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									                                                 Ming Wong
                                  2929 School Street, #A, Oakland, CA 94602
                     www.mingwongphotography.com                    studio_ming@yahoo.com

Profile Highlights
• 2 ½ years of teaching film and digital photography experience included Basic, Intermediate, and Digital Imaging courses at
  The University of Hong Kong and at Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education has been proven me as a well-
  experienced, qualified photographer & educator to deliver lectures and to sufficiently perform in class managements.
• Guess speaker for the associate degree of art & design program at Hong Kong Institute of Education.
• Instructional Assistant in Photo Dept. of San Francisco State University, CA, USA.
• Graduated with a Professional MFA in Photography from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA.
• Representing Hong Kong in Fashion photo works published by the French magazine “Photo”.
• 15 years of professional experience in commercial field of Photography with expertise in Fashion, Portrait, Product,
  Landscape, Editorial, TV Drama Still and Event.
• To obtain my USA permanent status beyond EB-2; Professionals with advanced degrees or persons with exceptional ability.
• Was a member of Advertising Photographers of America.

• Professional Master of Fine Arts in Photography, 12/1996.
  Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, USA.

• Bachelor of Arts in Art, emphasis on Photography, 8/1995.
  San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California, USA.

Teaching Experience
· Designed and developed innovative in unconventional ways to meet the academic means for Basic and Intermediate
  Film and Digital Photography course.
· Taught subjects included in the areas of Basic Photoshop, B & W Wet Lab., Event, Fine-Arts, History, Landscape, Locati
  Location Portraiture, Nature, Photojournalism, Still-Life, Studio Lighting and Studio Portraiture.
· Ability to well instruct classes of 20 to 40 students both in Chinese and English speaking classes.
· An ability to show mastery knowledge of the leading commercial photography equipment included (both traditional and digital).
· Demonstrated high level of initiative to assist individuals in order to meet their needs and to solve their problems.
· Motivated students to achieve goals.
· Capable of creating a positive, upbeat, fun study environment included at studio, in darkroom and on field trip.

Photography Tutor
The University of Hong Kong (SPACE), Hong Kong, 8/2002 – 11/2004

· Designed curriculum of the following Photography Courses:
· Basic Photography (Lectured in Cantonese)
                      Course Description:
                       This course will cover the basic concepts of photography. Topics will include: cameras, films,
  composition, subject matter, exposure, color and black and white photographs. Students will learn to use their cameras
  properly and to create images that are both technically proficient and aesthetically pleasing. Students are required to bring
  their own cameras and films.
                     Topics and Taught Contents:
                      · Camera Formats with Emphasis on 35mm SLR Film Camera
                      · Aperture / Shutter Speed / Focal Length of Lens / Direct and Indirect Light Reading
                      · B & W‹XP2›/‹TCN›Intimated and Conventional B & W Film included Film and Print Process
                      · Color Negative and Positive Film included E6 and C41 Process
                      · Color Wheel / Color Temperature / Camera Filter
                      · Critique / Presentation / Field Trip
                      · Assignments included 1. “Depth of Field” on B & W Intimated Film
                                             2. “Expression” on Color Negative
                                             3. “Contrast of Hue” on Color Daylight Transparency Film
                                             4. “Mixed Light” on Color Daylight Transparency Film
                                             5. “Night/Low Light Photography” on Color Tungsten Transparency Film
                                                 Critique / Presentation / Field Trip

· Introduction to Photography (Lectured in English)
                                 The topics and taught contents in “Introduction to Photography” are as same as the topics
  and taught subjects in “Basic Photography” except language spoken and “Depth of Field” assignment was done in Wet Lab.

· A Guide to Better Photography (Lectured in Cantonese)
                                    Course Description:
                                    This course is designed for students who have completed “Introduction to Photography” or
  “Basic Photography”, and to those who have the fundamental knowledge in Photography. A guide to students who can
  better understand and master on composition, color theory, film, film processing, exposure, location lighting on portraiture,
  and digitalized imaging. Students will learn to create a series of photo images that are both technically proficient and
  aesthetically pleasing with the emphasis of the use small formats of cameras.
                                    Topics and Taught Contents:
                                    · Color and B & W Infrared Film Photography
                                    · Photoshop Digitalized Color and B &W Infrared Image included Filter, COMS and
                                       CCD Camera
                                    · Light Movement Photography included Films and Digital Skills
                                    · Flash Meter Light Reading
                                    · Location Low light Photography with Use of Tungsten and Electronic Flash Light
                                      included Film and Digital Skills
                                    · Location Portraiture and Low Light Portraiture included Films, ISO Selects, Exposure
                                      Controls, Film Processes and Digital Techniques
                                    · Studio Portraiture with Electronic Flash Light and Tungsten Light
                                    · Field Trip / Critique / Presentation
                                    · Submitted One Assignment 10 Photos in A Series.

