The technical expertise
   of metis encompasses Cohesion Policy, Agricultural Policy and
   Rural Development, Employment and Territorial Cohesion.
   Regions: Europe

   Work for: EuropeAid


       Michaeler & Partner                                                                                                                          Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                             Columbusplatz 7-8/2/5          Falkensteiner Hotel & Asia Spa Leoben
                                                     A-1100 Vienna          Austria
                                               Consulting Company           Preparation of a feasibility study as well as development, project
                                                                            management, pre-opening-management and operation of a 4-star
   As a member of the Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group,                hotel combined with a demand-oriented leisure infrastructure (=Asia
   Michaeler & Partner with its more than 30 employees in two offices       SPA Leoben) in the heart of Styria/Austria. Hotel with 103 rooms in
   (Vahrn and Vienna) is specialised in the development, planning,          3 different categories, meeting & convention facilities, restaurants
   construction and consulting of hotel and tourism projects. Our           with a positioning as a city hotel. The unique selling preposition of
   services are divided into four different strategic business fields:      the hotel is the Asia Spa Leoben which is connected to the hotel by
   tourism development, project management, planning and                    an underground tunnel and was managed by Michaeler & Partner
   engineering, and hotel & tourism consulting. With more than              in the first operating year. The Asia SPA has more than 10,000 m2
   250 realised projects in the last few years, Michaeler & Partner         (indoor) divided into 3 different areas (family, relax and sauna)
   belongs to the best experienced tourism consultancy companies            offers its services to hotel guests as well as the public and was
   in the CEE/SEE region.                                                   designed for an average of 600 visitors per day.
   Regions: Europe                                                          Duration: 10/2006 - 12/2008
                                                                            Sector: Private

   68                                                                                                                                                                         AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       miraconsult e.U.                                                                                                                                                  Management Consultant

                                                         Grüne Gasse 12       Proposal Writing & Project Management -
                                                         A-8501 Lieboch       Environment/Disaster Prevention & Management
                                           Germany, Austria
                                                   Individual Consultant
                                                                              In these projects we have been involved from the beginning of
      miraconsult e.U. is a small Austrian consulting enterprise
                                                                              the project idea to the successful submission of the proposal.
      founded in 1999. Our core competences are management
                                                                              Our special competence is to understand the aim of the EU, the
      systems (environmental management, risk management, quality
                                                                              vision of the different experts and stakeholders and to know-how
      management), sustainable development and success, as well
                                                                              a proposal has to be set up. We had to work with different project
      as supporting corporate social responsibility. We are interested
                                                                              partners (SME, NGO, experts and governmental authorities) from
      in helping to set up long lasting cooperation agreements for a
                                                                              different EU member countries, supporting them to find their
      successful future with respect to human rights and all kinds of life.
                                                                              successful project environment. We also had to develop the project
      We cooperate with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
                                                                              budget and to assist during the financial planning process and the
      in supporting 7FP research projects (proposal writing). Additional
                                                                              consortium agreement building, as well as search for partners.
      we are supporting projects in European Disaster Management or
      for the benefit of SME.                                                 Duration: 2008 - 2009
                                                                              Sector: Private
      Regions: Europe


       Monument GmbH                                                                                                                               Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                       Wienerstrasse 253      Beach resort P*/GW
                                                             A-8051 Graz      Brazil
                                                        http://xing. com
                                                     Consulting Company       Consulting & Investment/structural matters of a hotel resort.

      MONUMENT has many years of experience and is able to provide            Duration: 2008
      its COMPETENCE in project management/consulting/development             Sector: Private
      to help to realise your project. You benefit from the diverse
      EXPERIENCE and the flexibility of our network of mostly locally
      based engineers, lawyers, economists, real estate brokers and
      banks. Working in a targeted, flexible and economically optimised
      fashion, we ensure the quality, schedule and financial aspects
      of projects. In response to individual challenges, we establish
      the right network so as to decrease fixed costs and ENSURE the
      quality of the specialists in your team.
      Regions: Europe, South America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                       69

       Oliver Sonnbichler Architekten-ZT GmbH                                                                                                       Engineering Consultant

                                                  Wienerbergstrasse 7       The Dubai SUNTOWER - glass Office Tower, energetically
                                                       A-1100 Vienna        autarc by a shading transparent solar power plant sunshield
                                        United Arab Emirates
                                                  Consulting Company
                                                                            The client‘s brief states that the building is to excel in
                                                                            sustainability and is to be capped by a three-storey sky-dome,
   specialised in the design of medium and large developments in
                                                                            where transparent solar panels can both be opened at night and
   housing, industrial and office projects in Austria as well as in
                                                                            automatically moved to trace the path of the sun. Although this
   CEE. Established in 1994, our office provides uncompromising
                                                                            building might at a first glance not appear to stand out particularly
   customer oriented services throughout all phases of construction
                                                                            amongst the numerous very high-rise buildings vying for prestige
   projects, has branch offices in Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Kiev
                                                                            in Dubai, a second glance will reveal quite the opposite. os
   and Beijing and is an associate of PERSPECTIVE EEIG, a group of
                                                                            architects’ proposal is a sustainable, all-glass office tower, using
   architects with a model of cooperation unique in Europe. Founded
                                                                            semi-transparent solar cells that provide shade AND produce
   in 1992, the group consists of 11 partner offices in Europe with
                                                                            electricity for cooling. Research into the sun-path-diagram of the
   300 staff members.
                                                                            local latitude and longitude shows that a shield can be formed not
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific   only to protect the building from overheating, but also to exploit
                                                                            the power of the sun.
                                                                            Duration: 2008 - ongoing
1309                                                                        Sector: Private

       ÖSB Consulting GmbH                                                                                                                          Management Consultant

                                              Meldemannstrasse 12-14        Peer Review in Social Protection and Social
                                                        A-1200 Vienna       Inclusion and Assessment in Social Inclusion
                                                  Consulting Company
                                                                            This programme aims at facilitating mutual learning and the
   As a leading consulting company in Austria in the field of
                                                                            dissemination of good practices throughout Europe in the fields
   employment and social inclusion we support policy makers,
                                                                            of social inclusion and social protection. Furthermore, analyses
   companies and individuals. Our multiple activities in the
                                                                            of national social inclusion policies are provided by independent
   European context have contributed to our experience and
                                                                            experts covering all EU Member States and accession countries.
   expertise to effectively liase with labour market officials, experts,
                                                                            The outcomes of the programme are published at http://www.
   research institutes, stakeholders and NGOs throughout Europe -
                                                                   The programme operates in the
   nevertheless we maintain our focus on regional particularities and
                                                                            context of PROGRESS – the European Community Programme for
   individual requirements. 140 employees and our expert-network
                                                                            Employ-ment and Social Solidarity (2007-2013) which provides
   across Europe give you an edge and assure that your demands
                                                                            financial support to the implementation of the EU’s objectives in
   are best met all over Europe.
                                                                            the fields of employment, social protection and inclusion, working
   Regions: Europe                                                          conditions, non-discrimination and gender equality, using thereby
                                                                            the open method of coordination (OMC).
                                                                            Duration: 2007 - 2013
                                                                            Sector: Public

   70                                                                                                                                                   AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Österreichische Energieagentur – Austrian Energy Agency                                                                                                                       Management Consultant

                                                 Mariahilfer Strasse 136    Austrian Energy Partnerships
                                                         A-1150 Vienna      Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,
                                                   Consulting Company
                                                                            It is the Energy Partnership’s goal to establish environmentally
      The AEA assists federal and provincial governmental                   friendly, socially acceptable and cost-effective solutions in
      administrations as well as industrial enterprises in defining         the areas of energy supply and energy efficiency in its partner
      energy, technology and research policies. AEA analyses energy         countries. Activities such as continuously exchanging information,
      problems of technical, structural and behavioural nature and          preparing the ground for programmes on renewable energy
      develops long term strategies for a sustainable development. In       sources and energy efficiency, establishing business contacts,
      addition, AEA offers information on the experience gained in the      conducting market analyses, and organising conferences
      field of energy efficiency, gives scientific support to the process   and excursions formed the basis for the joint identification of
      of market diffusion of energy efficient technologies and describes    projects. The Austrian Energy Agency coordinates and supports
      activities in regular reports, publishes study reports, and offers    the projects with expert advice, from the initial identification
      customers information.                                                and preparations to advice on legal, organisational and financial
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe                                         frameworks. AEA assists project managers, compiles reports and
                                                                            publishes the results.
      Work for: EBRD
                                                                            Duration: 1992 - ongoing
76                                                                          Sector: Public

       pasmos ZT GmbH                                                                                                                            Management Consultant Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                                  Schottenfeldgasse 2-4     LENINSKY 119
                                                         A-1070 Vienna      Russian Federation
                                                   Consulting Company       General Planning: Office Centre & Hotel in Moscow. The project
                                                                            features approx. 30.000 m² of state of the art office space with
      pasmos is a dynamic architecture and general planning firm            Class A building services engineering and a hotel area on 9
      with branches in Vienna and Moscow. Pasmos in Moscow is fully         upper floors and 2 basements. This building faces south onto
      licensed as a general project contractor. Pasmos in Vienna is a       an attractive park. The construction is shaped by the starkly
      member of the Austrian Chamber of Architects & Engineers. We          minimalist „ribbon“ structure of its façade and the changing
      see ourselves as an integrative partner and set high standards        colours and lights of its painted metal panels. A top class office
      both in architecture design and in the implementation of building     building with restaurant, fitness centre and basement workshop.
      projects. We have been commissioned to carry out countless
      projects in Russia over the last 15 years. Thanks to this wealth of   Duration: 2008 - 2011
      experience we are now established as a leading team of specialists    Sector: Private
      for planning in Russia.
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                                   71

