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                                                                       A Publication of the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research

Volume 18, Number 2, Fall/Winter 2004
                                                                        Message from the Director

  Inside This Issue                                                MCEER Joins Multi-lateral Reconnaissance
 Thevanayagam Named Director of
                                                                   Team to Investigate the Effects of the Tsunami/
 Education ............................................... 2
 Satellite Imagery Used Following
                                                                   Earthquake Tragedy in South Asia
 Hurricane Charley ................................. 3             Ranked as one of the most catastrophic                   Mitigation Research Center (EDM)
 MCEER Holds Leadership Forum with                                 events in recent times, the Indonesian                   from Japan, to Thailand from January
 UB NEES Facility Grand Opening ........ 4                         earthquake and subsequent tsunami                        6-11, 2005. MCEER's reconnaissance
 York International, EPRI and ISAT Join                            is a natural disaster of an almost                       work in Thailand complements EERI’s
 Strategic Partnership Network ............ 6                      unimaginable size and scale. While                       activities in Indonesia, India and Sri
                                                                   most of us in the United States may                      Lanka. The focus of MCEER at this
 Partners Featured in “Scientific
 American” Article .................................. 6            not have been directly impacted by                       time is on the remote sensing perspec-
                                                                   this disaster, as human beings we are                    tive and social science aspects, and
 NSF Site Team Reviews MCEER .......... 7                          touched by this tragedy and saddened                     identification of damage using the
 3rd PRC-US Workshop on Bridges                                    by the devastating loss of life.                         VIEWS (Visualizing the Impacts of
 Held in Shanghai .................................. 8                                                                      Earthquakes With Satellites) system.
                                                                   As an earthquake center, our vision is                   VIEWS is a notebook-based system
 HSRC Meets to Discuss Progress ........ 8
                                                                   to help establish earthquake resilient                   which integrates GPS-registered digi-
 2004 ANCER Annual Meeting Review . 9                              communities. And, although MCEER                         tal video footage, digital photographs
 Applicants Sought for US - PRC                                    does not have an active research pro-                    and observations with high-resolution
 Research Exchange Program............... 9                        gram on the physical modeling of                         satellite images of a disaster. It has
 US-PRC Protocol Meeting .................. 10                     tsunami generation and propagation,                      been successfully deployed in other
                                                                   we were able to make an immediate
 MCEER “Reunion” Breakfast at 13th                                                                                          recent MCEER reconnaissance efforts,
 World Conference ................................ 10              contribution to the disaster efforts by                  such as the 2003 Bam earthquake, 2004
                                                                   providing information via the MCEER                      south Florida hurricanes and 2004
 2004 SLC Retreat ............................... 11               and EQNet websites. In the coming                        Niigata, Japan earthquake. Because
 2004 Tri-Center Japan Field Mission 12                            weeks and months, we plan to apply                       thousands of linear kilometers of
 Student Spotlight: Cagdas Kafali ...... 12                        our research on hospitals/lifelines,                     remote beaches and villages were
                                                                   remote sensing, and disaster response                    affected, response teams are relying
 2004 REU Symposium ........................ 13
                                                                   and recovery to aid those affected by                    heavily on remote sensing and GIS
 REU Diversity Program Seeks                                       the disaster and to help them rebuild
 Applicants ............................................ 13                                                                 data.
                                                                   their communities.
 Diversity Workshop ............................ 14                                                                         We are eagerly awaiting findings from
                                                                   Within a week of the South Asia disas-                   the reconnaissance team to more pre-
 UB-MCEER-EERI Seminar Series ....... 14                           ter, MCEER sent Shubharoop Ghosh,                        cisely identify other data collection
 MCEER Movers & Shakers ................ 16                        of ImageCat, Inc., to join a team led                    and research opportunities related to
 New MCEER Reports........................... 17                   by Prof. Fumio Yamazaki, Chiba Uni-                      the resilience of infrastructure and
                                                                   versity, and Dr. Pennung Warnitchai,                     communities against multiple hazards
 MCEER 2005 Annual Meeting............. 20
                                                                   Asian Institute of Technology, Bang-                     of this type. The preliminary informa-
                                                                   kok, in partnership with the Japanese                    tion collected by the reconnaissance
                                                                   International Cooperation Agency                         team will be disseminated to MCEER
                                                                   (JICA), and the Earthquake Disaster
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                                                              MCEER Joins Reconnaissance Team in South Asia
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MCEER Bulletin

                                                                                                                                      In this image, developed
                                                                                                                                     by ImageCat, Inc., areas of
                                                                                                                                     potential devastation have
                                                                                                                                       been identified by cross
                                                                                                                                        referencing population
                                                                                                                                      data from NOAA’s DMSP
                                                                                                                                         sensor (in yellow and
                                                                                                                                      orange) with wave height
                                                                                                                                     modeled by Vasily Titov at
                                                                                                                                     NOAA and proximity to the
                                                                                                                                     coastline. The resulting ar-
                                                                                                                                     eas (in red) are being used
                                                                                                                                     to prioritize the acquisition
                                                                                                                                      of high-resolution images
                                                                                                                                          from DigitalGlobe.
   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall /Winter 2004

                                                              investigators, industry part-      ruary 25-26, 2005. MCEER will
                                                              ners and students through a        also provide regular research
                                                              keynote address by Mr. Ron         updates, presentation sum-
                                                              Eguchi, President and CEO of       maries, and other information
                                                              ImageCat Inc., at the upcom-       related to the earthquake/tsu-
                                                              ing MCEER Annual Meeting in        nami event on its website at
                                                              Sacramento, California, on Feb-
                                                                                                    —Michel Bruneau, Director

                                                              Director of Education: Sabanayagam Thevanayagam
                                                              Dr. Sabanayagam Thevanayagam, Associate Professor in the
                                                              Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at
                                                              the University at Buffalo, has been named MCEER Director of Edu-
                                                                                                                                     “I am excited to work
                                                                                                                                        with MCEER towards
                                                                                                                                        achieving its goal of
                                                              Known as “Theva,” Dr. Thevanayagam brings his keen interest and           developing innovative
                                                              many years of experience in engineering education to this newly-          educational programs
                                                              created leadership position. He will work closely with the MCEER
                                                                                                                                        and mentoring
                                            S. Thevanayagam   director, deputy director, diversity director, staff and researchers
                                                              to implement a plan that will continue to move MCEER towards              students, professionals,
                                                              meeting its education goals in pre-college, undergraduate, graduate,      and public-at-large
                                                              professional and public-at-large areas.                                   committed to building
                                                              His duties will include overseeing student activities, such as the        earthquake resilient
                                                              Student Leadership Council, the Research Experiences for Under-
                                                              graduates Program, Student Field Missions and other programs.
                                                                                                                                        —S. Thevanayagam
                                                              Theva has a strong history with MCEER, having been funded for
                                                              the last seven years to engage in research and educational tasks
                                                              working with graduate students on geotechnical earthquake hazard reduction for hospitals and
                                                              transportation systems. He is also a co-PI of the NEES project at the University at Buffalo.
                                                              He and his wife Vasuki have two children, Shar and Abi.

                    Satellite Imagery Used in Reconnaissance Activities
                    Following Hurricane Charley
                    Hurricane Charley was the
                    most severe wind storm to
                    strike the U.S. since 1992.
                    Making landfall on August
                    13, 2004 at 4 p.m. ET, 145 mph
                    winds devastated the Florida
                    coastal cities of Port Charlotte
                    and Punta Gorda, and 10 ft.
                    high waves wreaked havoc on          These three images compare the same location: satellite image before the hur-
                                                        ricane (left), satellite image after the hurricane (middle), and a digital photo of the
                    nearby barrier islands. In the        circled area in the satellite images taken during the reconnaissance trip (right).
                    hours following, a Presidential
                    disaster declaration was issued     events, as clean-up operations                of Earthquakes With satellites)
                    for twenty-five counties in the     are typically initiated as soon               system, which was developed
                    impacted region. The event          as possible. Through fund-                    by ImageCat through funding
                    resulted in the loss of at least    ing from the National Science                 from MCEER. It is envisioned
                    27 lives, and caused more than      Foundation Small Grants for                   that the data collected will
                    $15.4 billion of damage.            Exploratory Research (SGER)                   ultimately form the basis of
                                                        program and the Natural                       research activities extending
                    This event is the first Category
                                                        Hazards Research and Appli-                   the application of post-disaster
                    4 hurricane for which ‘before’
                                                        cations Information Center                    damage assessment method-
                    and ‘after’ satellite imagery was
                                                        Quick Response program, two                   ologies and algorithms devel-
                    available from very high-reso-
                                                        field reconnaissance trips have               oped for earthquakes to multi-
                    lution systems, such as Quick-
                                                        been conducted by ImageCat                    ple hazards. This research will
                    bird and IKONOS. From a sci-
                                                        in conjunction with the Wind                  result in significant advances
                    entific perspective, it therefore
                                                        Science Research and Engineer-                for windstorm engineering.
                    offers a unique opportunity to
                                                        ing (WISE) Research Center at
                    investigate the use of remote                                                     A preliminary reconnaissance
                                                        Texas Tech, to collect perish-
                    sensing for post-disaster urban                                                   report can be downloaded
                                                        able damage data using the
                    damage assessment, technol-                                                       from
                                                        VIEWS (Visualizing Impacts
                    ogy which has the potential for                                                   research/Charley/default.asp.
                    improving the effectiveness of
                    disaster response activities.
                                                         Remote Sensing Research Presented to White
                    In order to validate building
                    damage characteristics identi-
                                                         House Homeland Security Council
                    fied on the satellite imagery,       At the invitation of Janet Benini, Director of Response and
                    corresponding ground-based           Planning at the White House, ImageCat’s Remote Sensing
                    observations are required.           Group Leader and MCEER researcher Dr. Beverley Adams
                    There is a narrow time window        traveled to Washington D.C. this past September to present
                    for documenting the build-           post-disaster damage detection research and a field data col-
                    ing and infrastructure dam-          lection system to the Homeland Security Council.
                    age from extreme windstorm
                                                         The distinguished audience, which included White House
   GPS-logged                                            staffers and senior professionals from Federal agencies such
  routes in Port                                         as NASA, DHS, DOE and USACE, heard about the recent
  Charlotte and                                          use of very high-resolution Quickbird satellite imagery in the
  Punta Gorda                                            aftermath of Hurricane Charley and Ivan and the Bam, Iran,
   along which
                                                         earthquake. Dr. Adams went on to describe the accompanying
   VIEWS was
  deployed, re-                                          deployment of the VIEWS system for in-field damage mapping.
cording geo-ref-
 erenced digital                                         Dr. Adams was joined by Dr. Kathleen Tierney, Director of the
video and digital                                        Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado, who
  photographs.                                           directs MCEER’s Response and Recovery program, which
                                                         funds ImageCat’s post-disaster research activities, and Ron
                                                         Eguchi, the President and CEO of ImageCat.

