NAME Rey Colón

VOTING ADDRESS 1721 North Humboldt Boulevard Chicago, IL 60647

HOME PHONE (773) 342-6419 BUSINESS PHONE (773) 365-3535

CAMPAIGN ADDRESS 2706 North Sawyer Avenue Chicago, IL 60647

CAMPAIGN PHONE (773) 227-3535            FAX (773)

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE www.reycolon.org EMAIL: rey_colon@msn.com



DATE November 30, 2010 WARD 35th Ward

Please provide the following background information:

A. Elective or appointive public and/or party offices previously held including dates.
35th Ward Alderman and Committeeman
B. Other elective offices for which you have been a candidate.
Not Applicable
C. What is your primary occupation?
35th Ward Alderman
D. Briefly list your civic activities of the past ten years.

For the past 8-years as Alderman: I have been involved with my local Schools (Serve as Principal for a Day
each year, Guest Reader, Career Day speaker, site visits, participate in the walking school bus, donate
barricades & resources for parent patrols, attend Science Fairs and provide keynote addresses to
graduates. I assisted in securing a girls running grant for Murphy School. I have hosted many
Community Meetings re: Zoning & Development, Open Space & Parks (Components include a master
plan and new playground at Athletic Field, Open plaza & Orchard Project on Milwaukee & Logan Blvd.,
Palmer Square Re-Development, Skateboard park under the Kennedy Expressway at Logan Boulevard,
the Bloomingdale Trail, multiple School Campus Parks and increased Neighborhood Gardens including
securing funds for the PASEO Garden). I initiated Milwaukee Ave. Corridor Planning Initiative

with the Metropolitan Planning Council, founded the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, attend CAPS and
Public Safety meetings, provide Tax Appeals assistance and held meetings on TIF Funded projects to
restore historic structures. I have had Green Alleys and Ornamental benches at the Historic Monument
area installed, increased I-GO Car parking locations, re-introduced the Palmer Square Arts Festival,
hosted Tour de Fat, the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, Open Streets, Bike the Ward, Community
Health Screenings/Vaccinations, Holiday Gift Drives, Annual Senior Citizen’s Sweetheart Dance (during
Valentine’s Day) Public Art Projects, Founded I AM Logan Square (Independent Artist and Merchants),

Leveraged many new business establishments, leveraged new Affordable Housing (Humboldt Courts,
Hairpin Lofts, Zapata Apts. and more), Introduced Advisory Referenda (Historic Landmarks, Living
Wage, Development, Clean Indoor Act), Established 2 Historic Landmark Districts, Increased local
bikeways, traffic calming, established the Albany Home Zone (an innovative traffic calming project
designed by neighbors & city traffic planners), lighting vulnerable transit areas, Multiple financial
contributions to non-profit organizations. I currently serve as an External Advisory Committee Member
for CLOCC “Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children” and I am a national board member of
NALEO “National Association of Latino Elected Officials.”

I also host Ward Night every Monday between 5:30-8:30 P.M. and receive visitors on a drop-in basis.
During this time, I assist people with personal and professional matters. This includes all city service
requests, referrals, utilities, solicitations, lobbying, business brainstorming, licensing, and interviews with
students or media, safety concerns, conflict mediation between individuals and groups.

Before that: My career has been devoted to the community. I have created opportunities for children,
families and people in need. My history in public service is extensive spanning beyond my aldermanic
terms. I have received local and national recognition for program excellence in education, youth
outreach, child development and volunteerism. Former positions I have held include: Executive Director
of the Logan Square YMCA, Executive Director of the Logan Square Boys and Girls Club, Near North
Area Manager of the Chicago Park District, President of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association
and a Co-Founder of ALSO (Alliance of Local Service Organizations).

E. What subjects have you studied and what experience have you had which will be most helpful to you in the
office you seek?

