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BFA in Animation by wpr1947


									BFA in ANIMATION (488040) Map Sheet
Department of Visual Arts
For students entering the degree program during the 2011–2012 curricular year.
This is a limited enrollment program requiring departmental admissions approval. Please see the advisement center for information regarding requirements for admission to this emphasis. Admission to the Department of Visual
Arts does not guarantee admission to Brigham Young University.
Application procedures for new students:    After completing STAnm 150, VAAnm 131 and 160, submit an application to the major by June 8th including:
                                            1. Letter of intent: briefly introduce yourself (no more than one paragraph), BYU education goals, entry-level career goals, and long-range career goals.
                                            2. Final project from VAAnm 160.
                                            3. Sketch book
                                            4. Figure drawings (5-10).
                                            5. Five story ideas written in five sentences or less (no more than one page total, typed). Demonstrating a breadth of ideas is better than two similar ideas.
                                            6. A list of the top 10 books, movies, television, paintings, or illustrations read/viewed within six months prior to application. Explain why they were read/viewed and what was most valued
                                                about each (no more than one page total, typed).

                 UNIVERSITY CORE AND GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS                                                                               PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (68–71 total hours)

 UNIVERSITY CORE REQUIREMENTS                                                                        Submit application at the end of freshman year.                    Complete one course from the following:
 (48.5 hours minimum)                                                                                Pass portfolio review during the sophomore year.                   TMA    291 Media Arts History 1               3.0   I   I_____
                                                                                                                                                     cr.hrs grade sem   TMA    292 Media Arts History 2               3.0   I   I
 Requirements                                   #Classes       Hours     Classes                     Complete the following premajor courses:                           VAIll  355 History of Amer Illustration 1     3.0   I   I
                                                                                                     STAnm 150 Intro to 3D Computer Graphics            1.5 I    I      VAIll  356 History of Amer Illustration 2     3.0   I   I
 Doctrinal Foundation                                                                                VAAnm 131 Figure Drawing for Animators             3.0 I    I      VAPho 379 History of Photography              3.0   I   I
    Book of Mormon                                  2             4.0    Rel A 121/H and 122/H       VAAnm 160 Introduction to Animation                1.5 I    I
    New Testament                                   1             2.0    Rel A 211/H or 212/H                                                                           Complete 3 courses from the following:
    Doctrine and Covenants                          1             2.0    Rel C 324/H or 325/H        Obtain acceptance into the animation BFA program.                  STAnm 351R Lighting for 3D Graphics      3.0 I          I
                                                                                                                                                                        STAnm 454 Advanced Shading               3.0 I          I
 The Individual and Society                                                                          Pass portfolio review during the sophomore year.                   STAnm 459R Adv Animation Technology      3.0 I          I
    Citizenship                                                                                                                                                         TMA    123 Acting Fundamentals           2.0 I          I
        American Heritage                         1–2          3–6.0     from approved list          Complete the following foundation courses:                         TMA    185 Basic Media Production        3.0 I          I
        Global & Cultural Awareness                1             3.0     from approved list          STAnm 250 Intermediate 3D Computer Grap          2.0   I   I       TMA    241 Screenwriting 1               3.0 I          I
                                                                                                     STAnm 252 Intro to 3-Dimensional Animation       2.0   I   I       TMA    257 Storytelling                  2.0 I          I
 Skills                                                                                              STAnm 350 Character Animation in 3D              3.0   I   I       TMA    475R Media Arts Capstone          3.0VI          I
     Effective Communication                                                                         STAnm 354 Shader Programming                     3.0   I   I       VAAnm 263 Writing for Animation          3.0 I          I
         First-Year Writing                        1             3.0     from approved list          STAnm 450R Adv Senior Film Production 1          3.0   I   I       VAAnm 361R Visual Dev & Character Des 3.0 I             I
         Adv Written & Oral Communication          1             3.0     from approved list          STAnm 458 3D Visual Effects                      1.5   I   I       VAAnm 362R 2D Character Animation        3.0 I          I
     Quantitative Reasoning                       0–1          0–3.0     from approved list          TMA   102* Introduction to Film                  3.0   I   I       VAAnm 365R Digital Painting              3.0 I          I
     Languages of Learning (Math or               1–4         3–20.0     from approved lists         VAAnm 250R Gesture Drawing for Animators         3.0   I   I       VAAnm 494R Special Problems in Animation 3.0VI          I
         Language)                                                                                   VAAnm 260 Basic Storyboarding                    3.0   I   I       VAAnm 497R BFA Independent Film Prod 3.0VI              I
                                                                                                     VAAnm 262 2D Animation                           3.0   I   I       VAAnm 498R Directed Studies in Animation 6.0VI          I
 Arts, Letters, and Sciences                                                                         VAAnm 265 Drawing for Animation                  3.0   I   I       VAIll  350R Adv Life Drawing             3.0 I          I
     Civilization 1 and 2                           2             6.0    ArtHC 201*, 202*            VAAnm 360R Advanced Storyboarding                3.0   I   I___    VAIll  453 Illustration 4                3.0 I          I
     Arts                                           1             3.0    TMA 102*                    VAAnm 363R 2D Animation Production               1.5   I   I       VAPho 170 Intro Black/White Photography      3.0        II
     Letters                                        1             3.0    from approved list          VAAnm 460 Business & Ethics in Animation         2.0   I   I       VAStu 104 Intro to Sculpture--Non-Majors 3.0 I          I
     Scientific Principles & Reasoning                                                               VAAnm 468R Special Effects                       1.5   I   I
         Biological Science                       1–2          3–5.0     from approved list
         Physical Science                         1–2          3–7.0     from approved list          Complete one course from the following:
         Social Science                            1             3.0     from approved list          STAnm 452R Adv Senior Film Production 2          3.0 I     I
                                                                                                     STAnm 497R BFA Final Project                     3.0 I     I
 Core Enrichment: Electives                                                                          VAAnm 497R BFA Independent Film production       3.0VI     I
    Religion Electives                            3–4             6.0    from approved list
    Open Electives                              Variable     Variable    personal choice             Complete the following:
                                                                                                     ArtHC 201* World Civilization to 1500             3.0 I    I
                                                                                                     ArtHC 202* World Civilization Since 1500          3.0 I    I
                                                                                                     TMA   294 History of Animation                    3.0 I    I
    Minimum residence hours required                            30.0
    Minimum hours needed to graduate                           120.0