       Peter Gastberger                                                                                                                          Management Consultant Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                                 Carl-Storch-Strasse 7    Swiss Health Professional Card
                                                     A-5026 Salzburg      Switzerland
                                                Individual Consultant     Peter Gastberger is the overall project leader of the Swiss Health
                                                                          Professional Card. He is working for Swisscom on this case to
   Focus: Specialised in project management/-support in the e-health      develop this technological advanced card in close collaboration
   and e-government topics. Main activities in: - Project management      with the customer FMH (Swiss Medical Professional Association)
   - Project support - Tender support - Project reviews - Support for     for which it is being developed. The Health Professional Card
   suppliers selection. We offer different support for each project       (called HPC in short) is a new membership card for all about
   step, including the idea phase, concept phase, realisation phase,      35,000 physicians in Switzerland. It is a personalised card
   run phase, and change management. In our company, you will             comprising an electronic certificate. This card is created pursuant
   have a partner with benefits: - International experience in e-health   to the regulations of the Swiss signature laws (ZertES). In addition
   projects - Fast realisation of the project - Perfect control of the    to the common electronic certificate, the card also integrates the
   budget - Access to international contacts.                             CvC for card to card authentication.
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa                          Duration: 2008 - ongoing
                                                                          Sector: Private


       peterlorenzateliers ZT GmbH                                                                                                                                                    Engineering Consultant

                            Maria-Theresien-Straße 37, A-6020 Innsbruck   ENER[GIE]NGER
                                       Kreilplatz 1/3, A-1190 Vienna      Germany
                                                  Consulting Company      The Gienger showroom and outlet, a helix-shaped building,
                                                                          forms an outstanding point of attraction within the industrial
   Peter Lorenz runs two studios in Innsbruck (1980) and Vienna           park of Munich. The building’s exterior consists of either solar
   (1991) with 25 - 30 employees. To date the firm has worked             and photovoltaic panels, or glass and metal elements. In the
   on some 340 commissions, a third of which have been put into           interior, the exhibition spaces on different levels, connected by
   effect. peterlorenzateliers stands for interdisciplinary teamwork      ramps, create a unique spatial experience. Innovation regarding
   with collaborating partner firms and exceptional engineers. Peter      sustainability: - Energy-management by the use of renewable
   Lorenz chooses not to develop his „own formal stylistic devices“       energy resources - Energy trail with the newest technologies
   but prefers „creative, clear solutions for complex requirements“.      (currently disposable resources, renewable recourses, regenerative
   He therefore regards specialisation as counterproductive and           energy and recuperative energy) - 250m² area for solar panels
   this is why the firm‘s portfolio contains projects of such differing   – solar heat for heating and cooling of the building - Groundwater
   dimensions/ requirements.                                              well for heating and cooling purposes - Highly efficient ventilation
   Regions: Europe, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific                               system with heat recovery.
                                                                          Duration: 2007 - 2009
                                                                          Sector: Private

   72                                                                                                                                                                                    AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       PILLWAX Industrial Solutions Consulting                                                                                                   Management Consultant Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                                        Glaserstrasse 6    Strategic use of Technology in Industrial
                                                           A-4040 Linz     Organizations
                                           Austria, United States, China, Germany
                                                  Individual Consultant
                                                                           Projects in which technology and humans are led together,
      We are a goal and solution oriented consultancy for organisations
                                                                           and through this, recognisable results in complex relations are
      in industrial production and technology. We offer consulting
                                                                           achieved. Technology alone is not the recipe for success, as there
      without the advice. Allowing humans and organisations to
                                                                           are no general recipes for success anyway. Humans are experts
      construct development and innovation by themselves and for
                                                                           in their daily environment and technology is able to support them
      themselves. At our core stand the paradigms of interrelational,
                                                                           within changing boundaries. Subordinating humans to trivial
      systems, autopoietic theory and radical constructivism. We lead
                                                                           machines means losing organisational intelligence – but it is
      uncompromisingly away from traditional linear thinking to a „part
                                                                           exactly this intelligence that is most required for organisations
      of the world“ mindset, where one is the designer of one’s own
                                                                           to act intelligently. Organisations are built on humans, so our
      future. Our processes work „NOW!“, without any analysis, but with
                                                                           consulting programs on the strategic use of technology in
      companionship and leadership.
                                                                           companies are oriented such that humans find the technology
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America,        that suits their purpose and strategy. We make technology an
      S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean                    enabler for intelligent companies.
                                                                           Duration: 2005 - ongoing
1493                                                                       Sector: Private

       PNO                                                                                                                                                                           Management Consultant

                                                Dresdner Straße 108/7      Grant procurement
                                                       A-1200 Vienna       Poland
                                                  Consulting Company       2 successful grant applications for large investment projects
                                                                           (production plants) in Pobiedziska and Bełchatów. Our client
      Since 1984 we have grown to become a leading, independent and        (production company) was planning to set up 2 new production
      innovative consultancy for grants and public funding, with clients   plants with a total investment volume of nearly EUR 36m. The
      throughout Europe. We are specialised in providing high level        task of the special PNO application team (technical and financial
      expert advice and assistance in obtaining funding from national      experts) was to identify the innovative elements in each productive
      and European grant schemes. With our 500 grant specialists           process, assess the innovative value and the employment impact
      working out of 13 countries, we focus on both public and profit      for the region and PL. PNO guided the client through the process,
      organisations. Clients appreciate us because of our in-depth         which also entailed an “innovation check” by an external R&D
      knowledge of complex grant schemes, our professional approach        expert. The projects were awarded a grant of EUR 4.5m and
      and our high success rate. Our mission is to offer our clients the   EUR 9.5m. PNO will assist in the 3 year implementation process
      best grants consultancy in Europe.                                   (reporting, financial admin., payment schedules, etc) to secure
      Regions: Europe, North America                                       100 % of the awarded payment.
                                                                           Duration: 03/2009 - 12/2012
                                                                           Sector: Private

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                                   73

       Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH                                                                                                              Engineering Consultant

                                                    Hamburgerstrasse 9       BITUROX Plants
                                                          A-1050 Vienna      Worldwide
                                                    Consulting Company       Pörner Group, with more than 35 Biturox plants built worldwide,
                                                                             No. 1 in the field of bitumen oxidation technology. The Biturox®
      Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is a privately owned Austrian         process allows maximum flexibility crude selection and adjusts
      engineering company founded in 1972, working mainly in the             the chemical composition of the bitumen produced to create the
      chemical and petrochemical industries. With more than 450              desired rheological properties. The result is improved performance
      engineers, it is one of the major Austrian engineering companies,      to a desired optimum based on field or performance design. A
      located in 5 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. To date, the     wide range of quality bitumen grades from industrial heavy duty
      engineering output of Pörner Group has included polypropylene,         binders to multigrade road bitumen quality can be achieved.
      melamine, and formaldehyde, resin plants, bitumen plants               Pörner Group´s work includes the complete range beginning
      (BITUROX®- process) and even complete refineries. Pörner Group         with licensing, basic and detailed engineering, procurement and
      offers the complete range of engineering services out of one           supply of the process unit, site supervision to start-up assistance,
      hand.                                                                  training and documentation.
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia,   Duration: ongoing
      E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa         Sector: Private


       pos architekten schneider ZT-KG                                                                                                               Engineering Consultant

