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					                                   Senate Minutes- 04.28.09

I.     Call to Order

Senate was called to order at 6:32 p.m.

II.    Roll Call

III.   Approval of Minutes

Cortney Phillips, SGA Sec motioned to dispense with the reading and approval of minutes.
Erin Lavender-Stott, SGA Treas seconded.
Motion passed.

IV.    Old Business

Rebekah Lee, SGA VP: We don’t have any old business.

V.     Student Concerns (10 mins)

Rebekah Lee, SGA VP: Do we have any student concerns? Ok.

VI.    New Business

       a.      Lia Kelinsky, SGA Pres – Roundtable Update

Lia Kelinsky, SGA Pres: This week at Roundtable, we discussed where we’re going for our end
of year dinner, which is a tradition. We also finalized a new tradition of Dirty Santa, also known
as White Elephant.

       b.      Cortney Phillips, SGA Sec- Appointment Board

Cortney Phillips, SGA Sec: We had Appointment Board on Sunday. We appointed like 40
people. For SGA VP, we appointed Kimmie Lockett. For Appeal Board Chair, we appointed
Larielle Major. For Student Conduct Council, Ashlee Oliver. For Honor Court, Elysse Stolpe.
For IT Coordinator, Rebekah Kerr. For SGA Treasurer, Kelcy Mueller. 2012 President,
Elizabeth Jose; 2012 Senator Randi McColly-Fleener; 2011 VP, Taylor Richardson; 2011
Secretary, Kate Carpenter; 2011 Treasurer, Alex Herring; 2011 Senator, Jenn Bedsaul; 2010
Senators, Colleen Berny and Meredith Hubbard; and 2011 other Senator, Stephanie Blumenthal.
To AAC, we appointed Kyra Orr. For Formal Events Chair, Francis Kalema. For GSB, Julia
Schneider. For Social Events Chair, Kelsey Kriz. General HAB members: Hannah Kiefer,
Elizabeth Bills, and Lindsey Stern. For J-Board: Jessica Hall, Melissa Hammond, Rachel Cohen,
Lauren Buie, Meredith Hubbard, Brianna Kinney, Ashley Allen, and Mary Heinzel. For AcPol:
Jessica Hall as a member at large, Jocelyn Bedow, Wenjing Wang, Sara Boddorf, and Madeline
Marion. For Appeal Board: Colleen Berny, Kat Connor, Elizabeth Dodd, Madeline Regan,
Holly Cook, and Stephanie Blumenthal.
Rebekah Lee, SGA VP: Any questions?

Tiffany Brown, 2010 Senator: Does that mean those boards are ready to go?

Cortney: No, not even close. If you are interested in any position, ask Holly or talk to your
upcoming SGA President, Erin Lavender-Stott.

Lia Kelinsky, SGA Pres motioned to approve in block.
Holly Sigler, 2010 Pres seconded.
Motion passed.

       C1.     Patty O’Toole, Dean of Students

Patty O’Toole, Dean of Students: The Roanoke Times contacted us. They’d like to come to
Mayfest and Cotillion to take pictures. These are closed events so I’m coming to ask if you’d be
ok with that. They’re doing a series on the binge drinking component. They’re looking at events
that do serve alcohol to those over 21 and not to those underage.

Lia Kelinsky, SGA Pres: Recognizing that Senate is the place for the student body to give their
feedback and discuss, I’m not comfortable approving this without the student body’s feedback.

Patty: Time wise… that’s why I came to this body. If you are totally against it, we’ll let them
know. If you are for it, we’ll have a similar conversation to let them know.

Marla Long, SGA Sec Alternate: We have no power to see if this is positive or negative?

Patty: Correct. They’re trying to show both sides. Overall as an institution, I believe we’re very
good at what we’re doing. We’re good at ID’ing. The museum, they are comfortable with this,
because it is there liquor license. The photographer—as it is just a photographer will be with
Human Relations.