                                                           *THESE CLASSES FILL BOTH UNIVERSITY CORE AND PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (9 hours overlap)
                                                                                    BFA in ANIMATION (488040)
Suggested Sequence of Courses:                      JUNIOR YEAR                                      THE DISCIPLINE:                                      Faculty Advisor:
                                                    5th Semester                                     The Department of Visual Arts serves five main           Ryan Woodward
FRESHMAN YEAR                                       STAnm 350                               3.0      purposes:                                                F-563 HFAC
1st Semester                                        STAnm 354                               3.0      1) preparing competent professionals in various          Brigham Young University
First-Year Writing or American Heritage    3.0      Animation elective                      2.0          fields of the plastic and graphic arts;              Provo, UT 84602
ArtHC 201                                  3.0      General Education courses,                       2) preparing qualified designers in problem              (801) 422-1486
VAAnm 131                                  3.0           university requirements,                        solving of two- and three-dimensional                Email:
STAnm 150 or VAAnm 160                     1.5           and/or general electives           7.0          applications;
Rel A 121                                  2.0      Total Hours                            15.0      3) training historians who can critically appraise
General Education courses,                                                                               works of art;
      and/or general electives             2.5      6th Semester                                     4) preparing art educators for teaching the visual
Total Hours                               15.0      VAAnm 360R                              3.0          arts at the elementary and secondary levels;
                                                    VAAnm 363R                              1.5          and
2nd Semester                                        Animation elective                      3.0      5) generally developing the aesthetics sense of
First-Year Writing or American Heritage    3.0      ArtHC/TMA/VAIll/VAPho history           3.0          individuals by helping them experience art.
ArtHC 202                                  3.0      General Education courses,
VAAnm 160 or STAnm 150                     1.5           university requirements,                    NEW STUDENT APPLICATION DEADLINES:
TMA 102                                    3.0           and/or general electives           4.5
Rel A 122                                  2.0      Total Hours                            15.0      Freshmen Enrollment
General Education courses,
      and/or general electives             2.5      SENIOR YEAR                                      Apply June 8th after completing STAnm 150,
Total Hours                               15.0      7th Semester                                     VAAnm 131 and 160.
                                                    VAAnm 460                               2.0
Apply to the major.                                 STAnm 450R                              3.0      Transfer Students
                                                    Animation elective                      3.0
SOPHOMORE YEAR                                      General Education courses,                       Transfer students in the Animation area should
3rd Semester                                             university requirements,                    meet with a faculty advisor and participate in the
STAnm 250                                  3.0           and/or general electives           7.0      June 8th application review. Contact the
VAAnm 250R                                 3.0      Total Hours                            15.0      department at (801) 422-8773 for more
VAAnm 260                                  3.0                                                       information.
VAAnm 265                                  3.0      8th Semester
General Education courses,                          STAnm 458                               1.5      BFA with Licensure Option
     university requirements,                       VAAnm 468R                              1.5
     and/or general electives              3.0      BFA Final Project                       3.0      The BFA is a professional degree. Students
Total Hours                               15.0      General Education courses,                       majoring in animation may certify to teach in the
                                                         university requirements,                    public schools (K-12) concurrent with their BFA
4th Semester                                             and/or general electives           9.0      program. Please review the art education major
STAnm 252                                  2.0      Total Hours                            15.0      requirements or contact the college advisement
VAAnm 262                                  3.0                                                       center. Note: This is NOT a second major.
TMA 294                                    3.0
General Education courses,
     university requirements,
     and/or general electives              7.0
Total Hours                               15.0

                                                                                          College of Fine Arts & Communications Advisement Center                   Department of Visual Arts
                                                                                                         D-444 Harris Fine Arts Center                            E-509 Harris Fine Arts Center
Note: This degree program requires a minimum of 120 hours for graduation. Students                        Brigham Young University                                 Brigham Young University
are encouraged to complete an average or 15 credit hours each semester or 30 credit                            Provo, UT 84602                                       Provo, UT 84602-6414
hours each year, which could include spring and/or summer term. Taking fewer credits                      Telephone: (801) 422-3777                                Telephone: (801) 422-8773
substantially increases the cost and the number of semesters to graduate.

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