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									December 6, 2010                                                                                     Volume 13 No 213

                                                      McKuen, Leslie Nielsen, and George         The alteration or outright disappearance of

 Stupid Quote                                    M

                                                      According to one source, Chad
                                                      Everett's name at birth w as Ray
                                                                                                 inconvenient or embarrassing documents,
                                                                                                 photographs, transcripts, or other records,
                                                                                                 such as from a w eb site or other archive.

 Of The Day                                           Cramton.
                                                                                                 Its origin comes from George Orw ell's
                                                                                                 "1984", in w hich the memory hole w as a
                                                                                                 small incinerator chute used for censoring,
 On Pundits, Insightful:

        e’s the right man for the job. We just
        don’t know w hat the job is.             S Quotes Of                                     (through destroying), things Big Brother
                                                                                                 deemed necessary to censor.
          Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings
 Institution, on the nomination of Porter        The Day
 Goss as the new Director of Central
                                                 pike Milligan, from "The Goon Show ":

                                                    “Are you going to come quietly, or do I
                                                                                                 Dude One: "Yo bro, I like that picture on
                                                                                                 Facebook of you wearing the "I Love Barry
                                                                                                 Manilow" shirt!"
                                                                                                 Dude Two: "Yeah, that's definitely going in
                                                 have to use earplugs?”
                                                                                                 the memory hole."
 Useless Facts                                   Robert Byrne:
                                                     “Partying is such sw eet sorrow .”
 Of The Day                                      Indira Gandhi:                                  Word A Day
                                                     “You cannot shake hands w ith a                                 lano Pronunciation
 U                                                                                               l                   (LAH-noh, YAH-no)

                                                                                                                     noun: An open
                                                                                                                     grassy, almost
                                                                                                                     treeless plain.

                                                                                                                     From Spanish llano
                                                                                                                     (plain), from Latin
                                                                                                                     planus (plain), from
                                                                                                                     planus (level). First
                                                                                                                     recorded use: 1613.

                                                                                                                     "I decided to prepare

                                                                                                *Happy Birthday*
DILBERT-OF-THE-DAY                                                                              1920 Dave Brubeck jazz piano/w rit(Take Five)[90]
                                                                                                1936 David Ossm an comic (Firesign Theater) [74]
 seless facts:                                   clenched fist.”                                1939 Steve Alaim o rocker (Mashed Potatoes) [71]
     The first career-girl comic strip w as     Randy K. Milholland:                           1945 Jam es Naughton actor (Trauma Center) [65]
      Winnie Winkle, debuting in 1920.                                                          1945 Larry Bow a 2nd baseman (Phillies) [65]
                                                     “The only thing that lasts longer than a   1947 Miroslav Vitous rocker
     On a diet? Watch out — in West             friend's love is the stupidity that keeps us               [63]
      Virginia, there are several cities and     from know ing any better.”                     1948 JoBeth William s actress (Poltergeist) [62]
      tow ns w ith food-oriented names:                                                         1950 Helen Cornelius MO, country singer [60]
      Cranberry, Cucumber, Duck, Pie, and                                                       1953 Gina Hecht FL, actress (Mork & Mindy) [57]
      Salt Rock. Also found in West Virginia
      are Slab Fork, Sand Fork, and Baker.
                                                 Urban Word(s)                                  1953 Kin Shriner actor (General Hospital) [57]
                                                                                                1953 Thom as Hulce MI, actor (Amadeus) [57]
                                                                                                1953 Wil Shriner talk show host/tw in broof Kin[57]
     Former radio disc jockeys include
      Tennessee Ernie Ford, John
                                                 Of The Day                                     1954 Miles Chapin actor (French Postcards) [56]
                                                                                                1955 Steven Wright droll comedian [55]
      Larroquette, Rush Limbaugh, Rod            emory Hole                                     1955 Bill Lloyd Ky, singer (Foster & Lloyd) [55]
                                                                                                1955 Rick Buckler drummer (Jam) [55]
                                                                                                1956 Peter Buck US pop guitarist (REM) [54]
Published: 7/6/2011 6:49 PM                                                                     1962 Ben Watt rock (Everything but the Girls) [48]
                                                                                                1963 Janine Turner actr (Northern Exposure) [47]
                                                                                                1967 Spanky Marcus actor (Mary Hartman) [43]
                                                                                                1976 Lindsay Price actress (All My Children) [34]
  2                                                                                  Stuff-Of-The-Day Newsletter
this year by reading some Westerns to get         1942 RAF bombs Philips factory (150 die)           1987 3 satanist Missouri teenagers
in the mood. Generally, that is a type of         1955 New York psychologist Joyce                   bludgeon comrade to death for "fun"
literature I have avoided, but once you get       Brothers w on "$64,000 Question" on                1989 Mafia drug kingpin bombs security
to w here you recognize the names of              boxing                                             force at Bogotá, kills 52
places and know a llano from a plateau,
they are kind of fun." Jan Glidew ell;            1956 Nelson Mandela & 156 others                   1989 Worst Canadian mass murder: Marc
Hippies, Cow boys Good for the Heart; St.         arrested for political activities in South         Lepine kills 14 w omen at University of
Petersburg Times (Florida); Jun 8, 2009.          Africa                                             Montréal

