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                                             October/November 2009
                                             ISSUE 102
                                             ALWAYS FREE

              MEMBERSHIP DRIVE OCT.OBER 29-25

                                                                     Membership Drive
                                                                     Holiday Gift Auction
                                                                     Listener Survey Comments
                                                                     Program Schedule Changes
                                                                      Del McCoury
                                                                      TUES. OCT. 6

                                                                      Band       Tickets $28

                                                                       MON. OCT. 12

                                                                            Tickets $28


                                                                    Jackie Greene
                                                                        OCT 18 & 19

                                                                    Band      Tickets $28

                                                                    Ronnie Baker
                                                                       MON. OCT. 26

                                                                            Tickets $20

                                                                         TUES. NOV. 3

                                                                              Tickets $25

                                                               Keller Williams
                                                                    MON. NOV. 23

                                                                         Tickets $25

                                                    DOORS OPEN 6 PM • MUSIC STARTS AT 7:30 PM

2   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
                       Listeners’                             CONTENTS
                       PUBLISHED Bl-MONTHLY                   KVMR BUSINESS
Studios & Office
401 Spring St., Nevada City, CA 95959                         From the Board of Directors by Michael Young. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Office 530-265-9073 Fax 530-265-9077                          From the General Manager by David Levin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Studio 530-265-9555 or 1-800-355-KVMR
Newsline 530-265-0365                                         Membership Drive
Visit our website at
                                                              Sharing The Harvest by Steve Baker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

PUBLISHER Richard Gorman                                      Community Connections Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Kim Rogers, KIM ART Graphics                                  On-Air Underwriters
530-273-9676 Fax 273-2885
                                                              Thanks to our new and renewing members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Marguerite Blickenstaff, Richard Gorman, Doug Kelly           Please support our underwriters—here is the list. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Steve Baker, Steve Cagle, Edy Cassell, Richard Gorman,
George Grist, Dale Johnson, David Levin, Mark Leviton,        F E AT U R E S
John Rumsey, Kathryn Smith, Amy Terhorst, Michael Young
                                                              Volunteer Profile Phyllis Boorinakis by Edy Cassell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
General Manager David Levin
                                                              Broadcaster Profile Evangeline by Kathryn Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Business Manager Erica Randall
Membership Coordinator Sandy Brown                            Holiday Auction by Amy Terhorst . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Program Director Steve Baker
Music Director Alice MacAllister                              Celtic Festival Thank Yous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Volunteer Director Edy Cassell
Chief Engineer Paul Paterson                                  Listener Survey Comments. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Underwriter Coordinator Richard Gorman
News Reporter/Producer Paul Emery                             Record Reviews
Development Associate Briana Caldwell
                                                              Broadcasters review current releases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Events Manager Amy Terhorst
Membership Assistants Chuck Carlson, Meg Foard
Accountant Ron Avanzino
Webmaster John Button
Volunteer Office Staff                                        Holiday Auction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Vicki Briggs, Chuck Carlson, Paul Castro, John Faatz,
Annette Faulkner, Max Fensen, John Gallagher,                 Passages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Barbara Graves, Glen Haralson, Kathleen Hare, Don Hess,
Catherine Janicke, Karen Kerouac, Kim Koons, Earl Lasworth,   Program Schedule Changes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Larry Lund, Annie Marks, Mary Marlet, Helena McDaniel,
Susan McGuire, Christopher Mehne, Lisa Mitchell,
Dave Olsen, Brent Parcher, Robert Parvin, Geno Salerno,
                                                              Indigenous People’s Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Tammy Schmoe, Rick Silberman, Korina Spangler,
Meri St. Mary, Barbara Tanner, Yahya Tillman, David Tosse,    Radio Calendar
Mark Wallulis, Kate Winningham, Mellon Zweig
                                                              A removable calendar of our program schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Jim Bunnell, Phil Hart, John Hensley, Larry Hillberg,
Robert Holderness, Don Kewman, Joshua Lichterman,             Upcoming Programs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Lee Osborne, Mary Ross, Anthony Spinetta, Dan Wall,
Michael Young                                                 Full Spectrum
Board Scribe: Susan Lewis
                                                              An overview to help you find what you want to hear by category description . . . . . . . 24
Steve Baker, Joe Camicia, Kim Daniels, Laurie DesJardins,
Greg Jewett, Mark Leviton, Betsy Lombard                      Program Notes
                                                              Days, times, DJs & descriptions of KVMR's programs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
   M I S S I O N S TAT E M E N T

A vibrant community is well informed and involved,
embraces diversity, respectfully shares opinions and          Call the KVMR business office at 530-265-9073 for details on events—or any
fosters economic and social justice. KVMR builds              information on Nevada County's only community radio station—or visit our
community by bringing people together to celebrate the
music of the world and give voice to the community.
                                                              website at

                                                                                                               October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE                                  3
                                                                                                      for some
                                                                An intimate night club featuring
                                                                live jazz, blues, and world music
                                                          for our Entertainment Calendar
                                                                           “Down Under” at
                                                                133 Neal St., Grass Valley 530-274-2260
                                                     Available for special events & private parties.

                                                          Lowest Prices Guaranteed *
                                                                          Locally Owned

                                                    Full-Spectrum Lighting

                                                    GRASS VALLEY HYDROGARDEN
                                                            12506 Loma Rica Drive, Grass Valley
                                                               WITH BRANCH LOCATIONS AT
                                                       CITRUS HEIGHTS 916-728-GROW, 8043 Greenback Lane
                                                    OAKLAND 510-595-8772, East Bay Hydrogarden, 5701 Telegraph Ave.
                                                                         *some exceptions may apply

4   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009

          THERE ARE FOLKS WHO LIKE             luckily everything else in her          a broadcaster since the ‘90s and
          change. And there are those who      busy life, from her Friday morn-        is currently host of the popular
          don’t. But like it or not, for       ing show on KVMR to her em-             Back Roads show on Saturday
          KVMR’s board of directors,           ceeing at concerts and beautiful        morning. He is much respected
          change comes like the harvest        watercolor painting and illustra-       by listeners, mentors many new
          moon, a fall ritual in which we      tion, will continue.                    broadcasters and has three times
          seat a new board.                       Gary Harrison and Margorie           been named broadcaster of the
             As outlined in our bylaws,        Determan both join the                  year.
          four of 12 board members com-        departed and we wish them best              Mary Ross is chief fiscal and
BY        plete their three-year service       and thank them for all they did,        administrative officer for Nevada
MICHAEL   every September and must either      both their time and their finan-        County and is extremely skilled
YOU N G   be reelected, or are termed out      cial support.                           in budgeting, grant administra-
                                                  We had two new members,              tion and strategic planning. She

Changes on
                                               Larry Hilberg and John Hensley,         is an avid KVMR listener and her
                                               elected at our September general        skills will be invaluable to the
                                               volunteers meeting and they are         new board.

the Board
                                               going to be super additions to an           Jim Bunnell is a lawyer from
                                               already strong board. In addi-          Auburn who is skilled not only
                                               tion, to John and Larry, two            in negotiating and building con-
                                               other candidates—Mary Ross              sensus, but generally in working
                                               and Jim Bunnell—are standing            with non-profit boards. He’s
          after two stints. In November,       for two board-appointed slots
          after the dust settles, we elect                                             lived in Nevada County since the
                                               later in the month.
          new officers among the new                                                   ‘60s and is a long-time KVMR
                                                  These four new people bring
          board.                                                                       member.
                                               diverse skills and talents to the
             This year, we’re losing four                                                  Staying on the board will be
                                               board, but the one common
          long-time hardworking board                                                  Don Kewman, Lee Osborne,
                                               thread among them is an undy-
          members. Joey Jordan, who has                                                Tony Spinetta, Bob Holderness,
                                               ing love of radio, especially
          completed six years, the last five                                           Dan Wall, Josh Lichterman,
                                               KVMR. All the new board mem-
          as board president, will be leav-                                            Phil Hart and I, along with
                                               bers spoke affectionately about
          ing. She is an indefatigable,                                                scribe Susan Lewis.
                                               the station and their favorite
          quick-thinking, whirling dervish     shows and how much it is a part             This new permutation will be
          who can juggle many things at        of their lives. To top it off, two of   primarily a fund-raising board.
          once both on our board and           the four don’t even own a televi-       With an uncertain economy and
          with her other community serv-       sion.                                   a push to find the station a new
          ice. Her accomplishments, from          John Hensley, a real estate          home, this new board of direc-
          improving our connections with       agent who has lived here since          tors will have its challenges. But
          the community to launching us        the 60s, was around at the very         we feel we have assembled a
          on a quest to get a new home, are    beginning in 1978 helping David         diverse field of talents and skills
          significant and much appreci-        Woods and Charles Osborn get            necessary to help station man-
          ated. It’s going to be strange       access to the property on Banner        ager David Levin and his staff
          meeting without Joey’s profes-       Cap to erect a tower and, at the        achieve the goals we have set out.
          sionalism and humor leading us.      time, a small studio. He’s been             In the upcoming year, we will
          She’s promised to continue help-     president of the local Rotary           continue to seek out and recruit
          ing in a number of ways.             Club and has coordinated the            potential future board members,
             Other departing members in-       construction of medical clinics         so if you feel you have the talents
          clude Jerianne Van Dijk who has      in Mexico.                              and desire to help oversee
          served on the board a number of         Larry HiIlberg is a computer         KVMR, please contact me at my-
          times, once as its president. But    system consultant who has been

                                                                     October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE       5
                                                     START RIGHT. START HERE.
                                                                          SPECIALISTS IN:
                                                     Lawn & Garden Supplies • Nursery • Fencing • Hardware • Cabinets
                                                    Paints • Lumber • Power Tools • Windows • Water Heaters • Moldings
                                                     Doors • Paneling • Electrical & Plumbing • Building Materials • Tools
                                                              Outdoor Living • Garden Accessories • Barbecues

                                                        Everything you need for home and garden
                                                                with Hometown Service.
                                                           Serving Nevada County since 1940
                                                                        OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

                                                      2032 Nevada City Hwy., Grass Valley in the Fowler Center

6   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009

                                      MEDIA TECHNOLOGY CHANGES AT RECORD              done today through the airwaves can also
                                      speed. How we address those changes             be done—perhaps, though, in a bit more
                                      weighs heavily on how listeners utilize         comprehensive, interactive and efficient
                                      KVMR now and into the future.                   way online. KVMR fire and emergency
                                         I’ve been reading some thoughts on this      information, weather forecasts and news
                                      subject. They are written by a civil engineer   reports can potentially be adapted for a
                                      specializing in computer science and a          listener’s specific geographic location.
                                                                                          Context is the key. Supplement your
                                      radio host on various Brussels-based radio
                                                                                      audio stream with related content. Great
                                      stations. Some of these observations merit
                                                                                      content introduced by strong personalities
                                      attention. Our approach here at KVMR fol-
                                                                                      (audio bloggers, if you will) is what makes
                                      lows along a similar path—here are a few
                                                                                      people listen to radio—that’s how KVMR
                                      of these opinions (bold), along with my
                                                                                      has done since day one. KVMR will remain
                                      thoughts and observations as they apply to
                                                                                      a trendsetter and benefit from new tools to
                                      KVMR.                                           share opinions/tastes (e.g.: social network-
                                                                                      ing). Internet allows us to link audio

Where we are going and
                                                                                      content to multimedia information.
                                                                                          Radio will remain a community-based
                                                                                      medium but the community doesn’t have

how will we get there!
                                                                                      to be local anymore. One difference
                                                                                      between terrestrial and online radio is that
                                                                                      the latter is global and not limited to a
                                                                                      specific geographic area. KVMR listeners
                                                                                      can keep a strong relationship with us
                                          It is time for radio stations to adapt to
                                                                                      even if the way they connect to the radio
                                      new media technologies and to the ever-
                                      evolving listeners’ behavior. Why would a       station evolves.
                                      kid born today decide ten years from now            Listening to the radio doesn’t require
                                      to turn on a radio? Unless we start working     100% of the listener’s attention. But once
                                      actively on the future of radio, that kid       you catch their attention you’d better give
                                      might not even know what radio is. Inter-       them something nice. Online listeners
                                      net has changed the way we communicate,         who discover KVMR will be given the infi-
                                      the way we access information, watch            nite diversity of content available online—
                                      television or read the news. The next           with additional audio streams to come. We
                                      (r)evolution is radio. While this does not      certainly hope that those listeners will
                                      necessarily advocate making KVMR an             become KVMR members and join the
                                      online alternative, it does require us to       global “tribe.”
                                      sufficiently prepare for what lies ahead.           We need new devices to connect to
BOARD MEETINGS                            Much more can be done with online           online radio. Mobile is the way to go.
Monday, November 30, 6:30 pm          radio than podcasting and content               KVMR online can be accessed anytime and
BriarPatch Co-op Community Room                                                       anywhere through pocket computer/en-
290 Sierra College Dr, Grass Valley
                                      streaming. Online radio should not be
                                      mistaken for podcasting. Podcasts should        hanced mobile phones, etc. These will pro-
PROGRAM COMMITTEE                     be seen as a middle-step, an experiment         vide network access to a variety of audio
Alternate Mondays                     leading to a new way of listening to radio      devices (car radio, home system) and be-
KVMR Offices 6:30 p.m.
                                      anytime/anywhere, through multiple chan-        come a remote control, allowing listeners
Call 530-265-9073 x211 for dates.
                                      nels and formats. Online radios should be       to interact with us. The way radio is done
WOMEN’S COLLECTIVE                    easy to listen to. We wouldn’t expect KVMR      today is just one of the many possibilities
Contact Susan Schreiber               listeners to visit our website and click five   we have to make radio in the coming years.
                                      times before accessing our stream.
GENERAL MEETINGS                          Traditional radio stations should un-       If you have some thoughts and ideas to share,
Miners Foundry                        derstand what their added value/unique          I would love to hear them. I’m just an email
6:30 potluck, 7pm meeting             brand is and focus on that. Everything          away:
December 8

                                                                                October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE     7
                                                 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE OCTOBER 19-25

                                                 Sharing The Harvest
                                                 A Feast for Your Ears.
                                                                         A Recipe for Your Mind.
                                                                                             A Banquet for Your Heart.