                                                      MCEER Holds Leadership Forum in Conjunction with UB
                                                      NEES Facility Grand Opening
MCEER Bulletin

                                                      On Friday, September 24, 2004,                                                              Michael
                                                      the University at Buffalo cel-                                                           Constantinou,
                                                                                                                                              Mark Karwan,
                                                      ebrated the Grand Opening of
                                                                                                                                              John Simpson,
                                                      its George E. Brown, Jr. Net-                                                           A. Galip Ulsoy,
                                                      work for Earthquake Engineer-                                                          Andrei Reinhorn
                                                      ing Simulation (NEES) Facility,                                                           and Michel
                                                      part of the National Science                                                            Bruneau unveil
                                                      Foundation’s (NSF) $81.9 mil-                                                          the plaque dedi-
                                                                                                                                              cating the new
                                                      lion nationwide network of 15                                                          UB-NEES facility.
                                                      advanced engineering facili-
                                                      ties. In conjunction with this
                                                      important event, MCEER held
                                                      a forum for nationally recog-
                                                      nized leaders in the field of
                                                      earthquake engineering, enti-
                                                      tled “Visions of Leaders: Struc-
   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall /Winter 2004

                                                                                         (natural disasters, technologi-    closer together to achieve a
                                                      tural and Geotechnical Earth-      cal disasters, and acts of ter-    safer society.
                                                      quake Engineering Research         rorism against our society).
                                                      Needs for the Mitigation of        Representatives of government      The NEES Grand Opening cer-
                                                      Earthquake Risks for the Next      and private funding agen-          emony, held in the afternoon,
                                                      Decade.”                           cies, prominent engineers,         officially inaugurated the new
                                                                                         industry leaders and the three     laboratory expansion and its
                                                      Held the morning of the Grand                                         twin relocatable shake tables.
                                                                                         U.S. earthquake engineering
                                                      Opening, the Forum offered                                            It also kicked off a month-long
                                                                                         research centers participated
                                                      participants the opportunity to                                       celebration of events to mark
                                                                                         in the event. Formal presenta-
                                                      express their opinions on the                                         the inauguration of the Univer-
                                                                                         tions were followed by a one-
                                                      most important benchmarks                                             sity at Buffalo’s 14th president,
                                                                                         hour session during which
                                                      in advancing structural and                                           John B. Simpson.
                                                                                         audience participants were
                                                      geotechnical earthquake engi-
                                                                                         given the opportunity to voice     Mark Karwan, Dean of UB’s
                                                      neering in both the near and
                                                                                         their research visions.            School of Engineering and
                                                      long-term, and how knowledge
                                                      in earthquake engineering          The discussion session, moder-     Applied Sciences, presided over
                                                      could be expanded to enhance       ated by Chris Poland, Presi-       the grand opening. Remarks
                                                      the resilience of infrastruc-      dent of Degenkolb Engineers,       were made by President Simp-
                                                      ture against extreme events        focused on ways to measur-         son, A. Galip Ulsoy, Director
                                                                                         ably reduce seismic risk in the    of NSF’s Division of Civil and
                                                   M. Myint Lwin of                      U.S. in the next 10 years, using   Mechanical Systems, New York
                                                the Federal Highway
                                                                                         the new NEES facilities. The       State Senator Mary Lou Rath,
                                                 Administration gave                                                        and Michael Constantinou,
                                                    a presentation                       participants contributed many
                                                                                         excellent ideas, and identified    Professor and Chair of UB’s
                                                  entitled “Predicting
                                                 the Unpredictables”                     potential obstacles to attain-     Department of Civil, Structural
                                                    at the Forum.                        ing this goal. One recurring       and Environmental Engineer-
                                                                                         theme was the need to translate    ing. Collectively, they spoke of
                                                                                         much of the new, cutting edge      the promise of the new facil-
                                                                                         research results into guidance     ity for UB, the field of earth-
Bob Reitherman
                                                                                         for practicing engineers that      quake engineering, homeland
 contributes to                                                                                                             security and other developing
 the lively dis-                                                                         can be used quickly, on projects
                                                                                         with tight budgets and timeta-     fields.
cussion on how
to best use the                                                                          bles. The participants agreed      MCEER Director Michel Bru-
 NEES facilities                                                                         that the new NEES network          neau introduced a multimedia
to reduce seis-                                                                          will afford many opportunities
 mic risk in the                                                                                                            presentation that highlighted
 next decade.                                                                            to advance the state-of-the-art    the history of earthquake engi-
                                                                                         and bring research and practice

  New York                                                   seismic dampers; and one            a critical feature of the NEES
State Senator                                                in the north-south direction,       program. NEES is designed
  Mary Lou
                                                             where no damper protection          as a national resource or
 Rath spoke
at the Grand                                                 was provided. Simultaneously,       “collaboratory,” which connects
  Opening                                                    the room on the second shake        the user community to the 15
 ceremony.                                                   table was subjected to the          facilities via high-definition
                                                             motions experienced on the          video and high-performance
                                                             second floor of the building        Internet. The combined video
                                                             model during the tests; first       and Internet capabilities of
                                                             with dampers, then without.         NEES allow for viewing (tele-
                         neering accomplishments at                                              observation) or operation (tele-
                                                             The demonstrations clearly          operation) of NEES tests from
                         UB and MCEER, and Andrei
                                                             illustrated the protection pro-     remote locations.
                         Reinhorn, Clifford C. Furnas
                                                             vided by seismic dampers, as
                         Professor of Structural Engi-
                                                             no damage occurred during           The ceremony concluded with
                         neering, Principal Investigator
                                                             the first test, and substantial     the unveiling of a plaque to
                         for NEES, Director of the Struc-
                                                             damage was caused within the        mark the dedication of the
                         tural Engineering and Earth-
                                                             room when the building was          facility, as well as a reception
                         quake Simulation Laboratory
                                                             shaken in the north-south, or       and tours of the facility.
                         (SEESL) at UB and longtime
                                                             unprotected direction.
                         MCEER researcher, gave an                                               More information about the
                         inaugural demonstration of the      In addition to the “live”           Visions of Leaders Forum and
                         facility’s twin shake tables. Dr.   demonstration, the audience         the Grand Opening, including
                         Edmond Gicewicz, member of          viewed the tests via real-time      links to the archived webcasts,
                         the University at Buffalo Coun-     video, streamed through the         are on
                         cil, and Dr. Satish K. Tripathi,    Internet. The Internet feed, or     research/nees/grandopen/default.
                         UB provost and executive vice       “tele-observation” capability, is   asp.
                         president for academic affairs,
                         assisted Reinhorn by activating                                             Andrei Reinhorn, Ian
                         the controls to start the tables                                            Buckle and Michael
                         in motion.                                                                Mahoney at the recep-
                                                                                                  tion following the Grand
                         The demonstration featured                                                  Opening ceremony.
                         a scale model of a five-story
                         building, located on one shake
                         table. The model was equipped
                         with seismic dampers in the
                         east-west direction. On the
                         second shake table, was a full-
                         scale model of a room within         Speakers at the Visions of Leaders Forum
                         the five-story model.
                                                               ■ A. Galip Ulsoy, Division Director, Civil and Mechanical Sys-
                         The building model on shake              tems, National Science Foundation
                         table #1 was subjected to two         ■ M. Myint Lwin, Director, Office of Bridge Technology, Federal
                         sets of ground motions from              Highway Administration
                         a moderate size earthquake:                     Mahoney
                                                               ■ Michael Mahoney, Mitigation Division, Building Science and
                         one in the east-west direction,          Technology Section, Federal Emergency Management Agency
                         where it was protected by the         ■ Rick Land, Director, Engineering Services, Structure Design,
                                                                  California Department of Transportation
                                                               ■ Sreenivas Alampalli, Director, Bridge Program and Evaluation
                                                                  Services Bureau, NYS Department of Transportation
     damage and
   potential injury to                                         ■ Kurt Schaefer, Deputy Director, Facilities Development Divi-
 the occupants was                                                sion, California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Devel-
  apparent when no                                                opment
   seismic dampers
                                                               ■ John Filson, Scientist Emeritus, United States Geological Survey
  were used during
   shake table tests                                           ■ Robert Hall, Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory, U.S. Army
     at the Grand                                                 Engineer Research and Development Center, United States Army
       Opening.                                                   Corps of Engineers