                                                Maria-Treu-Gasse 3/15        ENERGYbase
                                                        A-1080 Vienna        Austria
                                                  Consulting Company         ENERGYbase in Vienna, with 7,500 m² of useable space, shows what
                                                                             office buildings in the future might look like. The architectural and
      Since its launch in 1997, pos architects of Vienna has been leading    energy concept focuses on sustainable, innovative technologies as
      in innovative architecture and building research. Our holistic         passive house standard for the building envelope, ground water
      approach and our pilot projects offer a promising alternative          heat pumps, free cooling, Solar air-conditioning, integrated PV
      to develop highly sustainable qualities in architecture. The first     and ecological air humidification using plants in the ventilation
      passive house in an extreme alpine climate above 2000 m, a             system. To keep the primary energy demand as low as possible,
      minimum energy office building and the new ecoefficient Austrian       the energy performance concentrates on the use of locally
      embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia (under construction) are proof of        available renewable energy sources. Awards: green building for
      research and planning performance. Since 2004, pos architects‘         highest innovation, klima:aktiv building, Austrian Sustainability
      consulting expertise has been highly requested for international       Label TQ, ATGA Facility Price 2009, euro solar austria 2008, solid
      ecological and energy efficient building design.                       building price 2008, European Environmental Press Award 2008,
      Regions: Europe, Asia, Pacific                                         Austrian national Award 2007.
                                                                             Duration: 2006 - 2008
                                                                             Sector: Public

      74                                                                                                                                                AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Pöyry                                                                                                                                                                     Engineering Consultant

                                                Laaer-Berg-Straße 43     Ermenek Hydroelectric Power Plant
                                                      A-1100 Vienna      Turkey
                                                Consulting Company       The Ermenek Project is located on the Ermenek river, a tributary to
                                                                         the Göksu river in the southern part of Turkey. The hydroelectric
   Pöyry Energy GmbH, Austria provides its clients with innovative       power plant consists of a 218 m high double-curved arch dam
   and value-adding solutions for the development of hydropower          in the Görmel Gorge and an approx. 8 km long head-race tunnel
   plants, dam safety and rehabilitation concepts. It offers all         (ø 5.6 m), a 1,125 m long inclined pressure tunnel (ø 4.7 m), a
   services required for the study, design and supervision of new        power-house and a tail race channel. With a rated head of 327 m
   hydropower and other water resource projects as well as the           and a capacity of 2 x 150 = 300 MW, two vertical shaft Francis
   extension, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing schemes.          turbines will produce a mean total annual energy capacity of
   More than 250 experts are available in our engineering centres        1,014 GWh. Pöyry Energy GmbH carried out the detail design
   in Vienna, Salzburg and Villach to assist our clients according to    and coordination works within a Turkish-Austrian construction
   their specific needs.                                                 consortium.
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,          Duration: 2002 - 2010
   S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, Sub-Saharian Africa                          Sector: Public
   Work for: ADB, EBRD, WB

       Prozess Delta                                                                                                                             Management Consultant IT Consultant Finance Specialist

                                              Gusindegasse 4/3/28        Business Plan and Valuation for Renewable
                                                      A-1130 Vienna      Energy Project
                                   Austria, Poland, Ukraine
                                               Individual Consultant
                                                                         For EBES AG (Vienna), scenarios for the production of pellets
   All businesses and projects have in common that the owners or
                                                                         from sustainable sources of biomass were valuated. It was
   sponsors want to be informed about success and risk. However, the
                                                                         crucial in this project to demonstrate added value to potential
   efforts this requires in planning and reporting can be significant.
                                                                         investors. Strategic options were valued with this end in mind. An
   Smaller companies in particular therefore often try to do without
                                                                         international consortium of partners is being prepared. Reporting
   formalised structures. As a result, such businesses sometimes get
                                                                         for existing investors was structured in such a way that it satisfies
   stuck in their own complexity or have difficulties in cooperating
                                                                         all information needs with the lowest possible internal effort.
   with outside partners or investors. Prozess Delta is specialised in
   strengthening the principles of corporate governance and quality      Duration: 09/2009 - 06/2010
   management with the right sense of proportion for medium and          Sector: Private
   small businesses.
   Regions: Europe

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                                  75

       qpunkt                                                                                                                                  Engineering Consultant

                                              Reininghausstrasse 13a      Thermal Management Automotiv
                                                         A-8020 Graz      Germany
                                                 Consulting Company       >>>>> Development and integration of the whole air-conditioning
                                                                          system done by simulation, physical tests and measurements. *
   qpunkt GmbH is an innovative engineering company and offers            Components – layout * Capacity layout and energy optimisation
   solutions in the area of aerodynamics, cooling, thermal safety and     of the whole system * Comfort adjustment * Functional safety *
   climatisation for standard and alternative propulsion systems. The     Compliance to the laws and vehicle safety * Geometrical function
   services include the complete project management and product           >>>>> Development of cooling systems for alternative propulsion
   development process starting with virtual development using            systems and energy accumulators. * Conceptioning of cooling
   accurate, validated simulation techniques and CAD, followed            systems in alternative propulsion systems and networks with
   by physical testing phases on test benches and on-road. With           the usual cooling systems * Development of control strategies
   our experienced and highly motivated engineers we can assure           for alternative propulsion systems and energy accumulators *
   the service required by applying the latest measurement and            Integration of all systems into a whole system in the vehicle.
   development tools to support our customers.
                                                                          Duration: 06/2008 - 08/2010
   Regions: Europe, North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific                Sector: Private


       Schimetta Consult ZT GmbH                                                                                                               Engineering Consultant

                                                   Landwiedstraße 23      PPP Ostregion Projekt Y
                                                         A-4020 Linz      Austria
                                                 Consulting Company       The Project ‘Ypsilon’ with parts of A5, S1 and S2 connected to
                                                                          form a Y-shape is one of the most ambitious motorway projects
   Schimetta Consult offers comprehensive engineering services            in the north of Vienna which is being carried out as a public
   in the field of infrastructure, both in Austria and abroad. Our        private partnership (PPP) project. The dimensions of the project
   integrated approach provides a natural link between traffic            – its volume and short implementation period – are unique in
   planning, road and railway design and structural engineering           Austria. Within the design joint venture, Schimetta Consult, as
   (bridges, tunnels, etc.) as well as project control and construction   the technical leader for structures, is in charge of the general
   management. We also combine road and rail projects with the            planning for the entire project. Given the huge design volume, in
   immediate environment. Our services include: - Transport and           peak periods there are about 200 heads in the respective firms all
   road design - Tram and railway design - Bridge design and              working at the same time at this project under the guidance and
   civil engineering - Industrial design - Structural design - Bridge     project management of Schimetta Consult. Technical data //51.5
   monitoring.                                                            km of new motorway//76 bridges//18 sags//4 tunnels//80 km
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia, E-Asia,         noise protection walls.
   Pacific, South America, Caribbean                                      Duration: 2007 - 2010
                                                                          Sector: Private

   76                                                                                                                                             AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Security Plus Management GmbH                                                                                           Management Consultant Engineering Consultant IT Consultant Finance Specialist

                                               Carlbergergasse 12/8         The internationalisation of the Austrian
                                                      A-1230 Vienna         agricultural industry – AGRANA
                                    Germany, Nigeria, Poland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Serbia
                                                Consulting Company          and Montenegro, Sweden
   Security Plus Management is one of the leading companies for
                                                                            Agrana is a producer of starch and potatoes from corn. My task
   international marketing and sales development, consulting, and
                                                                            was to sell the company’s products for use in foodstuffs and
   acquiring costumers leading to substantial improvements in sales
                                                                            technical fields as well as in the paper industry, not just in Austria,
   results. Following countries and business lines: European Union,
                                                                            but also abroad, despite the significant hurdles arising from the
   Switzerland, Belarus, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Russian Federation,
                                                                            customs restrictions on these products. The market development
   Middle East, parts of Africa, USA, Canada and parts of Latin America.
                                                                            in these countries led them to become an important pillar of
   Experience in trade, agriculture, pet food, food industry, waste
                                                                            Agrana’s exports and brought good returns. I was able to establish
   and recycling, as well as the chemical, starch, detergent, plastics
                                                                            functioning partnerships in all of the countries I worked on.
   and adhesives industries. A main focus is IT. We offer complete
   solutions for all demands. Call us: + 43 1 865 65 64                     Duration: 1984 - 1990
                                                                            Sector: Private
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America,
   S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa


       Servithink                                                                                                                                                                    Management Consultant

                                                   Wipplingerstraße 20      Post merger integration
                                                        A-1010 Vienna       France, Austria, Germany
                                                  Consulting Company        Post merger integration and outplacement for a French company
                                                                            after acquisition of an entity in Austria.
   Servithink was founded in 2005. Our head office is located in the
   center of the city of Vienna, close to the Vienna stock exchange.        Duration: 01/2007 - 09/2007
   Our consultants are skilled in management and have many years of         Sector: Private
   international experience. Servithink employs 4 people and works
   with a team of external consultants for reinforcement of special
   duties. Our clients range from small companies to financial
   institutions and large industrial enterprises. We advise clients
   in several sectors from foundation up to reorganisation. We are
   accredited consultants to the Vienna Chamber of Commerce as
   well as to the Austrian-French Chamber of Commerce.
   Regions: Europe

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                                       77

       SHARK GmbH Business Consulting & IT Solutions                                                                                               Management Consultant IT Consultant