    “It is critical to support KVMR because,     celebrating KVMR beginning Monday,                  “I have learned in life that if you value
it is independent, rare and OURS! Radio          October 19 though Sunday, October                anything you must support it with all your
stations like KVMR are, literally, a rarity in   25th. Throughout our listening area,             being. I only wish I could do more for
this world. Media that is owned and oper-        we’re your chance to think locally first.        KVMR.”–Peter, Carmichael
ated by, and so responsive to our commu-            It’s “Sharing The Harvest.” A Feast for
nity would simply not be possible if KVMR        Your Ears. A Recipe for Your Mind. And              Simply do what you can afford. Join
did not exist. Independent voices are so         a Banquet for Your Heart. As always,             us during “Sharing The Harvest” by be-
often shouted down or silenced. KVMR is a        thank you gifts of premium CD choices,           coming a new or renewing member,
voice - OUR voice - that goes from us to the     KVMR goodies and special surprises               whether your donation is $10 or
entire world. It is a unique, joyful shout       will be available to both new and re-            $10,000, whether you join the 30-30
that must go on.” —Vic, Grass Valley             newing member/supporters.                        Club as a new member, whether you
                                                                                                  become a dollar-a-day KVMR Angel
   As we approach our fall membership                “KVMR is important to us because it          ($365 contribution) and get to spend
drive, there may be no better way to cel-        lifts our spirits by reminding us of the good    an hour on air with a favorite deejay ,
ebrate KVMR’s value in your life than by         things in life when other stations are selling   whether you take that new essential
using the words of our very own mem-             disaster, fear, doom, and ads for question-
                                                                                                  Janis Ian double CD on the Women’s
ber/supporters. You’re the folks who             able products. We love the variety and feel-
                                                                                                  Show, or whether you bypass our pre-
truly celebrate what we can bring to             ing of community. Other stations don’t
                                                                                                  mium CD offerings to allow KVMR to
you. Whether it’s jaw-dropping musical           have that because it is lost when huge cor-
                                                                                                  make a “Sharing The Harvest” donation
gems. Fast-breaking fire emergency               porate sponsors rule programming.”—
                                                                                                  to your local food bank as part of your
news. Or maybe just a new way to dis-            Eddie & Donna, Antelope
                                                                                                  support of community radio..
courage moles in your garden. Just sit
back, relax and count the many ways we              Once again, you’ll have the opportu-
feel we’ve earned your respect, confi-           nity to waive your KVMR thank you gift              “KVMR is my source for inspiration, in-
dence and financial support.                     and have a donation made in your                 formation and music. What would we ever
                                                 name to a regional food bank, particu-           do without it?”—Anne, Foresthill
    “I am new to the area, and my husband        larly a cool thing to do with the ap-
has had to be away a lot, so I’m home alone      proaching cold weather.                             Your fellow KVMR listeners are
a lot with my 6 month old baby. KVMR                In fact, we’ve expanded the offer to          speaking up and becoming members
keeps me company as I work on making             make it even easier to be “Sharing The           for maybe 4,500 unique reasons. Why
friends, and the diversity of music and talk     Harvest.” Now you can choose among               not you? Why not now? Why not push
shows is like none other! I’ve learned a lot     food programs in Nevada, Placer, El              us toward 5,000 members? Especially
about the area from PSA’s, and have gone to      Dorado, Sacramento, Yolo and Yuba                when we’re “Sharing The Harvest” With
some events I never would have known             counties. And your autumn contribu-              a Feast for Your Ears, A Recipe for Your
about if it weren’t for KVMR. KVMR has           tion to KVMR is doubled in importance            Mind, and a Banquet for Your Heart.
helped me make this area home!” —Lisa            because you’re supporting TWO re-                October 19th through 25th. Where else
    And home is a wonderful place to be          gional non-profits at the same time.             but KVMR?

8   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
Community                                                        If you like what you
Connections                                                      hear on KVMR,
Keeping the connection to your
community growing strong…                                        join our family of
                                                                 listener supporters!
Now being a KVMR member means even more than
just supporting station…it means saving you money!! I            Join KVMR anytime using this form,
know you are thinking, how does my donation help
save me money? Well, now your membership allows
                                                                 visiting our website, calling the KVMR
you to take advantage of some great discounts that our           office or calling the broadcaster on-air.
supporting businesses have featured as part of KVMR’s
Community Connections program. Check out these new
great offers for the fall season.                                 KVMR’s signal is stronger than ever and now
                                                                  you can hear us on the internet at
             Big Mountain Heating and Air                         We are hoping you will be a part of our exciting
     1717 Kathleen Ave, Suite #2, Sacramento, CA 95815            future. Join us now.
           (530) 354-5269
              $40.00 Off Furnace Checkup
 (reg. $89) along with a personal guarantee that your heater      I                YES!
                                                                                     I support Community Radio.
      will work through the winter or your money back.            Please enroll me as a KVMR member.
  FREE second opinion on any repair or replacement costs.         Date ________________________________________________________

                                                                  Name ______________________________________________________
                   Mountain Recreation
           491 E. Main St., Grass Valley, CA 95945                Phone ______________________________________________________
                                                                  Address ____________________________________________________
      2 for 1 Ski/Snowboard/Snowshoes Rental
            1 Free Ski/Snowboard Hot Wax                          City/State/Zip ________________________________________________

                                                                  E-mail ______________________________________________________
For a full list of business supporters and their offers,          I $25 Low income, senior, student                   I $150 Sustainer
         please visit our website at                    I $40 Friend                                        I $365 Angel
                                                                  I $60 Advocate                                      I $600 Patron
BUSINESS PATRONS                                                  I $89.50 Supporter                                  I $1,000 Charter
To become part of the KVMR Community Connections and have         I Payment enclosed $_____________
your business become a part of our listening community, which
includes exposure to more than 5,000 membership households,       I Enclosed is a voided check. I authorize my financial institution to
please contact:                                                   debit my checking account to pay my KVMR pledge each month. A
Richard Gorman, Underwriting Coordinator at 265-9073, ext. 215    minimum of $5 per month is requested with this form of payment.
                                                                  I Charge my VISA/MC
               Serving Nevada County since 1973                   I Charge Full Amount or I Monthly Installments (check one)
                                                                  With your annual membership you receive our bi-monthly
                                                                  Listeners' Guide, discounts on KVMR events, Community
                                                                    Connections discounts, and the good feeling that comes
                                                                       from supporting your Community Radio station.

                                                                  MUSIC OF THE WORLD                           401 Spring Street

                                                                  NEVADA CITY

                                                                                                               Nevada City, CA 95959

                  NEVADA COUNTY
                                                                         V  K MR
                                                                  105.1 TRUCKEE
                                                                                VOICE OF THE COMMUNITY
                                                                                                               Fax 530-265-9077

                       P R O P E R T I E S

                                                                                     October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE        9
                                                        Thank You!
                                                             KVMR’s Board of Directors, staff, underwriters,
                                                             members and listeners sincerely thank our
                                                             Celtic Festival workers and sponsors for
                                                             helping to make this year’s festival a
      A Benefit
                                                             spectacular success.
      for KVMR

Event Producer                         Area Managers                                      Gifts In Kind
Amy Terhorst                           It doesn’t happen without these people!            Afternoon Deli
                                       Allison Miller, Green Manager                      Best Western Gold Country Inn
Publicity & Sponsorship Sales
                                       Angela Harp, Children’s Area Manager               Bubba’s Bagels
Jesse Locks                            Bruce & Cindy Hayden, Green Room Mgrs.             Caroline’s Coffee Roasters
Promotion & Webmaster                  Carol Herschleb, Food Vendor Manager               Carolyn Vossler
Petr Wilson                            Che Greenwood, Stage Manager                       Eric Rice Electric
                                       Dave Madrigal, Grounds Manager                     Flour Garden Bakery
Graphic Design
                                       Don Harner, Security Chief                         KIM ART Graphics
Kim Rogers, KIM ART Graphics                                                              Life’s Best Inn Tents
                                       Eric Rice, Technical Director/Electrician
Photographer                           Erica Randall & Richard Tewes Hospitality Mgrs.    Matthew Rodriguez, Grass Roots Landshapers
Wayde Carroll                          Estelle Barber, Saturday Admissions Manager        Nevada City Winery
                                       Izzy & Greg Martin, Session Deck Managers          Northern Queen Inn
Mistresses of Ceremonies                                                                  Port of Subs
Annie O’Dea Hestbeck                   Jenny Michael, Artist Merchandise Sales Mgr.
Jerianne Van Dijk                      John Taber, Merchandise Vendor Manager
                                                                                          SubSational Subs
                                       Kelly Fleming, Stage Manager
Sponsors                                                                                  SummerThymes Bakery
                                       Lee Osborne, Sunday Admissions Manager
Please support those who support us!                                                      Sweet Spot Sound
                                       Lyle & Bunny Jones, Pub Managers                   The Imaginarium
Big O Tires, Title Sponsor
                                       Mary Galvin, Accounting Manager                    The Real Graphic Source
Guinness USA
                                       Pam Hodges, Design Manager
B&C Hardware
                                       Richard Gorman, KVMR Booth Manager                 Thanks to Dovetail Publishing Services and
The Union
                                       Shaun & Faith McCloud, Artist Liaison              Jon Peck for producing our festival map.
Nevada City Winery
                                       Shawndel Story, Volunteer Manager
Mountain People’s Organic Beer &
                                       Wesley Robertson, Live Broadcast Manager           Special thanks to Kiani Schneider for
Wine Distribution
                                                                                          allowing us the use of her beautiful photo for
Cooler Zone
                                       Thanks to the entire Village of Volunteers         promotional use.
Briar Patch Community Market
                                       who make the Celtic Festival possible!
                                                                                          And a special thanks to the Nevada County
Sierra Solar Systems                   Janitorial Services
                                                                                          Fairgrounds staff: Sandy, Lisa, Tony, and the
Skips Music                            Jerry Greenlee
                                                                                          entire staff.

                        WITH ADDITIONAL SUPPORT FROM

IN COOPERATION WITH                                                            

10   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009

                                                                                          and lots of other tree fruits and veggies,
                                                                                          which they sell at the Auburn and Ro-
                                                                                          seville markets as well as at their own
                                                                                          farm stand. They also keep bees and
                                                                                          produce honey, and have a flock of
                                                                                          chickens that is lorded over by a glori-
                                                                                          ous Americana rooster named Timmy.
                                                                                             Before she began farming full time,
                                                                                          Phyllis worked as an elementary school
                                                                                          librarian for 25 years. She lost that job
                                                                                          when funding for such things dried up,
                                                                                          which is also about the time she dis-
                                                                                          covered KVMR. She and her family
                                                                                          enjoy traveling, and they regularly travel
                                                                                          to her ancestral homeland of Crete,
                                                                                          where they enjoy exploring the coun-
                                                                                          tryside, visiting beekeepers and farmers

Phyllis Boorinakis
                                                                                          and villages. She and her daughter Julia
                                                                                          are also involved in Haute Trash as de-
                                                                                          signers and models, and have a dress on
                                                                                          display at the State Fair called the
BY EDY CASSELL                                                                            Chicken Pluckers Ball Gown, made
                                                                                          from chicken feed bags.
VOLUNTEER PROGRAM COMMITTEE                   doing outreach for the station. It wasn’t      Phyllis enjoys the diversity of the
member Phyllis Boorinakis has had an          long before she signed up for the Broad-    KVMR community and enjoys being in-
interesting evolution from long time          caster Training Class. Now she is a cer-    volved with such an interesting group
listener, to member, to mother of a           tified broadcaster filling in on none       of folks. She finds KVMR to be a con-
broadcaster, to volunteer, to recently        other than her favorite show, “The          stant source of both inspiration and en-
becoming a broadcaster herself.               Other Side,” where she has done shows       tertainment, from people watching
    A listener since pretty much the be-      featuring the work of David Sedaris, and    when doing outreach at local events to
ginning, Phyllis became an official           a Greek music special. In addition to       the advisory challenges of the Program
member 15 years ago. She originally got       guest hosting “The Other Side,” Phyllis     Committee. Big thanks to Phyllis for her
hooked on KVMR listening to “The              has been on the Good News Show, and         involvement and enthusiasm and all of
                                              she and her daughter Julia occasionally     her contributions to the KVMR com-
Other Side,” which reflected her eclec-
                                              team up as the Cover Girls, where they      munity!
tic sensibilities. Though she never
                                              feature unusual and bizarre cover tunes.
thought it would happen in her wildest
                                                  When she’s not playing radio, Phyllis
dreams, it somehow seems like no sur-
                                              is at home on the Boorinakis-Harper           G E T      I N VO LVE D
prise some 30+ years later to find her
                                              Ranch, the farm that her grandfather
filling in as an occasional guest host on
that very same show.
                                              bought in 1918 and where she was born
                                              and lived almost her entire life, except
                                                                                             Lend A Hand
    Perhaps what spurred Phyllis to get       for a period of about 9 years when she
involved with KVMR was seeing her                                                               Interested in volunteering?
                                              attended UC Berkeley and lived in the           KVMR has lots of fun opportunities.
daughter Julia go through the broad-          Bay Area. Incidentally, she also volun-            Find out what’s happening!
caster training class. Phyllis started tag-   teered at KPFA in Berkeley when she
ging along as Julia got involved, and                                                           If you think you would like to
                                              was there, cataloguing the record library
before she knew it she had joined up as       and editing spoken word tapes. Boori-            GET INVOLVED & LEND A HAND
a community member of KVMR’s Pro-                                                               by volunteering for KVMR,
                                              nakis-Harper Ranch is now a family af-
                                                                                                        contact our
gram Committee. But she didn’t just           fair, with Phyllis, her husband Tom
                                                                                                   Volunteer Coordinator,
leave it at that...she also began volun-      Harper and daughter Julia all running             Edy Cassell at 530-265-9073
teering regularly for membership drives       the farm. They are transitional organic,        ext. 213 or
and events, and also became active            and grow pears, apples, wine grapes,

                                                                              October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE         11
 SAVE THE DATE                                        TUNE IN

     EXTRAV                                           Live
     AGANZA                                           On-Air
                                                      November 30-December 4
     Tuesday                                          6-9 p.m.
     December 8                                          The weather is changing, leaves are falling, the air is turning a bit
                                                      more crisp, and that means the holiday season is just around the
                                                      corner. This year’s holiday season will see a return of KVMR’s pop-
     6-9 pm                                           ular Holiday Auction taking place November 30 through December
                                                      4 from 6PM to 9PM. This has always been a listener favorite and im-
                                                      portant fundraiser for the station. We hope you’ll tune in to take
                                                      advantage of some of the great deals to be had while supporting
                                                      KVMR. We’ll be offering some exciting and unique gifting oppor-
     food, drink and entertainment provided           tunities such as Carlos Santana champagne bottled by Mumm Win-
                                                      ery, local entertainment packages, fine wines and imports, even rock
                                                      to enhance your landscape. Why go to a crowded mall this season?
     RSVP to Edy                                      Support local business, get some great deals, and have a great time
     265-9073 ext213 or                               doing it by taking part in KVMR’s 2009 Holiday Auction.
                                                      For more information or to donate an item, check out
                                                      KVMR’s website or call us at (530) 265-9073.

12    KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009

        BY K AT H RY N S M I T H

EVANGELINE IS ONE OF KVMR’S FINEST             Evangeline became certified as a                  There is a pleasant overlap in her
examples of a true KVMR supporter.          broadcaster in 2004. She initially sat            Colfax café and her new musical radio-
Her beginnings may have been as a           in on shows with Kim Rogers, Wesley               program Music Café, which airs Thurs-
listener, but from there she has added      Robertson, Eric Rice and others, and              days from 4-7 a.m., alternating with
staff member, volunteer, broadcaster,       became a favorite sub of the aforemen-            Tim Smith. She plays roots, Americana,
and underwriter to her KVMR resume.         tioned. She also worked on the live               bluegrass, but sneaks in the occasional
Hmmm...let me there any          remote broadcast crews.                           jazz, world music and classical piece.
other spot you can hold in the KVMR            She has broad musical tastes but es-           She hasn’t had time to perform or play
family? Let’s start at the beginning.       pecially likes to profile new and emerg-          music on her own lately (she does play
    A Silver City, Nevada, girl with a      ing artists, just as she does at her real café,   a little guitar)...but she LOVES doing
family who loved eclectic and Ameri-        presenting concerts—a growing and                 radio. Like many of us, she says, “This is
cana blends of music, she transplanted      well-received phenomenon in sleepy lit-           the greatest radio station in the world.”
to California and brought those tastes      tle Colfax. Walk into Evangeline’s Café           She is committed to doing her part at
with her. “I grew up listening to folk      in downtown historic Colfax and you’ll            the station and in her own community.
and old-time bluegrass music” she says,     smell fresh coffee, taste fresh organic              When possible she also hikes, skis,
smiling, “and a group of musicians          food, hear KVMR playing on the radio,             spends time outdoors, and lives outside
used to practice at our house for years.”   enjoy the bright walls and view of down-          rural Colfax. She used to race bikes and
    Evangeline attended John Woolman        town Colfax and meet the friendly                 participate in triathlons. Now, her roles
school outside Nevada City, and later       owner, Evangeline Elston, “Vange.”                as businesswoman and community
Reed College in Portland. She first            Vange reports that the response by             supporter occupy most of her time.
heard KVMR in the 1980s after moving        community patrons has been great,                    Besides upcoming musician concerts
here—“pretty cool!”                         and that “artists like the intimacy of the        and maybe spoken word events in the
    Once in Nevada City, she sat on         café,” an echo of the alternative flavor          future, monthly Colfax supervisor
the SYRCL board (our regional river         of KVMR. One of her favorite shows                meetings take place at the café, and the
protection group) for six years. When       has been Rita Hosking, although it’s              bulletin board is full of other local and
she heard there was an employment           darned hard to pick favorites. There              regional events. I watched happy locals
opportunity at KVMR, she jumped, and        have been some stellar KVMR favorites             and interested travelers comment on
after an initial stint as Underwriting      come through and perform at the café.             the scene while chatting with her.
Coordinator, found herself in the posi-        Presently, the music licensing pres-              Like her food, I think you will
tion of Development Director. It was        sures on cafe and bar owners is affect-           find Evangeline’s radio show basic,
about this time we began to hear her        ing not only Evangeline’s, but the entire         fresh, eclectic, tasty and—like her
tirelessly pitching during the member-      musical business scene and especially             Mom’s vinaigrette—with secret deli-
ship drives (somebody’s gotta help out      hurting the smaller operations. “I’m              cious surprises.
that Steve guy) or saw her helping set      working for the artists playing at my
up and breakdown events, and many           place,” an echo heard around the
                                                                                              Tune in to Music Café
other efforts she saw needed doing.         county in hard times.                             Alt. Thursdays, 4-7 a.m.

