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					                                      A newsletter for contributors and friends of the Virginia Community Foundation
                                      Winter 2009                                                      Vol. 14, No. 2

   INSIDE                                Community Building –
Message from the Chair, page 2           20 Years and Counting
New Web Site Launch, page 2
Financial Report, page 3
Mural Honors Veterans, page 4
Contributors, pages 5-10
Your Dollars in Action, page 11
Luncheon Gifts, page12
Mark Your Calendars, page12

       NewsLight is the official
   semi-annual publication of the
  Virginia Community Foundation.
         Board Members
      Brandon Seppala, Chair
     Nancee Norri, Vice Chair
      Donna Leese, Past Chair
    Brenda Suihkonen, Secretary
      Keith Harvey, Treasurer
        Micheal Appelwick
           Chris Bialke
           Paul Carlson
          Brittany Chopp
           Rudy Harvey                      Every time grants are awarded by
          John Kohlhase                  the Virginia Community Foundation,
         Robert Prittinen                board members have many people to       group of steering committee members
         Dr. Ken Sussman                 thank. Thanks to you, our donors, who   with big hearts and one vision – “a
Linda Niskanen, Executive Director       have given so generously so that we
Deb Luoma, Administrative Assistant                                              community savings account” to be
                                         have money to grant! Thanks to the      built over time to provide a permanent
       Questions, comments or            original steering committee, without
      donations may be sent to:                                                  source of money for programs and
  Virginia Community Foundation,         whose foresight our community           projects right here in Virginia. As we
 P.O. Box 559, Virginia, MN 55792        wouldn’t have an endowment fund         mark our 20th anniversary in 2010, we
            218-749-8239                 from which to support the important     continue to be guided by the notion
               •••••                     programs and projects in our            that charitable giving is not measured           neighborhoods.
                                            Looking back, we find a small                            continued on page 2
                            Message from the Chair
                               I would like to start off my first        moving forward. Thanks again to all of our volunteers and
                           column as chair by thanking Donna             board members.
                           Leese for offering to stay on as the              We are all looking forward to 2010, which will be the
                           chair for an extra six months and for         20th year of the Virginia Community Foundation. We have
                            doing a fantastic job as the chair for       some exciting things on tap. We plan on kicking off the year
                            the past 18 months. Thanks, Donna!           with a New Year’s Eve dinner and dance at the Coates Plaza
                                I would also like to thank all of        Hotel. We are also going to bring back the ever-popular golf
                          the volunteers throughout the year,            tournament for another year.
especially the table captains for our September “We Believe”                 Hopefully, everyone has already checked out our new
Luncheon. Without your help, we never could have had such                website at Thanks to Linda,
a successful event. Thanks also to Ronda “Rudy” Harvey                   Deb, Paul, John, and W.A. Fisher, we now have a fantastic way
and Deanne Butorac for their great presentations and also to             for you to catch up on current Foundation news and events,
Mailee Peterson and Amelia Cope-Robinson for their amazing               create on-line memorials, and, of course, make donations
music abilities. Great job! I would also like to send a great big        to the Foundation. Check the web site often to see what is
thank you to our “We Believe” Luncheon sponsors, Minnesota               coming up for the next year.
Power, Colosimo Law Office, Wells Fargo, & TriTec. Thank                     Finally, don’t forget to take a look at the 2008 audit of
you, sponsors!                                                           the Virginia Community Foundation that is included in this
    Of course, I can’t forget to thank our very talented and             newsletter.
dedicated volunteer board members, without whom we                           Have a great rest of 2009 and we will be in touch again in
wouldn’t be able to keep the Virginia Community Foundation               2010!

continued from front page

Community Building – 20 Years
by the size of one’s wallet but by the size of one’s heart. The
Foundation continues to be committed to funding local needs
today while growing assets for the future.
    The Foundation has been honored to award over $392,000
for 117 programs and projects while growing our endowment
to more than $2 million. You have entrusted your charitable
dollars with the Foundation, and our volunteer board
members are committed to being good stewards of those
donations. We will continue to fulfill our mission of providing
grants in spite of a difficult economic climate.
    As we look ahead to our 20th anniversary in 2010, we
are far from finished. There is so much we can do together!
Throughout 2010, we’ll spend some time looking back at the
past 20 years – the grants, the growth, and the special people
who made them both possible.

2008 Financial Report Summary
    The Virginia Community                     included here. You may note that our              performance of the endowment has
Foundation takes seriously its                 total assets declined by nearly 21%               come back to a value over more than
responsibility to steward donor gifts          from 2007. The Finance Committee                  $2 million. Audited financial statements
for the good of our community as we            continues to monitor the performance              and IRS Form 990s are available for
weather the economic storm upon us.            of the endowment under the structure              review at the Foundation Office at
We continue to ensure that every dollar        of an Investment Policy based on a                519 Chestnut Street.
spent is spent wisely. Our 2008 financial      diversified portfolio. After continued
audit is complete and a summary is             declines in the early part of 2009, the

   STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITIES                                              2008                                        2007
   Total Assets                                                       $1,866,008                                  $2,348,309

                                                       Temporarily    Temporarily
                                                       Unrestricted    Restricted     Total        Unrestricted    Restricted     Total
   Grant - Minnesota Sesquicentennial                  $ -             $2,000       $2,000         $ -             $ -          $ -
   Contributions -                                     $100,299        $55,877      $156,176       $149,164        $53,700      $202,864
   Special Event Revenue - Blue Pride Dance            $ -             $ -          $ -            $-              $6,328       $6,328
   Special Event Revenue - Gr Virginia Get Together    $ -             $120,202     $120,202       $-              $11,960      $11,960
   Investment Income                                   $45,656         $ -          $45,656        $45,463         $ -          $45,463
   Net realized & unrealized gains on investments      $ -             $ -          $ -            $39,506         $ -          $39,506
   Misc Income                                         $2,614          $ -          $2,614         $34             $ -          $34
     Total Revenue and Gains                           $148,569        $178,079     $326,648       $234,167        $71,988      $306,155
   Net assets released from restrictions               $185,006        $(185,006)   $ -            $14,206         $(14,206)    $ -
      TOTAL REVENuES, GAINS & SuPPORT                  $333,575        $(6,927)     $326,648       $248,373        $57,782      $306,155