                                              Marc Aurel-Strasse 2B/12A       Replacement of a BS2000 system with Unix
                                                          A-1010 Vienna       Austria
                                                     Consulting Company       Replacement of the whole BS2000 Mainframe EDV systems,
                                                                              Porting of proprietary database system (SESAM) according to
      Automatic migration of legacy mainframe systems to open source          Oracle Porting of Data Centre.
      Unix systems. Database migration from proprietary databases
      and file systems (SESAM, VSAM, LEASY) to Postgres, Oracle or            Duration: 05/2009 - 03/2010
      DB2. Return on Investment of less than 2 years, Cost saving of          Sector: Public
      up to 50% of IT data centre operating cost. Risk assessment and
      process-driven project management based upon SHARK migration
      Regions: Europe


       Software Project                                                                                                                            Management Consultant IT Consultant

                                                          Alleestrasse 9a     Telematic Solutions for Chinese and Austrian
                                                 A-3400 Klosterneuburg        Highways
                                      China, Austria
                                                   Individual Consultant
                                                                              ASFINAG – In 2005, the owner of the Austrian Highway System
      Interims - management, program management in large international
                                                                              installed a new VMIZ (Verkehrsmanagamentzentrale – traffic control
      projects, consulting, IT-related projects, tourism. Geographic focus:
                                                                              centre as its headquarter in Vienna / Austria) The consortium work
      Europe and Southeast Asia - especially China, Viet Nam, and the
                                                                              was done by SIEMENS, Heusch - Boesefeld and PLOT for IT and PKE
      Philippines. Intelligent traffic solutions (road, airport), financial
                                                                              (Philips) for the cameras. The aim was to increase performance
      services (bank, insurance), supply chain, M&A (outsourcing,
                                                                              and reduce accidents on the highways. CHINA – In 2009, we set
      outcarving), industry. Contacts and offices in Vienna (Austria) and
                                                                              up our office in Shanghai and qualified as a consulting partner
      Shanghai (China). We work globally, mostly in Europe and Asia. We
                                                                              for Chinese Design Institutes in Hubei, Zehjiang and Shanxi.
      work in different branches and will jump very fast into projects,
                                                                              China has a rapidly increasing number of registrations of new cars
      solve problems and create success in critical projects. Technology
                                                                              – 1,400,000 for example in November 2009. The highway network
                                                                              is expanding very fast to double its size in the more developed
      Regions: Europe, North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific                 provinces.
                                                                              Duration: 2005 - 2009
                                                                              Sector: Private

      78                                                                                                                                                             AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Söhne & Partner Architekten ZT GmbH                                                                                                        Engineering Consultant

                                          Mariahilferstrasse 101 / 47      Code Unique Hotel - Dubai - Studio City
                                                       A-1060 Vienna       United Arab Emirates
                                                Consulting Company         The strongest expressions of fiction are science fiction movies.
                                                                           The medium for the fictional trips is the spaceship. The hotel we
   Söhne & Partner architects - S&P ZT GmbH, is an architecture firm       designed is also a medium, a medium for hospitality, but it‘s not
   focused on architecture and interior design, with an international      a spaceship, it is a space harbour for business people, actors and
   orientation. “No task is too complicated for Söhne & Partner. Their     people who want to taste the atmosphere of illusions. The Code
   work, their designs could be described as a quest for the optimum,      Unique Hotel at Dubai Studio City is a place that offers a premium
   as a highly diversified approach that is refined with every intricate   service to all travellers with the best amenities to make the
   and complex problem they find a solution for. Every project is          guests’ stays more pleasurable and, importantly, inspirational.
   different. And is treated as such. Precise analysis and research        The facade gives the hotel the name, it is not only an eye catcher -
   leads to solutions that are custom tailored to the needs of clients,    the implication of the facade structure is a code - a special matrix
   projects and building sites. Let‘s be open minded!”                     code named the QR Code. There is a message behind the code
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, Sub-Saharian Africa      - but who knows it?
                                                                           Duration: 10/2008 - ongoing
                                                                           Sector: Private


       Spirit Design                                                                                                                              Management Consultant

                                                        Silbergasse 8      Rosenbauer Panther
                                                      A-1190 Vienna        Austria
                                                 Consulting Company        Rosenbauer International AG based in Leonding, Austria, is the
                                                                           global leader in the market for airport fire-fighting vehicles.
   Spirit Design is a strategic design enterprise specialised in           Spirit Design consulted Rosenbauer in the development and
   innovation and branding. The company’s integrated consultancy           design of the company‘s top of the range Panther model. With
   model SPRINT combines strategy, product and brand development.          its unique design, the new Panther has drawn much international
   Spirit Design was the first company in Austria to underline the         attention. The development of its design encompasses not only
   importance of strategic design for innovation and branding. This        aesthetic innovations but also includes new strategic, technical
   two-pronged strategy is pivotal to the success of companies in          and ergonomic advancements. From a marketing-strategic
   saturated and highly competitive markets: innovation generates          point of view, Spirit Design’s dynamic and powerful stylistic
   lasting value for products and brands, while branding enhances          featuring emphasises the attributes which Rosenbauer wishes
   the way consumers experience the added value emotionally.               to communicate to the market: reliability, security, strength and
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America            vitality. Furthermore, the attractive design helps the Rosenbauer
                                                                           brand to stand out amongst the competition.
                                                                           Duration: 2005 - 2006
                                                                           Sector: Private

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                  79

       STENUM GmbH                                                                                                                                 Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                        Geidorfgürtel 21     Greening the philippine industries
                                                            A-8010 Graz      with the ecoprofit approach
                                                   Consulting Company
                                                                             Green Philippines is an initiative to bring forward the integration
      Since 1991 we have been guiding companies, public institutions
                                                                             of sustainable development principles to the fast paced
      and local authorities through the implementation of sustainable
                                                                             industrialisation being experienced by various countries in
      development with a special emphasis on preventive environmental
                                                                             Asia. Utilising the ECOPROFIT approach that is based on Cleaner
      protection, resource and energy optimisation, management
                                                                             Production, the project supports participating companies in
      systems and communication to promote the environment and
                                                                             reaching higher levels of eco-efficiency, environmental compliance
      sustainability. The STENUM team consists of highly qualified
                                                                             and economic returns.
      employees with practical experience and academic backgrounds
      in the fields of technology, natural sciences and business             Duration: 2006 - 2009
      administration.                                                        Sector: Public
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, S-Asia,
      E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa

      Work for: AfDB, ADB, EBRD, EIB, OPEC, WB

       Steszgal Informationstechnologie GmbH                                                                                                                                       IT Consultant

                                                    Steinamanger Str. 5      SAP Upgrade ECC 6.0 / Unicode Conversion -
                                                       A-7423 Pinkafeld      mobilkom austria group
                                             Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia
                                                   Consulting Company
                                                                             Mr. Halpern and Mr. Steszgal had the challenging task of assisting
      You are someone who understands his business and wants
                                                                             the project manager in every strategic and functional aspect
      to make use of modern ICT? We offer individual consultations
                                                                             during the whole project run time. Furthermore they implemented
      that are tailored to your needs! You are someone who wants
                                                                             and controlled the entire test process considering the relevant
      to implement an ICT project and who needs professional and
                                                                             function and interfaces during the SAP-Upgrade 4.6C -> ECC6.0
      experienced support? Our consultants are experienced in all fields
                                                                             combined with unicode converting. All related companies of
      of project, quality, risk and test management! You are someone
                                                                             mobilkom austria were part of the project-team (see picture):
      who has developed ICT solutions and who now needs national
                                                                             Vipnet (Croatia), Si.mobil (Slovenia), Vip mobile (Serbia) und Vip
      and international partners with experience to be successful? We
                                                                             operator (Macedonia). The affected SAP modules were: HR, FI,
      want to support your ideas - either by investing in them or on an
                                                                             CO, MM, SD, BW, RE. One of the challenges was to coordinate all
      operational level!
                                                                             companies with their different cultures. It was not easy but after
      Regions: Europe, North America                                         hard work the upgrade was completed successfully during the
                                                                             Easter holidays.
                                                                             Duration: 01/2007 - 04/2008
                                                                             Sector: Private

      80                                                                                                                                                                     AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       SYSaid Austria GmbH                                                                                                                                Management Consultant IT Consultant

                                                       Ruckergasse 10      MCA Benin
                                                        A-1120 Vienna      Benin
                                                 Individual Consultant     Feasibility study for possibilities on micro-finance and micro-
                                                                           enterprises, e.g. existing services including prices and customers,
      Gerhard Havlik works with his company SYSaid Austria GmbH on         possibilities for further developments including pricing structures
      international projects, especially in developing countries. Micro-   and target groups.
      enterprises and micro-finance are the most important areas, in
      addition to feasibility studies and training sessions. Combining     Duration: 07/2007 - 02/2009
      international experience with local knowledge is the most            Sector: Public
      important key to success. Since 1990, various fields of business
      including infrastructure, transport, banking and tourism have been
      important and now this will be extending to energy, water and
      waste. We support our projects with international conferences.
      Regions: Europe, Sub-Saharian Africa