Amanda Gaye Smith, SEC Alternate: I understand the premise behind this, but as someone on
HAB, I wouldn’t appreciate having this type of press on the event. The focus isn’t on drinking
and this may but the focus on that. If you want to offer an alternative, maybe they can talk to
HAB members instead.

Kimmie Lockett, AAC: I was just given the option to do a facebook group or something so
people can give their concerns. Considering the binge drinking at Hollins is significantly lower,
I do worry that this may have a negative effect. I’d like to know what President Gray thinks of
this. I wouldn’t want this to be a way to forbid drinking in future.

Patty: I cannot speak for the President, but I believe the focus is on the positive. We signed the
Amnesty Initiative, which, for those of you who do not know, the President signed and it
discusses the idea of the drinking age at 21 and whether age plays a role.
Time called.
Kyra Orr, PPC motioned to extend time for 10 minutes.
Holly Sigler, 2010 Pres motioned to extend time for 3 minutes.
Kimmie Lockett, AAC seconded 3 minutes.
Motion passed.

Ashley Covington, HAB Chair: Is this Mayfest or Cotillion?

Patty: Both.

Ashley: You can give them- I don’t know if I necessarily agree with it, you can give them my
name and email address.

Patty: Thank you. They wanted to talk to someone as well, and you were on my list to ask.

Cameron Niedermayer, Arts Association: Are they still planning to publish this story whether
they get our pictures or not?

Patty: Oh yes.

Cameron: Then I’m not sure our pictures are going to add anything to it.

Patty: I can’t control the pictures, but I believe it’d mostly be the set up.

Jennifer Waterhouse, Horizon: I think that we’re being a little short-sighted here. As an older
student, I’m not sure you all realize how different Hollins is from other institutions. It’s another
way to put our face out there and say we’re different, we’re better.

Tiffany Brown, 2010 Senator: Are they planning on mentioning Hollins regardless?

Patty: I cannot predict what they will write, but President Gray has been interviewed.

WAC: If they do get permission to take pictures, would they have to sign a release form?

Patty: Yes, and anyone can refuse.

Lia: Would it be possible for HAB to submit pictures themselves—are we going to have a
photographer at the event?

Patty: I can suggest that.

Ashley: There will be a photographer when you go in

Kyra Orr, PPC: And yearbook.

Patty: I’m bringing it here to get your thoughts. I’m not invested either way.
Straw poll taken.

Patty: My two other items: One, you’re seeing lots of things about swine flu. President Gray is
doing an update. We’ll continue to update as needed. We’re holding a meeting later this week. I
recommend checking out the CDC website. It’s updated hourly. The state of Virginia is using
the CDC website as well. A couple things: if you get sick, stay home from work and school. If
you have flu symptoms and feel like you need medical attention, call the health center and they
may come to you. Cover your nose and mouth. Wash your hands with soap and water. Avoid
contact with people who are sick. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Also, for those of you that know Dr. Mesner is retiring. The first candidate fro registrar is
coming this Thursday, April 30th. There is an opportunity for him to have breakfast with some
students from 8:30-9:30 in Moody. Thursday the 7th looks to be the second date; I’ll let you
know next week. If you could come, the registrar is a really important position. It’s about your

Lia: I’d like to know if you’re recommending to the Times “yay” or “nay?”

Patty: I’ll take it to the President.

Lia: But which way was the sway?

Patty: Opposed. It’s ultimately her decision, because it is a Hollins event, but I will let her know
that students are opposed.

Lia: If they are there, will we know ahead of time?

Patty: Yes. I will send plenty of blast emails.

Marla Long, SGA Sec Alternate: Is it going to be behind closed doors? The swine flu thing? Or
can students come?

Patty: We have our normal emergency prep meeting tomorrow. That is just us, but thanks for

        C2.     Erin Lavender-Stott, SGA Treas- Petition

Erin Lavender-Stott: We had one petition from the AAC. She requested $1719. Treasury Board
awarded her $500

Tiffany Brown, 2010 Senator: Am I allowed to ask why you didn’t give her the money?