   Program Services -
      Grants                                           $61,567         $   -        $61,567        $70,785         $   -        $70,785
   Costs of Direct Benefits to Donors                  $85,867         $   -        $85,867        $875            $   -        $875
   Management and General                              $23,664         $   -        $23,664        $22,906         $   -        $22,906
   Fundraising                                         $60,850         $   -        $60,850        $49,294         $   -        $49,294
      TOTAL EXPENSES                                   $231,948        $   -        $231,948       $143,860        $   -        $143,860
   Net realized and unrealized losses on investments   $567,071        $   -        $567,071       $ -             $   -        $ -
      TOTAL EXPENSES AND LOSSES                        $799,019        $   -        $799,019       $143,860        $   -        $143,860

     CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                              $(465,444)      $(6,927)     $(472,371)     $104,513        $57,782      $162,295
   NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR                       $2,275,162      $58,575      $2,333,737     $2,170,649      $793         $2,171,442
     NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR                           $1,809,718      $51,648      $1,861,366     $2,275,162      $58,575      $2,333,737

Foundation Launches New Web Site
    The Virginia Community Foundation         alumni. There is no charge for creating the Users can also search for names of past
announced the launch of a new web site        online memorials, and the public is invited classmates through an online database.
during their “We Believe” fundraising         to submit them without regard to how long       The site also includes information
luncheon on Tuesday, September 29 at the      ago the memorialized individual had passed. regarding grant recipients, a calendar of
Coates Plaza Hotel in Virginia.                                                                          events, a menu of existing
    The site: www.                                                                                       funds, and the ability to make has
many new features including a
                                        Sign Up For Our E-newsletter                                     donations online through a
                                                                                                         secure server.
donors page where supporters        Help us keep in touch with you regarding special events and              According to Executive
can track their history of            Foundation news. Sign up for our e-newsletter today at             Director, Linda Niskanen,
giving to the Foundation.                                                                                “the new Foundation web site
Users will also be able to create will allow us to communicate
permanent memorial pages on                                                                              with our supporters in a more
                                    E-newsletter subscriptions will also help us reduce overhead
behalf of their deceased friends    costs such as printing and postage, allowing the Foundation          timely and meaningful manner
and family members who                  to spend more where it counts – on our community!                while reducing costs related to
were Virginia residents and                                                                              printing and postage.”

706 Club Introduced for School Employees
    Independent School District 706              Futterer, is encouraging employees to            else for the employees. Over time, a
employees are enrolling in the 706 Club          sign up to donate $7.06 (or more) per            payroll deduction of $7.06 will add
to support the Virginia Educational              pay period through payroll deduction.            up and can make precious resources
Fund and/or the Blue Pride Fund.                 Futterer says, “Signing up is easy and the       available for our students.”
New ISD 706 Superintendent, Chuck                business office takes care of everything

    Third Mural Honors Veterans
        The Virginia Community Foundation         Committee met with local veterans’             plaque for $100. Plaques will include
    continues its effort to enhance the           groups to ensure their support for the         name, rank, branch of service and years
    downtown with plans to complete a third       mural project. “This year, we are also         of service. Both stars and plaques will
    mural – this one honoring local veterans.     excited because the project will include a     be painted around the perimeter of the
    Spearheaded by the Foundation’s Mural         community volunteer paint-by-number            mural. All donations are tax deductible.
    Committee, the Veterans’ Mural will be        base coat to reduce our overall costs,”            For more information regarding
    painted by renowned mural artist, Kelly       Johnson said.                                  sponsorships, please contact the Virginia
    Meredith from Butternut, Wisconsin.               The Veterans’ Mural will be partially      Community Foundation at 218-749-
    Ms. Meredith also painted the previous        funded by individual donations through         8239.
    two Virginia murals, the first honoring       which donors can honor their friends or            The Veterans’ Mural will be located
    the Koski Brothers and the second, Marty      family by having their likeness included       near Veteran’s Park in downtown
    Biondich.                                     on the mural for a donation of $250.           Virginia. Painting of the mural is
        According to Mural Committee              Individuals who wish to “purchase” a           scheduled for the summer of 2010.
    Chair, Marieta Johnson, “the committee        portrait of a veteran will be required to          The Foundation Board wishes to
    had always planned to complete a mural        provide good quality photographs of their      thank all the members of the Mural
    honoring veterans. We decided to do it        veterans in military dress for the artist’s    Committee for their commitment to
    now in 2010 to coincide with the new          reference.                                     beautifying Virginia through these
    veteran’s memorial which will be unveiled         Other available sponsorship                outstanding works of art.
    this coming summer as well.” Johnson          opportunities include purchasing a star
    added that members of the Mural               with a veteran’s name for just $50 or a

    The design of Virginia’s third mural will be similar to the veteran’s mural in Ashland, Wisconsin.