      Work for: USAid, WB


       tbb.hru - Technisches Büro für Bergwesen Hruschka                                                                                          Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                          Erzherzog Johann-Strasse 15      Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold
                                                        A-8700 Leoben      Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia
                                                  Consulting Company       15% of the world’s gold supply originates from millions of artisanal
                                                                           and small-scale miners in developing countries, living in conditions
      tbb.hru (Technisches Buero für Bergwesen Felix Hruschka), based      of extreme poverty. The fairtrade approach has the potential to
      in Leoben / Austria, has since 1992 been covering the technical      create a win-win situation consisting in significant livelihood
      and economical aspects of projects in the mining and minerals        improvements for the miners and their families and supplying
      sector in developing countries, focusing on the interaction of the   ethical gold to the European and North American jewellery sector.
      extractive industries with society and environment. Outstanding      The initiative is lead by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).
      fields of expertise are artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM)       An introduction to the UK market in cooperation with FLO (the
      and the sustainable development of minerals and the mining           Fairtrade Labelling Organisation) of fair-mined and fair-traded
      sector on company and policy level. Understanding communities‘       gold is envisaged for 2010. Felix Hruschka from tbb.hru is ARM’s
      concerns is the key for engineering the best technical/economical    Standards Coordinator and Senior Advisor, and cooperates closely
      solutions.                                                           with FLO and artisanal gold producers.
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe, South America, Caribbean,             Duration: 2006 - ongoing
      Sub-Saharian Africa                                                  Sector: Private
      Work for: WB

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                      81

       Techcon Planungs- und HandelsgesmbH                                                                                                          Engineering Consultant

                                                       Marktgasse 10       Eurovea
                                                  A-7210 Mattersburg       Slovakia
                                                 Consulting Company        CEE‘s most sophisticated mixed-use riverside development. Over
                                                                           200,000 m2 of corporate offices, retail galleria, hotel, casino,
   Techcon is specialised in complete building services, electrical        multiplex cinema, riverside apartments and waterfront park, 150
   engineering, as well as alternative and renewable energy systems.       shops, a 200 room 5 * hotel, 23,000 m2 of office space, and
   Over a number of years, Techcon has established a dense                 240 apartments overlooking the Danube. Techcon participated
   network throughout both at home and abroad, where our close             in the development of the mep-systems first as consultants and
   partnership with EZI helps us to reach overseas customers. That         subsequently as design coordinators during the preparation of
   allows us to offer services including planning or supervision in        the construction documentation.
   heating, ventilation, sanitary, chilling systems, electrics, building
   management systems, safety automation, fire control, controlling        Duration: 2008 - 2009
   of construction, cost control, final acceptance and commissioning,      Sector: Private
   take over assessment and more.
   Regions: Europe


       Technoma GmbH                                                                                                                                Management Consultant

                                                   Jakob Thoma Str. 7      Optimisation of maintenance arrangements
                                                      A-2340 Mödling       Germany
                                                 Consulting Company        MVG Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft Germany
                                                                           This rolling stock maintenance project comprised process analysis,
   Technoma is an independent consultancy that have been                   identification of cost and time drivers, evaluation of results, design
   specialised in rail traffic projects since 1995. We offer a             of new processes and the definition of an action plan. The process
   comprehensive range of services for rail operators, infrastructure      management tool SYCAT® was used systematically, supporting the
   providers and the industry. We combine management consulting            analysis, optimisation, modelling, simulation and documentation
   competence with practical experience in life cycle optimisation         of business and operational processes. Special attention was
   of processes and systems of rolling stock and rail infrastructure.      given to the integration of the employees of the departments
   Our services range from procurement projects, optimisation of           involved. In regular workshops on site, all processes and activities
   operation and maintenance, implementation of integrated quality         were assessed in respect of problems, improvement potential and
   and risk management systems, safety management systems                  implementation aspects. Project results are a significant reduction
   (SMS), systems engineering (RAMS) and project management.               of life cycle cost (LCC) and a reduction of processing times
   Regions: Europe                                                         up to 50%.
                                                                           Duration: 03/2004 - 12/2004
                                                                           Sector: Public

   82                                                                                                                                                   AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       The Missing Link International Consulting Corporation                                                                                              Management Consultant

                                                         P.O. Box 54       Implementation of the Stockholm Convention on
                                                      A-1096 Vienna        Persistent Organic Pollutants
                          Burundi, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Liberia, Algeria, Sao
                                               Individual Consultant       Tome And Principe, Togo, Congo, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Rwanda
     The Missing Link International Consulting Corporation offers global
                                                                           The Stockholm Convention is a global treaty to protect human health
     expert consulting in sustainable industrial development, based on
                                                                           and the environment from persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
     over 30 years of professional experience in environmental strategy,
                                                                           These substances include PCBs, dioxins and furans, DDT and other
     chemical engineering, marketing, investment promotion, business
                                                                           8 pesticides. They remain intact in the environment for long periods,
     development, partner search, feasibility studies, and training
                                                                           become widely distributed geographically, and are toxic to humans
     programs. Its expertise includes project design, implementation
                                                                           and wildlife. Dr. Richard Temsch, President of The Missing Link,
     and evaluation for UN organisations, governments, development
                                                                           worked on behalf of UNIDO on the implementation of the Stockholm
     banks, and the private sector in Western and Eastern Europe,
                                                                           Convention in 13 countries. He conducted training courses in English
     USA, Former Soviet Union, Middle East, Central Asia, and over 25
                                                                           and French, evaluated pollutant inventories and guided the local
     African countries.
                                                                           experts in drafting national implementation plans for the elimination
     Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,          of POPs according to the Convention. These plans are a prerequisite
     North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, Sub-Saharian Africa           for funding applications to the Global Environment Facility.
                                                                           Duration: 2004 - 2009
1467Work for: EBRD, WB                                                     Sector: Public

       Thomas Breth                                                                                                                                       Management Consultant

                                          Dr. Ludwig-Rieger-Strasse 23     Managed Services in Telekom
                                                        A-2340 Mödling     Austria
                                                  Individual Consultant    Contract Management for a complex managed services agreement
                                                                           in the telecom industry.
     Contract management for complex service delivery contracts as a
     consultancy service. English and German. Our consultancy service      Duration: 05/2009 - 11/2009
     includes: analysis of tenders (e.g. from the European Development     Sector: Private
     Bank or the World Bank), support in the production of submissions,
     the development of general terms and conditions, risk analysis,
     training and coaching in commercial contract conditions. Our
     offer does not include legal advice, which requires the services
     of relevant law firms, but we can arrange such meetings if this
     is desired. Find out more under or by
     contacting us.
     Regions: Europe

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                       83

       Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH                                                                                                                                               Engineering Consultant

                                                        Katzianergasse 1     OIC Tower
                                                            A-8010 Graz      Saudi Arabia
                                                    Consulting Company       A tower in the centre of Jeddah was built for the headquarters of
                                                                             the International Islamic Community. The office and conference
      Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH emerged from Lorenz Consult ZT                   area of about 40,000 m² is situated in this tower, which is about
      GmbH in 2003 and currently employs 25 people in Graz. In               162 m tall. The surrounding area of the tower covers about
      addition to structural and infrastructure engineering projects,        20,000 m² and consists of gardens with underground areas filled
      Thomas Lorenz ZT Ltd. also specialises in construction                 with technical equipment and garages. The building is tapered to
      management. Construction management covers local site                  form a diameter of 35 m at the bottom to 27 m at its top. Its main
      inspections, responding to tenders, checking offers as well as         load bearing elements consist of 16 international columns and its
      cost, time and quality controlling.                                    cylindrical outer reinforced concrete wall with a thickness of 30
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa                          to 40 cm, which works as a shell. In addition to the vertical loads,
                                                                             the outside shell wall supports a membrane cover.
                                                                             Duration: 2006 – ongoing
                                                                             Sector: Public


       TPA Horwath European & Technology Consultants GmbH                                                                                           Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                    Praterstrasse 62-64      Solar power plants
                                                         A-1020 Vienna       Romania
                                                   Consulting Company        Garber SOLAR is an Austrian company specialised on feasibility,
                                                                             planning and implementation of solar power plants, using gears
      TPA Horwath offers EU consulting, EU subsidy and technology            to automatically optimise the performance of solar panels by
      consulting for high-tech and industrial companies, furthermore         following the changing position of the sun, using SOLON Hilber
      EU consulting and EU subsidies for municipalities, ministries,         Technology (Austria). Garber Solar is currently developing solar
      funding agencies, associations and NGOs in Austria as well as in       power plants in Austria, Romania and Bulgaria. The Project will be
      Central and Eastern Europe. The consulting portfolio covers the full   an 8 MW solar power plant in Romania for approx. 24 Mio EUR;
      range of services – from project evaluation to full-service project    building will start in Nov 2010, and the plant will be ready for
      management and financial control. The consulting concentrates          operation in March 2012. TPA Horwath is providing consulting
      on research and development, new technologies, innovation              services to start the company in Romania, financial and technical
      and business start-ups, together with national and EU subsidies.       planning, application for Romanian subsidies (=70% of project
      The focus of activities is put on Central- and Eastern Europe.         costs); technical licenses, etc.
      Regions: Europe                                                        Duration: 11/2010 - 03/2012
                                                                             Sector: Private