Erin: A large part of the board’s view was that Treasury Board should not give 150% her original
Lia Kelinsky, SGA Pres: What was her original budget?

Erin: $1200.

Lia: She’s expected to plan 6 events and a banquet on that

Erin: She’s done that for the last two years

Lia: Not the six events. Those are new. Also, did you have quorum for this vote?

Erin: Not technically, because of the AAC—

Rebekah Lee, SGA VP: Point of information: The constitution says that if you don’t have
quorum, the SGA President has a vote

Erin: No, that’s a new thing.

Rebekah: You added that Friday?

Erin: It was added because of this. We had everyone else there

Ashley Covington, HAB Chair: The constitution was changed last year so she has more events.

Erin: There is the option of having Treasury Board go back to look at it.

Holly Sigler, 2010 Pres: What happens if we say no?

Lia: It goes back to the Treasury Board.

Erin: No. There is yes, no, and look at it again. It’s y understanding that “no” is no money is
given at all.

Rebekah: You can call for them to reevaluate.

Tiffany: If we reevaluate, since the funds this is for is Thursday, will it get to them before then?

Erin: No, it has to go back to Senate. Things don’t balance out in the business office until mid-
May, so it balances out.

Lia Kelinsky, SGA Pres motioned to reevaluate.
Jenn Bedsaul, 2011 Senator seconded.

Holly: Wait, if you reevaluate, she won’t get the money.
Erin: We’d reevaluate sometime this week, and bring it back next week. She could get more or it
may not change.

Lauren Shellcross, OutLoud: If she spends more than the $500 and you don’t give her more,
what happens?

Erin: It’ll still come out of the same account. Any group or club that overdraws still comes from
the SGA account

Tiffany: Does she have to pay it back?

Erin: Well, not out of her own money…

Kyra Orr, PPC: If there’s an event where money is overdrawn, would it be taken out of your
budget for next year?

Erin: No. On July 1st, everything is wiped clean. Everything in SGA is wiped clean and any
remaining funds rolls into the Endowment.

Lia: What’s the penalty for overdrawing?

Erin: There isn’t one yet.

Lia: Theoretically, the senior class could throw the most epic senior week for $25000 and there
wouldn’t be any trouble?

Erin: At $25000, at that point, it’s outside SGA funds.

Patty O’Toole, Dean of Students: If you go outside the budget, the university will have to step in
and take over the budget.

Lia motioned to extend time for 1 minute.
Holly seconded.
Motion passed.

Previous motion passed.

       d.      Lauryn Smith, Club Coordinator- Inactive Clubs

Lauryn Smith, Club Coordinator: One of the clubs—for all clubs, on of the responsibilities is for
Budget Hearings. Constitutionally, you’re supposed to be inactive if you miss them. GIA did not
attend Budget Hearings. They also missed more than three senates, so I had to come up here for
either or both.

Rebekah Lee, SGA VP: Are there any motions? Questions? Concerns?
Tiffany Brown, 2010 Senator motioned to make GIA inactive.
Erin Lavender-Stott, SGA Treas seconded.
Motioned passed

       e.      Lauryn Smith, Club Coordinator- Semester Report

Lauryn Smith, Club Coordinator: And my semester report. I attended budget hearings. I sit on
Treasury Board, go to Roundtable and Senate weekly, attend Joint Cabinet monthly. I updated
the club handbook and went to CRC to define the role of the Club Coordinator more clearly. I
also organized the Spring Club Fair.

Samara Simmons, Martial Arts Club: I have a question about inactivity. Does SGA email the
President if the club falls inactive prior to the third absence? Can you do it on the first?

Lauryn: There is a warning after two absences.

Samara: Can you do it after one?

Lauryn: There are more than 40 clubs. I can’t—

Samara: I know, but can you do it for specific clubs that ask to be notified?