                                                                                 October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE       13
2 0 0 9              L I S T E N E R                       S U R V E Y

We asked, you answered...
What is the most                                  off in Feb. but as soon as I get work I'll be     always a good surprise. If I don't like what's
                                                  back! •                                           on—give it an hour or two and something
important reason you                                                                                else will be on. How do I get another coffee
                                                     I enjoy listening especially to Hawaiian
are a KVMR member?                                music. I would like to hear more music on
                                                                                                    cup? I love you guys. •

  Alternative viewpoint and non-corporate         Sundays and hear more Hawaiian music on              KVMR-FM is one of an extremely small
music programming. •                              2-3 days of the week as well in the evening. •    number of stations nationally still broad-
                                                                                                    casting radio's true soul and best purpose.
   Appreciate the updates when fire, snow,          I hear music I haven't found on my own
                                                                                                    That's worth supporting and saving. •
highway problems etc. •                           and stuff I forgot about. •
                                                                                                       Lots of good music I would never have
   As an alternate type of personality I need       I like supporting a radio station which
                                                                                                    heard elsewhere. DJs given free reign to do
an alternate type radio station. •                makes a difference in the area in which it
                                                                                                    their thing within limits of good taste, of
                                                  operates! •
   As it becomes more difficult to get "good                                                        course. •
radio journalism" it's very important to             I love independent art and media, and
                                                                                                       Music genres not available elsewhere. •
support independent media. •                      believe a community cannot flourish with-
                                                  out giving all voices a chance to be heard. •        No commercials, volunteers present
   Community-based independent com-                                                                 24/7/365. WOW! Most every broadcaster has
mercial free radio that also provides a forum        I support the democracy of KVMR and
                                                                                                    taught me something or made me think. •
for independent singer/songwriters and            the crazy variety. •
musicians to play live on air. Remote Live                                                            Rabble Rousing, World News, local info
                                                      I support the diversity. To have a venue
Broadcasts. Different alternative viewpoints                                                        and the various music genres. •
                                                  for music topics of importance to me. I
of news. •
                                                  understand that the open forum of KVMR is            Saturday classic country. •
   Community radio is an invaluable asset:        essential. I am exposed to new ideas/styles/
                                                                                                       Sense of community, broadcasters’ inter-
we are very fortunate to have a community         tastes. •
                                                                                                    ests reflect community diversity, and still
radio station which looks at the world at an
                                                     I value the contributions of full-time staff   maintain that sense of community. •
angle different from the status quo media. •
                                                  and volunteers. The community is well rep-
                                                                                                        The alternative programming is difficult
   Diversity! Unique! Non-commercial and          resented through this station. If a 'voice'
                                                                                                    to find anywhere else on the radio. •
not canned. •                                     wants to have time on these airwaves, will
  Eclectic programming and the non                be considered. •                                     The independence of the station; blues,
mainstream news. •                                                                                  Hawaiian.Need to maintain a variety of
                                                     I want to keep KVMR around. I think it is
                                                                                                    view points. •
   Free speech and eclectic music come            important to support what you listen to.
second only to the trinity of food, clothing,     KVMR is unique in its diversity and willing-          The Music! Being exposed to songs &
and shelter. •                                    ness to broadcast things other stations won't     artists I don't hear anywhere else. •
                                                  bother with. •
   Free speech radio...unique variety of                                                               To keep the independence of the station
radio shows. •                                       Incredibly grateful for local radio treas-     from corporate terrorism. •
                                                  ure, KVMR. •
   Having grown up with KFAT I have a dif-                                                             To keep the station operating. •
ferent standard to the type of radio I can            Independent media is extremely (and
                                                                                                        To support and maintain a station which
stomach. When I moved to NC in 1988               increasingly) important. And it's a great
                                                                                                    often provides music I enjoy and live events
right before the 49er fire I found KVMR           station. •
                                                                                                    I like to attend. I also enjoy volunteering. •
when I had no other resource to find out              It's like an intelligent conversation. A          To support the station and programs,
what was happening, having been evacu-            different point of view. •                        especially County Line Bluegrass & Jewels &
ated. I have been tuned in ever since. It's the                                                     Binoculars. •
music, the info, the personalities and the lis-      KVMR is a true reflection of the commu-
                                                                                                        You're everything one could ask for in
tener supported radio that I value. My mem-       nity it serves. KVMR builds community! •
                                                                                                    a community radio station. Pleased to be
bership is now overdue because I was laid
                                                     KVMR is totally unexpected radio—it's          some support. •

14   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
2 0 0 9              L I S T E N E R                       S U R V E Y

What can we do to be                              "what was that?!" Even for those listening           I love KVMR. I tell everyone about
                                                  on the radio, they could go online (when          KVMR. My aunt Lovey who is 80 something
your first choice for                             they have access or time) to find out what        told me about Kani Ka Pila Sundays. She
music and news?                                   was playing. I recognize that it is possible to   loves bluegrass! I love turning on my radio
                                                  call the station and talk to the DJ, but that     Sunday mornings to enjoy one of my fa-
   A free-format of favorites of listeners. A     isn't always possible. Thanks for listening to    vorite music genres. Many people in the
mix of 1900-1935 (all staff) and Klezmer,         a listener's suggestion. •                        Yuba-Sutter area are now listening to 89.5.
player piano and merry-go-round (Carou-                                                             We have many "Ohana" from Hawaii and
                                                     I like KVMR how it is. More Classical
sel) music maker mech things whatever                                                               Sundays have become a beautiful tradition.
                                                  music would be nice as well as more world
they're called. •                                                                                   Thank You KVMR! •
                                                  beat. I like the news in the evening. •
                                                                                                       I would be more apt to join if the radio
   Add an actual community calender to               I listen mainly for music, a few informa-
                                                                                                    signal was stronger in the Sacramento area.
the website not just the application. •           tion shows and variety. News opinion and
                                                                                                    This has been a problem for this station
                                                  political opinion from radio and television
  Already 1st choice for music. Sorry, no                                                           since I began to listen 15 years ago. Play
                                                  broadcasts are not generally appealing, with
matter what you do I go elsewhere for news.                                                         more Grateful Dead, Kingfish, Micky Hart,
                                                  a notable exception—Utah Phillips made
                                                                                                    Rat Dog etc. •
    Brian Bahouth is a gem. The KVMR news         me listen, enjoy, and think, whether I agreed
is now on the top of my listening list. Never     or not. Thank you replaying Loafer's Glory. •        I'd like to see a show concerning local
let him go. • (:{ we miss him too.)                                                                 people and others from close areas, ie:
                                                     I listen to Coast 2 Coast a.m. and loved
                                                                                                    Sacramento, Auburn and Rocklin discussing
   Don't bother with anything other than          Art Bell's odd topics about taboo subjects
                                                                                                    various issues/ problems that I think would
local news. You can't compete with the net        and non-mainstream media coverage of var-
                                                                                                    be interesting to me. Some of the music to
for regional/national/International news.         ious events. I prefer to hear news and topics
                                                                                                    me sounds crazy and some of the people
Don't get too caught up in worshipping            that are out of the ordinary and not heard
                                                                                                    you interview are a turn off. Your news
technology—it's radio first and foremost.         elsewhere. I enjoy shows that provoke
                                                                                                    broadcasts are not on consistently. I'm not
Keep up the good work. •                          thought, consciousness, awareness, and
                                                                                                    certain when to listen. •
                                                  local music happenings. •
   Don't change anything! Although I don't                                                             It would be nice to have some Classic
enjoy every talk show or music program,              I listen to several stations , both on-air
                                                                                                    R&B programming like the Motown Era
that is exactly what's great about KVMR—          and online. I have learned when there are
                                                                                                    60s-70s and less folk music to balance it out.
diversity. •                                      programs on each that I enjoy. Subse-
                                                                                                    Also, some sort of sports report would be
                                                  quently, I listen to a given station at a given
   Don't put too much stock in surveys. •                                                           nice from time to time.
                                                  time each week, primarily to hear music,
   Drop jazz from the Tuesday daytime             Occasionally there are conflicts, so I'm sure         I've had all the Grateful Dead I want, it's
lineup. No one needs a Jazz break on              I miss some programming I would enjoy.            been on Sat. nites for tooooo long. It’s not
KVMR. Anyone who needs a jazz break has           No one station including KVMR, can                that I do not like them but enough is
other radio stations to turn to. I just turn      provide for the listening preferences of all      enough how's about putting them on @
KVMR off. •                                       persons at all times. I do find myself listen-    4am I'm asleep & put on Michael B who did
                                                  ing to KVMR on weekday afternoons in the          the cowboy show last Sun evening ? or Dale
   Get rid of Hawaiian music on Sunday. •         car more than other stations. •                   J. Zydeco ? & what happened to Utah last
    I am constantly surprised at all the great                                                      Sun nite ? a 3 part series on Dracula give me
                                                      I listen usually from 4-7 a.m., really
programming lately. Great DJs put on daily.                                                         a break I'll be going to Pandora then or
                                                  enjoy Conant Road. Strawberry Alarm Clock,
Regardless of when, where or how, they                                                              some of my 10k songs on iTunes. •
                                                  Ordinary Town, Musicopia and Right Place,
seem to do a fantastic job of acquiring great     Right Time. Appreciate non-biased BBC, but           There are some shows that seem to be on
music, great live interviews with great musi-     love Travis T. Hipp too! BBC hourly would         out of habit. I know you can't please all peo-
cians and all-around inspiring news, events       be nice. Enjoy the balance of local and           ple at all times, but a critical ete should be
going on and of course the community in-          world music. Lose the 50's & Classic Rock -       put to programs. I could stop me to switch-
formation. KVMR is not only "my" radio            You can hear that on all the other stations.      ing to NPR as often as I do. Example: Do
station, it's also a great source of wonderful    Online playlist would be nice—I purchase a        people listen to Tibetan Hour? Skateboarders
ideas and thought and new ways to live.           lot of music based on what KVMR plays. But        Paradise? Radio Poets? Just a thought. •
Thanks so much. Couldn't live without you. •      I can't write down songs while I'm driving. •
    I had already submitted my survey when            I love hearing Bob Dylan on the radio, I      This is just a sampling of the comments.
I remembered a suggestion. It would be            tell everyone about this station, even those      We thank all of you who participated in the
great to have playlists online. Since I usually   who don't care hear about this great public       Listeners’ Survey. If you missed the survey,
listen via the internet it would provide im-      station. Even better than our local public        we encourage you to send your comments to
mediate access to the burning question of         station WDET. •                                   the Programming Committee anytime.

                                                                                      October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE            15
                                               RECORD                   REVIEWS

                                                                                                        Wailin’ Jennys
        The Smithereens                                    Jeff Buckley                                   Live at the
     The Smithereens Play Tommy                       Grace Around The World                       Mauch Chunk Opera House
         e1 Music                   Legacy
                                                                                                             Red House Records

   Releasing albums at a sixties-era               Jeff Buckley only released one full-           The test of a good live CD is if it
pace (this is their fourth in a little over     length album during his lifetime (he           makes you want to rush out and see
two years), The Smithereens continue            drowned in 1997 at age 30), but his            the performers. This passes the test
to show the guts and precision of clas-         music has continued to grow in influ-          with flying colors. The Jennys are in
sic British-inspired rock. After a brief        ence under the watchful eye of his             fine voice with their usual close har-
late eighties/early nineties overground         mom Mary Guibert, who supervised               mony. The CD is a mixture of classic
success, with MTV videos and world              this latest and most thrilling posthu-         numbers such as the haunting “Ar-
tours, they’ve continued to stick to the        mous release. It contains spectacular          lington” and “One Voice” and some
basics, writing passionate original             live footage on DVD (and a matching            fine new numbers including “Dri-
songs and playing powerful live                 CD) of Jeff performing songs from his          ving”, “Bold Riley” and “One More
shows. Their recording projects are             Grace album in England, Germany,               Dollar”. The introductions are warm
audacious (including two Beatles trib-          Japan, France and the U.S., plus can-          and draw you in to the marvelous
utes, Meet the Smithereens and B-               did interviews in which Buckley dis-           music of a top folk group. I want to
Sides The Beatles) as they’ve settled           cusses his very spiritual approach to          drive north and see them.
into permanent “cult status.” Headed            connecting with his audience. It re-
                                                veals clearly what kind of man he was,                      John Rumsey
by charismatic, soulful singer/guitarist
                                                                                                Four Strong Winds, Alt. Wed., 10 a.m.-noon
Pat Dinizio and Keith Moon-like                 and the promise cut short.
drummer Dennis Diken, and featur-                  Buckley was an expert at control-
ing co-vocalist/guitarist Jim Babjak            ling dynamics and building drama
and bassist Severo Jornacion, it was            within a song (a quality he shared
perhaps inevitable they’d tackle an             with the father he barely knew, sixties
entire album by The Who after featur-           folksinger Tim Buckley), and he
ing Pete Townshend songs like “The              brings a visceral, in-the-moment real-
Seeker” in past live shows.                     ity to performances that are often
   Their streamlined version of                 spine-tingling. During a version of
Tommy benefits from a tight focus on            Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, he
the best songs, including smashing              plays a long, delicate guitar introduc-
versions of “Pinball Wizard,” “Acid             tion that sets the stage for a yearning
Queen,” “I’m Free” and the rousing              and delicate vocal, which slowly un-
closer “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Re-           folds each mystery in the lyrics. The
markably, it often sounds more mus-             painful lament “Lover, You Should’ve                    Various Artists
cular and intense than the original,            Come Over” and a long, exploratory,                         Rock’ N Soul
and the cover art by Bill Stout, imag-          improvisational version of “Mojo                                 Camelot
ining the Tommy story as an EC                  Pin” are only two highlights of more              There have been numerous compi-
comic of the fifties, is a real hoot.           than a dozen.                                  lations of the 60‘s “Pacific Northwest
               Mark Leviton                                    Mark Leviton                    Sound” but several important Seattle
Pet Sounds, Alt Wednesdays, 10 p.m.-midnight    Pet Sounds, Alt Wednesdays, 10 p.m.-midnight   groups have had little or no CD re-
                                                                                               leases. This CD brings out the music

16   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
                                              RECORD REVIEWS
of Camelot Records which featured
R&B and rock artists. The R&B never
got very big in Seattle but the music
here matches up well with R&B cen-
ters around the country. Lots of funky
organ with Ron Burford and soul vo-
cals. The Statics, a mixed rock and
soul group are featured with vocals
from a young rockin’ Merrilee Rush
and soulful Tiny Tony. Also featured
are the Gatormen and their cover of
“Killer Joe” dedicated to Namu the
killer whale. Despite Camelot‘s lack of                   Phil Phillips                                The Magnolia Sisters
record sales this is an important part                       Sea of Love                                        Stripped Down
of Seattle rock hisory.                            Bear Family Records,
                                                                                                         Arhoolie Records 538,