                 Contributors to the Virginia Community Foundation
                                                    (contributions since October 1, 2008)
Jeanne Ahlstrand                     Don & Lucy Erchul                     Harold & Kristin Koskela       Grace Petri
Darwin & Lynda Alar                  Clayton (Toby) Erickson               Joseph Kraker                  Renold & Helen Pettinelli
Greg & Susan Altobell                F & D Meats                           Bob & Pat Krebsbach            Phelps Chiropractic-Bucky & Jodi
Jacqueline Anderson                  Lawrence & Janet Falkowski            Mike & Judy Krebsbach             Phelps
Anonymous donor                      Steve Falkowski & Deb Buria-          Daniel & Kathryn Kuehn         Jody Phenning
Alice Appel                             Falkowski                          Sharon Lager                   Mark & Patty Phillips
Mike & Debbie Appelwick              Dennis & Mary Lou Feroni              Harry & Joan Lamppa            Jerry & Tammi Pietrini
ArcelorMittal/Minorca Mine           David & Patricia Ferrell              Mark & Donna Leese             Jim & Polly Podpeskar
Joseph & Jacqueline Ault             David Galaski                         Greg & Shirley Lenci           Pohaki Lumber & Bldg. Supplies
Paul & Laura Bachschneider           Frank & Theresa Galaski               Bernard & Angela Lomsak        Barbara Politano
Walter & Helen Backman               Tim Gargano                           Steve Lomsak                   David & Renee Pollock
Juliane Badanjak                     Jack & Carolyn Gentilini              Richard & Patricia Lund        Jennifer & Todd Pontinen
Bob & Barbara Baldrica               Luan & Len Gentilini                  Bruce & Holly Lundgren         Queen City Federal
John Barrett                         Stephen Gentilini                     Ray & Deb Luoma                Dan & Jennifer Rabideaux
Ronald & Susan Beck                  Connie Germann                        Joe & Candace Lupich           Linda Rakovetz
Russ Becker                          Colleen Gerzin                        Jack & Donna Luzovich          Sherry Richards
Claire Bell                          Susan Gillespie                       Barbara Madden                 Marion & Yvonne Rivard
Philip & Janet Belpedio              Greg & Jane Gilness                   Gary & Jean Majeski            Pat & JoAnn Roche
Norma Benkusky                       Loy Gotham                            Ernest & Marsha Maki           Marguerite Rooney
Dawn Berg                            Shelley Saukko & Patrick Grahek       John & Jean Maki               Mary Lou Roskoski
Marshall & Dorothy Bergerson         Louise Grams                          Kent & Nancy Maki              Mark & Mary Rozier
John & Mary Ann Berglund             Grant Construction & Supply           Susan & Walter Malec           Mary Russo
Jeanette Bergman                     Patricia Grigal                       Steven & Debra Manninen        William & Linda Saari
Stan & Carrie Bezek                  Dale & Shannon Gunderson              Sandra Markovich               Americo Sacchetti
Chris & Alyson Bialke                Dave & Amy Gunderson                  Jerry & Darlene Marks          Angelo & Kay Sacchetti
Anne & John Bicanich                 Bob & Donna Haapala                   Clifford Marwick               James Sadar
Kerry & Ann Bidle                    Helen Haapala                         Clarence & Mary Ann Mattson    Brandon & Heather Seppala
Mike & Sue Blaeser                   George Hakomaki                       Robert & Jeanette Mattson      Rod & Sarah Seppala
Lillian Bonkosky                     Peter & Margaret Hansen               Robert & Wendy Jo McAllister   Phillip Shaffalo
Elizabeth Bonner                     Merri Harjamaki                       Todd & Wanda McGillivray       Ron & Sandi Shoden
Hugh Bonner & Kelly Blaeser -        Keith & Laurie Harvey                 Tracy McMorrow                 Silver Lake Floral
   Bonner                            Rudy & Ross Harvey                    Madelyn Mesich                 Margaret Simonson
Tom & Florence Bowen                 Joseph & Jane Hejny                   Gerald & Esther Miettunen      Dr. Don & Joann Sipola
Virginia & Lucia Brunetta            Robert & Idell Henderson              Elden & Sharon Milbridge       Bob & Beth Skalko
Kathy & Michael Bukvich              Nancy Henderson-Korpi                 Minnesota Power                Peter & Brenda Skorich
Tom & Deanne (Polski) Butorac        Dennis & Carole Hendricks             Les Minter                     John & Sue Skube
Julie Cadeau                         Dr. Robin & Andrea Hendricks          Robert & JoAnn Mohn            Mike & Vicki Skubic
Michael Carey                        Debbie Hendrickson                    Richard & Mary Moore           Joyce Snyder
Jay & Ruth Carlsgaard                Evelyn Hill                           George & Marlene Munig         John & Gloria Softich
Judith Carlson                       Karen Hill                            Linda Myklebust                Marilyn Somero
Paul & Karyn Carlson                 Elizabeth Hoefferle                   Norma Nekich                   Sons of Norway Haarfager Lodge
Ralph & Julie Carlson                Barbara Horvat                        Virginia Nelson                Thomas Stackpool
Champion Auto                        Jon & Darlys Jacobson                 Nelson-Collie Electric, Inc    Penny Stecker
Luke & Brittany Chopp                Ron & Janus Jacobson                  Tony & Joyce Nigro             Craig & Sue Stevens
Shelley Christensen                  Helene Jaminski                       Linda & Chuck Niskanen         Roger & Brenda Suihkonen
Wayne & Bernadine Christiansen       Ryan & Marie Jarvi                    Bunny Norlander                Lyle & Carole Summers
Ed & Diane Clark                     Jay Bee Travel                        Susan Norlander                Karl & Stacey Sundquist
Shirley & R. Owen Coe                Daniel & Debra Joelson                Judy Norri                     Ken & Karen Sussman
Ben & Joan Collie                    Bruce & Jo Ernesta Johnson            Nancee & Bobby Norri           Thomas & Mona Tammaro
Jeff Collie & Kerry Waschke-Collie   Marieta & Chipper Johnson             Northern Engine & Supply       Henry & Pat Tamminen
Colosimo, Patchin, Kearney &         Phil & Susan Johnson                  Northern State Bank            Kathy Thompson
   Brunfelt, LTD                     Sara Johnson                          Michael & Theresa Nystrom      Jeanette Tieberg
John & Linda Constantine             Jan Johnston                          Richard & Carol Okerstrom      Tom Truax
Brent Robinson & Alicia Cope         John & Debra Jokinen                  Lyle & Susan Okland            Albert & Pauline Trucano
Jeanne Cornell                       Katherine Jones                       David Olivanti                 US Steel - Minnesota Ore
Dale & Kathryn Cremers               Robert & Barbara Judnick              Raymond & Audrey Olson         Amos Vaughan
Ed Cremers                           Margaret Kajala                       Allan & Barbara Omarzu         Chris & Jody Vest
Tim Cremers                          David & Darlene Karakas               P & H Mine Pro                 Ken & Mary Waschke
Whitney & Rich Crettol               Judie Kauchick                        P & M Construction             Scott & Cheryl Weappa
David & Cyndy Cuoco                  Peter & Kathleen Kearney              Tom & Barbara Pakkala          Don & Karen Welander
Joe & Nancy Dennie                   George & Jeanette Knabe               Dorothy Parish                 Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement
Gayle & John Dibley                  Louis & Doris Knoll                   Bruno Pazzelli                    & Trust
Terry & Carolyn Dinneen              Audrey Kohlhase                       John & Sue Pearsall            Michael Winter
Dyno Nobel                           John & Lynn Kohlhase                  Joyce Pepelnjak                John & Kathy Young
Jim Eberius                          Richard Kohlhase                      Erik & Carol Peterson          Leonard Youngman
Wayne & Waivie Edwards               Sharon Kolari                         H. Jeffrey & Nancy Peterson    David & Jenn Zimmel
                                                             (since October 1, 2008)
                                                              In memory of Molly Cope
 Great Grandchildren: Amelia, Sydney, Rory & Nolin Cope-Robinson, Phil & Eleanor Anshus, Pearl Aronen, Juliane Badanjak, Steve & Anne Badanjak,
   Bob & Barbara Baldrica, Tom & Deanne (Polski) Butorac, Alicia Cope & Brent Robinson, Cope & Peterson employees, Dale & Kathryn Cremers,
Dom & Josie Elioff, Lucille Fiola, Loy Gotham, Edward & Maureen Gregorich, Larry & Barbara Groves, Marieta & Chipper Johnson, Arthur & Judy Jytyla,
   Margaret Kajala, Cynthia Kekkonen, Janet & Roger Koski, David & Ank Kure, Barbara Lundberg, Ray & Deb Luoma, Tracy & John McMorrow,
  Mary Ann Nelimark, Robert & Kathleen Nelimark, Doug Nelson, Marilyn Nelson, Chuck & Linda Niskanen, Bobby & Nancee Norri, Judith Norri,
           Joe & Dana Pahkala, Dorothy Parish, Joyce Pepelnjak, Rodney & Judith Politano, David & Renee Pollock, Bob & Elaine Prittinen,
        Mary Ann & Richard Robinson, Ryan-Kasner-Bialke, LLC, Mike & Vicki Skubic, Roger & Brenda Suihkonen, Kurt & Carol Sundquist,
                  Michael Swor, Kenneth & Mary Lou Tamte, Phil & Mary Troutwine, Jackie & Ron Walkky, and Al & Mary Williams