Lauryn: It’s too late to change the Constitution again.

Samara: Some clubs have had problems with Senators and other people not doing what they
promise to do. As president, the senator did not go and did not tell us that she wasn’t going. I
wasn’t notified until it was too late.

Lauryn: Sometimes there are irresponsible people in clubs. We can’t punish them. You have to
trust them.

Rebekah Lee, SGA VP: But you also missed budget hearings, so this doesn’t matter.

Jenn Bedsaul, 2011 Senator: The point of this argument is that it’s up to the board of the club to
make sure the people are doing their job or they should follow the impeachment procedures as
deemed by your constitution.

Emily Long, SCC: Is there any way you as President could petition to them?

Rebekah: And if you are concerned with the record, you can come up here any Tuesday and see
it. The club email is notified.

Samara: We’re saying that is too late when you only have one more absence.

Time called.
       f.      Stephanie Pratt, IT Coordinator- CRC Sem. Report & Constitution Changes

Stephanie Pratt, IT Coordinator: Well, the first change is we added a title page. It just started
with a table of contents. It has our emblem. First, we edited the CRC constitution, added my
position—IT Coordinator—to sit on the committee. Bronwyn, our chair, found that my position
was very helpful. We added to the Club Coordinator description that either she or the Senate
Vice-Chair will notify clubs when they have missed two senates because there was some
confusion with that rule. We made changes to elections where the restrictions on elections have
been lessened. We added where if a candidate cannot attend he mandatory Candidate Tea, she
responsible for contacting the SGA Secretary and letting her know. We added the ability of
Horizon Students to vote in general elections and if they are affiliated with a class, class
elections. Requirements for candidacy: we added about the GPA contracts.

Kimmie Lockett, AAC: I have a question about that. When I left the CRC meeting, was that
voted on?

Stephanie: We put that in as a requirement for Roundtable, because it is.

Kimmie: Having been on CRC for a few years, I don’t feel comfortable voting on this
Constitution with that. That’s something that cannot really be put in the constitution, even
though we have to have that. It doesn’t fit in the constitution because, in and of itself, it’s
unconstitutional. It’s contradictory. Either we fix those things or we can’t put those in. That’s
been a struggle for over a year.

Patty O’Toole, Dean of Students: It’s been my understanding that it’s perceived as
unconstitutional because it wasn’t in it.

Kimmie: It breaks confidentiality. The rule as it states is that you have to give yourself in if you
fall under the GPA and that’s where it breaks confidentiality.

Stephanie: This just says it’s a requirement to sign it. It isn’t’ in the exec board section

Kimmie: The part where you have to resign is not there?

Stephanie: That’s not in here

Patty O’Toole: I think it’s if you drop below a 2.0, you stay in the position until the end of the
semester. You don’t have to resign immediately.

Lia Kelinsky, SGA Pres motioned to extend time for 5 minutes
St.Jon Clark, SRLA seconded.
Motion passed.

Lia: You’re about to get to get to it. It should say “discretion,” not “digression” in the candidate
Stephanie: Typo. Sorry about that. We talked about Candidate Conduct. We removed the
restrictions on Myspace and Facebook by saying there is no negative campaigning. Candidates
can have a Facebook group and friends can say who they’re voting for in their status. They just
can’t say “don’t vote for so-and-so.” We added that additional material may be distributed as
long as each is less than 50 cents in value, and they must pre-approved by the SGA Secretary.
Here, we just added the Club Coordinator, so she or the Senate Vice-chair can notify clubs. Here
is treasury board by-laws that if quorum is not reached, the SGA President may fill in as a voting
member. We made a lot of changes to the HAB Constitution. We changed the vice-chair who
shall serve in checks and balances and ensure that HAB is working in constitution manner. PPC
is also responsible as a historian making an annual scrapbook. The Social Events Chair is no
longer responsible for monthly local musician coffeehouses. VPs are now responsible for
monthly local musician coffeehouses. The President of SRLA has been removed from the HAB
constitution. General members also have to plan monthly local musician coffeehouses. Vice-
chair can be appointed now. We removed SRLA here and under funding. We just added to the
IT Coordinator position that she will sit on CRC.