             John Rumsey
 Four Strong Winds, Alt. Wed., 10 a.m.-noon      John Philip Baptiste is a French                      Any recording by this one-of-a-
                                              Creole who is a great vocalist. Born in               kind, all-female Louisiana band is
                                              Lake Charles in 1931, he was brought                  destined to be a keeper. This 4th re-
                                              up in a gospel music and religious                    lease is no exception. Leader Ann
                                              world. While still in high school he                  Savoy, of Eunice, has a remarkable tal-
                                              was lead vocalist in the Gateway                      ent for finding long lost gems about
                                              Quartet. He wrote the song “Sea of                    Cajun life and giving them “new life.”
                                              Love” 50 years ago. It was recorded at                Musicianship abounds here and all
                                              Eddie Shuler’s Goldband Records, of                   four ladies share the vocals. The title
                                              Lake Charles, in his bathroom-sized                   Stripped Down explains this CD’s
                                              studio, using members of “Cookies                     theme—Cajun music played stripped
                                              and the Cupcakes” as backup. The                      down—no bells no whistles.
                                              song was written for his girlfriend,                     In the lost gem category, I espe-
                                              Verdie Mae Thomas, who always                         cially like “Clear Point Blues” (a blues
                                              complained that he didn’t love her.                   that makes you feel good) and an-
                                                 The record producer told Baptiste                  other blues number “Barroom Blues,”
          Drew Nelson                                                                               a haunting song about a boyfriend’s
                                              that he had to change his—Baptiste
    Dusty Road to Beulah Land                                                                       death and going back to join the
                                              was too French and too hard to say—
                                              thus Phil Phillips emerged. The song                  drinking crowd. Among the more
   Traveling on the two lane roads of                                                               well-known numbers I like “Grand
America, from the first track it be-          was a big hit locally, so the producer
                                              leased it to Mercury Records for na-                  Texas,” “Bon Temps Rouler” and most
comes apparent the road is not going                                                                especially,“Creole Stomp,” the only
to be easy but the journey is well            tional distribution—reaching No. 1
                                              on the Billboard R & B chart in 1959.                 instrumental, with great twin-fiddles.
worth it. Beulah Land in the bible
and hymns is the Promised Land. The              Phillips “fell through the cracks”                               Dale Johnson
songs are tales of the hardships of           thereafter and never had another big                      Bayo Country , First Sunday, 6-8 p.m.
rural America. Subdivisions gobbling          hit. His music does not fit the classic
up choice farmland, factories closing,        Swamp Pop genre, but since he is a
                                              French Creole and his music is ab-                            Leonard Cohen
mining disasters but there are hints of                                                                          Live in London
better times ahead. Drew’s voice has          solutely beautiful I wanted to call at-
                                                                                                                 Columbia Sony Music
that hint of harshness that is reminis-       tention to this 2008 CD by Bear
cent of other fine Americana singers          Family Records of Germany. Much of                       How do we do a music review of
like John Mellencamp and Steve                the music has full orchestra backing                  Leonard Cohen’s “Live in London”
Earle. Destined to land in my top 5           up Phillips’ marvelous voice. This 26                 without your presence? Should you
for this year.                                cut CD has an absolutely outstanding                  start with reading his 1966 novel,
                                              24-page set of liner notes.                           Beautiful Losers? One unique aspect of
             John Rumsey                             Dale “Le Blanc” Johnson                        the expression in this book is that
 Four Strong Winds, Alt. Wed., 10 a.m.-noon      Bayou Country, First Sundays 6-8 p.m.              “the sensualist becomes indistinquish-
                                                                                                                              continued on next page

                                                                                       October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE              17
                                            RECORD REVIEWS
                                            distinguishable from the saint”? One         other humiliations. The whimsical
                                            of Cohen’s gifts is to celebrate these       “Smilin’ At Ya” glides along on a
                                            contradictions within all of us, in the      quirky Grateful Dead-type melody
                                            various episodes in our lives, in our        line as it conveys well wishes in
                                            loves and in our losses. In the torture      absentia.
                                            of this trial by fire, saints become sin-                  Steve Cagle
                                            ners, and sinners become saints. In             The Blues Show, alt Sundays, 1-3 p.m.
                                            this, Leonard Cohen graces us all,
                                            without judgment, and honors this
                                            dance of seeming contradictions, and
                                            welcomes it into our shared human-
                                            ity. Thank you, Leonard, for offering
able from the saint”. I could recom-        yourself to us so openly.
mend that you imbibe in a few studio                       Hap Hazard
albums first, for sure.                        Friday Music Magazine, Fridays 4-6 p.m.
   But let’s just put this album on and
turn it up to your level of devout lis-
tening. This double album is a live
celebration of the songwriting expres-
sion of one of the great poets of our
time, alive and kicking and full of                                                                Lady Bianca
grace and fire in his recording of a                                                          A Woman Never Forgets
world tour that is continuing to sold                                                      
out venues in Europe as this piece is                                                       Blues and soul diva Lady Bianca
being written. Not known for his vocal                                                   Thornton has been a musical force for
range, he is supported majestically by                                                   nearly three decades with a resume
three sultry, yet angelic, female voices,                                                that includes teaching singing lessons
and an exquisite, well - honed band                                                      to members of Journey and most
of multi-instrumentalists.                                                               recently sharing the stage with Van
   You’ll hear a massive collection of            Marc Ford &
                                                                                         Morrison on his Astral Weeks revival
Cohen’s well known songs such as             The Neptune Blues Club
                                                                                         tour. The classically-trained Bay area
“Suzanne”, “Bird on the Wire”, “Hal-                                                     artist impressively displays her sing-
lelujah”, “Ain’t No Cure for Love”,            The 3rd solo album for journey-           ing and piano-playing mastery on her
“First We Take Manhattan”, “I’m Your        man guitarist Ford demonstrates his          6th album that features ten songs
Man”, “So Long, Marianne”, and “Sis-        strong songwriting abilities and cele-       written with her husband and co-pro-
ters of Mercy.” There are 25 songs.         brated guitar craftsmanship seasoned         ducer Stanley Lippitt.
   This is a wonderful, provocative         over a 20-year career recording and/or          The upbeat opener “Lay It Down
album and highly recommended to a           touring with the Black Crowes (for 6         Like You Mean It” gives way to the
novice, or veteran fan, as well as some-    years and then later for another stint),     mellow “He Just Do Me So Good”
one who would like to go deeper, and        Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of             and bossa nova rhythms of “I’m In
answer the question of this enigmatic       Alabama among several side projects          Love With You Baby.” In these songs
soul—what is he up to NOW? And              (including the Blue Floyd blues/Pink         and the piano ballad that follows,
thus you will join in the celebration -     Floyd fusion band). This set of sonic        “Sweetie Pie,” Lady Bianca’s voice
for that is what this album is. Best lis-   rock blues is tempered by witty lyrics       exudes the elegance of Ella Fitzgerald.
tened to alone in a contemplative                                                        She tries her hand at chitlin’ circuit
                                            throughout. “Main Drain” takes the
state, or with friends in joyous occa-                                                   soul blues with the innuendo-laden
                                            automobile analogy that usually
sion. Have I left anything out?                                                          “Ugly Man Song.” The only non-orig-
                                            serves as a seductive come-on in blues
   Yes, the secret section: A couple of                                                  inal song, a cover of the Elvis hit
phrases have come up in this descrip-       songs to signify what his insignificant
                                            other has done to his human gas tank         “Heartbreak Hotel,” was obviously
tion that don’t seem to fit, full of con-
                                            and battery. “Pay For My Mistakes”           included to showcase the Lady’s
tradiction. How can his female choir
                                            laments the economic woes of an              canny vocal prowess.
be both sultry and angelic? How can
the expressions in Cohen’s poetry cre-      underemployed bluesman who is                              Steve Cagle
ate expressions and exhortations            laughed out of a bank before even               The Blues Show, alt Sundays, 1-3 p.m.
whereby “the sensualist becomes in-         getting through the door, among

18   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
                        RECORD REVIEWS                                                            New
                                                                                                  Car Donation
                                                                                                     Do you have an old vehicle that’s
                                                                                                  turning into garden art? Turn that
                                                                                                  metal into some serious green for
                                                                                                  KVMR with our new Car Donation
                                                                                                  Program. All you have to do is make
                                                                                                  a phone call—the Center for Car
                                                                                                  Donations does the rest. Proceeds
                                                                                                  from the sale or scrap of your vehi-
            Cyril Neville                      The California Honeydrops                          cle go towards keeping KVMR alive
           Brand New Blues                                      Soul Tub                          and well in our area.             For more information call toll
                                                                                                  free 877-411-DONATE (3662).
    At 61 years old, the youngest of the           This Oakland-based quartet joins
famed New Orleans brothers, master             the booming ranks of the new genre                 Why Donate?
percussionist Cyril ventures from the          of music that’s confounding listeners,             There are several great reasons, like:
signature Nevilles’ sound for a set of         industry insiders and the media…                   1. You don't want to worry about
soulful, funky blues and delivers one          ECLECTIC. Not content to fit com-                  selling your vehicle.
of the year’s finest albums. Backed by         fortably into one or even two tradi-               2. It is too expensive to repair your
brother Art, nephew Ivan, fellow wet-          tionally compatible genres to ply their            vehicle.
lands activist Tab Benoit and other            art, these genre-busters prefer pouring            3. Your vehicle won't pass smog.
friends, Cyril effectively uses his solo       their hearts and souls into a musical
project as a platform for venting well-                                                           4. You don't trust your car to be
                                               melting pot, often taking things fur-              safe on the road.
deserved anger at the Bush adminis-
                                               ther by using instruments atypical of
tration for mishandling the Katrina                                                               5. You need a tax write-off.
                                               the style being presented.
disaster and aftermath. But he deftly
                                                   In the record store settings of times             The most important reason is that
balances the social commentary with
                                               gone by, “Soul Tub” would best be                  your donation will help us continue
spirit-lifting songs and lively dance-
                                               filed under “Chicago Blues/Jug Band/               to bring you independent, commer-
inducing funk grooves that come to-
                                               Motown Fusion with a touch of New                  cial-free programming. Thank you
gether for a rich and satisfying aural
                                               Orleans Jazz, Rockabilly and Gospel                for supporting KVMR. More infor-
experience.                                                                                       mation is at
    Cyril begins on the lighter side           Vocal Quartet.” Yet amid the confu-
with “I Found Joy,” followed by the            sion, this is highly engaging roots
                                                                                                  Some Car Donation FAQ’s
retro-funk title cut, hyper- percussive        music that sounds better with each
                                                                                                  Does my car have to be running?
“Shake Your Gumbo” and Bobby                   listen, no matter how labeled. From                Not always. It does have to have an
Bland’s poignant “I’ll Take Care of            the opening retro rock homage to                   engine and be towable. Sometimes if the
You.” The gloves then come off with            Chuck Berry, “Miss Louise,” to the                 cost to transport a vehicle will cost more than
                                               funk-infused reprise of the title track,           what it will bring at auction, it may be declined.
the scathing “Cheatin’ and Lyin’,”                                                                Does my car have to pass smog inspection?
“Mean Boss Blues” and Bob Marley’s             what holds it all together is the
                                                                                                  No, we can accept it without a smog cer-
“Slave Driver,” sending the message            unique style, serious talent and good-             tificate.
loud and clear. A both timeless and            natured comraderie that shines                     Does my car have to be registered?
timely masterpiece.                            throughout.                                        No, but you must be the legal title-
                                                                                                  holder and be able to show proof of a
                Steve Cagle                                   Steve Cagle
                                                                                                  clear title.
   The Blues Show, alt Sundays, 1-3 p.m.          The Blues Show, alt Sundays, 1-3 p.m.
                                                                                                  What vehicles do you accept?
                                                                                                  We take, boats (if they are on a trailer),
                                                                                                  motor homes, trucks, motorcycles (if
 Please support our advertisers and underwriters and thank                                        they are operational), farm equipment,
   them for supporting KVMR. If you would like to become                                          and recreational vehicles such as snow-
            an advertiser or underwriter, contact                                                 mobiles, jet skis, etc. Call our represen-
          Richard Gorman, 530-265-9073 ext. 215.                                                  tative at 877-411-DONATE (3662) to
                                                                                                  find out if your vehicle qualifies.

                                                                                      October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE               19
  R A D I O CA L E N DA R                                                             89.5 FM Nevada           City    105.1 FM Truckee   
               SUNDAY                     MONDAY                 TUESDAY                WEDNESDAY                  THURSDAY                       FRIDAY               SATURDAY
12am                                                                                                                                                                                          12am
            Eclectic/Blues                                       Avant Garde                 Variety                Punk/Hip
1am                                          Variety                                                               Meri St. Mary or               Variety                  Variety            1am
              Larry Landis or                Various          Daryl Jensen or Jazz        Ed Gardner or
                                                                                                                   Variety Various                 Various                  Various
                Lil Angel B                                    Fusion Keith West             Various
4am                                                                                                                                                                                           4am
                     ,                  Variety/Eclectic       Folk/Americana          Variety/Americana               Variety               Americana/Variety             Variety
            Andy Dooley-Miller              Lee Osborne         Michael Babiarz           Mike Bissell or            Tim Smith or               Ruby Slippers           Kim Alan Bryant
              or Kim Daniels             or Michael Young          or Raven               April Miranda            Evangeline Elston           or Cindy Hayden           or John Taber
7am                                                                                                                                                                                           7am
          Acoustic Variety                   Community Calendar 6:30 a.m. T H E       M O R N I N G S H OW                        Morning News 8:05 a.m.
             Allison Miller or                                                                                                                                       Folk & Americana         8am
         Variety/Americana                 Steve Baker           Cheri Snook or                TBA                    Paul Emery                                         Larry Hillberg
                                                                                                                                              Jerianne Van Dijk
9am             Gary Wells                                            TBA
10am                                                                                                                                                                                          10am
                                                                World or Jazz                  Folk              Native American                    Folk                 Bluegrass
11am           Hawaiian                       Latin              George Olson            Che Greenwood              Skip Alan Smith
              Michael Keene                  Various                                                                                        Dennis Brunnenmeyer            Eric Rice
                                                                or Bruce Tepper          or John Rumsey              Michael Ben            or Laurie DesJardins
12pm                                                                                                                                                                                          noon
                                       Talk/Intrvws/Tibet    Science/Environment        Intrvws/Call-in            Public Planet              Talk/Health/Men
                   TBA                  Haines Ely/Joseph      Alan Stahler/Various       Chamba Lane                   Various             Various/Arly Helm/Mike
1pm                                                                                                                                                                   Thomas Greener or       1pm
                                       Literature EricTomb            Talk            The Talkies Various           Flea Market             Gardening/Cooking            Rick Snelson
2pm               Blues                Computers Glen/Paul        Michael Stone         or Bike Talk                   Glenn Far                Various Hosts                                 2pm
                                        Vintage Rock                 Blues             Vintage Music             Americana/Variety          Jazz/Avant Garde           Country Rock
3pm                                       Jimmi Accardi          Richard Tewes           John Goodman or              Kim Rogers                                       Wesley Robertson       3pm
         World/World Beat                                        or Thom Myers             Ron Avanzino                                       Alice MacAllister
4pm                                                                                                                                                                                           4pm
                Dawn Fischer
                 Laura Jean                   Community Calendar 5:30 p.m.   MUSIC MAGAZINE                              KVMR News & Views 6:00 p.m.                      Doo Wop
5pm                                                                                      Connie Coale or                                                                   Brian Lee
         Variety Specials or               Greg Jewett            Elisa Parker                                       Chris Towne                 Hap Hazard
                                                                                         Jenny Michael
6pm       Cajun Dale Johnson                                                                                       6:30 KVMR NEWS
                                        6:30 KVMR NEWS          6:30 KVMR NEWS          6:30 KVMR NEWS                                        6:30 KVMR NEWS                Dylan
7pm                                                                                                                                                                                           7pm
                 E-Town                 Democracy Now!          Democracy Now!          Democracy Now!             Democracy Now!             Democracy Now!               Mr. Barco
8pm                                                                                                                                                                                           8pm
         Radio Theatre/Loafers Glory                                                                                     Jazz
         Dave & Linda Berninger             The                Lounge/Exotica                                  Bruce Tepper, Walt Fraser,                              Grateful Dead
9pm          or U Utah Phillips         Women’s Show                                         Celtic                                               Reggae             Winfield. Richard Dunk
                                                                 Mikail Graham         Anne O’Dea Hestbeck        Derek Washington,
         Radio Theatre/Spoken Word      Women’s Collective                                                          Michael Keene            Al Lauer or Redlocks        or John Tabor
10pm             T.E. Wolfe                                                                                                                                                                   10pm
11pm     Classical/Exp/Mod. Latin/Salsa LeonReyes                Trance-Rave           Variety Mark Leviton     Hip/Hop Eclectic or               Eclectic             R&B/Eclectic           11pm
            Randy McKean or  or Eclectic Variety                 Bill Emerson or        or Phillip Wright or     Eclectic Variety              Martha Kuhns or            Richard Dunk
         Julia Boorinakis Harper           Jake Michael      EclecticJimmie Grimes Beatles Robert Turnage      Edy Cassell/AllenAastrom        Joel Brungardt         or Leia “Fey” Farrell

                                           Make A Difference                                                                           Moving on is Radio Poets Society, the call-in
                                                                                                                                   poetry series. Host Roo Cantada is now part of the

                                           For the Future                                                                          South of the Border rotation Monday mornings and
                                                                                                                                   Raven now gets up early for his new Radio Insanity
                                                                                                                                   morning series alternate Tuesdays, 4-7 a.m.