The bulk of my training while in office has been through my involvement with NALEO. It began with a
"Boot Camp" Institute for newly Elected Official’s. The seminars included a comprehensive
introduction to public service, budgeting, staffing, policy discussions, and other key governance issues.
This non-partisan skills development program was facilitated by more experienced elected officials and
experts in the field. Attendees include members from both major political parties. Since then, I have
been more involved and informed about the 2010 Census, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Latino
Health Policy, and Leadership in Education. I have greatly benefited by the numerous conferences,
institutes, events and and networking opportunities NALEO has provided me. My relationships with
elected and appointed officials nationally from all levels of government often provides new perspective
for me on the implementation of local matters.

F. What candidates have you supported in past elections? Please be specific in describing your role in each
campaign. I support individuals who I believe are best qualified for the positions they seek. Some
example includes: President & Former U.S. Senator Barack Obama, State Senator Iris Martinez, Cook
County Commissioner Forest Claypool, Judge Ramon Ocasio, Cook County Board Review
Commissioner and Assessor-Elect Joe Berrios, State Representative Toni Berrios and Alderman &
Cook County Board President Elect Toni Preckwinkle. I have allowed them to use my name and/or
photo to be used on the printed material . I have attend their press conferences standing with them. I
have also circulated petitions, distributed palm cards, and gone door-to-door.

G. Please list all endorsements you have received so far.

So far this is who told me they are “with me.” I consider them excellent company.

Miguel del Valle, City Clerk and Candidate for Mayor
Toni Preckwinkle, Alderman & Cook County Board President Elect

H. As concisely as possible, state why you feel you should be endorsed over the other candidate(s).
What goals for the office you seek are most important to you personally?

 To be concise; “I want to finish what I have started.”

 Our ward services are very good be considering our city’s continued budget woes.
 We continue to work with each city department to get things done by making infrastructure
 improvements and pushing hard for even the most basic maintenance. The economy is dramatically
 different from 4-years ago therefore the Ward Office has had to be even more responsive to the daily
 needs of people. At the same time, during one of the nation’s worst recessions, the 35th Ward has
 experienced dramatic revitalization of entrepreneurial growth and popularity. In addition to
 furthering this business development priority I made in the previous term, I also want to fulfill the
 Open Space Plan, advance affordable housing initiatives, restore our ward’s historic structures, fill
 vacancies in the Kennedy Industrial Corridor to attract new jobs, maintain ethnic/economic diversity
 and continue utilizing the arts as a development tool. In the same tradition of public planning and
 transparency, I would like to involve stake-holders in designing an innovative, interactive street-scape
 in addition to attracting a new, healthy food source. Ultimately, it is my vision to establish Milwaukee
 Avenue as an Arts District.

I.     What is your campaign budget? How much have you raised to date?

Budget: $100,000 To Date: $30,000

J. How many people are on your campaign staff? How many volunteers are on your list?
2 Contracted Staff 70 Volunteers

Most questions on this questionnaire can be answered by checking either YES or NO. Others are essay questions and all
have the option of answering in greater detail. Just hit enter at the end of the question and begin typing your answer in the
additional space.

       YES    NO
               X  Do you favor maintaining the current number of City Council committees?
                  Which committees, if any, would you combine or eliminate?
                  I would combine:
         ESSAY    But if I had to:
                  Buildings and Landmarks
                  Rules, Ethics and Human Relations
                  What reforms are necessary in the City Council's committee rules and structure? Public
 2.      ESSAY
                  broadcasting of all City Council Committee Meetings.
                  Will you vote to allow a single Inspector General of the City of Chicago, rather than a new City
 3.     X         Council Inspector General, to investigate allegations of fraud or waste by aldermen and their
                  staff? We only need 1 with expanded authority and independent oversight.
 4.            X  Do you support patronage in hiring and promoting public employees?
                  Will you employ or have you employed staffs in your office who hold other public sector jobs
 5.            X  concurrently? My former Chief of Staff Edwin Reyes was on a leave of absence as a
                  State Trooper while serving the ward.
                  Will you employ or have you employed staffs in your office who have either outside employment
 6.            X
                  or contracts with entities which do business with the City?
                  Will you vote for an ordinance mandating that the City contest unemployment claims by former
 7.     X
                  employees who were fired for cause?
                  Will you vote for an ordinance forbidding the City to hire or contract the services of anyone
 8.     X
                  previously fired for cause from the City or any other unit of government?
                  Do you support changing the state statute to return to filling aldermanic vacancies by special
 9.            X  election, rather than Mayoral appointment? A Special Election is not cost effective, but
                  there should be an open process.
                  Will you vote for an ordinance requiring redistricting of the wards to be based on non-partisan
 10.    X
                  criteria and not to benefit any specific individual or political party?
                  Will you or have you accepted campaign donations from current or potential suppliers or
 11.           X
                  Will you or have you accepted campaign donations from people or businesses seeking zoning
 12.    X
                  changes in your ward?
                  Do you support public financing of municipal campaigns?
                  Please explain your position. Public Financing levels the playing field and eliminates
                  the appearance of special interests; however public financing may limit the number
         ESSAY    of candidates who can file. Filing requirements would have to be refined. It may be
                  easier to limit campaign budgets so that everyone is raising and spending the same
                  Who are your top 5 contributors and how much has each contributed to your campaign?
                  Armitage Produce 3,000
                  Debit Connections 3,000
 14.     ESSAY
                  Comcast 2,000
                  Wee Gee’s 1,500
                  Starvrokostas Stellatos 1,000

