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					Black Bean Roast Beef
1.25kg (2½Ib) lean rib of beef, topside or sirloin joint
2 red onions
2 carrots
100g (4oz) Pak choi
1 x 15ml spoon (1tbsp) oil
100g (4oz) sugar snap peas
2 x 15ml spoon (2tbsp) black bean sauce

Weighing scales, 2 x roasting tins, vegetable peeler,                                   Serves: 4-6
vegetable knife, chopping board,
measuring spoon, wooden mixing spoon,                                              Cooking times:
pastry brush.                                                                      Rare 20 mins per 450g/½kg (1Ib) + 20 mins
                                                                                   Medium 25 mins per 450g/½kg (1Ib) + 25 mins
                                                                                   Well Done 30 mins per 450g/½kg (1Ib) + 30 mins
1. Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC or Gas mark 4.
2. Place the meat on a rack in a roasting tin and open roast in a pre-heated oven for the
   calculated cooking time (see above).
3. Prepare the vegetables:
            • peel and chop the onions into wedges
            • peel and chop the carrots into thick strips
            • wash and slice the Pak choi into strips
4. About 40-50 minutes before the end of cooking time, place the red onions and carrots
    into a large roasting tin and drizzle with oil and roast.
5. About 10-15 minutes before end of cooking time add the sugar snap peas, pak choi and
   black bean sauce to the vegetables and mix together.
6. Spread the black bean sauce over the beef joint and cook for the remaining time.

Handy hints
   • Serve the black bean roast beef with the roasted Chinese vegetables and mashed
   • Serve tossed through a beansprout and noodle salad.

Did you know?

Black bean sauce is often used in Chinese cookery and is made from fermented soybeans

Nutrition information per 100g/serving: Energy 465/1907kJ, protein 18.3/75.2g, carbohydrate 2.9/12.0g,
carbohydrate of which sugars 2.3/9.6g, fat 2.9/11.9g, saturated fat 0.9/3.8g, dietary fibre 0.8/3.4g, salt 0.3/1.1g,
iron 1.9/7.7mg

A more comprehensive nutritional analysis is available at

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