      84                                                                                                                                                                      AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Umweltbundesamt GmbH                                                                                                                    Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                              Spittelauer Lände 5      Consulting on Air Quality in EU Member States
                                                   A-1090 Vienna       Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary,
                                Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria,
                                             Consulting Company        Cyprus, Poland
   Umweltbundesamt is the leading Austrian expert organisation for     Umweltbundesamt assesses measures to reduce air pollution
   all environmental issues and media. Umweltbundesamt specialises     in the areas of traffic, industry, heating, agriculture and others,
   in the monitoring, management and evaluation of environmental       from various EU Member States. Experts at Umweltbundesamt
   data. Umweltbundesamt’s employees develop scenarios for             check whether EU requirements are met and make suggestions
   the achievement of environmental policy targets in Austria and      for improving air quality. This consulting work for the European
   Europe. Furthermore, Umweltbundesamt provides strategic             Commission also includes workshops on best practice in air
   perspectives for environmental policy and recommendations for       quality planning and guidance on practical air quality issues. This
   decision-makers in politics, business and administration.           project highlights the strength of Umweltbundesamt in finding
   Regions: Europe                                                     solutions to environmental problems in an international setting.
                                                                       Duration: 01/2008 - 08/2013
   Work for: EuropeAid
                                                                       Sector: Public


       USP Unternehmensberatung Dr. Schubiger & Partner                                                                                                     Management Consultant

                                             Gumpendorfer Str. 51      Intensification of market penetration
                                                    A-1060 Vienna      Italy
                                              Consulting Company       Our client, an international industrial enterprise, acquired a former
                                                                       competitor via its Italian subsidiary. However, its integration was
   USP Consulting was founded as a spin-off of a Swiss consulting      hindered by language and cultural barriers. Expected synergies
   firm. Our support is comprehensive and extends well beyond          could not be realised, leading to turnover and workload problems.
   the classical consulting scope, in terms of both analysis and       USP‘s managing partner took over the Italian company‘s interim
   conception. We guide implementation through training and            management for marketing and sales just three weeks after he had
   project or interim management. Our service in accessing new         initially contacted the client. He restructured the responsibilities
   markets is unique. We take care of establishing organisational      of the management team, introduced a new process of target
   and administrative structures, and can provide our own capacity     agreement for the sales force, improved the business forecast and
   if needed. We handle the operational management in the start-up     started to give individual branches more independence in their
   phase, and hand over responsibility for the new structure once it   procurement procedures. 3 months later, production was once
   has been demonstrated to be stable.                                 again running at capacity, and 6 months after USP‘s intervention,
   Regions: Europe, South America, Caribbean                           incoming orders are expected to rise by 25%.
                                                                       Duration: 01/2008 - 09/2008
                                                                       Sector: Private

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                              85

       VA TECH Finance GmbH                                                                                                                      Management Consultant Finance Specialist

                                                     Serravagasse 10        KÖPRÜBASI
                                                      A-1140 Vienna         Turkey
                                                 Consulting Company         VA TECH Finance has been contracted for the financial project
                                                                            development, advising and arranging the debt financing of the 74
   VA TECH Finance GmbH is an independent financial service                 MW Hydropower Plant Köprübasi in Turkey. The project is the first
   provider specialised in advising on and arranging financing              investment of Yüksel Enerji, a subsidiary of renowned Turkish
   solutions and financial risk management for projects and export          construction company Yüksel Insaat, which is a long-term client
   business. For project activities we offer financial advice, financial    of VA TECH Finance. The credit facility in the amount of 38 MUSD
   project development incl. the elaboration of project documentation       will be provided by two development banks; this is their first
   and the arranging of project financing and M&A undertakings.             project financing of a hydropower plant in Turkey. The signature
   For corporate finance activities, we assist companies in the             of the loan documentation is expected for the end of March 2010
   optimisation/extension of refinancing schemes, guarantee and             as the parties have already agreed on a comprehensive term
   L/C lines. VA TECH Finance GmbH has a recognised track record            sheet. The project is scheduled to start operations in 2012 and
   of numerous financial transactions all over the world.                   will generate approx. 200 GWh of renewable energy.
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,             Duration: 2009 - 2010
   North America, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean,        Sector: Private
   Sub-Saharian Africa

       VEC Venture Europe Consulting                                                                                                                              Management Consultant

                                                    Wolfernstrasse 46       Bus Manufacturer Alliance
                                                         A-4400 Steyr       Spain, China, Serbia, Slovenia
                                                  Consulting Company        VEC was engaged by a major Chinese manufacturer of commercial
                                                                            vehicles with the establishment of a bus production and sales
   Services: (1) International Business Expansion. VEC supports             alliance in Europe in 2009. The main tasks include: *Pre-selection
   companies in every aspect of establishing business in China              of prospective partners in the former Yugoslav countries and
   & South Eastern Europe. (2) Global Sourcing and Procurement.             Spain *Drawing up of both a product-related concept (synergies
   Based on the processes established for the vehicle industry,             in bus production) and a business and market development plan
   VEC provides its global sourcing & procurement services inter-           (penetration of CEE markets) *Supervising the due diligence
   sectorally. (3) Commercial Vehicle Projects. Realisation of              conducted by KPMG *Structuring a sales organisation and after
   component and assembly concepts and management consultancy               sales service *Managerial support for the local management after
   in product development projects. Company: VEC has offices in             the establishment of the cooperation This project is ongoing and
   Austria (Steyr) and China (Jinan) as well as cooperation offices in      scheduled to be finalised in 2010. VEC‘s comprehensive coverage
   India, Russia, Brazil and Spain.                                         of both technical and commercial issues assures a well-balanced
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America,   overall solution for the ordering party.
   Caribbean, Sub-Saharian Africa                                           Duration: 04/2009 - 10/2010
                                                                            Sector: Private
   Work for: WB

   86                                                                                                                                                                  AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Vermessung Angst ZT GmbH                                                                                                                 Engineering Consultant

                                                        Mayergasse 11      Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)
                                                        A-1020 Vienna      Albania, Greece
                                                 Individual Consultant     Orthophotos, Surveying for basic engineering and construction
                                                                           works: The rising demand for natural gas in Europe is
   Since 1968, the »Vermessung Angst« surveying office has been            encouraging European countries to search for new and non-
   offering a wide range of services from classical land register          traditional import methods. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) will
   surveying to digital geographical information systems. We are a         establish a new corridor for natural gas from the Caspian Sea
   partner in Austria to building authorities, private and public sector   and the Middle East to Europe. Vermessung Angst and Geodis
   developers and architects. Due to our network of international          were commissioned to prepare orthophotos and route plans of
   investments, we are also increasingly involved in the CEE region        the pipeline sections in Greece and Albania of the TAP. The Greek
   and can draw on the resources and experience of over 450                section was subcontracted out to a local partner. The Albanian
   personnel. Our motto: accurate – reliable – competent.                  section (approx. 195 km long with a corridor width of 800 m),
   Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa                           was surveyed by Vermessung Angst and Geodis. Foreign projects
                                                                           often present new challenges and it can be very rewarding work
                                                                           and we look forward to similar challenges in the future.
                                                                           Duration: 07/2006 - 12/2008
                                                                           Sector: Private

       Vienna IT Enterprises                                                                                                                             IT Consultant

                                                 Meldemannstraße 18        CITT - Centrope IT Technology Transfer Channel
                                                       A-1200 Vienna       Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
                                                 Consulting Company        CITT is a project which defines a strategy for a cross-border
                                                                           ICT network for information and communication technologies
   Vienna IT Enterprises (VITE) is Vienna’s IT network and                 in the Centrope region that will support this strategy with best
   information platform and is open to IT enterprises and research,        practice examples. Europe is striving to become the world’s most
   development and educational institutions. VITE focuses especially       innovative and, respectively, most prosperous economic unit.
   on supporting SME as they often encounter problems, despite             Innovation is closely linked to technology transfer. Although
   having high competencies in their fields. VITE offers know-             technology transfer certainly allows a larger bandwidth, in its
   how, consultation on sites, legal and subsidy issues, concrete          most widespread definition, it represents the commercialisation of
   help with projects and the organisation of events, seminars and         academic research and involvement of business (especially SMEs)
   international appearances. Furthermore, we have our own sales           in R&D. The project “Centrope ICT Technology Transfer” (CITT)
   system that was established to offer the network          is targeted at the ICT sector and aims to improve the technology
   partners’ products and services.                                        transfer between the business and research communities in order
   Regions: Europe, South America, Caribbean                               to support the region’s growth.
                                                                           Duration: 2008 - 2010
                                                                           Sector: Public