15.    X                Will you vote to hire independent analysts to conduct a forensic audit of past City spending?
      Will you vote for a budget ordinance which would require:
                        Public questioning of city department heads concerning their departments' specific budget?
                        requests? Although there is nothing to prevent any individual from attending the
16.    X
                        budget hearings, communicating with their alderman and having her or him ask
                        specific questions on their behalf. That’s true representation.
17.    X                Making budget copies available to the public 30 days in advance of hearings?
                        Restoring city-wide community group budget hearings several months prior to the publication of
18.    X
                        the budget, as were held under the Washington and Sawyer administrations?
                        What additional revenue sources, if any, would you propose? Fines for failing to vote or
19.      ESSAY
                        register. The public cannot afford another fee, fine or tax right now.
                        Do you support casino gambling for Chicago?
                        In many ways, it is already here. I have never supported gambling because as a
                        social service provider, the impact of those addicted to gaming concerns me.
                        I personally do not gamble and cannot understand people risking their hard-
                        earned money. However should we encourage our residents who do gamble to take
                        their money out of the city or the state? I can’t help but think while I’m standing
                        in line behind someone buying lottery tickets that I am waiting for someone to
                        finish gambling.
21.    X                Will you vote to require a citywide referendum before any gambling is instituted in the City?
22.              X      Will you vote to roll back Mayoral and Aldermanic salaries to pre-2007 levels?
                        Will you vote for an ordinance limiting future Mayoral and Aldermanic salary increases to the
23.              X
                        same percentage as the lowest raise for any class of city employees?
       X                Do you agree with the criticism that City government is top heavy with management?
                        It's easy to say government is top heavy until cuts in services are proposed. We
24.                     have very difficult decisions to make in the next few years. I believe more
                        reductions can be made, but I don't see the political will on the council or on the
                        street to reduce services.
25.      ESSAY          What measures will you vote for to reform the city pension plan and ensure its solvency?
26.   Choose One Should discretionary funds for ward services and infrastructure improvements be allocated
                        in equal amounts to each ward
                        based on the size of each ward
             X          based on the needs of each ward
      YES       NO
                        Will you institute participatory budgeting to allow ward residents to vote on discretionary spending
                        in your ward? I support transparency of the menu and can show how those dollars
                        are being spent. There does come a point where you have to allow and trust your
                        alderman to do their job. Shall we vote on which pot holes to fill? Residents
                        already vote when they make specific service requests. The more requests received
27.              X      on something, the higher of a priority that something becomes. The Ward’s menu
                        is $1.3M per year and does not require a committee to spend it. $1.3M per year
                        does not go very far when it comes to street & alley resurfacing, street lights,
                        sidewalks, traffic calming, benches, park improvements, green alleys, etc.
                        To date, I have 3-years’ worth of resident-generated menu requests.
                        Chicago’s harsh winters also determine new resurfacing priorities annually.
                      Will you vote to reorganize the Department of Streets and Sanitation by compact districts rather
 28.     X
                      than wards? I doubt that aldermen would risk losing their Ward Superintendents.