                                                           In memory of Sandy Cron Johnson
 Lynda & Darwin Alar, Bob & Barbara Baldrica, Wayne & Bernadine Christiansen, Ben & Joan Collie, Thomas Daniels, Aaron Dennie, Bethany Dennie,
    Joe & Nancy Dennie, Leo & Karen Ducharme, Joseph & Joyce Giovanoni, Keith & Laurie Harvey, Richard & Nancy Harvey, Mary & Gene Hoff,
 Barbara Horvat, Peter & Colette Johnson, Richard Johnson, Audra Keller, Byron & Mary Kesanen, Richie & Roberta Kirkpatrick, Ronald & Doris Koski,
  Constance Krasaway, Duane Krenz, Anne Larson, Carol Leiviska, Edward & Judith Majerle, Gerry & Annette McKenna, Gerald & Esther Miettunen,
         Matt Niskanen, Carolyn Olsen, Dorothy Parish, Roger & Jean Rosandich, Bernard & Jyll Rose, Donald & Beverly Stahl, Mary Sterling,
            Gordon Scholes & Judy Strong, Bob & Iris Teasck, Barbara Thiede, Richard & Sheila Vandervort, Vivian Williams, Mike, Anita,
                                                   Kinsey and Sadie Zielinski, and Pat & Ed Zielinski

      In memory of Henry W. Tamminen                               Gary Carlson                                 Mike & Melissa Hahne
    Bob & Barb Baldrica, the Cohn Family,                    In memory of Darrell Gilness              In memory of Dennis Pietrini and Helen Seppi
  John & Linda Cope, Joe & Nancy Dennie,
  Mike & Nancy Kearney, Richard Kohlhase,                   Keith & Elizabeth (Bit) Clark             Clayton Halunen, Donald & JoAnn Halunen,
     Bobby & Nancee Norri, Judy Norri,                       In memory of Darrell Gilness              Robert & Brenda Halunen, and Michael &
        H. Jeffrey & Nancy Peterson,                                                                                Dawn Johnson
       Richard & MaryAnn Robinson,                             John & Mary Coffin                            In memory of Gerald F. Folman
         Roger & Brenda Suihkonen                 In memory of mother, Etna (Mrs. George) Gandsey
                                                                                                                 Don & JoAnn Halunen
           Carolyn & Paul Ahlquist                              John & Linda Cope                               In memory of Lola Folman
       In memory of Lois Johnson Peterson          In memory of Darrell Gilness, Don Muckler, and
                                                                  Dennis Pietrini                                Ed & Cora Hawkinson
Liz Remus Anderson, Sheila Hanson Ballavance,                                                                   In memory of Adeline Jenia
           Joyce Qvick Fuhrman,                                 Bill & Chris Culbert
            Patsy Snyder Haynes                               In memory of Ted Pietrini                        Dennis & Carole Hendricks
      In memory of LuAnn Cremers Eirich                                                                         In memory of Alan Holmes
                                                                Tom & Becky Cusick
             Anonymous Donor                                 In memory of Michael Kishel             Dennis, Carole, Whitney, & Addison Hendricks
         In memory of Dr. Isaac Prlina                                                                        In memory of Mary Biondich
                                                               Joe & Nancy Dennie
           Phil & Eleanor Anshus                    In memory of Dr. Isaac Prlina and Dr. & Molly            Raymond & Mildred Jarnstrom
  In memory of parents, Alice & Orleon Anshus                           Cope                                  In memory of Florence Pelletier
        and Melita & George Koskela
         In memory of Luann Eirich                     Marguerite Rooney and Ryan Dethloff                         Barbara Johnson
                                                           In memory of Dustin Damm                         In memory of Lois Johnson Peterson
            Brian & Robin Aronen
         In memory of Mrs. Harrington                              Joan Doherty                               Chipper & Marieta Johnson
                                                          In memory of Lois Johnson Peterson            In memory of Margaret “Peggy” McDermott,
           Steven & Anne Badanjak                                                                          Margorie Pearsall, and Don Muckler
          In memory of Don Muckler                               Barbara Fivecoate
                                                             In memory of Larry Dincau                          Peter & Colette Johnson
            Bob & Barb Baldrica                                                                        In memory of Ray Garni and Mary Harrington
  In memory of Darrell Gilness, Loretta Henke,                Jack & Carolyn Gentilini
      Henry Tamminen, Matilda Buchar,                          In memory of Bill Sauve’                     Peter M. (Pete) Johnson class ‘57
         Bill Sauve’, and Mary Sund                                                                     In memory of Mary (Halvorson) Harrington
                                                                Greg & Jane Gilness
           Janet & Philip Belpedio                          In memory of Dennis Pietrini                            Katherine Jones
         In memory of John Rosandich                                                                          In memory of Mary Harrington
                                                           Bob, Donna & Chris Haapala
             Stan & Carrie Bezek                           In memory of Mary Harrington                           Bob & Barb Judnick
          In memory of LuAnn Eirich                                                                           In memory of Donald J. Judnick
                                                                 Helen Haapala
         Charlene & Dominic Buffetta                       In memory of Mary Harrington                           Bernie & Patti Katz
       In memory of Lois Johnson Peterson                                                              In memory of Edward, Stella & Steven Plotnik
                                                                   Karen Haarala
      Tom & Deanne (Polski) Butorac                 In memory of Florence Tuomela, ‘59 graduate of             Michael & Nancy Kearney
In memory of Bonnie Mellak and Mrs. Harrington                          VHS                               In memory of Dennis Pietrini and Henry