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                87

       Walter & Partner KG                                                                                                                                                              Management Consultant

                                                          Endresstr. 92/2b
                                                            A-1230 Vienna
                                                    Individual Consultant

      Walter & Partner is an export consulting firm, helping Austrian
      companies to find distribution partners all over Europe. We are less
      a consulting partner than an exporter, but we do help EU firms to
      find partners for their products in Austria as well. On the other hand
      our sister company Walter & Associates works also for Austrian
      companies with daughter companies in CEE states to recruit
      managers in all positions. In the CEE countries we are assisted by
      associated partners and are therefore able to offer best prices and
      Regions: Europe


       Walter Consulting                                                                                                                            Management Consultant Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                                            Brixnerstr. 1      CellCast Technologies
                                                     A-6020 Innsbruck          Italy, Bahrain, Mauritius, Georgia, Mauritius, United States,
                                      United Kingdom
                                                   Consulting Company
                                                                               The task is to develop the market for public warning systems in
      Walter Consulting is a company experienced in the fields of              case of natural disasters or accidents in Europe, Asia and Africa.
      business development and change management. The key areas                The marketplace has to be developed in various aspects for
      are market research and product positioning. Our work includes           governments, the regulation authorities and mobile operators.
      identification of partners and subsidiaries as well as financing,        This also involves training local authorities on how to prepare
      legal and IT aspects and interim management on one hand and              the public for the receipt of cell broadcasts on their handsets.
      the re-engineering of operation, processes and services within           A trust protocol which describes the generation of messages by
      the organisation on the other hand. Our key asset is the more            authorised persons and departments in the case of an emergency
      then 25 years of worldwide experience we have in various                 also has to be defined.
      market segments with a key focus on telecommunication and IT
      operations.                                                              Duration: 2008 - 2012
                                                                               Sector: Private
      Regions: Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa, North America,
      S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, Sub-Saharian Africa

      88                                                                                                                                                                                    AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       Werner Moser Consulting Group                                                                                                             Engineering Consultant

                                                      Leithastraße 10      PARS Multipurpose Center
                                                       A-1200 Vienna       Iran
                                                 Consulting Company        Project management for the multipurpose project PARS in the city
                                                                           centre of Teheran, including offices, shops, parking, convention
   Werner Moser Consulting Group is your international partner for         and meeting, cinema etc. GFA: 196.000m² .
   state of the art architectural and engineering services. We work in
   the fields of multipurpose buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping       Duration: 2009 - 2012
   centres, offices, residential buildings, parking, airports, power       Sector: Public
   plants, railway terminals, roads and motorways and can offer
   our services for all fields and phases of complex construction
   and building projects. We can provide you with state of the art
   services for master planning, general design, detailed design,
   project management, engineering, consulting and controlling.
   Regions: Near-, Middle East, N-Africa


       WOLF THEISS                                                                                                                                            Attorney

                                                       Schubertring 6      District Facility for Lenart/Slovenia
                                                       A-1010 Vienna       Slovenia
                                                  Consulting Company       EKO-TOPLOTA Energetica d.o.o. intends to construct and operate
                                                                           a biomass-based heating plant, including a heating network for
   We advise clients in their business transactions in the fast-           the supply of the city of Lenart in Slovenia. Tender procedures
   developing markets of the CEE/SEE region and elsewhere. This            include the delivery and installation of operation stations in the
   is an area that requires specialist knowledge and contacts – and        range of performance up to 800 kW, piping and installation of
   we have plenty of both. We now employ over 300 lawyers in 12            armatures, heat metres, etc., as well as electric installations
   countries (AL, AUT, BIH, BG, HR, CZ, HU, RO, SCG, SK, SLO, UA). We      between the passage of the long distance heat conductance and
   work across numerous practice areas: regulations & procurement,         the operation station. Wolf Theiss has been tasked by the clients
   banking & finance, competition & antitrust, corporate/mergers &         to prepare and conduct the required tender procedures which are
   acquisitions, employment law, intellectual property & information       split in several parts, covering inter alia the construction of the
   technology, litigation, arbitration & alternative dispute resolution,   heating network, the construction of the biomass heating plant
   real estate and tax.                                                    incl. reserve, the supply of the engine and electro-technology and
   Regions: Europe                                                         operation stations.
                                                                           Duration: 2009 - 2010
   Work for: EBRD, EIB
                                                                           Sector: Public

   AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                 89

       Wolfgang Diebler Unternehmensberatung                                                                                                                                           Management Consultant

                                                           Talgasse 2   Olympus Roll Out
                                               A-2380 Perchtoldsdorf    Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia,
                 Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom,
                                                Individual Consultant   Hungary, Germany, France, Finland
   Management Consulting Wolfgang Diebler is an expert shop             The customer had already in a very early stage launched a project
   to develop European-wide ERP landscapes for medium-sized             to unify business flows and to organise European direct delivery
   companies with subsidiaries mainly in Europe. Project experience     processes. Starting with the DACH region, all subsidiaries were linked
   in 20 European countries including CEE and a network of local        in one server system. All processes were unified and steered centrally.
   supporters enables skilled support, quick implementation and         Lean handling of customer requirements allows quickest deliveries
   value-added consulting to generate lean organisations respecting     from few hubs across Europe. The part of Wolfgang Diebler was
   local needs and legal requirements.                                  linked to F&A, one critical field for unification in Europe, as not only
   Regions: Europe, North America                                       language-barriers but many local legal requirements and business
                                                                        behaviour had to be harmonised. An important key to success was
                                                                        the ability to cooperate with local decision-makers and experts to gain
                                                                        the benefits of a European solution and to avoid misunderstandings
                                                                        in this wide field of cultural and economic differences.
                                                                        Duration: 2001 - 2009
1504                                                                    Sector: Private

       wsop                                                                                                                                        Management Consultant Engineering Consultant IT Consultant

                                               Müllnergasse 4 / 10      Project Management for Institutions of Kosovar
                                                    A-1090 Vienna       Government
                                                Republic of Kosovo
                                               Consulting Company
                                                                        Development and implementation of project management system
   wsop GmbH is an Austrian company which offers its consulting
                                                                        for institutions of the Republic of Kosova in cooperation with
   services on organisation, system design, and general business
                                                                        Ministry of Public Services (MPS), Prishtine, Kosova: * development
   solutions internationally. Our customers are mainly large
                                                                        of Kosova specific methodology (close to PMI standards)
   organisations (industry, trade, banks, insurance companies and
                                                                        * implementation of process model („NEX.IT PM“ developed by
   governmental organizations). Our headquarters are in Vienna,
                                                                        wsop) * development of SW system to perform PM (using SharePoint
   Austria. We have branch offices in Budapest, Hungary and in
                                                                        and MS Project Server technology) * implementation of method,
   Prishtina, Kosova. The team of wsop has broad experience in the
                                                                        process model and SW system * roll-out in cooperation with MPS
   area of organisational management, project management and
                                                                        staff * training: train the trainer; end users (PM professional, team
   long experience in software development and roll-out. In total
                                                                        members and system managers) in cooperation with MPS staff
   wsop has conducted more than 100 projects.
                                                                        Project duration March 2009 to September 2009, tasks have been
   Regions: Europe                                                      performed by wsop consultants and wsop team.
                                                                        Duration: 03/2009 - 09/2009
                                                                        Sector: Public

   90                                                                                                                                                                                      AIC YEARBOOK 2010

       WTE Wassertechnik GmbH                                                                                                                  Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                                              EVN Platz     BOT desalinisation Budva
                                               A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf      Montenegro
                                                   Consulting Company       The municipality of Budva has commissioned WTE Wassertechnik
                                                                            GmbH’s branch office Austria on 4 December 2007 with detailed
      WTE Wassertechnik‘s main field of activity are in water supply,       planning, supply and implementation of a seawater desalination
      waste water treatment and incineration for municipal and industrial   plant for 11,000 m³/d or 128 l/s including hall and well system.
      clients. We provide complete solutions, including the design,
      building, operation and financing of each project. Our one-stop-      Duration: 12/2007 - 08/2008
      shop solutions so far have ranged from 4 - 8 P.E. up to 4 million     Sector: Public
      Regions: Central Asia, Europe


       yes architecture                                                                                                                                               Engineering Consultant

                                                        Griesgasse 10       World Conference Center Bonn
                                                         A-8020 Graz        Germany

                                                 Consulting Company

                                                                            Congress centre with additional ****-plus hotel-tower linked to
                 s   -a