                      Which city services or assets, if any, do you believe should be privatized and what is your
 29.      ESSAY       criteria? We should hold off on any new privatization deals until the long-term
                      benefits are carefully reviewed.
                      Will you vote for an ordinance requiring an independent analysis of any lease or outsourcing
 30.     X
                      Will you vote for an ordinance requiring detailed analysis and evaluation of any lease or
 31.     X
                      outsourcing arrangement at least 30 days prior to the City Council vote?
                      Before voting on privatization contracts, what will you do to ensure that they deliver the maximum
 32.      ESSAY       return and best service for city residents in the long term? Yes. I signed a commitment to
                      this effect.
                      What procedures will you vote for to ensure that privatization arrangements are not being used to
                      move patronage workers outside of the scope of the Shakman decree? I am not aware of
 33.      ESSAY
                      situations where this is occurring and would need more information on alleged
                      privatized patronage.

                   How will you involve ward residents in planning? I will continue the common practice of
                   providing community meetings on all proposed zoning changes. I will also have
 34.    ESSAY      meetings to review major public and private projects that impact the community.
                   In addition, I will continue to host planning sessions for the development of parks,
                   plazas and streetscapes.
                   What is your long-range plan for development of the ward?
                     Small Business Development
                     Attracting 1 or more Outlet Stores
                     Fulfill the Open Space Plan
                     Complete pending Affordable Housing Initiatives
 35.    ESSAY        Restoration of the Ward’s Historic Buildings
                     Attract new Commercial Business to the Kennedy Industrial Corridor
                     Maintain ethnic/economic balance
                     Utilize the Arts for Economic Development by establishing Milwaukee Avenue as
                     an Arts District
                     Attract a new, healthy food source (Indoor Public Market, Roundy’s or Jewel)
                   What criteria do you or will you use in determining whether or not to grant a zoning change or
                   variance? I host community meetings on all proposed zoning changes to gage
                   concerns and perceived impact to the community. The 35th Ward’s Zoning
                   Advisory Committee created development criteria which I continue to utilize
 36.      ESSAY
                      Zoning Change Requests are evaluated on the following factors:

                      Proposal harmonizes with the surrounding neighborhood; Height of the Structure,
                      Bulk, Setbacks, Use, # of Curb cuts requested, Density, Affordability, Parking
                      spaces per unit, Traffic impact, LEED Certification or compliance with the City’s
                      Green Housing Program, High-quality building materials, Fair labor practices and
               affirmative hiring practices, Green space, Preserving architecturally significant
               features of existing structures, A Public Benefit for example, street improvement,
               pedestrian bridge, public art, mural site, bicycle trail, “park” space, public bench,
               or some other initiative to benefit the surrounding community.

               Objectionable Components of Proposals Include:

               Split Face Block, Sunken patios in the front of the building, Demolition of existing
               dwelling units, Use of Jumbo Brick and Front yard setbacks less than neighboring

               Neither the price an applicant paid for the subject property nor the amount of
               profit an applicant may earn shall be a determining factor.

               Once approved, proposals are submitted to the City of Chicago Department of
               Zoning as a Type I Application (except for Non-Profit Organizations and Public
               Property). Additionally, at the Applicant’s expense, a restrictive covenant
               approved by the Alderman gets filed with the Cook County Recorder after the City
               Council approves the amendment to the zoning ordinance.
37.    ESSAY   How will you involve residents in planning, approval, and oversight of TIF districts?
                Will you vote to terminate a TIF if the objectives of the TIF plan have been accomplished before
38.   X         the 23 year period is ended? If all objectives for the TIF District are met.