                                                           (since October 1, 2008)
               Audra Keller                                   Floyd & Joyce Ness                         Robert & Christine Springhetti
         In memory of Jack Kaemper                          In memory of Oscar Ness                      In memory of Raymond Rantala

          Kemen & Joelson Families                        Chuck & Linda Niskanen                         Robert & Marlene Stephenson
        In memory of Mary Harrington              In memory of Larry Dincau and Kay Sacchetti              In memory of Don Muckler

               Marvin Knoff                                Bobby & Nancee Norri                           Roger & Brenda Suihkonen
          In memory of Adeline Jenia              In memory of Larry Dincau and Don Muckler           In memory of Luann (Cremers) Eirich

             Audrey Kohlhase                                     Judy Norri                                    Lorraine Sullivan
    In memory of Joan Nygren Stickney and          In memory of Larry Dincau, Don Muckler,                In memory of Nancy Galbraith
             Joan C. Schmaltz                        Pam (Muckler) Rodby, and Helen Seppi
                                                                                                            Kurt & Carol Sundquist
               John Kohlhase                                 John & Susan Pearsall                         In memory of Hershel Cope
          In memory of John Helland                        In memory of Larry Dincau
                                                                                                                Michael Swor
           John & Lynn Kohlhase                                   Grace Petri                              In memory of Don Muckler
         In memory of Larry Dincau                          In memory of Ted Pietrini
                                                                                                                Bob & Iris Teasck
              Richard Kohlhase                              Mark & Patty Phillips                           In memory of their parents
           In memory of Ray Garni                In memory of Pamela Ann Rodby, Joni Schwartz,                 Teasck & Whitmarsh
                                                    Dennis Pietrini, and Marie Scherkenbach
              Dr. Ray Kolocek                                                                                 Tom & Mary Terch
          In memory of Ed Poupard                           Quad Cities Rotary Club                        In memory of Don Muckler
                                                         In memory of Dr. & Molly Cope
       John Kauppila & Susan Krause                                                                             Barbara Thiede
         In memory of Darrell Gilness                      Susan & Charles Redditt                      In memory of Lois Johnson Peterson
                                                       In memory of Lois Johnson Peterson
           Mike & Judy Krebsbach                                                                             Bob & Carol Umhauer
        In memory of Mary Harrington                     Brent Robinson & Alicia Cope                       In memory of Don Judnick
                                                           In memory of Kay Sacchetti
          Thomas & Ellen Lanin
      In memory of Carolyn Harrington                        Steve & Lois Roskoski
                                                           In memory of Marion Giru
               Anne Larson
          In memory of Jane Silvola

 Bobbie Leas, Dick Henke, Linda Van Ryn,
                                                               Angelo Sacchetti
                                                           In memory of Kay Sacchetti               Fund for the Arts
             and Sally Harvey                    Angelo Sacchetti and Tony & Kathy Sacchetti              (since October 1, 2008)
  In memory of their mother, Loretta Henke              In memory of Mary Harrington
                                                                                                           P&H Mining Equipment
          Mark & Donna Leese                               Tony & Kathy Sacchetti                           Joy Global Foundation
 In memory of Kay Sacchetti and Red Tekautz      In memory of Larry Dincau, Darrell Gilness, and
                                                                Dennis Pietrini                          Friends at Virginia City Hall:
              Barb Leinonen                                                                        Renee Anderson, Gary Picek, Rick Puhek,
         In memory of Phyllis Tekautz            Donna Jenia Schulberg and Joan Jenia Trombly         Lois Roskoski, and Cheryl Weappa
                                                          In memory of Adeline Jenia                    In memory of Doris Moesenthin
            Deb & Ray Luoma
  In memory of LuAnn Eirich, Larry Dincau,                Brandon & Heather Seppala                        Bob & Barbara Baldrica
             and Darrell Gilness                       In memory of Hershel & Molly Cope                In memory of Marjorie Pearsall,
                                                                                                        Adeline Jenia, and Bea Kapeller
          Mark & Lynn Majetich                              Voltaire & Erveen Serra
In memory of John Victor Lager, Dennis Monroe,            In memory of Gwen Donofrio                    Grant Construction & Supply,
         Sandy LoPresti Moesenthin                                                                              Greg Caucci
                                                             Bob & Beth Skalko
           Colleen Nelson - Maki                  In memory of Isaac Prlina and Roberta Prlina                John & Sue Gerzina
         In memory of Larry Dincau
                                                              Ed & Marian Skalko                          Holy Spirit Church Choir
         Ernest & Marsha Maki                               In memory of Isaac Prlina                   In memory of Doris Moesenthin
 In memory of John Zakovich, June Ramponi,
            and Waino Kontola                                 Mike & Vicki Skubic                                Gloria Marolt
                                                           In memory of Larry Dincau                          Mike & Lisa Perala
              Joan McRaith
      In memory of Lois Johnson Peterson                      Theodora Skubic                            Eugene & Beatrice Schmidt
                                                       In memory of Anna Marie Sullivan
           Mary Ann Nelimark                                                                                   Jody & Chris Vest
     In memory of D.R. Nelimark, M.D.

                                          Virginia Educational Fund
                                                 (since October 1, 2008)