                                                 Partner News

                                                York International, EPRI and ISAT Join MCEER’s Family of
MCEER Bulletin

                                                Industry Partners
                                                MCEER welcomes three new          International                       As members
                                                members to its Strategic Part-    Seismic Appli-                      of MCEER’s
                                                nerships Network. They are        cation Tech-                        Strategic
                                                York International of York,       nology (ISAT)                       Partnerships
                                                Pennsylvania, the Electric        is a worldwide                      Network,
                                                Power Research Institute          supplier of                         representa-
                                                (EPRI), based in Palo Alto,       seismic brac-                       tives from
                                                California, and International     ing systems for nonstructural       each company join the Industry
                                                Seismic Application Technol-      components and suspended            Advisory Board (IAB). As IAB
                                                ogy (ISAT) of Buena Park,         utilities including plumbing,       members, they will aid MCEER
                                                California.                       mechanical piping and equip-        leadership in shaping Center
                                                                                  ment, HVAC ducts, cable trays,      research, education and out-
                                                                                  conduit racks and others. The       reach programs.
                                                                                  company also publishes a 500-
   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall /Winter 2004

                                                                                  page reference manual, The          For more information on
                                                                                  ISAT Seismic Design, Installation   MCEER’s Strategic Partnerships
                                                York International is the larg-   and Inspection Manual 3rd Edi-      Network, contact Don Goral-
                                                est independent supplier of       tion, which serves as the back-     ski at 716/645-3391, ext. 108 or
                                                heating, ventilating, air-con-    bone of the company’s services
                                                ditioning, and refrigeration      and solutions. ISAT also pro-
                                                (HVAC&R) equipment in the         vides consulting services for
                                                United States, and is a lead-     installations in new construc-
                                                ing provider of HVAC&R            tion, retrofit and California’s
                                                in the international mar-         SB-1953 hospital upgrades.
                                                ketplace. The company has         Its comprehensive system is
                                                joined MCEER at the “Pre-         approved by California’s Office
                                                mier Partner” level.              of Statewide Health Planning
                                                                                  and Development (OSHPD).
                                                                                  ISAT has joined MCEER at the
                                                                                  "Premier Partner" level.

                                                The Electric Power Research
                                                Institute (EPRI) becomes

                                                                                      MCEER Partners Featured in
                                                MCEER’s first association
                                                partner. EPRI is an indepen-

                                                                                      “Scientific American” Article
                                                dent, nonprofit organization
                                                designed to manage a broad
                                                public-private collaborative
                                                research program on behalf            MCEER and two members of its Strategic Partnerships
                                                of the electric utility indus-        Network were featured in an article in the October 2004
                                                try, the industry’s customers,        edition of Scientific American. The article, titled “Shock
                                                and society at large. It was          Absorbed” by Mark Fischetti, appeared in the publica-
                                                established in 1973 by the            tion’s “Working Knowledge” section. Illustrating the
                                                U.S. electric utilities. Today        merits of structural dampers and base isolation, the piece
                                                EPRI provides a wide range            included quotes from MCEER deputy director Andre Fili-
                                                of products and services              atrault, Taylor Devices’ CEO Doug Taylor, and Degenkolb
                                                to more than 1000 energy-             Engineers’ James Malley.
                                                related organizations in 40

                      NSF Site Team Reviews MCEER Activities and Future Plans
                      Following a review of MCEER’s                                                                      IAB member Paul Hough explains
                      Year 7 activities and plans for                                                                   the details of shake table testing of
                                                                                                                        Armstrong’s suspended ceiling sys-
                      Years 7-10, NSF has approved
                                                                                                                       tems to fellow partners, researchers,
                      continued funding for the Cen-                                                                     students and site team members.
                      ter through Year 10. A team
                      of reviewers visited Buffalo
                      on June 9-11, 2004, and heard
                      in depth presentations on
                      MCEER’s research and educa-
                      tion plans, accomplishments,
                      and activities. The team was                 presented posters, which were
                      led by NSF Program Officer Dr.               representative of the diversity,
                      Joy Pauschke.                                depth and scope of MCEER
                                                                   research projects.
                      Many people participated in
                      this year’s site visit, including
                      MCEER researchers, partners,                  Student Poster Presentations
                      students and staff. A highlight
                                                                    Navid H. Allahverdi, New Jersey Institute of      Eleni Pavlou, University at Buffalo, Advisor:
                      was a tour of the NEES facili-                Technology, Advisor: M.A. Saadeghvaziri           M. Constantinou
                      ties at the University at Buffalo,            “Analytical Study on Rehabilitation of Critical   “Comparison of Responses of Nonstructural
                      where participants viewed tests               Electric Power System Components”                 Components in Structures with Damping
                      of Armstrong World Industries’                Jeffrey Berman, University at Buffalo,            Systems”
                      suspended ceiling systems,                    Advisor: M. Bruneau                               Michael Pollino, University at Buffalo,
                      presented by MCEER Industry                   “Plastic Design and Testing of Light-Gauge        Advisor: M. Bruneau
                                                                    Steel Plate Shear Walls”                          “Seismic Retrofit of Bridge Steel Truss Piers
                      Advisory Board (IAB) member                   Amanda Bonneau, Cornell University,               Using a Controlled Rocking Approach”
                      Paul Hough. Sixteen students                  Advisor: A.J. Lembo                               Panayiotis Roussis, University at Buffalo,
                                                                    “Development of Web-based GIS                     Advisor: M. Constantinou
                                                                    Geotechnical Data for Hospital Sites”             “A Novel Uplift-Prevention Friction Pendulum
                                                                    Zehra Cagnan, Cornell University, Advisor:        Isolation Bearing”
                                                                    R. Davidson                                       Hope Seligson, University of California,
                                                                    “Post-Earthquake Lifeline Service Restoration     Irvine, Advisor: M. Shinozuka
                                                                    Modeling”                                         “Decision Support Tools for Post-Earthquake
                                                                    Gian Paolo Cimellaro, University at Buffalo,      Routing of the Injured”
                                                                    Advisor: A. Reinhorn                              Peixin Shi, Cornell University, Advisor: T.D.
                                                                    “Global Fragility Evaluation of Buildings with    O’Rourke
                                                                    Structural & Nonstructural Systems”               “Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Water
                                                                    Yong Gao, University of Illinois at Urbana-       Supply Systems”
                                                                    Champaign, Advisor: B.F. Spencer, Jr.             Sumedh Shirobkar, University at Buffalo,
                                                                    “Java-Powered Virtual Laboratory for              Advisor: A. Dargush
                                                                    Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Analysis”            “EQNET: Earthquake Information Network”
 MCEER’s strategic operations director Tom Anderson joined
                                                                    Elliott Goodwin, University of Nevada Reno,       Ramiro Vargas, University at Buffalo,
IAB members to discuss their role in MCEER’s strategic plan-
                                                                    Advisors: M Maragakis/A. Itani                    Advisor: M. Bruneau
  ning process. Seated from left are Glenn Singley, Christos
                                                                    “Experimental Evaluation of the Seismic           “Design of SDOF Systems with Metallic
                  Tokas and Ellis Stanley.
                                                                    Performance of Hospital Piping Systems”           Structural Fuses”
                                                                    Benedikt Halldorsson, University at Buffalo,      Darren Vian, University at Buffalo, Advisor:
                                                                    Advisor: A.S. Papageorgiou                        M. Bruneau
                                                                    “Seismic Hazard and Ground Motions”               “New Techniques in Seismic Design and
                                                                    Marlon D. Hill, Florida A&M University,           Retrofit of Buildings using Steel Infills”
                                                                    Advisor: M.M. Abdullah                            Yu Wang, Cornell University, Advisor: T.D.
                                                                    “An Experimental Verification of the               O’Rourke
                                                                    Eigensystem Realization Algorithm Method          “Seismic Wave Effects on Jointed Concrete
                                                                    for Vibration Parameter Identification”            Cylinder Pipelines”
                                                                    Yufeng Hu, University at Buffalo, Advisor: G.     Gordon P. Warn, University at Buffalo,
                              MCEER students had the op-
                           portunity to discuss their research      Dargush                                           Advisor: A.S. Whittaker
                            during the site visit. Shown during     “Evolutionary Methodologies for Aseismic          “Energy-Related Demands on Seismic
                             the poster session are Amanda          Design and Decision Support”                      Isolators in Bridges”
                               Bonneau, Cornell University          Anita Jacobson, Cornell University, Advisor:
                           (above left) and Marlon Hill, Florida    M. Grigoriu
                              A&M University (above right).         “Fragility Analysis of Water Supply Systems”

                                                    Third PRC-US Workshop Held in Shanghai

                                                    The Third PRC-US Workshop on
MCEER Bulletin
Highway News

                                                    Seismic Analysis and Design of
                                                    Special Bridges was held October
                                                    21-22, 2004 at Tongji University
                                                    in Shanghai, PRC. This work-
                                                    shop is the third in a series
                                                    on special bridges in the U.S.
                                                    and PRC and sponsored by the
                                                    Federal Highway Administra-
                                                    tion. Hosted by Dr. Li Chu Fan,
                                                    eight Americans and 20 Chi-
                                                    nese engineers and researchers
                                                    attended this year’s workshop.
                                                    Topics included bridge fragility
                                                    analysis, construction materials
                                                    for seismic resistant structures,
                                                    near-fault ground motion, com-
                                                    parison of seismic bridge codes,
       Volume 18, Number 2, Fall /Winter 2004