· Introduction to Color Photography (Lectured in Cantonese)
                                      Course Description:
                                       This is an introduction course to color photography. Color design, composition, and
  photographic applications will be covered. Perceptual, Psychological, and symbolic aspects of color will be introduced and
  developed. Color photography’s processes, materials, and techniques will be discussed, with an emphasis on the practical
  use of, and creating images with 35mm transparency film.
                                      Topic and Taught Contents:
                                      · Basic Camera Operation and Maintenance
                                      · Speed, Types and Characteristics of Color Transparency Film /
                                      · Basic Technique and Exposing Color Transparency Film in Different Conditions
                                      · Color theories included Color Wheel, Color Temperature, Hue, Saturation and Value
                                      · Camera Filter / Reciprocity Failure
                                      · Famous Photographers Who Take Colors Pictures
                                      · Electronic Flash and Fill-Flash / Balancing Electronic Flash with Fluorescent
                                      · Critique / Presentation
                                      · Assignments:
                                        1. “Contrast of Hue” with Bracketing
                                        2. “Complimentary, Analogous and Monochromatic Colors”
                                        3. “Time of Day/Type of Light
                                        4. “Mixed Lighting Photography
                                        5. Night/Low Light Photography”
                                        6. “Cold/Warm, Light/Dark and Simultaneous Contrast”
                                            7. “Portraits with Flash and Without Flash”
                                            8. “Self-Portraits That Have Extreme Emotional Impacts”
Photography Instructor
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Hong Kong, 10/2002 – 12/2003

· Designed curriculum of the following Photography Courses:
· Photo Image Based Studies I (Lectured in Cantonese)
                              Topics and Taught Contents:
                              · History of Photography
                              · Formats of Cameras with Emphasis on 35mm SLR Film Camera Operation
                              · Basic Technique on Exposing B & W Film (Direct/Indirect Light Reading)
                              · Aperture / Shutter Speed / Focal Length of Lens / Depth of Field
                              · Camera Filters for B & W Photography
                               · ISO of B & W film (Sensitivity to Light, Contrast and Grain) / Brands, Types and
                                Characteristics of B & W Films / B & W and Intimated B & W Film
                              · Multi-Graded RC Paper Process / Types, Brands and Characteristics of B & W Papers
                              · The Elements of Art in Photographic Composition and Picture Story
                              · Tutorial on “Photo essay” and “Essay Writing”
                              · Critique / Presentation
                              · Wet Lab Darkroom workshop included Demonstration on B & W Film Process /
                                “Photogram”, “Contact Print” and “Enlarge Print”
                              · Assignments were “Photogram”, “Expression” and “Photo Essay”

· Photo Image Based Studies II (Lectured in Cantonese)
                              Topics and Taught Contents:
                              · Introduction to 4” x5” Large Format, Operation, and Accessories
                              · Color Transparency and Negative / Types, Processes, and Characteristics on Films
                              · Theories on Color temperature and Color Wheel for Light (Film & Photoshop)
                              · Introductions to Strobe, Tungsten, and Studio Equipments
                              · Direct Light Metering with Flash Light Meter
                              · Demonstration on Flat and Dramatical Lightings for Still-Life Photo
                              · Tutorial on Plan of Project (Idea, Background Material, Picture Reference, Sketch and
                                 Essay Writing)
                              · Works of Photographers (Film and Digital Imaging)
                              · Film Scan and Digital Output
                              · Technical Support
                                · Critique / Presentation
                                · Assignment: Product Photography for A Commercial Poster Advertisement

· Photography and Digital Imaging II (Lectured in Cantonese)
                                        Course Description:
                                         This is a photography and digital imaging in design course. In this course, color
  design, composition, digital imaging process, and photographic applications (conventional & digital) will be covered.
  Perceptual, psychological, and symbolic aspects of color will be introduced and developed. Color and B &W photography’s
  processes, materials, and techniques will be discussed, with an emphasis on the use of 35mm transparency film.
                                            · Review on 35mm Small Format of Camera and Their Basic Functioning
                                        · Types of B & W Film and Intimated B & W Film
                                        · ISO, (The Sensitivity to Light, Contrast, Gain & Tonality), Film and Paper Process
                                          on Both Types of Films
                                        · Transparency Films and Normal or Alternative Processing Methods
                                        · Color Theories for Light and Filters
                                        · Digital Photography, Digital Imaging Process and Design.
                                        · The Differences of Film to Digital Photography with Emphasis on Exposure,
                                         Contrast, Gain VS Noise, Process and Manipulation
                                        · Works of Famous Photographers (Digital and Film)
                                        · Basic Photoshop, Illustrator, Film Scan and Digital Output
                                        · Critique / Presentation
                                        · Assignment: A150 x 30 feet Advertisement Billboard Project

Employment History
Freelance Photographer
Self-employed, Oakland, California, USA, 1/2007 – Present

· Focus on digital picture-taking for wedding day photography.
· Technical proficiency with Photoshop CS3, Capture One, and Light room 2 in MAC and PC platform.

Studio Mingster INC., Hayward, California, USA, 1/2005 - 12/2006

· Mainly responsible for Wedding and Portraiture Photography included Studio and location.
· Ability to styling table-top photo shots of foods, cellular phone parts, clothes, watches and Jewelries.
· Technically adept with hi-end Digital Photographic equipment.
· Troubleshooting initial digital camera technical difficulties.
· Technical proficiency with MAC platform.
· Technical proficiency with Photoshop CS3, Light room 1.4.1 and ACDSEE 8 Photo Management.
· Technically produced large format digitalized printing.
· Ability to flexibility and adaptability to handle a changing and growing work load.
· Excellent communication skills with co-workers: written, verbal, listening and presentation.