       General Contributions - Educational Fund                                  Memorials and Named Gifts - Educational Fund
              Shelley Aho                        Rob Marwick                                          In memory of Marge Pearsall
            Stephanie Aho                      Madelyn Mesich                     Stan & Carrie Bezek, John & Patricia Bonner, Wilfrid & Mary Jo
                                                                                 Bradach, Janeen Carey, Kathleen Cina, John & Linda Cope, George
               Darin Alto                          Tim Miro
                                                                                & Phyllis Harvey, Keith & Laurie Harvey, Ross & Rudy Harvey, Chris
          Anonymous Donor               Chuck & Linda Niskanen                  Holmes, Cameron & Ruth Jayson, Margaret Kajala, James & Elizabeth
    Paul & Laura Bachschneider                  Craig Nordling                   Koehler, Mary Anne Kwiecinski, Bernie & Rose Marie Lacher, Mark
              Bill Bauman                Bobby & Nancee Norri                     & Donna Leese, Louis Mariucci, Craig & Beth Nordling, Bobby &
                                                                               Nancee Norri, Dorothy Oie, Andrew & Kathryn Peterson, Mark & Patty
                Sue Beck                   Rich & Marlys Olson                  Phillips, Kevin & Beth Pietrini, Bob & Elaine Prittinen, Patrick Roche,
              Kerry Bidle                   Tara & Joshua Parks                   Mike & Vicki Skubic, Roger & Brenda Suihkonen, Michael & Gail
        Mike & Sue Blaeser                  John & Sue Pearsall                                 Swor, Karen Tini, and Mary Ann Vukich
           Tracey Burchell                Andy & Katie Peterson
                                                                                 Danny & Susan Branstad                     Linda Niskanen
Paul Cerkvenik & Kathleen Murray          Erik & Carol Peterson
                                                                                  In memory of Vic Lager           In honor of Phil Johnson’s retirement
 Wayne & Bernadine Christiansen         H. Jeff & Nancy Peterson
            Kris Cochran                Scotty & Heather Peterson                    Carol Brunfelt                    Richard & Marlys Olson
Jeff Collie & Kerry Waschke-Collie             Shelby Peterson               In memory of Mary A. Harrington        In memory of Sandy Johnson, Ray
                                                                                                                      Garni, Joseph Ault, and Mary
                Jim Cope                     Jeff & Kay Petrack
                                                                                John & Linda Constantine                       Harrington
               John Cope                        Jody Phenning               In memory of Donna Altobelli Bzdok,
       Gary & Tracy Cornell                Mark & Patty Phillips                       clsss of 1982                     John & Sue Pearsall
         Tim & Kathi Croft               Jerry & Tammie Pietrini                                                   In memory of Dennis Pietrini, Peggy
                                                                                Dale & Kathryn Cremers             McDermott, Annie Phillips, Pamela
Damberg, Scott, Gerzina & Wagner               Polly Podpeskar              In memory of Hershel & Molly Cope           Rodby, and Ted Pietrini
                Architects                Bob & Elaine Prittinen
            Bud & Pat Elg                 Jim & Jeanne Prittinen            George Croft, Tim & Kathi Croft,           Dr. Duane & Mary Person
      George & Sally Erickson             Mike & Nancy Ralston                             and                          In memory of Molly Cope
        Rick & Lisa Erickson                                                      Jen & Nick Stewart
                                          Tim & Kathy Riordan                Grandsons: Colton, Connor &                    Jeff & Kay Petrack
           Warren Erickson            Brent Robinson & Alicia Cope           Caden Croft and Owen Stewart            In memory of Molly Cope, Annie
              Jane Foster                   Pat & JoAnn Roche                  In memory of Jean M. Croft              Phillips, and Dennis Pietrini
            John Friedlieb               Tony & Kathy Sacchetti
            Cheri Gerlach                                                          Patricia Hamalainen                  Jim & Jeanne Prittinen
                                                  Luona Seitz                In memory of Les Hamalainen, class      In memory of Mary Harrington
             Mike Hahne                Brandon & Heather Seppala                           1944
      Steven & Laverne Hakly         Chad, Kathy, Bo & Rollie Seppala                                                    Tim & Kathy Riordan
      George & Phyllis Harvey            Dr. Don & Joann Sipola                  George & Phyllis Harvey            In honor of Matt & Cherie Seppi’s
       Keith & Laurie Harvey                                                  In memory of Henry Tamminen,                  25th anniversary
                                            Bob & Beth Skalko                 Luann Cremers, Molly Cope, and
    Dennis & Carole Hendricks                  Nicholas Skarich                        Pam Rodby                     Brent Robinson & Alicia Cope
              Jeff Huseby                    John & Sue Skube                                                           In memory of Jean Croft
      Chris & Barbara Johnson                                                     Keith & Laurie Harvey
                                              Jim & Jodi Smith
      Dave & Jeanette Johnson                                                     In memory of Jean Croft              Brandon & Heather Seppala
                                          Russ & Jennifer Smith                                                     In honor of Darren Kramer, Brady’s
             Julie Johnson                 Tom & Ginny Smith                    John & Shannon Malovrh                      2nd grade teacher
       Phil & Susan Johnson                      Helen Spelts                    In memory of Molly Cope           In honor of Carol Peterson, Alli’s 4th
               Tara Kilen                                                                                                      grade teacher
                                                 Willie Spelts
              Bryn Kishel                                                           Laurie McCallum
                                         Tammy Spelts-Berglund              In memory of Keith & Maybelle Riach         Patricia Sleeman & family
       Bud & Tammy Kishel              Brad Spry Insurance Agency                                                   In memory of Paul Sleeman, class of
      Kiwanis Club of Virginia            Emil & Bernice Stimac                                                                     1962
       Bob & Pat Krebsbach                 Frank & Sharon Strle
           Mike Krebsbach                Henry & Pat Tamminen
                 Jeff Lee
       Mark & Donna Leese
                                                 Espie Teman
                                               Jeanette Tieberg
                                                                            Mesabi Range Youth for Christ Fund
         Jim & Robin Licari                                                                         (since October 1, 2008)
                                               Trenti Law Firm
               Mike Lilya                    VHS class of 1989
        Craig & Wanita Lind
                                                                                                   Kent & Nancy Maki
                                                Alison Vuicich                       In memory of Nancy’s 3rd grade student, Dan Zamlen
          Tim & Ellen Lind               Martin & Laurie Walker
               Dave Lind                    Erik & Beth Wedge                                               Dave Stewart
          Paul & Amy Maki                 Keith & Cindy Westin
     John & Shannon Malovrh                 Al & Mary Williams

                                                                                 Named Gifts
       Crown Jewel Donors                                                         (since October 1, 2008)
(Cumulative giving levels attained since October 1, 2008)
                                                                                BlueCross BlueShield of MN
                                                                In honor of Dave Barker for Great Virginia Get-together car show
    Diamond Givers $5,000 & above
           Hugh Bonner & Kelly Blaeser-Bonner                                      Mike & Neysa Bonner
                    Katherine Jones                                        Holiday gift in honor of Elizabeth Bonner
                  Louis & Doris Knoll
                P&H Mining Equipment                                      Ryan Bonner and Matt & Lindsay Pavelka
                                                                           Holiday gift in honor of Elizabeth Bonner