Emily Long, SCC: The part about elections and the 50 cent rule: that’s out of their person
budget? How will that be regulated?

Stephanie: The SGA Secretary must approve the material.

Rebekah Lee, SGA VP: Probably that and a receipt.

Stephanie: We put that value for donations too

Lia: Did you consider putting a cap of how many?

Stephanie: I don’t know if we discussed that.

Kyra Orr, PPC: What happens to all the things that are brought to CRC, but aren’t added this
time? Are they saved somewhere or do they need to be re-brought?

Stephanie: Since it’s the end of the year, I guess it needs to be re-brought.

Rebekah: CRC is supposed to meet both semesters. Are there any questions? Concerns? This
will be on the website for one week and please come next week so we can vote on it.

       g.      Stephanie Pratt, IT Coordinator– Semester Report

Stephanie Pratt, IT Coordinator: For my semester report, I attend Senate weekly, Roundtable
weekly, Joint Cabinet monthly. I update the SGA website when I receive materials to do so. I
put Senate minutes and pending documents up on the website as needed. I am now working on a
tutorial for the next IT Coordinator in order to keep the usability of the SGA website high. Any

Lia Kelinsky, SGA Pres: In what case do you not receive materials?
Stephanie: If it’s not emailed to me.

Lia: What do you not receive? Specifically?

Rebekah Lee, SGA VP: Like a few weeks ago, I forgot to send two constitutions, though we
voted on them anyway.

       h.      Emily Long, SCC– Semester Report

Emily Long, SCC: I attend Senate weekly, Roundtable weekly, Joint Cabinet monthly. I have
weekly meetings with J-Board and Appeal Board Chairs and with Reese. I chair hearings on
student breaches of conduct; we’ve has two this semester. I organize boards to hear cases.

       i.      Jai’von Echols, 2011 President- Semester Report

Jai’von Echols: I attend Roundtable regularly and Senate weekly. I hold regular cabinet
meetings and attend Joint Cabinet. I helped with elections. I have a fundraiser coming up. I
worked the entire semester with my lovely cabinet on sophomore-senior banquet. If you still
have not rsvp’ed. Please do so by tonight. Email sandsbanquet09@aol.com or send it to my
email address.

       j.      Buchi Ikem, CCEC- Semester Report

Buchi Ikem, CCEC: I attend weekly HAB meetings. I meet with Manat every week and send
weekly CCEC weekend event emails. I am planning to publicize a student film showing on May
8th. I planned a film festival happening this Sunday from 1-4 pm in the VAC, which will feature
Chisolm72, Journey From the Fall, and The People Could Fly. I cosponsored some films with

       k.      Shaina Strom, SEC- Semester Report

Amanda Gaye Smith, SEC alternate: Shaina attends HAB weekly. She meets with Manat. She
has organized Mayfest. She funded a coffeehouse. There’s a possibility that funds may be
changing so look out for more awesome bands in the future.

       l.      Emily Campbell, Album- Semester Report

Emily Campbell, Album: The Album raised $50.00 from the Silent Auction at the Vagina
Monologues and sorted through submissions. We hope to be putting out an edition of the
magazine asap. Thank you.

       m.      BSA– Semester Report

BSA: The BSA has tutoring at Addison Community Service on Thursday. We had a party:
Pumps and Polos. We hold Melt Da Mic and Hip Hop Dance classes. We had Black History
Month, including 5 speakers. We attended a BSA conference. We hosted a variety of events,
speakers, games, trivia, movies, and a sushi sale. We’re having a BSA cookout with money
donated to the Refugee Kid Advocacy Center. We have a rec. ceremony, a car wash, and
volunteer at Kimoyo.