New Model Studios, Manhattan, New York City, USA, 1/1999 – 6/2002

· An ability to demonstrate high level of creativity in talent, model and artist photo-taking.
· Able to work well in team (make-up artist, hair dresser, stylist and photo assistant).
· Proven lighting skills in studio and on location.
· Technical proficiency to operate small and medium formats of cameras (Film and Digital).
· Technical proficiency with Photoshop for photo retouching.
· Professional experience in film scan, download, photo retouch, reformat and burning CD-R.
· Strong organizational skills to maintain image inventory (traditional and digital image).

Studio 360º of Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, Queens, New York City, USA, 2/1997 – 12/1998

· Professional experience in photographing still-life, interior, event and portrait.
· Professional experience in operating 4” x 5”and 8” x 10” formats of film cameras.
· Technical proficiency with Photoshop for photo retouching.
· An ability to do the flat-copy on large scale oil painting and 2-D art works.
· Technically developed Black and White film by hand.
· An ability to produce a museum quality of Black and White and Color Print.
· Ability to stock, storage, mixing and disposal of darkroom chemical.
· Strong organizational skills to maintain image inventory (traditional image).

Photographer I
Television Broadcasts Limited International, Hong Kong, 8/1988 – 1/1992

· Live Action Photography for TV drama and TV personality shots that were included Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone,
  Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat.
· Event Photography for PR project, yearly Miss Hong Kong and Miss Asia International Beauty Pageants.
· Storyboard Photography included producing professional Black & White hand-prints for HK famous singers’ MV.
· Light and Set Design Photography for artist’s seasonal image promotion, portrait of singer competition, weekly magazine,
  calendar and poster.
· Product Photography for vendors’ advertisements published on TVB weekly magazine.
· Construction Photography for TV drama sets of ancient buildings, cities & the developments in new properties.
· Office works that were included selections on masters of photo-takings, taking departmental orders, slide and internegative
  duplications, filing films and photographs to the Photo Library clerks.

Key Skills in Digital Photography
MAC/PC Platform ● Photoshop CS3 ● Light room 2 ● Bridge ● PT GUI ● ACDSEE 8 Photo Management ● Digital
Photographic Equipment & Lighting ● Digital Download ● Scan Conversion of Digital File ● Large Format Printing ●
Studio & Location Lighting ● High Speed Internet Image Processing

Key Skills in Film Photography
Strobe & Hot Light ● 35mm to 8” x 10” format ● B & W Film Processing ● B & W Enlargement ● Cross-Processing ●
Color Positive & Negative ● Color Enlargement ● Daguerreotype ● Hand-Tinted Coloring ● Liquid Light on Glass ●
Cyanotype ● Van Dyke Brown ● Platinum & Palladium

Computer Soft Ware Experience and Extensive Knowledge
Illustrator CS ● Microsoft Word ● Microsoft Excel ● Outlook Express ● Chinese Input Method

Photography Courses
Basic Photography ● Photography I, II & III ● Photojournalism I ● Still Life and Fabrications-Photo ● Master’s Study I-
Photography ● MFA Individualized Instruction-Photo ● Color Theory-Photo ● Mastering Color Film and Printing ● Electron
Enhanced Photo I ● Alternative Processes-Photo ● Daguerreotype ● Business Practices-Photo

Related Course Works in Studio Arts
Sculpture I & II ● Beginning Drawing & Composition ● Continue Drawing & Composition ● Exploration to Ceramics ● Art
for Children

Related Course Works in Art History
Introduction to Art History ● Medieval/Renaissance ● Modern Art History ● American Painting & Sculpture 1940-Present ●
Asian Art History ● Art of Asia & The Near East ● African American Art History ● Art Production-Art History ●
Art/Literature Power Renaissance ● Iconoclasm: Dada & Surrealism ● Master Study-Aesthetics I & II

Cosmopolitan - Hong Kong • Oct 2005
Television Broadcasts Ltd International Weekly – Hong Kong • Jun 2002 – Feb 2003
Photo – France • Dec 1988
Elle, Mode, Eve, Hair, Photo – Hong Kong • Feb 1987 – Dec 1991

The HK Art Biennial Exhibition 2003 in HK Cultural Center • Dec 2003
 “Lotus” (Silver Gelatin/16 images of 11”x 14”in 4 x 6 Ft.)
The Center for Visual Arts Gallery in Oakland, CA., USA • Oct 1997
 “The Lady” (Liquid Light on Glass/4 Images in 8”x 10”)
Canon Camera Gallery in Hong Kong • Jan 1990
“Light and Shadow” (Cibracrome/20 images in 20”x 24”)
Canon Camera Gallery in Hong Kong • Jan 1989
“Four Seasons in Canada” (Color Print/20 images in 20”x 24”)

Fluent in spoken and written English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

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