    Emerald Givers $1,000 to $4,999                                                 Peter & Colette Johnson
                                                                      Holiday gift in honor of Chipper & Marieta Johnson
              Tom & Deanne (Polski) Butorac
                        Croft Family                                                      Audra Keller
               Steve & Deb (Buria) Falkowski                        Holiday gift in honor of friends, Judy & David Adolfson,
                   Remo & Barbara Garni                              Sandy & Darrell Dankert, Judy Turner & Jack Elias,
                 Robert & Donna Haapala                               Colette & Peter Johnson, Karen & Leo Ducharme,
              Dr. Robin & Andrea Hendricks                                           Carol & Jack Kaemper
                    Paul & Sally Johnson
                 Peter & Kathleen Kearney                                              John & Sue Kelly
                  Kiwanis Club of Virginia                                 Holiday gift in honor of Elizabeth Bonner
                   Mike & Judy Krebsbach
                  John & Tracy McMorrow                                        Larry & Jane (Hallin) Mattson
                H. Jeffrey & Nancy Peterson                                   In honor of Eleanor & Phil Anshus
                Robert & Margaret Roskoski
                     Americo Sacchetti                                            Chuck & Linda Niskanen
                    Tom & Ginny Smith                                        In honor of Haylie Ann Seppala’s birth
                        Michael Swor
                                                                                  Chuck & Linda Niskanen
         Ruby Givers $500 to $999                                            In honor of Dorothy Karon’s birthday
                   Jay & Ruth Carlsgaard                                               Phil Troutwine
                   Paul & Karyn Carlson                                         In honor of Waschke Auto Plaza
                     Shelley Christensen
             Wayne & Bernadine Christiansen                                             Amos Vaughan
        Colosimo, Patchin, Kearney & Brunfelt, Ltd                    In honor of James O’Leary, Don Vack, Harvey Vack,
                     Tim & Kathi Croft                                          Phil Peterson, and Vic Peterson
               Ross & Ronda (Rudy) Harvey
                Elizabeth (Garni) Hoefferle
                 Chris & Barbara Johnson
                    Bob & Barb Judnick
                      John & Sue Kelly
                  John & Lynn Kohlhase
                                                                    Virginia Public Library Fund
                                                                                   (since October 1, 2008)
                    Greg & Shirley Lenci
                        Dave C. Lind                               Paul & Barbara Arola                Steve Falkowski &
                  Ernest & Marsha Maki                                 In memory of                   Deb Buria-Falkowski
                       Madelyn Mesich                               Elio & Jean Pietrini
                      Linda Myklebust                                                                Remo & Barbara Garni
                     Mike & Lisa Perala                               Marilyn Bislow                        Janet Hill
                  Andy & Katie Peterson                            Family of Ed Bradach              Eila & Clarence Ivonen
                 Renold & Helen Pettinelli                             In memory of                  In memory of Mary Sund
         Phelps Chiropractic- Bucky & Jodi Phelps                   Anna Marie Sullivan
                   Tim & Kathy Riordan                                                                David & Toni Kralich
                                                                 Edythe (Carlson) Brown              In memory of Rose Lappi
                  Angelo & Kay Sacchetti                            In memory of Toby
                    Ron & Sandi Shoden                            (Zimmerman) Jackson,                    Ruth Saranen
                Brad Spry Insurance Agency                             class of 1963
                      Bob & Iris Teasck                                                               Frank & Sharon Strle
          U.S. Steel – Minnesota Ore Operations                       Elizabeth Burge                   Lorraine Sullivan
                      Kenneth Wellman                                  Renee Capra                 Virginia Public Library Staff
        Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement & Trust                                                In memory of Mary Sund
                        Mike Winter                             Whitney & Richard Crettol
                                                                     George Erickson                    Kenneth Wellman

                   Blue Pride1, Fund                                                                        Mural Fund
                     (since October 2008)                                                                   (since October 1, 2008)