               Will you vote to return unspent and uncommitted TIF funds on an annual basis to the various
39.        X
               taxing bodies?
               How do you propose to replace property tax revenue for CPS and other taxing bodies that are lost
               to TIF development? The Fullerton/Milwaukee TIF has a $52M budget. $30M has
               been utilized to build a new school and relieve overcrowding in the area. I believe
40.    ESSAY   that in addition to leveraging economic development, providing affordable housing,
               enhancing existing and emerging businesses through the Small Business
               Investment Fund, providing green alleys, streetscapes, all fulfill the intended
               purpose of TIF.
               Will you support a moratorium on creation of any new TIF districts until new funding sources are
41.   X
               identified to replace the revenue diverted to the TIF?
               Will you vote for an ordinance requiring that large corporate entities receiving $250,000 or more in
42.   X
               public subsidies, and their tenants, must pay their workers a living wage (currently $11/hour)?
               Will you vote to invest substantially more in job-training and the creation of transitional job
43.   X        programs in disadvantaged communities, including the formerly incarcerated, homeless, youth,
               and non-English speakers?

 44.   X       Will you vote for the Sweet Homes Chicago Ordinance? I did.
               Will you vote to amend the Vacant Properties Ordinance to require mortgage servicers to register
45.   X
               their properties?
               What measures will you support to guarantee that some of the foreclosed properties saved
               through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program are made affordable to families at 40% and 60%
46.    ESSAY
               of AMI? We have 4 properties identified in the 35th Ward that I will continue to
               monitor for this purpose. Zoning and funding can leverage affordability.
                     Will you vote for an inclusionary zoning ordinance requiring developers to set aside 30% of
                     residential new construction or renovation for the creation of affordable housing? I was a co-
                     sponsor of the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and have made it a point to secure
                     affordable housing in my ward. In today’s market and in my area, the
47.             X
                     Inclusionary Housing Ordinance would not produce a net gain of affordability.
                     Most developers cannot even get financing approved for market rate housing. At
                     this time the only affordable housing I see materializing is being subsidized with
                     public funds.
                     What measures will you support to ensure that there is an adequate supply of affordable family
48.     ESSAY        sized units available to families in the Section 8 program? I have supported utilizing TIF
                     Funds and Tax Credits for this purpose.
                     What measures will you support to provide affordable housing for low-income individuals and
                     families who are not served by any existing programs? I have asked landlords with
49.     ESSAY
                     market-rate rental units to give favorable consideration to reliable tenants at a
                     reduced rate.
                     Do you support any of the following to be built in your ward? A local community group filed
      YES       NO   a lawsuit to try preventing an affordable housing development. Not always an easy
50.    X             low income rental housing that is affordable to those at 15% to 30% of AMI?
                     supportive housing for people overcoming addiction and other problems which contribute to
51.    X
52.    X             shelters for the homeless?
53.   Choose One     Which standard should the City use to define affordable housing?
                     AMI of the Metropolitan region
                     AMI of Cook County
            X        AMI of Chicago
                     AMI of the Community Area

 54. Choose One      Which of the following options for choosing the School Board do you support?
                     Popular Election
            X        Mayoral appointment from nominations made by community representatives Interesting idea.
                     Maintaining the current system of Mayoral appointment
      YES       NO
55.    X             Will you support a city-wide lottery for enrollment in magnet schools?
                     Will you support LSCs in maintaining full powers, and support them through adequate funding
56.    X
                     levels that provide training and support for LSCs to do their jobs?
                     Will you support a moratorium on school closings until a detailed analysis of the impacts of
57.    X             shuffling children is completed, and a real plan to address the quality of education and safety for
                     every child is in place?
                     Will you support development and implementation of a more comprehensive and accurate
58.    X
                     approach to evaluate student and teacher performance than reliance on the ISAT and ACT tests?
                     What is your assessment of Renaissance 2010 and its implementation in your ward as well as the
                     City as a whole? Please include in your assessment the role of charter schools as well as the
59.     ESSAY        power to reconstitute schools. Renaissance 2010 has merit. As difficult as it is, I
                     support having an underperforming school to start over. I also support more
                     educational options, like military academies; vocational education; selective

                enrollment and international baccalaureate schools specializing in world
                languages, math and science, performing arts; and early college schools offering
                motivated high-school students opportunities to earn college credits. Charter
                Schools offer more educational choices and I support them as long as they meet or
                exceed standards and allow teachers the right to organize. I am currently working
                with Aspira and Senator Iris Martinez on a potential Charter High School on
                Milwaukee Avenue & Central Park.
                What should the City do to improve the quality of all local schools? Training and organizing
60.    ESSAY    parents to take an active role in their Local School Councils and volunteering in
                the schools. Parental involvement is the key to quality Schools.
                What are your plans to improve the local schools in your ward? Work closely with
61.    ESSAY
                Principals on their needs. Involve parents and listen to the students.

