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                              “A Jury of Her Peers” Quiz

1. Mrs. Hale said that Minnie "kept to herself" because

         A) she had been too busy on the farm.
         B) she felt shabby since her husband was tight with money.
         C) she had no children.

2. What is an important piece of evidence that only the women notice, which
could point to the person who committed the crime?

         A) The dead body with the noose around the neck
         B) A bird wrapped inside a pretty box, hidden in the sewing
         C) A beautifully stitched quilt

3. The description of setting contributes to the isolation of the farm house

         A) the land is barren.
         B) it is winter, and bitter cold.
         C) Minnie's house is the only one on the street with the shades drawn.

4. From the information provided in the story, Minnie Wright, before her marriage,
can be described as

         A) a vibrant, social young woman who sang in the choir.
         B) a reclusive woman who neglected her household duties.
         C) wild and out of control.

5. Explain the significance of the story's title.

         A) Minnie is exonerated by those who understand her and her situation.
         B) Minnie has no real peers.
         C) Minnie will be tried and judged only by women in a court of law.

6. The Hales and the Peters travel to the Wright house

         A) in a two seated buggy.
         B) by train.
         C) in a sedan.
7. Minnie worried about the fire in the stove going out because

        A) her jars of fruit preserves could break.
        B) she would not be able to stay warm in the house.
        C) it would be difficult to light again.

8. Mrs. Peters sees the crime scene as

        A) a reflection of Minnie's growing unhappiness.
        B) unusually tidy.
        C) messy as a result of the children not cleaning up after themselves.

9. It is ironic that

        A) the men find the birdcage, but no bird.
        B) the men scoff at the triviality of "women's work," but it is the women
        who recognize the real evidence.
        C) Minnie sang like a bird.

10. From the details provided, briefly describe the character of the murder victim.

        A) John Wright was an honest man, a non drinker who kept up with his
        B) John Wright was a violent man who may have killed Minnie's bird.
        C) Both a and b.

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