      M                    ost of us can recall being touched personally by the work of
                              non-profit organizations such as KVMR, which depend on
                              the generosity of the community for their existence.
       It is estimated that 77% of Americans donate money and time to charitable
       organizations during their lifetimes. However, only 8% of us remember to include
                                                                                                                                       John Rumsey returns. John brings his musical
                                                                                                                                   knowledge to the folk slot formerly hosted by Gary
                                                                                                                                   Harrison. John's Four Strong Winds explores tradi-
                                                                                                                                   tional and contemporary folk, plus John seems to
                                                                                                                                   have a keen ear for emerging Canadian talent.
                                                                                                                                   That'll air Wednesdays 10-noon, alternating with
                                                                                                                                   Che Greenwood.
                                                                                                                                       A tip of the hat to four members of KVMR's Pro-
       a gift to a non-profit in our estate plans or wills. If you’ve made supporting                                              gram Committee who have "termed out": Phyllis
       KVMR a part of your life, why not give a gift for the generations to come?                                                  Boorinakis, PC secretary and community repre-
                                                                                                                                   sentative leaves, but has become a new broadcaster.
       KVMR is a member of the Nevada County chapter of Leave A Legacy, a nationwide                                               Broadcaster representatives Catherine Allen, Mark
       program to promote interest in charitable giving through a will or from an estate.                                          Lippman and Elisa Parker also leave the commit-
                                                                                                                                   tee after two years of service.
       For more information on this important program, call                                                                            New community members are artist Betsy
                                                                                                                                   Lombard and state administrator Joe Camicia, and
       KVMR’s Development Associate, Briana Caldwell at 530-265-9073                                                               volunteers elected broadcasters Laurie DesJardin,
                                                                                                                                   Greg Jewett and Mark Leviton to the PC at the
                                                                                                                                   station's recent general meeting.

20     KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
Program Schedule Changes  10TH ANNUAL

    After an extensive review of KVMR's schedule and programming needs,
the Program Committee made some preliminary program change rec-                                    PEOPLE’S
ommendations in July. These drew many e-mail comments and about
20 people attended a public input session with the PC and station man-
                                                                                                     DAYS 2009
agement. Since then, the PC and management have reached consensus on                   Fri.-Mon., October 9-12
a variety of changes.                                                                  Live Broadcast Sunday & Monday
    We think standardizing morning formats makes the most sense, with               Bringing together native and non-native peoples
a 7 a.m. variety show and a 10 a.m. genre series each morning. We deeply                to honor indigenous history and culture.
appreciate and honor the strong and vocal commitment Hawaiian music
listeners have made in support of a 3-hour format for the series, but the           BY MICHAEL BEN ORTIZ
show was a brilliant 2-hour program previously and will be a brilliant 2-
hour program once again. It was the only 3-hour single genre music show             Halito and Hesasaka
on KVMR's schedule.                                                                    I am happy to be a part of Indigenous Peo-
    We will accept the notion that the new noon program can begin as a              ples Days (IP Days ) and thankful to KVMR
new one hour show, and we are challenging broadcasters to develop for-              for all of the support through the years!
mats for underserved genres. We see it as a spot for a creative "cafe" music           In Berkeley I recently saw a parking meter
style, with comfortable world music, string bands, gospel, music from               that read: “METER HOLIDAYS- …Indigenous
south Asia/Pacific or other sounds.                                                 Peoples Day (Columbus Day)”. I felt relieved
    Blues programming leading into worldbeat has worked well. At 5p.m.,             that a city was able to comprehend and re-
our variety returns with specials, including Bayou Country. 7 p.m. pro-             spond positively to the horrific legacy of
vides a live performance component with E-Town as anchor. 8 p.m. pro-               Columbus and recognize a holiday more fit-
vides drama, comedy, humor and a touch of Utah. T. E. Wolfe is executive            ting for the greater public, not to mention
producer for the spoken word components of 9 p.m. programming,                      “Free Parking!”
giving a creative lead-in to the 10 p.m. experimental music shows.                     This positive change would remain subtle,
    The Monday night "oldies" program provides a better follow-up for               except for help from the local Tsi-Akim
Celtic Cadence, Wednesdays. And, we think the Salsa show and Jake                   Maidu Tribe, a host of tribal minded sup-
Michael's variety is a good followup for the Monday’s Women's Show.                 porters and three community radio stations:
    Change is never easy. We feel these are positive changes that will              KZFR in Chico, KFOK in Georgetown and our
improve our listeners' experience when tuned to KVMR, and will help                 own KVMR, celebrating on-air IP Days, Octo-
encourage listeners to stay tuned longer to the station.                            ber 9-12.
                                                                                       IP Day was born out of the ashes of the
Thanks, The Program Committee                                                       genocide on the first nations of our country.
NEW SUNDAY SCHEDULE                                                                 What was first celebrated as Columbus Day
7-10 am House Blend or Crooked Highway (expands to 3 hours)                         in Denver in 1907 was overturned by the Col-
10 am-noon Kani Ka Pila (now 2 hours)                                               orado branch of the American Indian Move-
Noon-1 pm New Show TBA                                                              ment in the early 1990s. This has grown to a
                                                                                    4 day public gathering for those whom I
1-3 pm Blues Spectrum
                                                                                    imagine “feel a kinship with the natural
3-5 pm Transglobal Sound System see program notes for new titles & hosts            world.” As organizers, we try to transform the
5-7 pm Sunday Showcase including                                                    effects of Colonization into a celebration of
1st Sunday Bayou Country                                                            harmony and healing. As volunteers, I feel
7-8 pm E-Town (or other live performance specials)                                  that the best way to respond to our Indige-
8-9 pm Old Radio Theater or Loafer's Glory                                          nous past injustices is to respond in service
9-10 pm A Word in Edgewise (or other spoken word                                    to our fellow human beings. Seems like the
                                                                                    nature of the Great Round is always re-form-
NEW SATURDAY SCHEDULE                                                               ing, re-mending and remaining.
6 pm Jewels & Binoculars (Bob Dylan) alternates with anew show that                    This all volunteer gathering has educa-
complements Dylan and the Dead.                                                     tional, spiritual and economic components
PROGRAM SWITCHAROOS                                                                 that add up to a good clean family time sup-
Monday's 10 pm Pet Sounds, Strawberry Beatles Forever, High Flight move             ported entirely on donations.
to Wednesday 10pm; Wednesday’s 10 pm Salsa & Latin Jazz, Across the                    The community at large is invited.
Universe move to Mondays 10pm.                                                      Friday: Opening Ceremony
Tues. 12 pm Bioneers alternates with Soundings                                      Saturday: Calling Back The Salmon
Tues. 1 pm Conversations now airs weekly
Wed. 1 pm TBA Alternating PC will post an opening for a new sustainability
                                                                                    Sunday: All Day Celebration
show to deal with practical uses of living "green" in the country/city, from        Monday: Indigenous People’s Day
raising chickens to eating locally to reducing carbon footprint                     SUNDAY & MONDAY BROADCAST LIVE
Fri. 12 pm The Men's Show moves to once monthly from Tuesdays at 1 p.m.             Visit for details.

                                                                               October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE       21

Upcoming Shows
SUNDAY NIGHT SHOWCASE                                 Nov 1, 8, 15 Einstein's Dreams                                      cerns and feelings raised by a diagnosis of cancer.
                                                      In this 3-part presentation of the novel Ein-                       Edward W. Bastian, Ph.D., is a Buddhist scholar
Various Hosts, Sundays, 6 p.m.                                                                                            and teacher and was executive producer for a
                                                      stein's Dreams by physicist Alan Lightman, a cer-
Oct 4 Celtic Festival Broadcast                       tain patent clerk in 1905 dreams a series of                        series of award-winning BBC and PBS programs
                                                      alternate worlds where time operates in strange                     about religion and three films about Tibetan
Oct 11 Indigenous Peoples Celebration                                                                                     Buddhism for the National Endowment for the
                                                      and haunting ways.
Oct 18 Bayou Country                                                                                                      Humanities. He taught classes about world reli-
       Dale “Le Blanc” Johnson                        Nov 22 Experimental spoken-word and                                 gion and directed the biodiversity program at the
                                                      sound collage from guest-host Randy                                 Smithsonian Institution. He is president of the
Oct 25 Memberships Drive TBA                                                                                              Spiritual Paths Foundation
                                                      McKean of The Outpost.
Nov 1     Bayou Country
          Dale “Le Blanc” Johnson                                                                                         Oct 13 David Crow Herbal Medicine and
                                                      Nov 29 Ballad of the Drowning Man
                                                                                                                          Spirituality David Crow is one of the world’s
Nov 8     The Blues Box Bayou Band                    Two stories of hope and despair from Thomas
                                                                                                                          foremost experts and leading speakers in the field
          Visits KVMR....and more TBA                 Wolfe (no relation) and Stephen King, respec-                       of botanical medicine, natural health and ecolog-
                                                      tively. It's a glass half-full/half-empty kind of                   ical sustainability. He is a master herbalist, aro-
          Mike Bissell                                thing, no doubt.                                                    matherapist and acupuncturist with over 20 years
Nov 15 Roots Music                                                                                                        experience and is an expert in the Ayurvedic and
       Songs of our shared heritage seldom            WOMEN’S COLLECTIVE                                                  Chinese medical systems. He is a renowned author
       played by corporate media.                     Mondays 8-10 p.m.                                                   and the founding director of Floracopeia Aromatic
       Peggy Bean & Dave Kimball                                                                                          Treasures.
                                                      The KVMR Women’s Collective meets bi-monthly for
Nov 22 Chris Isaak                                    a potluck & scheduling meeting. For contact infor-                  Oct 20 David Whyte The Three Marriages
       Music of the San Joaquin Valley’s own          mation see page 7.                                                  (a special KVMR Membership Drive show)
                                                                                                                          David Whyte, Poet, Author, Lecturer holds a degree
       Johnnee Gallagher                              Oct 3 Voices Of Resistance                                          in Marine Zoology and has traveled extensively, in-
Nov 29 Musica Road Show                                     Heidi Starr                                                   cluding living and working as a naturalist guide in
       A musical journey down the                                  Interviews with revolutionary women                    the Galapagos Islands and leading anthropological
       highways of America.                                                                                               and natural history expeditions in the Andes, the
                                                      Oct 10       Susan Schreiber                                        Amazon and the Himalaya. He brings this wealth
       Kim Daniels & Missouri Dan                     Oct 17       Catherine Allen                                        of experience to his poetry, lectures and work-
Dec 6 Bayou Country                                                                                                       shops.
       Dale “Le Blanc” Johnson
                                                      Oct 24       Arly Helm
                                                      Oct 31       Kristin Steindorf                                      Oct 27 ShantiMayi Spiritual Inspiration
Dec 13 Cattle Call                                                                                                        ShantiMayi is a rare being. She is the only west-
       Michael Babiarz                                Sep 7        Voices Of Resistance                                   erner, as well as the only woman ever to carry the
                                                                   Heidi Starr                                            grace of her lineage of exceptional Indian sages
                                                                                                                          around the entire world. In her talks are forums
A WORD IN EDGEWISE                                                 Interviews with revolutionary women
                                                                                                                          of inspiration people have an opportunity to ad-
T.E. Wolfe, alt. Sundays, 9 p.m.                      Sep 14 Susan Schreiber &                                            dress the concerns, questions and discoveries that
                                                             Catherine Allen                                              people bring to this precious time. ShantiMayi
Oct 9 Roald Dahl Stories Guest host
                                                                                                                          inspires us to enliven the wonderful potential
Phyllis Boorinakis takes over for the second          Sep 21 Jean Varda                                                   within us all.
week of Roald Dahl stories; yes, THAT Roald
Dahl. They're weird and wonderful but not             Sep 28 Barbara & Kristin                                            Nov 3 Mariana Caplan Cultivating
exactly for children.                                                                                                     Discernment on the Spiritual Path
Oct 11 Ray Bradbury: Last Night of the                CONVERSATIONS Note new time!                                        Mariana is an author, anthropologist, and psy-
                                                      Michael Stone, now airs every Tues., 1 p.m.                         chologist with a Ph.D. in Contemporary Spiritu-
World and There will Come Soft Rains
                                                      Conversations brings you leading edge thinkers in the areas of      ality. She attributes the majority of her education
It's the end of the world as we know it... Ray
                                                      Environmental Restoration, Evolutionary Cosmology, Social           and inspiration to years of research and practice
Bradbury style. Two stories from the master of
                                                      Justice and Spiritual fulfillment. We look for positive solutions   in the world's great mystical traditions, and to
speculative fiction
                                                      to local and global issues that leave you touched, moved, and       studying, living, and adventuring in villages in
Oct 18 Aural Oddities Mikail Graham                   inspired to action. Our weekly guests include local and global      India, Central and South America, and Europe.
guest hosts for a night of outsider wording,          experts and concerned citizens working together to heal the         Her sole passion is a love of Truth and transfor-
mixed with a plentiful collection of aural oddi-      wounds that separate, alienate, and marginalize people…             mation.
ties fit for a late evening harvest-style audience.
                                                      Oct 6 Tina Stanley & Ed Bastian Living                              Nov 10 Pat Lynn Kyle Conscious Mind /
Oct 25 Edgewise-O-Rama                                Fully, Dying Well Tina Stanley, MSW, is a                           Conscious Brain Pat is a teacher, consultant,
first, a Word-in-Pledgewise from 8-10pm with          clinical social worker and Cancer Guide with                        and innovator in the use of brain/mind research
lots more package deals, then a special               Duke University Medical Center and provides                         to teach people meditation and mental tools for
Edgewise/Outpost spookfest co-hosted with             supportive self-guidance to cancer patients and                     transforming their lives and communities. She
Randy McKean: excerpts from Shirley Jack-             their families for an enhanced quality of life                      has a passion to question, explore, research and
son's The Haunting of Hill House, some Poe,           through multi-dimensional care needs and                            then create programs and methods that enhance
and the short story 1408 by Stephen King.             courses of treatment. She helps to address con-                     the lives of others.

