Elements of Cultural Proficiency by nyut545e2


									                          Responsibilities of Culturally Proficient School Leaders Roles
               Cultural Proficiency ~ A Manual for School Leaders ~ Lindsey, Robins, Terrell, Page 54

 Elements of       Teachers Observe        Site Administrators           District               Parents and         School Board
  Cultural           and Instruct          Lead and Supervise         Administrators            Community           Members Set
 Proficiency                                                         Implement Policy            Articulate            Policy
    Value        Teach all subjects from Articulate a culturally   Provide guidelines for    Elect school board   Define and
   Diversity     a culturally inclusive  proficient vision for     culturally proficient     members who          establish criteria
                 perspective             the site                  practices and establish   represent the        for culturally
                                                                   standards for appraisal   diversity of the     proficient
                                                                                             community            practices
Assess Culture Assess own culture and      Assess culture of the   Assess culture of the     Share with school    Articulate the
               its effect on students;     site                    district and the          personnel the        need and value for
               assess the culture of                               administrator’s role in   community            conflict resolution
               the classroom; support                              maintaining or            members’             in the context
               students in discovering                             changing it               perceptions of the   diversity
               their own cultural                                                            schools’ cultures
 Manage the    Use conflict as a tool      Provide training and    Provide resources for     Discern the nature   Articulate the
 Dynamics of for object lessons;           support systems for     developing and            and source of        need and value for
  Difference   teach students a variety    conflict resolutions    establishing new          conflict when it     conflict resolution
               of ways to resolve                                  conflict resolution       occurs (i.e.         in the context of
               conflict                                            strategies                racism, sexism,      diversity.
Institutionalize Teach students            Model and monitor       Propose and carry out     Serve as resource    Establish all
   Cultural      appropriate language      school wide and         all polices from a        and reference        policies from a
  Knowledge      for asking questions      classroom practices     cultural proficiency      groups               culturally
                 about other people’s                              perspective                                    proficient
                 cultures and telling                                                                             perspective
                 other people about
     Adapt       Learn own                 Assess and change       Assess policy and         Identify policies    Review and
   Diversity     instructional and         current practices       propose changes where     and practices that   change policies to
                 interpersonal strengths   where appropriate       appropriate               need changing        maintain cultural
                 and weaknesses;                                                                                  proficiency as the
                 develop processes to                                                                             student population
                 compensate for them                                                                              changes

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