                                                                                            Participants at the third PRC-US Workshop pose for a group picture.
                                                    nonlinear isolation bearings,
                                                    test methods for bridge piers,      After the workshop and tech-             ment officials responsible for
                                                    risk assessment procedures,         nical tour, representatives of           bridge technology in the Peo-
                                                    and case studies.                   the USDOT Federal Highway                ple’s Republic of China. The
                                                    Formal presentations were fol-      Administration (Myint Lwin,              fourth workshop will be held
                                                    lowed by a tour of laboratory       Ben Tang, W. Phil Yen) traveled          in late 2005 in the U.S.
                                                    facilities at Tongji University.    to Beijing to meet with govern-
                                                    The university is one of the
                                                    largest technical institutions in   This is the third in a series of four workshops on special bridges spon-
                                                    China with the Civil Engineer-      sored by the Federal Highway Administration. Reviews of the first two
                                                    ing Department employing            workshops are available in Vol. 16, No. 2 (Spring 2002) at http://mceer.
                                                    approximately 500 faculty and; and
                                                    staff members.                      in Vol. 18, No. 1 (Spring 2004) at
                                                    In conjunction with the work-
                                                    shop, a technical tour was
                                                    provided of a special bridge in
                                                    the city of Hangzhou that was
                                                    just completed and opened to          HSRC Meets to Discuss Research
                                                    traffic one week on October
                                                    16, 2004. The bridge has an           Progress and Upcoming Publications
                                                    overall length of 1073 meters
                                                                                          MCEER’s Highway Project hosted a meeting of its advisory
                                                    and consists of two 190 m tied
                                                                                          board, the Highway Seismic Research Council (HSRC) on
                                                    arch spans and nine 85 m deck
                                                                                          September 23, 2004 in Buffalo, New York. On the agenda
                                                    arches. The primary structural
                                                                                          were the review of project deliverables nearing completion,
                                                    members are concrete filled
                                                                                          including the seismic risk analysis software REDARS, and
                                                    steel tubes. The substructure is
                                                                                          two design manuals, one for Seismic Isolation of Highway
                                                    supported on 230 bearing piles
                                                                                          Bridges, and another for Seismic Retrofitting of Highway Truss
                                                    driven over the course of 11
                                                                                          Bridges. The HSRC also listened to progress on several major
                                                    months ranging from 60 m to
                                                                                          technical reports that will be released next year: Fragility
                                                    90 m in length. The bridge was
                                                                                          Information for Seismic Design of Bridges, Foundation Design
                                                    constructed between March
                                                                                          for Bridges, Liquefaction and Remediation of Silty Soils, and Post
                                                    2002 and October 2004 at a cost
                                                                                          Earthquake NDE of RC Pier Columns. The HSRC is chaired
                                                    of approximately $120 million
                                                                                          by Dr. John Kulicki, President and CEO, Modjeski and
                                                                                          Masters, Inc.

                    2004 ANCER Annual Meeting:
                    Networking of Young Earthquake Engineering Researchers
                    and Professionals
                    The 2004 Annual Meeting of the
                                                                                                             Over 75 young
                    Asian Pacific Network of Cen-
                    ters for Earthquake Engineering                                                            and leaders
                    Research (ANCER), was held                                                                from ANCER
                    July 29-30, 2004 in Honolulu,                                                            Centers met to
                    Hawaii. The meeting was spon-                                                            present current
                    sored by ANCER, and orga-                                                                 research and
                                                                                                             explore ways to
                    nized by MCEER, with partial                                                               collaborate.
                    funding from the National Sci-
                    ence Foundation.
                    The theme of the meeting was
                    “Networking of Young Earth-
                    quake Engineering Researchers
                                                      als). Over 75 people attended     ■   Performance-based Design
                    and Professionals.” Member
                                                      the meeting.                          & Multi-hazard Mitigation
                    Centers sent delegations that
                    included young researchers/       The meeting began with            ■   Structural Health Monitoring
                    professionals (upper level        presentations by the Center
                    undergraduates, graduate          directors explaining activities   ■   Experimental Studies
                    students, post docs and/or        underway at their respective      An ANCER board meeting was
                    other professionals with less     Centers. These were followed      also held during the conference
                    than 5 years work experience)     by the technical presentations,   to review the current state of
                    together with senior members      grouped into six theme areas:     ANCER and formulate a work
                    (directors, their designees and                                     plan and priority list for the
                    other researchers/profession-     ■   Geotechnical & Strong
                                                          Ground Motion                 upcoming year.

                                                      ■   Seismic Analysis & Design     More information about
                                                                                        ANCER can be found at:
                                                      ■   Structural Response Control

                                                          Applicants Sought for US - China Research
                                                          Exchange Program
                                                          U.S. researchers are invited to participate
                                                          in the 2005 US-PRC Research Exchange
  At right: Terri Norton,                                 Program in Earthquake Studies. The pro-
Ph.D. student at Florida                                  gram supports U.S. individuals interested
  A&M University and                                      in pursuing joint research with colleagues
 MCEER SLC member,
                                                          in China by sponsoring a short trip to
 was one of the young
 researchers who pre-                                     China for up to two weeks. Graduate stu-
 sented research at the                                   dent applicants are also considered. The
ANCER Annual Meeting.                                     application deadline is February 28, 2005, and the trip must be
                                                          made before December 31, 2005. Additional information and
                                                          application forms are available from the MCEER website at
                                                          asp. Inquiries may be directed to Mai Tong at (716) 645-3391
                                                          ext. 121, or via e-mail:

                                                               US-PRC Protocol Meeting Held in Hawaii

                                                               Delegations from China and            and the establishment of a
MCEER Bulletin

                                                                                                                                          U.S. Participants
                                                               the U.S. met in Honolulu,             state-of-the-art sensor labora-      Michel Bruneau
                                                               Hawaii on July 28, 2004 to            tory and testbed campaigns           MCEER, University at Buffalo
                                                               review progress of existing           (in the laboratory and in the        Ian Buckle
                                                                                                                                          Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake
                                                               joint research activities and to      field) were key topics of dis-       Research, University of Nevada Reno
                                                               discuss possible joint future         cussion. China is developing         Amr Elnashai
                                                               projects between China and the        smart structure technology for       Mid-America Earthquake Center, University of
                                                                                                                                          Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                                                               U.S. under the US-PRC Protocol        the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
                                                                                                                                          Gregory Fenves
                                                               (Annex III) agreement.                and there are opportunities          Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center,
                                                                                                     for collaboration between the        University of California at Berkeley
                                                               Huijuan Wu, Deputy Director           two countries (see program           George Lee
                                                               of the Ministry of Construc-          announcement on page 9).
                                                                                                                                          MCEER, University at Buffalo
                                                               tion and S.C. Liu, NSF Program                                             S.C. Liu
                                                                                                                                          National Science Foundation
                                                               Director, opened the meeting          The meeting concluded with           Jack Moehle
                                                               by citing past successes of the       both delegations agreeing to         Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center,
                                                               program and offering ideas for        pursue three major activities in     University of California, Berkeley
                                                               future collaboration. MCEER's         the next year:                       PRC Participants
                                                               George Lee then discussed the         ■   Exchange of students             Shu Jia
   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall /Winter 2004

                                                               history of the protocol, which                                             Ministry of Construction
                                                               has provided an important             ■   Convene a meeting of spon-       Xilin Lu
                                                                                                         sored grantees along with        Research Institute of Structural Engineering &
                                                               mechanism for collaborative                                                Disaster Reduction, Tongji University
                                                               research in earthquake engi-              the 2005 protocol meeting        Xiaozhai Qi
                                                               neering between the two coun-         ■   Develop a new US-PRC pro-        Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China
                                                                                                                                          Earthquake Administration
                                                               tries since 1980.                         gram in smart structures         Yayong Wang
                                                                                                         and sensor-based cyber-          China Academy of Building Research
                                                               The development of an initia-             infrastructure for disaster      Zifa Wang
                                                               tive on smart structures for              management.                      Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China
                                                               earthquake hazard mitigation                                               Earthquake Administration
                                                                                                                                          Huijuan Wu
                                                                                                                                          Ministry of Construction
                                                                                                                                          Lingxin Zhang
                                                                                                                                          Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China
                                                                                                                                          Earthquake Administration

                                            MCEER Hosts “Reunion” Breakfast at 13th World Conference
                                                                                     More than 40 alumni of MCEER and its pre-
                                                                                     decessor, the National Center for Earthquake
                                                                                     Engineering Research (NCEER), gathered for
                                                                                     a special reunion breakfast at this year’s 13th
                                                                                     World Conference on Earthquake Engineering
                                                                                     (13WCEE), in Vancouver, British Columbia,
                                                                                     Canada, August 1-6, 2004.
                                                                                     The alumni included past researchers and
                                                                                     students, who joined with current research-
                                                                                     ers, students, industry partners and staff
                                                                                     to reconnect with colleagues, advisors and
                                                                                     friends, and to re-acquaint themselves with
                                                                                     developments at MCEER and the University
                                                                                     at Buffalo. The breakfast was held atop the
                                                                                     Pan Pacific Hotel, overlooking the beautiful       Top photo (from left): Xiaoyun Shao,
                                             Top photo (from left): Jerry Shen, Ke                                                       Gian Paolo Cimellaro, Stefania Viti,
                                             Fan, Andrei Reinhorn, Henry Huang       Burrard Inlet and Vancouver’s famous Stanley
                                                                                                                                        Diego Lopez Garcia, John Mander,
                                              and John Mander; Bottom photo:         Park.
                                                                                                                                          Gilberto Mosqueda, and Pedro
                                               Helen Liu and George Gazetas                                                              Rojas; Bottom photo: George Yao
                                                                                     MCEER thanks all for their attendance.
                                                                                                                                             and Tahmeed Al-Hussaini