 62.   X        Will you vote to implement the blue cart recycling program throughout the City?
 63.   X        Will you vote for the Clean Power Ordinance?
 64.        X   Will you vote to privatize Chicago's water delivery system?
 65.   X        Will you vote to ban Styrofoam food containers in Chicago public schools?
                Will you vote to ban Styrofoam food containers in Chicago restaurants and food delivery
66.   X
67.   X         Will you vote to adopt the water quality standards recommended by the Pollution Control Board?
                What should the City do to encourage and implement alternative forms of energy? Provide
68.    ESSAY    greater incentives for green construction and promote programs that make it more
                affordable for working-class people to secure alternative energy.
                What other environmental initiatives, if any, do you propose? I am working with the
                Metropolitan Planning Council and the Center for Neighborhood Technology in
                obtaining local funding from the Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant program to
                combat flooding problems with green infrastructure. The 35th Ward is applying to
                be a grantee of the program to allow local property owners and concerned
                businesses receiving financial assistance to implement green infrastructure storm-
                water management practices along Milwaukee Avenue. This includes adding green
                roofs, green walls, tree boxes and infiltration planters, rain gardens, bio-swales,
                porous pavement, downspout disconnections and rain barrels, or rainwater
                harvesting systems. I have committed to adding more green alleys and funding the
                educational component of this program to create greater awareness. MPC will
69.    ESSAY    provide in-kind support on the educational aspects. CNT will measure the impact.
                This program will also include:

                 Gateway signage at the southern/northern extremes of the corridor.
                 Signage at each project, identifying it as an Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant
                funded project.
                 Brochures available at the ward office and inside businesses that have used the
                 A workshop for business owners, and a separate one for homeowners on eligible
                project types, how to access the funding, reimbursement, etc.
                 In-kind support from businesses to provide materials inside the business about
                the projects.


 70.  X               Do you support election of the Chicago Park District Board?
                      Do you support increased privatization of park facilities and services?
71.                   Why or why not? Any privatization deal needs to be reviewed to determine if the is an
                      improvement in accountability, quality of work and maximizing taxpayer dollars.
                      Do you support prioritization of land acquisition and capital improvements first to those
                      neighborhoods which are underserved by existing facilities? I support capital improvements
                      of existing facilities first. Land acquisition should only occur after a plan to
                      address the needs of existing neighborhood parks are in place.

                      Will you vote to increase the City subsidy to the CTA?
                      They receive many subsidies in infrastructure.
       Rank 1-5 or    Please indicate which CTA expansion plans, if any, you support and rank them in order of priority
74.   say no to any   (1 highest)
                      Red Line south to 130th Street
                      Orange Line to Ford City Mall
                      Downtown Circulator
       1              Downtown-O'Hare Express
                      Other – please specify
      YES     NO
                      Do you support renegotiation of Chicago's parking meter privatization deal?
75.    X
                      I just don’t see us being in the position to give them their money back.
                      Do you support privatization of Midway Airport?
76.    X              Unlike the parking meters, Midway is a good deal.
                      It’s just not going to happen in this economic climate.
77.    X              Do you support the O'Hare expansion plan?

        X             Is 911 response time adequate? Overall.
 78.                  If not, how can it be improved? Not everyone reports the same experience.
                      Some are impressed while others are disappointed.
                      Are there inequities in 911 services in your ward? Yes.
                      If so, what can be done to redress them? When communication is immediate and police
79.                   are nearby and available it works great. If police are on another call or have a
                      higher priority, the response will be slower. Having more police available when
                      you need them is key.
80.    X              Do you support re-allocating police services from low-crime to high-crime neighborhoods?
                      What changes, if any, would you suggest for the CAPS program? Greater resident
                      involvement. Residents should still meet monthly even if CAPS staffs are only
81.     ESSAY
                      there every other month. The meeting results can still be turned in to police and
                      responded to immediately.
                      Will you vote for more funding for alternative crime prevention programs such as Cease Fire?
82.    X
                      However this usually comes from the state.
83.     ESSAY         What measures will you support to stop the schools to prison pipeline? Alternative Schools.
84.    X              Do you support gun control?