22   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
Nov 17 Michael Nagler Search for a                                Oct 20 The World of Musical Tributes                      MONEY MATTERS
Nonviolent Future Nagler is Professor emeri-                      A Special KVMR Membership Drive Show
tus of Classics and Comparative Literature at UC,                 Join guest hosts The Covergirls for another foray         Mark Cuniberti Thursdays, 12-1 p.m.
Berkeley, where he co-founded the Peace and Con-                  into the bizarre world of musical tributes. This spe-     MM explores and explains the real state of our econ-
flict Studies Program, and the founder of the Metta               cial show will celebrate KVMR's unique ability to         omy unlike any other news media. Tune in for the
Center for Nonviolence. Author of The Search for a                play what we want to because we can! Tune in for          truth and stay ahead of the economic curve and learn
Nonviolent FutureOur Spiritual Crisis: Recovering                 a night of the best, the worst, and the just plain        about investing.
Human Wisdom in a Time of Violence, The Upan-                     weird—covers you won't hear anywhere else, guar-
ishads and other books as well as many articles on                anteed! Show your support for The Other Side and          Oct 1 Fall Season and the Market
peace and spirituality.                         make your pledge to KVMR during this one-of-a-            MM discusses the fall season as it relates to
                                                                  kind special!                                             markets and how markets tend to crash in the
Nov 24 Vimala Rodgers                                                                                                       fall. Will this fall hold dire consequences?
Handwriting for Peace                                             Oct 27 All Hallow's Eve 2009
Author of five books on the power of changing                     Join host Mikail Graham for a night of free wheel-        Oct 15 Energy and Metals
writing patterns, including Your Handwriting Can                  ing audio adventures celebrating the annual               Why energy and metals, along with a diversified
Change Your Life. She is an educator, handwriting                 Harvest Ball time of the year aka All Hallow's Eve.       portfolio can help defend the tempest that is
specialist, and a zealous pioneer in mind/hand re-                Yet again, expect the unexpected including                coming. How and what to buy will be covered.
search. Her focus is the inherent spirituality of the             mashups, cut-ups and general audio mayhem all
letters of the alphabet and their effect upon the                 straight from The Other Side.                             Nov 5 Where is all this bailout money
psyche.                                                                                           going?
                                                                  Nov 3 Eclectic Composers Episode 42
                                                                                                                            Marc details the flood of money coming out of
Dec 1 Linda Lantieri Building Emotional                           Medeski Martin & Wood
                                                                  Since 1991, the unclassifiable trio of John Medeski,      Washington and who’s getting it.
Fulbright Scholar, keynote speaker, and interna-                  Billy Martin and Chris Wood have explored the             Nov 19 Beware the Ides of Fall
tionally known expert in social and emotional                     sonic space where avant-garde jazz, jam-rock and
                                                                                                                            Stimulus packages: will there be more of them?
learning and conflict resolution, Linda Lantieri,                 world music meet. As comfortable with tunes by
                                                                  Bob Marley as they are with Thelonious Monk, and          How much is enough? Don’t believe what you
serves as Director of The Inner Resilience Program,
                                                                  composing their own genre-bending pieces, the             see on television and other news media.
co-founder of the Resolving Conflict Creatively
Program (RCCP) and is one of the founding board                   group features Hammond B-3 organ and experi-              Tune in to hear Marc's thoughts and opinions.
members of the Collaborative for Academic,                        mental percussion effects. Guest host Mark Leviton
Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).                           will lead us through their improvisational maze, in-
                                                                  cluding a visit to their most recent 3-part Radiolar-     Special Note: Shows topics may change depending
Dec 8 Richard Miller, PhD                                         ians album series.                                        on market conditions.
Integrative Restoration for Awakening
                                                                  Nov 10 Eclectic Composers Episode 43
For more information go to or                  Join host Mikail Graham featuring the music of
email                                      local indie band Them Hills, plus an live interview
                                                                  with band member/producer Dan Elkan. We'll be
                                                                  checking out their latest CD as well as other related
THE OTHER SIDE                                                    projects by this innovative and creative Nevada
Mikail Graham, Host & Producer                                    County music group.
Tuesdays 8-10 p.m.
Two hours of the best in eclectic composers, film and TV music,   Nov 17 Eclectic Composers Episode 44
lounge, exotica, space age bachelor pad, easy listening, and      Magma
more. And all of it with an accent on eccentric aural odysseys    Formed in Paris in 1969 Magma has taken the pro-
you won't find most anywhere else. And remember, you can lis-     gressive ideal of infusing rock with a classical sensi-
ten to over 100 hours of past Other Side shows as well as tune    bility to truly bizarre extremes constructing an
in to our streaming web radio archives at        elaborate mythology, telling the story of a group of
                                                                  people fleeing a doomed Earth to settle on the
Oct 6 Experiments In Sound Episode 49                             planet Kobaïa—and sang it entirely in Kobaïan, a
Join Mikail Graham for a night of classic other-                  language of their own invention. Curious to know
sidean aural delights and the thrill of mystery,                  more? Join guest host Julia Boorinakis Harper for
expect the unexpected, and let your ears bathe in                 a look at this one-of-a- kind creation.
the hot seduction of all stereophonic sound has to
                                                                  Nov 24 The Local Music of Nevada County
                                                                                                                              LIVE BROADCAST
offer in this classic Other Side episode.
Oct 13 Eclectic Composers Episode 41
                                                                  Part 13
                                                                  Creative musical talent thrives in Nevada County.
                                                                                                                                      Sat, October 3
Jonah Th' Mole                                                    A virtual plethora of solo and duo performers,                       10am-11pm
Featuring local producer and and MC Jonah Th'                     bands that tour, bands that only make records,
Mole. Host Mikail Graham conducts both a live in-                 ranging from hip hop to jazz, reggae to folk, classi-               Sun, October 4
terview, plus a focus on the experimental music and               cal, pop, country, metal, rock and experimental
sounds of this unique sound collage artist. Destined              composers in every part of this once frontier county.                10am-10pm
to be one of the more out there Other Side adven-                 Join hosts Mikail & Julia as they dive into Part 13 of
tures, don't miss this one folks.                                 this ongoing series.

                                                                                                             October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE                   23
 W H E R E T O F I N D I T O N K V M R 89.5/105.1FM                                                            Pacific Standard Time

Full Spectrum
Please address program comments to: KVMR Program Committee 401 Spring Street, Nevada City, CA 95959

ALTERNATIVE / VARIETY SHOWS                         BLUES / R&B                                               NEWS / TALK / PUBLIC AFFAIRS
THE MORNING SHOW: Weekdays, 7-10 a.m.               SO MANY ROADS: Tuesdays, 2-4 p.m.                         CALIFORNIA REPORT/STATE NEWS: Weekdays, 8:10 a.m.
THE MUSIC MAGAZINE: Weekdays, 4-6:00 p.m.           NIGHT ROOTS: alt. Saturdays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.              KVMR NEWS: Weeknights 6-7 p.m.
CONANT ROAD; alt. Mondays, 4-7a.m.                  LIL ANGEL B'S BLUES CAFE: Sundays, 12-4 a.m.              DEMOCRACY NOW!: Weeknights 7-8 p.m.
THE WOMEN'S SHOW: Mondays, 8-10 p.m.                BLUES SPECTRUM: Sundays, 1-3 p.m.                         COMMUNITY CALENDAR: Daily 6:30 a.m., 1 & 5:30 pm
                                                                                                              NEWS & COMMENTARY WITH
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: alt. Mon., 10 p.m.-12 a.m.     CLASSICAL/MODERN/EXPERIMENTAL                             TRAVUS T. HIPP: Daily 7:30 a.m.
HEART SPACE: Tuesdays, midnight-4 a.m.              THE OUTPOST: alt. Sundays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.                BBC NEWS: Weekdays, 6, 7, 8 a.m., 12 noon
THE OTHER SIDE: Tuesdays, 8-10 p.m.                 NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: alt. Sun, 10pm                EARTH MYSTERIES: 2nd, 3rd, 4th Mon., 12 noon-1 p.m.
ALL MIXED UP: alt. Tuesdays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.                                                                  TIBETAN RADIO HOUR: 1st Mondays, 12 noon-1 p.m.
OVERNIGHT HARMONIC EXPRESS: alt. Wed., 12-4 a.m.    FOLK                                                      BOOK TOWN: Alt. Mondays, 1-2 p.m.
RED EYE RADIO: alt. Wednesdays, 12-4 a.m.           FOLK SAY: alt. Wednesdays, 10 a.m.-12 noon
                                                                                                              ZEN TECH: Alt. Mondays, 1-2 p.m.
STEP INTO THE LIGHT: alt. Wednesdays, 4-7 a.m.      FOUR STRONG WINDS: alt. Wed., 10 a.m.-12 noon
                                                                                                              THE WOMEN'S SHOW: Mondays, 8-10 p.m.
                                                    ORDINARY TOWN: alt. Fridays, 4-7 a.m.
DAWN PATROL: alt. Wednesdays, 4-7 a.m.                                                                        SOUNDINGS: alt. Tuesdays, noon-1 p.m.
                                                    NEVADA CITY LIMITS: alt. Fridays, 10 a.m.-12 noon
HIGH FLIGHT: alt. Wed., 10 p.m.-12 a.m.                                                                       CONVERSATIONS: POSSIBILITIES & PERSPECTIVES:
                                                    THE NEW BRICK ROAD: alt. Fri., 10 a.m.-12 noon            Tuesdays, 12-1 p.m.
MUSICOPIA: alt. Thursdays 4-7 a.m.                  BACK ROADS: Saturdays, 7-10 a.m.
GOOD STUFF: Thursdays, 2-4 pm                                                                                 THE MEN’S SHOW: 3rd Fridays, 1-2 p.m.
                                                    RISE & SHINE: alt. Sundays, 4-7 a.m.                      BIONEERS: occ. Tuesdays, 12-1 p.m.
OUT OF BOUNDS: alt. Thursdays, 10-midnight          BAYOU COUNTRY: !st Sunday, 5-7 p.m.                       THE TALKIES: Wed. 1-2 p.m.
THE AVANT GARAGE: Fridays, 2-4 p.m.
                                                                                                              RABBLE ROUSING: Wednesdays, 12 noon-1 p.m.
THE BACK ROOM: alt. Fridays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.        HIP HOP/FUNK/ELECTRONICA                                  NEVADA CITY CHAMBER REPORT: Wed., 3 p.m.
ALONE IN THE DARK: alt. Fridays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.    TRANCE-IT LOUNGE: alt. Tuesdays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.
                                                    ROAD DOG RADIO: alt. Thursdays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.           MONEY MATTERS: 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 12 noon-1 p.m.
BOHEMIAN GROOVE: alt. Saturdays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.                                                              THE ENERGY REPORT: 2nd Thursdays, 12 noon-1 p.m.
NIGHT VISION: alt. Saturdays, 12-4 a.m.
                                                    INTERNATIONAL/ INDIGENOUS MUSIC                           GOOD NEWS SHOW: 4th Thursdays, 12 noon-1 p.m.
RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME: alt. Saturdays 4-7 a.m.    SOUTH OF THE BORDER: Mondays, 10a.m.-noon                 FLEA MARKET: Thursdays, 1-2 p.m.
SATURDAY MORNING LIVE: alt. Sat 4-7 a.m.            SALSA & LATIN JAZZ: Alt. Mondays, 10-midnight             DISABILITY RAP: 1st Friday, 12 noon-1 p.m.
NIGHT ROOTS: alt. Saturdays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.        ECLECTIC SUITE/RADIO VARIANTS: alt. Tuesdays              THE TALKIES: 2nd-3rd Fridays, 12 noon-1 p.m.
QUARK, STRANGENESS & CHARM: alt. Sun, 12-4 a.m.     10 a.m.-noon                                              BEST OF HEALTH: 4th Friday, 12 noon-1 p.m.
LUNAR ROTATION: alt. Sundays, 4-7 a.m.              CELTIC CADENCE: Wednesdays, 8-10 p.m.                     THE GARDEN FORUM: Fridays, 1-2 p.m.
HOUSE BLEND: alt. Sundays, 7-10 a.m.                DREAMWALK: Thursdays, 10a.m.-noon
                                                    TROPICAL STORM: alt. Fridays, 8-10 p.m.                   OLDIES
AMERICANA / BLUEGRASS / COUNTRY                     ITAL CULTURE: alt. Fridays, 8-10 p.m.                     JIMMI ACARDI’S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL PARTY: Mon., 2-4pm
CROOKED HIGHWAY alt, Sundays, 7-10 a.m.             KANI KA PILA, HAWAIIAN STYLE: Sun., 10 a.m.-noon          REMEMBER WHEN: alt. Wednesdays, 2-4 p.m.
CONANT ROAD: alt. Mondays, 4-7 a.m.                 TRANSGLOBAL SOUND SYSTEM: Sundays, 3-5 p.m.               A SWINGIN’ AFFAIR; alt. Wednesdays, 2-4 p.m.
                                                                                                              PET SOUNDS: 1st, 3rd Wed., 10 p.m.-12 midnight
BACK 40: alt. Tuesdays, 4-7 a.m.
GOOD STUFF: Thursdays, 2-4 p.m.
                                                    JAZZ / JAZZ FUSION                                        STRAWBERRY BEATLES FOREVER: 2nd Wed.,10p.m.-mid
                                                    FUSION INTRUSION: Tuesdays, midnight-4 a.m.               OLDIES: Alt. Wednesdays, 10 p.m.-12 midnight
CLICK YOUR HEELS TOGETHER: alt. Fridays, 4-7 a.m.   JAZZ BREAK: alt. Tuesdays, 10 a.m.-noon                   DEAD AIR: Saturdays, 8-10 p.m.
BACK ROADS: Saturdays 7-10 a.m.                     JAZZ WORKSHOP: occ. Thursdays, 8-10 p.m.                  RHYTHM AND BLUES REVIEW: Saturdays, 4 p.m.
COUNTY LINE BLUEGRASS: Saturdays, 10 a.m.-noon      SALSA & LATIN JAZZ: Wednesdays, 10-midnight
HARD COUNTRY: alt. Saturdays, noon-2 p.m.           THE AVANT GARAGE: Fridays, 2-4 p.m.                       RADIO THEATER / SPOKEN WORD
RAGGED BUT RIGHT: alt. Saturdays, noon-2 p.m.       THE BACK ROOM: alt. Fridays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.              OLD RADIO THEATER: Sundays, 8-9 p.m.
ROCKIN' & STOMPIN': Saturdays, 2-4 p.m.             NIGHT ROOTS: alt. Saturdays, 10 p.m.-12 a.m.              A WORD IN EDGEWISE: alt. Sundays, 9-10 p.m.