                                                                            the former ‚Bundestag‘ in Bonn. In the area formerly occupied
      YES architecture was founded in 2002 by Ruth Berktold und             by the Federal Government of Germany, in Bad Godesberg, one
      Marion Wicher with branches in Munich, Graz und New York.             of the biggest conference centres in Europe with United Nations
      Since then they have worked together in fields of urban planning,     standards is being developed. The conference centre is the
      architectural design, interior design, alternative energy and         heart of the new United Nations quarter in Bonn. Gross Area:
      low energy housing, sustainability and energy sufficiency in          73,000m2.
      construction and choice of materials, as well as in product
      design and media design. The work YES undertakes is mostly            Duration: 2005 - 2009
      interdisciplinary and planning and construction sites are located     Sector: Private
      in different countries all over the world.
      Regions: Europe

      AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                                   91

       Zierl Consult ZT GmbH                                                                                                                                              Engineering Consultant

                                                        Mühlgasse 21      LRTA Line 1 North Extension Project
                                                     A-6700 Bludenz       Philippines
                                                 Consulting Company       The project managed by the administration of LRTA line 1 is
                                                                          designated to close the loop between Monumento Station of Line 1
   Zierl Consult ZT GmbH was set up in 2007 to follow on from the         and North Avenue Station of Line 3. The alignment is routed over the
   engineering firm Ingenieurbüro Zierl which was founded in 1962.        length of 5.4 km along the centre island of North EDSA Avenue. The
   The company has its headquarters in Bludenz and branches in            superstructure, which consists of a slab track system and turnouts
   Vienna and Kressbronn. It acts as an engineering consultancy for       on floating slabs, is installed on an elevated viaduct structure.
   the construction industry and provides services such as design,        Zierl Consult is rendering the following services within the project:
   consulting, feasibility studies, contract tendering, supervision       - detailed final design of trackwork installations - track alignment -
   of construction works and project management. The transport            slab track system design - drainage design - stray current grid design
   infrastructure sector (road, railway and civil engineering projects)   - concrete / steel structures (sidewall and emergency evacuation
   has developed into one of the company‘s principle activities.          walkways) - cable routing design - floating slab design underneath
   Regions: Central Asia, Europe, Near-, Middle East, N-Africa,           turnouts.
   S-Asia, E-Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean                      Duration: 01/2009 - 06/2010
                                                                          Sector: Public


       ZT-Büro Weissbacher                                                                                                                         Management Consultant Engineering Consultant

                                              Auffach 282, Holzerweg      Forest Road Concept and Network Design
                                                 A-6313 Wildschönau       Slovakia
                                                Individual Consultant     Evaluation of an existing forest road network in a private forest
                                                                          estate in northern Slovakia - concept for improvement of the
   Chartered Engineering Consultant in Forestry - Bureau for Forestry     access to forest stands, logging guidelines, maintenance and
   and Wildlife, Rural Development and Environmental Planning             construction of forest roads and logging lines - general project of
   - Court Certified Expert Expertise in environmental issues, soil,      additional forest road network.
   microbiology and plant nutrition on extreme sites, hunting and
   wildlife, forestry, timber production, logging and transport, forest   Duration: 2010 - 2013
   road planning and construction, valuation of farms and forest          Sector: Private
   enterprises Consulting - Expertise - Research.
   Regions: Europe, North America, South America, Caribbean,
   Sub-Saharian Africa

   92                                                                                                                                                                        AIC YEARBOOK 2010

      ZTH Consulting Engineering                                                                                                                Management Consultant IT Consultant

                                                       Ocwirkgasse 22     e-Health
                                                        A-1210 Vienna     Austria
                                                 Individual Consultant    As e-health representative of the Medical Chamber of Vienna,
                                                                          we are responsible for the inspection and monitoring of the e-
     ZTH acts as a civil engineer for information technology in           card project. Our tasks range from numerous inspections and
     accordance with the legal framework as a neutral representative      attendances to the project planning of e-health projects. The
     of its clients and is the first point of contact in technical and    EFDA (Extensive Forensic Data Analysis) method encouraged the
     legal challenges. We guarantee compliance with economic and          inspection and evaluation of technical project data. The registered
     safety standards, are solely committed to the client, committed      EFDA method is also able to support and guarantee data security
     to secrecy, act independently from supplier interests, are legally   and safety - Data Privacy - Data Analysis - Data Trusteeship - Data
     equated to office experts, and issue certificates with public        Recovery and Destruction. In the course of this project EFDA
     confidence. We are also authorised to publicly notarise IT systems   facilitated the analysis of data logs and helped to improve the
     and associated documents. Data Engineering - IT-Security - Quality   quality of the service.
     Assurance - Trusted Services
                                                                          Duration: 2003 - 2009
     Regions: Europe                                                      Sector: Public

     AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                                                                                                                            93
                                                            Reality Consult
     Your Consultants                                       Redserve.Real Estate Development
  Search for                                                Snizek+Partner Verkehrsplanungs GmbH
  your AIC                                                  Sterkl, Schörkhuber & Partner Ziviltechniker GmbH
                                                            TEBIS Unternehmensberatung GmbH
                                                            TGA Projekt GmbH
Our web portal includes additional Austrian International   UV&P Umweltmanagement - Verfahrenstechnik
Consultants who are not presented in detail in this
publication. You can view information about the focus       IT Consultants
of their work, their experience and their references at     act2win Consulting GmbH These firms are listed below by branch and    AICO Software
                                                            AKOTEK-austria kommunikationstechnik
                                                            Alpha & ooo
Engineering Consultants                                     bisc
                                                            Endre Beda
A. Hakim Hafuda
                                                            hirschfeld consulitng
AICO Software
AKOTEK-austria kommunikationstechnik
                                                            Medianova eBusiness GmbH
anlagenbau holzmann GmbH
                                                            Reality Consult
Arch Dipl.Ing. Friedrich Falch
Architektur Büro
                                                            the-BSA - The Business Solution Architects
Architekturbüro Schimek
Atelier Kutschera
BauCon ZT GmbH                                              Management Consultants
bayerl-consult                                              act2win Consulting GmbH
Beteiligungs- und Projektentwicklungs                       AICO Software
BrainWare                                                   AKOTEK-austria kommunikationstechnik
DI Matthias STRACKE ZT GmbH                                 Andreas Hatler
driendl*architects                                          BrainWare
DYNACT Management Consulting                                BSU Unternehmensberatung
Endre Beda                                                  CALISKAN & NETWORK
GEU                                                         Christoph Bieler
Gottfried Fürthner                                          CMC Industrial Consultant
GSEngineering                                               CMT
Heidinger & Schwarzl                                        Comsoft Inc.
IB-Brandner                                                 ConRoom
II Architects int ist/Turkey vie/Austria                    consultingteam
IKK Kaufmann-Kriebernegg                                    COOPERATIVE BERATUNG
Imago                                                       DOBSI Management Consulting
Ingenieurbüro Dipl.-Ing. Fuchs                              Dr. Dorner KEG
ingenieurbüro für maschinenbau                              DYNACT Management Consulting
LEAN Management Consulting GmbH                             Ercüment Aytac, MSc
maichem solutions                                           ESSL CONSULTING
Mario Muri                                                  GEU
PROMTECH technical consulting                               Global BDA
R&D Consulting g.m.b.h                                      Goldemund Consulting
94                                                                                                              AIC YEARBOOK 2010
                    Gottfried Fürthner
                    haider.leisch.partner ltd.
                    HOFBAUER & PARTNER
                    Horwath HTL Austria
                    I.C.H. Personnel Development Systems
                    II Architects int ist/Turkey vie/Austria
                    ingenieurbüro für maschinenbau
                    Inter Culture Management
                    Jeremiel GmbH
                    Kurt Binder
                    LEAN Management Consulting GmbH
                    Mag. Klaus Smuda - Unternehmensberatung
                    maichem solutions
                    Matthias Grill
                    Medianova eBusiness GmbH
                    milestone management gmbh
                    nnc noé-nordberg consulting
                    PAN PLAN GmbH
                    Peter Guschelbauer Unternehmensberatung
                    PROMTECH technical consulting
                    Reality Consult
                    Redserve.Real Estate Development
                    Snizek+Partner Verkehrsplanungs GmbH
                    SOLVE Consulting
                    SSI Sportsmanagement
                    TEBIS Unternehmensberatung GmbH
                    the-BSA - The Business Solution Architects
                    Trailblazer Consulting
                    UBW Wagenhofer
                    Ulbing consulting gmbHUnternehmensberatung
                    UV&P Umweltmanagement - Verfahrenstechnik
                    Wolfgang Jocher

                    CPA and Tax Consultants
                    COOPERATIVE BERATUNG

                    Finance Specialists
                    Andreas Hatler

AIC YEARBOOK 2010                                                95
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