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									Tri-Town Junior Baseball League Meeting Minutes
July 9, 2010

Officers present:
Greg Bell, Treasurer
Mary Bell, Secretary
Joe Lavoie, Commissioner

Member organizations represented: Wilbraham, Hampden, Longmeadow, Ludlow, Ware, East
Absent: Palmer, Granby, South Hadley, Monson

1. After initially distributing trophies, Greg Bell called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM.
2. Secretary's Report. Pete Miller made a motion to accept the minutes from the June 15
   meeting. Rick Willis seconded. The motion passed with none opposed.
3. Treasurer's Report. All assessments in. Small adjustment for one extra trophy order will be
   put in as of today. Tomorrow's All-Star costs have already been taken out. The current balance
   is $446.47. This figure is significantly less than this time last year because All-Star pins were
   purchased for the next three years. Jeff Mandell made a motion to accept the treasurer's
   report, and this was seconded by Rick Kapinos. The motion passed unanimously.
        a. Editorial Note: Subsequent to the meeting, Joe Lavoie awarded a $100 honorarium to
            CW Zimmer for his diligent and indispensible work collecting and charting all
            divisional standings and the playoff brackets, and a $50 gift certificate to Mike
            Magiera for his continued support of the League as the website administrator.
            Questions/Comments should be directed to Joe Lavoie.
4. 12-14 All-Star teams were determined. South Hadley and Longmeadow White will not have
   players at the All-Star Game. Rick Willis will be the head coach of one team consisting of 3
   players each from the Hammer Dawgs, Wilbraham Cardinals, Wilbraham Mets, and East
   Longmeadow Red Sox. They will play against the players from the Wilbraham White Sox,
   Hampden Aeros, Longmeadow Red, and the East Longmeadow Spartans, coached by Bob
   Gasteyer. The All-Star game will be held at 1:00PM on July 11 in Hampden and last seven
   innings because of the number of players (12 per team if everyone shows). Each pitcher may
   pitch 2 innings. If there is rain, the game will be held on Sunday at the same time and place;
   if there is rain on Sunday, the game will not be made up.
5. 12-14 Playoffs were determined.
        a. Greg Bell passed out the playoff brackets provided by CW Zimmer based on the
            current standings.
        b. CW spread out the games so that higher seeds would be better able to play at their
            home field and so that John Neves would be able to find enough umpires to cover the
        c. Instead of being finished in a week, the current schedule is to have the championship
            game on Monday. This way, all pitchers will be available.
        d. Some dates were changed to accommodate various teams and fields, and the updated
            brackets will be posted on the website (www.tritownbaseball.org).
6. Baseball camps – Joe Lavoie distributed information regarding the Elms College baseball
   camp. This is also available on the website (www.tritownbaseball.org). They will be holding
   a baseball clinic.
7. If anyone knows of a legitimate baseball camp or is hosting same, please forward details to
   Joe Lavoie and it will be posted on the website for informational purposes.
8. Joe Lavoie asked for a motion to be made from the floor that requires all organizations in Tri-
   Town to sponsor a 10-12 American Division team.
       a. Scott Slattery so motioned, and this was seconded by Jeff Mandell.
       b. Discussion followed.
       c. Joe Lavoie said that the purpose of the Tri-Town Baseball League is to be the best 10-
          12 "A" division that it can possibly be.
       d. Steve O'Shea of Monson had communicated with Joe that he would be in favor of that
          as well. This will currently affect Granby, Monson, and Hampden.
       e. Pete Miller asked if the motion could be modified to say teams that had a 10-12
          division team must field an “A” team.
       f. Rick Kapinos said that the 12-14 teams have been the 10-12 B and C players, but that
          in the past trying to field an A team meant they went 1-24 and he did not think they
          would have the ability to field a competitive team.
       g. Pete Miller said not having all the towns involved in the A division meant that Tri-
          Town was not the premier league because there were fewer teams involved.
       h. Scott Slattery said that this year there was a drop off after the first six or so teams in
          the “A” division, and that he thought other towns should try fielding a team regardless
          of their size. After a few years, they can improve and build a program and do better in
          the league.
       i. Jeff Mandell said that over the years, Longmeadow had several “C” division teams,
          which generally had good records. Even though they were winning, they lost several
          players; on the other hand, the teams with worse records in the higher divisions have
          had a better time and retention rate. Experiencing competition at a high level can also
          impact the players' abilities over the years. It's better to have a bad team in a good
          league than a good team in a weak league.
       j. Bob Costa suggested that while he thought every organization having a 10-12 A team
          would be a good idea, maybe an exemption could be made for smaller towns that did
          not have enough players to field 3 teams in the league. Joe noted that we had
          previously discussed going that way but it would not solve the question of strong
          teams being placed in the National and Cape Cod divisions.
       k. Nick Cocchi said that having a team a little below the level of the other teams they
          were playing would cause them to work harder, get better, and improve as a result and
          thought the motion should stay as it was. He suggested evaluating mid-year to see if
          teams should be moved up the next year.
       l. Rick Willis said that what would happen because of the number of baseball players
          were available for Hampden would mean that they would have a group of players that
          made the A team, and another group of players that would not play or would not
          improve at all. Rick Kapinos said that if having a 10-12 A team was a requirement,
          Hampden would not be able to play in Tri-Town.
       m. Jeff Mandell said that the essence of the motion was to have everyone in 10-12 have
          an A team.. The motion and the second were amended to say that if an organization
            puts a team in Tri-Town's 10-12 division, that organization must have an A team.
        n. The vote was 5-1, with Hampden opposed.
9. Jeff Mandell reminded directors that the 8-10 B division that passed at the end of 2009 would
    be attempted again in the 2011 season.
        a. Joe concurred and hoped that directors start planning now to get the new division off
            the ground next Spring.
10. Treasurer/Secretary salaries – Joe asked for a motion to give $50- increase to salaries next
        a. Rick Willis made the motion, and Nick Cocchi seconded.
        b. The motion carried with none opposed.
11. Nick Cocchi mentioned that he had been very impressed with the 8-10 umpiring this year.
12. Joe Lavoie asked how the 10-12 A umpires had worked out.
        a. Jeff Mandell said that it generally worked out, but that sometimes the umpires were
            late from coming back from a varsity game.
        b. Bob Costa said that 10-12 B had difficulties with the umpires of one the member
            organizations that their team experienced.
        c. Kevin Rothschild-Shea said that in the 12-14 division, their umpires did a great job,
            but that sometimes the umpires forgot it was a C league and a lot of games dragged
            because of walks, even when the umpire - and the strike zone - was perfect (ie too
13. Greg Bell mentioned the raffle prizes and the ideas to upgrade the prizes.
        a. One of the suggestions was tickets to a Red Sox game, and that someone would have
            to have the availability. Jeff Mandell said to call him during the off-season (perhaps
            in October or November) to work this out,. This could be a grand prize starting in the
            2011 season.
14. Scott Slattery said that he had information from the Ware coaches regarding the fall league
    that they had set up, and he would pass out the information packets after the meeting to any
    interested parties. The first meeting will be on July 13 in Granby.
15. Joe Lavoie said that Bill Wells had emailed him that there was a slot open for the
    Cooperstown Field of Dreams and anyone interested should contact Bill directly. This would
    be a possibility for a 10-12 team later this month.
16. Greg Bell asked that coaches could take trophies for other teams not represented, and get
    them to fellow coaches.
17. Meeting was adjourned at 8PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bell,

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