Theme: w ords w ith unusual initial               1963 Beatles begin a tradition of releasing        1991 "Star Trek VI-The Undiscovered
consonants.                                       a Christmas record for fans                        Country" premieres
                                                  1965 2 trucks crashed into a crow d of             1992 300,000 Hindus destroy Ayodha
                                                  dancers (Sotouboua Togo) kills 125                 Mosque of Babri India, 4 die; riots follow

History Of The                                    1969 300,000 attend the Altamont CA, rock
                                                  concert feature Rolling Stones
                                                                                                     1992 San Francisco 49er Jerry Rice
                                                                                                     catches NFL record 101st touchdow n

Day                                               1974 George Harrison releases "Ding
                                                  Dong, Ding Dong"
                                                                                                     1994 Maltese Falcon auctioned for
       196 Northern Dutch coast flooded,          1975 Senator Robert Dole & Elizabeth               1994 Orange County California files for
1      "Saint-Nicolaas Flood"
      1240 Mongols under Batu Khan
                                                  Hanford marry
                                                  1977 South Africa grants Bophuthatsw ana
                                                                                                     1995 Michael Jackson collapses w hile
occupy & destroy Kiev                             independence                                       rehearsing for an HBO special
1492 Haiti discovered by Columbus, at             1978 Spain adopts constitution
Môle Saint Nicolas
                                                  1982 11 soldiers & 6 civilians die by bomb
1768 1st edition of "Encyclopedia
Brittanica" published (Scotland)
                                                  planted by Irish National Liberation Army
                                                  exploded in a pub in Ballykelly, Northern
                                                                                                     Gadget Of The
1820 US President James Monroe re-
elected, Daniel D Tompkins Vice-President
                                                  1982 Senator Ted & Joan Kennedy divorce
1862 President Lincoln orders hanging of                                                                    annenBom b Prank Holiday
39 Santee Sioux Indians
1865 13th Amendment is ratified,
                                                  1982 Bomb attack on Londonderry, North
                                                  Ireland disco, 17 killed                           T      Ornam ent

                                                                                                            Our world-famous Annoy-a-tron
abolishing slavery                                                                                                 gets a festive makeover
1866 Chicago w ater supply                                                                                           It's the most w onderful time
tunnel 3,227 meters into Lake                                                                                        of the year! Yep, the time
Michigan completed                                                                                                   w hen you'd rather be
1876 City of Anaheim                                                                                                 playing Call of Duty: Black
incorporated for 2nd time                                                                                            Ops but instead are having
                                                                                                                     to scour the internet (or -
1877 1st sound recording                                                                                             *shudder* the mall) for
made (Thomas Edison)                                                                                                 presents for people you
1907 Coal mine explosions in                                                                                         really don't even like that
Monongah WV, kills 361                                                                                               much.
1917 Finland declares                                                                                                This year, take it easy on
independence from Russia                                                                                             yourself (and your w allet)
(National Day)                                                                                                       and give the gift that keeps
1917 French munitions ship                                                                                           on giving - annoyance! Gift
"Mont Blanc" explodes in                                                                                             your friend/loved
Halifax, kills 1,639+ and                                     Blim sanden, Norw ay                                   one/enemy w ith this Trojan
injures 9,000+                                           Credit & Copyright: Kim Hansen                              Horse style present... it
1923 1st presidential address Blimsanden: The setting sun paints a gorgeous, early winter scene on theDA Y FORECA ST
                                                                                                       coast of
broadcast on radio (President Blimsanden, Norway .                                                                   looks just like a standard
Calvin Coolidge)                                                                                                     innocent Christmas
1925 Record 73,000 pay to                                                    ornament. But w hen your
w atch Chicago Bears beat                                                                                            victim hangs it on the tree the
New York Giants 19-7                                                                                  w eight triggers a sw itch that causes the
                                                  1983 A bomb planted on a bus in
                                                                                                      ornament to pow er-up and periodically emit
1933 Ban on James Joyce' "Ulysses" in             Jerusalem explodes, kills 6 Israelis
                                                                                                      beeps, mosquito tones, Christmas crickets,
US, lifted                                        1984 Hijackers aboard Kuw aiti jetliner kill        and elf giggles at random intervals. Merry
1939 Cole Porter's musical "Du Barry w as         2nd hostage                                         Christmas insanity!
a Lady" premieres in New York NY

http://w w w                                         2
  3                                               Stuff-Of-The-Day Newsletter
Based on our
popular Annoy-a-                     tron
prank device, the
TannenBomb is                        sure
to drive your                        giftee
(victim) totally
bonkers as they
search in vain for the source of the
intermittent noises. . . .

Product Features
     The w eight of the ornament
         w hen hanging on the tree silently
         triggers the on sw itch

Price: $11.99

http://w w w

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