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                                                                 WARREN W. HICKS
PHONE: 203-544-9081                                                 BOX 178                                      CLOSING DATE FOR RECEIPT OF BIDS:
FAX: 203-544-9311                                              GEORGETOWN CT 06829
E-MAIL:                              U.S.A.                                                  APRIL 30, 2011

The following records are offered at auction. Records are visually graded using traditional standards and are all guaranteed as usual. Your sa tisfaction as a customer is
of primary concern, so let me know if you‟re not happy with any item. Should you need to return a record, please contact me before doing so as it may well be that
the item involved is not worth the time and expense of the return.

Minimum bids are shown at the heading for each section, but I reserve the right to reject any bid that is not commensurate with the record‟s worth.

Bid by item number in the left-hand column. Please use the bidding form that appears at the end of the list if at all possible, and it will help if you will also include
your account number which appears on your address label. I don‟t recommend using postcards to submit your bids. They tend to get lost in the shuffle and the
postal service sometimes obscures the written data with reverse cancellations. You can also submit your bids via fax at 203 -544-9311, or by e-mail at

Please don‟t make topping offers and please don‟t make block bids except where indicated as allowable.

Be sure to check over your bids before mailing to be sure that you have used the correct item numbers. Even though some of you also list artist, titles and record
number, this does not relieve you of the responsibility of using the correct item number. My computer can deal only with item numbers and if you use the wrong
one you will be awarded the wrong record. If you bid on and win a wrong item number you will be expected to pay for it. This is not meant to imply infallibility on
my part. In the course of entering the 12,000 or so bids received for each auction into the computer, I know that I‟m good for more than a couple of keystroke
errors for which I will readily make any necessary adjustment, but I can‟t assume the responsibility for bidder errors as wel l. In other words, I‟ll pay for my goofs and
you pay for yours.

Please mail your bids early to ensure yourself of not missing out. Mail service is erratic to say the least, and I strongly recommend that bids be mailed at least 10 days
prior to the closing date for U.S. bidders, and at least 15 days prior to the closing date for overseas bidders. If it looks like you‟re going to be late, find a fax service in
your area for transmittal of your bids, or find someone who has e-mail if you don‟t have your own.

Winners (only) will be notified of the amount of their winnings, plus postage, packing & insurance charges. Winnings for dome stic bidders will be shipped by parcel
post, media rate, insured for parcels valued at over $25.00. I‟m sorry that I‟m unable to use UPS. Winnings for overseas bid ders will be shipped via Priority Mail,
insured in the amount of customs valuation. If you do not indicate a customs valuation, a minimum valuation will be used. There has been very little loss of overseas
parcels, but our liability is limited to the customs/insurance value specified.

Payment can be by check, money order, bank draft (payable on a U.S. bank), or U.S. currency (cash payments should always be sent via registered mail). I encourage
use of your credit card (Master Card, Visa, AMEX or Discover) as it speeds delivery of your order. Details are found on the bidding form at the end of the list. Be
sure to copy your credit card number accurately and completely and be sure to include the expiration date. Yes, overseas cust omers can use credit cards as well. This
method of payment has proved to be very expeditious for overseas transactions. I can also accept payment via PayPal. Those payments can be made to

Winning bids totaling under $10.00 will not be shipped and no payment will be required. You‟ll still receive a winning bidder‟s notification, but the records will be
held over to the next auction and the amount will be added to your next invoice. I will gladly hold records over from one auction to the next to help ease the burden
of shipping costs, but payment will be required for the “records only” portion of your invoice if it totals over $10.00. I‟m always happy to combine winnings for
overseas bidders with other collectors in the same area, but I must have the approval of all parties concerned, and there should be one joint payment to cover all of
the parties, or all parties should use credit cards.

Please do not place bids if you will be unable to pay for your winnings within a reasonable time. These auctions are my sole source of income, and like any business
cash flow is an important factor. My clients (the people who own the records that I list) expect to receive their shares from the sale of their records within a
reasonable time following the closing date, and I can only accomplish this if your payments are received promptly.

Our set-up is such that I‟m not able to service want lists. I don‟t maintain an inventory of records in the normal sense and I never know what I have u ntil I process
each consignment for listing.

A word about our shipping schedule: Our mailing list has now grown to the point where there are several hundred parcels to be packed for each auction. Our credit
card customers are shipped first, since their payment dates are essentially the same as the date of their invoice. These are done in Account Number order, which
affords us some semblance of a system and allows the charter members of our mailing list (the earliest Account Numbers) to be shipped first. It takes about two
weeks from the date that appears on your credit card charge slip to complete all of the credit card customers, so if your Account Number is 3700, for instance, your
records are going to be shipped about two weeks after Account Number 10. Thereafter, shipments are made in the order in which payments are received, but our
volume is such that it may take a couple of weeks from receipt of payment for records to be shipped when the packing operation is at its peak. Your understanding
and patience will be very much appreciated.

And finally, if you have a first-line, clean collection of jazz records or literature for disposal, please inquire about our consignment services.

