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									      The Simple Facts about
          Bowel Cancer
                                                                     making cancer less frightening by enlightening
                                                                                                                                                     Bowel Cancer

What we do                                                           The comfort fund
                                                                     This fund assists those in financial difficulty as a direct result of
Public awareness
                                                                     their illness. Working in close partnership with the Irish Breast
Community information service                                        Care Nurses Association, the Foundation provides financial
The Foundation, through its mobile information units, reaches        support for practical assistance with childminding or transport
out to as many people as possible. The Foundation believes that      costs, hotel accommodation before or after treatment, or even
by doing so, more people will not only become more aware of          for a well deserved weekend break. We consider that this service
the risk factors but also become our partners in spreading our       is essential in minimising the day to day problems facing
education message.                                                   women during treatment, in addition to the already existing
We have in-unit information presentations as well as prosthetic      trauma and uncertainty.
teaching aids on board in order to educate, show and highlight
                                                                     The oncology waiting room refurbishment programme
the importance of early detection and self awareness. The unit
is equipped with take home information leaflets on each of           Where the need arises, the Foundation refurbishes hospital
the key cancers and our trained nurses provide the public with       oncology waiting rooms in making them more comfortable for
practical advice on healthy lifestyle choices.                       patients who use them, often for long and protracted periods
                                                                     of time.
Workplace presentations
Our nurses also visit workplaces and community groups as part
of our health promotion message. They offer advice and help to           On February 2nd 1998, our mother Marie died from
groups of men and women as part of annual health days or as a            Breast Cancer. At the time and all through her illness,
once off assistance to staff. Arrangements can also be made for          we could do nothing to help our Mother who had, all
staff to speak to our nurse individually and in strict confidence.       our lives, done everything for us.
                                                                         We, the Keating family have set up this charity in her
National campaigns
                                                                         name to try to help and prevent others going through
Focussing on the key cancers, the Foundation invests in a
                                                                         what Mam went through and what we are still going
number of major media campaigns throughout the year.
                                                                         through to this day. This is also to show that such a
October is internationally recognised as breast cancer
                                                                         wonderful mother and person did not die in vain.
awareness month and the Foundation mounts a month long
targeted campaign using radio and print media to communicate             Take care.
the message of early detection. Other campaigns focus on
men’s cancers with our Men Keeping Fit campaign, as well as
other specific more targeted ones.

The Foundation, in recognising the importance of education
of young people in reducing the prevalence of cancer, invested
in the development of a schools programme targeted at senior
level students in addressing the facts, risks, and the need for
early intervention. The programme can be adapted for use with
other young people in different settings.
                                                                        Unit 9, Millbank Business Park, Lucan, Co. Dublin
                                                                                T +353 1 628 3726 F +353 1 628 3759
                                                                           E W                      making cancer less frightening by enlightening
      The Simple Facts about
                                                                     making cancer less frightening by enlightening
          Bowel Cancer

The bowel                                                              •   Less sugary and fatty processed foods such as cakes,         •   Your general health
                                                                           biscuits and chocolate                                       •   The type and size of the cancer
The bowel is part of the digestive system. It is divided into the
                                                                       •   Less alcohol                                                 •   Your age
  •   Small bowel or small intestine
                                                                     If a member of your family has been diagnosed with Bowel           •   Whether the cancer has spread (the stage)
  •   Large bowel or colon and rectum
                                                                     Cancer, you should consult your doctor who may suggest a
Bowel Cancer is cancer of the large intestine – colon and rectum                                                                      Depending on the type of Bowel Cancer or how far the cancer
                                                                     simple test to detect blood in your bowel motions (stools).
– and is a common form of cancer in both men and women.                                                                               has spread, it may be necessary to bring the remaining bowel
                                                                     Remember early detection of the disease is your best chance of   out through an opening in the abdomen. This is known
What causes Bowel Cancer?                                            a cure.                                                          as a colostomy – the bowel contents pass out through the
  •   Diet - Bowel Cancer appears to be associated with diet.                                                                         opening and are collected in a waterproof bag, which is sealed
                                                                     What are the symptoms of Bowel Cancer?                           and removed when necessary. The colostomy may not be
      The incidence of Bowel Cancer is higher in countries that
                                                                       •   Fresh blood in the stools (bowel motions)                  permanent.
      have a low intake of fibre and a high intake of fat.
                                                                       •   Lasting change in normal bowel habits (diarrhoea           Do not be afraid to ask your doctor or nurse any questions you
  •   Family history - a family history of Bowel Cancer (at least
                                                                           or constipation)                                           have about your treatment.
      three close relatives) may increase the risk of getting
      Bowel Cancer.                                                    •   Weight loss                                                making cancer less frightening by enlightening
  •   Polyps (small growths in the bowel) may increase the risk.       •   Pain in the abdomen or rectum
                                                                                                                                      Who we are
  •   Ulcerative colitis (chronic bowel disease) - having very         •   Straining feeling in the rectum
                                                                                                                                      Following the death of their mother Marie in 1998, each
      severe ulcerative colitis for many years increases your risk   Other diseases apart from Bowel Cancer can cause all of the
                                                                                                                                      member of the Keating family promised that they would do
      of developing Bowel Cancer.                                    above symptoms. However, if you experience any of the above
                                                                                                                                      everything they could to bring an end to Breast Cancer. They
                                                                     symptoms consult your doctor immediately.
How common is Bowel Cancer?                                                                                                           committed to provide all women and their families with the
                                                                                                                                      necessary information to prevent cancer or detect it at its
Bowel Cancer is the second most common cancer in Ireland.            How is Bowel Cancer detected?
                                                                                                                                      earliest stages. Their collective aim was to make cancer less
The risk of developing Bowel Cancer increases with age. 2,184        As part of a complete medical examination, there are two main    frightening by enlightening. The Marie Keating Foundation
men and women were diagnosed with this disease in 2005 in            screening tests for Bowel Cancer                                 is the realisation of a family’s dedication – it is a promise to
                                                                       •   Stool (bowel motion) test – a sample is taken and          themselves, in action.
                                                                           examined for blood.                                        The Marie Keating Foundation – Working together to beat
How can I reduce my risk?
                                                                       •   Examining the inside of the bowel (sigmoidoscopy or        cancer through awareness, education and support services.
It may help to prevent Bowel Cancer if you eat
                                                                           colonoscopy). This involves putting a long flexible tube   By:
  •   More fibres from cereals, beans, fruit and vegetables                into the back passage. There is a camera on one end,
                                                                                                                                        •   Increasing awareness and knowledge on cancer related
  •   Less fat including fatty meat and dairy foods                        which allows the doctor to film the inside of the bowel.
                                                                                                                                            issues to all sectors of the community.
  •   More poultry such as chicken and turkey
                                                                     What is the treatment for Bowel Cancer?                            •   Promoting early detection and treatment.
  •   Less cured and processed meat such as bacon, sausages
                                                                     Surgery is the main treatment for Bowel Cancer. Treatments         •   Providing practical support services to those affected by
      and ham
                                                                     such as radiotherapy (radiation treatment to destroy cancer            cancer.
  •   More oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, tuna and              cells) and chemotherapy (combination of drugs to prevent           •   Working closely with other cancer organisations to
      sardines                                                       the disease recurring) are often used in addition to surgery.          optimise efforts to eradicate cancer as a life threatening
                                                                     There are a number of factors that help your doctor plan your          disease.
                                                                     treatment:                                                       The Foundation’s vision is a future free from the fear of cancer

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