                   SLC Activities

                  2004 MCEER Student Leadership Council Retreat
                  The MCEER Student Leader-
                  ship Council (SLC) held its fifth
                  annual retreat on September
                  30th through October 2nd, 2004
                  at the University of Nevada,
                  Reno (UNR). The retreat was
                  graciously hosted by the UNR,
                  Department of Civil Engineer-
                  ing and organized by the UNR
                  SLC members. The MCEER
                  SLC annual retreat provides an
                  opportunity for students to dis-
                  cuss current issues, future SLC
                  activities and to present their
                  research and receive feedback
                  from student peers.
                  The retreat commenced with
                                                             Participants at the 2004 SLC Retreat in Reno, Nevada.
                  an icebreaker at the Siena Hotel
                  Spa Casino on Thursday eve-
                  ning where arriving students        open discussion led by Jeffrey         (University at Buffalo), Jeffrey
                  were greeted by Elliott Good-       Berman regarding activities for        Berman (University at Buf-
                  win and Phil Butler, hosting        the upcoming academic year,            falo), Phil Butler (University of
                  SLC members. On Friday, the         including, “The Undergraduate          Nevada, Reno), Lyle Carden,
                  meeting began at the UNR            Seismic Design Competition.”           Ph.D. (University of Nevada,
                  Department of Civil Engineer-                                              Reno), Elliott Goodwin (Uni-
                                                      The afternoon session opened           versity of Nevada, Reno), Mar-
                  ing with opening remarks by         with a presentation on the
                  Jeffrey Berman, the current                                                lon Hill (Florida A&M), Anita
                                                      seismic retrofit of bridge struc-      Jacobsen (Cornell University),
                  SLC chairman. Following his         tures by the distinguished
                  opening remarks, Jeffrey intro-                                            Terri Norton (Florida A&M),
                                                      guest speaker, Dr. M. Saiidi, a        Michael Pollino (University
                  duced Dr. Manos Maragakis,          Professor in the Department of
                  a Professor and Chair of the                                               at Buffalo), Jale Tezcan (Rice
                                                      Civil Engineering at UNR. Dr.          University) and Gordon Warn
                  Department of Civil Engineer-       Saiidi received a warm round
                  ing at UNR, who extended a                                                 (University at Buffalo). Follow-
                                                      of applause for his excellent          ing the student presentations,
                  warm welcome to the MCEER           presentation.
                  SLC. The morning session                                                   Jeffrey Berman provided some
                  began with a tour of the new        The afternoon session contin-          final remarks, closing the after-
                  George E. Brown Jr., Network        ued with student presentations.        noon session. The SLC recon-
                  for Earthquake Engineering          Due to time constraints, stu-          vened that evening for dinner
                  Simulation (NEES) facilities at     dents were given ten minutes           at a local Brew Pub.
                  UNR, and concluded with an          to present a summary of their          On Saturday, the MCEER SLC
                                                      research and five minutes for          met in the hotel lobby for a trip
                                                      questions. The various topics          to Lake Tahoe, which included
SLC on                                                presented by the twelve partici-
the web:                                                                                     a BBQ organized by the UNR
                                                      pants representing six different       SLC students and a boat tour.
http://mceer.                                         universities demonstrated the          Upon returning from Lake                                       diversity of research supported        Tahoe, the SLC reconvened for
http://mceer.                                         by MCEER.                              dinner, after which Jeffrey Ber-                                                                                 man provided closing remarks
                                                      Student presentations were
                                                      given by: Navid Allahverdi             for the 2004 retreat.
                                                      (New Jersey Institute of Tech-           -Submitted by Gordon Warn,
                                                      nology), Michael Astrella                        University at Buffalo

                                                                   2004 Tri-Center Student Field Mission to Japan

                                                                   In July 2004, 16 Ph.D. students
MCEER Bulletin

                                                                   from MAE, PEER, MCEER
                                                                   and the Southern California
                                                                   Earthquake Center (SCEC)
                                                                   were accompanied by advi-
                                                                   sors Scott Ashford and Linda
                                                                   Nelson from PEER, Reginald
                                                                   DesRoches and Sandra Menke
                                                                   from MAE, and three high
                                                                   school teachers, on the 2004         MCEER SLC members Yufeng Hu              The group at the geotechnical
                                                                   Tri-Center Student Field Mission     (UB), Elliott Goodwin (University of   centrifuge facility of Soil Stabilization
                                                                   to Japan. Held July 17-24 and       Nevada, Reno), and Hwasung Roh              Division of Port and Airport
                                                                                                       (UB) visit the E-defense shake table             Research Institute.
                                                                   organized by PEER, the trip’s                      in Miki City.
                                                                   purpose was to learn more
                                                                   about international centers        lessons learned in recovery              University; Dr. Eiji Kohama
                                                                   of excellence in earthquake        and rebuilding; experience the           of Port and Airport Research
                                                                   studies; study emerging areas      international culture of earth-          Institute (PARI); Dr. Akio Abe
                                                                   of research and application;       quake research; foster coopera-          of Tokyo Soil Research Co.
   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall /Winter 2004

                                                                   view areas impacted by recent      tion between the three Earth-            Ltd; and Professor Masayoshi
                                                                   earthquakes; discern useful        quake Engineering Research               Nakashima and his research
                                                                                                      centers and encourage net-               team at Kyoto University. At
                                                                                                      working among the students.              Waseda University and Tokyo
                                                   On the last                                                                                 University, both the hosts and
                                                 day, the group                                       During the group’s stay in               group members gave presenta-
                                                 wore Kimonos                                         Japan, they visited several uni-         tions about their research. With
                                                  at the Osaka                                        versities, research institutions,        their hosts, the group toured
                                                  airport hotel.                                      laboratories and field locations.        experimental facilities in PARI,
                                                                                                      The group was hosted by Pro-             the National Research Institute
                                                                                                      fessor Masanori Hamada and               for Earth Science and Disaster
                                                                                                      his research team at Waseda              Prevention (NIED), the Build-
                                                                                                                                               ing Research Institute (BRI)
                                                           Cagdas Kafali, a Ph.D.                                                              and the Public Works Research
                                                           candidate in the School                                                             Institute (PWI). They also
                                                           of Civil and Environ-                                                               visited the largest shake table
                                                           mental Engineering at                                                               facility in the world, E-Defense,
                                                           Cornell University, is                                                              which is located in Miki City
                                                           working on a research                                                               and still under construction; it
                          project entitled “Fragility Based Rehabilitation Decision                                                            will be completed in 2005.
                          Analysis,” and expects to finish his degree in August,                                   Cagdas Kafali               After the trip, the students
                          2005. His advisor is Professor Mircea Grigoriu.                                                                      wrote papers on different
                          Cagdas’ research interests include structural dynamics, structural reliability, and                                  aspects of earthquake engi-
                          random vibrations and he is very motivated by the research itself, stating that he                                   neering, and post-event design
                          “likes the probabilistic nature of the problem,” and that “earthquake engineering is                                 and recovery. Follow-up semi-
                          a field where I can fulfill my interest in stochastic modeling.” He also attributes the                              nars and a photo journal of the
                          seismic vulnerability of his native Turkey as a reason for his interest in earthquake                                trip are also planned.
                          engineering, stating “this is a very important topic in my country.”                                                 The 2005 Field Mission will
                          Research in structural engineering will remain at the center of Cagdas’ future                                       visit Greece and Turkey in
                          plans, be it at an academic institution or a company, in the United States or in Tur-                                July. Details will be posted at
                          key, as long as the research topic is interesting and fulfilling. Eventually, he would                     
                          like to teach, preferably in a university, but he would consider high school. He also                                tricenter/default.asp when they
                          wants to return to Turkey at some point.                                                                             become available.
                                                                                                                                                    -Submitted by Yufeng Hu,
                          Cagdas enjoys playing basketball, and, if time allows after research, he likes travel-
                                                                                                                                                        University at Buffalo
                          ing, woodworking and reading about the history of science.

                   Students Present Research at 2004 REU Symposium
                   The 2004 Annual Tri-Center
                   Earthquake Engineering Sympo-                                                            Students from the
                                                                                                          three centers toured
                   sium for Young Researchers, held                                                         the Cooper River
                   August 5-8, 2004 at Kiawah                                                              Bridge with Project
                   Island Resort in Charleston,                                                             Manager Charles
                   South Carolina, and organized                                                           T. Dwyer. It will be
                   by MCEER, was a great suc-                                                               the largest cable-
                                                                                                           stayed span bridge
                   cess. Twenty young undergrad-                                                            in North America
                   uate researchers from MCEER,                                                             when completed
                   PEER, MAE and FSU gave                                                                     next summer.
                   presentations on individual
                   research projects conducted
                   during summer internships           construction. The field trip       explained the importance of
                   at the following host institu-      allowed students to witness the    engineering ethics.
                   tions: California Institute of      effects of earthquake research
                   Technology, Georgia Institute       on engineering design in a seis-   The Symposium, part of the
                   of Technology, Stanford Uni-        mic region.                        Research Experience for Under-
                   versity, Texas A&M University,                                         graduates Program funded by
                   University at Buffalo, Univer-      There were also two guest          NSF, was a wonderful experi-
                   sity of California at Berkeley,     speakers: MCEER Diversity          ence, giving participants the
                   Davis, Los Angeles and San          Director Makola Abdullah,          opportunity to present their
                   Diego, University of Illinois at    who discussed the resources        research in a formal setting and
                   Urbana-Champaign, Univer-           available to undergraduate stu-    meet people that might become
                   sity of Memphis, University of      dents interested in continuing     future colleagues.
                   Tokyo, University of Washing-       their education and the impor-
                                                       tance of promoting diversity       Symposium Proceedings will
                   ton, and Washington Univer-                                            be available from MCEER in
                   sity in St. Louis. The students'    at the graduate studies level;
                                                       and Joseph Herkert, of North       the near future.
                   home universities were in Cali-
                   fornia, Florida, Illinois, Indi-    Carolina State University, who     -Submitted by Karla Villarreal,
                   ana, Michigan, Missouri, New                                                Florida State University
                   Mexico, New York, Ohio, South
                   Carolina, Texas, Washington,
                   D.C. and Washington State.            MCEER REU Diversity Program Seeks Applicants
                   In addition to the exchange           MCEER is seeking applicants for its 2005 Research Experiences
                   of engineering research, the          for Undergraduates (REU) Diversity Program. The program sponsors
                   Symposium included a tour             outstanding students in civil engineering to spend ten weeks
                   of the Cooper River Bridge in         conducting individual research projects this summer at an NSF-
                   Charleston, where students            funded MCEER-affiliated earthquake research university. At the
                   visited the cable-stayed section      end of the program, students will present their research results at
                   after viewing a presentation          a symposium in Reno, Nevada and participate in activities jointly
                   about the bridge's design and         organized by MCEER, MAE and PEER.
                                                         The program is open to junior or senior undergraduate students
                                                         from the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Pro-
                                                         gram (LSAMP) or the Historically Black Colleges and Universities
                                                         Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP). Applicants must have a GPA
                                                         of 3.0 or higher and be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident.
                                                         To apply, contact:
                                                         Sabanayagam Thevanayagam, MCEER Director of Education; University
                                                         at Buffalo, Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineer-
                                                         ing; 212 Ketter Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260; Phone: (716) 645-2114 Ext.
                                                         2430; Fax: (716) 645-3733; E-mail:
      MCEER’s contingent: from left: Michael Long,
     Abiel Carrillo, Lisa Anderson and Corey Bergad.     More information can be found online at: http://mceer.buffalo.