     Remodels                                       Audio/Video                         All of us serving you             TM

     Deck and

     Lighting                                                                            U.S. Bank Home Mortgage
                                                                                         426 Sutton Way, Suite 106B

                                                                                         Grass Valley, CA 95945
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                                                                                         530.272.0110 direct                         Mortgage Loan Officer
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              Dave Shutt      CSL#856855   530.263.6110                                                                                  Home Mortgage

24   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009

Program Notes
 M O N DAY S                                                                       T U E S DAY S

12:00am RED EYE RADIO Various                                                       12:00am HEART SPACE Brother Fre
                                                                                                A chance to go over the edge.
4:00am CONANT ROAD Lee Osborne
            Off the interstate and onto the backroads–reconnect with old–explore    ALT. with   FUSION INTRUSION Keith West
            new: Rock, Americana, Blues, Bluegrass and Country can all be found.
                                                                                                A melding of blues, jazz and fusion.
6:00am      BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite                  4:00am      BACK FORTY Michael Babiarz
6:30am      COMMUNITY CALENDAR                                                      ALT. with   RADIO INSOMNIA Raven
7:00am THE MORNING SHOW Steve Baker                                                             An aural portrait of music of the Americas. Folk and traditional
           7:40 Ian Shoales, 9:00 Alan Stahler.                                                 music, Americana, country, blues and roots-rock and more.
9:15 Dead Dog Café
                                                                                    6:00am      BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite
7 & 8am     BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite                  6:30am      COMMUNITY CALENDAR
7:30am      NEWS & COMMENTARY Travus T. Hipp
8:05am      KVMR NEWS Top regional and local news.                                  7:00am      MORNING SHOW Cheri Snook or TBA
10:00am SOUTH OF THE BORDER Doug Austin 1st Mon.                                    7 & 8am     BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite
        Marc Cuniberti 2nd Mon.Brazilian, Kathryn Smith 3rd Mon.                    7:30am      NEWS & COMMENTARY Travus T. Hipp
        Roo Cantada, Paul Castro or Catherine Allen 4th Mon.,                       8:05am      KVMR NEWS Top regional and local news.
        Joseph 5th Mon.
            Traditional and contemporary music of Mexico, Central America,          10:00am ECLECTIC SUITE/RADIO VARIANTS George Olson
            the Caribbean and South America.                                                    World Music

12:00pm EARTH MYSTERIES Haines Ely                                                  ALT. with   JAZZ BREAK Bruce Tepper
            Unusual insights into physical and metaphysical phenomena.
                                                                                    12:00pm SOUNDINGS Alan Stahler
ALT, with   THE TIBETAN RADIO HOUR Joseph 1st Mon.                                              A look into how the natural world works, and how we interact with it.
            A series of programs on Tibet.
                                                                                    ALT. with   BIONEERS John Fletcher
1:00pm      BOOK TOWN Eric Tomb                                                                 Environmental activism around the country and world.
            The scoop on books—as they are written, printed, bound,
            published, marketed, bought, sold, read and pulped.                     1:00pm      CONVERSATIONS Michael Stone
ALT. with   ZEN TECH Glenn Far & Paul Castro                                                    Possibilities and Perspectives on Local and Global Issues.
            Computer talk, tips and call-in show.                                               Timely and provocative topics.
                                                                                    2:00pm      SO MANY ROADS Richard Tewes/Thom Myers
2:00pm JIMMI ACCARDI’S ROCK’N’ROLL PARTY                                                        Blues variety with an emphasis on contemporary styles.
4:00pm      MUSIC MAGAZINE Greg Jewett                                              4:00pm      MUSIC MAGAZINE Elisa Parker
5:30pm      COMMUNITY CALENDAR                                                      5:30pm      COMMUNITY CALENDAR
6:30pm      KVMR NEWS                                                               6:30pm      KVMR NEWS featuring local/regional evening news
            featuring local/regional evening news
                                                                                    7:00pm      DEMOCRACY NOW! Amy Goodman
7:00pm      DEMOCRACY NOW! Amy Goodman
                                                                                    8:00pm      THE OTHER SIDE Mikail Graham
8:00pm THE WOMEN’S SHOW The Women’s Collective                                                  Two hours of the best in Lounge, Exotica, Space Age Bachelor Pad, &
            See page 20 for details.                                                            eclectic film music with the accent on eccentric aural odysseys. Pg. 20
10:00pm SALSA & LATIN JAZZ Leon Reyes
                                                                                    10:00pm TRANCE-IT LOUNGE Bill Emerson
            Playing the best in salsa & Latin jazz ”add a little spice.
                                                                                                21st century music, drum & bass, trance, house, techno.
          Jake explores some of his favorite musical genres. Classical,             ALT. with   ALL MIXED UP Jimmie Grimes
          alternative, electronic sounds will harmonize across the universe.                    Pop/ Dance/ Euro/Techno/Electronica/Indie 80's to Modern

                                                                                                 October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE                       25

     SPIRITHOUSE                                               Program Notes
         Carefully Chosen
                                                               W E D N E S D AY S
            Fairly Traded
      Art, Crafts and Clothing                                 12:00am RED EYE RADIO Various Hosts
          Now 2 Locations                                      4:00am MOUNTAIN BEAT MUSIC April Miranda
            Visit us at                                                     You never know what you're gonna get! Bluegrass to reggae, jazz to the
                                                                            creatively obscure. April wakes you up gently and rocks you into your day.
     313 & 315 Commercial Street
             Nevada City                                       ALT. with:   DAWN PATROL Mike Bissell
                                                                            4-5 Blues/Soul/MoTown, 5-5:30 Vinyl Revival, 5:30-6 Songbirds,
              Daily 10:30-6:00                                              6-7 Wherever Whimsy Takes Me
                                                               6:00am       BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite
                                                               6:30am       COMMUNITY CALENDAR

                                                               7:00am THE MORNING SHOW TBA
                                                               7 & 8am      BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite
                                                               7:30am       NEWS & COMMENTARY Travus T. Hipp
                                                               8:10am       CALIFORNIA REPORT

                                                               10:00am FOLK SAY Che Greenwood
                                                                            Historical to contemporary folk music.
                                                               ALT. with:   FOUR STRONG WINDS John Rumsey
                                                                            New and old folk with a hint of americana, folk rock and celtic.

                                                               12:00pm RABBLE ROUSING Chamba Lane
                                                                            Re-empowering you in your battle for rights from your government.
                                                                            Replace helplessness and hopelessness with power to the people.

                                                               1:00pm SEE JANE DO Elisa Parker & Leta Gibney 1st Wed.
                                                               ALT. with:   BIKE TALK Chris Kelley 3rd Wed.
                                                               ALT. with: THE     TALKIES Various 2nd, 4th, 5th Wed.
                                                               1:05pm       COMMUNITY CALENDAR

                                                               2:00pm REMEMBER WHEN John Goodman
                                                                            Music of the 30s, 40s and 50s.
                                                               ALT. with:   A SWINGIN’ AFFAIR Ron Avanzino
                                                               ALT. with:   TBA
                                                               3pm          NEVADA CITY CHAMBER REPORT

                                                               4:00pm MUSIC MAGAZINE Connie Coale
                                                                            Literate rock, folk and jazz. Choice singer songwriters and live
                                                                            studio performers
     6 2 5 E S K AT O N C I R C L E , G R A S S VA L L E Y
                                                               ALT. with    MUSIC MAGAZINE Jenny Michael
                                                                            A hand-picked musical blend for your afternoon audio pleasure. With live
                                                                            performances and interviews sprinkled in for added fun.
      PATHWAY S TO H E A LTH                                   5:30pm       COMMUNITY CALENDAR
              Reducing the stress of KVMR members since 1986   6:00pm KVMR NEWS
                                                                            featuring local/regional evening news
                                                               7:00pm DEMOCRACY NOW! Amy Goodman
      DISCOUNTS TO KVMR MEMBERS                                8:00pm CELTIC CADENCE Anne O’Dea Hestbeck
                                                                            Contemp. folk & trad. music of Ireland and other Celtic nations.
                     (530) 888-6534                            10:00pm PET SOUNDS Mark Leviton 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
          13122 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603                                Music of and inspired by The Sixties...and you can dance to it.
            Hours: Mon-Sat. 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Sun. 11-6 p.m.     ALT. with     STRAWBERRY BEATLES FOREVER Robert Turnage 2nd Wed.
                                                                             HIGHFLIGHT Philip Wright 4th Wed.
26   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
                                                                                                    BOOKS AND MORE

12:00am RED EYE RADIO Various Hosts
4:00am      MUSICOPIA Tim Smith
            Savory blend of free range rock w/special features; venturing into a
                                                                                                BUY• SELL• TRADE
            wide array of genres. New stuff, memories, and lots of great music!
                                                                                                              e Again with
                                                                                               ow Back Hom offee Roasters
ALT. with   MUSIC CAFÉ Evangeline Elston
            BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite
                                                                                                     ntain C
                                                                                           Sierra MouDrive, Grass Valley, CA 95945
7:00am      MORNING SHOW Paul Emery A wide variety.                                            671 Maltman
7 & 8am     BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite
7:30am      NEWS & COMMENTARY Travus T. Hipp
8:20am      LOCAL VIEWS OF THE GNUS Mark Staneart

10:00am DREAMWALK Skip Alan Smith & Michael Ben
   The best in contemporary & traditional Native American music & spoken word.
1st/3rd Th. Money Matters Marc Cuniberti
2nd Thurs. The Energy Report Martin Webb
4th Thurs. Good News Show Mikail, Amigo Bob
5th Th..    Various Various
1:00pm      FLEA MARKET Glenn Far Call in to buy or sell.

2:00pm GOOD STUFF Kim Rogers
            Singer-Songwriter to Bluegrass to Americana/Country + old to new...

4:00pm      MUSIC MAGAZINE Chris Towne
            Odds & ends & in-betweens. 5:35 WAXTRAX vinyl explorations

6:30pm      KVMR NEWS featuring local/regional evening news
7:00pm      DEMOCRACY NOW! Amy Goodman
8:00pm      JAZZ WORKSHOP Walt Fraser, Michael Keene,
            Derek Washington, and Bruce Tepper alternate
10:00pm ROAD DOG RADIO Edy Cassell
            Conscious hip hop and other funky beats and grooves, ranging from
            new rock and electronica to funk, soul, and jazz.
ALT. with   OUT OF BOUNDS Allen Aastrom                                                129 W. McKNIGHT WAY             735 ZION STREET
            Musical Mix of live concert recordings, jams & upbeat rhythms.            GRASS VALLEY 272-5000          NEVADA CITY 265-4596
                                                                                        SERVICE AND QUALITY SINCE 1959

12:00am RED EYE RADIO Various Hosts                                                   Have fun! Go out to a movie!
            A colorful mix of new music, humor, and memorable old songs.
            Sing along, laugh out loud, and click your heels to the beat.

ALT. with   ORDINARY TOWN Cindy Murray-Hayden                                         840 E. Main St. GV 477-9000   399 Sutton Wy. 477-9000
            An aural portrait of music of the Americas. Folk and traditional music,
            Americana, country, blues and roots-rock and more.
6:00am      BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite

7:00am THE MORNING SHOW Jerianne Van Dijk                                              165 Mill St. GV   273-6932   401 Broad St. NC 274-FILM
7 & 8am     BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS Latest int’l news via satellite
7:30am      NEWS & COMMENTARYwith Travus T. Hipp
                                                                                                 Sierra Theatres Showtimes
                                                                                             October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE      27

                                                                       Fridays continued...

                                                                       10:00am NEVADA CITY LIMITS Dennis Brunnenmeyer
                                                                                    Contemporary & traditional North American folk music, with an
                                                                                    emphasis on old-time acoustic styles and performances.
                                                                       ALT. with    THE NEW BRICK ROAD Laurie Des Jardins
                                                                                    Contemporary and traditional folk music.
                                                                       12:00pm DISABILITY RAP Anna Acton 1st Friday
                                                                                    Show dealing w/the disability movement. Call-ins welcome.
                                                                       Alt. with:   THE TALKIES Carol Osgood 2nd Friday
                                                                                    THE MEN’S SHOW Mike Askins, Nik Colyer 3rd Friday
                                                                                    Call-in talk show about integrity & men’s lives—at home, at
                                                                                    work, in relationship. Callers of all ages/genders invited. Interviews.
                                                                                    BEST OF HEALTH Arly Helm 4th Friday
                                                                       1:00pm       THE GARDEN FORUM Kathi Keville 1st Friday
                                                                                    Robin Martin 4th Friday
                                                                                    ORGANIC MATTERS Amigo Bob 2nd Friday
                                                                                    WHAT’S COOKING Patti Bess 3rd Friday
                                                                       1:05pm       COMMUNITY CALENDAR
          ALARM & ELECTRIC                                             2:00pm       THE AVANT GARAGE Alice MacAllister
                       Since 1984                                                   The weekend begins in the back of this Harley shop between the
                                                                                    Coke cooler & the turntable. New music from the past and future.
              24-HOUR MONITORED
             BURGLAR & FIRE ALARMS                                     4:00pm       MUSIC MAGAZINE Hap Hazard
                                                                       5:30pm       COMMUNITY CALENDAR
                     272-4646                                          6:30pm       KVMR NEWS featuring local/regional evening news
                    CLS58591 ALO 03082
                                                                       7:00pm       DEMOCRACY NOW! Amy Goodman
                                                                       8:00pm       TROPICAL STORM Al Lauer
                                                                       ALT. with:   ITAL CULTURE Redlocks
                                                                                    Reggae music and culture.

                                   Handcrafted                         10:00pm THE BACK ROOM Martha Kuhns
                          Ales & Lagers Brewed On-Site!                             Eclectic music.
                       Hop Harvest Ale On Tap Now                      Alt. with:    ALONE IN THE DARK Joel Brungardt
                       Our beers are now on tap at finer restaurants
                                   and pubs near you!                  S A T U R D AY S
                         Halloween at the Alehouse
                                   see website for details
                           Lunch & Dinner • Open Seven Days
                                                                       12:00am NIGHT VISION Various
                               530-885-ALES(2537)                      4:00am       RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME Kim Alan Bryant
                                                                       ALT. with:   SATURDAY MORNING LIVE John Taber
                                                                       7:00am       BACK ROADS Larry Hillberg
                                                                                    Ease into your Saturday mornings with first class music, past to present,
                                                                                    including folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter, Americana, Country, & more.
                                                                       7:30am       COMMUNITY CALENDAR

                                                                       10:00am COUNTY LINE BLUEGRASS SHOW Eric Rice
                                                                                    A special blend of the latest bluegrass music with a touch of
                                                                                    traditional, gospel, and live in-studio performances.
                                                                       12:00pm HARD COUNTRY Rick Snelson
                                                                                    Featuring current and classic country music.
                                                                       Alt. with:   RAGGED BUT RIGHT Thomas Greener
                                                                                    Country-western focusing on the music of Austin, Texas, folk, cajun,
                                                                                    and more. Gospel Corner 12:45.
                                                                       1:00pm       COMMUNITY CALENDAR

                                                                       2:00pm       ROCKIN n STOMPIN Wesley Robertson
                                                                                    Buckle up for the best in country, country rock, bluegrass, Cajun,
                                                                                    zydeco, blues and folk.
28   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
Saturdays continued...
4:00pm       RHYTHM & BLUES REVIEW Brian Lee                                                                                 New, Surplus and
             ‘’Color radio, ‘50s-’60s R&B, doo wop, rock ‘n’ roll and a cappella.
5:30pm       COMMUNITY CALENDAR                                                                                              Recycled
                                                                                                                             Building Materials
6:00pm       JEWELS AND BINOCULARS Mr. Barco
             Mr. Barco plays the music of Bob Dylan and sometimes more.                13355 GRASS VALLEY AVE.               including
                                                                                       OPEN WED-SAT, 9-4                     Plumbing & Electric,
ALT. with:   TBA                                                                       We will be moving and not open        Doors, Windows,
8:00pm       DEAD AIR Winfield, Richard Dunk or John Taber                             for business in November              Appliances
             A musical trip on the golden road to the promised land with               Grand Reopening at
             the Grateful Dead and friends.                                            12301 Loma Rica Dr., GV, December 2   and more!
                                                                                       INFORMATION 530-274-3761 or
10:00pm NIGHT ROOTS Richard Dunk
             Jazz, Blues & The Zooms on a Sat. night. Lots of “Ooh, baby”singers.
                                                                                       Awarded 2008 Nevada County Champion Recycler
ALT. with:   BOHEMIAN GROOVE Leia “Fey” Farrell
             Pulsing rhythms and eclectic sirensong.