SECTION I – 10” x 78 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00)                                            9 Whatcha Gonna Do When there Ain‟t no Swing?/Midnight
(*) preceding BB catalog number indicates buff label.                                                Blue                                            VO 3339 V/V+
(*) preceding DE catalog number indicates “Sun Dial” label.                                  10 Lost in my Dreams/Sitting on the Moon                VO 3340 V+/V
All VI records are original label unless otherwise indicated:                                11 Never Go to Heaven/Merry-Go-Round Broke Down VO 3594 E+/E
     (RG) Round gold label when original is scroll.                                          OVIE ALSTON & his Orch.
     (SIL) Silver label when original is scroll or round gold.                               12 Ja-Da/Junk-Man‟s Serenade                            VO 4448 V+/E-
     (RCA) RCA Victor label when original is any of the above.                               DANNY ALVIN‟s Kings of Dixieland
(v) preceding record label name indicates vinyl pressing.                                    13 The Bucket Song/Red Pepper Rag                       RONDO 235 E
(sol) following condition code indicates pressure-sensitive sticker                          ALBERT AMMONS
      on label, which would presumably tear label if removed.                                14 Shout for Joy/MEADE LUX LEWIS: Bear Cat Crawl OK 4608 E/E+
      Gummed labels are not noted.                                                           ANDREWS SISTERS with Bob Crosby‟s Bob Cats
(w) following tune title indicates waltz.                                                    15 Begin the Beguine/Long Time No See                   DE 2290     E
(wol) following condition code indicates writing on label.                                   RAY ANTHONY & his Orch.
                                                                                             16 Isn‟t This Better than Walkin‟ in the Rain/Please Be
VAN ALEXANDER & his Orch.                                                                            Kind                                           SONORA 3037 E
1 Don‟t Look Now/Dancing in the Dark                BB 10164            E-                   HARRY ARCHER & his Orch.
ALEXANDER‟S JAZZ BAND (Bob Scobey)                                                           17 Lantern of Love/Baby                                 BR 2996     E-
2 Alcoholic Blues/Clarinet Marmalade         vRAGTIME 1051           E                       18 It Must Be Love/I Was Blue                           BR 3003     E-
ALL STAR JAM BAND (Hackett, Marsala, etc.)                                                   LIL ARMSTRONG & her Swing Orch.
3 For He‟s a Jolly Good Fellow/Let‟s Get Happy      COM 528             E                    19 Brown Gal/Or Leave Me Alone                          *DE 1092 E+/E
ALL STAR ORCHESTRA (TD solos on all)                                                         20 Lindy Hop/When I Went Back Home                      *DE 1388    V+
4 I Just Roll Along/My Melancholy Baby VI 21212 E(tiny lbl tear first side)                  LOUIS ARMSTRONG
5 Rainbow „Round my Shoulder/She Didn‟t Say Yes     VI 21667            E-                   21 Honey Don‟t U Love Me Anymore/Honey Do! (Staff)BB 7787           E+
HENRY “RED” ALLEN                                                                            22 Nobody Knows…/Shout All Over God‟s Heaven BrG 82566              E
6 Every Minute of the Hour/FLETCHER HENDERSON:                                               23 Star Dust/Chinatown, My Chinatown                    CO 2574D    V+
         Christopher Columbus                  LUCKY(Jap) S-4           E-                   24 Hope Gabriel Likes my Music/Shoe Shine Boy           DE 672      E
7 Rosetta/Dinah Lou                        PaE R2886 E(tiny label tears)                     25 Music Goes „Round/Rhythm Saved the World             *DE 685   E/E+
8 Pardon my Sou. Accent/How‟s About Tomorrow Nite PER 15970 E-/V+                            26 Rhythm Saved the World/Mahogany Hall Stomp           *DE 824     E
27 Yours & Mine/Sun Showers                               *DE 1369 E-/E        106 Laughin‟ in Rhythm/Rip Up the Joint                VI 27663          E
28 True Confession/Jubilee                                DE 1635     E-/E     107 (w/Luter) Ridin‟ Easy Blues/Les Oignons VOGUE(Fr) 5015               E-
29 Let that Be a Lesson/Struttin‟ with Some Barbecue DE 1661            V+     GRAEME BELL
30 I‟ve Got a Pocketful of Dreams/Naturally               DE 1937       E-     108 I‟m a Little Blackbird/The Aztec Princess         RAMPART 9 E
31 Jeepers Creepers/What Is this Thing Called Swing DE 2267             E      109 Wolverine Blues/Sobbin‟ Blues               TEMPO(Eng) A78           E+
32 If It‟s Good/West End Blues                            DE 2480     E+/E     PHIL BENNETT & his Orch. (Ben Pollack Orch.)
33 Confessin‟/Our Monday Date                             DE 2615       E+     110 Rollin‟ Down the River/CHECKER BOX BOYS (Lou Gold):
34 Baby Won‟t You Please../Shanty Boat on Miss.           DE 2729       E-             Bye Bye Blues                           BROADWAY 1391 V+
35 Hep Cat‟s Ball/Lazy „Sippi Steamer                     DE 3283       E+     RALPH BENNETT & his Seven Aces
36 New Do You Call that a Buddy/Hey Lawdy Mama DE 3756                  E+     111 My Extraordinary Gal/I‟m So Alone with the Crowd MEL 12354 E
37 I‟ll Get Mine Bye & Bye/Yes Suh                        DE 3900       E      112 We Just Couldn‟t Say Goodbye/Through my Tears MEL 12451 V+
38 I Used to Love You/Leap Frog                           DE 4106       E      BENRUS RADIO ORCH. (Lanin)
39 …Anything but Love/Ain‟t Misbehavin‟                   DeE F6954     E      113 I‟m Yours                                          HOW 1113          E
40 West End Blues/Fireworks                       (Lg red)OK 8597    V-/V      114 Blue Again                                         HOW 1126          E
41 A Monday Date/Sugar Foot Strut                 (Lg red)OK 8609       V      BENSON ORCH. of CHICAGO
42 You‟re Driving Me Crazy/Peanut Vendor (Sm blk)OK 41478 V/V+                 115 My Sunny Tennessee/Ma!                             VI 18819          E
43 When It‟s Sleepy Time Down South/You Rascal                                 116 Copenhagen/Keep on Dancing                         VI 19470          V+
         You                       (Sm blk)OK 41504 V+/V(label scratches)      BUNNY BERIGAN
44 Lazy River/Georgia on my Mind                  (Sm blk)OK 41541      V-     117 It‟s Been So Long/Swing Mr. Charlie           VO 3179 E-(tiny rcnap)
45 Body & Soul/You Rascal You                             VO 3072       E      118 I Can‟t Get Started/Rhythm Saved the World        VO 3225 E+(rcnap)
46 Devil & Deep Blue Sea/Sweet Savannah Sue               VO 3136    E/E-      SONNY BERMAN‟s Big Eight
47 Sugar Foot Strut/Fireworks                             VO 3148       E      119 Nocturne/HOWARD McGHEE: Thermodynamics DIAL 1020 E/E-
48 Savoy Blues/Walkin‟ my Baby Back Home                  VO 3217       E      CLYDE BERNHARDT with Leonard Feather‟s Blue Six
49 I Can‟t Believe…/My Sweet                              VO 3308       E      120 Scandal-monger Mama/Blues in the Red               MUS 348           E-
GUS ARNHEIM & his Cocoanut Grove Orch. (Bing vocs)                             CHU BERRY
50 Ho Hum!/I‟m Gonna Get You                              VI 22691      E-     121 Forty-six West Fifty-two/Sitting In                COM 516           E+
PAUL ASH & his Merry Mad Musical Gang                                          122 Blowing Up a Breeze/Monday at Minton‟s             COM 541           E+
51 I Got Rhythm (Ballew voc, TD, nice JD solo)/FRANK AUBURN                    123 Too Marvelous for Words/Now You‟re Talking my
         Orch: It‟s a Great Life (Ballew voc, TD solo)    V-T 2234V     E-             Language                                    VARIETY 532          E+
GEORGIE AULD                                                                   124 Ebb Tide/My Secret Love Affair                     VO 3793           E
52 You‟ve Got Me Jumpin‟/Nashooma                  vDISCOVERY 116       E+     EDDIE BERT Quintet
BUSTER BAILEY Sextet                                                           125 All the Things You Are/Ming Tree              vDISCOVERY 169 E-
53 April in Paris/Should I                             VARSITY 8337     E      VIC BERTON & his Orch.
MILDRED BAILEY                                                                 126 Two Rivers Flow thru Harlem/Imitations of You CoE FB1274             E+
54 Doin‟ the Uptown Lowdown/Give Me Liberty…              BR 6680     E/E+     127 A Smile Will Go a Long Long Way/In Blinky Winky Chinky
55 Give Me Time/Rockin‟ Chair                             CO 80-G       E+             Chinatown                                      VO 2964           E+
56 After All I‟ve Been to You/A Bee Gezindt               CO 35409      E+     DON BESTOR & his Orch.
57 I‟m Nobody‟s Baby/Give Me Time                         CO 35626      E      128 Animal Crackers/The Simple Things in Life          BrG A9871         E
58 When that Man Is Dead & Gone/Jenny                     DE 3661     E/V+     PAUL BIESE & his Orch.
59 Georgia on my Mind/I‟m Afraid of Myself                DE 3691       E-     129 Cinderella Blues/Blue Evening Blues                VI 19314          E-
60 It‟s So Peaceful in the Country/Lover Come Back DE 3953              E+     BIG JOE & his Rhythm (Joe McCoy)
61 It‟s the Natural Thing to Do/Moon Got in my Eyes VO 3626 E-/V+              130 What Will I Do?/Oh! Red‟s Twin Brother             BB 8864           E-
62 Moonshine over Kentucky/If You Were in my Place VO 4109              E      BIG MAYBELLE
63 Now It Can Be Told/I Haven‟t Changed a Thing           VO 4282       V+     131 I‟ve Got a Feelin‟/You‟ll Never Know               OK 7026       V+/E
64 Old Folks/Have You Forgotten so Soon                   VO 4432     E/E-     BARNEY BIGARD
65 The Lamp Is Low/Tit-Willow                             VO 4845       V+     132 Rose Room/Coquette                              KEYNOTE 617 E+
BELLE BAKER & The Virginians                                                   133 Caravan/Stompy Jones                           VARIETY 515 E-/V+
66 Yes We Have no Bananas Blues/Jubilee Blues             VI 19135 E-(rcnap)   134 Get It Southern Style/If You‟re Ever in my Arms VARIETY 596 V+
SMITH BALLEW & his Orch. (Teagarden solo first side)                           135 Drummer‟s Delight/If I Thought You Cared           VO 3985 V+/E-
67 Congratulations/Foolin‟ with Other Woman‟s Man MEL 13029`E-/V+              TED BLACK & his Orch.
CLAUDE BAMPTON & his Bandits (London, 1935)                                    136 Banking on the Weather/Masquerade(w)               VI 24046          E-
68 Ring Dem Bells/April Morning                           *DE 1016 E-/V+       BLUE RIBBON BOYS (Mills Blue Rhythm)
CHARLIE BARNET & his Orch.                                                     137 Star Dust/Minnie the Moocher                       BAN 32166 E/E-
69 Empty Saddles/I‟m an Old Cowhand                       *BB 6448    E/E-     THE BLUES CHASERS (Texas Ten)
70 Still the Bluebird Sings/An Apple for the Teacher      BB 10349      E-     138 Sweet Georgia Brown/LOU GOLD: Rose of the
71 (L. Horne vocs)Good-for-Nothin‟ Joe/Haunted Town BB 30-0823 E+                      Moonlight                                      PER 14428 V/V+
72 That Real Romance/Smiles                               DE 18363 E+/E-       BON BON & his Buddies
73 I Like to Riff/Shady Lady                              DE 18378 E/E+        139 I Don‟t Want to Set the World on Fire/Sweet Mama DE 3980             E-
COUNT BASIE                                                                    140 Seeing You Again Did Me No Good/Sleepy Old Town DE 8603 E
74 Baby Don‟t Tell on Me (issued mx. W24240-1)            vCO TEST      E+     SHARKEY BONANO
75 Deep in the Blues (mx. 29582-1, unissued on 78) (Shellac)CO TEST E+         141 Tin Roof Blues/Farewell Blues                      vKAPPA 115 E+
76 Good Morning Blues/Our Love Was Meant to Be DE 1446                  E      142 That‟s a Plenty/Bucket Got a Hole in It            vKAPPA 120 E
77 Don‟t You Miss Your Baby?/Topsy                        DE 1770     V+/E     143 Blowing Off Steam/Wash It Clean                    VO 3410           E+
78 Stop Beatin‟ Round Mulberry Bush/London Bridge DE 2004 V+/E-                BOOTS & his Buddies
79 Texas Shuffle/Peas & Rice & Cocoanut Oil               DE 2030       E-     144 Sweet Girl/LOUIS “KING” GARCIA: Swing Mr.
80 Do You Wanna Jump Children/Panassie Stomp              DE 2224       E-             Charlie                                        *BB 6357      E/E-
81 My Heart Belongs to Daddy/Sinf for your Supper DE 2249             E/E+     145 Ain‟t Misbehavin‟/FRANKIE REYNOLDS Orch: Oh! Lady Be
82 The Dirty Dozens/When the Sun Goes Down                DE 2498     E-/E             Good                        (Staff)BB 7241 E+(label tear first side)
83 Evil Blues/Jive at Five                                DE 2922     E-/E     146 The Happy/RONNIE MUNRO & his Orch:
84 Blow Top/Gone with “What” Wind                         OK 5629       E              Ten Pretty Girls                           (Staff)BB 7245 E/E+
85 Super Chief/You Can‟t Run Around                       OK 5673       E+     147 Lonely Moments/ART KASSEL: Sobbin‟ Blues (Staff)BB 7669 E/E-
86 Moten Swing/Evenin‟                                    OK 5732       E+     BEA BOOZE
87 I Want a Little Girl/It‟s Torture                      OK 5773     E-/E     148 So Good/These Young Men Blues                      DE 8658           V+
88 Love Jumped Out/It‟s the Same Old Story                OK 5963       E+     149 Mr. Freddie Blues/Gulf Coast Blues                 DE 48033          E-
89 Rocking the Blues/Volcano                              OK 6010       E+     BOSWELL SISTERS
90 Broadway/The Jitters                                   OK 6095       E+     150 I Thank You Mr. Moon/Nothing is Sweeter than You BR 6231             E+
91 Fancy Meetin‟ You/One Two Three O‟Lairy                OK 6319       E+     151 Was that the Human Thing to Do/Put Sun Back in Sky BR 6257 E+
92 H & J/Diggin‟ for Dex OK 6365 E/E-(small label scratch second side)         152 Swanee Mammy/Putting It On                         BR 6625           E+
93 Moon Nocturne/Something New                            OK 6449       E      153 Coffee in Morning/Song of Surrender BR 6733 E+(lt lbl scr 1st side)
94 Tom Thumb/My Old Flame                                 OK 6527     E-/E     154 Object of my Affection/It‟s Written All Over Your Face BR 7348 E+
95 Rock-a-Bye Basie/Baby Don‟t Tell on Me                 VO 4747     E-/E     155 Dinah/Alexander‟s Ragtime Band                     BR 7412           E+
96 Miss Thing/Part 2                                      VO 4860     E-/E     156 Every Little Moment/‟Way Back Home BR 7454 (dig tics 4 gr first side)
97 Jump for Me/12th Street Rag                            VO 4886       E-     157 It Don‟t Mean a Thing/Minnie Moocher‟s Wedding Day VO 4546 E-
98 How Long Blues/Sub-deb Blues                           VO 5010       E      CONNIE BOSWELL
99 Lester Leaps In/Dickie‟s Dream                         VO 5118       E+     158 Dinner at Eight/Emperor Jones                      BR 6640           E-
BASIN STREET BOYS with Lucky Thompson‟s Orch.                                  159 I Knew You When/Butterfingers                      BR 6862           E+
100 Ain‟t Got no Loot/For You                       EXCLUSIVE 245       V+     160 You Try Somebody Else/Should I Be Sorry            BrE 1257          E+
SIDNEY BECHET                                                                  161 Lullaby of the Leaves/My Lips Want Kisses          BrE 1315      E/E-
101 Hindustan/At a Georgia Camp Meeting                   COM 638       E      162 With Every Breath I Take/I‟m Growing Fonder of You BrE 01982 E+
102 Egyptian Fantasy/Coal Black Shine                     HMV B9378 E+/E       163 (w/Ambrose Orch.) Things Might Have Been So Different/I‟ll
103 I Know that You Know/Baby Won‟t You Please.. HMV B9385 E+                          Never Say “Never Again” Again                  BrE 02046         E+
104 Some of these Days/Black & Blue JAZZ SELECTION(Fr) 558 E/E-                164 Look for the Silver Lining/South Wind              BrE 03388 E/E+
105 Texas Moaner/Limehouse Blues                          VI 27600      E+     165 Stormy Weather/Ole Buttermilk Sky                  BrE 03706         E+
166 Mama Don‟t Allow It/The Panic Is On                *DE 747      E-/E    234 You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby/I Must See
167 Swing Me a Lullaby/You Can Call It                                              Annie Tonight                                   VO 4460     E/E-
        Swing                          *DE 849 E+(top of labels defaced)    235 I Used to Love You/I‟ll See You in my Dreams
168 Whispers in the Dark/That Old Feeling              *DE 1420       E-                          VO 4583 E-/E(label wear at center hole second side)
169 Blossoms on Broadway/Love or Infactuation          *DE 1434       E     TEDDY BUNN
170 Angel/Someday You‟ll Find Your Bluebird            DE 2987        E+    236 Guitar in High/Blues Without Words                  BN 504         E-
171 On the Isle of May/Gotta Get Home                  DE 3004        E     ALLEN BURNS & his Orch. (Freddy Martin Orch.)
172 Charming Little Faker/Lummir Alla Zingen           DE 3100        E+    237 Night & Day/When the Morning Rolls Around MEL 12592            V/V+
173 …Anything But Love/Sleepy Time Down South DE 3287                 E+    EARL BURTNETT & his Los Angeles Biltmore Orch.
174 Blueberry Hill/The Nearness of You                 DE 3366 E(rcnap)     238 Sally of my Dreams/Happy                            BR 4104        E-
175 Nobody‟s Sweetheart/Dinah                          DE 3425        E+    JOE BUSHKIN Sextet
176 The Moon Fell in the River/Somewhere               DE 3481        E+    239 Pickin‟ at the Pic/Georgia on my Mind               COM 565        E+
177 Nighty-night/Sand in my Shoes                      DE 3893        E+    240 Oh Lady Be Good/Fade Out                            COM 594        E
178 Walkin‟ with my Honey/Let It Snow!                 DE 18741 E-/E        HENRY BUSSE & his Orch.
179 I‟m in Love with Two Sweethearts/I Fall in Love with                    241 Have You Forgotten?/Faithfully Yours                VI 22699       E
        You Every Day                                  DE 18793       E+    ERSKINE BUTTERFIELD & his Blue Boys
180 Sweetheart/If I Had a Wishing Ring                 DE 18842       E+    242 Monday‟s Wash/Blackberry Jam                        DE 8543        E
181 I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome/Someone Stole                       243 U Done Lost Your Good Thing Now/Cheatin‟ on Me DE 8576 E/V+
        My Darlin‟         (DJ)vDE 28036 E+(small label tear second side)   244 Boogie de Concerto/Devil Sat Down & Cried           DeCan 10123 E+
JIMMY BRACKEN‟s Toe Ticklers (Tea, Pee Wee, etc.)                           DON BYAS
182 After You‟ve Gone (-5)/ROUNDERS: Why Did You? DOM 4381 E                245 Because of You/Vanity                              vSEECO 10-009 E
WILL BRADLEY & his Boogie Woogie Boys                                       246 Embraceable You/Sheik of Araby                 SUPER DISC 1011 E-
183 Sugar Hill Boogie Woogie/Lightning Boogie JOE DAVIS 7014           E    BOBBY BYRNE & his Orch.
TINY BRADSHAW & his Orch.                                                   247 Do I Worry?/Nighty-night                            DE 3773        E
184 Darktown Strutters‟ Ball/The Sheik                 *DE 194 E-/V+        248 It‟s You Again/I Went Out of my Way                 DE 3969        E+
185 I Ain;t Got Nobody/Shout Sister Shout              *DE 456      E-/E    CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS
FANNY BRICE                                                                 249 Rhythm & Romance/The Simple Things in Life          *BB 6076       E
186 Becky Is Back in the Ballet/Sheik of Avenue B (Blue lbl)VI 45323 E/E-   250 Just We Two/LITTLE RAMBLERS: What a Night, What a
BROADWAY BROADCASTERS (Lanin)                                                       Moon, What a Girl                               *BB 6077       E+
187 Ready for River/DIXIE DAISIES: Got Everything CAM 8245 E-/V+            251 From the Top of your Head/Without a Word of Warning *BB 6078 E
188 I‟m Only Human After All/JUSTIN RING: My Bluebird                       252 How Do I Rate with You/GEORGE HALL: You Took My
        Was Caught in the Rain                         PER 15348      E             Breath Away                                     *BB 6173       E
BROADWAY DANCE ORCH. (Louis Katzman)                                        253 My Sweetie Went Away/I Love Me                      CO A3956       E-
189 Wabash Blues/Sal-O-May ED 50874 E(moderate label scuff first side)      CAB CALLOWAY
BROADWAY NITELITES (Selvin)                                                 254 Somebody Stole my Gal(-2)/You Dog(-7)               BAN 32323 E-/E
190 Pompalona/My Silver Tree                           CO 1622D       E-    255 Some of these Days/Is that Religion?                BAN 32708 E-/E
BROADWAY SEVEN (Original Memphis Five)                                      256 Harlem Hospitality/Jitter Bug                     *BB 5676 E-/E(wol)
191 St. Louis Gal/COSMOPOLITAN PLAYES (Jos. Samuels):                       257 Harlem Camp Meeting/Zah-zuh-zah *BB 5677 V(lbl tear second side)
        Mamma Loves Papa                             RADIEX 1150 V          258 Bugle Call Rag/You Rascal You                       BR 6196        V+
KAY BROWN with the Station House Jazz Band                                  259 Jes‟ Natch‟ully Lazy/Love is the Reason             BR 7677        E+
192 Teasin‟/A-Razz-A-Ma-Tazz                           vMER 5427 E/E-       260 Copper Colored Gal/Wedding of Mr & Mrs Swing BR 7748               E+
LES BROWN & his Orch./Duke Blue Devils                                      261 Frisco Flo/The Hi De Ho Miracle Man                 BR 7756        E+
193 Stop Beatin‟ Around Mulberry Bush/Pealin‟ the Peach BB 7796 E           262 Man from Harlem/Gotta Right to Sing the Blues BrE 1439             E
194 I Guess I‟ll Have to Dream the Rest/Do You Care? CONQ 9910 E            263 Old Man of Mountain/RALPH KIRBERY Orch (Gene Kardos):
195 Rigamarole/Don‟t Go Worryin‟ „Bout Judgment Day *DE 1238          E-            Nightfall                             IMPERIAL(Eng) 2780       E-
PETE BROWN Quintette                                                        264 Swanee Lullaby/How Come You Do Me                   MEL 12488      E
196 Pete Brown‟s Boogie/Bellevue for You               SAVOY 522      E     265 Ain‟t Got No Gal in this Town/Trickeration
DAVE BRUBECK Trio                                                                                      MEL 12609 E-/E(tear at top of first side label)
197 Blue Moon/Tea for Two                          vFANTASY 505 E           266 Calling All Bars/Papa‟s in Bed with his Britches On OK 5731 E/E-
WILLIE BRYANT & his Orch.                                                   267 Make Yourself at Home/A Chicken Ain‟t Nothin‟ .. OK 5847 E+/E
198 All my Life/The Right Somebody to Love             *BB 6361       E-    268 Goin‟ Conga/North of the Mohawk Trail               OK 5911        E+
199 The Glory of Love/Ride, Red, Ride                  *BB 6374       E+    269 Hey, Doc!/Conchita                                  OK 6354        E
200 I‟m Grateful to You/I Like Bananas                 *BB 6436       E-    270 Blues in the Night/Says Who, Says You, Says I       OK 6422        E
201 You‟ll Never Remember/Gonna Lose Your Gal          DE 1881      E/E+    271 A Smo-o-o-oth One/Let‟s Go Joe                      OK 6720        E-
202 Throwin‟ Stones at the Sun/Chimes at the Meetin‟ VI 24847       E+/E    272 The Levee Low Down/Blues in my Heart                PER 15490      V
203 Rigamarole/The Sheik                               VI 25038 V+/E-       273 You Can‟t Stop Me from Lovin‟ You/Stardust         PER 15531 V(rcnap)
VERNE BUCK & his Orch.                                                      274 Dixie Doorway/Wah-dee-dah                           PER 15791 E+/E
204 What a Girl! What a Night!/My Suppressed Desire CO 1651D          V+    275 Swing Swing Swing/That Man Is Here Again VARIETY 501               E-
CHICK BULLOCK                                                               276 Error in the News/In an Old English Village         VO 3912        E
205 Here Comes the Sun/IRVING KAUFMAN: Just You BAN 0865 V+                 277 Rustle of Swing/Hoy-hoy!                            VO 4144        E+
206 Blue Moon/Haunting Me                              BAN 33316      V+    278 Tarzan of Harlem/A Bee Gezindt                      VO 5267        E
207 About a Quarter to Nine/Livin‟ in a Great Big Way BAN 33422       V+    UNA MAE CARLISLE
208 Whistling in the Dark/BEN ALLEY: Little Old Church CONQ 7801 V          279 I See a Million People/Booglie Wooglie Piggy        BB 11181 E-/V+
209 Just an Echo in Valley/Have U Ever Been Lonely CONQ 8120 E-             280 Coffee & Cakes/I‟m the One Who Loves You            BB 11362       E
210 Lullaby of Broadway/Soon                           CONQ 8511 E-/E       281 I‟m a Good, Good Woman/Ain‟t Nothin‟ Much JOE DAVIS 7172 V+
211 Are You Havin‟ Any Fun?/LARRY SOTHERN Orch:                             CAROLINA CLUB ORCH. (Hal Kemp)
        A Man & his Dream                            CONQ 9298 E-/V+        282 Dream Train/JEROME CONRAD: Wedding Bells V-T 1844V E
212 Alla en El Rancho Grande/BARRY WOOD: South of the                       BENNY CARTER
        Border                                       CONQ 9552 V+/E-        283 The Very Thought of You/All of Me                   BB 10962       E-
213 Low Down on Harlem River/Going Going Gone MEL 12645 E-/V                284 What a Diff‟rence a Day Made (Maxine Sullivan)/Cuddle Up,
214 A Little Door, A Little Lock…/A Sunbonnet Blue MEL 13447 E/E-                   Huddle Up                                      BB 11197 E(rcnap)
215 Who?/Whispering                                  MEL 6-01-02 E/E-       285 Midnight/My Favorite Blues                          BB 11288    E/E+
216 Don‟t Give up the Ship/24 Hours a Day             MEL 6-02-01 E-/V      286 Big Ben Blues/When Day Is Done                      BR 7786        E+
217 Tain‟t No Use/You                                 MEL 6-06-01     E+    287 When Lights Are Low/If I Could Read Your Mind BR 7853              E+
218 Ace in the Hole/My Gal Sal                        MEL 6-06-10     V+    288 Blue Lou/Lonesome Nights                            CoE CB720      E+
219 This Year‟s Kisses/You‟re Laughing at Me          MEL 7-03-10 V+/E-     289 Serenade to a Sarong/Pom Pom                        DE 3262        E+
220 Blossoms on Bdwy/Can‟t Stop Me from Dreamin‟ MEL 7-11-03 V+             290 Night Hop/OK for Baby                               DE 3294        E
221 Just Couldn‟t Say Goodbye/My Heart‟s at Ease MEL(Can) 91397 E           291 I‟ve Been in Love Before/(& Mills Bros) By the Watermelon
222 There‟ll Be Some Changes Made/Amapola              OK 6100        E+            Vine, Lindy Lou                                 DE 3545        E
223 Shine/I Heard                                      OR 2506        E+    292 Boogie Woogie Sugar Blues/Last Kiss U Gave Me DE 3588              E
224 I Can‟t Write the Words/Sweet & Lovely             PER 12748      V+    293 Patience & Fortitude/Jump Call                   DELUXE 1008       E-
225 River Stay „Way from my Door/Sleepy Time Down South                     294 Your Conscience Tells You So/12:00 Jump         DELUXE 1041 E-/E
                                 PER 15534 V+(label wear at center hole)    295 Back Bay Boogie/Sunday                              HMV B9449 E+
226 It‟s Natural Thing to Do/Moon Got in my Eyes PER 7-09-01 E/E-           296 Savoy Stampede/Scandal in A Flat                    OK 5112        E+
227 You‟re a Sweetheart/Hitched my Wagon to a Star PER 8-01-08        E-    297 Beale St. Blues/Joe Turner Blues                    OK 6001        E+
228 Thanks for the Memory/Smoke from a Chimney PER 8-03-04            E+    298 Everybody Shuffle/Synthetic Love                    VO 2870     E+/E
229 Did an Angel Kiss You/Moonlight on the Sunset                           299 Dream Lullaby/Shoot the Works                       VO 2898        E+
        Trail                             PER 8-04-01 E+(label scratch)     300 Swingin‟ the Blues/I‟ve Got Two Lips                VO 3279        E
230 If I Had a Girl Like You/LEWIS TRIO: Tell Me You                        CASA LOMA ORCHESTRA
        Care                                       REGAL 10043        E-    301 Alexander‟s Ragtime Band/Old Grey Bonnet            VO 4258        E
231 Music Goes „Round & Round/Moonburn            ROMEO 6-02-10 E/E+        BOB CAUSER & his Cornellians
232 The Old Apple Tree/So Little Time                  VO 4070        E     302 You‟re Telling Me/All-American Girl                 BAN 32578      E+
233 My Gal Sal/Ace in the Hole                         VO 4424        E+    303 I‟m Building Up to a n Awful Let-down/Alone at a
         Table for Two                                 PER 6-04-09      E     366 Georgette/My Cradle Melody                   TRIANGLE 11143       E
304 At a Perfume Counter/Shack in Back of Hills        PER 8-04-04      V+    EDDIE (LOCKJAW) DAVIS & his Band
305 Every Minute of the Hour/Welcome Stranger ROMEO 6-05-05 E+                367 Licks A Plenty/Lover                               APOLLO 767     E
JACK CHAPMAN & his Drake Hotel Orch.                                          JIMMIE DAVIS & Brown‟s Musical Brownies
306 Honolulu Blues/DAVID H. SILVERMAN Orch:                                   368 Honky Tonk Blues/Do You Ever Think of Me             DE 5400      V+
         Blue Grass Blues                               VI 19237        E     MARTHA DAVIS & her Torrid Trio
CHARLESTON CHASERS (BG)                                                       369 I‟m Fer It/The Be-bop Bounce             UNITED ARTIST 161        E-
307 Turn on the Heat/What Wouldn‟t I Do for that Man CO 1989D V+              DOLLY DAWN & her Dawn Patrol
BOB CHESTER Orch. (Special purpose picture label pressing of c.1947           370 How Come/I Could Kiss You for That                   OK 5977      E+
Sonora coupling depicts WPEN (Phila.) radio personalities Larry Brown         THE DEAN & his Kids (Ben Pollack with Harry James & Fazola)
& Jim McCann)                                                                 371 Spreadin‟ Knowledge Around/Zoom Zoom Zoom VO 3342                 V+
308 Henpecked Joe/You‟re the One Love                   WPEN 1207       E     DELTA FOUR (Eldridge, Marsala)
CHICAGO RHYTHM KINGS (Jack Bland‟s Rhythmakers)                               372 Swingin‟ on the Famous Door/Farewell Blues           *DE 737      E+
309 Who Stole the Lock/Gabriel‟s Horn                   BrE 01737       E+    DENZA DANCE BAND (Little Ramblers/Calif. Ramblers)
CHICAGO RHYTHM KINGS (Tempo King)                                             373 Got No Time/Sonya                                    CoE 3783   E/E-
310 Boston Tea Party/FRANK TANNER‟s Rhythm Kings:                             MARLENE DIETRICH
         Sailor Man‟s Rhythm              *BB 6690 E(label tear first side)   374 Wo Ist der Mann?/TATJANA BIRKIGT: Warum, Warum Hast
HERMAN CHITTISON Trio                                                                 du mir Weh‟getan            GRAMMOPHON(Ger) 47002             E+
311 Serenade/There‟s Beauty Everywhere                  MUS 314         E     DIXIE JAZZ BAND
CHOCOLATE DANDIES                                                             375 Icky Blues (BG)/St. Louis Blues (-3) (Lanin)      JEWEL 5547 V+/V
312 Cloudy Skies/LUIS RUSSELL: Doctor Blues             PaE R1273 E/E-        376 Makin‟ Friends (Tea, JD)/JEWEL DANCE ORCH:
313 Bugle Call Rag/L.RUSSELL: New Call of Freaks PaE R1645 E+(rcnap)                  I Get the Blues When It Rains                JEWEL 5569     V/G
DON CLARK & his La Monica Ballroom Orch.                                      DIXIE STOMPERS (Fletcher Henderson)
314 Big Bad Bill/Cheatin‟ on Me                         VI 19622        E     377 Ain‟t She Sweet?/Snag It                             HAR 353H V/V+
BUCK CLAYTON & the Marlowe Morris Trio                                        378 St. Louis Blues/Variety Stomp                        V-T 1451V    V+
315 I Want a Little Girl/Blue Moon                      OK 6968         E-    JOHNNY DODDS
LARRY CLINTON & his Orch.                                                     379 Bucktown Stomp/Blue Washboard Stomp                  BB 8549      E-
316 I Dream of Jeanie/Old Folks at Home                 VI 26468        E     380 Wild Man Blues/29th & Dearborn                       DE 2111      E
ARNETT COBB & his Orch.                                                       AL DONAHUE & his Orch.
317 Big League Blues/Flower Garden Blues            APOLLO 394 E-/V+          381 The Wise Old Owl/You Should Be Set to Music OK 6037               E
318 Walking with Sid/Top Flight                     APOLLO 770          V+    382 Deep Purple/We Speak of You Often                    VO 4596    E/E-
COZY COLE & his All-Stars/Orch.                                               DOROTHY DONEGAN
319 Take It on Back/Willow Weep for Me               vCONT C6001        E     383 Tiger Rag/Limehouse Blues                      CONT C6034 E-/V+
320 Comes the Don/Memories of You                     CONT C6004        E     D‟ORSAY DANCE ORCH. (BG solo first side)
321 Body & Soul/Talk to Me                              SAVOY 501       E     384 Little Mary Brown/It‟s the Darndest Thing            HAR 1380H    V+
322 Jericho/Nice & Cozy                                 SAVOY 502 E/E-        DORSEY BROS. ORCH.
323 Concerto for Cozy/Jericho                           SAVOY 575 E/E+        385 Congratulations(-1)/LOU GOLD: Lonely Me              BAN 0566     E-
EMIL COLEMAN & his Riviera Orch.                                              386 Honeysuckle Rose/Part 2                              DE 296     E/E-
324 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes/Let‟s Begin (Blue wax)CO 2846D              E-    387 I‟m Goin‟ Shoppin‟ with You/Don‟t Be Afraid to Tell
EDDIE CONDON                                                                          Your Mother                                      *DE 371 V+/E-
325 Don‟t Leave Me Daddy/Fidgety Feet                   COM 542         E+    388 Night Wind/Dinah                                     DE 376       E
326 Back in your Own Backyard/All the Wrongs…           COM 551         E     389 I‟ve Got a Feelin‟ You‟re Foolin‟/Tailspin           *DE 560 E-/V+
ZEZ CONFREY (Piano solos)                                                     390 Eccentric/You‟re Okay                                *DE 1304     E
327 Coaxing the Piano/Greenwich Witch                   BR 2167         E     JIMMY DORSEY
DOC COOK & his Dreamland Orch.                                                391 Let‟s Stop the Clock/Masquerade Is Over              DE 2293      E
328 Sidewalk Blues/NEW ORLEANS OWLS: White Ghost                              392 The Lamp Is Low/Begone                               DE 2579      E
         Shivers                                        CO 862-D V-/V         393 A Man & his Dream/Go Fly a Kite                      DE 2650      E+
COON-SANDERS Orch.                                                            394 Falling Leaves/A Handful of Stars                    DE 3446      E
329 Mine-All Mine/Is She my Girl Friend?                VI 21148        V+    395 The Mem‟ry of a Rose/I Hear a Rhapsody               DE 3570    E/E-
THE COTTON PICKERS                                                            396 I‟m in Love with Someone/It‟s a Crying Shame         DE 18611     E
330 State Street Blues/Hot Lips                         BR 2292         V+    TOMMY DORSEY
331 My Sweetie Went Away/Duck‟s Quack                   BR 2461         E+    397 Do You Know Why/Isn‟t that Just Like Love            VI 26798     E+
BING CROSBY                                                                   398 Star Dust/Swanee River                               VI 27233     E+
332 (w/Bob Crosby Orch.)My Reverie/Old Folks            DE 2123         E     399 Nevada/That‟s It                                     VI 20-1710   E+
333 (& Boswell) Apple for Teacher/Still the Bluebird Sings DE 2640      E     BLIND WILLIE DUNN‟s Gin Bottle Four (Eddie Lang w/TD tpt)
334 I Don‟t Want to Walk Without You/Moonlight Cocktail DE 4184 E             400 Jet Black Blues/Blue Blood Blues                CoAus DO-3690     E+
335 Hello Mom/A Boy in Khaki-A Girl in Lace             DE 4367         E+    ROY ELDRIDGE
336 I Love You/I‟ll Be Seeing You                       DE 18595        E+    401 Rockin‟ Chair/Roy‟s Riff                             CLEF 89087 E/E-
337 Among my Souvenirs/Does Your Heart Beat for Me DE 23745 E+                402 It‟s My Turn Now/You‟re a Lucky Guy MONT-WARD 10093 E
338 (& Andrews Sisters) Go West Young Man/Tallahassee DE 23885 E+             403 Wabash Stomp/Florida Stomp                           VO 3479      E-
339 (w/Eddie Condon) Blue/After You‟ve Gone             DE 24114        E-    ELITE DANCE ORCH. (California Ramblers)
340 Temptation/Shadow Waltz                             PER 13043       E-    404 Blue Eyed Sally/EMPIRE DANCE ORCH: I Can‟t Stop
BOB CROSBY                                                                            Babying You                                      PER 4380     V+
341 Pagan Love Song/Come Back Sweet Papa                *DE 896 V+/E-         DUKE ELLINGTON
342 Whispers in Dark/Stop You‟re Breakin‟ my Heart *DE 1346             E-    405 Memories of You/…Anything But Love            (Staff)BB 6280    E/E-
343 It‟s Wonderful/Just Strolling                       DE 1670     E-/E      406 Keep a Song in your Soul/Diga Diga Do               *BB 6305 V+/E-
344 Skaters‟ Waltz/Eye Opener                           DE 2282         E     407 Hot Feet/Jungle Nights in Harlem                    *BB 6335      V+
345 Song of the Wanderer/Stomp Off & Let‟s Go           DE 2379         E     408 Jazz Lips/Sloppy Joe                                 *BB 6396   E-/E
346 Hindustan/Mournin‟ Blues                            DE 2482         E-    409 Arabian Lover/Washington Wobble                      *BB 6782     E
347 Happy Birthday to Love/The Answer Is Love           DE 2824         E-    410 Bandanna Babies/I Must Have that Man           (Staff)BB 7182     E+
348 I‟m Nobody‟s Baby/Speak Easy                        DE 3179         E+    411 Flaming Youth/Breakfast Dance                        BB 10243     E+
349 Complainin‟/Ja-da                                   DE 3233 E/E-(sol)     412 It Don‟t Mean a Thing/Blue Room                      BR 6265      E+
350 All By Myself/Spain                                 DE 3248     E-/E      413 Truckin‟/Accent on Youth                             BR 7514      E-
351 Don‟t Call Me Boy/Bound to Look Like Monkey DE 3431                 E     414 Dinah‟s in a Jam/You Gave Me the Gate                BR 8169    E-/E
352 Cow Cow Blues/Dry Bones                             DE 3488 E+(wol)       415 Love in Swingtime/Watermelon Man                     BR 8200    E-/E
353 I‟ll Come Back to You/Take Me Back Again            DE 3576     E-/E      416 Exposition Swing/I Haven‟t Changed a Thing           BR 8213      E
354 Blue Echoes/Chick-ee-chick                          DE 3605         E     417 Saddest Tale/Moon Glow                               BrE 01901 E/E+
355 Sweet Genevieve/Until You Fall in Love              DE 3668         E+    418 Black & Tan Fantasy/Black Beauty                     BrE 02306    E+
356 Burnin‟ the Candle at Both Ends/The Mark Hop DE 3694                E+    419 Yellow Dog Blues/Louisiana                           BrE 02650    E+
357 Flamingo/Far Away Music                             DE 3752         E     420 Black & Blue/Jungle Jamboree                         BrE 02701    E+
358 Do You Care?/Will You Still Be Mine?                DE 3860         E-    421 Killin‟ Myself/Your Love Has Faded                   CO 35640 V+/E
359 A Precious Memory/Those Things I Can‟t Forget DE 4398               E     422 Japanese Dream/Troubled Waters                       HMV JF54     E+
360 Blue Surreal/Black Zephyr                           DE 4415     E/E-      423 Caravan/Azure                                     MASTER 131      E-
BERNIE CUMMINS & his Biltmore Orch.                                           424 Rainy Nights/Choo Choo                               REX 28003    E
361 Little by Little/Every Day Away from You            VI 22088        E-    425 Jungle Blues/Rent Party Blues                        REX 28004    E+
FRANK DAILEY & his Stop and Go Orch.                                          426 Moonlight Fiesta/Jubilesta        SPECIAL EDITIONS 5007-S         E-
362 I Wish I Was the Willow/Great Camp Meetin‟ Ground BB 7646 E               427 Frankie & Johnny/Part 2 STEINER-DAVIS CHRISTMAS 1946 E
363 While a Cigarette was Burning/April in my Heart BB 10004            E     428 Mood Indigo/When a Black Man‟s Blue                  VI 22587   E/E-
PETE DAILY & his Chicagoans                                                   429 Limehouse Blues/Echoes of the Jungle                 VI 22743     V+
364 Livery Stable Blues/Wolverine Blues                 JUMP 12         E-    430 The Mystery Song/MILLS BLUE RHYTHM: Moanin‟ VI 22800 V
BERYL DAVIS WITH Stephane Grappelly Quartet                                   431 Hittin‟ the Bottle/That Lindy Hop                    VI 23016     E
365 That Old Black Magic/Star Eyes                      LON 154 E(sol)        432 Five O‟Clock Whistle/There Shall Be No Night         VI 26748     E+
EDDIE DAVIS Orch.                                                             433 In a Mellotone/Rumpus in Richmond                    VI 26788     E+
434 Don‟t Know What Kind of Blues I Got/R U Sticking VI 27804          E+            By the Sapphire Sea                              REGAL 9211      E-
435 Diga Diga Do/I Can‟t Give You Anything but Love VI V38008          E-     JEAN GOLDKETTE & his Orch.
436 High Life/Saturday Night Function                    VI V38036 V/V-       489 Honest & Truly(w)/RALPH WILLIAMS‟ Rainbo Orch:
437 Haunted Nights/The Duke Steps Out                    VI V38092 V+/V              You Should Have Told Me                             VI 19528     E-
438 Double Check Stomp/Jazz Lips                         VI V38129 V/V-       490 Sunny Disposish/ROGER WOLFE KAHN:
439 Sweet Jazz o‟ Mine/Sweet Dreams of Love              VI V38143     E-            A Little Birdie Told Me So                          VI 20493     E-
440 Just Squeeze Me/Swamp Fire                           VI 20-1992    E+     491 My Ohio Home/Here Comes the Show Boat                  VI 21166   E-/E
SEGER ELLIS                                                                   492 My Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now/Don‟t Be Like That VI 21805 V+
441 No Jug, No Jazz/When It‟s Sleepy Time Down South OK 5966 E-               BENNY GOODMAN
442 Sunshine/You‟d Rather Forget than Forgive (Lg blk)OK 41006 E              493 Poor Butterfly/The Sheik                               CO 35466     E+
ZIGGY ELMAN & his Orch.                                                       494 Winter Weather/Ev‟rything I Love                       OK 6516    E-/E
443 I‟m Thru with Love/Something to Remember You By BB 10663 E+               495 Blues in the Night/Where or When                       OK 6553      E+
444 Forgive my Heart/Love Is the Sweetest Thing          BB 10741      E      496 Lamp of Memory/When the Roses Bloom Again OK 6580                   E
CHICK ENDOR                                                                   497 Remember/Walk Jennie Walk                              VI 25329     E
445 Good Little, Bad Little You/Love Me or Leave Me VI 21922 V+/E-            498 In a Sentimental Mood/These Foolish Things (RG)VI 25351             E+
RUTH ETTING                                                                   499 Somebody Loves Me/Jam Session                      (RG)VI 25497     E+
446 Don‟t Tell Her/The Kiss Waltz                        CO 2280D      E+     500 Got a Date with a Dream/Could You Pass in Love VI 26000             E+
ROY EVANS                                                                     501 Topsy/Smoke House                                      VI 26107     E-
447 New St. Louis Blues/My Old Lady Blues         REGAL(Eng) G9373 E          502 We‟ll Never Know/Undecided                             VI 26134     E
THE EVERGLADES ORCH. (Joe Candullo)                                           503 Shut-Eye/Good for Nothin‟ But Love                     VI 26159   E/E+
448 Weeping Willow/Mine                            (Lg red)OK 40800 E-        DEXTER GORDON & WARDELL GRAY
OWEN FALLON & his Californians                                                504 The Chase/Part 2                                       DIAL 1017    E
449 Take Me in your Arms/A Little Street Where                                ROSS GORMAN & his Virginians
        Old Folks Meet(w)                                PER 15691     E      505 You‟re the One for Me/HARMONIANS: I‟m Looking Over
EDDIE FARLEY & his Orch.                                                             a Four-Leaf Clover                                  V-T 1350V    E-
450 You‟re Everything Sweet/The Mood that I‟m In         *DE 1168      E+     GOTHAM CLUB ORCH. (Original Memphis 5 first side)
FRANK FERERA‟s Hawaiian Trio (Annette Hanshaw vocs)                           506 Red Hot Mamma/Doodle Doo Doo                   SILVERTONE 2400 E-/V+
451 Get Out & Get Under Moon/Lonely Nites in Hawaii V-T 1713V E               GOTHAM STOMPERS (Cootie, Hodges, etc.)
HERBIE FIELDS                                                                 507 My Honey‟s Lovin‟ Arms/Alabamy Home                  VARIETY 629    E+
452 Star Dust/O.K. Sarge                                 SAVOY 654 E/V+       TEDDY GRACE (Tea, Billy Kyle, etc.)
TED FIORITO‟s Orch.                                                           508 Monday Morning/Down Hearted Blues                      DE 2128      E-
453 My Baby Just Cares for Me                            HOW 1104      E-     PERCY GRAINGER (Piano solos)
BERT FIRMAN‟s Dance Orch. (London, 1927)                                      509 The Gum-Suckers‟ March/Turkey in the Straw             CO 2002M     E-
454 Did You Mean It?/Janette(w)          ZONOPHONE(Eng) 5080           E      GLEN GRAY Casa Loma Orch.
ELLA FITZGERALD                                                               510 Indiana/I Never Knew                                BR 6337 E/E-(rcnap)
455 Baby Won‟t You Please…/Lindy Hopper‟s Delight DE 3186              E+     511 Cotton/Chant of the Jungle                             *DE 463      E
456 Cabin in the Sky/Taking a Chance on Love DE 3490 E(lbl tear first side)   512 Shades of Hades/Royal Garden Blues                     *DE 986      E-
457 The One I Love/Three Little Words                    DE 3608       E      513 Love Is Good for Anything that Ails You/Was It Rain? *DE 1180 E+
458 I‟m the Lonesomest Gal in Town/The Muffin Man DE 3666 E/E-                514 Never in a Million Years/There‟s a Lull in my Life *DE 1211 E/E+
459 For Sentimental Reasons/It‟s a Pity to Say Goodnight DE 23670 E           515 For You/Casa Loma Stomp                                DE 1412      E+
GEORGE FLOYD (voc acc. Fletcher Henderson group, 1947)                        516 Smoke Rings/Always                                     DE 1473      E+
460 This Is Everything I Prayed For/Ain‟t I Losing You SUPREME 534 E          517 Mama that Moon Is Here Again/Thanks for the Memory DE 1541 E+
ISA FOSTER & her Ambassadors (All-girl band, 1931 w/male vocs)                518 Bei Mir Bist du Schon/Let‟s Make It a Life-time        *DE 1576 V+/E-
461 If I Didn‟t Have You/It‟s Great to Be in Love        BDWY 497 E/E-        519 Sweet As a Song/I Could Use a Dream                    *DE 1597     E-
ARNOLD FRANK & his Roger‟s Café Orch.                                         520 Nutty Nursery Rhymes/Memories of You                   DE 1672    E/E-
462 Black Maria/Rain                            (Lg blk)OK 40896 E-/V+        LAWRENCE GRAY (Songs from 1929 film “It‟s a Great Life” in which
JAY FREEMAN & his Orch.                                                       he appeared). (Hot clt, tbn, alto solos first side)
463 Sugar Foot Stomp/The Night Ride                   MEL 7-08-09 E-/E        521 I‟m Sailing on a Rainbow/I‟m Following You             BR 4631      V+
BLIND BOY FULLER                                                              GREEN BROS. Novelty Band
464 Little Woman You‟re So Sweet/Step It Up & Go CO 37230 E/E-                522 Jazzin‟ the Chimes/Stars of Normandy                   OK 4311      E-
LARRY FUNK & his Band of 1000 Melodies (Vaughn Monroe vocs)                   LIL GREEN
465 I‟m Lonesome for You Caroline(w)/Rain                MEL 13186     E      523 No, Baby, Nobody but You/Boy Friend                    BB 34-0728   E+
SLIM GAILLARD                                                                 SONNY GREER & his Memphis Men (Duke)
466 Ding Dong Oreeney/Ya Ha Ha                           4-STAR 1078 E        524 Saturday Night Function/Beggars Blues                  CO 1868D     V+
467 Champagne Lullaby/Bingie-Bingie-Scootie              OK 6382       E-     JIMMIE GRIER & his Orch.
JAN GARBER & his Orch.                                                        525 Bugle Call Rag/Old Fashioned Love                      BR 7528    E+/E
468 Positively-Absolutely/You Don‟t Like It-Not Much VI 20676          V+     MARTY GROSZ & The Cellar Boys (Wellstood)
LOUIS “KING” GARCIA & his Swing Band                                          526 Shim-me-sha-wobble/Anything for You v JOLLY ROGER 2003 E