                                                 Workshop Focuses on Expanding Diversity
MCEER Bulletin

                                                 Under the leadership of new                 ■    Link to others doing similar
                                                 Diversity Director Makola                        successful work.
                                                 Abdullah, MCEER held its first              ■    Update vision statement
                                                 Diversity Workshop in Wash-                      to elucidate the benefits of
                                                 ington, D.C. on April 9, 2004.                   diversity. This will in turn
                                                 Attended by a small group,                       impact the research agenda.
                                                 including MCEER Director                    ■    Consider the feasibility
                                                 Michel Bruneau, Industry                         of women and minority                       MCEER Diversity Director Makola
                                                 Advisory Board Vice-Chair-                       scholars/visiting scholars                 Abdullah with students Terri Norton
                                                 man Ellis Stanley, Jr., NSF                      program targeted for His-                           and Marlon Hill.
                                                 Associate Executive Direc-                       torically Black Colleges &               ate and graduate students and
                                                 tor for the Division on Earth                    Universities (HBCUs).                    faculty through current statis-
                                                 and Life Studies Bill Ander-                                                              tics; establishing a baseline for
                                                                                             ■    Recruit minority faculty for
                                                 son, NEIC Geophysicist and                                                                success for diversity programs;
                                                                                                  cooperative research.
                                                 Spokesperson Waverly Pearson,                                                             increasing diverse participation
                                                 Professor Rupa Purasinghe of                ■    Increase visibility and build
                                                                                                                                           in MCEER graduate programs
                                                 California State University and                  awareness among targeted
                                                                                                                                           through REU programs and
   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall /Winter 2004

                                                 Ph.D. Student Terri Norton of                    populations.
                                                                                                                                           LSAMP (affiliated Fellowships);
                                                 Florida A&M University, the                 In addition, the group agreed                 increasing diverse faculty at
                                                 workshop provided a forum                   to focus on several tasks aimed               MCEER institutions through
                                                 to discuss the best ways to                 at increasing diversity. These                visiting faculty fellowships;
                                                 increase diversity at MCEER.                include gathering and under-                  and establishing a database of
                                                 Ideas include:                              standing the current diversity                minority faculty in earthquake
                                                                                             challenges among undergradu-                  engineering and related fields.

                                                                                                 MCEER ◆ UB-EERI ◆ MCEER SLC ◆ UB-CSEE

                                                                                               Seminar Series
                                                  The EERI student chapter of the University at Buffalo (UB-EERI), the MCEER Student Leadership Council, the
                                                  Networking and Education Programs of MCEER, and the University at Buffalo’s Department of Civil, Structural and
                                                  Environmental Engineering jointly sponsor a series of seminars on a variety of topics related to earthquake hazard
                                                  mitigation. The purpose of the seminar series is to widen accessibility to timely, technical presentations by students,
                                                  researchers, visitors and affiliates of MCEER. All seminars are held at the University at Buffalo, and most are broad-
                                                  cast over the Internet in real-time. They can be viewed on the MCEER SLC website, which also includes a biography,
                                                  abstract and full-length review, at

                                                  Estimation of Seismic Acceleration Demands on Nonstructural Components for Performance Based
                                                  Eduardo Miranda, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, December 3, 2004
                                                  Eduardo Miranda’s presentation summarized recent research aimed at improving the estimation of acceleration
                                                  demands in buildings, with emphasis on understanding the main variables controlling the amplitude and characteris-
                                                  tic of seismic demands on building nonstructural components through simplified methods. Dr. Miranda evaluated the
                                                  accuracy of the simplified method by comparing floor acceleration demands computed with it to those computed with
                                                  response history analyses of detailed finite element models of two generic buildings and those recorded in many instru-
                                                  mented buildings in California. He also discussed current code provisions and possible improvements.

                                                  Object-oriented Image Understanding and Post-earthquake Damage Assessment
                                                  Luca Gusella, Ph.D. candidate in Geodetic and Topographic Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy, November 12, 2004
                                                  Luca Gusella discussed the use of very high-resolution (VHR) satellite imagery (Quick Bird and Ikonos) as an important
                                                  source of spatial information after an earthquake, its use in post-event emergency response, and later on, for under-
                                                  standing the effects of shaking on buildings and other key infrastructure. The presentation discussed research on
                                                  images taken after the Bam, Iran earthquake of December 26, 2003, some of which was conducted at the University of
                                                  Bologna, and some while visiting the United States. His presentation included the following topics: image pre-process-
                                                  ing procedures, data fusion techniques, object oriented analysis, including image understanding, and change detection
                                                  analysis of objects in the real world, including application to Bam, Iran earthquake.

                                                     MCEER ◆ UB-EERI ◆ MCEER SLC ◆ UB-CSEE

                                                    Seminar Series
     Seismic Cracking and Sliding Response of Gravity Dams: Numerical Analysis and Experimental Observations
     Pierre Léger, Ph.D., P.E., and Professor, Department of Civil Engineering - Structural Division, École Polytechnique de Montréal,
     November 8, 2004
     Dr. Leger began his presentation with an overview of historical seismic damage to concrete dams. He then discussed
     structural analysis methodologies to assess the seismic cracking and sliding responses of concrete gravity dams, related
     computer programs, and experimental validation work that was developed at École Polytechnique. He gave a detailed
     example of shake table experiments conducted on concrete gravity dams, comparing results with finite element simu-
     lations. He then discussed the effectiveness of post-tension anchors on the seismic stability of concrete dams, and
     described a progressive approach to seismic safety that should be used to evaluate them. He ended his talk with an
     overview of research work currently underway at École Polytechnique.

     An Introduction to MCEER and the SLC for New Students and an Overview of the Seismic Design
     Competition for Undergraduates
     Andre Filiatrault, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, and Deputy Director of MCEER, and Jeffrey Berman, Ph.D. Candidate and Student
     Leadership Council Chair, October 29, 2004
     Andre Filiatrault provided an overview of research performed within the context of MCEER, headquartered at UB and
     involving 17 participating institutions. The role of students, both graduate and undergraduate, in helping the Center
     achieve its goal of seismically resilient communities was discussed, as were research opportunities for students. The
     MCEER Student Leadership Council, an organization composed of students performing MCEER research, was explained
     by Jeffrey Berman, and its activities, ranging from attending conferences to performing education and outreach activi-
     ties to coordinating this seminar series, were highlighted. Information was provided on how interested students can get
     involved. The seminar concluded with an overview of the Student Leadership Council’s newly launched Seismic Design
     Competition for Undergraduates, which will be held on January 29, 2005, at the University at Buffalo.

     The NTU-MINDEF Protective Technology Research Centre and Performance Assessment of Reinforced
     Concrete Structures in Blast Environments
     Dr. Tso-Chien Pan, Professor and Director, NTU-MINDEF Protective Technology Research Centre, and Dr. Bing Li, Associate
     Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, May 25th, 2004
     Dr. Tso-Chien Pan began with an overview of the interdisciplinary Protective Technology Research Center (PTRC) that
     was established by China’s Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). PTRC
     provides a platform for synergistic R&D programs involving both numerical simulations and experimental investiga-
     tions on the effects of high-intensity transient dynamic loading on soil and rock media, as well as on structural com-
     ponents and systems. Many of PTRC’s projects have been on dynamic explosion and blast, which have implications to
     civil defense and terrorism. He then discussed PTRC’s project on the development of underground space for civil and
     military uses, featuring the storage of strategic materials in caverns and tunnels built within the Bukit Timah granite
     and Jurong Formation.
     Noting the increase in terrorist activity throughout the world, Dr. Li then presented results from ongoing research done
     at Nanyang Technological University to develop more rational design guidelines to enhance the survivability of struc-
     tures subjected to blast loading.

     Seismic Risk Mitigation of Operational and Functional Components of Buildings: “The Tough Nut To Crack”
     Jay Lewis, MBA, President, Terra Firm Earthquake Preparedness, Inc., May 4, 2004
     Jay Lewis began his presentation on seismic risk mitigation of operational and functional components (OFCs) of build-
     ings by explaining that, despite risks such as loss of life, injuries, fire damage, and business interruptions leading to
     major economic disruptions on the corporate, municipal, and national level, not much progress has been made in OFC
     mitigation in the past 40 years. This is in part because the thousands of components that need to be restrained pose a
     significant challenge to planners and engineers. He then explained that British Columbia’s recent $133 million seismic
     mitigation initiative helped take OFC mitigation to a higher level, describing how Terra Firm has organized the process
     into steps and automated it.

     Seismic Design of Non-Structural Components
     Scott Campbell, Ph.D., P.E., Chief Structural Engineer, Kinetics Noise Control, April 8, 2004
     Scott Campbell began his presentation by noting that the seismic design of non-structural components has recently
     become a topic of interest to researchers and code officials. He then presented an overview of the issues involved in the
     design of seismic restraint for non-structural components, beginning with background information on the development
     of current standards and their implication for design. He included the development of an example problem that illus-
     trates the critical issues, and reviewed examples of different restraint types, making recommendations for improving the
     design process.