                                                                                                                                Tom Strolle
12:00am QUARK, STRANGENESS & CHARM Larry Landis                                                                                 DVM
             Progressive rock & lots of craziness until 4 a.m.
ALT. with:   LIL ANGEL B’s BLUES CAFE Lil Angel B                                                                               272-2817
4:00am       LUNAR ROTATION Andy Dooley-Miller                                                                                  13895 Colfax Hwy.
             A gentle musical journey through the early hours with acoustical music                                             Grass Valley
             from past and present, near and far.                                                                               Just Past Brunswick on
ALT. with:   RISE & SHINE Kim Daniels                                                                                           Hwy. 174
             Soft classic rock, contemporary folk, acoustic and Americana.
7:00am     HOUSE BLEND Allison Miller                                                                                           Weekdays 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
ALT. with: CROOKED HIGHWAY Gary Wells                                                  "The Clinic With A Heart"                Saturdays 8:30 a.m.-noon
10:00am KANI KA PILA Hawaiian Style Michael Keene
             Hawaiian music, legends & stories, slack key guitar.
12:00pm TBA
1:00pm BLUES SPECTRUM 1st-5th Sundays Alice MacAllister,
Haines Ely, Derek Washington, Steve Cagle, Keith Andre
             The world of blues, traditional to contemporary, acoustic to electric.
1, 3, 5 Sun. Dawn Fischer, 2nd Sun. DJ Maath
   4th Sun. THE LION’S DEN DJ Vision Reggae
3:30pm       World Music Concert Calendar
5:00pm       SUNDAY NIGHT SHOWCASE Various
             Special programming including artist specials, live music
             broadcasts, humor/comedy, theater, classical music and more.
ALT. with:   BAYOU COUNTRY Dale LeBlanc Johnson
             The music of French Louisiana–Cajun, Creole, Zydeco & Swamp Pop,
             includes The Bayou Report at 6:30.
7:00pm       E-TOWN Nick Forster
                                                                                         THE BEST PLACE
             National radio series from Boulder, CO. Music & environment focused.         FOR CARPET!!
8:00pm       OLD RADIO THEATER David & Linda Breninger                                           & We Install too.
                                                                                               • Level Loop • Berber
             Experience the "Golden Age of Broadcasting."

                                                                                               • Sculptured • Textured
ALT. with:   LOAFER’S GLORY U. Utah Phillips
             Vintage episodes featuring Utah, eccentric songs, strange sounds,
             storytelling, labor heritage, social history and anarchism.
9:00pm       A WORD IN EDGEWISE T.E. Wolfe                                                 Over 100 Rolls or Custom Order Just What You Want !!
             Strange sonic tapestry of music and spoken word for the culturally
             marginalized elite.                                                                 PACKARD DISCOUNT
10:00pm THE OUTPOST Randy McKean                                                              CARPET & VINYL
                                                                                      110 S. Auburn at Main • Downtown GV • 477-2570
             Exploring the outer limits in composed and improvised music.
ALT. with:   NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND Julia Boorinakis Harper
                                                                                            October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE                 29
 U U P P O WT I TH E S U S I N E S S E S                     WHO        SUPPORT            KVMR

Business Underwriter Activity
KVMR Welcomes                                KVMR Thanks Our                           6 YEARS
A New Underwriters                                                                     SON'S DEVELOPMENT AND GREEN
                                             Renewling Underwriters
to our long list of loyal underwriters and
                                                                                       BUILDING SUPPLIES
                                             for July/August 2009                      Supplying natural building materials
we encourage our listeners to give them
their support.                                                                         including Ultra Touch recycled cotton
                                             18 YEARS                                  insulation, BioShield wood finishes,
GRASS VALLEY JUDO AND FITNESS                FLOUR GARDEN BAKERY                       American Pride bio-based paints,
A community-based sport, health and          Offering new artisan breads made          American Clay interior plaster, tools,
wellness center, offering classes in         exclusively with organic flours; fresh,   and more. Next to Sierra Solar at
Judo, Yoga, and various martial arts         homemade soups and chilis everyday;       563 Idaho Maryland Rd, GV. 273-7875
with a full gym, infrared sauna, and         plus Fair-Trade organic coffees,
massage studio. 131 Joerschke Dr.,           espressos, and organic bagels; also,
GV. 271-5836                                                                5 YEARS
                                             many gluten-free products. Open
                                             daily at 3 locations: Brunswick Basin,    SUMMER THYME'S BAKERY & DELI
AIR CONDITIONING                             272-2043; Downtown GV, 477-CAKE           Featuring local and organic foods for
Providing mountain and valley com-           and Auburn Town Center, 888-1011.         breakfast, lunch and catering, with
munities with service and sales of                                                     gluten-free, vegan and raw selections
new and existing heating and cooling         11 YEARS                                  available. Live music Saturdays, 10
systems. Also offering energy-saving         NEW MOON CAFE                             a.m.-1 p.m. Open daily at 421 Colfax
units that qualify for government            Celebrating the moon with desserts,       Ave., GV. 273-2904
efficiency programs. 354-5269                coffees, teas. Local foods for local                                                                     4 YEARS
                                             folks! Beer and wine from around the      WHITEWATER NATUROPATHIC
MATTEO'S PUBLIC                              world. Dinner and lunch. Reserva-         MEDICINE
Serving pub-style appetizers, sand-          tions: 265-6399. York and Commer-         Providing natural health care for the
wiches, and plates, using local and          cial Sts., NC.                            whole family. Licensed Naturopathic
organic ingredients whenever possi-                                                    Doctors specialize in natural medi-
ble, along with wines and usual              8 YEARS                                   cine and offer complimentary and
and unusual crafted beers. Kitchen           DAVE'S CAVE AT NEW FAITH                  alternative therapies. E. Main St., GV.
open until 9:30 p.m. weekdays,                                                         271-7123
11 p.m. on the weekends.                     COMMUNITY CHURCH IN AUBURN
                                             Now in their 14th season presenting
300 Commercial St., NC. 265-0-PUB
                                             monthly folk, Americana, and singer-      GV = Grass Valley, NC = Nevada City
NEVADA COUNTY PROPERTIES                     songwriter concerts. Dave's Cave is       All area codes are 530, unless otherwise noted.
A Recreation Realty company, serving         part of the New Faith Community
Nevada County and surrounding                Church, located in the Pamelot
areas since 1973, providing guidance         School of Dance building, 540 Wall        Please support our
and expertise to both buyers and             St., Aub. 878-2488                        underwriters.
sellers. Broker John Hensley can be
reached at 265-6565.
                                                                                       They support KVMR!
                                             8 YEARS
                                             THE POWERHOUSE PUB
WRIGHTBUILT HOME REMODEL & DESIGN            Presenting the "Sunday PowerHouse         To find out how you can
offering creatively designed remodels        of Blues" featuring a different band      become a KVMR underwriter,
of kitchens, baths and additions since       every Sunday 3-6:30 p.m., followed
1983. Showroom at 1072 E. Main St.,          by the Sunday blues jam. 614 Sutter       contact Richard Gorman at
GV. 272-6657                 St., Folsom.            265-9073, ext. 115

30   KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE October / November 2009
  SUPPORT                          THE              BUSINESSES                                   WHO               SUPPORT                         KVMR

Our Business Underwriters
GV=Grass Valley, NC=Nevada City, PV=Penn Valley Sac=Sacramento, TR=Truckee, TC=Tahoe City All area codes 530 unless noted.

A-Z Supply, Ace Hardware                             Davis Food Coop                                       Monte Vista Inn 389-2333                        Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
13396 Ridge Rd., GV 273-6608                         620 G St., Davis 758-2095                             I-80 at the Dutch Flat exit, Dutch Flat 95714   1900 Alhambra Blvd., Sac. 916-455-2667
ABT Plumbing, Electric, Heat & Air                   Dry Creek Herb Farm                                   Drs. Jerry Chan & Lisa Moon                     The Sacred Bee 478-0600                               10121 Wolf Rd., GV 268-3638                           360 Sierra College Dr., Ste.100, GV 273-3190    1451A E. Main St., GV 272-6427
Ace Propane                                                                  Moonshine Ink                                   Second Time Around
GV 271-7365                           Haines Ely, M.D. Inc.                                 P.O. Box 4003, Truckee 96160 587-3607           112 Argall Way, NC 530-265-8844
AgNatural                                            10565 Brunswick #7, GV 477-SKIN                       Ray Morgan Co.                                  Sierra Cinemas, Sutton Cinemas,
403 Idaho-Maryland Rd., GV 274-0990                  East Main Street Insurance Services                   538 Searls Ave., NC 478-9298                    Nevada Theatre, Del Oro Theatre
Alpine Aviation                                      401 E. Main St., GV 477-5234
                                                                                                           Mountain Recreation                             840C E. Main St., GV 477-9000 / 274-FIL
13310 Nevada City Ave., #A, GV 477-7701              Eskaton Village                                       491 East Main St., GV 477-8006
                                                     625 Eskaton Circle, GV 273-1778                                                           Sierra Consulting &
At Home Theater & Audio                                                                                    Mountain Stream Meditation                      Integrated Pest Management
360 Idaho-Maryland Rd., GV 273-9019                  Evangeline’s                                          P. O. Box 4362, Aub 272-6425
                                                     5 Depot St., Colfax 346-8833                                                                          P.O. Box 1971, NC, CA 95959 432-7845
Auburn Alehouse                                                                                            Neurofeedback Center of
289 Washington St., Aub 885-2537                     Flour Garden Bakery                                                                                   Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
                                                                                                           Nevada County                                   1075 E. 20th St., Chico 345-2739                                   11999 Sutton Way, GV 272-2043                         Ivor Sowton, MFT 265-7447             
                                                     340C Elm Ave., Aub 888-1011
Auburn Printers                                                                                            Nevada County Properties
                                                     109 Neal St., GV 477-CAKE                                                                             Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital
13020 Earhart Ave., Aub 95602 885-9674                                                                     18848 Hwy. 20, NC 265-6565
                                                     Foothill Flowers                                                                                      155 Glasson Way, GV 95945
B & C True Value                                                                                 
                                                     102 W Main St., GV 273-2296                                                                           274-6000
Home and Garden Center                                                                                     Nevada City Retreats
                                                     Giovanni’s Restaurant & Bar                           NC 277-1510
                                                                                                                                                           Sierra Solar Systems
12032 Nevada City Hwy, GV 273-6105
                                                     25689 Hwy. 174 at Rollins Lake Road, Colfax                                                           563 Idaho-Maryland Rd., GV 273-6754
Barber & Gonzales Consulting                                                                               Nevada County Habitat for
                                                     Garden Fare                                                                                           Sierra Timberline
916-786-4368                                                                                               Humanity Re-Store                 324 Idaho Maryland Rd., GV 273-4822
                                                     PV 913-2962
Beach Hut Deli                                                                                             13355 Grass Valley Ave., GV 274-3761  
                                                     Gold Country Copier
100 Union St., NC 470-0879                                                                                 Nevada County Recycles                          Son’s Building & Development
                                                     964 Golden Gate Terrace, GV 477-1184
The Beat                                                                                                   950 Maidu Ave., NC 265-1768
                                                                                                                                                           563 Idaho-Maryland Rd., GV 273-7875
1700 J St., Sac. 916-446-4402                        Gold Country Water                          
                                                     P.O. Box 1405, Rocklin 95766 888-697-8890                                                             Jim Sontag Construction
                                                                                                           New Moon Cafe
Best Friends Animal Clinic                                                                                                                                 NC 559-5746
                                                     Grass Valley Hydrogarden                              203 York St., NC 265-6399
Grass Valley 272-2817                                                                                                                                      South Pine Cafe
                                                     12520 Loma Rica Dr, #3 & 4, GV 477-2996               Northern Sierra AQMD
Big Mountain Heating and Air                                                                                                                               110 S. Pine St., Nevada City 265-0260
                                                     Grass Valley Judo & Fitness                           NC 530-274-9360
800-FURNACE                                                                                                                             102 N. Richardson, GV 274-0621
                                                     131 Joerschke Dr., GV 271-5836             Omsoft Technologies
Big O Tires                                                                                       758-0119                             South Yuba River Citizens League
GV, Placerville, Sacramento                 Grass Valley Veterinary Hospital                                                                      216 Main St., NC 265-5961
                                                     11101 Rough & Ready Hwy., GV 273-7272                 Outside Inn
The Book Seller                                                                                            575 E. Broad St., NC 265-2233                   SPD Markets
107 Mill St., GV 272-2131                            Gray Goose                                                                                            735 Zion St., Nevada City 265-4596
                                                     230 Broad St., NC 265-5909
                                                                                                           Parts for Imports                               129 W. McKnight Way, GV 272-5000
Booktown Books & Tomes                                                                                     10028 Joerschke Dr., GV 272-3477
107 Bank St., GV 272-4655 or 273-4002                Highgate Senior Living                                Pathways To Health                              Sweetland Garden Supply
                                                     415 Sierra College Dr., GV                                                                            29435 Hwy. 49, N. San Juan 292-9000
BriarPatch Co-op                                                                                           13122 Lincoln Way, Auburn 888-6534
                                                     272-8002                                                                     Jeannie Tofanelli
Natural Foods Community Market                                                                             Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
290 Sierra College Dr., GV 272-5333                  Hughes Body & Fender                                  125 Clydesdale Ct., GV 272-4769                 346-9713
                                                     962 B Golden Gate Terrace, GV 477-1394                                       Twin Soles Ashiatsu Massage
California School Of Garden Design
P.O. Box 648, Applegate 885-1625            Ike’s Quarter Cafe                                    Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic                    202 N. Pine St., NC 262-1335
                                                     401 Commercial St., NC 265-6138                       128 New Mowhawk Rd., NC 478-9141                The Union
The Center For The Arts
314 W. Main St., GV 271-7000                         Indian Springs Tasting Room                           Plan It Solar                                   11464 Sutton Wy, GV 273-9561                              303 Broad St., NC 478-1068, 800-375-9311              17487 Penn Valley Dr., Bldg. A, PV 432-3776     Whitewater Naturopathic Medicine
                                                                           Pleasant Valley Veterinary Center               1097 E. Main St., #C, GV 271-7123
Cirino’s at Main Street
215 W. Main St., GV 477-6000                         Interim Homestyle Services                            10171 Commercial Ave. PV 432-8443     
                                                     GV 95945 272-0300                                     Plaza Tire and Auto Service                     Wilbur Hot Springs
Cirino’s Bar & Grill
309 Broad St., NC 265-2246                           KIM ART Graphics                                      531 Searls Ave., NC 265-4642                    3375 Wilbur Springs Rd., Williams, CA 95987
                                                     GV 273-9676                     1774 S. Canyon Way Colfax 346-8782              530-473-2306
Citizen’s Bank of Northern California                                                                      17317 Penn Valley Dr., PV 432-9144
530-478-6000                      Matteo's Public                                                                                       Wolf Creek Wilderness
                                                     300 Commercial St., NC 265-0782                       Powerhouse Pub                                  595 E. Main St., GV 95945 477-2722
Cooler Zone
                                                     Melas Energy Engineering                              614 Sutter St., Folsom, CA 916-355-8586         The Wooden Spoon
274-9030 or 866-769-PURE
                                                     547 Uren St., NC 265-2492                             The Real Graphic Source /                       12066 Nevada City Hwy., GV 272-8980
The Copper Top Lounge
133 Neal St., GV 274-2260                            Miners Foundry                                        Grass Valley Blueprint 273-8835                 WrightBuilt Home Remodel & Design                                  325 Spring St, NC 265-5040                        1072 E. Main St., GV 272-6657
Courtney J. Cook Fine Home Building                  Mister Rooter of Nevada County                        Ridge Rock Quarry 292-0121                      YubaDocs Medical Clinic 575-5139                     530-274-4468                             22800 Pleasant Valley Rd., N. San Juan          12090 Nevada City Hwy, GV 274-5020

                                                                                                                             October / November 2009 KVMR LISTENERS’ GUIDE                                 31
   ...back into time to the Golden Daysof radio!
   Old Radio Theatre
   24 Years
   on the air.
   8 p.m. on alternating
   Sundays with
   Dave & Linda Breninger
   On the air continuously
   since 1985

 Since 1977

         We are here to help keep
       your import car on the road!
   10028 Joerschke Drive, Grass Valley • 272-3477

                                                                      Non-Profit Organization
KVMR 89.5 FM                                                              U.S. Postage
Nevada City Community                                                         PAID
Broadcast Group Inc.                                                  Nevada City, CA 95959
401 Spring Street                                                        Permit No. 895
Nevada City, CA 95959


Moving? Give us GUIDE October / November 2007
32 KVMR LISTENERS’a call during business hours at 530-265-9073.   Printed on recycled paper.

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