         General Contributions - Blue Pride Fund                                         Mary Jo (Gregorich) Aleman               Greg & Shirley Lenci
                                                                                                  Lillian Angelo                        Carma Lind
   Paul & Laura Bachschneider                  Rich & Marlys Olson
                                                                                               Anonymous Donor                    Mary Anne Lowman
     Chris & Alyson Bialke                         David Risku
                                                                                        David Olivanti and Beverly Aus             Ray & Deb Luoma
       Tim & Kathi Croft                   Brent Robinson & Alicia Cope
                                                                                        Steve Babbini & Deb Keating-                    Karen Maki
    Robert & Donna Haapala                  Robert & Margaret Roskoski                                Babbini                  John & Bonnie Manthey
     Ron & Janus Jacobson                       VHS Class of 1954                                Michael Baland                       Michael Marsh
      Paul & Sally Johnson                      VHS Class of 1989                            Chris & Alyson Bialke                  Vickie Martinson
     Patrick & Emily Lanin                    Martin & Laurie Walker                            Damian Birnstihl                     Nancy Marwick
      Greg & Shirley Lenci                    Don & Karen Welander                             Norma Bodovinac                    Mike & Rose Menart
         Roberta Margo                                                                             Karen Braun                  Sue (Gregorich) Milich
                                                                                               Carol Brinkmeyer                  James & Joan Molesky
     Memorials and Named Gifts - Blue Pride Fund                                       Beverly Johnson and Phyllis Cain              Darlene Morton
                                                                                                Timothy Carlson                      Donald Murray
     Kyle & Jenna Altobelli                     Bob & Pat Krebsbach
In memory of Donna Altobelli Bzdok           In memory of Sandy Johnson                    Eugene & Val Carpenter              James & Taren Neumann
                                                                                                 Edmund Casey                      Tony & Joyce Nigro
      Paul & Barbara Arola                   Bernie & Rose Marie Lacher
 In memory of Elio & Jean Pietrini        In memory of Sandra Cron Johnson                       Lisa Ann Casillo                       Nancy Norri
                                                                                                   Joyce Chopp                    Floyd & Betty Olson
       Norma Bodovinac                            Ed & Arlene Leese                        Luke & Brittany Chopp
   In memory of John Bodovinac                  In memory of Jean Croft                                                           Barry & Susan Osell
                                                                                               Coates Plaza Hotel                      Dana Pahkala
    Stephen & Jennifer Bonner                      Roberta Margo                            John & Beatrice Collins
  In memory of Larry Dincau and               In memory of Dan Zamlen                                                             Roger & Jan Pauling
         Marjorie Pearsall                                                                       Columbia Club                         Jean Perushek
                                                   Linda Niskanen                         John & Linda Constantine               Erik & Carol Peterson
 Tom & Deanne (Polski) Butorac            In honor of Phil Johnson’s retirement                     Lois Curry
   In memory of Alan Holmes                                                                                                          Gregg Pettinelli
                                                Jim & Jeanne Prittinen                       Jeff & Marsha Damm               Renold & Helen Pettinelli
    Dale & Kathryn Cremers                      In memory of Jean Croft                             Dave’s Pizza
  In memory of Henry Tamminen                                                                                                    Mark & Patty Phillips
                                             Brandon & Heather Seppala                            Dan Davidson                   Jim & Polly Podpeskar
George Croft, Tim & Kathi Croft,          In memory of “Grandma Jean” Croft                      George Drianis           Pohaki Lumber & Building Supplies
      Jen & Nick Stewart                                                                 Howard & Madeleine Emery
  Grandsons Colton, Connor &                   Karl & Mary Lou Sharp                                                               Queen City Federal
 Caden Croft, and Owen Stewart             In memory of deceased members of               Kevin & Virginia Engman                  Louise Radjenovich
   In memory of Jean M. Croft                   class of 1953 & 1954                     Raymond & Linda Erickson                    Thomas Raihala
          George Croft                          Ron & Sandi Shoden                      Ed & Margo (Devich) Essman                    Margaret Ratai
      In memory of Jean Croft                In memory of Dewey Thomas                       John & Anne Folman                       Stanley Rojeski
                                                                                                    Bruce Furu                     Mary Lou Roskoski
      Paul & Sally Johnson                      VHS Class of 1950
 In memory of Coach L.L. Michels          In memory of Joan Nygren Stickney                        Loy Gotham                     Paul & Donna Sadar
                                            and Mildred “Mitzie” Brehmer                           Debi Grabau
     Peter & Colette Johnson                                                                                                            Mary Salmi
In memory of Rick Fess, class of 1956            VHS Class of 1982                                 Angie Grant                      Salmi Homes, Inc.
 and Priscilla Lindfors Gates, class of     In memory of Donna Altobelli                         Louie Gregorich                Chad & Kathy Seppala
                 1956                     Bzdok and Jacquelyn (Jackie) Kivela                 Elizabeth Gunderson
                                                      Stanberry                                                                         Pat Sleeman
    Peter & Colette Johnson                                                                Craig & Julie Hartmann                       Tom Softich
  Holiday gift in honor of Jenny &                                                           Rudy & Ross Harvey
           Mike Lundin                                                                                                            Craig & Bobbie Spry
                                                                                           Mark & Irene Henderson               Kurt & Carol Sundquist
                                                                                                  Margaret Hill                     Bob & Iris Teasck
   Downtown Revitalization Fund                                                            Glen & Donna Isaacson
                                                                                         Marieta & Chipper Johnson
                                                                                                                                      Grace Tekautz
                                                                                                                                     Jeanette Tieberg
                         (since October 1, 2008)                                                 Katherine Jones                     VFW Post 1757
                           Alan & Kristine Cochran                                                  Kathy Kelly                     Virginia Floral Co.
                                 Dave C. Lind                                                  John Kemppainen                  Mark & Linda Vukelich
                            Mary Ann Nelimark                                              Kiwanis Club of Virginia             Scott & Cheryl Weappa
                      In memory of D.R. Nelimark, M.D.                                     Lyle & Heather Knudson                      Bob Weidner
                               Betty Ornberg                                            Kathy (Gregorich) Kourambis         Cathy Babich, Mel Claviter, and
                          In memory of Elroy Ornberg                                            Jacqueline Kovich                       Lynda Weir
                                 Ann Phillips                                                Harry & Joan Lamppa                  Al & Mary Williams
                In honor of Roosevelt High School class of 1953                        David & Roberta (Bobbie) Leas

Your Dollars                                     RECENT GRANTS INCLuDE:
In Action                                        Virginia Baseball Program -
                                                                                          Mesabi Family YMCA - $1000
                                                                                          Soccer field safety fencing
   Donations to the Virginia Community           Building materials for
                                                 reconstruction of dugouts                Virginia Rotary Club - $500
Foundation support the community grant                                                    Portable sound system for Kids
program. To date, the Virginia Community         VRMC Foundation - $5000                  Fishing Contest & weekly meetings
Foundation has awarded more than                 Convalescent Center renovation for
$392,000 for 117 projects and programs           short-term-stay rooms                    Apple Tree Learning Center -
right here in our community! As a part of                                                 $3000
                                                 Mesabi Humane Society -                  Renovate entry-access to child-
the endowment, your gifts will continue to                                                care facility for child safety
provide resources for generations to come.       Spay/Neuter program support
                                                 resulting from influx of animals
                                                 due to economic downturn

                                             To view donor lists online, please go to:

                                 Your community. Your legacy.

                                                    Foundation’s General Unrestricted Endowment
                                                    Downtown Revitalization Non-endowed Fund
                                                    Virginia’s Non-endowed Mural Fund
                                                    Blue Pride Fund
                                                    Virginia Public Library Fund
                                                    Virginia Educational Fund
                                                    Mesabi Range Youth for Christ Fund
                                                    Fund for the Arts

Luncheon Gifts Help                                     MARk YOuR CALENDARS
to Grow the Family of                                    12/31/09 – New Year’s Eve Celebration
Foundation Funds                                         Help us launch the Foundation’s 20th Anniversary at a
                                                      dinner and dance at the Coates Hotel. Cocktails at 6:30 pm,
   Amelia Cope-Robinson and Mailee Peterson                followed by dinner and dancing. $50 per person.
warmed hearts with their performance at the recent   Contact the Foundation office at 749-8239 or go to our website
Foundation’s “We Believe” Fundraising Luncheon. A     ( for advance reservations and
                                                                            meal selection.
special thanks to those who made a donation at the
Foundation’s Luncheon in September.                         01/29/10 – Blue Pride Fund Dance
                                                                 Join us at the Virginia Elk’s Club for the
                                                                annual Blue Pride Fund dance and raffle.
                                                        Tickets will be available from Blue Pride Fund members.

                                                           04/29/10 – 2nd Annual Wind up for
                                                           Summer at the Spring Wine Down
                                                                     for the Virginia Educational Fund.
                                                               Support learning opportunities in Virginia by
                                                        joining us at the Elk’s Club for an evening of wine tasting
                                                             and veiled appetizers along with a silent-auction.

                                                               For a complete calendar of
                                                             Foundation events, please visit

                                                                        Return Service Requested
   Virginia, MN                                                                 Phone 218-749-8239
       PAID                                                     Virginia, MN 55792
  NONPROFIT                                                     P.O. Box 559
                                                                Virginia Community Foundation

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