469 Love Is Like a Cigarette/It‟s Great to Be in Love Again *BB 6302 E-/E     527 Dixieland Jass Band One-Step/Oh Baby vJOLLY ROGER 2004 E-
ERROLL GARNER Trio                                                            JOHNNY GUARNIERI
470 Trio/Pastel                                          vDIAL 1016 E-        528 Basin St. Blues/Kayboard Caprice (Picture label)vADMIRAL A1005 E
CHESTER GAYLORD                                                               529 Carioca/All the Things You Are                         MAJ 1054 E+/E
471 What‟s the Use?/I‟ll Be Blue Just Thinking of You BR 4928          E      530 Reminiscences/With Plenty of Money & You               MAJ 1228     E
KARL GEORGE Octet                                                             531 Basie English/Exercise in Swing                        SAVOY 509    E-
472 Baby It‟s Up to You/Grand Slam                 MELODISC M-111 V+          532 I‟m in the Mood for Love/That Old Black Magic SAVOY 554             E-
GEORGIA MELODIANS                                                             533 My Blue Heaven/New Exercise in Swing                   SAVOY 556    E-
473 Wop Blues/GLANTZ: I‟m Worried Over You               ED 51336      E      BOBBY HACKETT
GEORGIA WASHBOARD STOMPERS                                                    534 Pennies from Heaven/Rose of the Rio Grande MELROSE 1401 E
474 Sophisticated Lady/My Pretty Girl                    *BB 5089      V+     535 That Da-Da Strain/You, You & Especially You            VO 4142    E/E+
THE GEORGIANS                                                                 536 Poor Butterfly/Blue & Disillusioned                    VO 4499      E+
475 Sister Kate/Chicago                                  CO A3775      E-     537 Sunrise Serenade/That‟s How Dreams Should End VO 4806               E
476 Everybody Loves my Baby/My Best Girl           (Flag)CO 252D       E-     538 Ain‟t Misbehavin‟/Embraceable You                      VO 4877    E/E+
477 S‟posin‟/Me Queres?                                  V-T 1929V V+/V       539 Bugle Call Rag/Dardanella                              VO 5375      E
478 Can‟t We Be Friends?/RUDY MARLOW Orch:                                    GEORGE HALL & his Hotel Taft Orch.
        Dixie Jamboree                                   V-T 2062V     V+     540 Have U Ever Been Lonely?/In Valley of the Moon(w) *BB 5021 E
HARRY (THE HIPSTER) GIBSON                                                    FRED HAMM & his Orch.
479 The Hipster‟s Blues/Handsome Harry the Hipster MUS 290             E      541 Bye Bye Blues/CHARLES DORNBERGER Orch:
DIZZY GILLESPIE                                                                      You‟re Just a Flower from an Old Bouquet            VI 19662     V+
480 Dream of You/Ooh! Ooh! My! My! Oh! Oh!            CONT C6060       E      JOHNNY HAMP‟s Kentucky Serenaders
481 Tiger Rag/WILD BILL DAVISON: Tiger Rag               S-D 49        E-     542 One O‟Clock Baby/ART LANDRY: Whisper Song VI 20644                  E
ART GILLHAM (“The Whispering Pianist”)                                        JOHN HARDEE‟s Swingtet
482 Sitting on Top of the World/More than a Pal to Me CO 505D          E      543 Tired/Blue Skies                                       BN 513       E
LUD GLUSKIN & his Continental Orch. (Buddy Clark vocs)                        ERNEST HARE acc. Justin Ring Trio
483 Here‟s to Romance/Midnight in Paris                  BR 7536       E      544 Sweet Little Mammy/Let‟s Grow Old Together STARCK 501               V+
GOLDEN GATE ORCH. (California Ramblers)                                       EARL HARLAN & his Orch. (Don Redman Orch.)
484 Dusky Stevedore/ASTORITES: Blue Grass                HAR 690H      V+     545 Got the South in my Soul/DICK ROBERTSON Orch:
485 Ramblin‟ Blues/POST LODGE ORCH: Follow the                                       West Bound Freight                                  MEL 12417 V/V-
        Swallow                                          PER 14309     E-     546 Sophisticated Lady/(Mills Blue Rhythm)Smoke Rings OR 2724 V+/E
486 Dusting the Donkey/MAYFLOWER SERENADERS:                                  547 Tired of it All/Keep on Doin‟ What You‟re Doin‟ OR 2812 E-(rcnap)
        Collegiate                                       PER 14441     V+     HARLEM FOOTWARMERS (Duke)
487 Cheating on Me/GLANTZ: Mamie                  PURITAN 11395 V+/V          548 Big House Blues/RED McKENZIE: Darktown Strutters
GOLDEN GATE ORCH. (Jos. Samuels)                                                     Ball                                                PaE R1044     E+
488 Tell Heer at Twilight/SHERBO‟s Dance Orch;
HARLEM HAMFATS                                                                620 Don‟t Be Blue Little Pal/3 Ways to Smoke a Pipe DE 4076           E+
549 Oh! Red/Lake Providence Blues                        *DE 7182 V/E-        621 „Tis Autumn/I Guess I‟ll Be on my Way             DE 4095 E+/E
550 Weed Smoker‟s Dream/Little Girl                      *DE 7234 V+/V        MILT HERTH Trio
551 Keep It Swinging/I Don‟t Want You Loving Me *DE 7266 E-/E                 622 Sissy/Jazz Me Blues                               DE 1727         E
552 Empty Bed Blues/We Gonna Pitch a Boogie Woogie *DE 7326            E-     623 Scatter-brain/Church Mouse on a Spree             DE 2818         E-
553 Toodle Oo Blues/You Got to Be Satisfied              DE 7406       V+     624 The Monkeys Have no Tails/At a Ga. Camp Meeting DE 2964           E
554 Why Don‟t You Do Now/Sales Tax on It                 DE 8650       E-     ART HICKMAN‟s Orch.
555 When my Love Has Come Down/U Can‟t Win in Here VO 05136 E+                625 Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere/You and I               CO A3325        E-
HARLEM HOT CHOCOLATES (Duke)                                                  THE HIGH HATTERS
556 Sing You Sinners                                     HOW 1045      E-     626 I‟m Following You/Hoosier Hop                     VI 22218        E-
ACE HARRIS & his Sunset Royal Orch.                                           TEDDY HILL & his NBC Orch.
557 Rhythm „Bout Town/One Little Word Led to Another VO 3935 E                627 Love Bug Will Bite U/Would U Like to Buy a Dream *BB 6897         E+
MARION HARRIS                                                                 RICHARD HIMBER & his Essex House Orch.
558 Who‟s Sorry Now/Waitin‟ for the Evenin‟ Mail         BR 2443       E      628 Parade of Bands/Part 2                            VI 25754      E/E-
559 If I Could Be with You/Little White Lies             BR 4873       E-     BABE HINES with Skeets Tolbert‟s Gentlemen of Swing
PHIL HARRIS & his Orch.                                                       629 I‟ve Lost my Head over You/This Is the End        VoE S245 E-/E
560 Darktown Strutters‟ Ball/Between Devil & Deep Blue Sea VO 3565 E-         EARL HINES
HARTMAN‟S HEART BREAKERS                                                      630 Life with Fatha/I Love my Lovin‟ Lover         APOLLO 356         E-
561 Feels Good/Let Me Play with It                       *BB 6481 E-/V+       631 Design for Jiving/Trouble Trouble              APOLLO 357         E-
562 Give It to Me Daddy/No Huggin‟ or Kissin‟            *BB 6542   E-/E      632 Margie/Rosetta                                    ARA 149       E/E+
BILL HARTY Presents                                                           633 Straight Life/Now that You‟re Mine                ARA 156       E/E+
563 George Van Eps Musicale #1: A Ducky Dish/Jim Taft Musicale #2:            634 Boogie Woogie on St Louis Blues/Number 19         BB 10674        E
        Varsity Drag                    VO 4183 V+(tear at top of labels)     635 Deep Forest/Lightly & Politely                    BB 10727 E(wol)
COLEMAN HAWKINS                                                               636 You Can Depend on Me/Tantalizing a Cuban          BB 10792      E-/E
564 Bean Stalking/Leave my Heart Alone                   ASCH 3551     E+     637 Call Me Happy/Blue Because of You                 BB 10835        E+
565 Body & Soul/EARL HINES: It Had to Be You             BB 30-0825    E+     638 Wait Till It Happens to You/Easy Rhythm           BB 10985        E+
566 My Ideal/Mop Mop                                     COM 548    E/E-      639 It Had to Be You/Yellow Fire                      BB 11308      E/E-
567 Chicago/Meditation                                   DeE F5937     E+     640 Deep Forest (issued mx. 11993-A)                vCO TEST          E
568 In the Hush of the Night/Out to Lunch         JOE DAVIS 8127       V+     641 Please Be Kind/JOEL SHAW: Gypsy Told Me         CONQ 8990 E-/E
569 Memories of You/Step on It                       MANOR 1036 E-/E          642 Wolverine Blues/Rock and Rye                      *DE 577         E+
570 Sunny Side of the Street/Stompin‟ at the Savoy       SAVOY 550 E-/E       643 Chicago High Life/Just too Soon                   HRS 1012        E-
571 You Go to my Head/I Mean You                     SONORA 3027 E-/E         HIT-OF-THE-WEEK ORCH.
ERSKINE HAWKINS & his „Bama State Collegians                                  644 You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me              HOW 1081        E-
572 Uproar Shout/If You Leave Me                         VO 3645       E      645 Just a Little Closer                              HOW 1084        E-
EDGAR HAYES & his Orch./Quartet                                               646 I‟ll Be Blue Just Thinking of You                 HOW 1102        E
573 Laughing at Life/Stompin‟ at the Renny               BrF A81420    E+     647 My Bluebird Was Caught in the Rain                HOW 1106        E-
574 Old King Cole/Barbary Coast Blues                    BrF A81472    E+     648 If I Could Be with You One Hour Tonight           HOW 1111        E-
575 Caravan/Edgar Steps Out                              *DE 1338      E      649 Crying Myself to Sleep                            HOW 1124        V+
576 Satan Takes a Holiday/High, Wide & Handsome *DE 1382               E      650 Overnight                                         HOW 1134        E
577 I Know Now/When You & I Were Youg Maggie *DE 1509                  E+     651 Tears                                             HOW 1142        E
578 Old King Cole/Queen Isabella                         *DE 1527      E      652 Just One More Chance                              HOW 1158        E-
579 Sophisticated Swing/Fugitive from a Harem            DE 1748       E      653 Sing a New Song + My Imaginary Girl               HOW E-4-F-1 E
580 Star Dust/In the Mood                                DE 1882       E      JOHNNY HODGES
JOE HAYMES & his Orch.                                                        654 That‟s the Blues Old Man/Good Queen Bess          BB 11117        E+
581 Jazz Pie/One Note trumpet Player          (Blue wax)CO 2739D       V+     655 Things Aint What they Used to Be                  BB 11447        E+
582 Let‟s Call the Whole Thing Off/Slap that Bass MEL 7-05-14 E/E-            656 It Shouldn‟t Happen to a Dream/A Little Taste MERCER 1951 E+
LENNIE HAYTON & his Orch.                                                     657 Flower Is a Lovesome Thing/Longhorn Blues SUNRISE 2005 E/E-
583 As Long As I Live/Peg O‟ my Heart                VARSITY 8134      E+     658 I Let a Song…/If You Were in my Place             VO 4046         E+
J. C. HEARD Quintet                                                           659 Empty Ballroom Blues/You Walked Out of Picture VO 4213            E
584 Why Do I Love You?/What‟s the Use                KEYNOTE 682 E+           660 Kitchen Mechanic‟s Day/You Can Count on Me VO 4917              E/E-
TED HEATH & his Music                                                         BILLIE HOLIDAY
585 Dickory Dock/Baia                                    LON 137       E+     661 Strange Fruit/Fine & Mellow              COM 526 E+/E(tiny rcnap)
FLETCHER HENDERSON                                                            662 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues/Yesterdays        COM 527         E
586 Then I‟ll Be Happy(-1)/EDDIE PEABODY & his Band:                          663 Solitude/East of the Sun                          MER 89005       E-
        Along Came Love                                  BAN 1654      E      664 A Sailboat in the Moonlite/Born for Love          VO 3605      V/V+
587 Hocus Pocus/Tidal Wave                               *BB 5682      V+     CLAUDE HOPKINS & his Orch.
588 Stockholm Stomp/Have It Ready                        BR 3460       V      665 I Can‟t Dance…/Don‟t Let Your Love Go Wrong BR 6891           E-/V+
589 Muscle Shoals Blues/Houston Blues              (Flag)CO 164D V+/V         666 Margie/Everybody Shuffle                          BR 6916         E-
590 That‟s Georgia/You‟ll Never Get to Heaven (Flag)CO 202D V+/V              667 Chasing All the Blues Away/June in January        *DE 441       E-/E
591 Money Blues/I‟ll Take Her Back                       CO 383D       V      668 Sunday/Swingin‟ Down the Lane                     *DE 1153        E-
592 Livery Stable Blues/P.D.Q. Blues       CO 1002D V+(some label wear)       669 June Night/Church Street Sobbin‟ Blues            *DE 1286        E
593 Sugar Foot Stomp/Clarinet Marmalade                  CO 2513D      V      670 Honey/My Kinda Love                               *DE 1316        E+
594 My Pretty Girl/My Gal Sal (Blue wax, black label)CO 2586D E-/V+           671 Mush Mouth/J. TEAGARDEN: Shake your Hips PaE R1670 E-/E
595 Business in F/LOUIS‟ HARLEM STOMPERS (Casa Loma):                         672 (Quartet) It‟s Too Big, Poppa/Low Gravy        RAINBOW 10035 E
        Casa Loma Stomp                      (Blue label)CO 2615D E-/E        673 My Gal Sal/Three Little Words                     VO 3692         E+
596 Shanghai Shuffle/Memphis Blues                       *DE 158       E+     HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA ORCH. (Phil Spitalny)
597 Tidal Wave/Down South Camp Meetin‟                   DE 213        E+     674 I Still Get a Thrill                              HOW 1093        E-
598 What-cha-call-„em Blues/SHARKEY: High Society PaE R2825            E      BOB HOWARD & his Orch.
599 Sweet Music/Malinda‟s Weddin‟ Day                    VI 22775      E      675 Corrine Corrina/I Can‟t Dance                     *DE 484       E-/E
600 Harlem Madness/Phantom Fantasie VI 24699 E(lbl fade second side)          676 Wake Up & Sing/Spreadin‟ Rhythm Around            *DE 720         E+
601 I‟m a Fool for Loving You/Moonrise on the Lowlands VI 25297 E             677 Swingin‟ on the Moon/Mendel‟s Son‟s Swing Song *DE 927            E-
602 Knock Knock Who‟s There/Until Today                  VI 25373      E-     EDDY HOWARD (acc. Teddy, Ed Hall, Bill Coleman, etc.)
603 Blue Lou/Christopher Columbus                        VO 3211       E+     678 Old Fashioned Love/Stardust                       CO 35771 E+/E-
604 Slumming on Park Ave/What Will I Tell my Heart VO 3485          V+/V      ROSETTA HOWARD with Harlem Hamfats/Blues Serenaders
605 If It‟s the Last Thing I Do/You‟re in Love with Love VO 3850       E-     679 If You‟re a Viper/Rosetta Blues                   DE 7370      V/V+
606 Moten Stomp/Don‟t Let the Rhythm Go to your Head VO 4180 E+               680 My Blues is Like Whiskey/Stomp It Out Gate        DE 7640         E+
607 Yeah Man (Good quality vinyl pressing of dub of mx. 13827-2               WILL HUDSON & his Orch.
        issued only on German Brunswick 78)                            E+     681 World Without You/Peekin‟ at the Deacon           DE 3429         E+
MEL HENKE                                                                     682 Three at a Table for Two/Start Jumpin‟            DE 3579         E
608 ICan‟t Believe…/Shock Treatment                    vTEMPO 444      E      683 Black Velvet/Easy Rocker                          DE 3702         E+
TAL HENRY & his North Carolinians                                             HUDSON-DeLANGE ORCH.
609 Lonesome/I‟d Trade my Air Castles…(w)                VI 21471   E-/E      684 Tormented/It‟s a Lot of Idle Gossip               BR 7598         E+
WOODY HERMAN                                                                  685 Organ Grinder‟s Swing/You‟re Not the Kind         BR 7656         E+
610 You‟re a Sweetheart/My Fine Feathered Friend         *DE 1535      E+     686 Sophisticated Swing/The Maid‟s Night Off          BR 7991         E+
611 Loch Lomond/Let‟s Pitch a Little Woo                 DE 1570    E/E+      687 Doing the Reactionary/Sunday in the Park          BR 8077         E
612 Cousin to Chris/Fine & Dandy        DE 3140 E/E+(label tear first side)   688 Stardust/Bugle Call Rag                       MASTER 125          V+
613 Herman at the Sherman/Jukin‟                         DE 3272    E/E-      ARMAND HUG‟s Ragtime Piano
614 Deep Night/Whistle Stop                              DE 3332    E/E+      689 Frog-I-More Rag/The Cosey Rag                     vGTJ 20         E-
615 Bessie‟s Blues/Music by the Moon                     DE 3380       E+     HELEN HUMES
616 Dancing in the Dark/Time Changes Everything          DE 3751    E+/E      690 He Don‟t Love Me Any More/Pleasing Man Blues ALADDIN 125 E-
617 South/Fan It                                         DE 3761    E+/E      691 Jumpin‟ on Sugar Hill/Today I Sing the Blues (DJ)vMER 8077        E+
618 There Goes that Song Again/You Call It Madness DE 3894             E      ALBERTA HUNTER
619 Love Me a Little Little/Prisoner of Love             DE 3955       E+     692 You Can‟t Tell the Difference After Dark (mx. TO-1527, unissued
         on 78)                                        vCO TEST        E+     JIMMY JONES‟ Big Eight
693 Don‟t Want No Man That‟s Lazy/Your Bread May Be Good But                  750 Departure from Dixie/A Woman‟s Got a Right to
         It Ain‟t As Good As Mine                  JUKE BOX 511        V+              Change her Mind                                vHRS 1015    E
IVORY JOE HUNTER & his Band                                                   MAGGIE JONES (Louis) (audible 1/2” lam first side)
694 Boogin‟ in the Basement/Don‟t Leave Me        PACIFIC 602       E-/E      751 Poor House Blues/Thunderstorm Blues          (Flag)CO 14050D     E
JIMMY HUNTER & his Orch. (Jack Shilkret Orch.)                                JONES-SMITH INC. (Pres, Basie, etc.)
695 I‟ll Sing You 1000 Love Songs/Coney Island     PER 6-11-08 E-/V+          752 Shoe Shine Boy (mx. C-1657-2, unissued on 78) vCO TEST           E+
JACK HYLTON & his Orch.                                                       753 Boogie Woogie (issued mx. C-1659-1)               vCO TEST       E+
696 St. Louis Blues/Hylton Stomp                       *DE 190         E      WILLIE JORDAN & his Swinging Five
697 Goodbye Blues/Same Old Moon(w)                     DeE F3216       V+     754 Cecelia, Cecelia/Going Down to the Bottom           ALERT 207    E
698 Time Alone Will Tell/I Believe In You(w)(-4)       VI 22926        E      THE JUNGLE KINGS (Duke)
IMPERIAL DANCE ORCH. (Glantz)                                                 755 Creole Rhapsody/Part 2                              BrE 01145    E
699 The Prisoner‟s Song/I‟ll Never Stop Dreaming       DOM 3663        E      ART KAHN‟s Orch. (Gene Kardos Orch.)
IMPERIAL ORCH. (California Ramblers)                                          756 Gold Diggers‟ Song/Pettin‟ in the Park              BAN 32763    E+
700 I‟ll Take Her Back…/HOLLYWOOD ORCH. (Glantz):                             KANSAS CITY FIVE (Buck Clayton, Eddie Durham, etc.)
         That Soothing Melody                       PATHE 036189 E            757 Love Me or Leave Me (mx. 22583-1, unissued on 78) vCO TEST E+
INK SPOTS                                                                     KANSAS CITY SIX (Prez, etc)
701 Stop Pretending/Breaking my Heart All Over Again DE 3288           E      758 Three Little Words/Four O‟Clock Drag                COM 573      E
CALVIN JACKSON (Piano solos)                                                  GENE KARDOS & his Orch.
702 Lady Be Good/Lover                         vDISCOVERY 111          E+     759 (Bea Wain vocs)Breakin‟ in a Pair of Shoes/Yours Truly Is
CHUBBY JACKSON                                                                         Truly Yours                                    MEL 6-05-13 E-
703 Northwest Passage/Cryin‟ Sands                     MER 1171        E      760 Wanted/You Can‟t Take It with You                   MEL 7-05-26 E+
704 Flying the Coop/I May Be Wrong                NEW JAZZ 825 E/E-           761 When Tomorrow Comes/TODD ROLLINS Orch:
705 Leavin‟ Town/Sax Appeal                        NEW JAZZ 830        E-              Let‟s Go Places & Do Things                 ORIOLE 2849     E
CLIFF JACKSON‟s Quartet                                                       762 (Gene‟s Merrymakers) Shanghai Lil/Honeymoon
706 Quiet Please/Squeeze Me                            B&W 3       E(sol)              Hotel                                          PER 15818 E/E-
EARL JACKSON & his Orch. (Mills Blue Rhythm)                                  763 Love Is Here to Stay/Love Walked In
707 Low Down on the Bayou/Futuristic Jungleism         DeE F2728       E                                           PER 8-03-05 E+/E(small label scrs)
BUD JACOBSON‟s Jungle Kings                                                   IRVING KAUFMAN & his Band
708 Opus No. 1 Sans Melody/Clarinet Marmalade          JAZZ 102        E      764 St. Louis Blues (hot accomp.)/FRED RICH:
ILLINOIS JACQUET & his All Stars                                                       Piccolo Pete                           BAN 6508 E-(tiny rcnap)
709 Memories of You/Merle‟s Mood                     APOLLO 760        E      LLOYD KEATING & his Music (BG solo first side)
710 Jumpin‟ at the Woodside/Music Hall Beat          APOLLO 777 E-/V+         765 I‟m Keepin‟ Company/When Yuba Plays the Rumba CLAR 5350C V+
NAT JAFFE (Piano solos)                                                       GRETA KELLER
711 Black & Blue/Zonky                                 SIG 28111       E-     766 Nur eine Stunde/Ich Spur in Mit        TELEFUNKEN A1837 E+/E
HARRY JAMES                                                                   HAL KEMP & his Orch.
712 Boo-Woo/Woo-Woo                                    BR 8318         E      767 There‟s a Small Hotel/It‟s Got to Be Love           BR 7634      E+
713 Sweet Georgia Brown/Ciribiribin                    BR 8327         E-     HERMAN KENIN & his Orch.
714 Flash/All or Nothing at All                        CO 35587        E      768 Walkin‟ Around in a Dream/After Thinking it Over VI 21980        E
715 Jeffrie‟s Blues/Sharp as a Tack                    CO 36190        E      769 He‟s a Good Man to Have Around/I‟m the Last of the
716 You Made Me Love You/A Sinner Kissed an Angel CO 36296             E               Red Hot Mammas                                 VI 22005     V+
717 Hodge Podge/Fools Rush In                          HIT 7066 V+/E-         KENTUCKY GRASSHOPPERS (Jack Teagarden et al)
718 Headin‟ for Hallelujah/Alice Blue Gown MONT-WARD 10005 E                  770 Makin‟ Friends/FRED RICH: I Get the Blues… BAN 6360 V+/V
FRANKIE “HALF PINT” JAXON & The Harlem Hamfats                                HENRY KING & his Orch.
719 She Brings Me Down/Wet It                          *DE 7286 E-/V+         771 Tell Me that You Love Me/The Martinique (Blue wax)CO 3036D E/E-
720 She Sends Me/You Certainly Look Good to Me         *DE 7345        E-     TEMPO KING & his Kings of Tempo
721 Chocolate to the Bone/No Need Knockin‟…            *DE 7360 V+/E          772 I Want Ya to Sing/If I Look Like I Feel             VO 4073      E-
JAZZ CLUB AMERICAN HOT BAND (Hucko, Mel Powell, etc.)                         JOHN KIRBY & his Orch.
722 You‟re Driving Me Crazy/Red Light                                         773 Zooming at the Zombie/Street in Singapore           OK 5761      E
                   JAZZ CLUB FRANCAIS 132 E(1/2” long rim bite, nap)          774 Blues Petite/Andiology                              OK 5805    E/E-
JAZZ-BO‟S CAROLINA SERENADERS (Napoleon, Mole)                                ANDY KIRK & his Clouds of Joy
723 Hot Lips/COUNTRY CLUB ORCH: Boardwalk Blues(-F) CAM 257 E-                775 Until Real Thing Comes Along/Walkin‟ & Swingin‟ DE 809           E-
724 Chicago(-C)/DIXIE DAISIES: Way Down Yonder in                             776 Why Can‟t We Do It Again/With Love in my Heart *DE 1477          V+
         New Orleans           CAMEO 284 E(tear at top of first side label)   777 I‟ll Never Fail You/Close to Five                   DE 2407    E-/E
JACK JENNEY & his Orch.                                                       778 Big Time Crip/47th Street Jive                      DE 4042      E-
725 Stardust/The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise      CONQ 9493 E-           779 Unlucky Blues/Ride On, Ride On                      DE 4436      E-
JERRY JEROME & his All Stars                                                  MANNY KLINE (sic) & his Orch.
726 Walkin‟ with Jerry/Rose of Washington Square       ASCH 504        E-     780 Juba/Hot Spell                                      BR 7606      E+
AL JOCKERS‟ Dance Orch.                                                       THE KNICKERBOCKERS
727 Broadway Rose/SELVIN: Rose AEOLIAN VOCALION 14145 E                       781 Who‟s Your Little Who-zis/With Love in my Heart CO 2591D E/E+
BUDDY JOHNSON & his Band                                                      BENNIE KREUGER & his Orch. (Berigan solos both sides)
728 Southern Exposure/Troyon Swing                     DE 8562         V+     782 Gosh Darn!/Crazy People                             BR 6296      V
729 That‟s the Stuff/One of them Good Ones             DE 8671         E      GENE KRUPA
BUNK JOHNSON                                                                  783 (Helen Ward vocs)Feelin‟ High & Happy/One More
730 Arkansas Blues/Spicy Advice                  vCAROUSEL 2502 E                      Dream                                          BR 8123    E/E+
731 Ace in the Hole/2:19 Blues                         vGTJ 34         E      784 Manhattan Transfer/Moments in the Moonlight         CO 35444     E-
732 Nobody‟s Fault but Mine/When I Move to the Sky vGTJ 37             E      785 Make-Believe Island/My Wonderful One Let‟s Dance CO 35474 E+
733 I Can‟t Escape from You/Snag It                    vJAY 6          E      786 Knock Me a Kiss/Deliver Me to Tennessee             CO 36591     E+
734 Panama/Down by the River                           JAZZ MAN 8 E           787 Bolero at the Savoy/Side by Side                    CO 36725     E+
735 Weary Blues/Moose March                           vJAZZ MAN 9 E           788 Blue Rhythm Fantasy/Part 2                          OK 5627    E/E-
DINK JOHNSON                                                                  789 Feelin‟ Fancy/Washington & Lee Swing                OK 5921      E-
736 Yeah Man/Rag Bag Rag                   AMERICAN MUSIC 523 E+              790 Drum Boogie/How „Bout that Mess                     OK 6046      E-
737 Las Vegas Stomp/The Stella Blues       AMERICAN MUSIC 524 E+              791 Let‟s Get Away from It All/Little Bit South of NC. OK 6130       E+
738 Jelly Roll Blues/Indian Rag           AMERICAN MUSIC 525 E+               KXYZ NOVELTY BAND (label wear at center hole second side)
739 Dink‟s Blues/Frisco Dreams            AMERICAN MUSIC 526 E+               792 Avalon/The Sheik of Araby                           *BB 5831     E+
JAMES P. JOHNSON                                                              ART LANDRY & his Orch.
740 Blues for Fats/Blueberry Rhyme                     SIG 28105 E/E+         793 I‟ve Been a Fool/Some of these Days        GENNETT 5189       E-/V+
LONNIE JOHNSON                                                                794 Rip Saw Blues/VINCENT ROSE: Helen Gone              VI 19398     E-
741 Lonesome Road/Baby, Remember Me                    BB 34-0714 E-/E        795 The Camel Walk/Everybody Stomp!                     VI 19858     V+
742 Drifting Along Blues/In Love Again                 DISC 6064       E      796 Hello Blue Bird/Hugs and Kisses                     VI 20285     V+
MERLE JOHNSTON & his Ceco Couriers (TD solo first side)                       EDDIE LANG & LONNIE JOHNSON
743 Where the Sweet Forget-Me-Nots Remember/If I Had                          797 Two Tone Stomp/MAMIE SMITH: Jenny‟s Ball PaE R1195 E/E-
         My Way                                        CO 1968D        E+     FRANCES LANGFORD & TONY MARTIN
ALBINIA JONES WITH Don Byas‟ Swing Seven                                      798 Our Love Affair/Two Dreams Met                      DE 3415      E+
744 Evil Gal Blues/Don‟t You Wear No Black NATIONAL 9012               E-     SAM LANIN
ISHAM JONES‟ Orch.                                                            799 Side by Side/Hello Cutie                            BAN 1961     V+
745 Black Magic/The Blue Room                          *DE 493         E+     800 Sweet Sue/BDWY BDCSTRS: South Bound                 CAMEO 8227 E-
746 Thunder Over Paradise/If I Should Lose You         *DE 605         E      801 Where/LITTLE CLUB ORCH: My Cherry Blossom EMRSN 10400 E
747 Nola/Fan It                                        *DE 834         E-     802 Whistling in the Dark                               HOW 11       E-
748 Music Music Everywhere/And Still I Care            VI 24098        V      803 Three Little Words                                  HOW 1112     E-
749 I Only Found You for Somebody Else/BERT LOWN:                             804 Something to Remember You By                        HOW 1125     E
         I Wish I Had Wings                            VI 24116        E+     805 Reaching for the Moon                               HOW 1133     E-
                                                                              806 I Surrender, Dear                                   HOW 1145     V+
807 Flag that Train/UNIVERSITY SEXTETTE (Varsity 8):                         MATTY MALNECK & his Orch.
        Charleston                                    LINCOLN 2355 V+        868 St. Louis Blues/Humoresque                         DE 2182          E/E-
808 Me!/I Apologize                                    ORIOLE 2328      V+   WINGY MANONE
809 Here We Are/Don‟t Hang Dreams on a Rainbow V-T 1968V E-/E                869 Sing Me a Swing Song/Hesitation Blues              *BB 6394         E/E-
LA PALINA BROADCASTERS (Fred Rich w/Smith Ballew voc)                        870 You‟re Not the Kind/I Just Made Up…                *BB 6472         E/E-
810 Sweetheart We Need Each Other/THE ROUNDERS (Reser):                      871 It‟s the Gypsy in Me/And They Said It Wouldn‟t Last *BB 6549 E/E+
        Rio Rita                  REGAL 8854 V+(label tear second side)      872 In the Groove/AMANDA RANDOLPH: Honey Please Don‟t
HARLAN LATTIMORE (acc. orch. dir Victor Young)                                       Turn Your Back on Me                           *BB 6616 V+/E-
811 Strange As It Seems/With Summer Coming On             CO 2671D      E-   873 Can‟t Lose that Longing for You/U Showed Me the Way *BB 6804 E
HARLAN LATTIMORE & his Connie‟s Inn Orch.                                    874 Oh Say Can You Swing?/Boo-hoo                      *BB 6806         E+/E
812 Reefer Man/I Heard                                    CO 2678D E+/E      875 Formal Night in Harlem/Sweet Lorraine              *BB 6816         E/E-
LaVERE‟S CHICAGO LOOPERS                                                     876 Let Me Call you Sweetheart/Easy Like               *BB 6618             E-
813 Baby Won‟t You Please Come Home/Subdivided in F JUMP 1              E-   877 Don‟t Ever Change/You‟re Precious to Me            *BB 7002             E+
814 Very 8 „n Boogie/Lazy River                           JUMP 3        E-   878 The Image of You/Life Without You                  *BB 7003             E-
JULIA LEE & her Boy Friends                                                  879 Heart of Mine/Little Joe            BB 7622 E-(small label tear first side)
815 Goin‟ to Chicago Blues/Last Call              (DJ)vCAP 2203 E+(wol)      880 Let‟s Break the Good News/Mannone Blues            BB 7633              E-
816 Wise Guys/All I Ever Do Is Worry                      CAP 15106     E+   881 South with the Boarder/Old Grey Bonnet             BB 10604         E+/E
817 Until the Real Thing Comes Along/Tell Me Daddy CAP 15144            E+   882 Blue Lou/How Long Blues                            BB 10749 V+/E-
818 Sit Down & Drink It Over/I Didn‟t Like It….           CAP 15367     E+   883 When I Get You Alone Tonite/Dinner for Duchess BB 10909 E-/E
PEGGY LEE                                                                    884 Orchi Chornya/The Boogie Beat‟ll Getcha          BB 11298 E-/E(sol)
819 It Takes a Long Long Train/Just an Old Love of Mine CAP 445 E+/E-        885 O Sole Mio/Shake the Blues Away                 DAVIS DA27-1            E
820 Once Around the Moon/Cry, Cry, Cry                    CAP 961       E-   886 That‟s a Gasser/Georgia Girl                       DAVIS 7779 E
CHESTER LEIGHTON & his Sophomores                                            887 Hot Peanuts/Salt Pork, West Virginia         vGILT-EDGE 536             E+
821 Heartaches/FORD BRITTEN‟s Blue Comets:                                   888 Japanese Sandman/Dixie Land                        vKEM 2704 E/E-
        Ever Since Time Began                        CLARION 5244C E-        889 You Let Me Down/I‟ve Got my Fingers Crossed VO 3135                     V+
822 On the Beach with You (BG, Berigan solos)/Without that                   890 Rhythm in my Nursery Rhymes/The Broken Record VO 3158                   E
        Gal!                                         HAR 1340H E-/E(wol)     MARKELS ORCHESTRA
HARLAN LEONARD & his Rockets                                                 891 Struttin‟ at the Strutters‟ Ball/FRED VAN EPS:
823 Mistreated/Too Much                                   BB 11544      E+           Away Down South                                OK 4683              E-
MEADE LUX LEWIS                                                              DODO MARMAROSA Trio
824 Glendale Glide/Denapas Parade                         ASCH 352-2 E-      892 Raindrops/I‟ve Got News for You                  ATOMIC 227             E
825 Randini‟s Boogie/Lux‟s Boogie                         ASCH 352-3 E-      JOE MARSALA
826 Honky Tonk Train/Whistlin‟ Blues                  *BB(Can) 10175    E+   893 Cherokee/My Melancholy Baby                        B&W 18               E-
827 I‟m in the Mood for Love/Mr. Freddie Blues            BrE 02176     E+   894 Four or Five Times/Weary Blues                     BR 80128             E
TED LEWIS & his Band                                                         895 Bull‟s Eye/Slow Down                               DE 3715              E
828 Yellow Dog Blues/Clarinet Marmalade                   MEL 13380     V+   896 I Know that You Know/Lower Register                DE 3764              E+
JOIE LICHTER‟s Strand Serenaders (light label fade)                          897 Gotta Be This or That/Southern Comfort             MUS 328              E+
829 After I Said (sic) I‟m Sorry/Slippery Elm      PURITAN 11439 V+/V        898 East of the Sun/Slightly Dizzy                     MUS 344              E
LIDO VENICE DANCE ORCH.                                                      899 Jim Jam Stomp/Woo-Woo                            VO 4116 V+(rcnap)
830 San/When Things Go Wrong                              PER 14291     E-   900 Mighty Like the Blues/Hot String Beans             VO 4168              E+
JOE LIGGINS & his Honeydrippers                                              JOHNNY MARVIN
831 Blue Moods/Got a Right to Cry                   EXCLUSIVE 210 E/E-       901 Guilty/Now That You‟re Gone                        BAN 32292            E
LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS (feat. Knocky Parker first side)                       902 My Pet (BG)/I Still Love You                       VI 21435             E
832 Knocky Knocky/Sweeter than an Angel                   VO 04403      V+   BABE MATHEWS with Joe Thomas‟ Big Six
DONALD LINDLEY (Tpt solos acc. Arthur Schutt)                                903 No Better For Ya/He‟s Got So Much                  HRS 1017             E
833 Sweet Stuff/Trumpet Blues                             CO 546D E-/V+      NYE MAYHEW & his Orch.
RAY LINN & his Orch.                                                         904 Riptide/Madamoiselle(w)                            VO 2709          V/V+
834 Caravan/Tea Time                                    HI-TONE 133 E-       DICK McDONOUGH & his Orch.
THE LITTLE RAMBLERS                                                          905 On the Beach at Bali Bali/The Scene Changes      BAN 6-08-08 E-/E
835 Swamp Blues/Play It Red                               CO 1103D      V    906 Take My Heart/Stars in my Eyes(w)                  MEL 6-08-07 E
ELLA LOGAN                                                                   907 (Buddy Clark vocs) Midnight Blue/When the Moon
836 Jingle (Bingle) Bells/Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be BR 8057 E-/E                Hangs High               MEL 6-11-04 V+(label scratch both sides)
837 Ragtime Cowboy Joe/Come to the Fair                   BR 8232       E-   908 The Goona Goo/I Can‟t Lose that Longing for You MEL 7-03-12 V+
VINCENT LOPEZ Orch.                                                          ROSIE McHARGUE‟s Memphis Five
838 Here Comes the Sun                                    HOW 1089      E-   909 Sweet Woman/I Wonder What‟s Become of Joe vJUMP 28                      E
839 Cheerful Little Earful                                HOW 1120      E    RED McKENZIE
840 „Tain‟t No Sin/DUBIN‟S DANDIES: Harlem‟s Araby OR 1824 E/E-              910 Hello Lola/One Hour                                BB 10037             E
LOUISIANA RHYTHM KINGS                                                       911 Never Had a Reason…/Tailspin Blues                 BB 10209             E
841 Basin St. Blues/Last Cent                             BrE 02506     E+   912 Blue River (mx TO-1329, unissued on 78)           vCO TEST              E+
ED LOYD & his Orch. (Gene Kardos Orch.)                                      913 All Forgotten Now/What‟s Use of Getting Used to You *DE 243 E
842 Fit as a Fiddle/Ah, But I‟ve Learned!                 MEL 12534 E/E+     914 Double Trouble/That‟s What You Think               *DE 521              E
JIMMIE LUNCEFORD & his Orch.                                                 915 Wouldn‟t I Be a Wonder/Georgia Rockin‟ Chair       *DE 609              E
843 White Heat/Jazznocracy                                BB 5713       E    916 Sail Along Silv‟ry Moon/Farewell My Love           VO 3875              E+
844 Sophisticated Lady/Unsophisticated Sue                *DE 129       E    917 Georgianna/You‟re Out of this World
845 Mood Indigo/Rose Room                                 DE 131        E+                                    VO 3898 V+(rcnap, tiny label tear first side)
846 Rhythm Is Our Business(-A)/Star Dust(-B)              *DE 369       E+   RAY McKINLEY Hot Trio (Hucko, Mel Powell)
847 Rhythm Is Our Business(-B)/Star Dust(take not indicated) DE 369 E+       918 After You‟ve Gone/Sugar              JAZZ CLUB FRANCAIS 130 E
848 Black & Tan Fantasie/Since Best Gal Turned Me Down *DE 453 E             McKINNEY‟S COTTON PICKERS
849 Nuts About Screwy Music/I‟m Walking thru Heaven *DE 682             E+   919 Do You Believe in Love at Sight?/GENE KARDOS:
850 Linger Awhile/Count Me Out                            *DE 1229 E/E-              Mean Music                                     HMV B4880 E
851 Coquette/or Dancers Only                              *DE 1340      E+   920 Beedle Um Bum/Selling that Stuff                   VI V38052            V
852 Annie Laurie/‟Frisco Fog                              *DE 1569      E-   921 If I Could Be with You/Zonky                       VI V38118 V+/E-
853 Chocolate(-A)/Battle Axe                              DE 3807       E+   CONNIE McLEAN & his Rhythm Orch.
854 Peace & Love for All/Blue Prelude                     DE 3892       E-   922 High Falutin‟ Stomp/All I Want in this World Is You *BB 6482 E-/E+
855 Hi Spook/Yard Dog Mazurka                             DE 4032 E-/V+      JIMMY McPARTLAND (Typewritten white label DJ release)
856 Gone/Impromptu                                        DE 4083       E+   923 Royal Garden Blues/Sister Kate              vUNISON 8815/8816 E
857 Call the Police!/Water Faucet      (red vinyl Duraflex ed.)MAJ 1122 E-   JAY McSHANN
858 The Lonesome Road/Mandy                               VO 4831       E+   924 Confessin‟ the Blues/Hootie Blues                  DE 8559              E+
859 Liza/I Used to Love You                               VO 5276 E-/V+      MELODY MAKER ALL STARS (1954 poll winners)
860 Uptown Blues/Put It Away                              VO 5362       E-   925 For Voters Only/Gallop Poll                 vESQUIRE 10-353             E
861 I‟m in an Awful Mood/Blues in the Groove              VO 5395     E/E-   JOHNNY MERCER
BILLY KYLE & his Swing Club Band (Sorry, out of alpha sequence)              926 I Left my Sugar in Salt Lake City/Wreck of Old ‟97 CAP 122              E
862 Margie/Big Boy Blue                                   VO 3815       E    927 Ugly Chile/My Sugar Is So Refined                   CAP 268         E/E-
HUMPHREY LYTTELTON & his Band                                                ANNA MEYERS & Original Memphis Five
863 Get Out of Here/Sunday Morning                  vRAMPART 11         E+   928 Tain‟t Nobody‟s Biz-ness/That Da Da Strain         PER 12031 E-/V+
CHUCK MACKEY‟s Michigan Boulevard Gang                                       MEZZ MEZZROW
864 At Sundown/Happy Blues                                JUMP 11 V+/E-      929 Mutiny in the Parlor/The Panic Is On               *BB 6319             E-
MAJESTIC DANCE ORCH.                                                         930 Melody from the Sky/Lost                           *BB 6320 E+(wol)
865 (Justin Ring) Moonlight Saving Time/(Lou Gold) Nevertheless              931 Comin‟ on with the Come On/Part 2                  BB 10085         E/E-
                                                          BAN 32187     E-   932 Royal Garden Blues/If You See Me Comin‟            BB 10087             E-
866 (Lanin w/Smith Ballew) Your Mother & Mine/LA PALINA                      933 Revolutionary Blues/Getting‟ Together              BB 10088         E/E-
        BDCSTRS (F. Rich): Wouldn‟t It Be Wonderful PER 15222           E-   934 (& Bechet) Gone Away Blues/De Luxe Stomp KING JAZZ 140 E/E-
867 You‟re Blasé/Love Me Tonight (-3)                     PER 15660     E    935 (& Bechet) Bowin‟ the Blues/Old School          KING JAZZ 141 E
936 (& Bechet) Blood on the Moon/House Party          KING JAZZ 142 V+          MOUND CITY BLUE BLOWERS
VELMA MIDDLETON (Hines, Cozy Cole)                                              998 I‟m Shooting High/I‟ve Got my Fingers Crossed CHAMP 40076 V+
937 Big Mama‟s Back in Town/Good Bye, Good Luck., Good                          999 High Society Blues/Muskrat Ramble                *DE 1274      E-
        Riddance                                 MIDDLE-TONE 001 E+             1000 Tailspin Blues/DUKE: Creole Love Call           HMV B6252 E+
BUBBER MILEY & his Mileage Makers                                               1001 Georgia on my Mind/I Can‟t Believe… (Sm blk)OK 41515          E+
938 Chinnin‟ & Chattin‟ with May/Black Maria                                    JIMMY MUNDY & his Orch.
          VI V38146             V+/V(star crack under label not into grooves)   1002 Little Old Lady from Baltimore/A Lover is Blue VARSITY 8136 E+
EDDIE MILLER (Trio with Van Eps & Wrightsman)                                   PHIL NAPOLEON & his Orch.
939 Peg O‟ y Heart/Ain‟t Misbehavin‟                   JUMP 9 E/E+(wol)         1003 Clarinet Marmalade/CHARLES DORNBERGER Orch:
940 Back Home/It‟s Easy to Remember                    JUMP 16            E             Tiger Rag                                    VI 20647      E
GLENN MILLER & his Orch.                                                        FATS NAVARRO Quintette
941 Kalamazoo/At Last                                    VI 27934         E     1004 Ice Freezes Red/RAY BROWN: For Hecklers Only SAVOY 976 E-
942 Juke Box Saturday Night/Sleepy Town Train            VI 20-1509       E     DAVID NELSON & the King‟s Men
GLENN MILLER‟s Uptown Hall Gang (Hucko, Mel Powell)                             1005 Some of these Days/I Ain‟t Got Nobody           *BB 5029      V
943 (& Django) Someday Sweetheart/Please Don‟t Talk About Me                    OZZIE NELSON & his Orch.
        When I‟m Gone                              ESQUIRE 10-053         E+    1006 Strangers in the Dark/Happy Birthday to Love    *BB 7037      E+
944 Sunny Side of the St./You‟re Driving me Crazy        ESQ 10-209 E+          1007 You Leave Me Breathless/Says My Heart           BB 7528    E/V+
JACK MILLER acc. The New Englanders                                             1008 Maple Leaf Rag/Yes Suh!                         BB 7726       E
945 Singin‟ in the Rain/My Song of the Nile              V-T 1953V E-/E         NEW ORLEANS RAMBLERS (Jack Teagarden)
RAY MILLER & his Orch.                                                          1009 I‟m One of God‟s Children/That‟s the Kind of Man
946 Red Hot Mama/Bagdad                                  BR 2681          E-            for Me                                   vDECATUR 508 E+
947 I Didn‟t Care Til I Lost You/Me & the Boy Friend BR 2753              V+    NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS
948 Tessie/Will You Remember Me                          BR 2830          E-    1010 Baby Brown/No Lovers Allowed                    *DE 401       E+
LUCKY MILLINDER                                                                 NEW YORK TWELVE
949 Barrel House/Mr. Ghost Goes to Town                  CoE DB5026 E+          1011 You‟re Driving Me Crazy                         HOW 1121      E
950 Big Fat Mama/Trouble in Mind                         DE 4041          E-    1012 Let‟s Get Friendly (Ballew voc)                 HOW 1153      V+
951 How About that Mess/Let Me Off Uptown                DE 4099          E-    NEWPORT DANCE ORCH.
952 When the Lights Go on Again/That‟s All               DE 18496         E+    1013 My Melancholy Baby/TUXEDO DANCE ORCH:
MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND                                                                  Caring Just for You(w)                   MADISON 50036 E-
953 Moanin‟/DUKE ELLINGTON: Harlem Speaks BrG A9736 E+/E                        FRANKIE NEWTON
954 Let‟s Have a Jubilee/Out of a Dream       (Blue wax)CO 2963D E+/E           1014 Who?/Blues my Baby Gave to Me                   BB 10216 E-/E+
955 Back Beats/Spitfire                       (Blue wax)CO 3020D          E+    1015 Cause my Baby Says It‟s So/There‟s No Two Ways
956 Swingin‟ in E Flat/African Lullaby         (Blue wax)CO 3038D         E+            About It                                   VARIETY 550     E+
957 Congo Caravan/Ride, Red, Ride                        CO 3087D E/E-          RED NICHOLS
958 Yes! Yes!/Broken Dreams of ou                        CO 3111D E-/E          1016 Riverboat Shuffle/Eccentric                     BR 3627       V
959 Big John‟s Special/Callin‟ Your Bluff     (Blue wax)CO 3162D          E+    1017 Nobody‟s Sweetheart/Avalon                      BR 3854       E
960 Minnie the Moocher/Heebie Jeebies                    VI 22763         E+    1018 Roses of Picardy/Allah‟s Holiday                BR 4286    V+/V
961 Moanin‟/DUKE ELLINGTON: The Mystery Song VI 22800                     E+    1019 Hallelujah!/Sometimes I‟m Happy                 BR 4701       V
962 Love‟s Serenade/Harlem After Midnight                VI 24442         E+    1020 Sweet Georgia Brown/By the Shalimar             BR 4944       E
963 Kokey Joe/Rompela (Break It Down)                   ViArg 24482       V+    1021 Alice Blue Gown/A Pretty Girl IS Like a Melody BR 6826    E-/V+
MILLS BROTHERS                                                                  1022 Five Pennies/Harlem Twist                       VI 21560 E(rcnap)
964 St. Louis Blues/Sweet Sue-Just You                   BR 6330          E+    RAY NOBLE & his Orch. (all w/Al Bowlly)
965 Bugle Call Rag/Old Man of the Mountain               BR 6357          E-    1023 It‟s Bad for Me/Experiment        ELECTROLA(Ger) EG2950       E
966 Dirt Dishin‟ Daisy/Git Along                         BR 6430          E+    1024 Hold my Hand/Pied Piper of Hamelin           (RG)VI 24034 E+/E
MILLS MERRY MAKERS                                                              JIMMIE NOONE
967 Junior Senor Prom (-A)/BROADWAY BROADCASTERS (Lanin):                       1025 Call Me Darling…/I‟m Walkin‟ This Town          DE 1730 V+/E-
        I Don‟t Want your Kisses                                                1026 Sweet Lorraine/Hell in my Heart                 DE 7553       E+
                    ROMEO 1008 V+/V(rc 4 gr second side not in music)           1027 Every Evening/Four or Five Times                VO 1185    V+/V
MILLS MUSIC MASTERS                                                             1028 Birmingham Bertha/Am I Blue?                    VO 1296    V/V-
968 Please Don‟t Talk About Me…/They Satisfy             MEL 12091        V     PATRICIA NORMAN
IRVING MILLS & his Swyngphonic Orch.                                            1029 Sweet Little Buttercup/Horse Eats Buggy         VO 4954       E+
969 Merry Widow on a Spree/What Can the Matter Be MASTER 126 E                  1030 Shadows/I Wanna Hat with Cherries               VO 5037    E+/E
MIFF MOLE (Muggsy, Pee Wee, etc.)                                               RED NORVO
970 Three Little Words/Livery Stable Blues MANHATTAN A10-2 E                    1031 Picture Me without You/All Begins & Ends with You BR 7732 E+
MARILYN MONROE (Picture label vinyl promo disc has moderate                     1032 A Porter‟s Love Song/I Know that You Know       BR 7744    E/E+
stain & writing on labels, not into image)                                      1033 Says my Heart/You Leave Me Breathless           BR 8135       E-