                        What measures, if any, should the City Council adopt in response to recent court decisions
                        striking down Chicago's handgun ban? The courts have spoken and I am unsure what
                        more can be done. At the end of the day, the handgun ban only impacted the
 85.       ESSAY        responsible handgun owner. People who use guns illegally continue to use illegal
                        guns illegally. The greater issue with responsible handgun owners is getting their
                        guns stolen, in the wrong hands or used on them. Just having guns around
                        increases the risk of accidents, theft and tragic deaths.
                        Will you vote to order the City to stop paying legal fees and attempt to recover past legal costs of
 86.      X
                        city employees implicated in the Police Board findings of misconduct related to the Burge case?
                        Please share your views regarding the functioning of the Independent Police Review Authority
                        and whether it should operate more independently of the Police Department.
 87.       ESSAY
                        The Independent Police Review Authority is operating more independently of the
                        Police Department from what I can tell.

                        Do you support affirmative action based on race, gender and sexual orientation in establishing
 88.      X
                        criteria for hiring and promoting public employees?
 89.      X             Do you support affirmative action as criteria in letting city contracts?
                        Please comment on current participation of individuals with disabilities in city hiring and contracts.
 90.       ESSAY
                        People with disabilities under represented.
                        Please comment on current women and minority participation in city hiring and contracts. Be sure
 91.       ESSAY        your comments include firefighter and police officer recruitment and promotion.
                        African Americans and Latinos remain greatly under represented.
                        Do you favor restructuring the wage scale of city employees to institute gender-equal pay for jobs
 92.      X
                        of comparable worth?
                        Will you vote to require all City vendors and contractors to provide spousal benefits for same-sex
 93.      X
                        partners of their employees?
          X             Will you vote for the Municipal ID ordinance?
 94.                    Why or why not? Only if the ID card also functions as an all-in-one public
                        transportation pass, library card, and parking meter card.

                  What employment, if any, other than alderman, do you intend to hold?
                  Since taking office, the position of 35th Ward Alderman has received my full-time
 95.   ESSAY
                  attention be and will continue to my only form of employment. While I have taken
                  furlough days, I have not taken time off.
                  How will you divide your time between your aldermanic duties and your other occupation?
 96.   ESSAY
                  Not applicable.
                  Please specify the minimum hours per week you will spend performing your aldermanic duties.
 97.   ESSAY      Minimum 50-60 hours a week. Even when you think you are off, quite often you
                  are not.
                  Please describe your service office staffing plan, including the number of staff, full and part time,
                  how you will pay for them, and the number of hours per week that your service office will be open.
 98.   ESSAY      3 FT staff, 2 PT staff and interns throughout the year (although mostly Summer).
                  The office is open Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm except on Mondays where we have
                  Ward Night until 8:30pm.
               What services need improvement in your ward? How will you achieve this?
               Many Water Management issues like sewer cave-ins, leaks, etc. I must continue to
99.    ESSAY
               advocate for water main replacements throughout the ward as the infrastructure is
               over 100 years old.
               What are your top priorities for the Ward?

               Support local schools and community organizations serving youth.
               Increase the number of Block Parties and Clubs.
               Attract new small businesses and manufacturing jobs
               Deliver responsive ward services.
100.   ESSAY   Advocate for structural repair of our city budget.
               Complete Open Space Plan and park projects.
               Market the Ward and establish an Arts District.
               Implement and expand on transparent practices (Zoning and Land Use)
               Affordable Housing
               Public Safety

               How will you work with community groups and residents on City matters? Provide a high-level
101.   ESSAY   of accessibility and continued opportunities for input on major projects and


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