       n.     Community Garden– Semester Report

Dana Leeper, Community Garden: This semester we have attended the Club Fair, Senate, and
Treasury Hearings. We gardened every Sunday, held club meetings, ordered seeds, and bought a
wheelbarrow. We’re trying to continue the garden over the summer, so if your’e interested in
gardening, contact me or someone else from the garden.

       o.     Melissa Hammond, Cross Country- Semester Report

Melissa Hammond, Cross Country: We attend Senate weekly and participated in the Club Fair.
We hold daily practices at 7:30 a.m. Four of our members competed in the Roanoke River 5k on
April 4th. Five of our members competed in the Virginia Tech Bookstore 5k on April 26th. We
held a charity auction for the Locks of Love Foundation and the Cross Country Club. We
collected donations for charity.

       p.     Jamie Saunders, Fencing Club- Semester Report

Jamie Saunders, Fencing Club: Hi. We’re fencing club. We fence. We meet Tuesday-Friday
from 6-9. We held a spaghetti dinner in the Boutetourt Reading Room. We attended a fencing
tournament in DC. We attend Senate weekly. We attended budget hearings and had a table at
the club fair. Also, if we’d know there was another Senate, we’d be presenting Constitution
changes, but that’s okay this is long enough already.

       q.     French Club– Semester Report

Debbie Chow, French Club: Weekly meetings are in the French house Fridays at 7:00. We had a
fundraiser in March. We sold chocolate and greeting cards. We made about $80.50. A few
weeks ago, we had a national French week. I guess that’s about it.

       r.     GIA– Semester Report
       s.     Jessica Franck and Andrea Flores, Grapheon– Semester Report

Jessica Franck, Grapheon: This semester we have created and supported literary events on
campus. We held student readings every month, twice a month. We provided refreshments for
those and also the English Department readings. We spent many hours designing the Literary
Festival handbook. On Earth Day, we held a fundraiser, selling books we made out of recycled
or found materials.

       t.     HRDC– Semester Report
       u.     HU Democrats– Semester Report
HU Democrats: Hi. We participated in the VA Governor Democratic Primary campaigns. We
attended the state convention. We hold meetings every week, and I attend senate every week.
We had the Blue Party for Virginia Foodbanks Federation. We are preparing for two national
conventions this summer. We attended the Spring Club Fair and budget hearings. We will also
be in the VASYD debate.

       v.      Martial Arts Club– Semester Report

Samara Simmons, Martial Arts Club: We meet Fridays 6:30 to 8. We bring in various instructors
of different disciplines. Next semester, we will host or help host two self-defense seminars.
We’ll also provide transportation for the kempo students looking to test for their purple belts.

       w.      Jenn Bedsaul, Outloud– Semester Report

Jenn Bedsaul, Outloud: OUTLoud: Outloud attends senate weekly and participated in the club
fair this semester. We also hosted many events, such as Drag King Workshops, Day of Silence,
Safe Haven workshops, Pizza Parties and T-shirts for club members. We also brought Andrea
Gibson to campus with the help of FMLA, and also hosted our 12th annual Drag King Show
(which went amazingly). Outloud has also participated in budget petitions and we presented
changes to our constitution this semester. OUTloud meets weekly in the IC room on Thursdays
at 8, anyone and everyone is welcome to join. Thanks to all of the clubs we’ve worked with this
year to get Andrea and the Drag King Show rolling. Any questions?

       x.      Softball– Semester Report
       y.      Spanish Club– Semester Report

Rachel Uliano, Spanish Club: We spent most of our time reorganizing since most of our
members went abroad. We are planning events and fundraisers for the upcoming fall semester.
We are currently in the middle of our Piñata Palooza event. It’s a drawing going until May 4th.
It’ll be given out on the last day of classes, so you can beat up a piñata and get four pounds of

       z.      Kylie McCormick , STAND– Semester Report

Kylie McCormick , STAND: We regained activity this semester. We updated our constitution
and elected a new senator. We hosted an information meeting on February 26th with handouts.
We have weekly meetings Thursday at 5 in the Glass Dining Room. I attend weekly Senate
meetings. We petitioned for help in Darfur. We table-sat at the Club Fair. We had our yearbook
picture taken. We attended budget hearings, held a shoe drive for the National Mall
Demonstration and hosted Walk, rock, and Roll, which was awesome.