971 I‟m Gonna File my Claim/River of No Return (DJ)vVI 20-5745            E-    1034 After Dinner Speech/A Cigarette & a Silhouette BR 8171        E+
LAZY ADE MONSBOURGH‟s Back Room Boys                                            1035 Put Your Heart in a Song/Sunny Side of Things BR 8182         E+
972 The Father‟s Blues/The Jazz Parade            vAMPERSAND 9            E+    1036 Jump Jumps Here/Garden of the Moon              BR 8202       E
JAMES MOODY & his Orch.                                                         1037 Blues in E Flat/Bughouse                        BR 8208       E
973 Moody‟s Theme/My Ideal                           vMER 70001           E-    1038 I Have Eyes/You‟re a Sweet Little Headache      BR 8227 E+(sol)
GATEMOUTH MOORE                                                                 1039 This Is Madness/Who Blew Out the Flame          BR 8230       E+
974 They Can‟t Do This to You/Love Doctor Blues NATL 4015                 E     1040 In a Mist/Dance of the Octopus                  BR 8236       E-
PHIL MOORE (Piano & rhythm)                                                     1041 I Surrender Dear/Tomboy                (Blue wax)CO 2977D     E
975 Deep Purple/Nobody Knows Trouble I‟ve Seen vDISCOV 127 E/E-                 1042 Bughouse/Blues in E Flat                        CO 3079D      E
RUSS MORGAN & his Orch.                                                         1043 Little White Lies/Move                  vDISCOVERY 145        E-
976 Love Me Forever/The Rose in her Hair(w) (Blue wax)CO 3063D E                1044 September Song/Zing Went the Strings vDISCOVERY 147           E
THOMAS MORRIS & his Seven Hot Babies                                            1045 Rehearsal/Red‟s Stuff               vSTEINER-DAVIS 5002       E
977 Jackass Blues/Ham Gravy                              VI 20179         V+    1046 Yours for a Song/I Can Read Between the Lines VO 4818 E-(sol)
JELLY ROLL MORTON                                                               1047 Rehearsin‟ for Nervous Breakdown/Blue Evening VO 4833         E-
978 Shreveport/DUKE: Doin‟ the Voom Voom (Staff)BB 7710                   E     NOVELTY ORCHESTRA (Ray Noble with Al Bowlly)
979 Beale St. Blues/The Pearls                           BB 10252       E/E+    1048 Puzzle Record No. 2/Part 2                      HMV B3825 E
980 Fat Frances/Pep                                      BB 10257         E+    FLOYD O‟BRIEN‟s State St. Seven
981 Good Old New York/Big Lip Blues                 GENERAL 1704          E+    1049 Royal Reserve Blues/Carolina in the Morning     JUMP 4 E-(wol)
982 Panama/Sweet Substitute                GEN TAV TUNES 1703             E+    ANITA O‟DAY
983 Get the Bucket/Why                      GEN TAV TUNES 1706            E+    1050 So Much of Nothing to Do/Jamaica Mon            GEM 8         E-
984 Shake It/If You Knew                    GEN TAV TUNES 1707 E+               OKEH SYNCOPATORS (Reser)
985 Mama‟s Got a Baby/My Home is in So. Town GEN TT 1710                  E-    1051 Sister Kate/ORIGINAL SIX: Broadway Strut        OK 4694       V+
986 Wolverine Blues/Boogaboo                             HMV B10173 E           EARL OLIVER‟s Jazz Band
987 West End Blues/Climax Rag                       HMV(Ind) B9219 E+           1052 Hi-Ho! The Merrio/JACK STILLMAN‟s Orch:
988 Kansas City Stomps/Low Gravy                         vHJCA 51         E+            My Darling                            ED 51760 V+/E-(ecnap)
989 Creepy Feeling/Finger Buster                    vJAZZ MAN 12          E+    KING OLIVER
990 Black Bottom Stomp/The Chant              VI 20221 E(lbl scr 2nd side)      1053 Stingaree Blues/Shake It & Break It             BB 10707      E
991 Sidewalk Blues/Dead Man Blues                        VI 20252 V+/E-         1054 Tin Roof Blues/West End Blues                  vCREOLE 11     E
992 Doctor Jazz/DIXIELAND JUG BLOWERS:                                          1055 Snake Rag/High Society            SPECIAL EDITIONS 5016- S E+
        Memphis Shake                                    VI 20415         E     GEORGE OLSEN & his Music
993 Kansas City Stomps/Boogaboo                          VI V38010        V     1056 Beale St. Blues/INT‟L NOV. ORCH: Boll Weevil Blues VI 19457 V+
994 Cannon Ball Blues/MEZZ MEZZROW: Blues in                                    1057 Blue Skies/Where‟s that Rainbow?                VI 20455      E+
        Disguise                                         ViJap A1368 E+         1058 My Heart Stood Still/I Feel at Home with You    VI 21034      E-
SNUB MOSELY‟s Band                                                              ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND
995 „Deed I Do/Case of the Blues                         DE 8626          E-    1059 Drop a Nickel in the Slot/Jezebel               BB 7454       E-
996 Squash Head/Herman‟s Boogie                       SONORA 110          E-    1060 Darktown Strutters‟ Ball/Indiana                CO A2297      E-
997 Hinkty Man/You and the Devil                      SONORA 500          E-
ORIGINAL MEMPHIS FIVE                                                          1115 March of the Toys/In a Persian Market             DE 2906         E+
1061 Farewell Blues/NEW SYNCO JAZZ BAND: Liza PER 14104 E-/V+                  1116 Feather Merchant‟s Ball/Teddy Bear Boogie         DE 3234         E-
1062 A Man Never Knows When a Woman‟s Gonna Change her Mind/                   TOMMY POWELL & his Hi De Ho Boys
        ROSELAND DANCE ORCH: Innocent Eyes REGAL 5670 V+/V                     1117 The Hi De Ho Swing/That Cat Is High               *DE 7231 V+/E
1063 Who‟s Sorry Now?/Snakes Hips                      VI 19052 E-/V+          JESSE PRICE & his Blues Band
ORIOLE ORCH. (Russo & Fiorito‟s)                                               1118 Big Town Blues/You Can‟t Take It With You         CAP 391         E+
1064 Copenhagen/My Rose Marie                          BR 2752      V+/E-      LOUIS PRIMA & his New Orleans Gang
KID ORY‟s Creole Jazz Band                                                     1119 How‟m I Doin‟?/Solitude                           BR 7531      E/V+
1065 Down Home Rag/1919                               CRESCENT 4 E             PRINCE‟S BAND
1066 Ballin the Jack/Savoy Blues       vLINDEN 124 E(Seattle label has         1120 Black & White/The Glow Worm                       CO A711         V+
          small label tear first side)                                         1121 Black Diamond Rag/DOLLY CONNOLLY: That
MARY OSBORNE Trio                                                                      Hypnotizing Man                                CO A1140 V+/E-
1067 Blues in Mary‟s Flat/Oops My Lady           SIGNATURE 15087 E             CLARENCE PROFIT Trio
WILL OSBORNE & his Orch.                                                       1122 Azure/Dark Eyes                                   DE 8527         E
1068 They All Fall in Love/I Knew We Two Were One CO 2044D              E      ROGER PRYOR & his Orch.
1069 I Love to Whistle/Something Tells Me              DE 1754       E/E-      1123 Now It Can Be Told (-B)/My Walking Stick          VO 4164         E-
1070 How Do I Know It‟s Sunday?/Simple & Sweet         MEL 12972 E-/E          HARRY RADERMAN‟s Jazz Orch.
HOT LIPS PAGE                                                                  1124 There Comes a Some Day/I Lost my Heart to You
1071 Big “D” Blues/It Ain‟t Like That       CONTINENTAL C6003 E                                                        (U.S.)ODEON Od20034 E-/V+
1072 I‟ve Got the World on a String/Happy Medium MELROSE 1402 E                RADIO SYNCOPATORS (Arthur Fields‟ Orch.)
JEWEL PAIGE & her Brown Brownies                                               1125 I Can‟t Sleep in the Movies/SYNCO JAZZERS:
1073 None of this Jelly Roll/Give It Up                DE 7863          V+             Stein Song                               MADISON 5051 E-/V+
PALACE GARDEN ORCH. (California Ramblers)                                      FLOYD RAY & his Orch.
1074 Everything Nice About You/I‟ll Just Go Along PATHE 36612 V/V+             1126 Three O‟Clock in the Morning/Comin‟ on with the Blues DE 2337 E-
LOUIS PANICO & his Orch.                                                       RED & MIFF‟S STOMPERS
1075 Wabash Blues/Oh! Doctor                     PER 35-10-27 V+(rcnap)        1127 Feeling no Pain/BLUE STEELE: Betty Jean           VI 21183        V+
TINY PARHAM & his Musicians                                                    RED ONION JAZZ BABIES (Louis, et al)
1076 That Kind of Love/Blue Melody Blues               VI V38047        E      1128 Cake Walking Babies/All the Wrongs…            AFCDJ(Fr) A05      E+
1077 Jogo Rhythm/Stuttering Blues                      vWAX 101         E      1129 Cake Walking Babies/KING OLIVER: Dipper Mouth Blues
CHARLIE PARKER                                                                                                           JAZZ INFORMATION 10 E+
1078 Cheers/Carving the Bird                           DIAL 1013 V+/V          DON REDMAN & his Orch.
1079 Ko-ko/DON BYAS: How High the Moon                 SAVOY 597        E      1130 You Ain‟t Nowhere/About Rip Van Winkle
HARRY PARRY‟s Radio Rhythm Club Sextet                                                                             BB 10615 E(small label tear first side)
1080 I‟ve Found a New Baby/Black Eyes                  PaE R2786        V+     1131 Shim-me-sha-wabble/Chant of the Weed              BB 10765        E
PASADENA ROOF ORCH. (vinyl pressing in art sleeve)                             1132 How‟m I Doin‟ He Hey/Try Getting a Good Night‟s
1081 Pennies from Heaven (78 rpm)/Pennies from Heaven + Back in                        Sleep                                          BR 6273         E
       Your Own Backyard (45 rpm) PASADENA R.O.(Eng) CBS6376 E+                1133 I Got Rhythm/Tea for Two                          BR 6334         E+
LES PAUL Trio                                                                  1134 Lonely Cabin/You Told Me But Half of the Story BR 6935            E+
1082 Out of Nowhere/Goodbye my Lover Goodbye VO 5447                    E-     1135 Shaking the Africann/Chant of the Weeds           BrE 1244        E
RAY PEARL & his Orch.                                                          1136 Hot & Anxious/I Got Rhythm                        BrE 1344        E+
1083 Smoke Dreams/Timber                               VO 3420          V+     1137 Moonrise on the Lowlands/Lazy Weather           MEL 6-07-09       E+
SID PELTYN & his Orch.                                                         1138 Stormy Weather/Sweet Sue-Just You              VARIETY 605        V+
1084 Two Buck Tim from Timbuctoo/Peer, Prestzel & You *BB 5045 E               1139 We Don‟t Know from Nothin‟/Who Wants to Sing
1085 Little Dutch Mill/Delta Bound                     *BB 5417         E              M Love Song                                    VO 3359         V+
OSCAR PETERSON Trio                                                            DJANGO REINHARDT
1086 Poor Butterfly/Honeydripper              HMV(So Afr) SAB251 E+            1140 (& Grappelly) It Had to Be You/Tornerai       (Red)DE 23079       E+
JACK PETTIS & his Band                                                         1141 Limehouse Blues/Daphne                            SWING 82        V+
1087 St. Louis Shuffle/HYWD D.O.: Yankee Rose          BAN 1908 E/E-           1142 Stockholm/Swing 1941                              SWING 95        E-
1088 It All Depends on You/Muddy Water                 BAN 1927 V+/E-          LEO REISMAN & his Orch.
FLIP PHILLIPS with Machito & his Orch.                                         1143 What Is This Thing Called Love (Bubber solo)/She‟s Such a
1089 Flying Home/Caravan                             vMER 11018 E+/E-                  Comfort to Me                                  VI 22282        E
THE PIED PIPERS (Eddie Miller solo first side)                                 1144 Time on my Hands (Lee Wiley)/You Didn‟t Know the
1090 Dream/Tabby the Cat                               vCAP 185         E              Music                                          VI 22839        E+
PIEDMONT DANCE ORCH. (Lanin first side, Glantz second side)                    HARRY RESER‟s Syncopators/Radio Band
1091 A New Kind of Man/Mandalay                        PER 14304 E-/V+         1145 Crazy Rhythm/Imagination                          CO 1378D        V+
CHARLES PIERCE & his Orch. (Muggsy, Tesch)                                     1146 Sweet Jennie Lee!                                 HOW 1122        E
1092 China Boy/Bull Frog Blues                         UHCA 1/2         E      TODD RHODES Orch.
THE POLL CATS dir. Eddie Safranski                                             1147 Bop Bop Sizzle/Oh Baby                 VITACOUSTIC 1003           E-
1093 Turmoil/Jumpin‟ for Jane                      ATLANTIC 864         E      FREDDIE RICH‟s Radio Orch.
BEN POLLACK                                                                    1148 It‟s the Girl                                     HOW K1          E+
1094 If It‟s the Last Thing I Do/You Made Me Love You *DE 1465 E+              CHUCK RICHARDS (acc. Red Allen et al)
1095 Have You Ever Been in Heaven/Mama I Wanna                                 1149 Blue Interlude/Devil in the Moon                  BrE 01990       E+
        Make Rhythm                                    *DE 1476 E-/V+          MIKE RILEY & his Round & Round Boys
1096 The Snake Charmer/I‟m in my Glory                 DE 1488 E(rcnap)        1150 Cachita/Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be            DE 1662         E
1097 California Here I Come/Boogie Woogie                                      RILEY-FARLEY Onyx Club Boys
                        *DE 1517 E(lightly audible 1/4” scratch second side)   1151 South/I Never Knew                                *DE 619         E+
1098 Morocco/Nobody‟s Gonna Take You from Me DE 1851                    E      1152 Blue Clarinet Stomp/Wabash Blues                  *DE 641         E
1099 Meet the Beat of my Heart/What R U Doing Tonite DE 2005 V+/E-             DAN RITCHIE & his Orch.
1100 If I Could Be with You/IMPERIAL DANCE ORCH (A.Schubert):                  1153 Something in the Night/Always in my Heart         PER 15673       E
        Because I‟m Lonesome                       ORIOLE 1998 E-/E            MAX ROACH Quintet
1101 Fall in Love with Me/Sing Song Girl        PER 15424 V+(label fade)       1154 Prince Albert/Part 2                              BN 1569      E-/E
1102 Peckin‟/In a Sentimental Mood                  VARIETY 556 E/E-           CLIFF ROBERTS & his Orch. (Instrumental w/hot solos, same selection
1103 He‟s the Last Word/GEORGE OLSEN: Sam, the Old                             both sides on Theatre Use label)
        Accordion Man                                  VI 20425         V+     1155 I‟ll Never Say “Never Again” Again/(same)         ARC F410 E/E-
1104 Sweet Sue-Just You/Singapore Sorrows              VI 21437         E      KENNY ROBERTS acc. The Down Homers (Picture disc)
1105 Louise/Wait‟ll You See Ma Cherie                  VI 21941         E      1156 Out Where the West Winds Blow/THE DOWN HOMERS:
1106 Song of the Blues/SMITH BALLEW Orch:                                              Who‟s Gonna Kiss You When I‟m Gone?
        Same Old Moon                                VI 22147 E+(rcnap)                                  VOGUE R736 E-(audible scratches second side)
DANNY POLO & his Swing Stars                                                   DICK ROBERTSON & his Orch.
1107 Blue Murder/Don‟t Try Your Jive on Me             LON 378          E      1157 When It‟s Springtime in the Rockies (Hackett solo)/Rancho
1108 Stratton Street Strut/China Boy                   LON 379          E              Grande                                         DE 1979         E-
DOC POMUS with Curley Russell‟s All Stars                                      1158 I‟m Building a Sailboat of Dreams/I‟m a Lucky Devil DE 2364 E-
1109 My Good Pott/Doc‟s Boogie                         SAVOY 5545 E+           GENE RODGERS (Piano solos)
BOB POPE & his Orch.                                                           1159 G R Boogie/G R Blues                      JOE DAVIS 8889 V+/E-
1110 These Foolish Things/Big Chief De Sota            *BB 6452      E-/E      IKE RODGERS & his Biddle Street Boys
PORT JACKSON JAZZ BAND (Sydney, 1948)                                          1160 Malt Can Blues/HENRY BROWN: Stomp „Em Down to the
1111 We Shall Walk/Ugly Chile                      vRCP(Aus) P3964 E-                  Bricks                                      vCREOLE 12 E-/E
BUD POWELL‟s Modernists                                                        GIL RODIN & his Orch.
1112 Dance of the Infidels/52nd St. Theme              BN 1568       E-/E      1161 What‟s the Reason/Restless                        PER 16107       E+
MEL POWELL (Piano solos)                                                       BILLIE ROGERS‟ Orch.
1113 Don‟t Blame Me/For Miss Black JAZZ CLUB FRANCAIS 141 E+                   1162 How Deep Is the Ocean/Roger‟s Corners             MUS 15028 E/E-
1114 Hommage a Fats Waller/Hommage a Debussy VICTORY 9046 E/E+                 RODNEY ROGERS‟ Red Peppers
TEDDY POWELL & HIS Orch.                                                       1163 Milenberg Joys/Chili Blues                        BR 3744         E-
TIMMIE ROGERS & Excelsior Hep Cats                                          ZOOT SIMS
1164 Bring Enough Clothes for 3 Days/HERB JEFFRIES: At Least                1221 I Understand/Tenorly                        vDISCOVERY 149 E/E-
        You Could Save Me a Dream EXCELSIOR TR107/HJ100                V+   1222 Rough Chance on Love/I‟m in the Mood for Love
ART ROHMAN & his Orch. (Tom Berwick Orch.)                                                                                KARUSELL(Swd) K34 E+
1165 Breeze/I Wish I Were Twins                        *BB 5525        E+   1223 You Go to my Head/The Scene is Clean           vPRESTIGE 719 E
B. A. ROLFE & his Palais d‟Or Orch.                                         1224 It Had to Be You/I Wonder Who                  vPRESTIGE 781 E
1166 Playground in the Sky/Can‟t U Hear Me Say I Love U ED 52130 E-         1225 There I‟ve Said It Again/Jaguar            (DJ)vPRESTIGE 852 E+
ADRIAN ROLLINI                                                              SIX-ALARM SIX (Doc Evans)
1167 Get Goin‟/Keep on Doin‟ What You‟re Doin‟         BR 6786         E+   1226 Dr. Jazz/Play that Barbershop Chord               vTEMPO 480       E
1168 Why Don‟t You Practice What You Preach/I‟ve Got a Warm                 SIX BROWN BROTHERS
        Spot in my Heart for You                       BR 6877         E+   1227 For Me & My Gal/My Fox Trot Girl                    VI 18310       E+
1169 Tap Room Swing/Lessons in Love *DE 787 E(sm lbl tear first side)       FREDDIE SLACK & his Orch.
1170 Singin‟ the Blues/Sweetest Story Ever Told        DE 1973         E    1228 Rifette/JOHNNY MERCER: They Didn‟t Believe Me CAP 129 E/E+
1171 Moonglow/Pavanne                                  VO 5200         E    PAUL SMALL & his Orch.
1172 Dark Eyes/Estrellita                              VO 5435         E    1229 Let‟s Put Out the Lights/This Is no Dream         ORIOLE 2571 E+
TODD ROLLINS & his Orch.                                                    ARTHUR “GUITAR BOOGIE” SMITH‟s Sensational Trio
1173 I Hate Myself/I Knew You When                 ORIOLE 2873 E-/E         1230 South/Boomerang                       SUPER DISC 1031 E-/E(wol)
HUBERT ROSTAING-AIME BARELLI Orch. (Django)                                 BESSIE SMITH
1174 Oui, C‟est Ca/Indecision                          SWING 87        E-   1231 Gulf Coast Blues/Down Hearted Blues                 CO A3844       V
HOWARD RUMSEY‟s Lighthouse All -Stars                                       1232 Baby Won‟t You Please…/Oh Daddy Blues               CO A3888       V
1175 Viva Zapata/Out of Somewhere               LIGHTHOUSE 351 E/E-         1233 Nobody Can Bake a Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine/If You Don‟t I Know
1176 Swing Shift/Big Girl                       LIGHTHOUSE 352         E-           Who Will        CO A3942 V+(litely audible 1/4” scratch first side)
JOE RUSHTON‟s California Ramblers                                           1234 Weeping Willow Blues/Careless Love Blues            CO 3172D       E+
1177 Oh Baby/Ja-da                                     vJUMP 19 E-(wol)     1235 Boweavil Blues/Moonshine Blues            (Flag)CO 14018D V(rcnap)
HENRY RUSSELL & his Romancers                                               1236 Rocking Chair Blues/Sorrowful Blues           (Flag)CO 14020D      V
1178 Where Was I?/Who Told You I Cared?                VO 5221         E+   1237 Rainy Weather Blues/Salt Water Blues          (Flag)CO 14037D V/V-
LUIS RUSSELL & his Orch.                                                    1238 Reckless Blues/Sobbin‟ Hearted Blues         (Flag)CO 14056D       V
1179 Savoy Stomp/Doctor Blues                          VO 3480         V+   1239 You‟ve Been a Good Old Wagon/Dixie Flyer            CO 14079D      V
PEE WEE RUSSELL‟s Rhythmakers                                               1240 Careless Love Blues/He‟s Gone Blues                 CO 14083D      V
1180 Dinah/Baby Won‟t You Please Come Home             HRS 1000        E    1241 New Gulf Coast Blues/Florida Bound Blues            CO 14109D      V
RUSSO & FI ORITO‟s Oriole Orch.                                             1242 Send Me to „Lectric Chair/Them‟s Graveyard Words CO 14209D E+
1181 That Certain Party/Then I‟ll Be Happy             VI 19917        E    1243 I‟m Down in the Dumps/Do Your Duty                  PaE R1793      E+
JEAN SABLON (acc. Garland Wilson first side)                                1244 Gimme a Pigfoot/Take Me for a Buggy Ride            PaE R2146      E+
1182 Si Tu M‟aimes/Un Poisson dans L‟eau               CoE DB1709 E+        1245 St. Louis Blues/Reckless Blues SPECIAL EDITIONS 5010-S E
SALT and PEPPER                                                             PAUL SMITH Quartet
1183 Crazy Blues/Don‟t Cha‟ Be Too Sure              CAMEO 583 V+/E-        1246 F. S. T./C‟est La Vie                          vSKYLARK 561        V+
ANDU SANELLA & his Pennzoil Orch./All -Star Trio                            STUFF SMITH & his Orch./Onyx Club Boys
1184 Running Between the Raindrops/Please Don‟t Talk                        1247 Sam the Vegetable Man/When Paw was Courtin Maw VARS 8063 V+
        About Me When I‟m Gone                         CONQ 7717 E-         1248 I Hope Gabriel Likes my Music/I‟m Putting All my Eggs
1185 Beautiful/I Can‟t Do Without You(w)               HAR 613H        E-           in One Basket                                    VO 3170     E/E-
SAVANNAH SYNCOPATORS (Oliver)                                               1249 After You‟ve Gone/You‟se a Viper                    VO 3201        V+
1186 Someday Sweetheart/Wa Wa Wa                       BR 3373      V/V+    TAB SMITH & his Orch.
JAN SAVITT & his Top Hatters/Orch,                                          1250 Sunny Side of the Street/Darling You‟re All I Need HUB 3000 V+/E-
1187 That‟s A Plenty/Futuristic Shuffle                BB 7733         V+   1251 Can‟t We Take a Chance/Sin                      vUNITED 107        E
1188 If What You Say Is True/Stranger Things Have                           1252 Boogie Woogie/Hands Across the Table            vUNITED 108 E/E-
        Happened                                       DE 2792 V+/E-        1253 Jump Time/Strange                               vUNITED 171        E
1189 Kansas City Moods/Tuxedo Junction                 DE 2989         E    WILLIE THE LION SMITH
SAVOY HOTEL ORPHEANS (inaud. 2” lam first side)                             1254 Let‟s Mop It/How Could You Put Me Down              B&W 6          E
1190 The Cat & The Fiddle Gems/Part 2                  CO 2698D        E+   1255 Bugle Call Rag/Muskrat Ramble                       B&W 24         E+
BOB SCOBEY‟s Frisco Band                                                    1256 Achin‟ Hearted Blues/Honeymooning on a Dime *DE 1503               E
1191 South/Melancholy                              (DJ)vGTJ 60         E    1257 Passionette/Morning Air         DE 2269 E(small label tear first side)
1192 Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans/Blues                    SNOOKS & his Memphis Ramblers
        My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me                 vGTJ 66         E    1258 Sweet Georgia Brown/Some Other Time                 VI 22779       E-
CECIL SCOTT & his Orch. (needle drop tics very litely 2 gr first side)      VALAIDA SNOW
1193 Springfield Stomp/Bright Boy Blues                VI V38117       V+   1259 It‟s the Talk of the Town/If I Only Had You BEL-TONE 7002 E
SEATTLE HARMONY KINGS                                                       EDDIE SOUTH & his Orch./Alabamians
1194 How Many Times/TED WEEMS: If I Only Had U VI 20133 V+/V                1260 I Can‟t Give You Anything but Love/Currant Jelly vCHESS 1460 E-
1195 Breezin‟ Along/ART LANDRY: Tell Me U Love Me VI 20142             E-   1261 That‟s What I Call Keen/ALL STAR ORCH: I‟m More than
GENE SEDRIC & his Orch.                                                             Satisfied                                        VI 21605       E-
1196 T-i-l-l-i-e/I Can‟t Give You Anything but Love KEYNOTE 661 E+          SOUTHERN SERENADERS (Luis Russell first side, Kardos second side)
BEN SELVIN & his Orch.                                                      1262 Goin‟ to Town/Sing                           (Staff)BB 7367        E+
1197 Steppin‟ in Society/Charleston                    VO 15038        E    MIKE SPECIALE & his Orch.
BOYD SENTER & his Senterpedes                                               1263 Mammy Chasing Blues/Then I‟ll Be Happy              PER 14526      V+
1198 Wabash Blues/Goin‟ Back to Tennessee              VI 21864        E-   1264 Her Beaus are only Rainbows/STILLMAN‟S ORIOLES:
ARTIE SHAW                                                                          I‟m Blue „Cause of You                           PER 14629      V+
1199 Nightmare/Non-stop Flight                         BB 7875         E    PHIL SPITALNY & his Orch.
1200 I Have Eyes/You‟re a Sweet Little Headache        BB 7889         E-   1265 You Call It Madness/My Song                         BAN 32283      E
1201 Day After Day/Deep in a Dream                     BB 10046 V+/E-       1266 What‟s the Use                                      HOW 1094       E-
1202 Say It with a Kiss/It Took a Million Years        BB 10079        E+   1267 Betty Co-ed                                         HOW 1097       E-
1203 This Is It/It‟s All Yours                         BB 10141        E+   1268 When It‟s Sleepy Time Down South                    HOW A-1-2      E
1204 I Poured my Heart into a Song/When Winter Comes BB 10307 E+            1269 Time on my Hands                                    HOW M3-4       E-
1205 All I Remember Is You/Octoroon                    BB 10319        E+   1270 Worryin‟ Blues/BENSON ORCH of CHICAO:
1206 Sobbin‟ Blues/Cream Puff                          BR 7806         E-           Lonely Little Wallflow‟r                         VI 19361       E
1207 Love Is Good for Anything that Ails You/Was It Rain BR 7841 E-         1271 Blue Skies/Seville                 (Picture disc)VOGUE R733        E
1208 Please Pardon Us We‟re in Love/Am I in Love? BR 7942              E+   CHARLIE SPIVAK & his Orch.
1209 The Blues-A/The Blues-B                           BR 7947         E-   1272 Everything Happens to Me/Intermezzo                 CONQ 9649 E-
1210 A Strange New Rhythm/If It‟s the Last Thing I Do BR 7971          E-   JESS STACY
1211 Delightful Delirium/I Want my Share of Love                            1273 Noni/Jess Stay                            MONT-WARD 10088 E+
                                   MONTGOMERY WARD 7807                E-   1274 Barrelhouse/MEADE LUX LEWIS: Honky Tonk Train PaE R2187 E
1212 Japanese Sandman/A Pretty Girl…                   VO 4465         E-
1213 You Can Tell She Comes from Dixie/Same Old Line VO 4514 E-             LEE STAFFORD (Piano & rhythm)
1214 Sobbin‟ Blues/Cream Puff                          VO 4686 V+/E-        1275 Winter Garden Rag/Heliotrope Bouquet       vCASTLE 10 E
SHEBOBLOU TRIO (Lou Stein, Bob Carter, Shelly Manne)                        KAY STARR
1215 What Is this Thing Called Love/These Foolish Things CHORD 640 E        1276 Steady Daddy (Norvo)/So Tired              CAP 15314   E+
JACK SHILKRET & his Orch.                                                   LEITH STEVENS & his Saturday Night Swing Club Orch.
1216 Melody from the Sky/I‟m a Fool for Loving U MEL 6-06-07 V+/E-          1277 Royal Garden Blues/La De Doody Doo         VO 4210   E-/E
1217 Under your Spell/JAY WILBUR & his Band:                                REX STEWART
        Serenade in the Night                       MEL 7-02-09 E/E-        1278 My Sunday Gal/Without a Song               BB 10946  E/E-
DINAH SHORE                                                                 1279 Django‟s Djump/Low Cotton                  HRS 1003    E
1218 The Nearness of You/Maybe                         BB 10793        E    1280 Solid Rock/Night Wind                      HRS 1004    E
1219 Where You Are/Mocking Bird Lament                 BB 11164        E+   1281 Sugar Hill Shim Sham/Swing Baby Swing      VO 3844   E/V
1220 As We Walk into the Sunset/Don‟t Leave Me Daddy BB 11370 E+            SLAM STEWART
                                                                            1282 Jingle Bells/GUARNIERI: Honeysuckle Rose CONT C10003 E/E-
1283 Doctor Foo/Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Gosh                 MUS 367      E+     PAUL TREMAINE & his Orch.
OCIE STOCKARD & The Wanderers                                             1345 Hand Me Down my Walking Cane/She‟ll Be Comin‟ Around
1284 Ain‟t Nobody Truck Like You/Long Ago             BB 7208      V+             the Mountain                         (Blue label) CO 2130D       E-
1285 Wabash Blues/Please Sing for Me                  BB 8021      E-     CLAUDE TRENIER with Crystalette All Stars
1286 Bass Man Jive/Jitterbug Katy                     OK 06339 E-/V+      1346 Young Man‟s Blues/Part 2                  CRYSTALETTE 619           E
EDDIE STONE & his Orch.                                                   BARNEY TRIMBLE & his Oklahomans (Lou Gold)
1287 A Study in Brown/Satan Takes a Holiday           VO 3555      V+     1347 Blue Turning Grey/Nobody‟s Using It Now              HAR 1093H      E+
1288 The Snake Charmer/Midnight in a Madhouse         VO 3750      E-     FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & his Orch.
LEW STONE & his Band                                                      1348 Singin‟ the Blues/I‟m Coming Va. BR 7703 E+/E(tiny lbl tear 1st side)
1289 White Jazz/Blue Jazz                             DE 487       E      1349 Plantation Mood/JIMMIE LUNCEFORD: Swingin‟
JEFF STOUGHTON & his Jazzband (Kaminsky, Slam Stewart)                            Uptown                                            VI(Jap) A1418 E+
1290 Black & Blue/The Saints                      PREVIEW P-100 E-        JOE TURNER & his Memphis Men (Duke)
CHARLEY STRAIGHT‟s Orch.                                                  1350 Mississippi Moan/Freeze & Melt
1291 Too Busy/Just a Night for Meditation             BR 3945      E-                   CO 1813D V+/V(1/2” long rim bite well away from grooves)
STUYVESANT STOMPERS (Muranyi, Wellstood, etc.)                            BIG JOE TURNER
1292 Blue-tail Fly/Shine                            vPARADOX 1     E      1351 Careless Love/Jumpin‟ Down Blues                     DE 7827        E
JOE SULLIVAN Trio/Quintette                                               1352 Somebody‟s Got to Go/Ice Man                         DE 7856      E-/E
1293 Heavy Laden/Night & Day                      SUNSET 10050 V+/E-      1353 Blues in the Night/Cry Baby Blues                    DE 7885        E
MAXINE SULLIVAN                                                           1354 (& P. Johnson)It‟s the Same Old Story/Rebecca DE 11001              E+
1294 When Your Lover Has Gone/My Ideal                BrE 03531    V+     1355 (& P. Johnson)Roll „Em Pete/Goin‟ Away Blues VO 4607                E-
1295 Say It With a Kiss/Kinda Lonesome                VI 26124   E/V+     UNIVERSITY SIX (Rollini,et al)
RALPH SUTTON                                                              1356 Then I‟ll Be Happy/Smile a Little Bit                HAR 71H        E-
1296 Squeeze Me/When You‟re Smiling                   vCOM 641     E+     1357 I Love my Baby/In Your Green Hat                     HAR 73H        E+
1297 Cataract Rag/The Villain                   vDOWN HOME 7       E+     1358 Georgianna/MANHATTAN DANCE MAKERS:
1298 Climax Rag/Chromatic Rag               (DJ)vDOWN HOME 8       E+             Horses                                      HAR 155H V+/V(sol)
1299 Grace & Beauty/The Cascades                vDOWN HOME 10 E+          FRED VAN EPS (Banjo solos)
SWANEE SWINGERS (Isham Jones‟ Juniors with Woody)                         1359 Keep Off the Grass/Silver Heels                      VI 16266       E
1300 Slappin‟ the Bass/Take It Easy                   *DE 1022     E      1360 A Rag-time Episode/ARTHUR COLLINS: I‟LL lend You
WILBUR SWEATMAN‟s Original Jazz Band                                              Everything I‟ve Got Except my Wife                VI 16845 E-/V+
1301 A Good Man Is Hard to Find/That‟s Got „Em        CO A2721     E-     GEORGE VAN EPS (Guitar solos)
SWEET VIOLET BOYS                                                         1361 Kay‟s Fantasy/I Wrote It for Jo                      vJUMP JA-1     E-
1302 Down by the Old Mill Stream/Sweet Violets No. 2 VO 03256 E/E-        VARSITY EIGHT
SYNCO JAZZ BAND                                                           1362 A New Kind of Man/ARTHUR LANGE Orch: I Never Care
1303 Breeze/WALDORF-ASTORIA D.O.: Tell Me             CO A2783 E-/E               About Tomorrow                                    CAMEO 602 V+
1304 Clover Blossom Blues/Chicago                     PER 14043 E-/V+     1363 Happy/Doo Wacka Doo                           CAMEO 641 V+(rcnap)
TAMPA RED                                                                 VARSITY SEVEN (Benny Carter, Hawk, etc.)
1305 When You Were a Gal of Seven/JESSE‟S STRING FIVE:                    1364 Scratch my Back/Save It Pretty Mama                  VARS 8135      E+
        River Blues                                   *BB 6443     E      1365 Easy Rider/It‟s Tight Like That                      VARS 8147      E-
1306 When Love Comes In/SONNY BOY NELSON:                                 1366 How Long, How Long Blues/Pom Pom                     VARS 8173      E
        Low Down                                      *BB 7091   E/E+     1367 Shake It & Break It/A Pretty Girl…                   VARS 8179      E
1307 Gin Head Woman/Don‟t Jive Me, Mama               BB 9009    E+/E     CHARLIE VENTURA
FRANK TANNER & his Rhythm Kings                                           1368 C. V. Jam/Out You Go                                 B&W 37         E-
1308 You Don‟t Love Me/Magnolias in the Moonlight *BB 6667         E+     1369 Tammy‟s Dream/Let‟s Jump for Rita                    B&W 38         V+
GID TANNER & his Skillet Lickers with Riley Puckett                       1370 Dark Eyes/Ever So Thoughtful                         SAVOY 569      E
1309 Bully of the Town/Pass Around the Bottle…                            JOE VENUTI
           CO 15074D V+/V (1/2” long rim bite well away from grooves)     1371 (& Lang) Doin‟ Things/Wild Cat                       BB 10280     E+/E
ART TATUM                                                                 1372 There‟s No Other Girl/Now That I Need You            CO 2535D       E+
1310 Sophisticated Lady/Tea for Two                   BR 6553      E-     1373 Man from the South/Pretty Trix           ODEON(Fr) 165.496          E
1311 Star Dust/Beautiful Love (-C)                    DE 306       E-     1374 (& Lang) Goin‟ Places/Doin‟ Things          (Lg red)OK 40825 V+/E-
1312 I Ain‟t Got Nobody/When a Woman Loves a Man DE 741            E      1375 A Mug of Ale/Cheese & Crackers               (Lg blk)OK 40897       V+
1313 Begin the Beguine/Rosetta                        DE 8502      E      1376 Penn Beach Blues/Four String Joe             (Lg blk)OK 40947       V+
1314 Lonesome Graveyard/Corrine Corrina               DE 8563    E+/E     1377 Pardon Me Pretty Baby/Little Buttercup               OK 41506       E
1315 Rock Me Mama/Lucille                             DE 8577      V+     1378 Tempo di Barrel/MIFF MOLE: After You‟ve Gone PaE R1063 E+
1316 Man I Love/I Know that You Know                  vDIAL 1036 E-       1379 Everything I Have Is Yours/My Dancing Lady           PER 15845      E
1317 It Had to Be You/Where or When         POLYDOR(Fr) 580.019    E      1380 Hell‟s Bells & Hallelujah/Satan‟s Holiday           R-Z MR1452 E+
BILLY TAYLOR                                                              1381 My Heart Stood Still/Schon Rosmarin                  vTEMPO 414 E-
1318 Three Little Words/OSCAR PETTIFORD: Oscar Rides                      1382 Goin‟ Home/Ragging the Scale                         VO 3043      E/E-
        Again                                         BR 80215   E-/E     EDDIE “CLEANHEAD” VINSON
1319 Take the A Train/The Bug                         REGAL 3285 E        1383 Rainy Morning Blues/The People on my Party Line KING 4465 E-
EVA TAYLOR & her Boy Friends (first side is instrumental, second side     THE VIRGINIANS
has Clarence Williams voc, no Eva)                                        1384 Did You Mean It?/TED WEEMS: Cobblestones VI 21105                   E-
1320 The Stuff Is Here & It‟s Mellow/Crazy Blues      PER 16032    E      DON VOORHEES‟ Orch.
JACK TEAGARDEN                                                            1385 Muddy Water/Who Do You Love?                         CO 881D        V+
1321 Sheik of Araby/Persian Rug                       BR 8370      E-     1386 (BG) Go Home and Tell Your Mother                    HOW 1091       E-
1322 Class Will Tell/If It‟s Good                     BR 8373    E+/E     BEA WAIN
1323 Diane/CONDON: Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland COM 505            E+     1387 My Start/Kiss the Boys Goodbye                       VI 27445    E-/E
1324 Big T Blues/Chinatown, My Chinatown              COM 592      E      JERRY WALD & his Orch.
1325 St. James Infirmary/Black & Blue                 DE 3844    E/E-     1388 Silver Wings in the Moonlight/And So Little
1326 A Rhythm Hymn/Blue River                         DE 4071      E              Time                        DE 4443 E-(small label tear first side)
1327 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues/United We Swing OK 6272       E      1389 Two Heavens/Since You Went Away                      DE 4446 E/E-
1328 Junk Man/I Just Couldn‟t Take It Baby            PaE R2599    E+     ESTHER WALKER
1329 If I Could Be with You/My Melancholy Baby        VARS 8209    E+     1390 Slow & Easy/What-cha Gonna Do When Ain‟t No Jazz VI 18680 E-
1330 And So Do I/Wait Til I Catch You in my Dreams VARS 8388       E+     JOHNNY WALKER & his Orch. (BG)
1331 Say It Simple/A Jam Session at Victor            VI 40-0138   E+     1391 Walkin‟ Baby Back Home/When Ure Lover Has Gone CO 2404D V+
TEN BLACK BERRIES (Irving Mills first side, Sam Lanin second side)        FATS WALLER
1332 Tiger Rag/St. Louis Blues                        BAN 0839     E      1392 Two Sleepy People/I‟ll Never Forgive Myself          BB 10000       E-
LILLETTE THOMAS & her Boys                                                1393 Valentine Stomp/Love Me or Leave Me                  BB 10263       E+
1333 Blues for my Daddy/Lillette‟s Boogie         STERLING 100 V+/V       1394 Your Feet‟s too Big/Suitcase Susie                   BB 10500     E/E-
WALTER THOMAS & his Jump Cats/All -Stars                                  1395 I‟ll Never Smile Again/Stayin‟ at Home               BB 10841       E+
1334 Broke But Happy/Blues on the Delta          CELEBRITY 8125 E/E-      1396 Fats‟ Orig. E-Flat Blues/Swinga-dilla Street         BB 10858       E
1335 Jumpin‟ with Judy/Blues on the Bayou        JOE DAVIS 8128    V+     1397 I‟m Gonna Salt Away Some Sugar/Blue Eyes             BB 10943     E-/E
1336 Save It Pretty Mama/Peach Tree St. Blues JOE DAVIS 8129       E-     1398 Everybody Loves my Baby/Scram                        BB 10989 V+/E-
CHARLES THOMPSON (Piano solos)                                            1399 Let‟s Get Away from It All/Wanna Hear Swing Songs BB 11115 E+
1337 Lingering Blues/Delmar Rag         vAMERICAN MUSIC 528        E+     1400 I Understand/Pantin‟ in the Panther Room             BB 11175       E+
CLAUDE THORNHILL & his Orch.                                              1401 Bells of San Raquel/Buck Jumpin‟                     BB 11324 V+/E-
1338 Stack of Barley/Hungarian Dance No. 5            OK 6168      E-     1402 We Need a Little Love/Jitterbug Waltz                BB 11518     E-/E
DICK TODD                                                                 1403 Must Be Losing Your Mind/Don‟t Give me that Jive BB 11539 E-/E
1339 To U Sweetheart Aloha/Sweet Dreams Sweetheart BB 10415 V+/E          1404 My Mommy Sent Me to the Store/It‟s You Who Taught It
1340 Gaucho Serenade/It‟s Talk of the Town BB 10559 E(sm lbl tears)               to Me                                             HMV JO128 E+
1341 The Singing Hills/Saddle Your Dreams             BB 10596   E/E+     1405 Sugar Rose/Dry Bones                                 HMV JO133 E+
1342 Wind & the Rain in your Hair/Tiny Old Town       BB 10621   E(sol)   1406 (& Bennie Payne) St Louis Blues/After You‟ve Gone HMV B8496 E
1343 Moments in the Moonlight/My! My!                 BB 10667 E+/V+      1407 Soothin‟ Syrup/Loveless Love                         VI 20470       E+
1344 Along the Santa Fe Trail/Do You Know Why         BB 10949   E/E+     1408 The Rust Pail/Sloppy Water                           VI 20492       E+
1409 Savannah Blues/Won‟t You Take Me Home             VI 20776       V     RALPH WILLIAMS & his Rainbo Orch.
1410 The Digah‟s Stomp/Geechie                         VI 21358       E-    1479 Wait Till You See Me with my Baby/GEORGE OLSEN:
1411 A Porter‟s Love Song/Do Me a Favor                VI 24648       V+            Why Couldn‟t It Be Poor Little Me             VI 19573       E
1412 A Little Bit Independent/Sweet Thing              VI 25196       V+    BOB WILLS & his Texas Playboys
1413 Got my Fingers Crossed/Spreadin‟ Rhythm Around VI 25211          V+    1480 Big Beaver/There‟s Going to Be a Party           OK 05905       E-
1414 I Ain‟t Got Nobody/Basin St. Blues                VI 25631       E     DUKE WILSON & his Ten Black Berries
1415 I Simply Adore You/Let‟s Break the Good News VI 25830          E/E+    1481 (Pollack w/BG, Tea) Beale St. Blues(-5)/(Gene Kardos) Put On
1416 Honey on the Moon Tonight/Fair & Square           VI 25891 V+/E-               Your Old Grey Bonnet                          PER 15617 V+/V
1417 Hallelujah/Swingin‟ them Jingle Bells             VI(Jap) A1144 E+     GERALD WILSON & his Orch.
WASHBOARD SAM & his Washboard Band                                          1482 My Last Affair/Dissonance in Blues      UNITED ARTISTS 509 E-
1418 Diggin‟ my Potatoes/Back Door                     VI 20-2162     E     TEDDY WILSON
DINAH WASHINGTON                                                            1483 Too Good to Be True/Mary Had a Little Lamb BR 7673            E+E
1419 I Know How to Do It/Salty Papa Blues         KEYNOTE 606 E/V+          1484 Warmin‟ Up/Blues in C Sharp Minor                BR 7684      E/E+
1420 I Want to Be Loved/Stairway to the Stars          MER 8035       E     1485 Just a Mood/Part 2                               BR 7973      E/E
ETHEL WATERS                                                                1486 Now It Can Be Told/A-Tisket A-Tasket             BR 8199     V+/E-
1421 Memories of You/You‟re Lucky to Me                CO 2288D       E-    1487 What Shall I Say?/It‟s Easy to Blame the Weather BR 8314        E-
PAULA WATSON                                                                1488 More Than You Know/Sugar                         PaE R2660      E+
1422 Paula‟s Nightmare/Pretty Papa Blues          SUPREME 1510        E     NAN WYNN
LU WATTERS‟ Yerba Buena Jazz Band                                           1489 Lullaby in Rhythm/Monday Morning                 VO 4319        E+
1423 Cake Walking Babies/Riverside Blues            vJAZZ MAN 5       E     1490 Jada/Can‟t Help Lovin‟ Dat Man                   VO 4737      E+/E
1424 London Blues/Sunset Café Stomp                 vJAZZ MAN 14 E+         THE YANKEE SIX
1425 Terrible Blues/High Society                    vJAZZ MAN 15 E          1491 Oh! Those Eyes/Never Knew How Much I Loved You OK 40335 V
CHICK WEBB & his Orch.                                                      LESTER YOUNG Quartet
1426 Gee But You‟re Swell/Love Marches On              *DE 1115       V+    1492 Afternoon of a Basie-ite/Sometimes I‟m Happy KEYNOTE 604 E
TED WEEMS & his Orch.                                                       MARGARET YOUNG
1427 Highways are Happy Ways/It Was Only a Sun Shower VI 20910 V+           1493 Yes Sir That‟s my Baby/Red Hot Henry Brown BR 2939           E-/V+
1428 Everybody Loves my Girl/JACK CRAWFORD Orch:                            TRUMMY YOUNG & his Lucky Seven
       Kiss and Make Up                                VI 21173       E     1494 Rattle & Roll/Behind the Eight Bar               COSMO 901 E-
1429 Mysterious Mose/Slappin‟ the Bass                 VI 22411     E+/E    BOB ZURKE
1430 Washing Dishes with my Sweetie/LEO REISMAN:                            1495 Body & Soul/Workin‟ my Way               CRYSTALETTE 615 E/E-
       I Remember You from Somewhere                   VI 22426       E+    1496 It‟s Me Again/Southern Exposure                  VI 26331       E
1431 My Baby Just Cares for Me/Girl Friend of Boyfriend.. VI 22499 E/E+     1497 Fit to Be Tied/Peach Tree Street                 VI 26420       E-
1432 Sing/I Still Get a Thrill                         VI 22515       E+    1498 Tom-cat on the Keys/Everybody Step               VI 26526       E+
1433 Dicky Wells Blues/Lady Be Good                    SWING 10 E/E-        And one that‟s not classified by artist:
1434 Hangin‟ Around Boudon/I‟ve Found a New Baby VI 26617             E     “MELODY MAKER” RHYTHM ACCOMP. RECORD NO. 5 (p, g, b, d,
1435 Dicky Wells Blues/BILL COLEMAN: B. C. Blues VI 27318 E-/E              London, 1936)
DICK WELLSTOOD                                                              1499 St. Louis Blues/I Can‟t Give You Anything but Love BrE 02168 E
1436 If You Knew/Prize Cakewalk of Storyville Swells RAMPART 14 E/E-
1437 Chicago Breakdown/Lewd Waters                    RAMPART 15 E/E-       SECTION II – 10” x 78 RPM ALBUM (Min. bid. $6.00)
PAUL WHITEMAN (Columbias are potato heads)                                  1500 COLEMAN HAWKINS Originals with…
1438 Trav‟lin Light (Billie)/You Were Never Lovelier CAP 116          E           (DSM)ASCH Set 355 (3551-53) E+(clear tape repair inside cover)
1439 Tain‟t So Honey Tain‟t So/That‟s my Weakness CO 1444D E/E-
1440 Louise/Blue Hawaii                                CO 2171D       E+    SECTION III – 12” x 78 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00) (V-Disc
1441 A New Kind of Love/Livin‟ in the Sunlight         CO 2171D       E+    selections marked (*) indicate not on commercial 78)
1442 I Used to Be Color Blind/Peelin‟ the Peach        DE 2073        E-    DUKE ELLINGTON
1443 Step Up & Shake my Hand/Hooray for Spinach DE 2418               E-    1501 Perfume Suite*/Part 2*                          vV-DISC 516    V
1444 Lovable/FRANKIE MASTERS Orch: Our Bungalow                             EDDE HEYWOOD & his Orch.
       of Dreams                                       HMV B5509 E          1502 Begin the Beguine/I Cover the Waterfront        COM 1514      E+
1445 Shake Your Feet/Swanee River Blues                VI 19185       E     LINDA KEENE with Joe Marsala‟s Orch.
1446 Someone Loves U After All/Along the Old Lake Trail VI 19244 E          1503 Blues in the Storm/Unlucky Woman                vB&W 1203     E
1447 Muddy Water/NAT SHILKRET: Ain‟t She Sweet VI 20508 E+/E                JACK TEAGARDEN
1448 Side by Side/Pretty Lips                          VI 20627       E-    1504 Body & Soul*/MILDRED BAILEY: I‟ll Close My Eyes* +
1449 Sunshine/Back in your Own Backyard                VI 21240     E/E-            That Ain‟t Right*                            vV-DISC 772   E-
1450 Coquette/Dolly Dimples                            VI 21301       E+
1451 I‟m Afraid of You/My Pet                          VI 21389 E-(rcnap)   SECTION IV – 7” STUFF
1452 Lonely Melody/Mississippi Mud                (RG)VI 25366        E     7” x 45 RPM SINGLES (Min. bid $2.00)
CLARENCE WILLIAMS                                                           AL “JAZZBO” COLLINS acc. Lou Stein
1453 Turn Off the Moon/Jammin‟                         *BB 6919     E+/E    1505 Little Red Riding Hood/Three Little Pigs    BR 9-80226      E
1454 Wanted/Cryin‟ Mood                                *BB 6932       E     MARTHA DAVIS
1455 P.D.Q. Blues/Cushion Foot Stomp                   BR 7000        V-    1506 Kitchen Blues/I Ain‟t Getting‟ Any Younger  DE 9-48174      E+
1456 Speakeasy Blues/Long Deep & Wide                vCREOLE 26       E     LYNN FRANKLIN with Orch. dir. Pete Rugulo
1457 Sister Kate/Beau Koo Jack                       vCREOLE 28       E-    1507 Don‟t Worry „Bout Me/Deed I Do              MER 70082       E+
1458 Old Fashioned Love/Oh Daddy Blues           (Lg red)OK 4993      V+    FREDDIE ROACH
1459 I‟m a Little Blackbird/Mandy Make up your Mind                         1508 One Track Mind/You‟ve Got Your Troubles (DJ)PREST 45-429 E
                                                  (Lg red)OK 40260 V+       LENNIE TRISTANO (single-sided bonus disc in art sleeve from “The
1460 (as “Louis Armstrong‟s Original Washboard Beaters” but                 Complete Keynote Collection” LP boxed set)