                                                                                    MCEER Movers & Shakers                                   2003-2004 Research
                                                                                                                                             Progress and

                                                             PEER Director Jack P. Moehle Named EERI’s 2005 Distinguished Lecturer
MCEER Bulletin

                                                             Jack P. Moehle, Professor of Civil and Environmental
                                                             Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley and                       This sixth vol-
                                                             Director of the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research                         ume of Research
                                                             (PEER) Center, has been chosen to give the Earthquake                           Progress and
                                                             Engineering Research Institute’s 2005 Distinguished                             Accomplishments
                                                             Lecture. His topic will be “Performance-Based Design:
                                                             Developments and Applications.”                                                 by MCEER
                                                                                                                               Jack Moehle
                                                                                                                                             researchers high-
                                                             In February 2005, Moehle will present his lecture at EERI’s                     lights research
                                                             57th Annual Meeting in Ixtapa, Mexico. Groups interested in having him
                                                             present the lecture subsequently should contact the EERI office, or visit       advances and
                                                    for more information.                                       achievements accomplished
                                                                                                                                             during the past year. This vol-
                                                             Constantinou Receives Chancellor’s Award for Excellence                         ume begins with an overview
                                                                                                                                             of the multidisciplinary center
                                                             Michael C. Constantinou, professor and chair of the                             approach in earthquake engi-
                                                             Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental
                                                             Engineering at the University at Buffalo and long time
                                                                                                                                             neering, pioneered by MCEER.
                                                             MCEER researcher, received the 2004 SUNY Chancellor                             The 14 papers that follow pro-
                                                                                                                                             vide selected detailed examples
   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall /Winter 2004

                                                             Award for Excellence. The award is given in recognition of
                                                             scholarly and creative pursuit beyond teaching responsibili-                    of how MCEER research is
                                                             ties. A UB faculty member since 1987, Dr. Constantinou is                       fulfilling its vision to achieve
                                                             co-director of UB’s Structural Engineering and Earthquake
                                                             Simulation Laboratory (SEESL). His research interests          Michael          earthquake resilient communi-
                                                             include structural engineering, earthquake engineering,      Constantinou       ties through its activities.
                                                             seismic isolation, seismic-energy dissipation, large-scale
                                                             testing and performance-based design.                                           The full color report is avail-
                                                                                                                                             able from the publications
                                                             Nikolaou wins Prakash Award                                                     section of our website at http://
                                                             Sissy Nikolaou was presented with the Shamsher Prakash                          resaccom/0304/default.asp. A lim-
                                                             Prize for Excellence in Practice during a special cer-
                                                             emony at the 2004 Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering                    ited number of hard copies are
                                                             Conference held in New York City, April 13-17, 2004. The                        available by contacting MCEER
                                                             Shamsher Prakash Foundation presents this award annu-                           publications.
                                                             ally to young engineers and scientists from all over the
                                                             world who are specialists in geotechnical engineering
                                                             or geotechnical earthquake engineering, recognizing
                                                             the winner’s significant independent contributions and       Sissy Nikolaou
                                                             promise of future excellence in these fields. Dr. Nikolaou
                                                             is Senior Geotechnical Engineer and Seismic Analyst at
                                                                                                                                             Oral History on Joseph
                                                             Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers. She received a Masters and Ph.D.          Penzien Available from
                                                             degree from the University at Buffalo in 1995 and 1998, respectively. While
                                                             at UB, Sissy was involved in MCEER’s research under the direction of            EERI
                                                             Professor George Gazetas.
                                                                                                                                             EERI recently published Con-
                                                                                                                                             nections: The EERI Oral History
                                                                                                                                             Series, Joseph Penzien. This 11th
                                                                   Daniel Fenz, an M.S. Student in Earthquake Engineering at the             volume in the series explores
                                                                   University at Buffalo, received the American Society of Civil Engineers   Penzien’s career, highlighting
                                                                   Buffalo Section Student of the Year Award for 2003. Dan, who was          his significant contributions
                                                                   selected for the award by the faculty of the UB Civil Engineering
                                                                                                                                             to earthquake engineering,
                                                                   Department, received it from Buffalo Section President John Danzer at
                                                                   a joint meeting of the UB Student and Buffalo Section ASCE Chapters       which include groundbreaking
                                                  Daniel Fenz      in March.                                                                 research and developing the
                                                                   Former MCEER student Tony Yang won the award in 2001.                     shake table. The book can be
                                                                                                                                             ordered online at http://www.
                                                                   Art Chianello, M.S. candidate in the Department of Civil Engineering
                                                                   at California State University at Los Angeles (CSLA) received a stu-      by phone at (510) 451-0905, or
                                                                   dent award from the Structural Engineering Association of Southern        by e-mail at for
                                                                   California (SEAOSC) at the Annual Student Night, in February 2004.        $15.00, plus tax and shipping.
                                                 Art Chianello

                        New Special Reports
                        Recommended LRFD Guidelines for the Seismic Design of Highway Bridges

To Order MCEER
                        ATC/MCEER Joint Venture Publishes Liquefaction Study Report and Design Examples
Publications            The ATC/MCEER Joint Ven-                 ■   Evaluation of geotechnical        guidelines. The two examples
                        ture, a partnership of the                   mitigation of liquefaction-       are the eighth and ninth in a
    (716) 645-3391      Applied Technology Council                   related ground displacement       series originally developed
           ext. 105     (ATC) and MCEER, is pleased                                                    for FHWA to illustrate the use
                        to announce the availability             ■   Evaluation of cost impacts of     of the AASHTO Division 1-A
 Fax:                                                                the structural and geotech-
    (716) 645-3399      of Liquefaction Study Report,                                                  Standard Specifications for High-
                        MCEER/ATC 49-1 and Design                    nical mitigation strategies       way Bridges. Design Example 8
http://mceer.buffalo.   Examples, MCEER/ATC 49-2.                The results for the 475-year and      was performed on a five-span
    edu/publications/                                            2,475-year events were com-           continuous cast-in-place con-
         default.asp    The Liquefaction Study Report                                                  crete box girder bridge and
                        presents the results of a study          pared to assess the implications
 E-mail:                                                         of using the larger event for         Design Example 9 was per-
                        of the effects of liquefaction                                                 formed on a three-span contin-
                        and associated hazards, lat-             design. Additionally, the con-                                                                                   uous steel girder bridge. Each
                        eral spreading and flow. It is           duct of the study helped syn-
                                                                 thesize an overall approach for       example emphasizes different
                        part of a series of reports that                                               features that must be consid-
                        comprise these recommended               handling liquefaction-induced
                                                                 movements in the recom-               ered in the seismic analysis
                        guidelines.                                                                    and design process.
                                                                 mended design provisions.
                        The study investigated lique-                                                  For additional information or
                        faction hazard implications for          The report includes a CD-ROM
                                                                 containing detailed informa-          to order reports, visit http://
                        the design of bridges from the                                       
                        perspective of real sites and            tion for each study site.
                        real structures. The scope was           The Design Examples illustrate
                        limited to two sites in relatively       use of the recommended LRFD
                        high seismic locations, one in
                        Washington State and the other
                        in Missouri. Actual site profile             Tri-Center Report on Seismic Safety
                        data and bridge configura-
                        tions were used. The study                   Promoting Seismic Safety: Guidance for Advocates, by Daniel Alesch,
                        included:                                    Peter May, Robert Olshansky, William Petak and Kathleen Tier-
                                                                     ney, is a 200-plus page report that distills the findings of previous
                        ■   Simplified, conventional                 social science and policy research to provide guidance to seismic
                            liquefaction analyses                    safety advocates.
                        ■   Development of both 475-                 It has two parts. Part 1 is a collection of concise tips for advocates
                            year and 2,475-year accelera-            organized into the following topics: successful seismic safety
                            tion time histories                      advocacy, earthquake basics, ABCs of seismic building codes, poli-
                        ■   Nonlinear assessment of                  cies and legislation, appearing before committees, informing and
                            the site response to these               persuading, partnerships for seismic safety, working with experts,
                            accelerations, including the             effective risk communication, and using the media.
                            time history of pore water               Part 2 is a collection of background papers, developed by the
                            increases                                authors, to support and amplify the advice to advocates in the
                        ■   Assessment of stability of               guidance document.
                            abutment end slopes                      The report is authored by social science and policy researchers at
                        ■   Estimates of lateral spread-             the three earthquake engineering research centers, MAE, MCEER
                            ing and/or flow conditions               and PEER, and was funded by the Federal Emergency Manage-
                                                                     ment Agency.
                        ■   Design of structural sys-
                            tems to withstand predicted              It is available on MCEER’s website at
                            response and flow conditions             publications/sp_pubs/04-SP02/default.asp or can be ordered from
                                                                     MCEER Publications for $35.00.