       aa.     WASH- Semester Report

WASH: WASH stands for Women Art Students of Hollins. We were reactivated this semester.
We meet weekly in VAC 301, Wednesdays at 9. We attend Senate weekly. We attended the
Spring Club Fair and budget hearings. We have done two art activities as a club: a tutorial on
bookbinding and made plastic flowers. We advertise local art events to clubs members as a way
to support local art. We manage the Student Art Gallery on the Second Floor of the VAC. WE
have held bi-monthly shows of student work throughout the semester. Lastly, we organized our
Annual Juried Art Show recently. Over 40 people submitted 120 works of art. Our juror,
Charles Brouwer, selected 40 pieces of art to be exhibited in the final show, including nine
honorable mentions and one best in show. We will be hosting an Art Reception tomorrow at 9.
Please come and support your peers that had their art selected. Refreshments will be provided,
and the honorable mentions and best in show will be announced at this time.

       bb.     SHH- Semester Report

Kimmie Lockett, SHH: I’m Students Helping Honduras. We just got reactivated. The founder
came to talk to us about the trips. I’m looking for a few more people who would like to take a
trip to Honduras this semester. We received an anonymous, very gracious $5000 donation. The
trip will be the first week of August. If I have five people or less, it’ll be free unless I
procrastinate buying tickets longer. It looks good on a resume, and it’s a great way to practice
your Spanish.

Jamie Saunders, Fencing: Do you have to know how to speak Spanish?

Kimmie: No, and you will learn quickly with the kids.

       cc.     Psychology Club– Semester Report

Psychology Club: We were activated this semester and we went to budget hearings and we wrote
a constitution and we’re planning things for next year.

       dd.     WA^2- Semester Report

Nicole Marino, WA^2: We had Viking Day in conjunction with Otaku. We fundraised money
to attend an anime conference. Our weekly meeting is in the Tinker coffeehouse.

       ee.     Student Life Council – Semester Report

Amanda Williams, Student Life Council: I haven’t been to the last two but I can do it.

Patty O’Toole, Dean of Students: I attend all of them but I’m not a student

Rebekah Lee, SGA VP: I’ll make an exception.

Patty: Student Life Council is a faculty committee with students, faculty, and staff. It is defined
in the faculty handbook. We’ve worked on the continuation of the Retention Plan. We’ve
continued in regards to the competitive internship program. It’s been a relatively quiet year on
the Student Life Council.
       ff.    Human Relations Committee- Semester Report
       gg.    DIAB – Semester Report

Rebekah Holden, DIAB: DIAB, we meet monthly. We have done a campus wide quilt project.
We’ve had people familiar with quilts and community quilts come in, and we’ve discussed ways
to get more students involved.

VII.   Announcements (2 mins)

Mayfest and Cotillion this weekend.
Last Tango in Paradise for all seniors and grad students. Thursday 8:15 in the Green Drawing
Going away party at 2 in the VAC tomorrow.
2010 is selling shirts tomorrow and Thursday at lunch and dinner.
Rain barrel workshop this Saturday. Contact Dana Leeper for more information.
Friday self-defense club is meeting. Contact Samara Simmons for more information.
Grapheon is still accepting applications until Friday.
Underclassmen photos 11:30-12:30. This is your last chance.
Please come to Senate next week.

VIII. Adjournment

Erin Lavender-Stott, SGA Treas motioned to adjourn.
Holly Sigler, 2010 Pres seconded.
Motion passed.
Senate adjourned at 7:39 p.m.

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