       no Louis) Candy Lips/Nobody But my Baby         PaE R2531      E+    1509 Untitled Blues                     KEYNOTE(Jap) SNP-1050 N-
1461 Savin‟ Up for Baby/Jungle Crawl                   VO 2909        E+
1462 Let Every Day Be Mother‟s Day/This Is My                               7” x 45 RPM SINGLES IN BOXED SET (Min. bid $6.00)
       Sunday Off                                      VO 3195      E/E-    1510 RALPH BURNS Free Forms
COOTIE WILLIAMS & his Rug Cutters                                                                    (DSM)MER Set C-115 (8971-73) (3)           E
1463 Give It Up/Dry Long So                            OK 5690        E+
1464 I Can‟t Believe that You‟re in Love with Me/Digga Digga Do             7” x 45 RPM EP SINGLES (Min. bid $2.50) (All have art covers)
                               VARIETY 555 E/E-(label tear second side)     1511 CHU BERRY Limehouse Blues/Indiana/Warmin‟ Up/My
1465 Blue Reverie/Downtown Uproar                      VO 3814      E-/E           Secret Love Affair                         EPIC LG7107 E+
1466 Echoes of Harlem/Have a Heart                     VO 3960      E/E+    1512 CLIFFORD BROWN Stardust/Willow Eep for Me/Where or
1467 Ol‟ Man River/A Lesson in C                       VO 4086        E             When/Smoke Gets in your Eyes           EMARCY 1-6101 Ecs
1468 Delta Mood/The Boys from Harlem                   VO 4574        E+    1513 GEORGE BRUNIS I‟m Gonna Sit Right Down…/Sweet Lovin‟
1469 Mobile Blues/Gal-avantin‟                         VO 4636        E+            Man/Ugly Chile/Shade of Old Apple Tree    COM CEP16 E+
1470 Boudoir Benny/Ain‟t the Gravy Good                VO 4726        E+    1514 JOE BURTON Caravan/Moodus Bootus/If I Could Be with
1471 Black Beauty/Night Song                           VO 4958        E+             You/Carumba                           SAVOY XP8107 E+
1472 She‟s Gone/Beautiful Romance                      VO 5411        E+    1515 DON BYAS London Donnie/Living my Life/To Each His Own/
1473 Blues A Poppin‟/Black Butterfly                   VO 5618        E+             They Say It‟s Wonderful               SAVOY XP8035 E+
GENE WILLIAMS & his Orch.                                                   1516 Donby/Byas-a-drink/Free & Easy/Worried &
1474 Clouds/But Does that Make You Mine                KING 15100 E+                 Blue                                  SAVOY XP8039 E+
HOD WILLIAMS & his Orch.                                                    1517 SERGE CHALOFF Pumpernickel/Gabardine & Serge/
1475 Lady from Fifth Ave./Night Over Shanghai          BB 7106        E-             Serge‟s Urge/A Bar a Second           SAVOY XP8087 E+
MARY LOU WILLIAMS‟ Girl Stars                                               1518 TEDDY CHARLES Edging Out/Night in Tunisia/
1476 D.D.T./He‟s Funny that Way            CONTINENTAL C6021 E/E+                                                        PRESTIGE 1350 E+cs
MIDGE WILLIAMS & her Jazz Jesters                                           1519 BUDDY DeFRANCO It Could Happen to You/Show Eyes/
1477 Gettin‟ Sentimental Over You/Let‟s Begin Again VARIETY 566 E+                   Autumn in NY/Left Field         (DSM)NORGRAN 123 N-
1478 That Old Feeling/I Know Now                    VARIETY 620 E/E-        1520 WILBUR DePARIS Madagascar/Are You from
           Dixie                                   ATLANTIC 555 E+                    Sounds/Harlem Rag                       GTJ 1013      E+
1521 TOMMY DORSEY I Get a Kick Out of You/Why Shouldn‟t I/                    1568 FRANK ROSOLINO Rubberneck/Mean to Me/Take Me Out
           I Still Suits Me/Make Believe            VI EPA1-1425       E              to the Ball Game/Sweet & Lovely       DEE GEE 4012   Ect
1522 You Do Something to Me/It‟s Delovely/Bill/Why Do I                       1569 PEE WEE RUSSELL Sugar/We‟re in the Money/Gabriel
           Love You                                 VI EPA2-1425       E              Found his Horn                    STORYVILLE 407      N-
1523 DOUGLAS DUKE Song of India/If Love Is Good to Me/                        1570 BILL RUSSO Ennui/Cathy/Vignette/An Esthete on
           In a Persian Market/A Fine Romance       SAVOY XP8099 E+                   Clark St.                             DEE GEE 4011    E+
1524 Laura/Things We Did Last Summer/Yesterdays/There‟s                       1571 BOBBY SHERWOOD Mother Knickerbocker/Swingin‟ Eyes/
           a Small Hotel                            SAVOY XP8111 E                    DON BYAS: Savoy Jam Party #2           SAVOY XP8078 E+
1525 ROY ELDRIDGE Muskat Ramble/You‟re a Lucky Guy/                           1572 FRANK SINATRA Ol‟ Man River/All the Things You Are/
           BUSTER BAILEY: Blue Room/Am I Blue SAVOY XP8056 E+                         Why Was I Born?/The Song Is You         CO B1702      E+
1526 DON ELLIOTT Spring Is Here/S‟posin‟/With the Wind & the                  1573 How Cute Can You Be?/Almost Like Being I Love/Nancy/
           Rain in your Hair/Mellophone Mambo      BETH BEP113 E+                      Oh What It Seemed to Be                CO B1986      E+
1527 Oh Look at Me Now/Where or When/Mighty Like a Rose/                      1574 Nearness of You/Lucky Old Sun/Full Moon and Empty
           When Your Lover Has Gone                SAVOY XP8093 E+                     Arms/Once in Love with Amy             CO B9022    E+ct
1528 MAYNARD FERGUSON Night Letter/Pt. 2                                      1575 BILLY TAYLOR Night & Day/Mad Monk/Solace/
                                                 EMARCY 1-6027 E+ct                   Alexander‟s Ragtime Band                SAVOY XP8095 E+
1529 ERROLL GARNER & SLAM STEWART Play Fiddle Play/Dark                       1576 CY TOUFF Keester Parade/A Smooth One/Half Past
           Eyesky/Laff Slam Laff/Jumpin‟ at Deuces SAVOY XP8062 E                     Jumping Time                   PACIFIC JAZZ EP4-43 Ecs
1530 STAN GETZ Five Brothers/Battle of the Saxes/Four & One                   1577 LENNIE TRISTANO I Can‟t Get Started/Out on a Limb/
           Moore/Battleground                     ESQ(Eng) EP134 E+                   I Surrender Dear/Interlude             MER EP1-3098 E+ct
1531 DIZZY GILLESPIE Bopsie‟s Blues/I Couldn‟t Beat the Rap/                  1578 Supersonic/On a Planet/Air Pocket/Celstia SAVOY XP8084 E
           The Champ Pts 1 & 2                    DEE GEE 4000 E+             1579 CHARLIE VENTURA My One & Only Love/Julie/
1532 DEXTER GORDON Dexter‟s Cuttin‟ Out/Dexter Rides Again/                           I Love You/Intermezzo                 CORAL EC81068 E+
           Dexter‟s Riff/Dexter‟s Mood            SAVOY XP8080 E              1580 GEORGE WALLINGTON Twins/Polka Dot/I‟ll Remember
1533 JOHNNY GUARNIERI Gliss Me Again/Bowing Slam/                                     April/High Score                   (DJ)SAVOY XP8124 E
           Deuces Wild/Deuces Mild                SAVOY XP8063 E+             1581 Hyacinth/Joy Bell/I Didn‟t Know What Time It Was/
1534 LARS GULLIN Stocks & Bonds/A La Carte/I Fall in Love                             It Was Fine & Dandy                    SAVOY XP8125 E
           Too Easily                    EMARCY 1-6122 E+(hc thru label)      1582 CHUCK WAYNE A New Kind of Love/S. S. Cool/Mary Ann/
1535 Primula Veris/Laburnum Vulgare                                                   Butterfingers                      (DJ)SAVOY XP8120 E
                            ESQ(Eng) EP23 E(small surface tear front cover)   1583 GEORGE WEIN All Stars „Swonderful/Struttin‟ with Some
1536 LENNIE HAMBRO Sad Eyes/Try a Little Tenderness/Ham                               Barbecue                            STORYVILLE 402 N-
           Nose/Makin‟ Whoopee                    SAVOY XP8109 E              1584 TEDDY WILSON Just a Mood/Ain‟t Misbehavin‟/
1537 LIONEL HAMPTON The Way You Look Tonight/Part 2                                   Honeysuckle Rose                      CO B1569        E+
                                               (DSM)CLEF EP295 E+cs           1585 Isn‟t It Romantic?/You Go to my Head/East of the Sun/
1538 HARRY JAMES Boo-Woo/Woo-Woo/Home James/                                          Autumn in New York               CO(Eng) SEB10018     N-
           Jesse                                    CO B2048           E      1586 KAI WINDING Loaded/Sweet Miss/Grab Your Axe Max/
1539 J. J. JOHNSON Boneology/Down Vernon‟s Alley/Yesterdays/                          Always                                 SAVOY XP8114 E+
           Riffette                                 SAVOY XP8086 E+           1587 LESTER YOUNG Just Cooling/Easy Does It/No Eyes Blues/
1540 KEN KERSEY Lady Be Good/Mohawk Boogie/Sweet Lorraine/                            Jumping at the Woodside                ALADDIN 513 Ect
           Never Can Tell                           SAVOY XP8094 E+           1588 Prez Got Rhythm/Linger Awhile/Hello Babe/
1541 LEE KONITZ Memories of You/When You‟re Smiling/                                   I‟m Fer It Too                 VOGUE(Fr) EPL7001    N-ct
           Sunday/John Quill                    CO(Eng) SEG10115 N-ct
1542 ILLINOIS JACQUET Cool Bill/Learnin‟ the Blues/                           7” x 45 RPM EP SETS (Min. bid $2.25 x no. of records in set shown
           Honeysuckle Rose                   (DSM)CLEF EPC374 N-cs           in ( ).
1543 Savoy Blip/Doggin‟ with Doggett/Minor Romp/                              1589 AL COHN Mr. Music                           VI EJC1024 (3) E+
           Berry‟s Blues                            SAVOY XP8069 E            1590 BENNY GOODMAN The Golden Age of Swing
1544 MORRIS LANE Stairway to the Stars/Midnight Sun/Moon Ray/                           VI EPOT06703 (15 in padded spiral binder + bklt)        N-
           Pale Moon                               BR EB71002          E+     1591 GLENN MILLER Concert-Vol. 3               VI EPBT3001 (2) N-
1545 Down the Lane/Blowin‟ for Kicks/Morris Lane/                             1592 Limited Edition VI EPNT6700 (14 in padded spiral binder
           You Go to my Head                       SAVOY XP8089 E                       + booklet)                                              N-
1546 STEVE LANE The Strut/East of Suez/Anna-Marie/Steppin‟                    1593 Limited Edition-Vol. 2 VI EPOT6701 (15 in padded spiral
           on the Blues/Midsummer                  VJM EC3             E+               binder + booklet)                                       N-
1547 JIMMIE LUNCEFORD Margie/Four or Five Times/Shut Out/                     1594 SHORTY ROGERS & his Giants                VI EPB1195 (2)     E+
           Call the Police                         SAVOY XP8085 E+
1548 CHARLIE MARIANO You Go to my Head/Chlo-e/                                SECTION V – TAPE CASSETTES (Min. bid $3.00)
           Melancholy Baby                         BETH BEP117         E+     1596 BILLY BOY ARNOLD El Dorado Cadillac      ALLIGATOR 4836
1549 HAL McKUSICK Alto Stratus/Theme/Step Lively                              1597 BACK BAY RAMBLERS 11:30 Sat. Night        STOMP OFF 1262
           Osie                                    VI EPA698           E+     1598 BOSWELL SISTERS Everybody Loves my Baby PRO ARTE 550
1550 MARIAN McPARTLAND Strike Up the Band/Gypsy in                            1599 CHENILLE SISTERS with James Dapogny‟s Chicago JB
           my Soul                                 SAVOY XP8104 E+                    Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight? RED HOUSE RECORDS 50
1551 BILLY MITCHELL Compulsory/Blue Room/The Zec/                             1600 DON CORNELL I‟ll Be Seeing You                IRIS 2-37134
           Alone Together                         DEE GEE 4009 E+             1601 TED des PLANTES Washboard Wizards Midnight Stomp
1552 JOHN MOHEGAN April in Paris/Lullaby in Rhythm/Easy to                                                                   STOMP OFF 1231
           Love/Sweet Georgia Brown               SAVOY XP8096 E+             1602 BENNY GOODMAN On V-Disc Vol. 1              SUNBEAM 142
1553 BREW MOORE Mud Bug/Gold Brush/Lestorian Mood/                            1603 CHUCK HEDGES Quartet No Greater Love        ARBORS 19121
           Kai‟s Kid                              SAVOY XP8067 E              1604 BLUE MITCHELL Blue‟s Moods           RIVERSIDE OJC-5138
1554 GERRY MULLIGAN Freeway/Soft Shoe/Aren‟t You Glad                         1605 DON NEELY‟s Royal Society Jazz Orch Radio Rhythm
           You‟re You/Walkin‟ Shoes         PACIFIC JAZZ EP4-1 E+ct                                                              CIRCLE 127
1555 TED NASH Over the Rainbow/Annie Lauarie/Cocktails                        1606 Crazy Rhythm                             JAZZOLOGY 175
           for Two/Margie                         SAVOY XP8090 E+             1607 IAN WHITCOMB & DICK ZIMMERMAN Steppin‟ Out
1556 LEO PARKER Solitude/Lion Roars/Wee Dot/                                                                              AUDIOPHILE 225
           Mad Lad Boogie                         SAVOY XP8060 E+             1608 PAT YANKEE Red Hot & Blue       PAT YANKEE PROD PY2C
1557 El Sino/Wild Leo/Leaping Leo/On the House SAVOY XP8081 E
1558 DAVE PELL Glocca Morra/London in July/Sunday in                          CASSETTE ANTHOLOGIES:
           Savannah/Shuffle Off to Buffalo            ATL 549          N-     1609 BARRELHOUSE BOOGIE Meade Lux Lewis, Jimmy Yancey,
1559 Deep in the Heart of Texas/Slow Boat to China/Flying Down                       Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons                        BB 8334-4-RB
           to Rio/New Orleans                        ATL 550           E+     1610 SINGERS & SOLOISTS OF THE SWING BANDS Everybody
1560 BOYD RAEBURN Man with a Horn/Yerxa/Topnsillectomy/                              from Bing with Whiteman thru Dizzy Gillespie (94 tracks on
           Forgetful                             SAVOY XP8040          E+            6 cassettes + 78 p booklet in 10” x 10” box)
1561 Over the Rainbow/Hep Boyds/Love Tales/Soft and                                                                   SMITHSONIAN RC035 (Min. $18)
           Warm                                  SAVOY XP8041          E+
1562 Dalvatore Sally/Duck Waddle/Little Boyd Blue/I Only                      “OLD TIME RADIO” Cassettes:
           Have Eyes for You                     SAVOY XP8042          E+     1611 Adventures of Sam Spade (4/17/49)/Prowl Care (undated)
1563 Boyd Meets Stravinsky/Temptation/Prelude to the Dawn/                                                                 RADIO YESTERYEAR 214
           Body & Soul                           SAVOY XP8043          E+     1612 Broadway Is My Beat (4/1/51)/Crime Does Not Pay (4/3/50)
1564 JIMMY RANEY Stella by Starlight/Back & Blow                                                                          RADIO YESTERYEAR 2079
                                                 PRESTIGE 1359 E+ct           1613 Calling All Cars (undated Prog. #197)/True Detective
1565 DON REDMAN Last Night in Town/Waiting on the Corner/                            Mysteries (Prog # 7, 1937)            RADIO YESTERYEAR 290
           Ain‟t Gonna Get Fooled Again/Voodoo SESAC AD-17 E+cs               1614 Casebook of Gregory Hood (undated)/The Big Guy (11/5/50)
1566 JOE ROLAND Little Pete/World on a String/Garrity‟s                                                                   RADIO YESTERYEAR 2287
           Night/Indian Summer                    SAVOY XP8127 E+             1615 Gangbusters: Two undated episodes: “Joe McCann & The West Side
1567 WALLY ROSE Springtime Rag/Top Liner Rag/Euophonic                               Syndicate” & “The Metropolitan Motor Mob”          McCOY‟S 266
1616 Inner Sanctum: Two episodes 6/5/45 with Raymond Massey &            1665 MAX KAMINSKY All Star Dixieland              MGM E261             E
       6/12/45                             RADIO YESTERYEAR 168          1666 STAN KENTON Portraits on Standards CAP H462                    E+wrc
1617 Jack Armstrong (3/1//48)/Sky King (4/12/51) RAD YSTRYR 1082         1667 Sketches on Standards                        CAP(Eng) LC6602 N-
1618 Jack Benny Show First radio show 5/2/32 & Last radio show 5/22/55   1668 GENE KRUPA Drummin‟ Man                      CO CL2515            E+
                                           RADIO YESTERYEAR 100          1669 STAN LEVEY Plays Cooper, Holman & Giuffre
                                                                                                                        (DJ)BETH BCP1017 E+
SECTION VI – COMPACT DISCS (Min. bid $5.00)                              1670 JIMMIE LUNCEFORD Lunceford Special CO GL104                       E
1619 LOUIS ARMSTRONG What a Wonderful World (compilation from            1671 RED MITCHELL Happy Minors                    BETH BCP1033         E+
      various concerts)                            PROJECT-3 5123        1672 SAM MOST Quartet Plus Two
1620 PAUL BURGESS & The Magic Melody Gondoliers                                         DEBUT DLP-11 Ecs(cover scuff and cover corner bend)
      Melody from the Sky                             GONDOLA            1673 PHIL NAPOLEON A Night at Nick‟s NICK‟S PICKS 1152 E+
1621 DORIS DAY Complete with Les Brown (42 tracks)                       1674 TOMMY REYNOLDS Orch. with Bon Bon (one side Don Baker,
                        SONY SPEC PROD CCM-029 (2-set) (Min. $10)                organist)                                ROYALE 18117          E
1622 DON ELLIOTT Double Trumpet Doings                                   1675 JACK SHELDON Quintet with Zoot Sims JAZZ: WEST 2                  E+
                            JAZZLAND OJCCD-1925 (case notched)           1676 ZOOT SIMS Quartet Rec. in France
1623 ROY HAYNES, PHINEAS NEWPORN & PAUL CHAMBERS                                                           (Gold label)DISCOVERY DL3015 E+
      We Three                                   NEW JAZZ 30162          1677 Swingin‟ with Zoot Sims               ESQUIRE(Eng) 20-018 Ect
1624 GLENN MILLER A Legendary Performer              BB 0693-2-RB        1678 Starring Zoot Sims                   LONDON(Eng) D93099 E+
1625 In the Mood                                   SUCCESS 16141         1679 In Hollywood NEW JAZZ 1102 E(rubber stamp on otherwise
1626 PARAMOUNT JAZZ BAND March of the Hoodlums                                   blank rear cover states “Album notes inside” but there are none)
                                                 STOMP OFF 1340          1680 Swingin‟ with…                               PRESTIGE 117         Ecs
1627 RED RODNEY 1957                                 PREVUE PR5          1681 Zoot Sims All Stars                          PRESTIGE 138         E-
                                                                         1682 In Hollywood                               PRESTIGE 202 E+wrc
And one CD anthology:                                                    1683 Goes to Town/Jazz Time in Paris Vol. 8 VOGUE(Jap) LD170 N-
1628 SWING DANCE SPECIAL Compilation of mostly late 40‟s to 50‟s         1684 Goes to Town/Jazz Time in Paris Vol. 14 VOGUE(Jap) LD185 N-
      R&B, but including Panama Francis, Leo Parker, Tiny Grimes,        1685 JOHNNY SMITH Jazz at NBC feat. Getz ROOST 410                  E+sfc
      Jimmy Rushing, etc. (50 tracks) COLLECTABLES 9623 (3)(Min $15)     1686 BILLY TAYLOR Taylor Made Piano                ROOST 409           E
                                                                         1687 CHUCK WAYNE Quintet                      PROGRESSIVE 3003 E+
SECTION VII – TRANSCRIPTIONS                                             1688 Quintet                                      SAVOY MG15035 Ecs
8” x 33 RPM (Min. bid $3.00)                                             1689 LESTER YOUNG Collates                  (DSM)CLEF MGC-108 E
1629 RAY ANTHONY My Reverie/Sophisticated Lady/Smoke Rings/
       True Blue Lou                     LANG-WORTH DL356 E              And a couple of 10” LP Anthologies:
1630 SAL FRANZELLA Quintet Minute Waltz/Violin Concerto in               1690 A VISIT TO JAZZLAND NO. 2 BG, Louis, Duke, Condon, Turk
       E Minor/Concerto for Clarinet/Manhattan                                  Murphy, H.James, Chet Baker, Elgart PHILIPS B07706R E+
                                         LANG-WORTH IN11    E            1691 MELLOW THE MOOD Edmond Hall, Ike Quebec, John
12” x 33 RPM (Min. bid $5.00)                                                   Hardee groups                       BN BLP5001       E
1631 NAT‟L GUARD “GUARD SESSION” #37/#38 Della Reese w ith
       Duke Ellington & his Orch.                           E+           SECTION X – 12” x 33 RPM LPSs (Min. bid $5.00)
1632 NAT‟L GUARD “GUARD SESSION” #41/#42 Tony Bennett with               Minimum bid for multi-record sets is $4.00 x number of records in set.
       Gene Krupa & his Orch.                               E+
1633 NAT‟L GUARD “GUARD SESSION” #43/#44 Tony Bennett with               The following symbols are used in this section:
       Gene Krupa & his Orch.                               E+            (DJ) = Disc-jockey copy. The indication may be on the label, cover, or
1634 NAT‟L GUARD “GUARD SESSION” #45/#46 Sarah Vaughan                           both.
       with Woody Herman & his Orch.                        E+            (DSM) preceding record catalog number indicates cover art by
1635 NAT‟L GUARD “GUARD SESSION” #47/#48 Sarah Vaughan                           David Stone Martin.
       with Woody Herman & his Orch.                        E+            (S) preceding record catalog number indicates Stereo (including
1636 NAT‟L GUARD “GUARD SESSION” #53/#54 Keely Smith with                        re-channeled mono).
       Count Basie & his Orch.                              E+            (*) preceding CAP record catalog number indicates aqua label.
1637 NAT‟L GUARD “GUARD SESSION” #55/#56 Keely Smith with                 (*) preceding CO catalog no. indicates red & black “6-Eye” label.
       Count Basie & his Orch.                              E+            (*) preceding EMARCY catalog number indicates drummer label.
1638 OFFICE OF CIVIL DEFENSE “STARS FOR DEFENSE” #321                     (*) preceding IMPULSE catalog number indicates orange label.
       Martha Wright/#322 Joe Williams                      E+            (*) preceding PRESTIGE catalog number = yellow Bergenfield label.
1639 OFFICE OF CIVIL DEFENSE “STARS FOR DEFENSE” #335                     (*) preceding ROULETTE catalog number indicates pinwheel label.
       Johnny Ray/#336 Erroll Garner                        E+            (*) preceding VERVE catalog number indicates trumpet label.
1640 OFFICE OF CIVIL DEFENSE “STARS FOR DEFENSE” #491                     (*) preceding VI catalog number indicates black label with dog logo.
       Sammy Davis Jr/#492 Sylvia Sims                      E+
1641 OFFICE OF CIVIL DEFENSE “STARS FOR DEFENSE” #497                    In lower case following condition code, the following symbols are used
       Alan Dale/#498 Jane Morgan                           E+           to describe cover conditions:
1642 OFFICE OF CIVIL DEFENSE “STARS FOR DEFENSE” #527                     cc = corner of cover clipped or notched
       sandy Stewart/#528 Don Cornell                       E+            cs = cover split (not repaired)
                                                                          ct = cover tape repaired
16” x 33 RPM TRANSCRIPTIONS (Min. bid $5.00)                              dg (preceding record cat. no) = deep groove label
Following are all US NAVY “THE NAVY SWINGS” Programs:                     hc = hole punched in cover
1643 #9/#10 George Shearing Quintet                               E+      rw = ring wear on cover
1644 #11/#12 George Shearing Quintet                              E+      sfc = sticker on front cover
1645 #17/#18 Bobby Troup with Connie Haines                       E+      sol = sticker on label
1646 #27/#28 Bob Crosby & Sue Raney                               E+      src = sticker on rear cover
1647 #33/#34 Page Cavanaugh & Kay Cee Jones                       E+      wfc = writing on front cover
1648 #37/#38 Bobby Troup and Jane Russell                         E+      wol = writing on label
1649 #41/#42 Dave Brubeck                                         E+      wrc = writing on rear cover
1650 #43/#44 Dave Brubeck                                         E+
1651 #51/#52 Shelly Manne & June Christy                          E+     1692 AHMED ABDUL-MALIK The Music of…
                                                                                                        (Reisssue)NEW JAZZ 8266        N-
                                                                         1693 PEPPER ADAMS Critics‟ Choice
SECTION VIII – 10” x 33 RPM LPs (Min. bid $5.00) (See under 12” LP                 (Blue dg)WORLD-PACIFIC PJM407 N-(cover corner crease)
heading for explanation of symbols)                                      1694 CANNONBALL ADDERLEY Somethin‟ Else
1652 CLIFFORD BROWN Ensemble featuring Zoot Sims                                                                     (S)(Lib)BN 81595 E+cc
                                                PACIFIC JAZZ 19 E+       1695 Greatest Hits              (Blue BGP)RIV RLP416 N-hc thru lbl
1653 ROSEMARY CLOONEY & HARRY JAMES Hollywood‟s                          1696 Spontaneous Combustion         (DJ)SAVOY SJL2206 N-hc(2-set)
          Best                                   CO CL6224        Ecs    1697 MONTY ALEXANDER Triple Treat II              (S)CONCORD 338
1654 BOB CROSBY St. Louis Blues                  CRL 56039         E+    1698 STEVE ALLEN The Discovery of Buck Hammer
1655 HALL DANIELS Septet (Zoot) (Blue vinyl)JUMP JL-9           E+wrc                                                HANOVER 8001 E+cs
1656 MILES DAVIS Plays Compositions of Al Cohn                           1699 RICH AMERSON Negro Folk Music of Alabama
                                    (Blue label)PRESTIGE 154 V+wrc                                         FOLKWAYS FE4471 (booklet) N-
1657 DORIS DAY Lullaby of Broadway               CO CL6168         E     1700 GENE AMMONS Boss Tenor (S)(Blue)PRESTIGE 7534 E+wrc
1658 ROY ELDRIDGE Roy and Zoot              DISCOVERY DL2009 E+          1701 The Best of…For Beautiful People (S)(Blue)PRESTIGE 7708 N-
1659 STAN GETZ Stan in Retrospect                                        1702 Jug & Dodo (Marmarosa)             PRESTIGE 24021 N-(2-set)
                      DALE LP-21 E+(moderate scratches on front cover)   1703 Gene Ammons Story: The 78 Era      PRESTIGE 24058 N-(2-set)
1660 CONNIE HAINES Sings acc. Ray Bloch ADVANCE LSP-6 E                  1704 Gene Ammons Story: Gentle Jug (DJ)PRESTIGE 24079 N-(2-set)
1661 WOODY HERMAN Classics in Jazz               CAP H324        E+cs    1705 JOHNNY APRIL If You Are Not Plucked You Die
1662 Ridin‟ Herd                                 CO CL2509         E+                                                 (dg)APOLLO 485 N-
1663 Sequence in Jazz                            CO(Eng) 33S1068 E       1706 LOUIS ARMSTRONG The Best of …          (S)AUD FID 6132 N-
1664 CHUBBY JACKSON & his All Star Band NEW JAZZ 105               E+    1707 Satchmo: A Musical Autobiography
             DE DXM155 E+(4 + bklt in deluxe binder w/photo inserts)        1790 Jazz at College of Pacific    (Red vinyl)(dg)FANTASY 3-223         N-
1708 At the Winter Garden 1947              (Picture disc)JOYCE PIX-5 N     1791 Trio: 24 Classic Recordings        (DJ)FANTASY F24726 N-(2-set)
1709 GEORGIE AULD Plays the Winners EMARCY(Jap) 195J-10101 N-               1792 1975: The Duets with Desmond (DJ)(S)HORIZON SP703 N-hc
1710 & his Orch,-Vol. 1                         MUSICRAFT MVS501 N-         1793 Quartet: 25th Anniv. Reunion          (DJ)(S)HORIZON SP714         N-
1711 Unearthed Masters-Vol. 1 (9 tracks Auld off Roost 1951 + 2 x Hawk,     1794 MILT BUCKNER Please, Mr. Organ Player
              1 x Bird)        JAZZ AMERICA MARKETING 5006 N-                                                                  (Blue dg)(S)ARGO 670 E+
1712 DAN AXELROD New Axe                    (S)PHOENIX JAZZ 1003 N-         1795 DAVE BURNS Dave Burns                  (dg)VANGUARD VRS9111 N-
1713 CHET BAKER Witch Doctor (Reissue)(S)CONTEMP 7649 Ncc                   1796 KENNY BURRELL Heritage                (S)AUDIOSOURCE ASD-1 N-
1714 MICKEY BAKER But Wild                              KING 839     E+ct   1797 The Best of…                              (Blue)PRESTIGE 7448      E+
1715 EDDIE BAREFIELD Introducing…                                           1798 Out of this World                        (Green)PRESTIGE 7578 N-
                                      (S)DISCOMATE(Jap) DSP8101 N-          1799 Kenny Burrell                                 PRESTIGE OJC-019 N-
1716 CHARLIE BARNET Live at Basin St. East HEP 200                     N    1800 A Generation Ago Today                         (S)VERVE V6-8656 N-
1717 COUNT BASIE Count Basie                     (Blk/sil)BR BL54012 E+     1801 SAM BUTERA The Big Sax & the Big Voice (S)CAP ST1521 N-
1718 Basie Straight Ahead                               (S)DOT 25902   N-   1802 DON BYAS 1945                                   ALAMAC QSR2447 N-
1719 Basie Is Back Home                                 (S)EMUS 12011 E+    1803 In Paris: Ambience et Slows BARCLAY(Fr) 80.970/71 N-(2-set)
1720 Basie‟s Back in Town                               dgEPIC LN3169 N-    1804 Anthropology                         (S)BLACK LION 2460160 N-
1721 Best of… (all off V-Disc)               FESTIVAL(Fr) 147 N-(2-set)     1805 Private Recordings 1944-45                       CAETE LP-2        N-
1722 Kansas City Suite                                  FORUM 9032     E+   1806 (& Bud Powell) Tribute to Cannonball (DJ)(S)CO JC35755             N-
1723 At Savoy Ballroom 1937-44                          JOKER 3083     N-   1807 Savoy Jam Party                             SAVOY SJL2213 N-(2-set)
1724 Southland Café, Boston (1 side Chick Webb) JOKER 3084             N-   1808 Memorial                                   VOGUE(Fr) DP15 N-(2-set)
1725 Basie‟s Timing                 (S)MPS SC154D-99436-36 N-(2-set)        1809 DONALD BYRD Blackjack              (S)(Blue U-A)BN BST84259 N-hc
1726 Super C. Basie (AFRS & Lang-Worth) MUSIDISC 30JA5160 N-                1810 Byrd in Paris                       POLYDOR(Fr) 833394-1 N-wrc
1727 & his Orch. (1937 Meadowbrook & 1938 “America Dances”                  1811 Byrd in Paris-Vol. 2                POLYDOR(Fr) 833395-1 N-wrc
                                                MUSIDISC 30JA5172 N-        1812 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 1810-11)
1728 Basie Jam at Montreux 1975                      (S)PABLO 2310-750 N-   1813 CONTE CANDOLI Quartet                            (dg)MODE LP109 N-
1729 Kansas City Shout                          (S)PABLO D2310859 N-        1814 LEROY CARR (& Scrapper Blackwell) Naptown Blues 1929-34
1730 Count on the Coast ‟58 POLYDOR(Jap) 38MJ3493/4 N-(2-set)                                                                     YAZOO L1036       N-
1731 In Kansas City (Moten 1930-32)                  RCA LPV514        N-   1815 ERNIE CARSON Carson-Bornemann All-Stars (S)JZLGY 45 E+
1732 Basie                                           *ROUL R52003      E+   1816 Capital City Jazz Band                         (S)JAZZOLOGY 54 N-
1733 Sing Along with Basie                            ROUL R52018      N-   1817 BENNY CARTER Big Band Bounce (1 side Cootie Williams)
1734 One More Time                                   *ROUL R52024      E+                                                         CAP M11057        N-
1735 Breakfast Dance & Barbecue                      *ROUL R52028      N-   1818 Benny Carter (off CAP 1943-45) I GRANDI DEL JAZZ 46 N-
1736 Dance Along with Basie                          *ROUL R52036      E+   1819 Further Definitions                         (S)IMPULSE AS-12 N-hc
1737 (& Joe Williams) Just the Blues *ROUL R52054 E+cs/hc thru lbl          1820 Montreux ‟77                               (DJ)(S)PABLO 2308-204 N-
1738 The Legend                                   (S)ROUL SR52086      N-   1821 Live & Well in Japan                     (S)PABLO(Eng) 2308-216 N-
1739 (& J. Williams) Back to Basie & the Blues ROUL R52093             N-   1822 Meets Oscar Peterson                          (S)PABLO 2310-926 N-hc
1740 Basie in Sweden                                  ROUL R52099 N-wrc     1823 Jazz Giant                                    (S)STEREO S7028      N-
1741 (& J. Williams) Memories Ad-Lib          ROUL(Jap) YY-7015-RO N-       1824 RON CARTER All Alone                 (S)EMARCY(Jap) 836366-1 N-
1742 Blues by Basie (1942)                           TAX m8025         N-   1825 THE CATS & THE FIDDLE I Miss You So
1743 The Jitters (1939-41)                           TAX m8027         N-                                                      BB AXM2-5531 N-(2-set)
1744 “8 & 16” (1950-51)                              TAX m8029         N-   1826 SERGE CHALOFF Blue Serge (Ltd ed blue vinyl)CAP T742 N-
1745 BUNNY BERIGAN Take It, Bunny (Orig)EPIC LG3109                    E+   1827 PAUL CHAMBERS Whims of Chambers BN(Jap) 1534                       N-
1746 BILL BERRY L. A. Big Band Hot & Happy (S)BEEZ 1                   N-   1828 Paul Chambers Quiantet                            BN(Jap) 1564     N-
1747 CHU BERRY Sittin‟ In                    (S)MAINSTREAM S6038 N-         1829 (& Coltrane) High Step                     BN LA451-H2 N-wrc(2-set)
1748 The Indispensable…                      RCA(Fr) NL89481 N-(2-set)      1830 First Bassman                                 (dg)VEE JAY 3012     E+
1749 BLIND BLAKE 1926-1930                         BIOGRAPH 12003      N-   1831 TEDDY CHARLES Word from Bird                     ATL(Jap) 1274     N-
1750 Search Warrant Blues 1926-32                  BIOGRAPH 12023 N-        1832 (& Shorty Rogers) Collaboration: West PRESTIGE OJC-122 N
1751 ART BLAKEY Meet You at the Jazz Corner of the World                    1833 CHARLIE CHRISTIAN w/Benny Goodman CBS(Eng) 52538 N-
                                          (S)(Blue UA)BN 84054 N-wrc        1834 SONNY CLARK Dial S for Sonny                      (U-A)BN 1570.    N-
1752 Meet You at Jazz Corner-Vol. 2 (S)(Blue UA)BN 84055 N-wrc              1835 Cool Struttin‟                         (304 Park Ave)BN 1588       N-
1753 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 1751-52)                          1836 KENNY CLARKE-FRANCIE BOLAND Handle with Care
1754 A Night in Tunisia             BMG SPEC PROD DRL12041             N-                                     (Orange/purple)ATLANTIC 1404 E+
1755 Tough                                           (S)CADET 4049 N-cc     1837 Live at Ronnie Scott‟s-Album 1 (S)POLYDOR(Eng) 583.054 N-
1756 BLUE WISP BIG BAND Butterfly                    (S)MOPRO 101      E+   1838 Live at Ronnie Scott‟s-Album 2 (S)POLYDOR(Eng) 583.055 N-
1757 EARL BOSTIC 14 Hits                             KING 5010X        N-   1839 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 1837-38)
1758 WILL BRADLEY Boogie Woogie                      EPIC LN3115       N-   1840 BUCK CLAYTON Jam Session-Vol. 1 (Huckle-buck &
1759 RUBY BRAFF Braff-Barnes Quartet (S)CHIAROSCURO 121 N-                          Robbins‟ Nest                               (S)CBS(Eng) S52078 N-
1760 Braff!!                                 (Orig)EPIC LN3377 N-ct/hc      1841 How Hi the Fi                                (Red/gold)CO CL567 E+
1761 (& Barnes) To Fred Astaire with Love            (S)RCA APL1-1008 N-    1842 Jumpin‟ at the Woodside                          *CO CL701         N-
1762 NICK BRIGNOLA Baritone Madness (S)BEEHIVE 7000                    N-   1843 Buckin‟ the Blues      (dg)VANG 8514 N-(sm surface tear ft cover)
1763 BOB BROOKMEYER K. C. Revisited (dg)U-A UAL4008                    E+   1844 Just a Groove                             VANGUARD(Eng) 8517 N-
1764 Traditionalism Revisited      (Black dg)WORLD-PAC PJ1233          N-   1845 ARNETT COBB Keep on Pushin‟                      (S)BEEHIVE 7017 N-
1765 BIG BILL BROONZY Interview with Studs Terkel (includes                 1846 The Complete Apollo Sessions JAZZ LEGACY(Fr) 500116 N-
        musical selections)             FOLKWAYS FG3586(bklt)          E+   1847 Blow, Arnett, Blow               (Blk/sil dg)(S)PRESTIGE 7151 N-
1766 CLIFFORD BROWN Memorial Album (Blue UA)(S)BN 81526 N-cc                1848 Smooth Sailing                        (Reissue)*PRESTIGE 7184 E
1767 More Memorable Tracks                           BN(Jap) 61001     N-   1849 Funky Butt                      (DSM)(S)PROGRESSIVE 7054 N
1768 & Roach Live at the Bee Hive              (DJ)CO JG35965 N-(2-set)     1850 Sizzlin‟                   (Grn)PRESTIGE 7227 (Status cover) N-
1769 Clifford Brown All Stars           EMARCY(Jap) EXPR1007 N-wrc          1851 AL COHN Nonpareil                                (S)CONCORD 155 N-
1770 Study in Brown                     EMARCY(Jap) EXPR1008 N-wrc          1852 (Scott Hamilton, Buddy Tate) Tour de Force (S)CONC 172 N-(2set)
1771 Brown & Roach, Inc.                EMARCY(Jap) EXPR1010 N-wrc          1853 Standards of Excellence                          (S)CONCORD241 N-
1772 Best Coast Jazz                    EMARCY(Jap) EXPR1032 N-wrc          1854 Quintet feat. Brookmeyer                         CORAL 57118       N-
1773 The Immortal…                     LIMELIGHT LM2-8201 N-(2-set)         1855 Cohn on the Saxophone          (Black dg)DAWN DLP1110 E+wrc
1774 (& Roach) Daahoud                    (dg)MAINSTREAM 386           N-   1856 Mr. Music                               RCA INT‟L L20141 E+ct/wrc
1775 Complete Paris Collection         VOGUE(Eng) VJT3001 N-ct(3-set)       1857 Cohn‟s Tones                      (Maroon)SAVOY MG12048            N-
1776 LAWRENCE BROWN Inspired Abandon w/Hodges                               1858 Jazz Workshop: Four Brass, One Tenor             *VI LPM1161     E+ct
                                (S)SPARTON IMPULSE(Can) AS89 E+             1859 (& Perkins, Kamuca) The Brothers!                *VI LPM1162      N-cs
1777 RAY BROWN Brown‟s Bag                           (S)CONCORD 19 N-       1860 Play It Now                             (DJ)(S)XANADU(Jap) 110 N-
1778 ROY BROWN Good Rocking Tonight                                         1861 True Blue                                        (S)XANADU 136 N-
       ROUTE-66 KIX-6 N-(ft cover inscribed to prev. owner by Brown)        1862 Silver Blue                                      (S)XANADU 137 N-
1779 TED BROWN Free Wheeling feat. Warne Marsh & Art Pepper                 1863 Al Cohn‟s America                                (S)XANADU 138 N-
                                     (Reissue)VANGUARD VRS8515 N-           1864 (& Jimmy Rowles) Heavy Love                      (S)XANADU 145 N
1780 DAVE BRUBECK Last Set at Newport feat. Mulligan                        1865 No Problem                                       (S)XANADU 179 N-
                            (Green/orange)(S)ATLANTIC SD1607 N-             1866 COZY COLE & his Big Seven            GRAND AWARD 33-334            N-
1781 We‟re All Together Again for the First Time (Mulligan)                 1867 NAT KING COLE Meets the Master Saxes SPOTLITE 136                  N-
                            (DJ)(Grn/or)(S)ATLANTIC SD1641 E+cc             1868 RICHIE COLE Return to Alto Acres (S)PALO ALTO 8023 N-
1782 Jazz Impressions of the USA                     *CO CL984         N-   1869 GEORGE COLEMAN Ronnie Scott‟s Presents…(S)PYE N121 N-
1783 Quartet in Europe                               (S)*CO CS8128     N-   1870 DICK COLLINS Horn of Plenty                      *VI LJM1019     E+cs
1784 Countdown                                       (S)CO CS8575    N-hc   1871 JOHN COLTRANE Turning Point (Cayre)BETH BCP6024 N-
1785 Time Changes                                    (S)CO CS8927    N-hc   1872 Blue Train              (CEMA Special Markets)BN S11-56987 N-
1786 Angel Eyes                                      (S)CO CS9148    N-hc   1873 Coltrane 1951 (w/Diz Sextet, Birdland)             OBERON 5100 N-
1787 (& Mulligan) Compadres                          (S)CO CS9704      N-   1874 The Last Trane                           (Green)PRESTIGE 7378 N-
1788 Blues Roots feat. Mulligan                      (S)CO CS9749      N-   1875 More Lasting than Bronze            (DJ)PRESTIGE 24014 N-(2-set)
1789 Brubeck/Mulligan/Cincinnati                     (S)DE DL710181    N-   1876 Coltrane Time                                    (S)U-A UAS5638    N-
1877 NORMAN CONNORS Love from the Sun (S)BUDDAH 5142 N-                            1959 DORSEY BROS. The Young…1928-30 WORLD SHB67 N-(2-set)
1878 Slewfoot                                        (S)BUDDAH 5611 N-cc           1960 TOMMY DORSEY At the Fat Man‟s                         HEP 9       N-
1879 COON-SANDERS ORCH. Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now                              1961 At the 400 Restaurant 1945       (Picture disc)JOYCE PIX-2        N
                                                      BROADWAY 145           N-    1962 Swing High                        SOUNDS OF SWING 106             N-
1880 Radio‟s Aces                                       RCA LPV511        E+cc     1963 RAY DRAPER A Tuba Jazz                           JUBILEE 1090     E
1881 BOB COOPER (& Snooky Young) In a Mellotone                                    1964 KENNY DREW Talkin‟ & Walkin‟                 LIBERTY(Jap) 70013   N-
                                        (S)CONTEMPORARY 14017 N-                   1965 Jazz Impressions of “Pal Joey”                 RIV(Jap) SMJ-6106M N-
1882 EDDIE COSTA House of Blue Lights MCA(Jap) VIM-4657 N-                         1966 ROY DUNN Know‟d Them All                         (S)TRIX 3312     N-
1883 Quintet                              (dg)INTERLUDE MO508 E+cs                 1967 ALLEN EAGER Swingin‟ with…                 MARSHMALLOW 102 N-
1884 Eddie Costa-Vinnie Burke Trio             JUBILEE(Spain) 1025 N-wrc           1968 PETER ECKLUND & The Melody Makers (S)STMP OFF 1175 N-
1885 CURTIS COUNCE Group-Vol. 2                  (dg)CONTEMP C3539 Ect             1969 BILLY ECKSTINE Mr. B & the Band SAVOY SJL2214 N-(2-set)
1886 Carl‟s Blues                     (Reissue)(S)CONTEMP 7574               N-    1970 HARRY EDISON Inventive Mr. Edison (Blue dg)PAC JAZZ 11 N-
1887 SONNY CRISS Quartet 1949-57 FRESH SOUND FSR403                          N-    1971 (& Lockjaw) Jawbreakers (Blue BGP)RIV RLP430 N-(hc thru label)
1888 Jazz-U.S.A.                            IMPERIAL(Jap) K18P-9253 N-             1972 Sweetenings                             (S)*ROULETTE SR52023 E
1889 In Paris POLYDOR/BRUNSWICK(Sp) FSR BOX-2                                      1973 (& Lockjaw) Opus Funk                     STORYVILLE SLP4025 N-
                                                       N-(Box 2-set + booklet)     1974 Mr. Swing                      (DSM)(S)VERVE MGVS-6118 N-cs
1890 Saturday Morning             (DJ)(S)XANADU(Jap) YS7092-DU N-                  1975 (& Jimmy Forrest) Sweet Tracks (S)VOGUE(Fr) VJD547 N-(2-set)
1891 BING CROSBY Mr. Crosby & Mr. Mercer MFP(Eng) 50554 N-                         1976 DAVID “HONEYBOY” EDWARDS I‟ve Been Around
1892 THE CRUSADERS Images (S)ABC BLUE THUMB BA6030 N-                                                                                     (S)TRIX 3319    N-
1893 CELIA CRUZ & TITO PUENTE Quimbo Quimbumbia                                    1977 FRANK EDWARDS Done Some Tracelin‟ (S)TRIX 3303                    N-
                                                               TICO 1193 E+        1978 TEDDY EDWARDS Teddy‟s Ready
1894 RONNIE CUBER Cuber Libre                           (S)XANADU 135 E+                                      (Reissue)(S)CONTEMPORARY S7583              N-
1895 BOB CUNNINGHAM Walking Bass (S)NILVA(Fr) NQ3411 N-                            1979 The Inimitable                  (S)XANADU(Jap) YS-7123-DU N-
1896 TADD DAMERON The Magic Touch (Blue BGP)RIV 419 E+rw                           1980 ROY ELDRIDGE Tippin‟ Out (S)AFFINITY AFSD1016 N-(2-set)
1897 Royal Roost Nights (1948-49 bdcsts)             ULT-TADD XX1500 N-            1981 The Early Years                             CBS(Neth) 88585 N-(2-set)
1898 WILD BILL DAVIS Free, Frantic & Funky *VI LPM3314                       N-    1982 At the Arcadia Ballroom 1939                  JAZZ ARCHIVES 14 N-
1899 EDDIE “LOCKJAW” DAVIS Sweet & Lovely                                          1983 (& Kamuca) Comin‟ Home Baby                     PUMPKIN 107       E+
                                                   CLASSIC JAZZ 116          N-    1984 Heckler‟s Hop                                       TAX m8020     N-
1900 Kickin‟ & Wailin‟ (1 side Morris Lane) CONTINENTAL 16001                      1985 Dale‟s Wail                        (DJ)VERVE VE2-2531 N-(2-set)
                    N-(contents listing sheet is Scotch taped to rear cover)       1986 DUKE ELLINGTON Presents… (Red dg)BETH BCP6005 N-
1901 (& J. Griffin) Tough Tenors (S)(Orpheum)JAZZLAND 931 N-                       1987 This One‟s for Blanton                   (S)PABLO 2310-721(bklt) N-
1902 Big Beat Jazz                                      (dg)KING 599      E+cs     1988 Daybreak Express                               (Purple)VI LPV506  N-
1903 With Shirley Scott              (Reissue)MOODSVILLE MVLP4 N-                  1989 DON ELLIOTT Mellophone                    (Red dg)BETH BCP12      E+
1904 (& S. Scott) Misty (S)(Blue)PREST MVST30(Moodsville cover) N-                 1990 HERB ELLIS Jazz/Concord                   (S)CONCORD CJS-1        N-
1905 Cookbook-Vol. 3 w/Shirley Scott (Blue)(S)PRESTIGE 7219 E+                     1991 Seven, Come Eleven                         (S)CONCORD CJ-2        N-
1906 Goin‟ to the Meeting                       (Blue)PRESTIGE 7242          N-    1992 (& Joe Pass) Two for the Road            (DJ)(S)PABLO 2310-714 N-
1907 (& J. Griffin) First Set at Minton‟s (S)(Green)PRESTIGE 7309 N-               1993 ETHEL ENNIS Sings                                (S)SEARS SPS416 E+
1908 The Late Show                         (S)(Green)PRESTIGE 7357 N-              1994 Eyes for You                                     (S)*VI LSP2984   E+
1909 Stolen Moments                        (S)(Green)PRESTIGE 7834 N-              1995 BOOKER ERVIN Back from the Gig (S)BN LA488-H2 N-cc(2-set)
1910 The Cookbook                        (DJ)PRESTIGE P24039 N-(2-set)             1996 The In Between                           (DJ)(S)(Lib)BN BST84283 N-
1911 & Griffin Live at Minton‟s (DJ)(S)PRESTIGE P24099 N-(2-set)                   1997 That‟s It!              (White label DJ)(dg)CANDID 8014 E+wrc
1912 Afro-Jaws                         (Blue BGP)(dg)RIV RLP373 E+cs               1998 Structurally Sound                  (S)PACIFIC JAZZ ST20119 N-
1913 Eddie Davis Trio               *ROULETTE R52019 N-(cover scuff)               1999 Booker „n‟ Brass                    (S)PACIFIC JAZZ ST20127 N
1914 Uptown                                (S)SWINGTIME(It) ST1021 N-              2000 The Freedom Book           (Blk/sil)(not dg)(S)PRESTIGE 7295 N-
1915 The Fox & The Hounds                               *VI LPM3741       E+hc     2001 The Blues Book                              (Blue)PRESTIGE 7340 E+
1916 MAXWELL DAVIS (dir.) Stereo Sound of Stan Kenton                              2002 The Space Book                             (Blue)PRESTIGE 7386 N-hc
                                   (S)BRIGHT ORANGE X-BO-705 N-                    2003 Groovin‟ High                               (Blue)PRESTIGE 7417 N-
1917 MILES DAVIS Facets                                CBS(Fr) 62637         N-    2004 Setting the Pace                     (S)(Green)PRESTIGE 7455 N-
1918 Miles at Newport                                  CBS(Neth) 63417 Ncc         2005 The Trance                             (S)(Blue)PRESTIGE 7462 N-hc
1919 „Round About Midnight                              *CO CL949            E+    2006 Heavy!!!                                (S)(Blue)PRESTIGE 7499 N-
1920 Someday My Prince Will Come                       (S)CO CS8456      N-wrc     2007 The Song Book                           (S)PRESTIGE(Eng) 7318 N-
1921 My Funny Valentine                                 (S)CO CS9106         N-    2008 Cookin‟                            (Maroon)SAVOY MG12154 N-
1922 Jazz at the Plaza-Vol. 1                           (S)CO C32470         N-    2009 BILL EVANS More from The Vanguard (S)MILESTONE 9125 N-
1923 Davis/Dameron Quintet in Paris Festival Int‟l de Jazz 1949                    2010 Village Vanguard Sessions         (S)MILESTONE 47002 N-(2-set)
        CO JC34804 N-(factory-applied gold imprint on rear cover states            2011 Spring Leaves                       MILESTONE 47034 N-cc(2-set)
        “For Governmental Use Only”)                                               2012 (& Jim Hall) Undercurrent             UNITED ARTISTS 14003 N-
1924 Circle in the Round                       (S)CO KC2-36278         N-(2-set)   2013 DOC EVANS Muskrat Ramble (Red vinyl)(S)AUDIOPHILE 56 N-
1925 The Man with the Horn                             (S)CO PC36790         N-    2014 Rx for the Blues                      CONCERT-DISC M1051          N-
1926 Live at The Plugged Nickel               (S)CO C2-38266           N-(2-set)   2015 GIL EVANS Pacific Standard Time (S)BN LA461-H2 N-cc(2-set)
1927 Heard “Round the World                   (S)CO C2-38506           N-(2-set)   2016 At the Royal Festival Hall                        RCA(Fr) PL25209 N-
1928 Sketches of Spain                                  CO CJ40578       N-wrc     2017 DON EWELL Yellow Dog Blues (Red vinyl)AUDIOPH AP-66 N-
1929 & Coltrane Live in Stockholm DRAGON(Swd) 90/91 N-(2-set)                      2018 Man Here Plays Fine Piano                        (S)GTJ S10043 E+wrc
1930 Blue Moods                              (S)FANTASY 86001                N-    2019 Free „n Easy!                                    (S)GTJ S10046    E+
1931 Michel Legrand Meets…                        (S)PHILIPS(Fr) 849.471 N-        2020 DON FAGERQUIST Eight by Eight (VSOP)MODE 124 N-wrc
1932 The Musings of Miles                          PRESTIGE OJC-004 N-             2021 TAL FARLOW On Stage (Norvo, Hank Jones) (S)CONC 143 N-
1933 Dig feat. Sonny Rollins                       PRESTIGE OJC-005 N-             2022 Cookin‟ on All Burners                           (S)CONCORD 204 N-