                                                 New Technical Reports
                                                          Experimental Study                    Tension, Compression                       Cyclic Testing of Braces

MCEER Bulletin

                                                          of Seismic Isolation
                                                          Systems with Emphasis        2        and Cyclic Testing of
                                                                                                Engineered Cementitious             3      Laterally Restrained by
                                                                                                                                           Steel Studs to Enhance
                                                          on Secondary System                   Composite Materials                        Performance During
                                                          Response and                by K. Kesner and S.L. Billington, 3/1/04,            Earthquakes
                                                          Verification of Accuracy     MCEER-04-0002, 122 pages, $25.00            by O.C. Celik, J.W. Berman and M.
                                                          of Dynamic Response                                                     Bruneau, 3/16/04, MCEER-04-0003,
                                                          History Analysis Methods    The study described in this report          250 pages, $35.00
                                                                                      describes the testing performed
                                                 by E. Wolff and M. Constantinou,     to examine the potential use and            This report describes an experi-
                                                 1/16/04, MCEER-04-0001,              behavior of engineered cementi-             mental investigation into the
                                                 160 pages, $30.00                    tious composite (ECC) materials in          seismic behavior and efficiency of
                                                                                      lieu of traditional materials. The          using braced steel infills for steel
                                                                                      materials are proposed for use in           framed buildings. Cold formed
                                                 This combined experimental
                                                                                      seismic strengthening and retrofit          steel studs (CFSS), typically used
                                                 and analytical study provides an
                                                                                      applications. Specifically, an infill       in nonstructural partition walls,
                                                 assessment of the validity and
                                                                                      panel system was developed that             were studied to determine if
                                                 accuracy of analysis methods
                                                                                      uses the pseudo-strain hardening            they could be used to laterally
                                                 commonly used for seismically
                                                                                      properties of the ECC materials.            restrain braces against buckling
                                                 isolated structures, emphasiz-
                                                                                      Laboratory studies examined the
   Volume 18, Number 2, Fall /Winter 2004

                                                 ing secondary system response,                                                   and thus enhance their seismic
                                                                                      effect of different curing and dry-         performance. Four specimens were
                                                 contemporary seismic isolation
                                                                                      ing times, the tensile response of          designed and cyclically tested:
                                                 systems, and strong and/or
                                                                                      different specimen geometries,              single square tube braces with
                                                 near-fault seismic excitation. A
                                                                                      and the response of ECC materi-             and without vertical CFSS and
                                                 six-story steel model was used
                                                                                      als to reversed cyclic loadings.            rectangular solid bar X braces with
                                                 in three configurations: flexible
                                                                                      The ECC materials investigated              and without CFSS members. The
                                                 moment-frame, asymmetrically
                                                                                      showed a wide range of tensile              effects of KL/r ratio, bracing con-
                                                 braced-frame and stiff braced-
                                                                                      properties as a function of speci-          figuration and cross-sectional type
                                                 frame. Eight isolation systems
                                                                                      men geometry and constituent                of braces were studied, as well
                                                 were studied, namely, low damp-
                                                                                      materials. Other key findings are           as behavior characteristics of the
                                                 ing elastomeric bearings with and
                                                                                      summarized in the Conclusions               specimens with an emphasis on
                                                 without linear and nonlinear vis-
                                                                                      section of the report. This study           hysteretic energy dissipation. As a
                                                 cous dampers, Friction Pendulum
                                                                                      is the first to investigate the             result, the CFSS members showed
                                                 (FP) bearings with and without
                                                                                      response of the ECC materials to            promise for use in new buildings
                                                 linear and nonlinear viscous
                                                                                      reversed cyclic loadings.                   or as a retrofitting technique in
                                                 dampers, low damping elasto-
                                                 meric bearings with lead cores,                                                  buildings that lack strength, lateral
                                                 and low damping elastomeric                                                      stiffness and ductility.
                                                 bearings in conjunction with
                                                 flat sliding bearings. Over 300
                                                 experiments were conducted. The
                                                 various experimental results were               Methodologies for Post-Earthquake Building Damage Detection
                                                 compared with analytical results
                                                 obtained using the SAP2000             4        Using SAR and Optical Remote Sensing:
                                                                                                 Application to the August 17, 1999 Marmara, Turkey Earthquake
                                                 and 3D-BASIS-ME computer
                                                 programs. The vast database of
                                                                                        by C.K. Huyck, B.J. Adams, S.Cho, R.T. Eguchi, B. Mansouri and B. Houshmand,
                                                 experimental results on second-
                                                 ary system response provided the       6/15/04/ MCEER-04-0004, 184 pages, $30.00
                                                 opportunity to assess the perfor-
                                                 mance of various seismic isolation     The study described in this report explores how remote sensing tech-
                                                 systems.                               nology can bring significant benefits to post-earthquake response and
                                                                                        recovery activities, through improved urban damage detection. The
                                                                                        Marmara, Turkey earthquake of August 17, 1999 is used as a testbed, as
                                                                                        one of the first earthquakes where a temporal sequence of ‘before’ and
                                                                                        ‘after’ optical and radar imagery was available. The authors present a
                                                                                        series of qualitative and quantitative methodological procedures and
                                                                                        algorithms, which can be used to characterize the location, severity and
                                                                                        extent of building damage. This study paves the way for subsequent
                                                                                        research, employing very high-resolution imagery acquired by the new
                                                                                        generation of optical satellites. Finally, since many of the illustrations
                                                                                        rely on color to convey meaning, and the report is printed in black and
                                                                                        white, a full-color version is included on a CD-ROM.

                                        Nonlinear Structural                                           Proceedings of the                    Seismic Vulnerability
    Visit the MCEER
Publications Catalog
                             5          Analysis Towards
                                        Collapse Simulation:                                   6       Second PRC-US
                                                                                                       Workshop on Seismic
                                                                                                                                     7       Evaluation of Axially
                                                                                                                                             Loaded Steel Built-up
publications/default.asp                A Dynamical Systems                                            Analysis and Design of                Laced Members
                                        Approach                                                       Special Bridges              by Kangmin Lee and Michel Bruneau,
                            by Mettupalayam V. Sivaselvan and                                 Edited by G.C. Lee and L.C. Fan,      06/30/04, MCEER-04-0007, 324 pages,
                            Andrei M. Reinhorn, 06/16/04,                                     6/25/04, MCEER-04-0006, 342 pages,    $35.00
                            MCEER-04-0005, 200 pages, $30.00                                  $35.00
                                                                                                                                    The objective of this research
                            In this study, the authors have                                   The Proceedings are the result        is to provide better knowledge
                            developed structural models and                                   of the second in a series of inter-   on the seismic behavior of laced
                            numerical techniques to analyze                                   national workshops on seismic         members, which can be broadly
                            structures in damage states up                                    analysis and design of special        applicable to many steel truss
                            to collapse. These are needed to                                  bridges collaboratively arranged      bridges that share similar struc-
                            determine functional limit states                                 by MCEER and the State Key            tural characteristics and details.
                            required for performance and fra-                                 Laboratory for Disaster Reduction     Commonly encountered built-up
                            gility based seismic design meth-                                 in Civil Engineering, Tongji          brace details and configurations
                            odologies. The authors explored                                   University, Shanghai, China. The      were collected from actual bridges
                            alternatives to the widely used                                   workshop themes include seis-         that have laced members. Using
                            displacement-based incremen-                                      mic design and retrofit of long       this information, an experimen-
                            tal iterative algorithms. They                                    span bridges, performance based       tal program was conducted to
                            developed a framework, termed                                     design, seismic safety evaluation,    investigate the hysteretic behavior
                            a dynamical system, where                                         soil-pile-structure interaction       of typical built-up compression
                            displacements, internal forces                                    and pseudo-dynamic and hydro-         members. Strength capacity of
                            and other state variables can be                                  dynamic experimental study.           the specimens, obtained from the
                            treated uniformly. Two methods                                    This volume contains 23 papers        testing, was correlated with the
                            have been formulated: State Space                                 addressing a wide range of these      predicted strength in the AISC
                            and Lagrangian. Both methods                                      research fields, and includes a       LRFD Specifications. Assessments
                            clearly distinguish the modeling                                  summary of research needs and         of hysteretic properties such as
                            of components from the numerical                                  workshop recommendations. The         ductility capacity, energy dissipa-
                            solution. Thus, phenomenologi-                                    workshop agenda and list of par-      tion capacity, and strength degra-
                            cal models of components such                                     ticipants is also included.           dation after buckling of the speci-
                            as steel connections, reinforced                                                                        men were performed. Nonlinear
                            concrete elements, semi-active                                    For more information, visit           pushover analyses were also
                            devices, shock absorbers, etc. can                                the MCEER website at: http://         conducted and correlated with
                            be incorporated into the analysis                              test results. The observed cyclic
                            without having to implement                                       workshop/04-0006/default.asp          inelastic behavior of the speci-
                            element-specific incremental state                                                                      mens showed that these latticed
                            determination algorithms.                                                                               members can exhibit variable
                                                                                                                                    seismic performance and could
                                                                                                                                    often fail to meet the displace-
                                                                                                                                    ment demands for typical braced
                                                                                                                                    frames in seismic regions.

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                                                                                      Published by
     MCEER 2005 Annual Meeting
                                                                                      Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering
     “Involving Stakeholders ... Igniting Innovation ... Securing Resilience”         Research
                                                                                      University at Buffalo, State University of New York
     Mark your calendar for MCEER’s 2005 Annual Meeting, February 25-26 in            Red Jacket Quadrangle
                                                                                      Buffalo, NY 14261
     Sacramento, California. This annual gathering of MCEER industry partners,
     students and researchers is convened to review the past year’s progress          Phone: (716) 645-3391
     and the next year’s promise for MCEER’s research, education and outreach         Fax: (716) 645-3399
     programs. It is being held in Sacramento at the invitation of the California
     Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.                              Website:

     The meeting will feature a “Practitioners Day Forum” on Friday, February         ISSN 1520-2933
     25, inviting participation from the practicing community and public officials     Staff
     throughout California and beyond. The purpose is to more fully engage
                                                                                      Editor: Jane Stoyle
     these critical stakeholders up-front, in a process that will shape and develop
     solutions to attain greater community-wide resilience, specifically with regard   Illustration/Photography: Hector Velasco
     to MCEER’s research programs on:                                                 Layout/Composition: Michelle Zuppa
      ■   Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit of Electric Power & Water Systems;             Some of the material reported herein is based upon
                                                                                      work supported in whole or in part by the Earthquake
      ■   Seismic Retrofit of Hospitals/Acute Care Facilities; and                     Engineering Research Centers Program of the National
                                                                                      Science Foundation (under award number EEC-9701471),
      ■   Earthquake Response & Recovery.                                             the State of New York, the Federal Highway Administration
     On Saturday, February 26, MCEER researchers, students and industry               of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Federal
                                                                                      Emergency Management Agency and other sponsors.
     partners will craft a research plan for the coming year, based on stakeholder
                                                                                      Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations
     comments from the previous day.                                                  expressed in this publication are those of the author(s)
     The meeting will be held at the Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova, 11211        and do not necessarily reflect the views of MCEER or its
     Point East Drive, Rancho Cordova, California.
     Registration information will soon be available via the MCEER website at                                                            University at Buffalo The State University of New York

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