1934 (& Milt Jackson) Quintet/Sextet                PRESTIGE OJC-012 N             2023 The Return of Tal Farlow/1969 (S)(Purple)PRESTIGE 7732 N-
1935 Miles Davis and Horns                         PRESTIGE OJC-053          N-    2024 This Is…                                         VERVE V8289      N-
1936 Cookin‟ with Miles Davis Quintet               PRESTIGE OJC-128 N             2025 Fuerst (sic) Set                     XANADU(Jap) YS-8098-DU N-
1937 Relaxin‟ with Miles Davis Quintet              PRESTIGE OJC-190 N             2026 Second Set                           XANADU(Jap) YS-7108-DU N-
1938 & The Modern Jazz Giants                       PRESTIGE OJC-347 N-            2027 ART FARMER Interaction (Orange/purple)ATLANTIC 1412 N-
1939 RICHARD DAVIS & Guest Freddie Hubbard (S)MPS 20725 N-                         2028 Live at the Half-Note                    (Green/blue)(S)ATL 1421 N-
1940 WILD BILL DAVISON (1944 Condon V-Disc session and                             2029 When Farmer Met Gryce             PRESTIGE(Jap) SMJ6544 N-wrc
        1952 airchecks from Condon‟s)                   AIRCHECK 31          E+    2030 Modern Art             (Red dg)UNITED ARTISTS UAL4007 E+
1941 BUDDY DeFRANCO Wholly Cats (S)VERVE V6-8375 N-ct/wrc                          2031 VIC FELDMAN Transatlantic Alliance                JASMINE 2002    N-
1942 PAUL DESMOND Paul Desmond (S)ARTISTS HOUSE 9402 N-                            2032 Merry Olde Soul                          (Blue BGP)RIV RLP366     E+
1943 Pure Desmond                                       (S)CTI 6059-S1       N-    2033 MAYNARD FERGUSON Original Dreamband ARTISTRY 104 N-
1944 With Modern Jazz Quartet                      (S)FINESSE FW37487 N-           2034 Around the Horn            *EMARCY MG36076 E+cs(cover fade)
1945 Desmond Blue                                       (S)RCA LPM2438 N-cc        2035 Hollywood Party                        EMARCY(Jap) EXPR-1005 N
1946 Glad to Be Unhappy                                 *VI LPM3407          N-    2036 Ridin‟ High                                  ENTERPRISE 13-101 E+
1947 VIC DICKENSON The Esssential… VANG VSD99/100 N-(2-set)                        2037 Color Him Wild                         (S)MAINSTREAM S6031 N-
1948 Septet         VANG(Eng) VRS8520/1 N-(rear cover signed by Vic)               2038 The Blues Roar                      (DJ)MAINSTREAM 56045 N-hc
1949 DANNY D‟IMPERIO Metropolitan Bopera House (S)VSOP 32 N-                       2039 Maynard Ferguson Sextet               (S)MAINSTREAM S6060 N-hc
1950 Metropolitan Bopera House: Formidable                   (S)VSOP 50 N-ct       2040 Conducts Birdland Dreamband               RCA(Fr) PM43841 N-(2-set)
1951 SAM DONAHUE Classics in Jazz                           *CAP T626 E+wrc        2041 Swingin‟ My Way thru College                *ROULETTE R25058      N-
1952 LOU DONALDSON Blues Walk                          (Reissue)BN 1593      N-    2042 A Message from Birdland                (S)*ROULETTE SR52027 E+
1953 Lou Takes Off                              (S)(U-A)BN BST81591 N-wrc          2043 Maynard ‟61 (S)*ROULETTE R52064 E+(moderate cover scuff)
1954 Lush Life                           (S)(Manhattan)BN BST84254 N-              2044 Straightaway Jazz Themes                   *ROULETTE R52076       N-
1955 KENNY DORHAM „Round About Midnight at Café Bohemia                            2045 Maynard ‟64                              (S)ROULETTE SR52107 E+
                                                    (U-A)BN BLP1524 N-wrc          2046 FIREHOUSE FIVE PLUS TWO Goes South! GTJ L12018                    N-
1956 Afro-Cuban                                (Reissue)BN BLP1535           N-    2047 THE FIVE (Candoli, Pete Jolly, Bill Perkins et al) *VI LPM1121 N-
1957 (& Jackie McLean) Inta Somethin‟ (S)PAC JAZZ(Jap) GXF3119 N-                  2048 RALPH FLANAGAN The Unissued… (Pic disc)JOYCE PIX-4 N
1958 Jazz Contemporary                           (Reissue)TIME 52004         N     2049 CARL FONTANA The Great Fontana (S)UPTOWN 27.28 N-
2050 JIMMY FORREST Live at the Barrel (Miles) (Grn)PREST 7858 N-              2135 The DG Story                        (Maroon)SAVOY MG12110 N-
2051 Sit Down & Relax with…                            STATUS 7235      E+    2136 Dee Gee Days                        (DJ)SAVOY SJL22090 N-(2-set)
2052 FRANK FOSTER First Album (1 side Al Cohn)                                2137 Development of an American Artist SMITHSONIAN R004 N(2-set)
                                                 VOGUE(Jap) YX-2049 N-        2138 For Musicians Only (Gats, Stitt)                   VERVE V8198 N-hc
2053 BUD FREEMAN The Compleat… (S)MON/EV MES7022 E+                           2139 The Essential…                                  (S)VERVE V6-8566 N-
2054 JOHN FRIGO I Love…He Swings (Blue dg)MER MG20285 E+                      2140 Dizzier & Dizzier                                *VI LJM1009       N-
2055 DAVE FRISHBERG Can‟t Take You Nowhere (S)FANT 9651 N-                    2141 JIMMY GIUFFRE Four Brothers                 AFFINITY AFF-70        N-
2056 TONY FRUSCELLA Feat. Allen Eager (Rhino)ATL 1220                   N-    2142 BENNY GOLSON Take a Number from 1 to 10 (dg)ARGO 681 E
2057 Debut                                             SPOTLITE 126     N-    2143 Turning Point                             (Reissue)MER MG20801 N-
2058 Fru „n Brew (Moore)                           (DJ)SPOTLITE 151 N-cc      2144 The Modern Touch                   RIVERSIDE(Jap) SMJ-6070M N-
2059 CURTIS FULLER The Opener                       (U-A)BN BLP1567 N-cc      2145 Rec. in Paris & New York 1958                    SWING SW8418      N
2060 GIL FULLER & Monterey Jazz Fest. Orch. feat. Dizzy Gillespie             2146 PAUL GONSALVES Tell It the Way It Is (S)IMPULSE AS-55 N-ct
                                        (S)(dg)PACIFIC JAZZ ST-93 N-          2147 The Jazz School (dg)WING MGW60002 E+(spotting on rear cvr)
2061 SLIM GAILLARD Chicken Rhythm                     STORYVILLE 809 N-       2148 BENNY GOODMAN Peggy Lee with… HAR HL7005                           E+
2062 BILL GANNON 3 Sweet Singing Swing (S)CARLTON 12/114 E+                   2149 CLAUDE GORDON Jazz for Jean-agers LIBERTY LRP3022 Ecs
2063 DICK GARCIA A Message from Garcia (Tony Scott, Bill Evans,               2150 DEXTER GORDON Daddy Plays the Horn (Cayre)BETH 36 N-
        etc)                           (Black dg)DAWN DLP1106 E+cs            2151 Landslide                   (Blue Liberty/United)BN LT1051 N-wrc
2064 RUSS GARCIA 4 Horns & a Lush Life (Red dg)BETH BCP46 Ect                 2152 Great Encounters                                (DJ)(S)CO JC35978 N-
2065 RED GARLAND Crossings                            (S)GALAXY 5106 N-       2153 All Souls‟ (The Hague, 1972)        DEXTERITY ST1-001 N-(2-set)
2066 Red Alert                                         (S)GALAXY 5109 N-cc    2154 The Chase (1 side McGhee-Moody Sextet) JAZZTONE J1235 E+
2067 Equinox                                     (DJ)(S)GALAXY 5115 N-        2155 The Tower of Power!                    (S)(Blue)PRESTIGE 7623 E+
2068 Stepping Out                                 (DJ)(S)GALAXY 5129 N-       2156 The Panther!                         (S)(Purple)PRESTIGE 7829 E+
2069 Bright and Breezy                              (dg)JAZZLAND 48     N-    2157 Long Tall Dexter                            SAVOY SJL2211 N-(2-set)
2070 Trio + Lockjaw Davis (Green dg)MOODSVILLE MVLP-Vol. 1 N-                 2158 (& Wardell) The Hunt                        SAVOY SJL2222 N-(2-set)
2071 Red Alone (Green dg)MDSVLLE MVLP-Vol. 3 N-(hc thru label)                2159 The Apartment                           (S)STEEPLECHASE 1025 N-
2072 Red Garland Trio       (Green dg)MDSVLLE MVLP-Vol. 6 N-wrc               2160 Swiss Nights-Vol. 2                     (S)STEEPLECHASE 1090 N
2073 The Quota                                         (S)MPS MC20909 N-      2161 Swiss Nights-Vol. 3                      (S)STEEPLECHASE 1110 N-
2074 Red Garland‟s Piano                            PRESTIGE OJC-073 N-       2162 Cheese Cake                              (S)STEEPLECHASE 6008 N-
2075 All Kinds of Weather                           PRESTIGE OJC-193 N-       2163 King Neptune                            (S)STEEPLECHASE 6012 N-
2076 All Mornin‟ Long                   PRESTIGE(Jap) SMJ-6551M N-            2164 The Dial Sessions                          STORYVILLE SLP814 N-
2077 Soul Junction                  PRESTIGE(Jap) SMJ-6552M N-wrc             2165 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY Improvisations
2078 High Pressure                  PRESTIGE(Jap) SMJ-6553M N-wrc                     (dg)*EMARCY MG36120 N-(scuff at bottom of front cover,
2079 Rojo                      *PRESTIGE 7193 (labels reversed) N-wol                  rear cover inscribed to previous owner by “Stephane”)
2080 Dig It! (Quintet w/Coltrane)             (Blue)PRESTIGE 7229       E+    2166 WARDELL GRAY Way Out Wardell (+ 2 tracks Garner, all from
2081 When There Are Grey Skies                       *PRESTIGE 7258     N-            Gene Norman‟s “Just Jazz” 1947-49) (dg)CROWN CLP5004 N-cs
2082 Can‟t See for Lookin‟       (Yellow Fantasy)PRESTIGE 7276          N-    2167 Tribute from Sweden (mostly with BG, 1 side Charlie Christian
2083 Soul Burnin‟                         (S)(Blue)PRESTIGE 7307        N-            mostly with BG)                 FRAN STATERNA (no #)            N-
2084 Red Garland Revisited!               (S)(Blue)PRESTIGE 7658        N-    2168 (& Dexter Gordon) The Chase & The Steeplechase (1 side Paul
2085 The P. C. Blues                     (S)(Blue)PRESTIGE 7752         N-             Quinichette)                                 MCA(Fr) 510.127   N-
2086 It‟s a Blue World                  (S)(Green)PRESTIGE 7838         N-    2169 Featuring… (Royal Roost & Birdland broadasts all with Basie)
2087 Satin Doll                             (Green)PRESTIGE 7859        N-                                                              OZONE 6       N-
2088 Rediscovered Masters              (DJ)PRESTIGE P24078 N-(2-set)          2170 Memorial Album                 (Green)(S)PRESTIGE 7343 N-(2-set)
2089 Alone with the Blues                              STATUS 10        N-    2171 With Howard McGhee & Basie groups, plus Int‟l All-Stars group
2090 Lil‟ Darlin‟                                      STATUS 8314      N-            incl. Stan Hasselgard)                   SPOTLITE SPJ134        N-
2091 HERB GELLER Sextette                EMARCY(Jap) EXPR-1008 N-             2172 Live in Hollywood                                XANADU 146        N-
2092 Herb Geller Plays                   EMARCY(Jap) EXPR-1025 N-             2173 THE GREAT EIGHT (Teddy, Norvo, Tate, etc.) Swingin‟ the
2093 Fire in the West                          JUBILEE JGM1044 E+wrc                  Forties (Berlin, 1983)          (S)TIMELESS 185/186 N-(2-set)
2094 The Gellers                        (Blue dg)MER MG36024            N-    2174 BENNIE GREEN Back on the Scene                   BN(Jap) BLP1587 N-
2095 STAN GETZ Round Midnight in Paris BANDSTAND(It) 1503 N-                  2175 Swings the Blues                                (dg)ENRICA 2002    N-
2096 The Master                                        (S)CO FC38272    N-    2176 Bennie Green                                    (S)TIME S/2021     E+
2097 The Dolphin                                   (S)CONCORD 158       N-    2177 GRANT GREEN Nigeria (Blue Liberty/United)BN LT1032 N-
2098 Stan in Retrospect                          (Reissue)DALE LP-21 N-       2178 Born to Be Blue                        (Manhattan)BN BST84432 N-
2099 Greatest Hits                            (Blue)PRESTIGE 7337       N-    2179 URBIE GREEN Melodic Tones of… (Red dg)BETH BCP14 N-wrc
2100 Jazz Classics                       (Blue)PRESTIGE 7434 N-hc/wrc         2180 Old Tyme Modern (1 side Nat Pierce) VANG(Eng) VRS8530 N-
2101 Prezervation                             (Blue)PRESTIGE 7516 N-hc        2181 AL GREY Last of the Big Plungers (DJ)(White lbl dg)ARGO 653 N-
2102 At Storyville-Vol. 1                              ROOST 2209       N-    2182 Al Grey-Billy Mitchell Sextet (DJ)(White lbl dg)ARGO 689 N-hc
2103 At Storyville-Vol. 2                              ROOST 2225       N-    2183 Snap Your Fingers                            (Gray dg)ARGO 700 E+
2104 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 2102-03)                            2184 Having a Ball                        CADET 718 (Argo cover) E+hc
2105 Chamber Music by SG Quintet                  ROOST(Sp) FSR-703 N-        2185 Struttin‟ and Shoutin‟                           (S)CO FC38505     N-
2106 Split Kick/Comp.Roost Session-Vol 1 ROOST(Jap) YS7084-RO N-              2186 JOHNNY GRIFFIN J. Griffin (S)CADET 624 (Argo cover) N-cc
2107 Split Kick/Comp.Roost Session-Vol 2 ROOST(Jap) YS7085-RO N-              2187 You Leave Me Breathless             (S)BLACK LION 2460-178 N-
2108 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 2106-07)                            2188 Chicago Calling                                 BN(Jap) BLP1533 N-wrc
2109 In Paris 1958-59                              ROYAL(Sp) LD4002 N-        2189 A Blowing Session                                (UA)BN BLP1559 N-
2110 Lighthouse Sessions-Vol. 1             (Reissue)VANTAGE 5003 N-          2190 The Man I Love                      (S)POLYDOR(Eng) 583.734 N-
2111 GIANTS OF JAZZ (Diz, Monk, Stitt, Winding, Blakey) Live at               2191 White Gardenia          (Black BGP)(dg)RIVERSIDE RLP387            E+
        Victoria Theatre London (Grn/red)(S)ATL SD2-905 N-(2-set)             2192 Way Out!                         RIVERSIDE(Jap) SMJ-6067M          N-
2112 TERRY GIBBS Dream Band                        (S)CONTEMP 7647      N-    2193 The Little Giant                 RIVERSIDE(Jap) SMJ-6127           N-
2113 Dream Band-Vol. 2-Sundown Sessions (S)CONTEMP 7652                 N-    2194 GIGI GRYCE The Hap‟nin‟s (S)NEW JAZZ(Jap) NJ8246 N-wrc
2114 Dream Band-Vol. 3-Flying Home (DJ)(S)CONTEMP 7654 N-                     2195 VINCE GUARALDI (& Bola Sete)
2115 Dream Band-Vol. 4-Main Stem                    (S)CONTEMP 7656     N-           Live at El Matador                              FANTASY 371 N-sfc
2116 (& Buddy DeFranco) Chicago Fire              (S)CONTEMP 14036 N-         2196 JOHNNY GUARNIERI Gliss Me Again CLASSIC JAZZ 105 N-
2117 (& DeFranco) Airmail Special                 (S)CONTEMP 14056 N          2197 ROGER GUERIN & Benny Golson                      CO(Spain) FP1117 N-
2118 Swingin‟ with…                        (dg)*EMARCY MG36103 N-             2198 FRIEDRICH GULDA Vienna Jazz Workshop
2119 Plays the Duke                    (dg)*EMARCY MG36128 E+wrc                                              (S)CONCERT HALL(Eng) SJSC1259 N-
2120 Launching a New Band               (Black dg)(S)MER SR60112 E+ct         2199 LARS GULLIN Danny‟s Dream
2121 Explosion                          (Black dg)(S)MER SR60704 E+hc                                      METRONOME(Swd) JMLP2-101 N-(2-set)
2122 JOHN GILL (Orig. Sunset Five) I Lost My Heart in                         2200 Manchester Fog          METRONOME(Swd) JMLP2-107 N-(2-set)
        Dixieland                                (S)STOMP OFF 1094      N-    2201 Fine Together                   SONET(Swd) SLPD2542 N-ct(2-set)
2123 (Calif. Sunshine Boys) Some Sweet Day (S)STOMP OFF 1156 N-               2202 TOMMY GWALTNEY Goin‟ to Kansas City (Buck Clayton)
2124 DIZZY GILLESPIE On Tour with Big Band 1956                                                            (Blue BGP dg)RIVERSIDE RLP353              N-
                                                       ARTISTRY 111     N-    2203 Pee Wee Russell‟s Land of Jazz         (S)TEASPOON S2981           N-
2125 Dizziest                                        BB 5785-1-RB N-(2-set)   2204 BOBBY HACKETT Hello Louis!                    (S)EPIC BN26099      N-
2126 Dizzy Great (NYC 1952 w/Byas)            LOTUS(It) LOP14.068       N-    2205 AL HAIG Meets the Master Saxes-Vol. 1 SPOTLITE SPJ139              N-
2127 Reunion Big Band                           (S)MPS(Ger) 15207ST N-ct      2206 Meets the Master Saxes-Vol. 2                  SPOTLITE SPJ140     N-
2128 DG‟s Big 4                                 (S)PABLO 2310-719       N-    2207 Meets the Master Saxes-Vol. 3                  SPOTLITE SPJ143     N-
2129 Big 7 at Montreux 1975                     (S)PABLO 2310-749      Nhc    2208 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 2205-07)
2130 Giants (Overseas Press Club concert, 1971 w/Hackett,                     2209 Live in Hollywood                                XANADU 206      N-cc
        Mary Lou Williams)                    (S)PERCEPTION PLP19 N-          2210 HALL BROTHERS JAZZ BAND Jazz Concert
2131 New Wave!                             (dg)PHILIPS PHM200-070 E+                                         (S)EMPORIUM OF JAZZ MMS7202 N-
2132 Something Old/Something New (dg)PHILIPS PHM200-091 E+                    2211 Sweet Like This                                  GHB 46            E+
2133 & The Double Six of Paris          (dg)(S)PHILIPS PHS600-106 E+          2212 Kentucky Concert             (S)MINNESOTA JAZZ MJS501              N-
2134 In the Beginning (Grn)PRESTIGE 24030                                     2213 JIM HALL Commitment              (S)A&M HORIZON SP715            N-hc
           N-(2-set)(rw, cover corner bend, small surface tear front cover)   2214 Jazz Guitar                        LIBERTY(Jap) LLJ-70061          N-
2215 LENNY HAMBRO Nature of Things (DJ)EPIC LN3361 E+wrc                       2294 ERNIE HENRY Seven Standards & a Blues
2216 LIONEL HAMPTON The Complete Lionel Hampton 1937-41                                                   (Blue BGP dg)RIVERSIDE RLP12-248 N-cs
                                    BB AXM6-5536 N-(Box 6-set + bklt)          2295 Last Chorus           (Blue BGP dg)RIVERSIDE RLP12-266                N-
2217 Moonglow                                     (Blk/sil)DE DL8230     E+    2296 Presenting…                     RIVERSIDE(Jap) SMJ-6040M              N-
2218 All American Award Concert 1945                    JASMINE 1040 N-hc      2297 WOODY HERMAN The Thundering Herds
2219 HERBIE HANCOCK VSOP:The Quintet (S)CO C2-34976 N-(2set)                                                       (DJ)CO C3L25 N-(Box 3-set + bklt)
2220 GEORGE HANDY Handyland U.S.A.                                             2298 ANDREW HILL Smoke Stack (NY lbl W61 cvr)BN BLP4160 N-
                        “X” LXA1004 E+(small surface tear front cover)         2299 EARL HINES The Father Jumps                  BB AXM2-5508 N-rw(2-set)
2221 By George!                                       “X” LXA1032        N-    2300 “Fatha” Blows Best                              (S)DE DL75048 N-hc/rw
2222 JAKE HANNA Kansas City Express                   (S)CONCORD 22 N-         2301 Earl “Fatha” Hines (1947-54)                     (S)EVEREST FS246     N-
2223 HERBIE HARPER Feat. Bud Shank & Bob Gordon                                2302 Once Upon a Time                           (S)IMPULSE AS9108 E+hc
                                           LIBERTY(Spain) LJH6003 N-           2303 JOHNNY HODGES & Lawrence Welk (dg)DOT DLP3682 N-
2224 BARRY HARRIS At the Jazz Workshop RIV(Jap) SMJ-6123 N-                    2304 Hodge Podge                                        (dg)EPIC LG3105    E+
2225 Tokyo: 1976             (S)XANADU 177 N-cc(front cover wrinkle)           2305 Everybody Knows… (S)PHILIPS 846996BY (US Imperial cvr) E+ct
2226 Plays Tadd Dameron              (S)XANADU(Jap) YS-7091-DU E+              2306 Jumpin‟ with…                        (S)VOGUE(Fr) LDM30204            N-
2227 BILL HARRIS & Friends                   (Red dg)FANTASY 3263 N-           2307 BILLIE HOLIDAY The Real BH Story (S)SOULMATE 1023 E+
2228 Memorial Album                                  (DJ)XANADU 191 N-         2308 The Best of…                              (S)VERVE V6-8808 N-hc/rw
2229 EDDIE HARRIS Cool Sax, Warm Heart                   CO CL2168     N-cs    2309 BILL HOLMAN (& Mel Lewis) Jive for 5 (VSOP)ANDEX 3005 N
2230 WYNONIE HARRIS Mr. Blues Meets the Master Saxes                           2310 In a Jazz Orbit                        (S)BAYBRIDGE(Jap) S3004 N-
                                                   PHOENIX JAZZ 7        N-    2311 BH‟s Great Big Band                 (S)CREATIVE WORLD 1053 E+
2231 HAMPTON HAWES All Night Session-Vol. 1                                    2312 The Fabulous…                                        MCA(Jap) 3044    N-
                              (Reissue)(S)CONTEMPORARY S7545 N-                2313 RICHARD “GROOVE” HOLMES Tell It Like It Is
2232 All Night Session-Vol. 2          (Reissue)(S)CONTEMP S7546 N                                         (DJ)(White lbl dg)PACIFIC JAZZ 10105 N-
2233 All Night Session-Vol. 3          (Reissue)(S)CONTEMP S7547 N             2314 Soul Message                                 (Blue)PRESTIGE 7435 N-
2234 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 2231-33)                             2315 Misty                                        (Blue)PRESTIGE 7485 E+
2235 COLEMAN HAWKINS The Hawk Talks AFFINITY AFF139 N-                         2316 ELMO HOPE High Hope!                          (VSOP)BEACON 401        N-
2236 (& Bud Powell) Hawk in Germany            (S)BLACK LION 159 N-cc          2317 Here‟s Hope!                            (VSOP)CELEBRITY 209           N-
2237 Body & Soul                                     BB 5658-1-RB N-(2-set)    2318 The All-Star Sessions                MILESTONE M47037 N-(2-set)
2238 Big Sounds of Hawkins & Ben Webster (1 side ea.)                          2319 Homecoming                                   (Blue BGP)RIV RLP381 N-
                                (Blk/sil dg)BRUNSWICK BL54016 E+               2320 PAUL HORN The Sound of…                          (DJ)*CO CL1677       E+
2239 (& Pee Wee Russell) Jazz Reunion                (dg)CANDID 8020 E+        2321 Something Blue                                     (dg)HIFI JAZZ J615 N-
2240 Hollywood Stampede                       CAP(Neth) 5C052.80802 N-         2322 FREDDIE HUBBARD Open Sesame                          (UA)BN BLP4040 N-
2241 Eddie Costa Memorial Concert (1 side Clark Terry)                         2323 The Hub of Hubbard                                  (S)MPS CRM726     N-
                                                      COLPIX CP450       N-    2324 CHUBBY JACKSON Big Band Live (Royal Roost bdcsts, 1949)
2242 & his Orch.                                    CROWN CLP5181 E+cs                                                                MOPAQUE CJR300 N-
2243 & The Trumpet Kings                 (DJ)EMARCY MGE26011             N-    2325 MILT JACKSON Ballads & Blues                  ATLANTIC(Can) 1242 N-
2244 & Friends at Famous Jazz Party                     ENIGMA 301 N-wrc       2326 Plenty, Plenty Soul                          (Blk dg)ATL 1269         E+
2245 & Friends at Famous Jazz Party (#2)               ENIGMA 302 N-wrc        2327 (& Ray Charles) Soul Brothers                (Blk dg)ATL 1279         E+
2246 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 2244-45. These are from              2328 (& Coleman Hawkins) Bean Bags (Or/purp)ATL 1316                      E+hc
         Art Ford TV shows, 1958)                                              2329 The Ballad Artistry of…                   (Or/purp)ATL 1342          N-hc
2247 (& Bud Powell) Essen Jazz Fest. All Stars (Red dg)FANT 6025 N-            2330 (& Ray Charles) Soul Meeting            (S)(Grn/or)ATL 1360           N-
2248 Swing!                                  FONTANA(Eng) FJL102 N-            2331 Wizard of the Vibes                                  BN(Jap) BLP5011 N-
2249 Lover Man                        FRANCE‟S CONCERT FC104 N-                2332 All-Star Bags                                       BN LA590-H2 N-(2-set)
2250 & Eldridge at Bayou Club         HONEYSUCKLE ROSE 5003 N-                 2333 (& Sonny Stitt) In the Beginning (S)(Blue dg)GALAXY 8204 N-
2251 Meditations                                MAINSTREAM 56037 N-            2334 Just the Way It Had to Be             (ABC)IMPULSE AS9230 N-hc
2252 Memorial Album                            MERCURY(Fr) 134.646 N-          2335 Big Bags                   (Blue BGP)RIV RLP429 E+(hc thru label)
2253 Many Faces of Jazz Vol. 52 (Apollo sides 1944 & Paris 1949)               2336 Live at the Village Gate               (Orpheum)(S)RIV RM495          N-
                                         MODE(Fr) CMDINT.9863 N-               2337 Second Nature                      (DJ)SAVOY SJL2204 N-hc(2-set)
2254 At Ease with… (Green dg)MOODSVILLE MVLP-Vol. 7 E+wrc                      2338 Meet Milt Jackson                    (Red dg)SAVOY MG12061            E+
2255 Rare Broadcasts Area 1950                   MUSIDISC 30JA5217 N-          2339 WILLIS JACKSON Neapolitan Nights                     *PRESTIGE 7264 E+
2256 Hawkins/Eldridge/McGhee (Birdland bdcsts 1952) OZONE 15 N-                2340 The Good Life                              (Blue)PRESTIGE 7296 N-hc
2257 Bean Stalkin‟ (Zurich & Paris 1960)              PABLO 2310-933 N-        2341 Soul Night/Live!                           (Blue)PRESTIGE 7396        E+
2258 In Concert with Eldridge & B. Holiday PHOENIX JAZZ 8                N-    2342 Tell It…                                    (Blue)PRESTIGE 7412 N-hc
2259 The Two Sides of…                              PHOENIX JAZZ 10 N          2343 ILLINOIS JACQUET Complete Aladdin Sessions
2260 Coleman Hawkins Favorites                    PHOENIX JAZZ 22 N-cc                                                             (S)ALADDIN(Fr) 803      N-
2261 The Hawk Relaxes                  (Blue)PRESTIGE MVLP15 N-wrc             2344 Spectrum                                        (Gray dg)ARGO 754     Ehc
2262 Night Hawk                           (Green)(S)PRESTIGE 7671 E+           2345 With Wild Bill Davis           (S)BLACK & BLUE(Fr) 33.044              N-
2263 (& P.W. Russell) Jam Session in Swingville PREST P24501 N-(2-set)         2346 Midnight Slows                 (S)BLACK & BLUE(Fr) 33.135              N-
2264 Body & Soul                                      RCA LPV501      N-cc     2347 Desert Winds                      (dg)CADET 735 (Argo cover)           N-
2265 Complete…Vol. 3 (1947-56)                        RCA(Fr) PM42398 N-       2348 Bosses of the Ballad              (dg)CADET 746 (Argo cover) N-hc
2266 The Indispensable…(1927-56)                RCA(Fr) NL89277 N-(2-set)      2349 Go Power!                                              CADET 773     N-hc
2267 A Documentary (Blue BGP)(not dg)RIV RLP12-117/118                         2350 Jacquet St.                                   CLASSIC JAZZ 146        N-
                               N-(tiny hole punch thru labels, not in cover)   2351 Illinois Jacquet                                      EPIC LA16033 N-hc
2268 The Netherlands Salute… (Birdland bdcsts w/Roy 1952)                      2352 Jazz at Town Hall-Vol. 1 (Cobb, Buckner) (S)JRC 11433                 N-
                                       ROYAL KLOMPFOTT 17-X N-                 2353 Bottoms Up!                         (Green)(S)PRESTIGE 7575 N-wrc
2269 Disorder at the Border                           SPOTLITE 121       N-    2354 The King!                           (Green)(S)PRESTIGE 7597           N-
2270 Blowin‟ Up a Breeze                              SPOTLITE 137       N-    2355 The Soul Explosion                 (Purple)(S)PRESTIGE 7629           E+
2271 With Red Garland Trio            (Red dg)SWINGVILLE 2001            N-    2356 Treasury of Jazz #62 (1947-50)                    RCA(Fr) 430.705     N-
2272 (& Elderidge) European Concert              UNIQUE JAZZ 31          N-    2357 Jacquet Flies Again          *ROULETTE R52035 E+(hc thru label)
2273 The Essential…                            (S)VERVE V6-8568 E+hc           2358 Fabulous Apollo Sessions          (S)VOGUE(Fr) CLDAP858 N-wrc
2274 The Hawk in Flight                               *VI LJM1017      E+cs    2359 AHMAD JAMAL Portfolio of …
2275 The Hawk in Hi Fi                                *VI LPM1281        E+                                     CADET LPS638 (Argo cover) N-cc(2-set)
2276 Thanks for the Memory                            XANADU 111         N-    2360 ETTA JAMES Deep in the Night
2277 Jazz Tones                                       XANADU 195         N-                (DJ)(S)WARNER BROS BSK3156 E+(sm surface tear ft cover)
2278 ERSKINE HAWKINS Live at the Embers-Vol. 1                                 2361 HARRY JAMES At the Casino Gardens (Pic disc)JOYCE PIX-1 N
                                                 (DJ)IMPERIAL 9191 N-wrc       2362 JAZZ ARTISTS GUILD (Roy, Mingus, Roach, et al)
2279 Live at the Embers-Vol. 2                         IMPERIAL 9197 N-wrc               Newport Rebels                               (S)BARNABY BR5022 N-
2280 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 2278-79)                             2363 JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC Jazz Moods (Carnegie Hall,
2281 Complete…Vols 1/2 (1938-39) RCA(Fr) PM43257                   N-(2-set)             9/17/55)                            (S)HALL OF FAME JG631 N-
2282 After Hours                                      *VI LPM2227        E+    2364 JATP in Tokyo VERVE(Jap) MV9061/3 N-(3 LPs + booklet in
2283 TUBBY HAYES Introducing…                         EPIC LA16019       N-             slipcase) (Tunes & personnel have been handwritten on inner box)
2284 Tubby the Tenor                                  EPIC LA16023       N-    2365 JAZZ MESSENGERS At Café Bohemia-Vol. 1
2285 Tubbs                                  FONTANA TFL5142 E+wrc                                                         (Manhattan)BN BST81507 N-wrc
2286 Little Giant of Jazz                     (dg)IMPERIAL LP9046        N-    2366 EDDIE JEFFERSON The Main Man (S)INNER CITY 1033 N-
2287 Tubby‟s Groove                                   JASMINE 2001       N-    2367 There I Go Again              (Green)(S)PRESTIGE P24095 N-(2-set)
2288 & The Jazz Couriers feat. Ronnie Scott           JASMINE 2004       N-    2368 BUDD JOHNSON Ya! Ya!                  BLACK & BLUE(Fr) 33036 N-
2289 The Message from Britain feat. Hayes & Scott JAZZLAND 34 N-               2369 & the Four Brass Giants
2290 This Is Jazz                           PHILIPS INT‟L 6382.041 N-                          (Blue BGP dg)RIVERSIDE RLP343 E+(light cover scuff)
2291 JIMMY HEATH Picture of Heath                  (DJ)XANADU 118        N-    2370 Let‟s Swing                           (Red dg)SWINGVILLE 2015 E+
2292 NEAL HEFTI Hefti Hot „n Hearty                (dg)EPIC LN3187       E+    2371 JAMES P. JOHNSON Father of Stride Piano CO CL1780                     N-
2293 FLETCHER HENDERSON Great Moments in Jazz feat.                            2372 J. J. JOHNSON The Eminent…- Vol, 1 (Lib)BN BLP1505 N-
        Dexter Gordon (1 side Cab Calloway, both off AFRS 1943-44)             2373 PETE JOHNSON Boogie Woogie Mood MCA(Fr) 510.114                       N-
                                           SWING TREASURY 107            N     2374 PETE JOLLY 5 O‟Clock Shadows                         MGM E4127      E+rw
2375 Duo, Trio, Quartet      *VI LPM1125 E+(mfr wrinkle front cover)          2455 DAVE McKENNA No Bass Hit (Scott Hamilton) (S)CONC 97 N-
2376 When Lights Are Low                               *VI LPM1367     E+ct   2456 By Myself                                           (S)SHIAH MK-1    N-
2377 CARMELL JONES Jay Hawk Talk (Purple)PRESTIGE 7401 N-                     2457 RAY McKINLEY Most Versatile Band in the Land
2378 JO JONES Jo Jones Special                                                                                                  SAVOY SJL2261 N-(2-set)
                   AMADEO/VANGUARD(Austria) AVRS9001                    N-    2458 HAL McKUSICK Quintet                  (Maroon dg)CORAL 57131         E
2379 Vamp „Til Ready                        (dg)EVEREST LPBR5099        N-    2459 SARAH McLAWLER (& Richard Otto) We Bring You Swing
2380 THAD JONES Detroit-New York Junction (UA)BN BLP1513 N-                                                                   (S)(dg)VEE JAY SR1006 E+
2381 The Magnificent…                               (UA)BN BLP1546 N-wrc      2460 JACKIE McLEAN Swing Swang Swingin‟ (S)(UA)BN 84024 N-
2382 The Fabulous…                      (Red vinyl dg)FANTASY 6004 N-         2461 Jackie‟s Pal                        PRESTIGE(Jap) SMJ-6592 N-wrc
2383 CLIFFORD JORDAN (& John Gilmore) Blowing in from                         2462 The Source                             (S)STEEPLECHASE 1020          N-
         Chicago                                     (UA)BN BLP1549     N-    2463 BIG JAY McNEELY Deacon Rides Again
2384 Cliff Craft                                      BN(Jap) BLP1582 N-wrc                                                    IMPERIAL(Fr) 146691      N-
2385 Starting Time              (S)JAZZLAND OJC-147 N-(cover bend)            2464 JIMMY McPARTLAND Dixieland at Carnegie Hall (Wild Bill
2386 LOUIS JORDAN I Believe in Music BLK & BLUE(Fr) 33.059 N-                           Davison on 2 tracks)                   (S)FORUM SF9011         E+cs
2387 Look Out!                                CHARLY(Eng) CRB1048 N-          2465 MARIAN McPARTLAND At Hickory House *CAP T574                         E
2388 The Best of…                                      MCA 2-4079 N-(2-set)   2466 Marian McPartland Trio                                  *CAP T785    E+
2389 ALEX KALLAO Trio in Concert at Univ. of Ottawa                           2467 DICK MELDONIAN-SONNY IGOE The Jersey Swing
                                                 (dg)BATON BL1205 E+ct                  Concerts                           (S)PROGRESSIVE 7058          N-
2390 RICHIE KAMUCA Drop Me Off in Harlem (S)CONCORD 39 N-                     2468 GIL MELLE Patterns in Jazz                         BN(Jap) BLP1517   N-
2391 Charlie                                           (S)CONCORD 96 N-       2469 MEMPHIS NIGHTHAWKS Jazz Lips (S)DELMARK 216                          E+
2392 Jazz Erotica                     HIFIRECORD(Spain) FSR500 N-             2470 METRONOME ALL STAR BANDS CAMDEN CAL426                               E+
2393 Quartet 1976                                      JAZZZ 104        N-    2471 BUTCH MILES Swings Some Standards (S)FAM DOOR 135 N-
2394 Quartet                                           (dg)MODE 102     E+    2472 LUCKY MILLINDER Let It Roll                         MCA 1357         N-
2395 WYNTON KELLY Kelly Blue                       RIV(Jap) SMJ-6114    N-    2473 Lucky Days 1941-45                                 MCA(Fr) 510.065 N-sfc
2396 BARNEY KESSEL (& Grappelli) Limehouse Blues                              2474 CHARLES MINGUS Presents Mingus (S)BARNABY 5012 N
                                                   (S)BLACK LION 173 N-       2475 The Candid Recordings                      (S)BARNABY KZ31034 N-
2397 To Swing Or Not to Swing            (Reissue)CONTEMP C3513 N-            2476 Strings & Keys DEBUT DLP-1 (indicated as being #682 of a
2398 ROLAND KIRK Rahsaan Rahsaan (Grn/blue)(S)ATL 1575 N-cc                             limited edition of 1000 copies) N-(small surface tear front cover)
2399 (& Al Hibbler) Meeting of the Times (Grn/red)(S)ATL 1630           N-    2477 My Favorite Quintet                                 FANTASY JWS-5 N-
2400 We Free Kings                                     TRIP TLP5541     N-    2478 Charles Mingus             (Green)PRESTIGE 2162-24010 N-(2-set)
2401 Boogie Woogie String Along                (S)WARNER BSK3085        N-    2479 BILLY MITCHELL The Colossus of Detroit XANADU 158 N
2402 AL KLINK Quintet Progressive Jazz (1 side Bob Alexander                  2480 De Lawd‟s Blues                                         XANADU 182 N
        Quintet w/Hucko) (DSM)(dg)GRAND AWARD 33-325                    N-    2481 BLUE MITCHELL The Cup Bearers RIV(Ger) RSLP-439 N-wrc
2403 ERIC KLOSS Introducing…               (Blue)(S)PRESTIGE 7442 N-hc        2482 Blue‟s Moods                        RIVERSIDE(Jap) SMJ-6045          N-
2404 In the Land of the Giants             (Blue)(S)PRESTIGE 7627 E+hc        2483 RED MITCHELL Quartet (Reissue)(S)CONTEMP S7538                       N-
2405 LEE KONITZ With Warne Marsh                      ATL(Jap) P6071A   N-    2484 Rejoice!                        (Black dg)PACIFIC JAZZ PJ-22 N-
2406 Worth While Konitz                           (S)ATL(Jap) P6109A N-wrc    2485 WHITEY MITCHELL Get Those Elephants Out‟a Here
2407 Lee Konitz Nonet                              CHIAROCURO 186       N-                                            (S)(dg)METROJAZZ SE1012           N-
2408 In Sweden 1951/53                       DRAGON(Swd) DRLP18 N-            2486 HANK MOBLEY A Slice of the Top (Blue UA)BN LT-995                    N-
2409 Ezz-thetic!                         (Green)(S)PRESTIGE 7827        N-    2487 Sextet                                            (UA)BN BLP1560     N-
2410 Lee Konitz Nonet                        (S)ROULETTE SR5006         N-    2488 Hank Mobley                                      BN(Jap) BLP1568 N-wrc
2411 Oleo                                (S)SONET(Eng) SNTF690          N-    2489 Hank                                         (S)BN(Jap) BNJ61006 N-wrc
2412 Live at Laren                         (S)SOUL NOTE(It) 1069        N-    2490 Roll Call                             (Blue UA)(S)BN BST84058 N-hc
2413 I Concentrate on You                (S)STEEPLECHASE 1018           N-    2491 Workout                                       (S)BN(Fr) BST84080 N-wrc
2414 In Harvard Square                 STORYVILLE(Jap) PA3115M N-             2492 The Turnaround                                (S)BN(Jap) ST84186 N-wrc
2415 Plays (1 side Hans Koller)                VOGUE(Jap) YX-2021       N-    2493 Dippin‟                                       (S)BN(Jap) ST84209 N-wrc
2416 ELLIOT LAWRENCE Plays for Swinging Dancer                                2494 Hi Voltage                        (S)(Manhattan)BN BST84273 N-wrc
                                  (S)(Blue vinyl dg)FANTASY 8021 N-hc         2495 Another Workout                      (Manhattan)BN BST84431 N-wrc
2417 Swinging at the Steel Pier          FANTASY(Jap) LFJ40018          N-    2496 Messages                                   PRESTIGE P24063 N-(2-set)
2418 TONY LEE Trio British Jazz Artists-Vol. 1                                2497 MODERN JAZZ QUARTET The Last Concert
                                 (S)LEE LAMBERT(Eng) LYN3416 N-                                                        (S)ATLANTIC SD2-909 N-(2-set)
2419 CARMEN LEGGIO The CL Group (S)JAZZ UNLTD 1000                      E+    2498 At Music Inn                 (Green/blue)ATLANTIC 1247              N-hc
2420 Smile                          (S)(DSM)PROGRESSIVE 7010            N-    2499 Modern Jazz Quartet              (Black dg)ATLANTIC 1265             E+
2421 STAN LEVEY Quintet                                (dg)MODE 101     N-    2500 Blues at Carnegie Hall (Orange/purp)ATLANTIC 1468                  E+hc
2422 O‟DONEL LEVY Breeding of Mind (S)GRV MERCH 507                     N-    2501 Concorde                                  PRESTIGE OJC-002           N
2423 GEORGE LEWIS Jazz at Vespers (Blue BGP dg)RIV 12-230 E+ct                2502 The Quartet                         (Red dg)SAVOY M12046             E
2424 JOHN LEWIS Improvised Meditations & Excursions                           2503 MODEST JAZZ TRIO (Jim Hall, Red Mitchell, Red Kelly)
                                   (Grn/red)(S)ATLANTIC SD1313 N-                       Good Friday Blues       (Black dg)PACIFIC JAZZ PJ-10           E+ct
2425 The Wonderful World of Jazz (Or/purp)ATLANTIC 1375                 N-    2504 THELONIOUS MONK Live at the It Club
2426 BOOKER LITTLE & Max Roach (S)U-A (Jap) LAX3123                     N-                                                        (S)CO C2-38030 N-(2-set)
2427 JIMMIE LUNCEFORD Complete…1939-40                                        2505 J. R. MONTEROSE J. R. Monterose (UA)BN BLP1536                       N-
                                      CBS(Fr) 66421 N-(Box 4-set + bklt)      2506 The Message                              JARO(Spain) FSR-678         N-
2428 FRASER MacPHERSON Indian Summer (S)CONCORD 224 N-                        2507 In Action                          (VSOP)STUDIO-4 VSOP-1             N-
2429 JOHNNY MADDOX Dixieland Blues                      DOT DLP3131 E+wrc     2508 MARIAN MONTGOMERY What‟s New? DE DL4773                              E+
2430 MANHATTAN JAZZ SEPTET (Eddie Costa, Pettiford, Urbie                     2509 MONK MONTGOMERY It‟s Never Too Late (S)CHISA 801 N-
        Green, Herbie Mann, etc)          (Maroon dg)CORAL 57090 N-           2510 SMOKEY MONTGOMERY Scintillating Banjo AUDIOPH 83 E+
2431 HERBIE MANN New Mann at Newport (Or/purp)ATL 1471 E+                     2511 JAMES MOODY The Beginning & End of Bop (1 side George
2432 SHELLY MANNE Boss Sounds!                  (DJ)ATLANTIC 1469       N-              Wallington)                                    BN B6503        N-cc
2433 Shelly Manne & Co.                        (dg)CONTACT CM-4         E+    2512 Moody & the Brass Figures            MILESTONE MLP1005               N-
2434 Essence                                   (DJ)(S)GALAXY 5101       N-    2513 (& Gil Fuller) Night Flight (S)(Blue dg)PACIFIC JAZZ 20101 E+
2435 WINGY MANONE & Bechet Together, Town Hall 1947                           2514 Greatest Hits!                             (Blue)PRESTIGE 7431       E+
                                                JAZZ ARCHIVES 29        N-    2515 Wail, Moody, Wail-Vol. 3             (S)(Purple)PRESTIGE 7853        N-
2436 CHARLIE MARIANO Sextet (1 side Nat Pierce-Dick Collins)                  2516 James Moody                       (Green)PRESTIGE 24016 E+(2-set)
            (Red vinyl dg)FANTASY 3-224 E+ct(moderate cover scuff)            2517 ADA MOORE Jazz Workshop-Vol. 3 (Tal Farlow, John LaPorta)
2437 With his Jazz Group              IMPERIAL(Spain) 054-2604341 N-                                                                 DEBUT OJC-1701 N-wrc
2438 Jazz Portrait of…                        (S)(dg)REGINA R-286       E+    2518 BREW MOORE Quintet                (Red vinyl dg)FANTASY 3-222 E+
2439 (& Jerry Dodgian) Beauties of 1918 (Blk dg)WORLD-PAC 1245 N-             2519 Danish Brew                                         JAZZ MARK 101 N-
2440 DODO MARMAROSA Chicago Sessions ARGO(It) 502 N-(2-set)                   2520 Brew‟s Stockholm Dew                        SONET(Eng) SNTF624 N-
2441 Piano Man                               PHOENIX JAZZ 20          N-cc    2521 LEE MORGAN/WYNTON KELLY Septet Dizzy
2442 Dodo Marmarosa (off Dial, 1947)                 SPOTLITE 108       N-              Atmosphere                   SPECIALTY(Jap) YQ-7026-SP N-
2443 WARNE MARSH Back Home CRISS CROSS JAZZ 1023 N-wrc                        2522 NEW BLACK EAGLE JAZZ BAND On the Road
2444 Music for Prancing              (Criss Cross)MODE 1004-X           N-                                                   (S)DIRTY SHAME 2002        N-
2445 All Music                                         (S)NESSA N-7     N-    2523 In Manassas                                    (S)FAT CAT 166        N-
2446 Quintet                                STORYVILLE SLP1017          N-    2524 NEW YORK JAZZ ENSEMBLE (H. Mann, J. Puma, Mat Mathews,
2447 & Lee Konitz                          STORYVILLE SLP4096           N-             Whitey Mitchell) Adam‟s Theme (Maroon)SAVOY MG12172 N-
2448 Live in Hollywood                                 XANADU 151       N-    2525 NEW YORK QUARTET(Same group) (Maroon dg)CRL 57136 N-cs
2449 MAT MATHEWS Quintet                  (Blk/sil)BRUNS BL54013        N-    2526 ALBERT NICHOLAS With Andre Reweliotty (1 side Mezz
2450 TURK MAURO The Underdog                 JAZZCRAFT(Den) 1           N-              Mezzrow w/Claude Luter)                    JAZZTONE J1233       E+
2451 HOWARD McGHEE Maggie‟s Back in Town                                      2527 ROBERT NIGHTHAWK Masters of Modern Blues-Vol. 4
                            (Reissue)(S)CONTEMPORARY S7596 N-cc                        (4 tracks Houston Stackhouse)                 TESTAMENT 2215 N-
2452 Maggie                                      SAVOY SJL2219 N-(2-set)      2528 JIMMY O‟BRYANT Archive of Jazz Vol 32 BYG 529083                     N-
2453 Jazz: South Pacific                  (Maroon)SAVOY MG12205 N-            2529 ROSIE O‟GRADY‟s Good Time Jazz Band (Bill Allred)
2454 Trumpet at Tempo                              SPOTLITE SPJ131      N-             Portrait of a Jazz Band           (S)(No label name) TC1149      N-
2530 HOT LIPS PAGE Hot & Cozy (1 side Cozy Cole)                                         Davies et al)                           (S)KAPP KS3287 E+
                                        CONTINENTAL CLP16007 E+                 2574 RAY J. TEMPLIN A Flash at the Piano EUPHONIC 1217          N-
2531 PATTI PAGE In the Land of Hi-Fi with Pete Rugulo All-Stars                 2575 CAL TJADER Several Shades of Jade         VERVE V8507      E
                                  (S)(Blue dg)MERCURY SR80000         N-        2576 CY TOUFF Keester Parade (Harry Edison, Richie Kamuca)
2532 CHARLIE PARKER Complete Savoy Sessions                                                                        (Black dg)PACAIFIC JAZZ 12   N-
                                   SAVOY S5J5500 N-(Box 5-set + bklt)           2577 WILLIE TRICE Blue & Rag‟d                  TRIX 3305       N-
2533 DON PATTERSON Exciting New Organ of …                                      2578 TRUMPET SUMMIT (Diz, Hubbard, Clark Terry) Meets
                                          (S)(Black)PRESTIGE 7331 E+                    Oscar Peterson Big 4               (S)PABLO 2312-114    N-
2534 Patterson‟s People                    (S)(Blue)PRESTIGE 7381 E+            2579 KID THOMAS VALENTINE & New Black Eagle Jazz Band
2535 Tune Up!                            (S)(Purple)PRESTIGE 7852 E+                                                            (S)GHB 145      N-
2536 JACK PETTIS Volume 3 (1928-29) RETRIEVAL FJ-129                  N-        2580 SARAH VAUGHAN With Miles Davis All Stars
2537 KING PLEASURE King Pleasure                (S)EVEREST FS262      E                                             CBS SONY(Jap) SONP50228     N-
2538 MEL POWELL The World is Waiting… (1 side Joe Bushkin)                      2581 FATS WALLER Young Fats Waller                 BYG 529.058  N-
                                                  COM XFL14943        N-        2582 Fats Waller Legacy (mostly off Associated ETs)
2539 PRESTIGE BLUES SWINGERS (Art Farmer, Jimmy Forrest,                                                                     (S)OLYMPIC 7106    N-
        Pepper Adams, Ray Bryant, Tiny Grimes et al)                            2583 Valentine Stomp                        (Purple)VI LPV525   N-
        Outskirts of Town                (S)(Purple)PRESTIGE 7787     E+        2584 BEN WEBSTER (& Sweets Edison) Giants of the Tenor
2540 TITO PUENTE El Rey Tito                         TICO LP1086      E+                Saxophone (1 disc Coleman Hawkins & Clark Terry)
2541 PAUL QUINICHETTE Basie Reunion PREST P24109 N-(2-set)                                                                  (S)CO KG32774 N-(2-set)
2542 FREDDIE REDD Shades of Redd                   BN(Jap) BLP4045 N-wrc        2585 GEORGE WEIN Newport Jazz Festival All Stars European
2543 DJANGO REINHARDT Parisian Swing (QHCF)                                             Tour                               (S)CONCORD 343       N-
                                           GNP CRESCENDO 9002 N-                2586 ERNIE WILKINS Flutes & Reeds (Red dg)SAVOY MG12022 N-cs
2544 The Legendary…(QHCF)                  GNP CRESCENDO 9039 N-                2587 SOL YAGED Jazz at the Metropole (Coleman Hawkins on
2545 Django-Vol. 1 (QHCF)                   INNER CITY 1104 N-(2-set)                   four tracks)                  (DJ)PHILIPS PHM200-022    N-
2546 First Recordings! (QHCF)           (S)(Green)PRESTIGE 7614       E+
2547 Djangology (QHCF)                               *VI LPM2319 E+wrc
2548 BUDDY RICH At JATP                              (S)VSP VSPS-40   N-
2549 HOWARD ROBERTS Something‟s Cookin‟ (S)CAP ST2214 N-hc
2550 DUKE ROBILLARD Swing                         (S)ROUNDER 3103 N-cc
2551 RED RODNEY The 3 R‟s                            (S)MUSE 5290     N
2552 JIMMY ROGERS Chicago Bound (Little Walter, Muddy Waters)
                                                     CHESS CV-407 E+rw
2553 JIMMY ROWLES The Peacocks (Getz) (S)CO JC34873                   N-
2554 JIMMY RUSHING Blues I Love to Sing (w/Basie 1937-39)
                                        ACE OF HEARTS AH119           N-
2555 Livin‟ the Blues                          (S)BLUESWAY 6017       N-
2556 Five Feet of Soul                              (S)GHENT 5004     N-
2557 PEE WEE RUSSELL (w/Braff, Dickenson, 1958)
                                                 (S)EVEREST FS233 E+rw
2558 GUNTHER SCHULLER Homage to Ellington in Concert
                                        (S)GOLDEN CREST 31041 E+
2559 JIMMY SMITH Rockin‟ the Boat
                    (NY lbl W 61 cvr not dg)BLUE NOTE ST8414          E+
2560 SMITH-GLAMANN Quintet Poinciana (Red dg)BETH BCP22 E
2561 MARTIAL SOLAL Reunion a Paris VOGUE(Jap) YX-8014                 N-
2562 SOPRANO SUMMIT Live at Concord ‟77 (S)CONCORD 52 N-
2563 Chalumeau Blue                          (S)CHIAROSCURO 148 N-
2564 Soprano Summit                    (S)WORLD JAZZ WJLP-S-5 N-
2565 MUGGSY SPANIER Arcadia Ballromm 1941 JAZZ ARCH 30 N-
2566 ANDY STEIN Goin‟ Places                    (S)STOMP OFF 1146 N-
2567 FRANK STOKES Creator of Memphis Blues YAZOO L1056 N-
2568 MAXINE SULLIVAN (& Bob Wilber) Close as Pages in a
        Book                                    (S)MON/EV MES6919 N-
2569 SUNNYLAND SLIM Blues Masters-Vol. 8 (Chicago, 1968)
                                    (S)BLUE HORIZON BM4608 N-sfc
2570 Portraits in Blues-Vol. 8 (Copenhagen, 1964)
                                      (S)STORYVILLE(Ger) 671.169 N-
2571 STATE STREET ACES (John Otto, Frank Powers, Vince
        Giordano et al) Pass Out Lightly          (S)STOMP OFF 1041 N-
2572 EDDIE TAYLOR Big Town Playboy CHARLY(Eng) 1015                   N-
2573 TEMPERANCE SEVEN (London, 1961-62 with John R. T.

The following LPs are anthologies and collections that do not lend themselves to listing by artist:
2588 ALL-STAR JAZZ FESTIVAL 88 tracks on 8 LPs covering everybody from Louis to Desmond, with heaviest concentration on swing.
                                                                                                    (S)READER‟S DIGEST RD4-017 N-(Box 8-set) (Min. $30)
2589 ALL STAR SWING GROUPS Cozy Cole, Lips Page, Pete Johnson groups.                                                        SAVOY SJL2218 N-(2-set)
2590 AMERICANS IN SWEDEN-VOL. 2 (1949-54) Art Farmer-Clifford Brown, Red Mitchell, Roy Haynes, etc. groups. METRONOME(Swd) 2-103 N-(2-set)
2591 AMERICANS IN SWEDEN-VOL. 3 (1954-59) Rolf Ericson, Benny Bailey, Freddie Redd, Herbie Mann, etc. groups METRONOME(Swd) 2-105 N-(2-set)
2592 BEBOP PROFESSORS Tadd Dameron, Babs Gonzales, Charlie Barnet, Louis Bellson groups.                               CAPITOL(Jap) ECJ-50073       N-
2593 BEBOP REVISITED-VOL. 1 Dexter Gordon, Fats Navarro, Chubby Jackson groups                                             (DJ)XANADU 120         N-rw
2594 BEBOP REVISITED-VOL. 2 Dizzy Gillespie, Kai Winding, J. J. Johnson, Terry Gibbs groups                                     XANADU 124          E+
2595 BLUEBIRD BLUES Blind Willie McTell, Tampa Red, Sonny Boy Williamson, Arthur Crudup, Lonnie Johnson, etc.                (Purple)VI LPV518      N-
2596 THE BLUES: NEW ORLEANS STYLE Broonzy, Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, NORK, Orig, Memphis Melody Boys, etc.                  BYG 529068        E+
2597 BOSTON BUST OUT Nat Pierce, Charlie Mariano, Serge Chaloff, Teddi King                                                       HEP 13            N-
2598 BREAD, BUTTER & JAM IN HI-FI Bud Freeman, Lee Wiley, Red Allen, Ruby Braff groups.                                           *VI LPM1644     N-ct
2599 CAPITOL COLLECTOR‟S ITEMS Hollywood Hucksters, Norvo, Julia Lee, Herman, Kenton, Bobby Sherwood, Billie. (Red vinyl)CAP(Jap) CR8811 N-
2600 THE COMMODORE YEARS: THE TENOR SAX Lester Young, Chu Berry groups, Sid Catlett group with Ben Webster                    ATL SD2 -307 N-rw(2-set)
2601 DETROIT AFTER HOURS Boogie Woogie Red, Little Dickie Rogers, Charlie Price, Emmett Lee Brooks, James Barnes, etc. (S)TRIX 3311                 N-
2602 THE DIAL MASTERS Tempo Jazzmen, Sonny Berman, Bill Harris, Ralph Burns groups                                          SPOTLITE SPJ132       N-cs
2603 DOWN BEAT JAZZ CONCERT (Town Hall, 5/16/58) Manny Albam, Tony Scott, Don Elliott, Paul Horn groups.                         (dg)DOT DLP9003    E
2604 DOWN BEAT JAZZ CONCERT-VOL. 2 (Same groups plus Steve Allen Trio/Quartet)                                                (S)(dg)DOT DLP25188 E+
2605 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 2603-04)
2606 FAVORITE POP SONGS OF THE „40s V-Discs by Helen Forrest, Connie Boswell, Monica Lewis, Lena Horne, Bob Crosby, etc. DAN(Jap) VC5017 N-
2607 FESTIVAL JAZZ-VOL. 2 Gene Mayl, Monte Mountjoy, Jerry Fuller groups, Chicago Footwarmers.                    (S)JIM TAYLOR PRESENTS 107        N-
2608 FIFTY-SECOND ST. SCENE 1943-47 V-Discs by Hucko, Hackett, Teagarden, Eldridge, Freeman, Waller, Tatum, etc.                  DAN(Jap) VC5010   N-
2609 FIVE BIRDS & A MONK Johnny Griffin, Art Pepper, Joe Henderson, Harold Land, Joe Farrell, John Klemmer groups (S)GALAXY GXY-5134                N-
2610 GENE NORMAN‟S JUST JAZZ CONCERTS B. Carter, Nat Cole, Wardell, Dodo, Norvo, Shavers, Getz. Barnet, etc. VOGUE(Eng) VJT3003 N-(3-set)
2611 THE GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOOD MUSCALS Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, Joan Blondell, etc. Has gatefold pop-up cover. U-A LA215-H                      N-
2612 GREAT BIG BANDS ON V-DIS C TD, JD, Teagarden, B.Carter, J.Mundy, Glen Gray, Kenton, Krupa, James, etc.                     DAN(Jap) VC5009    N-
2613 GREAT LADIES ON V-DISC-VOL. 1 Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan.                                               DAN(Jap) VC5014    N-
2614 GREAT LADIES ON V-DISC-VOL. 3 Chris Connor, June Christy, Peggy Lee, Martha Tilton                                          DAN(Jap) VC5016   N-
2615 GUIDE TO JAZZ Louis, Basie, Bechet, Dodds, Duke, Hawk, Henderson, Morton, Oliver, Waller, Hines, Lunceford, etc.            *VI LPM1393       E+
2616 HARLEM ODYSSEY Billie, Buddy Tate, Teagarden, Tatum, Joe Guy.                                               XANADU(Jap) YS-7122-DU            N-
2617 HONKY TONK TRAIN Meade Lux Lewis, Will Ezell, Cow Cow, Henry Brown, Charles Avery, Leroy Garnett, etc. PIERRE CARDIN(Fr) 93509                N-
2618 HOT JAZZ ON FILM-VOL. 2 Berigan, Duke, Lunceford, BG, Hopkins, Billie, Basie, Louis, Ben Webster, Bob Crosby EXTREME RARITIES 1004            N-
2619 INTERNATIONAL JAM SESSIONS Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, Phil Woods.                                      XANADU(Jap) YS-7127-DU            N-
2620 INTERNATIONAL JAZZ WORKSHOP 1964 Germany concert. Donald Byrd, Ake Persson, Rolf Kuhn, Johnny Griffin, etc. (DJ)EMARCY 26002                  N-

2621 JAMMIN‟ AT SUNSET-VOL. 1 Willie Smith, Charlie Ventura, Andre Previn groups                                           POLYDOR 2460.132         N-
2622 JAMMIN‟ AT SUNSET-VOL. 2 Red Callender, Lem Davis, Willie Smith, Arnold Ross, Ray Bauduc groups                       POLYDOR 2460.137         N-
2623 (Use this no. to block bid for Items 2621-22)
2624 JAMMIN‟ FOR THE JACKPOT: BIG BANDS & TERRITORY BANDS OF THE 30s Edgar Hayes, Casa Loma, Kirk, Hines, Webb, Calloway,
       MBRB, Moten, Boots, Zach Whyte, Lloyd Hunter, Grant Moore, J. Neal Montgomery.                                       NEW WORLD 217           N-
2625 JAZZ CONCERT Coleman Hawkins, Georgie Auld, Auld-Hawkins-Webster (all 1944 Apollo sides)                 (DSM)GRAND AWARD 33-316               N-
2626 JAZZ CONCERT-WEST COAST L.A. July 1947 with H. McGhee, Wardell Gray, Trummy Young, Dexter Gordon etc. (Maroon)SAVOY MG12012 N-
2627 JAZZ 44 Cozy Cole, Coleman Hawkins, Trummy Young, J.C. Heard (all 1944-46 Continental sides)                  BLACK & BLUE(Fr) 33.009          N-
2628 JAZZ OFF THE AIR-VOL. 1 1946-47 “Junior Jazz at the Auditorium” and “WNEW Sat. Nite Swing Sessions” with Howard McGhee, Jack McVea,
       Lucky Thompson, Fats Navarro, Bill Harris, Charlie Ventura, Buddy Rich, etc.                                      SPOTLITE SPJ144            N-
2629 JAZZ SCENE U.S.A. Gene Norman “Just Jazz” concerts, Pasaxdena 1947. Garner, B. Carter, Wardell, Dickenson, Getz, etc VOGUE(Fr) CLDGN766 N-
2630 JAZZ SWINGS BROADWAY Chico Hamilton, Stu Williamson, Russ Freeman, Shank -Cooper.                               WORLD PACIFIC PJM404 E+ct
2631 JIVE AT FIVE Basie, Dodds, James P., Bechet, B.Carter, Noone, BG, Hawk, Louis, Hodges, Duke, Red & Miff, etc.        NEW WORLD NW274          N-
2632 LITTLE CLUB JAZZ Venuti, Duke, G. Gifford, Norvo, Dandridge, Marsala, Bigard, Cootie, Kirby, et c.                   NEW WORLD NW250           N-
2633 LULLABIES OF BIRDLAND Bird, Basie, Hrrman, Sarah, Ferguson, Eckstine, Tatum, etc.                                        (S)FORUM SF9056 E+ct
2634 MERCURY 40th ANNIVERSARY V.S.O.P. ALBUM 47 tracks stated as being previously unissued by 22 groups on 4 LPs + booklet. Includes two
       7” “bonus” LPs by Clifford Brown.                                                                           MER(Jap) 824-116-1     N-(Box 4-set)
2635 “ON THE AVENUE” Film soundtrack with Dick Powell, Alice Faye, Madeleine Carroll, Ritz Bros.           HOLLYWOOD S OUNDTAGE 401                 N-
2636 OKEH JAZZ Arnett Cobb, Red Rodney, Little Johnny Griffin, Mar Ann McCall, Wild Bill Davis, Ahmad Jamal          (DJ)(S)EPIC AL37316 N-(2-set)
2637 PHOENIX JAZZ FIFTH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM Bill Harris, Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Costa, Coleman Hawkins groups. PHOENIX JAZZ 16                        N
2638 THE REAL SOUND OF JAZZ Basie, Red Allen, Billie, Giuffre etc. Unabridged version of the CBS TV show.                   PUMPKIN 116             N-
2639 “THE SHADOW” ANTHOLOGY. 51 half-hour episodes from 1938-1948, the first five starring Orson Welles. 17 LPs in box that has some edge
       wear and clear tape repairs.                                                                  MURRAY HILL S55111 N-Box 17-set)(Min. $35).
2640 STRICTLY BEBOP Tadd Dameron, Babs Gonzales, Dizzy Gillespie groups.                                                         CAP(Eng) OU2006 N-
2641 SWING HITS Three sides each by Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw. (S)READER‟S DIGEST RD4 -76 N-(Box 6-set)(Min. $18)
2642 SWING INTO BEBOP V-Discs by Chubby Jackson, Norvo, Herman, Buddy Rich, Clark Terry groups.                                DAN(Jap) VC5012      N-
2643 “SWING TIME” & “THE GAY DIVORCEE” Film soundtracks with Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Betty Grable.                   (S)EMI(Eng) EMTC101      N-
2644 THREE KENTON‟S BE-BOPPERS GROUPS 1947-1950 Vido Musso, Maynard Ferguson, Eddie Safranski                              UNIQUE JAZZ(It) 36      N-
2645 THE VERY BEST OF THE BIG BANDS 66 tracks by BG, Duke, Nichols, TD, Kenton, etc.                 (S)CAP DNFR7536 N-(6 LPs in slipcase)(Min. $18)
2646 VERY SAXY1 4/29/59 session with Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Buddy Tate, Coleman Hawkins, Arnett Cobb                   ( S)(Green)PRESTIGE 7790 N-
2647 XANADU AT MONTREUX-VOL. 2 Al Cohn, Billy Mitchell, Barry Harris etc.                                                        (S)XANADU 163 N-cc
2648 XANADU AT MONTREUX-VOL. 3 Sam Most, Al Cohn, Billy Mitchell, Barry Harris, etc.                                             (S)XANADU 164     N

                                                                      - END -

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